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The janJrancisGQ Call.
JOHN D. SPF.ECKE LS Proprietor
JOHN MeN AUGHT ...". Manager
C. J. OWEN .Business Manager
Temporary Office, 1651-3 Fillmore St
Phone West 596
Oakland Office 1016 Broadway j
Phone Oakland IQS3
AUSTRIAN Military and Bonovclent As-
sociation — special rccctiag THIS
IWJ_bMtfiSDAITX May 2. at 2 o'clock, at
1537 titener st. Business ot importanc-i.
Country *Tien»beirs _re requcsieu to send
taeir addresses. Isy oraer ot P. bAL ; - t
LOVICH, iTes. ltj
BAY CITY Lodge No. 117, K. of P.—
Officers and nitmbers of this lodge will
meet at ill Ljon st., on WEDNBS-
DAY. May 2, at 7:30 p. m. J. M. AD-
KINS. C. C. CiJAS. C. MORHI-, K. of
R. and S. 2-lt
ODIN Lodge No. SS3. I. O. O. F., will
hold reguiar meeting: THIS iWEDNES-
DAT), May 2. at tS Devis-suieiro St.. near
Fourteenth, a.t o p. m. J_. A. CAKSON,
. Rsc. Sec It
FAP-NSWORTII Lodge No. 55, I. O. O.
K. will mett WtD.MiSDAY. May 2, at
4p. m . Haoiiltcn Hall, cor. Geary and
Steiner sts DR. H. A. \\ AliU S. G.
IVANIIOE Lodge No. 5. K. of P., will
hcreatter meet at fcjteimk-i'a Hall. Oc-
tavia si., near Uruori. TH UK-DAY
tSVKNIN'GS until further notice. All
. * members are requested to attend the
' • meeting of May 3 at 7:30 p. m.
' Bring your last receipt for uues with
yuu. Take Fi_more-«_ cars All mem-
• bcrs who have cnangetl aUdress since
April is stnd sr.rr.e to O. NOKCROSd.
' K. of R. an. l S., 'JOi'-i Laguna st. 2-2t
BPECIA-. nieiting cf Division No. 3, A.
O. H.. wiil be iu-lU at Cortney Hall. 2*
Pr^cita i'.ve., olt Mission st., near
V- Ttrtnty-_l_t_. en THURSDAY, M^ 3,
at .2 o clocJc. All mtmoers are reyuest-
« ed to be present. Aiso any memoer
needing assistance in tne line of bed-
ding, clothing or cooking uixiisiis for
his lamily notify me as soon as possi-
ble. JAMES A. FJ-J-NTAttAN, Pres.,
_•• Seventh aye.. Iticnmond. • 2-2t
HARMONY Lodg-.- No. 13, I. O. O. F-—
Ail m^rr.ocrs or above locgTC are re-
quested to register their names and at-
tend a meeting to Lc held on the
HE corner uf Hayes and Laguna sts..
L. M. t-^iory s hoube. TliCßs>uAY. May
.3. 3 p. m. »snarr». li> order of A.
l'AL'l:.^ N. ti. G. MOEJSNIKG. Sec.
CALIFORNIA Lodge No. 1, F. and A.
M., will hold its stated meeting on
TUCKS DAT. May S, at 7:3u p. m., at
"atiero st. All mtmcers are pariicuiar-
iy rtQUtsted to be present, as matters
' • of importance wiil be presented.
2-2t FRANKLIN 11. DAY. Secretary.
MILL-JEN'- I'r.ion No. _2. United
Brotber_O3d ot c.'an>e::iers and Join-
ers of America— Any mtmoer who lost
his toois in recent fire can call at 640
Golden Gate aye.. headquarters of
BuilUing 'xrades Council, ircm S a. m.
fo 5 p. m. By order W. J. BLACK.
Pres. E. J. DALEY* Ree. Sco "2-lt
PBFSIDIO I»dg<_- No. 354. F. and A. M..
Kinir Solomon s Hal!, 1T"& Fillmcre St.—
, Stated mefiing THURSDAY EViON-
IXG _t 7-»i o'clock. A full attendance
« ! the oretrtrer. is rco.acsted. D. I_
ttK-SBLTINE. Sec • 2-2t
Mrltliri' >Jeial Workers, -ttention— Nos.
in-i ani !"<:« hol'i a joint meeting at tneir
*m-\v he.i.l<rjarters, Doiores end Market
sts.. FRIDAY' EVENING,; M_y 4, at 8
o'clock. Business of vital importance.
: By ordc-r of commit tee. 2-3t
KNlGillS of Pythias— OflCirs and mem-
b» rs- of city lodges will assemble in
KincTSOM School building. 2020 Pine St..
- . un THUR-DA'V at 2 o clock p. m. H.
• feCHAFI-NtK, G. X R. S. 2-2t*
I. ().- O r".— Abou Ber. Aahem. No. 112.
* will n:<*rt at 1413 Laguna St., bet Geary
ani OTairtil, THURSDAY EVEN-
ING, ALiy 2, :\t 7:30. M. HOLTZ. N. G.
. W. H. BLUNDIN, Sec 2-2t
A\A. members of Bartenders' Union No.
41 send .\ddres3 or register at 425 Ivy
aye. San Francisco. *2-3t
ARTRMZS Circle will meet at 337 Devis-
• • a.c!ero St.. THL'IiSDAY, May S, at 2
. : p. in. J[. LERGER, F. S. *2-2t
LA _STREL.V P-irlor'-? regular meetings
wiil It tv<>ry SATURDAY, i:SO p. m.. at
1024 Suttrr .st. Call and register. MA-
•:'• RIAN' BROWN. Pres.; MAY C. BOLD-
. .KMANN. liec. Sec. It
- hllO FINO I^irlor No. 9. N. D. G. XV..
• '-M-ets SATURDAY, 2 o'clock, at d
„ • CA.SU-O St. V : It*
tT:lmplar rebekah Lodce No. 19, I.
\u25a0 O. O. F.— Moetiag TIiUItSDAY. 2 p. ra..
-ut 15-">S G:v»^e hi. Membt-re rend ad-
dresses. ADiCL-UDiJ BROWN. N. G.
PACCKIC Lc_S£ No. 155. I O. O. F.. will
\u25a0 m<>ct in IVvlsadero Hall. 321 Devisadero
\u25a0.-'.\u25a0'« St.. -on THUIIEDAY EVENING at 3 ! .
' o'clock and every Thursday evenin? j
"', thereafter. All members sir* requested
'\u25a0.'*tn lie- present if possible. If not send I
' • change of att<Jrc-ss to secrctivry. HOW- |
AIU>;M. JENSF/N, N. G. 2-_t j
MEETING of ExcclsiDr Lodge No. 126. j
A O. IT W.. at <".15 Capp St., WEDNKS-j
DAY EVENING at 7:00. Important ,
business. C. G. HERRICK, Reconler.lt
J.. a meeting will cc he'd al 2 p. n\.. at J
• 241'J Washington st. Annual election of j
* officers. Aisc important business.
ALIO: A. FitEDERICK-S, Prefidcnt.lt*
GERMAN Ladies* Benevolent Society, j
Bed Cross— Members please coll or send
addresa to MRS. VERONICA WREJ)i:. ;
- R-?c Sec.. Itl9l& Webster St.. bet. Geary
and"" O'Farrell." MRS. WITJIELMINA
WOOD. Pres. 2-7t*
CEMENT Wo-kers' Local N<>. 1. A. B
of C. W., will hold a rpecial meeting
SUNDAY. May C. 3006. at 2 o'clock)
p. m., at Bent's Hall, cor. Folsom an! 1
Tw'T.ty-Eo^ond cts. A lull attendance I
lj! requested. M. J. KELLY, Financial
Secretary. It* ,
MISSION Lofi^'i No. ICO. F. and A. M.—
There will be no xne'.-tiiig of the lodge |
d-^r nf the W. M. R. E. ALLAN. Sec- 1
retary. 2-lt !
L. O. R M.— Special meeting at Suhr's.
Z'tt Mi.«ion St.. near 25th. WKDXE3-
»'* * DAY, May 2. at 2 p. m. All . members
r» > <j;iest«rd to be present.
1 2t* HENRY GRIEB. Grand Chief.
MANZANITA Council No. 49 will meet
» _t 2502 Folsom st. FRIDAY. May 4. 2
p. m All mcrn^crs be present.
13 EMMA WEDEMEVER, Pocahontas
WALHALLA Encarnpmert No. 7 will
m»ot SUNDAY. May 6, 4 p. m.. at 216)
." Geary «t. i)ffice-rs and members, please
tjike notic-e.
