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PERSONALS— Continued.
ING. May 3, at S o'clock, in St. Teresa's
Hall, 7£J Tennessee St., cor of 19th.
MISS E. WILLIAMS, formerly of 1414
Kush st.. located at 1519 Baker St.. near
- Sutter. 30 3l»
6CHLESWIG Holstelner Vereln will meet
first and third Thursday every month
et Macnerbund Hall. 24th st. and Po-
trwo aye.. 2 o'clock p. m. PnyEician,
Dr. J. Vcje. 7E7 14th sL 303t»
BLAVONIC Illyric M. B. Sodety-Offlcera
end Members: You are hereby notified
to attend meeting on WEDNESDAY.
May 2, at 422S Eighteenth st.. near Cas-
tro, at 1 p m sharp. By order of
Sfl :t J. B. BILAFER. Fin. Bee.
DR ALFRED EJCHLER. office Seven-
teenth. Market and Castro sts.; resi-
dence cor. 19th and Eureka sts. DR.
JULIUS C. VOGE. office Seventeenth,
Market and Castro Ets.; residence 737
Fo-irteenth st. 2S-7t»
PLUMBING, IM4 Post Ft., from 213
Fourth: stoves set up and connected:
pote. hardware, plumbing: goods for
FH'.e (mocey or no money). 1944 Post
ytr^t. 28-7t*
THAT msn Pitts. 1123 Fillmore St.. for-
merly brunch office. V~S)$ Market st. tf I
MISS ROSA PACHAY, would like to hear
from you. JOHN FRANZ, Co. D, U. S.
. Engrs. Fort Mason. 30-3t*
T. GOMMET, formerly at St George Stables,
now at 336 22d aye., near Point Lobot
avu. 30-7t l
INFORMATION i wanted of Mrs. Elizabeth i
.Kr.owlton and her daughter Ira by E. A. i
Rleucl, Naval Training Station, Goat i
Island. 30-2t*
DR. W. E. STEVENS, formerly at California i
and Hyde sts. 2007 Cough St., cor. Eddy, j
Hours, 2-4 and 7-8 p. m. 30-7t
ALL kinds of accounts checked and audited by i
BERRY & DOWNEY, 142 Noe st.. S. F.;
expert accountants. 30-3t*
\V. J. Gt_"NN, real estate, northeast corner
I^evisadero ar.d Greea sts. 4-30-tf
"Vt:stku?tf:ns . a <» ivert i sers anii sub .
pfribers, please send new- address tn 4-J5
San I'aWn aye.. Oakland. »2-3t ;
of;<ce S2O Steiner st. 2-lni
ULQtSOB iicense for t-alc. COO Broderick
si roe t. *2-7t
T. J. GTNTJEE. Projn!etcr
Standard Cigar Company,
1 It* Box 252. Oakland, j
F. W. BANKS, battle dreUfr. formerly j
"I-iTS Howard Ft., temporary 2521 215t. 1 d* \
IRVING Institute, located at 2126 Callfor-^
nia.st, is practically uninjured. The:
. faculty and rr>any scholars ready to re- |
BUtnq work, but en account of the in- :
c-sbt'.ity to obtain wattr, gra* and use of
tire at present the Fummcr vacation |
v.i'< b«?sitt now and the new term op«*n j
July :< instead of August 6, 1906 rayl tf j
C. H. GIL MAN. insurance broker, for-
merly s>£ McAllister, now 73/ Baker; I
\u25a0 patrois communicate. 1 7t* I
WM. T. OPRIEN. insurance agent. Is'
located at TC3 Andover aye. 1 7t* !
DR. O. F. WIDSTER^ELD. temporary!
f>fftce at residence. 1144 Masonic aye. :
Tol. Park 444. 1 7t»
MRS. C. O. MILLER. 1 4t*
DX. CHAHLI3 E. HART, present ad- i
dress S^7. Clayton St.. cor. Parnassus j
avenue. 1 2t*
formerly of Starr Kin;i Bldg.. is located at !
1621 Golden Gate ay. Hours. 1-4 p. m. 2 3t* j
DM- KATn C SLAUGHTER, osteopath. I
forirerly of Jas. Flood Bldg., located at ?S7 .