. : l<*. M. D. MEYER. Dist. Deputy.
CryjftT G<neral I^awlon No. 171. F. of
# \^ will m-jct at £76 Chestnut St.. SUN-
DAY. May 6, 12 m. By 'order
1 a P. V. OVERMOBLE. C. R.
AJ-L members of the United Brother-
' *»\u25a0><•;<! of the CarpenUrs and JoJners of
Anvdca afnliated with the District
•Ct«ncSi. and who have lost their tools
*" Js th«> late rire, will register with the
» #*crptary of their union on or before
W^dneslay. May 2. 1906.
F. P NICHOLAS. President.
Li B. REAGAN. Secretary. 27-6t
HANNOVERANER Verein— Member? of
the Verein are requested to register their
j names and addresses with the S3cretary
at 2643 2Cth st Next meeting will be
on THURSDAY", May 11. at 210 Octavia
st, 2 p. m. 13t THJ&:O. W. BORCHERS.
CONCORDIA Lodge No. 122, I. O. O. F.—
Ihp brothers are requested to send
their addresses "either to Aug. Dohr-
' mann. N. G., M)l Grove st, or to Cnas.
Trautner, X S., 2i4t) McAllister st. Next
meeting will be held en SUNDAY, May
6, 3 p. m , at 21C0 Geary st.
lot C. KOEBUR. R. S.
: A SPECIAL meeting of Ignatian Council
I No. 35, Young Men's Institute, will be
held WEDNESDAY EVE.. May 2, at
5i4 Devidadero st.. at 7:30 o'clock.
Members are requested to send their j
present addresses to the above address. I
p. a. McCarthy, Pres.
C. L. EBNER, Sec. . . 1 2t
TO the officers and members of Mission
Rebekah Lodge No. 225: Will meet
1 SI.'NDAY at Z p. m. at Mrs. Acton's,
I S27S 24th st
i 15t MINNLB POLLOCK, Noble Grand.
Society— Members are requested to at-
tend moetine WEDNESDAY, May 2, at
2 p m.. at Servian Club Hall. H2a Gold-
en Gate aye. By order of
12t E. T. BALICH, President
OFFICERS and members of Buena Vista
Parlor No. 6\ N. D. G. XV.. are hereby
notified to attend a meeting THURS-
DAY, May 3. at 2 p. m.. at 1342 Hayea.
12t LYDIA GREEN. President
OFFICERS and members of Alta Parlor
No. 3, N. D. G. W., are notified that
a meeting will be held SATURDAY,
May 5, at 137 Beuiah st, nc_r Stanyan.
12t. E. F. DOUGLASS.
STARR King Lodge No. 344. F. and A.
M.. 1739 Fillmore st— Stated meeting
May 2, at 7 o'clock. A full attendance
is desired. Members, please send your
future addresses at ence.
2313 California st
H. F. WRIGHT. Sec., fe&l Fulton. lat
COSMOPOLITAN Lodge No. 194. I. O. O.
F., will meet at 1914 Golden Gate aye.,
WEDNESDAY. May 2. at 6 p. m.
1 2t W. G. WITTMAN. N. G.
MEMBERS of New Century Circlo No.
. 513, C. F of A.-. -will meet THURSDAY,
2 o'clock. 51S Church Et
NOTICE— Steam Laundry Workers'
Union No. 26 have established head-
; quarters at Twin Peaks Hall, 17th and
Noe sts. All members are requested
to register as soon as possible,
OFFICERS and members of Mizpuh
Court No. 1, Tribe cf Ben Hur, are
hereby notified to meet at 2 p. m.,
WEDNESDAY, at 142s Haight st. By
order of the Chief,
OLD Friends Circle. No. 26, U. A. O. D.,
will have a meeting May 2, 1308 Valencia
st., 2 p. m. . ;
I. O. O. F.— ALL Odd Fellows who .were
utnlor rare of the relief committee prior
to April is send their present addresses
to A. M. Brand. _Ec, Geary and Stein-
er sts. I3t»
JUNIOR Order headquarters. Mission st,
near 23d— Lincoln Council No. 2 meets
King No. 6 meets every TUESDAY
EVENING, Grant No. 19 meets every
FRIDAY EVENING. Hamilton No. 35
meets every MONDAY EVENING. -All
dtrtcers and members take notice. 1 7t
DKGRKE of Focahcntas— Members of all
Councils will meet TUESDAY AFTER-
NOON. May 1, 1906, at 2 o'clock, at 2502
I'olsom st. Very important that every
Council be represented.
IDA E. WHEELER, Great Wenona.
ANNJE M. BLISS. Great Prophetess.
30 3t
MILLMEN*S Union. Local No. 422, meets
TUESDAY, May 1, at 2 o'clock, at NE.
corner Twenty-second and Folsom sts.
CALIFORNIA Harbor No. 15, A. A. of
M. M. and P.— All members who are
in distress from the recent fire will
please call at the harbor room. Ferry
building, and register their names for
relief. . R. N. PIPPEY
1 2t Of the Relief Committee.
GEO. H. THOMAS Post No. 2, G. A. R.-
Comradr:s in need of relief will notify
Surgeon L. Carpenter, 1493 Fulton st,
and all comrades will report new ad-
dresses to the adjutant XV. G. Bre^tonj
Kohl building. Arrangements will be
made for regular meeting TUESDAY,
May 15.
HORACE WILSON, Post Commander,
30 3t 2525 Webster st.
OLD FTiends' Grove Relief Board have
established headquarters at the resi-
dence of the secretary, 1303 Valencia st
All members are requested to send their
addresses. Members in need report im-
mediately. Doctor in attendance. Next
meeting to beheld on SUNDAY AFT-
KRNOON at 2 o'clock. Address all
mail to S. M. Darrah,' Secretary- ISUS
Valencia st. 30 7t
U. A. O. D.— General Relief and Regis-
tration Headquarters, 19)4 Golden Gate
aye. Substation, Twenty-fifth' and Va-
lencia sts. Secretaries are requested to
send their addresses to headquarters.3o 7
j MISSION Lod?e No. 74?4, I. O. O. F. M.
; i:.. merta every • -FRIDAY night at
; l.a;:ra Goodman Hall. 15th and Market.
I S0 7r J. CURRIE, Secretary.
I . ___________
I MCR3K Lodge No. 257, I. O. O. F., will
i meet 1331 Alabama st WEDNESDAY
i EYE., 7 o'clock. May 2. 1906.
J. M. WILSON, Sec. 20 3t
iI. (). O. F.i'M. L\. RELIEF committee
I end distributing station at 2426- Market
! 30 7t K. D. PARREL, Chairman.
DAUGHTERS of Liberty, call or send
address to 1423 Devisadero st. Officers
meet 3 o'clock MONDAY. 30 3t
.SPECIAL meeting Krieger Verein.
1 Thursday, May 3, 2 p. m. sharp, at
I 1122 Buchanan st. near Turk. Com-
rades are requested to respond, also to
register with President Aug. Redeker
and H. Jurgens. corner Sixth. aye. and
M Et South; Secretary Max Lengefeld,
1532% Eddy st. rear; Secretary C. Paul.
j 1171 Sanchez st; Comrade F. Kaiser.
I 1620 Grove St.; Comrade A. Maebes, 3040
I Fulton st By crder
j ROYAL ARCANUM— ReIief Board and 111-
! formation Bureau 192 Haight st. Arcanians,
I report - and recister. -
i G. GUNZISNDORFER, Chairman. 26-tf
11.I 1. O. O. F.— Headquarters of Grand Encamp-
! ment, I. O. O. F., are at H «milto:i Hafi,
i Gearv and Steiner sts.; San Francisco.-
WM. H. BARNES. Grand Scribe. 2<S-6t
GKRMANIA Lodge No 116, 1. O. O. F.—
Hcsdr.uartPrs 1007 Golden Gate- aye.. S.
F. All members are requested to regis-
ter immediately.' Next meeting will" b->
' held at the above- address Thursday,
May 3. at- 4- o'clock. • •
I-AUL STRAUCH, Rec. Secy. 27-8t
LINCOLN Relief Corps No. 3. XV. R. C.
auxiliary to the G. A. R.; headquarters
14_i Turk st— Members of the W. R. C.
or comrades of the G. A. R. and fam-
ilies neeuina: asstetar.ee apply either in
person or by p< stal. Members aro re-
' quested to register.