• ' Fulton st., rear Filisiorc. 2 3t* i
DR. ELIZABETH A. SI'EN'CER, osteopath.!
formerly of the Flood Bldg., located at BS7
Fulton "rt. rear Fil!mor«. . 2 St*
BRYANT. DR. EDGAR R., formerly Tames
Flood Bldg., at 1944 Fillmore, cr. Pine 1 lm # 1
' AMERICAN Merchants' & Forwarding C 0. ,!
please notify. Occidental Machinery & En-
gineering Co., cor. Pacific aye. and Webster
ftreet. 2 St?
FIRST-class millinery done by tie day, very
reasonably. Box 6402, Call. Oakland. 2 3t v
J. ALLEC. New Parisian Dyeinpr and
.Cleaning Works. Inc., 2164 Folsom st. —
We beg to inform our patrons that we
are reidy to resume work as soon as
the Board of Works gives us permls- j
.sion. Our Powell-st. office will be'
transferred to 2310 Flllmore St.. noarj
Clay. 1 3t» I
HINZ & CLIFF, contractors and build- !
»=rs, are now located at 2546 Howard st. I
. • Fhor.e Cfcurch'SHfTl. " • ~ SO 7t
• DR. -P. F. C. EiEHL. formerly at tha!
Ltii^a Spreckels building-, has tempxxr-
i ary effica at his residence, 2143 Stuart
st., Ferkeley. Cal. 1 7t»
DR. WILLIAM F. BARBAT of 1510 Fol-
90m st. Is now at 2305 Howerd St., near
Nineteenth. 1 3t»
merly of 21 Powell St., now at 201
Haight et. llmo
DB. S. I. HARRISON, office and resi-
dence. 30?B California st; hour* 1 to 3
p m. TeL West 417. IS*
INFORMATION— Thomas and Mary How-
.ard, formerly residing at 6 Antonio St., ad-
dress HOWARD, care William Wellington,
Sunset Teleohor.e Co,, Oakland. 30-3t
GEO. H. YOUNG,"" Inc. formerly 117 I
Bush St.; temporary office 2549 Green et. ;
warehouse. 536 Fell st. *25-7t I
M. KITZMULLER is now located at tempo-!
rary offices 2107 Pine st. . 30-3t*
STEWART BROS., Bros., grocers, still doing
business, 1607 Fillmore st, S. F. ; new stock
srrivir.a:. *23-7t
TEMPORARY offices McWilliams & Healy.
Inc. 3T60 Sacramento st.. S. F. 2S-7t
" DR. CHARLES V. CKOSS. office «nd resi-
dence at First Free Difoensary, 2D07 De-
visadero St., near Ca'ifcwnia; hours, 2 to
* af.d 7 to 8. 2S-7t
DR. F.RNESTE JOHANSEN, formerly of
Starr Kin^ bldg., can be found st his resi-
dence, 1809 Oak «t. 2S-7t
VAN DF.R NAILLEVS School of Engineer-!
ir.%, having saved much apparatus, is now
ready to resume business at Telegraph aye.
and 5 1st st-, Oakland; students will please
report at once. 6t
PR. LILLIE BOLDEMAN, office at resi- j
de-ice, 2624 Sutter St.; hemrs, 2-4 p. m.*2S-7t
H. P. PETERSEN, undertaker, temporarily
•located 962 Haves st. v *2S-rt
T)K, C. RENZ, formerly 966 Sutter, located
temporarily at £24 Grove st. 26-lmo
O. SCJEttIIiJT. expert machinitt, 1225 O'Far- I
re.l st.. formerly =16 Bush. # 26-7t
\u25a0EIV.O.N- GREEN COMPANY, temporary of-
Bcea 1251 Masonic sve., San Francisco. *26-7 '
• ter st. - 26-7t .
NOTARY PUBLIC— A. J. Henry, notary
pub'iic, 1901 Post St., cor. Fillmore, over Call
cEce. *26-7t
DR. GEORGE ADAM, office 2913 Fillmore
' et. *26-7t
KAV.L EBER & CO., temporary office 425
' Canro st. # 25-7t ,
CHAS. M. ROUSSEAU & SON. architects;
• of:>-i 1903 Webster st. # 25-7t
DR. C 1L WHITMAN, office 1007 Fillmore
et.. cor. McAllister. *25-7t
TEMPORARY office of J. Bauiagarten &
Co. now at 1430 Geary st, nr. Laguna.*2S-7t
VILLIAXI CLUFF CO., wholesale grocers,
are doLig business at 958 Franklin it., Oak-
••• -lai'i; goods errivinc Wtily. 25-7t
WILLIAM J. HERRIN. attorney, Crossley
. t>ldK., has eiublished his law offices tem-
porarily at his residence, 1493 Masonic tvtj:
inrmee collected. 25-tf
' C/- ;'-. : vir.L Printing Co.. "print anything,"
located at lOli Clay St., Oaklaad; phone
Oakiand £89. 25^7t
C I* TILDEN and J. A. Marsh,, attorneyi at.
law. Crocker bldg.. now at 1013 CL7y St.,
Oakland: phone Oakland 689. 25-7t
DR. Marion Thraaher, now at BSI Fulton
et.. near Flllmore. Tel. Page 53. 7t
D. FRANKLIN OLIVER ha» formed a co-
partnership with Edward T. Foulke*. offices
Syndicate Bide., Oakland. 26-6t
PLANTATION COS. located «t First Na- I
tional B*nk Bldg., Berkeley. *26-7t
DR KOBERT D. COHN, eye, ear, nose,
trrcat; of?.ce and residence 1404 Sutter.
Hours, 2 to 4. # 26-6t
chronometer*, nautical instruments, etc, has
consignemem* due from now on to 20 days;
temporary office 464 Page st-, S. F. 2S-7t
PR. A. E. BRUNE has office and resid<Ttce
• Dr! BARRETT, ofßce and
residence 1051 Cole it. , *26-7t
DR. I'HILIP A. BILL *z* opened offices at
2:33 Filbert St., cor. Steiner; office hours,
1.30 to 4,30 p. m. *2S-7t.
DR. E. G. FRISBIE will open office at 2501
California *t-, corner Steiner; residence, 1759
• f o^ 26-7t
. DR. E. L. WEMPLE c*n be found at The
Cl=ra Barton, 1603 Scott st.
URSITLIXE Ollege of Santa Rosa an-
• noiineew its building intact and perfectly
safe: studies have been resumed. 29 7t
THE M^Nutt Hospital It now located at
ZiH Pacific aye.; San Francisco. 29 tf
TKVSO. TREYETt, the wig maker of 331
Seamy St.. can be found at his rest-
ore *i£2 s?d. bet. Grove end Gence.29 6»
Bt law. temporarily located at 903
Point Bt .San F*rancisco. 23 it*
DX. JOHN R. McMURDO, temporary of-
fic««. 2026 Steiner et.. near Pine; hours,
t to & 29 7t* i
of England, Indemnity Fire Int. Co. of N.
Y. JOHN D. RICHARDS, S. F. Agt, 1912
Fillmore st. . 26-7t
R. MAGNES SHOE CO., of 33 Second St., is
now at 1628 HaJq:ht »t. 26-7t
GEp. \V. WERiJN, broker— Will Steve Cas-
smelh and Mike Zobler call at room 110, Ba-
con block, Oakland, on Friday, April 27.
1906? *36-7t
Oakland, Room 71, Macdonoujh Bldg. ;
Saa Francisco, corner Golden Gate aye. and
Post st. J. J. CALLUNDAN, supt. Watch-
men furnished. 26-7t
C S. CAPP & CO., real estate, office at 623
Baker st., near McAllister st. 26-lmo
OUR business will continue as always, ship-
ping goods direct from our New York
house. Prompt deliveries assured. Tempo-
rary office, 3600 Clay st., San Francisco.
HENRY STEIL CO., artistic tailors' im-
porters, formerly of the Shreve build-
ing, row at 726 Flllmore St., corner
Grove. • 28-7t
will continue business at their old stand, til
W. cor. 10th and Mission sts., San Fran
cisco; arc now ready for all bids of wreck-
ing. K. T. Norton, secretary, can be found
at 2125 O'Farrell 8L Branch office, 266 E.
12th St., cor. Sth aye., East Oakland. M. J.