; ESTELLE HILTON. : 2<-7t,
442 has established , headquarters 'at- 2450
Mission st. Membert and helpers plea* e call
and register. • Employers in need of'pVmb-
ers can be accommodated immediate*. T.
\u25a0- •" \u0084•.\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0' '\u25a0'\u0084\u25a0• " \u25a0 -6-tf
CALIFORNIA Rebekah Lodge No. 1, I
, O. O. F.; will meet ot 1403 Eddy st ,
Thursday, at 2 p. m.
J 1 2t* -ANNE KING. Noble Grand.
MEETlNGS— Continued.
EOADICEA Circlo No. ' S, U. A. O. D.-
Attention! A special I meeting of Boa- |
dicea Circle No. 3 13 called • for Thurs- ;
day afternoon, May, 2,- at* 2'- o'clock, -at <
150 Collingwood st. (flist street west
of Castro}, - between Eighteenth and
Nineteenth. All members will please
send their address to the "financial
secretary. By order of
'~K. J. N. STEINWEG, Fin. : Sec. . 1 2t» j
GERiLVN Independent Indies' Society—';
Special meeting Thursday, at 2 p.m.,]
10-j San Bruno aye.
1 2t* JULIA MARKS. Secretary. ,
OFFICERS and neighbors of Calumet '
Camp No. _tf, W. O. W.. '-, are requested
Co send thoir address at once to O. J. '
Peterson. . Clerk, 455 Vermont st. 1 2t* j
\u25a0WJJSTKRN Addition Lodge No. 285,-1. O. !
O. F.--Members will please send their)
addresses to secretary, 1562 Ellis . st. \
Next meeting will be held at Hamilton
Hall THURSDAY,'' May 3. 1906, at 5 p. iri.
INDEPExNtDENT Oracr of Foresters— Head-
quarters 1919 Sutter st., San Francisco. All
members must j register. 26-tf
ANCIENT Order of Hibernians: 'You 5
are requested to report at the fol- 1
lowing addresses Immediately: Di- j
vision No. 2, James Smith, 251 Laguna;
Division No. 3. J. A. Flanagan. 4_» 7th '
aye., Richmond district; Division No. !
6, T. P. O'Dowd, S4S Hayes; Division
No. 6. C. J. Collins, 3358 22d St.; Dl- '
vision No. 7. James McLaughlin, 3177
Mission; Division No. 8, J. J. Donovan.
3177 Mission; Division No. 9, P. \u25a0. Flana.-
_an. 630 20th st, Potrero; Division No.
10. M. J. Piorce, 2337 Folsom; Division
No. 11, Daniel FUzpatrick. 3177 Mission;
Division No. 12, John P. Dignan. 3177'J
Mission; Division No. 14, D. E. Collins,
.1177 Mission; Division No. 15. G. Tyr-
rell, 3)77 Mission; Division No. 17, E.
Roonaji, 512 Clipper; Division No. 20, T.
E. Dunning, 15th and Castro, care of
J. McDonnell.
M. DONOHOE. County President
T. DOYLE, County Secretary. 1 2t*
NEWSPAPER Carriers, take notice— A
very important meeting will be held on
THURSDAY. May 3, at 2 p. m., at 1972.
Folsom st. to he-ar report of commit-
tee. It is important that every carrier
be present. , ] 13t
SWEDISH Society of . San Franci.ctv—
Meeting in Swedish Church. Dolores
st.; SUNDAY. . May 6. 1 p. m. Bring |
your receipt books. ,
A. LUNDQUIST, Sec. 1 3f |
DAUGHTERS of Liberty— Send a-idress
or register at 824 Laguna st. or 1423 De-
vls:idcro. All officers meet at 3 o'clock
MONDAY, at 824 Laguna St. \ 30 3t v
ALL; members of Modoc Tribe No. 57, I.
O. R M., are requested to at once send
their present addresses to M. F. Hobart,
1150 Valencia st. 30 3t
I have a business location covering
nearly 100 feet square, being two floors,
with over 60 rooms, held by a lease run- ,
I ning two years, for sale with furnish-
ings at a bargain if taken quickly. Suit-
able for hotel purposes or BUSINESS
OFFICES. Price $7500; located within a;
\u25a0block of Thirteenth st. and Broadway;*
no better location in Oakland. THOMAS
GILBERT, 1004 Union Savings Hank building,
1 7t
FOR salo— A first-class business: ladies'
tailor and dressmaking; established 20 '
years: room to work 150 hands if nec-
essary; reason for selling,' retiring from]
business. Address Business, J Call of- |
flee, 203 West Fourth st., Los Angeles.
Cal. 2-7t
With electric power and steam boiler,
suitable dyeing and cleaning works. 2122 .
FiHmore st. Call at 1 Fillmore place. *27-7t ,
FURNITURE business, good will and I
1 ease for sale; best establishment on i
•the coast today; a bargain. See H.
SOWELLHAAS. cor. 11th and Franklin
sts.. Oakland. . 30 7t
• W. A. SIMONS. Mgr..
(Formerly of 1007% Market st.),
2091 Fillmore, cor. California.
Lease on Fillmore st. cheap.
3400— GOOD paying restaurant; on Devis-
adero: now furniture and xtures. Call
2091 Flllmore .- st. > It*
CORNKR grccery and bar in Mission: 4 '
years'' lease; old est; never before of-
fered: a positive bargain. 205*1 Fill-
more st. : . It*
SNAP— I 4 rooms; sunny corner; lease;
clears $*0; modern building; must 'sell;
want offer. WESTERN REALTY CO..
2031 Fillmors st. , lt»
GOOD list of ifurnished houses and fla.ta \u25a0
ff;r rent. AVESTERN REALTY CO.. |
2031 Flllmori st It* \
FOR sale— First-class .stock gents' fur-
nishings and shoes; all up-to-dato|
goods; value about $5000. Address P. :
O. box 174. 'Nevada City, Cal. 2-9t* |
FOR sale— Corner delicatessen store and
Home Bakery; lease. 101 Fillmorc.3o 3t o
RESTAURANT— Fixtures all complete,
with French range. 1130 Flllmoro 30 7t«
BOOMINU-HOUEVj for sale; bargain; 14
rooms: sunny: cor. Octavia end Geary;
call MOS Octavia st. 30 2t*
HOTEL of S5 rooms; rent reasonable.
Apply M. OS R.EIS, 500 Amador st,
VaJlejo, Cal. , . .: . 1 7t
MISSING— One trunk, given the ISth to
one of the Union Transfer Co.'s ex-
press, from SOS Franklin, to be dcliv- :
ered-ut I GO9 Scott St.; freight $2, paid
in advance: • the trunk mark. B. E.
Auger on a copper tag- : the contents
are mostly valuable. to the- owner. The'
finder will be amply- rewarded for his
trouble Xty leaving the same at 806
Franklin' st. Also, the: party having
taken a load of other goods from and \u25a0
to same place, please return one panel)
of wood about 5 . feet long with, a de- j
sign of grapes carved and - painted on '
• it. •* Liberal reward for return of the
same from any party.: SO6 Franklin.*2-lt
LOST— Monday, on Market-st. Electric
car" from Ferry to Fifth: st, a .purse
containing money and solitaire diamond
ring. Liberal reward at 1814, Broadway, \u25a0•;'
San -Francisco. \u25a0 *2-3t!
LOST— Brown telescope; three straps and t
handle broke, containing- camera, shirts,
etc. Return 739 First aye.. Rlchmond.l*
LOST— Lady's gold- watch: Initials, R. L.
Pleaso return to ', 1537 Schiller st., Ala-
rr.eda; no ' questions ' asked: liberal re-
ward. ' ; , It*
LOST— Becton Dickinson and Saugerties
catalogues. Liberal reward at 271b Web- .
ster st. . " . *2-2t
I>OST— Going. from 2100 Pine st. to ferry.
Gold watch" and chain. Return and re-
' ceive cash reward. Bt2-2t*
ANYONE having knowledge of one : black ,
marc, 2 bay horses.-one mare,3 gray horses,
one gray mare, one -' blueish i colored mare,".,
two roll brewery wafjons, l one / box : wagon \u25a0'
belonging to . Hagemann Brewing Co., own ; j
ers, -of Albany Brewing Co., 'will receive j
suitable reward by addressing F. Hagemann \u25a0
Jr. 5 .227 Guerrero St.; S.F. 13t i
I/OsT— One " bay horse with saddle ami
new lasso rope. Return , to JOHN
STADTLER. 3500 Bast 14th St., Fruit-
vule; reward $10. • r . 1 3t*
LOFT or taken from ' stable. 24S Natoma
ft— l black mare, 2 bay horses, >l bay
mare. Z gray s horses. 1- gray * mare, .1
bluish color mare, 2 roll \u25a0 brtrwery •; wag-
. Sons,il;box wagon. Hagemann Brewing
i Co., owners of ' Albany; Brewery, care of
F. HAGEMANN. ' 1227 , Guerrero 5 st. \u25a0 1 3t
LOST— Sunday, bet Oakland and- Berke-
! ley, lady's gold- watch;? monogram H.