McBRIDE, manaeer. 26-tf
| BAKEWiXL & BROWN, architects, form-
erly of 731 Sutter St., have established their
offices at 546 14th st., Oakland. 26-tf
j DRS. Frank T. and L. A. Lamb are now
I nicely located and ready to meet their
patients at 1564 Bush st. 7t
Prompt antl reliable information given
concerning all kinds of Insurance on ac-
count of loss of life or property by fire,
accident or otherwise In San Francisco
or els*wber«\ and all claims of . every
nature promptly adjusted without trou-
ble to the claimant. Write or "call on
George \Y. I^angan or Asa V. Menffen-
hail. attys-at-law. 202-203 Bacon blk.,
Oakland. CaL 27-7t
: CALIFORNIA Glue Works, office 1235
Potrero aye., S. F. 28-7t°
OUTSIDERS can have town affairs of
any description faithfully attended to t
by addressing The San Francisco Ser-
; vice Co., Seventh st_. San Francisco.
j LACROIX & ALKALAY, office 36 Hart-
ford et. 29 7t*
j MISS M. B. QUIGG. dressmaker, is now
i doing burners at 619 Fillmore Ft. 29 7t*
| S. V. COSTEfcLO end Frank A.'Costello
have resumed the practice of law at
1027 Ellis st. 29 3t*
ST. WINIFRED'S Hospital, E>r. Wlnslow
i Anderson, located 1914 Pacific aye.23 7t»
i SliO STOCK stationery, office supplies and
j gen<iral stationery: cheap. M. C. BLAKE,
I 110S Valencia st. 29 3t*
I ICAUFMAKN. LEO, attorney at law, ICUB
I Golden Gate aye. 29 7t*
! DR. W. F. CRAWFORD, formerly in the
Examiner bldg, can be seen at 112
Scott st. 29 7t*
' MILWAUKEE Furniture Co., temporary
j office at 1455 McAllister st. 29 Steod
' H. W. FRANK &. CO., temprorary office
at HSS McAllister st. 29 3teod
i LEGER & CO., tailors, moved to 3545
j Army St.. bet. 26th and 27th, Dolores
! and Church. 29 7t*
! DR. WINTERBERG can be found at
j IEI3 Laguna st. . 29 7t*
I DR J. W. LEVY, surg«on, chiropodist
j 9C.) Eddy st., formerly of Jcjnes Flood
j building-. 29"Ht»
! DR. T. E. BAILLY. 1917 Fillmore St.. of-
: fice hours. 2to4p. m. 29 7t*
MISSION Improvement Co.<-Old houses
bought, lots cleaned and made ready for
j building:; damaged buildings repaired.
Office 1333 McAllister st. 29 7t*
F. G. BAIRD, D. D. S., 2241 Post St., near
Devisadero. . 28 7t*
RETAIL shoe dealers of Saa Francisco — E. T.
Wright & Co. of Rockland, Mass., manu-
facturers of the "Just Wright" shoe, desire
to aid customers who suffered from the fire.
Communicate at once with C I. Wright,
2311 Durant aye.. Berkeley. 28 7t
i PURCELL ROWE has opened his law office
temporarily »t his residence, 816 Clayton
st, Ashbury Heights, San Francisco. 23 7t
; General Contractors.
as before; fullr equipped with teams ana ap-
; purtenances. Employees report immediately.
1607 Market st, cor 12th. 4-30-lm
HINZ & CLIFF, contractors and builders, are
now located at 855 Capp 6t Phone Church
3071. i 30-7t
MACHINISTS and engineers, gear cutting,
laundry machinery; repairs. CaL Gear
Works, 2130 Folsom st. 30-4t
W. G. GUNN, real estate; northeast corner
Devisadero and Green sts. 4-30-tf
A — San Francisco locater, 2206 Grove, between
Schrader and Stanyan, locates relatives,
friends, professional and business concerns ;
will be ready for business this week. Ad-
dress all quiries to AVERY & CO., com-
pilers, 2206 Grove st. S. F. 30-7t #
STATIONARY and Portable En,gineers' head-
quarters, 1133 Pierce. Competent mechanics
supplied for all classes of work. 30-3*t*
W. J. CUTHBERTSON, architect, 2565 Mar-
ket st, bet. 15th and 16th sts. 30-7t*
THE Misses Wickes have removed their studio
to 519 Webster st., near Hayes, where they
will be pleased to hear of the safety and
whereabouts of their friends and pupils.3o-3t
I HOUSE-WRECKERS wanted— Remova row
of buildings. See THEO. W. LENZEN,
architect, 2045 Green st, 2to4p. m. 30-3t
RESOLUTION No. 12 (New Series). *
Resolved, That all persons having in
their possession horses and buggies or
vehicles of any description not belons-
1 ins to them must deliver the same
within forty-eigrht (4S) hours from this
notlco to the Woodlawn Stables, WM. J.