• A.M. Return to 330 24th st. Oakland;
reward. ' /. r . .1 3t*' i
TRUNK E. C. F/left SE. cor. Union st. I
J and Van Ness aye. ; r«wtard. BLUGE ;
' 1021 9th ave., , Kant Oakland.- ,1 3t" »
IjOST— Bf:twr«i ,Van Ness'ave. ', and I^a-i
guna st.: on Greenwich, small cash bo*
contaio^T' papers' of -. A. D.« McLean
Please return to 2931 Laguna s t ; and . re- ,
i ceive reward.' • \u25a0 -. r 30 3t* "
; LOST— On Eiliß, hot, Taylor and v, 3 ones \
1 large tan suit case; betters' on case' C '
I T. A.; Hboral reward. C. J. ADA M«S'
San Anselmo. Marin Co. -29 4t*V-|
LOST— April IS. ".smali;>hort-tailed. 'York- !
shire dog. Finder kindly return to 2*40 \u25a0
I Broderick st; reward*. ,; 303t" I
I - : LOST AND FOU N D— Continued. '
WILL th« party "who took ; a. bay mare
'.with white mark on forehead and buffgy
t . .with letters ,V. L*. L on: it; from ? OctaVia
Vand; Hayes 'Kts.'" on -I- Wednesday,' return
the t same to 516 Hayes st: v and receive
:v reward? VAL.LUBA. ; ; °27-7t
; ATTORNEi'S. ' .
HENRY H. DAVIS, attorney-at-law," San
: Francisco. Cal.: residence 2663 Cal if or-
! .nia st. ; telephone ,West 3543. 2-301
'. GEORGE E. 13 ATEfS, attorney. 172G Steih-
i or st, near Post, formerly Mills bld.2-7t*
WILLIAM -FJ". SAWYER, attorney, 172G
. Steine-r st, ne_r Post, formerly Mills
! buiklinsr. _ 2»7t*
HA NLON, CHARLES F.v law omce. 1752
Bush st, cor. Octavia; telephone' West
, 1560. . 2-7f»
I F. : V. MEYERS, attorney at law, for-
i -, m^'y Grant bldg., now 144 Sar.chez.l 3*
; DANIEL' O'COM^iiLL'S law othce ' 86A
I banchez st." '- \u25a0 ' - *25-7t
\u25a0MVivU, attorncys-at-law, 1417 Scott st. and
\u25a0 ,; 925 Bryant, San Francisco. 1 3t*
KNIOHT, E.D.— 1549 Franklin, 10 to 3. 37
t \u25a0;Hin,. before 9, after 4. . , # 1 7t
J- W; , HENDERSON, . J. L. Kennedy and W.
\u25a0W. Allen -Jr., attorneys at law, offices now,
at 1852 Webster, st., cor. Pine. . »25-7t
i STEPHEN'S, J. A.;, law offices. St. Mungo,
N\v . cor. Fillmore st. and Golden Gat«
:^ avenue.- - ' . 29 lmo
j Gl' O. L> SHADBURNE, attorney at law.
! 904 Devisadero st. " 30 lmo
; BAHRS. GEORGE. H.. Attorney, 1901
' Post 3t.,' cor: Fillmore. v 28-lm
r FRANK P. Medina. 1539 Haight st, in-
surance col., patents and gen. law. 2S-tf
R. AY. KING, attorney-at-law, 3018 Call-,
fornia st, near Baker. • 27-tf
EASY dental office, formerly 6 Turk- st.
| i now located at 997 Steiner st, corner
McAllister. 27-tf
METROPOLITAN Business and Steno-
graph Col., 926 Golden G-ate aye., offers
headquarters for schools burned outantl
aid in finding employment; reopened
Monday,, April 1 SO. 'V-? -j \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 2-tf
;. fcchool now - open in all branches at
Fifty-first st. and Telegraph aye.; Oak-
land. . . 2-tf
A RELIABLE Eastern woman wishes
j position ; full charge taken ; : references.
Box C 397. Call office. Oakland.. 1 2-2t*
|A \u25a0 ' RKSPECTABI.E colored .woman will
I travel East r.s child's nurse or care of
I invalid for small consideration.' In-
quire at 823 Chester st, Oakland, on
Friday and Saturday.- . *2-3t
A FIRST-CLASS cook, laundress and
housecleaning by the day. Phone Oak-
land 4318. * i 3t»
TWO reliable jrirls want positions to do
ptneral housework. 2413 Bth st., West
Berkeley. .>>• ; 12t*
COOKS— <ierman couple, meat * and - pastry
cooks, gw>d bakers, wish situations in
resort, hotel or Institution; one year's
roference forn l last place. Address 813
Dolores st, S. F., or Andre's, new Trib-
une '. bldg... Oakland. " \u25a0:" *2-lt
AN elderly man wants a position as
storekeeper, watchman or any kind of
work; will give references and security
if desired. .Address barber shop. 602
Ha'ght st . I3t*
| POSITION wanted by a rapid, accurate
bookkeeper; experienced in the lumber
business YORK, 1031 Fillmore st. 1 7t*
WANTED-Competcnt newpspaper sub- \
scriptlon solicitors. Address, giving'
age, experience and references. Circu-
lation -Department The Eveninsr Bee,
Sacramento, Cal. • • ! • 1 3t . t
STKNOORAPIIER— An experienced court.'
i reporter wishes employment: can turn
olt larpre amount of. accurate wivrk. :
1 Phone Alameda 629. 1 3t*
BANKERS an.l wholesalers— A No. 1 ac-i
countant. able* to take charge of •office;
well recommended. Address A. W. F. :
A VERY, 2206 Grove street, city. . °27-7t
• JAPANESE. boys want day work of any
' kind for family: wa^es cheap. 1 Fill- "i
' more place, bet. California and Pine 1
st, off Fillraore. . 23 7t* I
WANTED— Reliable' woman, take, care of
house and do a. little cooking; good 'per-
manent place. Call 1809 California. It*
A— WAITRESSES .-and chambermaids;
call -or send addresses; very imwrtant.
MRS. M. E. DAY, 1801 F'alrvfew. S.
: Berkeley, Grove-st car; phone- Stua/rt
323. ' , t . \ . - 13t» .
SEWING machine -operators on men's
shoes. Apply California Shoe Co., Pet-
aluma. . . . « < . . It*
"WANT KD— Barber supply traveling
salesman; also wagon salesman; '\u25a0\u25a0 must
f be experienced. BECKKL & PRBSH-
: ER, boxber supply house, 471 Tenth ft., v
Oaklanl.CW. , 2-3t*
I WANTED— Barber at once. ' 0.. TEAU
Colma, It*
IFOR sal<v-Two-chalr ' shop: 4 living
rooms: 2-year* lease. 2608 Sutter st. 2-3t*
BARBERS' Protective Union— Members. .'
please take notice, temporary employ-,
ment office, 1457' Octavia. cor. Post.l 3t*
GOOD paying 2-chair barber Bhop \u25a0. for :
sale; cheap; owner "leaving city. Ad-
dress 561 Fillmore st. % 1 3t*
2-CHAIR barber shop with 3 livlner rooms
for sale. 3335 20th st; a bargain this
week. ' 1 5t*
_ — — -,
AT CO3TIGAN Vfe CO.'S, 1215 Eddy st. I
Bet. I_iguna and Buchanan, near. Jef- !
-/-'ferson Square Park.
Free Fare North and Soutlv— S. P. Co.
Sianta Barbara and San Luis Obispo.
175 section laborers, board $4.50, $1.70 '
10 bridgre carpenters, $3.50 v day. '
5 ranch teamsters, fare $1, .$1.25 found.
20 teamsters. $2.50; -'2O laborers, $2.25.
50 laborers, you'll do, factory work, $60
City WoTk"-0 Hours. :. -
) 50 laborers, ' board- co. or board at home.
j city. $2.23 day.
\u25a0\u25a0 25 teamsters, call early. : city, -\ same
place. $2.50, board .furnished by com- '\u25a0
pany on theso jcbs.i.; No ; charge. , >J J . .:r': i
New orders coming In all tho time.- ; It J
A— CUTTING . & GUNN, In;!. \u25a0 mgr. , Pacific
Cont. & Cal. Employment Agencies ;.' phone j
; Oakland 3272, Oakland, Cal. (formerly of:
' 63 S 'Washington st:, k S." F.),',' are -now. doing:,;
.a •\u25a0 general employment business , and invite i
the employing public to phone, ' write or call
and place their orders ; : lots of free fare jobs
and good: wages for skilled and unskilled
labor ; , remember the- number— 4l4 l 7th. St.,
near Broadway. CUTTING & GUNN.2S-tf
ANDRE'.S Employment of flee, r r.ewf.Trib-
' unebldp., room' 4, Eighth and Franklin
Ets.— Wanted— Ccok.V pl-in . boardlng-
* ; house.' short distance. $r>o; cock." t hotel. •
Fresno County» $50; ' waiter,: hotel; near ?
by, r $:'o; ' pastry . cook," restaurant. - city, ';
; $fis; dishwasher, chophouse, $30, ;etc. 3-lt
: : WANTED-First-cIaES fountain man "to L
j take charge 3-section fountain; 1 married '
j . man preferred; must be sober/and not^
' ;; a:oiKarotte s-nioker; willpay-No.' 1 man
!\u25a0 $75 to $100. OODBE-PITI'S DRUG CO..'
S^ilt Lake - City, .Utah. 1 : \u25a0;;/?.' S> % 2-3t .;'.
WANTED— Salesmen to sell gas engines. \u25a0
pumps, boilers -and supplies; only those
• exi>ertenced \u25a0in these , lines and who ,
have proven v their ability . ne«d * answer. ;
'\u25a0'\u0084 Addrfs? p Lo3 Angeles. : care - £ti n .- Frin- \u25a0
: cisco Call. ' . .2-lt
C. R.^ HANSEN ;& ", CO.. Employment
\u25a0\u25a0 Agents,- at residence. \u25a0 233: Third
\u25a0."\u25a0 phone •• 41;-; Richmond'-' dlptrlct/i formerly \u25a0'
429 Bush , st, phone Grant ISS. Open :-. for ,
| business.' ';"'"' 30 tf v.
-WANTED— A m'anaper" for. a 'grocery de-?
\u25a0partment in Fresno;", .applicants ? who
t can .furnish .' first-class refe-ences fas , to,
: i 'chai'acteivand ability ?- will address : at"
t * once. * F. r " LI. box 6 KO, ' Oaklv.nd ' o nice
-Tho , C-alL^^^l^l^g^^^^^^gg^l 2t^
"!'MEN ( ; .wanted— The: Moler. System^of Bar-
;/.- ber Coileges will : open U\ ? in \u25a0. about • 30 .
\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 d.'j-s: in :" San s Francisco \u25a0 w»th > -'on*! ; of i.tho"
, j .". fu*V;t equipped ,* schools j; in >:'. the world : \u25a0
r. special, terms to :the : first, twenty, stu-"!
. : : dent? .'• Addross .' J Mtoler's ' : College, v San '
I : Francisco,' Cal. ' •"/\u25a0- ' myl tf j
TYPEWRITERS (second-hand) for sale.
\u25a0\u25a0rlSis: Waller st. : »lt
FoRiS_l3— A Morrison dental' chair. 100-1
.' Twelfth," st," 7 Oakland. -; *2-3t
.ONE'IOO-inch mangle, $450. ,
One 75-inch -Watkins mangle, \u25a0 $325. .
1 • .'\u25a0".\u25a0 '\u25a0, All kinds -of laundry : machinery, engines,
I . \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 boilers, ' pumps, "etc. ; gear, ; cutting and re-
I pairs. -.WM.; SPECK. 2132 Folsom st. 1 7t
FOR sale— A fine safe: also a desk, the
:i very ' lat^ 3t. S Call 1312 19th st. 1 7t
FOR sale— Complete outfit for 50-room
.-' hotel;; range, dishes, furniture and car-
\u25a0 ; pets ; also . larga bus ; •30 miles from S.
F. Calland see. W. H. KINNE, Red-
wood \u25a0 City, San Mateo Co. 30 7t
FOR sale— Machine shop,' including prop-
' orty',' : improve ;nts, \u25a0 pattern '. shop and
machine- -tool*, Ytc; J14.000. EM.
SPECK, 2130-2132 • Folsom st: 3C4t
COMPLETE wood-sawing outfits 1 large 12-
horsepower oil, engine, ; elevators, saws, saw
...frames,' shafting, \u25a0 pulleys, tools, wood trucks
' and 1- large wood splitter and belting, also
1 Debold safe. Apply STANDARD SUP-
PLY CO.. Broadway and First. 26-7tj
WANTED— Motorcycle arid rider, be-
tween hours .; of 7 ; and 12 o'clock eaoh
night; good wages. Call at once on C
H. HOUSE, 101 C Broadway. It
WANTED— To buy standard San Fran-
cisco truck, v CRANE CO., Thirteenth
and Webster sts., Oakland. .Sit;
"WANTED— Furniture for I rooms; must,
'•-- bo reasonable and in good condition.;
Addresa 1629 Hlbbard st, Alamtda.l 3t*
HIGHICST price paid for old gold and
silver at . C. KALLMANN & SON'S.
li« 3 Fillmora st. ; • 2S-1 mo
WANTED— Horse and light spring wag-
on. INLAID FLOOR CO., 1235 Laguna
street. ' 27-7t
S. HYMAN, formerly of 136 Powell st.
. doing business in money lending and
buying, old gold, 190^ Post st, near
Fillmore. * 13t?
ADVANCES on diamonds as usual.
Baldwin Jewelry Co., permanent . office
1521 Sutter St., near Octavia. 30 tf
DR. FRANK R. WESTON, formerly at
I Donohoe bldg.. S Taylor st. San Fran-
cisco, now located at 1169 Broadway.
Oakland; cut this out for reference, tf
,__ - • " t
WA MTED— "Work for two 2- horse teams,
or will double up for heavy teaming.
S Call ! or address 136 Richland * aye. 1 3t«
ANYONE having a 1-horse wagon, capacity 1
ton,' for sale, apply at 612 Stanyan St.- *1 3t
MILL VALLEY— TO LET— 4-room house
cheap, fur. Kitchen . stove and chimney all
right. No wreckage at Mill Valley. Call
1833 O'Farrell, near Steiner. MRS. Mc-
GIIEE. __________
NFAV resiJence with garage; N. corner
on Pacific aye.; 6 bedrooms; 3 servants'
rooms; beautifully furnished. Apply to
cific aye. 2-3t
NEWL\ furnished house, to let; 10
rooms, beautifully furnished; $150. 2551 1
Pierce st. near Vallejo; references re-
quired. \ % 2-3t* ,
4-ROOM house for sale; newly furnished;
house rer.t only $12; price W. 75. Inquire
1648 Devisadero:. st, San Francisco. It*
FLATS TO LET— Furnished. j
SUKNY. newly fiirnishecT fiat of four^
• rooms, 'complete, for housekeeping; renf
$16 p^r \u25a0 f s*o San Jose aye., near
Twenty-seventh !st. 7t
.\u25a0\u25a0•.-, FURNISHED, FLATS FOR SALE.
NEWLY furnished 8-room upptr flat.
2081 Bush st., near. Webster; price $2000:
also part of new medical library. Call
between 'hours of 1 and 4* p. m . 2-2t
FOR sale— Residence of 9 rooms, com-
pletely furnished. 1059 Oak St., near
Devisadero. " 7t
PIERCE STR3ET, 412— Furnished rooms
to let. - \u25a0:»:,-- •.-.-\u25a0\u25a0 .;;':...-.. '*v: 2-st*'
GtAKY, 1225— Nicely furnished rooms for
housekeeping ; reasonable. Call at once. 1 3t*
TO let— Two sunny furnished rooms. In-
quire 1120 *. Elm aye., bet. ; Pierce * and
Scott sts. . 13t»
FILJ..MOF.E. 1742, near Sutter— Nice sun-
ny furnished room for gentleman.3o 2t*
ELLTS, 1013— Front suite to let; reason-
able. • So2t* j
GENTI__MAN; wishes room and. board in
San Rifael or vicinity ; ; permanent ;
particulars; price.: Box 6401, -Call. *lt (
ELLIS, 1349 — Large front room to rent. 1 2t #
FURNISHED front and back parlor for of-
fice. 2314 Webster st 1 3t*
FINE front suite for offices. 1608 Geary
st. 1 3t #
FINE large front office rooms. 122S Geary,
near , Cough. Rent cheap. Call at
FURNISHED suite; suitable for ofnoes;
first house from Fillmore. 1917 Post.l 3*
FRONT double parlors, furnished or. un-
furnished, for offices. 2?4 Haight. 1 3t"
FOR ofHce, 3019 Sacramento Ft; elegrant-
ly furnished parlor suite of 3 rooms;
car line. 13t*
, FRONT offices to let 166S O'Farrell st,
I cor. Flllmore. ' 30 3t"
I FILLMORE, 647— Rooms for offices; also
j other rooms. ' 28-7t*
FRANKLIN. - 712, nr. I G. Gate ave.-Rms.