Gallag-her proprietor, situate on Grova
St.. bet. Lacuna and Buchanan, In this
city and county; otherwise they •will be
prosecuted under the laws governing
the matter.
I In Board of Supervisors, Pan Fran-
cisco. April 30. ISO 6. Adopted by the fol-
| hvwln? vote:
I Ayes — Supervisors Boxton, Coffey.
• Coleinan. Davis. Duffy. Furey, Gallagher,
j Harridan, Keily. Lonersyan. Mamlock,
McTSushln. Nicholas. Phillips, Rea,
Wahh, Wilson.
Absent — Supervisor Sanderson.
GEO. B. KEANE. Clerk.
Approved, San Francisco, April 30, 1903.
Mayor and ex-Offlcio President of tho
P-oard of Supervisors 12t
•WINSHIP— In this city, April 22, 1905, to
the wife of Frank B. Wlnsliip, a son.
RAPP -On April 30, 1908. to the wife of
Jchn G. Rapp, a 1a 1 daughter. .: :>: >
city. April 30, 1906, Theodor Schoenlng
of Berlin. Ormany, and Anna Schoen-
ing of San Francisco.
April 28. 1906. Jby the Rev. F. W.
Fischer, Louis Gorlier <md Josephin*
M. BriFsinser. both of San Francisco.
CURLET— In thin city, April 30. 1808.
John, dearly beloved husband of Cath-
erine Curley, father of John F, and
' Edwin T. Curley and Mrs. James
The funeral will take place Wednes-
day morning at 9 o'clock from Sacred
Heart Church, where a solemn requiem
mass will be celebrated for the repose
of his soul. Interment private. . 1 2t
TOMEI— In this city. April 30. 19C6, Dorn-
enick, dearly .beloved husband of
Louisa Tomel, beloved eon of Giovan-
ni end Glusepplna Tomel, loving broth-
er oT Antoinette and Emma Tomel and
Mrs. Joseph M. Pelrano, and son-in-
law of Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Bacl-
gTLiupi. a nativo of Capri, Italy, ag«d
24 years 5 , months and , 13 days.
Friends and acquaintances are r«-
. apectfully notified that the funeral
takes place on Wednesday, May 2, at
2 p. m. sharp, "fro-m 11H-Mlle House,
San- Jose road, near "Baden, Mr.
Schenone's ranch. Interment Italian
Cemetery. N. B.— The deceased re-
eldad at 2119 Jones st.. S. F. 1 2t*
VEUVE — At the Ingieside Club house,
April 30, 1906, H. Harry. Veuve, be-
loved . husband of - Emma Veuvo, and!
brother of Willtam P. Veuve ot San \
Jose. Cal., and . Mrs. • Mary C. Hoffman i
of s*an Francisco. |
Funeral Wednesday at 10 o'clock'
from the residence of Mr.; William P. j
Veuve, 314 North First street, San Jose,
Cal. Interment in the \u25a0 Catholic Ceme-
tery at Santa Clara, Cal. , 12t •
\u25a0WEST— At MMbrae. Cal.. April 30, 190*.
Henry West of 470 O**ary St., husband
of Elisabeth West md .*^Cbor "Heary,
P., Robert; William, George, Mrs. A.
Norton, Mrs. G. Mlghells, Mrs. H. Jones
and Charles West; a native of England,
aged 80 years. \u25a0 -? : t
Funeral ' will take place ' ftt ; Mlllbrae
from tha residence of his son, Charles
West. It*
ZARO— In Napa, Oal.", April 30.1906. Ze-
llnda N. Zaro, beloved wife of tho lato
Pietro ZaTO. and - stepmother of John,
Louis and Mary \u25a0 Zaro, a native of San
Casslano, Luocjl, Italy, aged 56 years
4 months and 25 days. (Oakland pa-
pers - plwise copy.) : . •
, Friends and acquaintances are re-
BpectTully lnvJted to attend tho funeral,
Thursday, May 3, at 10:30 a. m., from
the Colombo Hotel, Napa, tbencft to
St. John the Baptist : Church ,of Napa,
where a requiem mass will ;be cele-
brated for the repose of. her; soul. In-
terment Tuloaay Cemetery. ' . 2-2t*
CUNNINGHAM— In this city, April 19,.
1900. John, beloved husband of. the late
Hannah Cunningham, loving father : of
John Cunningham, son of the lato
John and Margaret Cunning-ham, and
loving brother of Davi4.J<ames and
Andrew Cunningham, Mrs. Lizzie Ellis
ard the late Mrs. J. H. Spark, a na-
tive of- Ayrshire, Scotland, aged 42
years 1 month and 27 AsCya. •-•
The funeral will take place today
(Wednesday),, at 12 m., at the parlors
of the Western Addition Funeral Di-
rectors. 1725 Devisadero st. Interment
at Holy Cross Cemetery. It*
FRLNCH— In Oakland, April 80, 1906. Mrs
Lucia W. French, beloved mother of
Gecxrga W. ¥Vencih of Sen. Frandscov
aped 81 years, 17 days. " . :
The funeral will take plaxse Wednes-
day at 1 p. m., from the undertaking
parlors of James Taylor, 1211 day st,
Oakland. Boston papers please copy.lt*
DIJNKHORST-In this city, April SO.
1903, Henry L. Dunkhocst,' beloved hus-
band of Matilda Dunhorst, a native of
Hamburg-, Germany, aged 47 .yeara, 9
months, 20 days.
Friends and acquaintances are re-
spectfully Invited to attend the funeral
today (Wednesday) at 2:30 o'clock p.m.,
at the chs«pel of the Odd Fellows' Cre-
matory. Remains at the funemal parlors
of the Western Addition Funeral Direc-
tors, 1724 Devisadero st. „ . 2-2t
FLOWER— In this city, May 1, 1905,
Charles H. Flower, dearly beloved hus-
! band of Catherine Flower and baloved
i father of James, Katie and Henry
i Flower. Mrs. i£ary McPeak and the late
Sarah Roach, a. native of Bristol, Eng-
land, aged 77 years, 10 months, 9 days.
REANEY— In Oakland^ CaL, May t 1608.
William, beloved husband of Catherine
Reanfrv and loving father of Mrs. J. F.
McAullffe, Mrs. M. J. Collins, Mrs. R.
F. Gilroy and Joseph ejid Laura Rea-
ney, a native of Ireland, aged 73 years,
11 months, 19 days. . -
KYDP— In Oakland, Oal- May 1. 1908.
Charles, dearly bejoved husband of
Rosa M. Kydd, father of PauQ M Kydd,
son of James and Annie Kydd of For-
far, Scotland, and brother-in-law of
Mrs. L. B. S. Drew. Louis A. Salzer
and Mrs. Etta Voorhees, a native of
Scotland, agrod 43 years, 8 months, 13
rt-jys. '\u25a0 •
KKNDAL— In Oakland. Cal.. April SO.
1900, Clinton Kendall, beloved -brother of
Mrs. Dr. F. B. Wilklns of Chicago,
Mrs. A. E. Small, Isabella and Nellie
E. Kendall and the late William H.
Kendall, a native of New York, aged 90
years, 1 month..
JONRS— In Oakand, Cal., April 80, 1905,
William, beloved husband of Catherine
' Jones, a native of Wales, aged 61 years,
10 months.
LEVIN— In Oaklindv Cal, April 30, 1908,
Abraham . Levin, a native of Russia,
aeed 32 years, 7 months.
Friends and aoQuaintances are re-
spectfully invited to attend funeral
services Thursday morning. May 8,
at 10*30 o'clock, from the parlors of the
Albert Brown Co., 572 Thirteenth st.,
Oakland. Interment private. 3-2t
BOCHER— In Oakland, Oal., May 1. 1808.
Louis •Bocher, a nativo of Germany,
acred 68 years.
DALL— In this city, April 29. 1906, to the
wife of George A. Doll, a son.
HORN— In tho City and County Hos-
pital. April 30, 1903,- Gertrude Horn,
aped 2 years.
PLYMPTON-— ln the City and County
Hospital/ Mfejy v 1, 1906, Leon Plymjyton,
aged 3 years.
WINSHIP— In this city, April SO, 1308,
infant son of Frank B. and Clara M.