I to let, -suites or single, for offices. 28- 7t"
SUITABLEfor offices, lower flat. Inquire
premises, 1731 . Laguna, nr. Sutter. 2S-7t*
FOR sale— Now 6- room corner flat; new-
ly furnished; a snap. . Call 1403 O'Far-
|, : rcll St.--.. ••;-.- ' ' ;:..- : ...' -.\u25a0 1 St* -
! PACIFIC Ftor. & Furn. Movincr Co., 231G
Flllmore, open for bus.; tel. West 2€28..
. \u25a0: ..' 28-tf
FOR LEASE— Term of years; for busi-
ness purposes. • 584, Haight St. GEO.
j W..P_yCKHAM,v South Berkeley. 13t*
.To i pay. for property in ; the burned dis-
trict; leasts made. Call or write at ones
to tha loading, real estate agents^
formerly 26 Montgomery st
offices at '*•:
912 -! ELMS ST., ''near Van Ness aye.
' -New insuranco written. tf
TO exchange » for S. F. real estate— 4s2
acres : of rich, ; level \u25a0 land in Butte - Co..
,3: miles fronr. . town and :r. r.; ,in
: grrowing .wheat • crop, with trotting-bred
'\u25a0- s- and I thoroughbred stallions and brood
;mares.'-.,C.; mares. '-.,C. P\.; 513 Devisadero ot 7t
TO let— Will put up 'temporary buildings,
v N. side of Fulton. 100 east of Polk; 120 x
\u25a0;,\u25a0\u25a0. 120; VW:- side lot 7th St., :180 N. of Fol-
som.; 47xlss; VW.. side of 3d.st, SO S. of
: Harrison,, 80x120; W. side; of 3d St.. 50
S. of Ferry." 25x75; S. side cf Harrison.
75 W. »f 3d,. 80x120; temporary building
' . on : E. . Polk,'- bet.- • Cla.y and -Washington.'
' GEORGF..K. FRINK. 2C26 Val!ejo. till
9:30 a.; m ani .after 6 p. m.:--> 2 tf ,
-I HAVE ; parties waitinsr; to buy;- $75.0r.6
to ~ loan . on • : : easy. 1 ."; terms. FRED J.
. SCHMIDT. ' Noe.^ Market and 16th Pts.,
S-an- Francisco. 17t
SAN, FRANCISCO : factory site; I-J0O0:
;,'.! over T l7OO > square": feet U of good,
-:•\u25a0 ground;*; with •; a " 100- foot wharf in good
v repair; ships" of 150 tons have no trouble
"in? landing; 3i artesian wells,; with an
; /unlimited amount of water. If, you want
. this, :• act ? quickly, as i the '«. price is for a
short time only. i: Call Ar rin? up GEO.
t'ii ,W. AUSTIN. 1 1002 1 Broadway,' Oakland.l 3
\u25a0 MacKENZIJ^ v & formcrlv
21S ;: Sansome, .; tei.-«)on rily '-: 2013-6 . : Fill-
" more—Real '„ estate t a V. ' insara nee- ; , _c-
":_ slrab>^hpusi»s jahd- co^t.'.gGr, furnished
;'-.':;; '-.':; r»?d. Mi\ furnished < to' -tint :.r*.:> s» % .cale;
\u25a0": re«d:4 l-**^ flnmrui-ate .'occupancy. • . / 30 It:.
:vHOUP7f j for ; - sale; . st©rn 'uhder^ir ti /and
\u25a0 '\u25a0:\u25a0 flat" of 6 ; tooms \u25a0 and" bath. '2ooif-tl: Su!t»r
i ?-f s t ; lot is 25x52 :& \u25a0 '^aSSBeBB 30 " fc *
Temporary office 1141 McAllister St., San
, ' i 9 Francisco.
Exceptional opportunities \u25a0 iri tho \u25a0 coun-
try. \u25a0-. . -• \u25a0 \u25a0 .. .
j 10-acre homes at San Martin; bearing
-orchard and vineyards; ' ideal homes;
moderate- price; installments $15 monthly.
Large villa lots at Palo Alto; street
work, modern sidewalks free; $10 month-
ly. •
lo.OOOHacre grain and stock ranch at J5-
per acre; Sacramento Valley; Irrigated;
lands cheap; easy terms. 2-tf;
. OFFICES of J. P. Massie Co., country lands,
; ; temporarily established 1862 Page St., Saa
Francisco, formerly located in Union Trust
Bldg-. Remember, we - are selling the cele-
brated Catherine Dunne Ranch, Santa Clara
Valley, in 10-acrc tracts, on long and easy
term payments. 1 3t
For sale at correct prices, : as . I contem- (
plate a change of location; one vacant \
I property in each, Berry-Bangs, Hlll«»sudS j
i and Scenic Park Tracts; and my 8-room 1
residence on the hillside in the Scenic;
Tract. Call or address MRS. MARY E.
HHili, "Highland Terrace." at head ofj
Ridge Road, Berkeley. Cal. 2-tf
480 ACRES grain land near Orland, $12.50 per
- acre, to exchange for Bay City property.
;- j 13-acre poultry ranch, improved, near Peta-
i luma. Price $3500. To -exchange for city
< property.- - ft* ~s '\u25a0
1004 Union Savings Bank Bid?.. Oakland. 1 7t
TO exchange for city property— l6o acres
timber land In Humboldt County. 3331
Sacramento st. 2-7t*
SPACE for barber. Mission or Western st.
Give price. 905 Illinois st. *1 3t
$2,850— 6-room 2-story house and lot, 28x147;
central and near depot.
Get on the safe side of the bay in cen-
tral Key Route tract ; most central loca-
tion ; cheapest prices and easiest terms ever
offered; lots $800 each; $100 down and $10
monthly; new homes $2450 and up; $20.50
monthly and ss little as $150 down ; eend
for catalogue and see it at once.
$15,500 — The best buy in town on a close in
cross street between Telegraph and San
Pablo ayes. ; 89 feet frontage, with good im-
. prqvements netting 6 per cent, income,
which can be increased; its location and
' splendid business future assures a rapid in-
crease in value.
$285 cash and $24 monthly ; beautiful earth-
ouake-proof cottage ; high basement ; splen-
didly constructed ; paneled dining room, cir-
cle windows ; on sunny lot ; short walk from
business center and one block to depot.
$6500— Burnt-out merchant orders sacrifice of
elegant home for immediate sale;, 9 rooms,
i den, servant's room; cement basement with
plastered ceiling:" all finest construction,
with 4-foot foundation ; circular veranda and
j round windows; all splendidly finished and a I
very central location, with lot 50x100. with \
i children's playhouse; couldn't be duplicated ;
short of $10,000. . • ;
Thirty minutes and 5 cents to San Fran- j
cisco ; the central Key Route tract is the I
ideal location for the man whose business ;
or employment is in San Francisco ; come t
and see it. BELDEN & PERCIVAL. 1112 '
Broadway, Oakland. 28 3t Su T T
*sCoo— Lai s;e lot. backing 1 into S. P.
freight depot and \u25a0 one block from West-
em Pacific yards; tracks in rear of lot;
can easily have private switch: this is
one cf the biggest bargains on the mar- j
ket; same property relatively situated to
freight depot in San Francisco worth
$2500 a foot; don't fail to ?er this. (ICG2) i
1002 Broadway. Oakland. 2-3t
$2750— Alta Piedmont; corner lot. ;
$2850— 5-room cottage, North Oakland ; $300 \
! cash ' will buy this. j
$5300— 9 rooms; new house; on car line; East I
$25,000 — Berkeley business corner; store and j
422 10th St., Oakland. 1 3t
$3100 each — Two elegantly furnished cot-
tages of five rooms each, located on3sth st..
between Telegraph , aye. and Grove st., five
blocks from the Key Route station. These cot-
tages are first class in construction and other-
wise, and very centrally located. . |
, $4000 — Large corner lot with 12- room house j
on Market and San -Pablo aye. This is one of [
the coming business centers .of Oakland. If
you are looking for a business location, let me
show you this before buying elsewhere.