] Wlnship. . , ,
'BERKELEY, May l.— Gertrude Ath
erton, the California authoress, who
has made her home- In Berkeley for
several months. Is; in receipt of a.tele
graphlc order from Harper's Magazine
to an article dealing with the pictur
esque features of, the fire and earth
quake. She had ample opportunity . to
glean impressions that would serve as
material for such an article,. as it was
her lot to be ono of that host of indi
viduals on this side of the bay that
sought entry into San Francisco dur
ing the first day of the fire. She skirt
ed the water front in a launch, trying
to land, incidentally getting a magnifi
cent view of the flames from the bay.
Mrs. Atiherton's clothing:, books and
many of her most /valuable personal
effects were stored in the basement of
the Occidental Hotel. It was to rescue
these belongings that she hurried from
Berkeley to San Francisco an- hour af
ter the earthquake. She was particu
larly concerned about the ; fate of the
manuscript for her new- novel, which
was in a trunk at the Occidental HoteL
About 40,000 words." of the book had
been written, and the thought of los
ing that which had cost her much time
and mental effort nerved the authoress
to strenuous endeavors , to. ' enter Ban
Francisco. She paid $50 for passage in
a launch across the ; bay and finally
succeeded in saving, her; book.
Mrs. Atherton's \u25a0 conclusion with re
gard to the earthquake is that of a
philosopher. She believes earthquakes
are profoundly interesting, though she
has "no morbid love' for' them.", ; In her
opinion the big quake "brought out the
best in everybody who was going along
in a' rut, and created la* new set of
capable pioneers." Incidentally,; she
fancies that it "Improved almost every
body's health.". > /
"And finally." declares the authoress,
"I don't believe that 'there is a blase
person In the State. Credit that to* the
earthquake. The catastrophe, too, will
be a great factor in ;the •future great
ness of San Francisco, just as the fires
of London were in the) making', 'of that
city a world metropolis." '":
Church ; a": Haven if or J the Needy.
The Hamilton-square Baptist Church
has been open day and night since the
flr'e. Scores ' have > been* given/ lodging
and hundreds f supplied ? ; . with ;>" meals;
Supplies i have; been f distributed . to: the
needy and : many.; have been assisted to
places of \u25a0\u25a0;. permanent^ shelter.^Hun
dreds of garments have been given; out
and many: ; pairs * of ; shoes': have ' re-\
placjed -worn-out = footwear.'s Old C cloth
ing of 'any : description^ will * be^ gladly
received at; the church' and distributed
as need may appear, . '
Seek News of Relatives and
Friend^ in Gity. ./-.
The Oceanic Steamship Company's
steamship Ventura arrived In port -at
1:27 o'clock yesterday morning; from
Sydney and Honolulu and, came -to
anchor in the etream oft Lombard
street; The majority of the passen- j
gers 'were 'simply frantic to get on
chore to learn . the , whereabouts ... of
their relatives and friends In the city,
no news of whose doings had reached
them during the vessel's brief stay,
at Honolulu. The steamship com
pany had anticipated this and had sent
out the tug Defiance' to bring the pas
sengers ashore as soon as the quar
antine had been passed. - ; \u25a0. , —
A large crowd v had gathered on the
dock and when those from the Ven-.
tura were landed there was a scene of
great excitement on the wharf. Tears,
laughter and Joy were all Intermingled
in the meeting. Among the \passen
gers were Alexander Young, owner of
the Alexander Young Hotel at Honolulu,
and his wife; W. A. Bryan, who came
to represent the Honolulu relief com
mittee, to help out any Hawalians who
may be in distress here, and W. Eae,
the owner of the Majestic Theater
property- here. : Ede, accompanled^by
his wife and mother, Mrs. Catherine
Ede| had been making a.tour of Aus
tralia. - ..
The Ventura brought 131 first cabin
passengers. -63 second cabin and^To
steerage and 1456 tons of freight. Her
time was as follows: From. Sydney. 2
days 5 hours 12 minutes ; from Auck
land, 18 days 3 tfours 17 minutes; from
Pago-Pago, 13 days 6 hours 34 min
utes,and Honolulu. 6 days 2 hours 12
minutes. / She will come to her dock,
pier. 7, at noon today.
Captain H. M. Hayward reports a
pleasant trip all the way across, so far
as the weather was concerned, but
the trip up from Honolulu was a sad
and quiet one, so far as any festivities
on board the ship were concerned.