1004 Union Savings Bank Bldg., Oakland. 1 7t*'
' H ERE :' is" a genuine fire sale bargain— !
A beautiful 10-room house on Adeline!
St., 2 blocks from local station; J /S block,
from electric cars; house , alone cost
$5000: loc 100x128; choice neighborhood:
land is worth $60 per foct. "We can sell
this for $7500 if taken right away.
80 3t 1002 Broadway, Oakland.
$2450 — Modern 5-room house on Prince st,
near Harper, Berkeley.
$1750 — Modern 5-room cottage, • high base-
ment, located on Baker st. near Ashby aye.,
Berkeley. .
i $1500- — 4-room house on Oregon st. near
Grove St., Berkeley. THOMAS GILBERT,
10ff4 Union Savings Bank Bid?., Oakland. 1 7t
j FOR sale in San Lorenzo — A neat . new
i house with 2 acres of best soil: some
i bearin? orchard; $1500. C. K. NILSON.
i Marlin Tract. 2-7t» i
<- ; : ;—;; — ;
MR. and MRS. L. STLVESTF.R. formerly
at 1103 Hyde St.. city, are now located
I at 1312 Ninth aye.. East Oakland. 2-lt,
ALLBN. MIS 3 GRACE, formerly 224&;
Clara St., city— Kindly inform Charle3 ,
A: Kin?. War Department. M. S. O-,
Fort Mason, Cal.. your condition,
health, safety "and whereabouts. 2-lt
municate with E. A. Bleuel, naval j
training station. Goat Island. »2-2t
WOULD like information •of Grace Nel- !
; son and, mother. L. D. PEACOCK. 1732 .
I Milvla st.. Ferkeley. 2-2t
: would like to know the whereabouts
'of Mrs. Annie Murray of Fifth and \u25a0
Folsom Pts.,. S. F. Inquire Eighth and j
University \u25a0 aye. West Ecrkeley • »:-3t;
STEFHENSON. JESSE, of 22 Twelfth \
st., S. F., communicate with MRS. W.j
H. ST. CLAIR, 3012 Williams St., Eu- !
reka. Oil. 2-3t'
WTI.L Mi«s Elsie Krelder. s»tenographe«r -
'for Hall's Safe and Lock Co- comrmi- I
nicate with M. H. HARBORD, Allen- 1
dale, Cal. . »2-lt
THE whereabouts of Mrs. Mary Evans.
120 Sixth st., S. F.. please; let her
daughter know 1015 Pine. St.. .Oakland.l*
MRS. KATIE CRUISE. 320 Seccnd aye.,.
Mrs. Nellie Henry. Mrs. John Fitzsrer- ;
aid and "Mrs. Annie Fitzsrerald. all of
Twenty-ninth St.. San Francisco, will ,
please communicate with MICHAEL 8. .
, KKT.LV._>I9 Sxth aye.. TroV. N. Y. 1*
WA NTJ3D-^Addre?s of Mrs Will Morgan i
of 2S Fell st.. fan Francisco ; MRS. E.
P. THOMAS. Emeryville P. 0.. C_l.*2-3t
A GENEROUS reward will be paid for
the return ' of my - lnrce suit case con-
taining papers left with rwrty at Pal- "\u25a0
\u25a0\u25a0' ace Hotel.- • Return imincd!;»t«»;v 'to 25fiS •
Market. 'DUNCAN B. j HARRISON.' _-3f,
WILL Mrs., E. Herrmann, formerly of j
r Mlifi..- Sacramento sL, send ," her \u25a0 presont
acldre3.? to Fort Mason : Tnformpfon Bu-
reau?. Important. J. E. REYNOLDS.2-I
CHAS. QUAFT. real >stat<s acpnt. for-
\u25a0: merly Rt 11-,Montcr»merv st.. n'*>nso senrl*
I your address .to H. GROSCHEL. N\V.-
cor. Pixt'^nth find Folsnm sts *2-3t
FKANK '. MILLS, plumber." call at '• ti2o
Lnroi^ard st. "\u25a0 \u25a0 *2-3t
PER=!OS T nnssepsins C-i'n^H.l Hotelbook3
write JOHN G. BARKER. Mill Valley.
Cal.- . , .? ... \u25a0 -. it*
• FF.RONTA. . DAVY/, IS6? Go?s st.". IV-««si i
O^VTan-1. . • " «2-1t ;
\u25a0 '-.WILL Joseph Ef>ffo pica.cc call at P.lank ;
st., just off Cn>-*'\<*T'fl gyp., or. send *>T- I
- dress to DOMTNICK RAFFO ' »2-3t I
M T VTO>T — M^c» . X-oVvn corner • First - and '
ISRT?—^w^v.iO.iH.nii. •\u25a0? :.^f) p.ip "^*^"tJt— S*i
V^S. CHARLES MTTRRY^and fwilv.'of'o"! ;
Clereland st.t Sa^ Tr'.-rsco. ; <-' M ~- to Mrs. '
?^h?'-^oii: ( of.Co'!^' T ev' I !e. > or JP*;-^-" R F '
, \u0084r>.? N f>.*.4,; . no.;. ri ?hcz\e 1?1 r*ibn-'«nn :
>; ; A-VT-CE. - ' -v. it* , I
li'';>;-:PT.-SAN T PS. oa-ijV-r; oTcvr c^-<--"r-:- '
\u25a0 -r»*» J~ mediate';- •wl* v> 'iV.'-««tcr- Knri^jajTVt )
i i 1 :C-»«»*ractioa:Co..-;3: C-»«»*ractioa:Co..-;3 N_^- Tribune 'J*T^.,
j:\u25a0 Oakland. v^-'V - . - - , 1» I
PERSONALS— Continued.
MRS. EASTLAN'D," of 22 Oak st., in /cgard
to satchel and hat for Mrs. M. Baird, of
Fresno, call at 3Urs. K. Knau's, Jl 0 " 10
MRSr'E.*C.*HF.RLIHY or Miss 8.. Howard^f
communicate at once with Hastings, \u25a0»«-•¥ .
\u25a0 Tackson * **
your mother is :at the Prcsidio-ave. X= > £c -
Call at once. ' 2 •>* •
ROSE DON'IGAN and family— Come to 2440
! Folsom st. KITTY S. \ \u25a0 lt s
! MRS. . CZAPKAY— WouId like address of
yourself and brother. Jas. Cox. WILL M-
LAW, Sta. J, Masonic* and Haight sts. 2 3t
CHAS. B. HALL, formerly of 549 Harrison
St., please communicate with your wife ana
family at 4310 Mission, near Silver ay. 2 Jt
FRANK BOWMAN, please communicate with
your sister, Mrs. Geo. Hall, 4310 Mission st.» .
near Silver aye. 2.3t
WEST COFFI.N, formerly of 131 Langton St.,
please send your address to Mrs. O NeiU.
4310 Mission st. « . 2 3t*
WILL party who took two trunks from St "•
• depot to Mission Bay on forenoon of fire
I please send address to 441 Madrid St.? It*
StQUOIA Hotel guests, formerly 808 Geary
; St.. San Francisco, send addresses to B. -F.
Downs," 1925 Bryant aye., for maiL It*
i hattan, 10th and Market, communicate with
i Crane Co., Oakland. It*
| DR. HOWARD HERRINGTON, formerly of
916 Market St. now at 1869 Fillmore st.
Hours, 1 :30 to 4 p. m. 2 3t*
DR. THIELE. the German specialist, corner
3d and Mission sts., has opened offices at
472 Bth st, Oakland. 1 lmo*
PARTIES who took charge of my baggage at
9th and Market morning of fire please com-
municate and get reward. Jennie A. Val-
cnt_ic 406 South 2d »_. San Jose. 1 3t*
CHAS. DRESCHER. opp. 146 Caxl st.
formerly of 415 Market st. 13t"
at end of Jones st. (dumps), Jack
McLean, call. 1 3t» ,
WOULD like information of Grace Nel- -A 1 ;
son and mother. L- D. PEACOCK. 1733*
Miln 3t.. Berkeley. " 1 3t» I-
MRS. MARY COOK of 4C6 Hyde «_, no-\,
tify Mrs. Stelzner, formerly of 443
Eddy st, of her address. Present ad-
dress 1713 Golden Gate aye. 1 3t*
THE German Catholic Relief Committee
has established headquarters at St.
Anthony's Church, 3215 Army St.. near
Foli«onv and 511 Fulton st. German
Catholic refugees are requested to re-
port and register there. Shelter and
clothing will be provided for the ne«*dy.
GEO. BUECKER. Chairman.
lIENRY F. BUDDE. Sec. 1427 Va-
lencia st. 1 3t
GEORGE E. KEEFE and family are at
20th and Church sts. In a tent. 13t»
A. U. DEARDORFF. M. D.— Residencs
and temporary offices. 1322 Butter st.. '
near Flllmore. Hospital service. 13t*
CHAS. T. TRUEB. formerly 527 Golden
Gate aye., communicate with your sis-
ter. Josephine, througrh Magner Bros.,
125S O'Farrell st. 1 3t*
LANDLORD, formerly of 122 Sth st., send
address to E. F. DANIELS, SO Pierce
street. 1 3t*
JACK HODGFS ot corner Post and Pierca
sta. would like to know the address of
C- C." McOann. Grand Hotel, call or
write to anxious friends, 2203 Carlton
st.. Ferkeley. 1 2t*
WILL the parties who took charge of
the two trunks marked Mlsner on 15th
and F-ryant sts.. S. F., return to 1213
9th aye.. Sunset district, and receive
reward? 13t*
WOULD Mrs. Tierney please commimi-
cato with MISS MITCHELL, SSS San
Bruno aye.? 13t»
DR. MARK NEUMANN and family tem-
porarily 127S Seventh aye.. Sunset. 26 tf
DR. C. G. KENYON. 2355 Pacific aye.. nr.
Fillmore, S. F.; phone West 313 20 tf
DAILY PACIFIC \u25a0 BUILDER, temporary
office. 17U> Webster st. 29 lmo
LIVINGSTON. Maud, daughter of Dck
Livingston, was at 231 Post St.. com- '
munlcate with Mission Lodge No. I<E>,« . \
F. & A. M.. 2666 Mission St.. S. F. 2S-«V_^
TOI>D. Mrs. John, of Seattle, was at Cos-^f
mopolltan Hntel. communicate with Ml*-*r^"
sion Lodge No. IK>. F. & A. M.. 266-J
! Mission St.. P. F. 23-6t
BROWN. J. DALZELL. all letters and
i telezrams can be a -dressed to 2231
: Washington st 2S-7t»
DR. JKROMK C. CARROLL (dentist),
formerly of the Phetan btdgr.. will lo-
cate his offlc at his residence. l«iS
O'Farrell. after May 5. - CB-7t*
DR. W. H. 'JRISWOLD, SM Eddy St..
i ccrl Franklin. 2S-7t*
: ANY one knowing the whereabouts or
-W'.'D: Maple kindly communicate with
-Mrs. E. F. Meissner. 418 Day st. 28-7t*
MISS It. WILLE glad to have her friend*
call at 2307 California st. .^S-.t
I WKTZLER, FRED, of Twentieth Century
Market, report whereabouts. 272 Euclhl
i aye.. Oakland. 2S-st»
515'^ W. Eighth st.. Los Angeles, and
requests all pupils and patients of tho
School of Metaphysics to communica ta
f with her at once. 29 7t
: WANTED— Address of Mme. O'Brien, for-
i ' merly of Starr King bldg.. S. F. Adrtres_
bf.x «332, Call. 2S 5t
j Mrs. Ester Blum, please call or writa
to me at 174 South Second st.. San Jose,
for your papa and husband. JACOB
KLUM. 174 South Seccnd st., San Jose,
Oal 29 at
MISS MAGGIE WOOD, please send your
address . to W. Pine. Alden Sta., Oak-
land. Cal. . • 28-7t
RESIDENTS of Superior, California, the
Sacramento Valley and mountain coun-
trtes who are safe p>lease report name,
residence and present location to "SAC-
RAMENTO DEE" or Oakand bureau.
423 Ninth st. Oakand, for information \u25a0
of friends. 2S-tf ij
DR. W. B. LEWITT is located temporarily at I
711 Shrader *t. *25-7t;i\J
INFORMATION wanted of John K. Mur- , T
phy of 154 7th <t. Address JAMES FOX.
3629 23d -t. »25-7t
DR. and AIRS. J. W. SHELDON are stop-
ping with J. YV. Richards at 2431 Channins;
wav, B-rfceley. 25 -tt
MRS. LOCKHART and Mrs. Rodd if alive
communicate with D. H. Trimble, 33-34 Ba-
con block. Oakland. 2stt
DR. F. THOMAS, from the Donohoe bldg..
i 8 Taylor St.. can be found at 810 Turk st.
DR. F. THOMAS. 25-7t
,JAS. MOLLO* of 22 13th st. now of 566
Vermont St.. would like to know the where-
abouts of Barbara Jacoby and Mrs. Hell-
wig of 45* v .i_y st. *25-7t
--•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 j •
FREE raedichie to everybody; free clinic.
I THOMAS J. CROWLEY, M. D., 665 Fill- .
\t more st. 25-7t
MKS. NETTIE BLUME please communicate
• with E. M. Beal, 3243 Washington st.. \u2666
Saa Francisco. 25-7t
ear; office 21 Scott st. half-block from
: '. German Hospital. -Tt \u25a0
; DR. EDGAR R. BRYANT, formerly cf tha
Tames Flood . Building, is located at 1944
i Fillmore St.. corner of Pine. *26-7t
ii H 9e^ GE^/, DR ' '* I>i- 7"th Dr. Strickland.
! 2500 Flllmore st. Information wanted o!
Miss E. L. Bowne. • •26-7t
MRS. PAULINE DUNTON, of 503 Towell
I St.. now livng at SUB Hayes st. \26-7t
' G. H. KELLOGG, formerly at 330 Pine St..
. will be found at 2126 California st. *25-7t
J. E. WHITE has established his law of-
fices temporarily at 1236 FiUmore st.
near Eddy. \u25a0 2S-7t*
: BABIE— Are you safe? I am all ri?ht.
POTTER, box 98. Call. 2$? t *
WILL Louise Fassin pleaso send her
present address to EARL. CESENA, 1643
10th aye. South, or say where sho can "***
' be found ? 2D 12t
JESSEN. 517 Golden Gate aye.. coramuni- f
with L. B. CLARK. LJvermore.3o z*
GEO. L. FIELD, notry relatives at Sau-
salito; very an_ious to locate you and
r 1 1 1 1 1 1 -Xi ii iiTOiri f MIJIIIBBaiy i , 30 3t a •
WANTEDy-To know the whereabouts o£
f Alfred S. Edwards^ 765-770 Howard St..
San Francisco, member. of Golden Gats
; Lotlse.-A. F/anrt A. >!.. and the Eagles,
r C. C. EDWARDS. 2C3S Charming way.
Berkeley. \u25a0 . 30 3t*
CO -TON. A. 0., 1059 Oak st., near D»-
- visadero._9fl|B«HHlHpHHMJ 2S-7t*
MRS. F. M. BELL. M 4 Mission st. call
at 611 Octavia st Important news.3o 3t s
r»R. PISCHELw ISI7 California st 30 7t*
BUTLERSCHUTZE , CO.. wholesale milli-
nery, now located at 501 San Pablo aye.,
Oakland. • CaU - ?6-7t
ST. PATRICK'S Mutual Alliance Asso-
., elation of California— Special meeting
' «E« E , D S? S P AY - 2 o'clock.. at :Ciurtney-a
; Hal!. Precita aye.. near"27th and Mission
sts. Ah - members urged to attend.
. .'• P- IL--FLYN.N.-2W* Virginia aye
[ an r , H I O n^na FFtF s ts ALF ? RD -
1 C °, M ,f AJ 1 1ON ? of the of Araerica-.
ReMef board at 170€ .Fillmore St.: hours
sn-?•n -?• oclc^- Donations solicited,
'-^'t* t _MRS. E. HARRIN.JTON-^
ST., PALLUP Frsuen Verein— Our r«-riW
NK?!).\r, May, 2. «t -:n p. m a t t v_
: {n'^it-:^ hOU8 °-: J;6D AH S2
I so st mrs. c." verdenhalv\.;n. s.c. -ft

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