Every one on board was thinking and
talking of the \ great calamity here.
The Ventura brought the following
first-class cabin passengers :
From Sydney— S. Earelscllfte, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Ede. Mrs. C. Ede, M. S»
Cooper. Mrs. C. Betheras,:Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Rouse, E. Rich, Mr. and ' Mrs. A.
Forbes, Miss Forbes,* Miss Kennedy,
Rev. H. B. Hltchlngs, Rev.; Father M.
Curren, J. N. Taylor, O. R. McLeod,
Mrs. B. Forbes, Miss F. Forbes, L.
McCurdy, A. Vollmer, Mrs. E. R.
Mitchell, Miss E. Mitchell, Mrs.
C. Mouton, Miss M. Llta, W. E.
Trent, Mrs. C. L. Kendall,
MissTyfeirPhinips.'dr.rJ. W- Homer,
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Virgil. Mrs. A. S.
Willaher,, Miss 8. Owen, ; Mrs. Albert
Qrau, J. OUes, J. Blckel, Miss YEV E -
Bickel, J. Ehrhorn, Mrs. O; B. Hopper*
Sr., Ow B. Hoppef Jr., Master Hopper,
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Ryan, E. Yenchen,
Miss I* Cross, Mlis Y. Wlllsher. ; .
From Auckland— J. I* Gardiner, Mrs.
E. A. Forbes, Rev. James Maudy, Mr.
and Ms. T. O.r Prloe, Mrs. S. x Stowe.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. PharaKyn,
Hotchle,- H. P.p Norton, Miss X Mc-
Cullough, B. T. Meers, "W. A. Boucher,
W. J. McCarroll, Mrs. F. Pharazyn,
C. de Taschemaker, C. H. Longmore,
James Moore- ; ; . }
From, Pago-Pago— Lieutenant G. It.
P. Stone, wife and infant, Master I*
P. Stone.
From" Honoluh>— Mr. and MrB.;Mar
quardt, George W. Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Young, Miss E. Loeb
ensteln; i E. O. | White, lieutenant J. S.
Young Jr., J. E. Jaeger, . J. L. Robin
son, R. A. McWayne, W. C. McGonagle,
Miss S. A. Lange, H. Moff ett, W. T.
Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Bartley, Mr.
and Mrs. F. H. Cromble, ' : Mr. and
Mrs. . H. K. Brown, Mrs. J. "W. Lalng,
U. a. Woods, 8.,8. Millar^ H. T. Cook,
Mrs. A. M. McAshley, S. Pontaul Jr.,
J. Andrade, W. A. Bryan, D. Crowley,
Mr. and Mrs. \S. L. Gray, Mrs. B: W.
Waddell, . Mrs.- \u25a0 EL ; Swank, Miss , I»v
Swa nk, " Mrs. M. A- Salisbury, A. G.
Thrift, T. H. Petrle, C. Wotsler, C.
P. Haseltine, Miss Hazeltlne, J. Perm,
F. M._ Poppe and \u25a0 son, Mr. • and ; Mrs. E.
A. Brack and, son,', Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Harlow, " Mrs. W." W. Hall, Dr. and
Mrs. Mourita, Mr. and Mrs.' W. . J.
Kline, D. M. Ross, Miss E. J. McLean,
A, McAshley, Dr. Putnam, Mrs. ; : G. C.
Walker, Mrs./ C. : Dulsenberg, ; Miss
Flood, Mrs. S. Tanaka.
Th« Japanese [ liner Nippon Maru ar
rived on Monday- evening ;; from the
Orient. ' She docked y^eterday at Oak- r
land Long rWharf, where -. her . passen
gers were landed and where she Is dls
chargtag her cargo. She will be moved
today ' to the ] Pacific *uall * wharf Y and
will sad again for Japan Mayi 10.';.
\u25a0The Nippon's passengers^ Included a'
iramW. of English tourists, whose
protests against the delay In, landing
were loader than any wall so far made
by,'. those {who '-3 lost -\u25a0 everythingr : ; In' the
recent . ;? visitation. The , earthquake,:
however, did ; not know that they -were
coming. ; Perhaps ' It did Tnot '\u25a0: care. ( ,
: Nippon Maru brought \u25a0 22173 tons
of freight; which Included 1290 bales, of
raw silk,' B2os [packages of rice and 850
tons of cy^erMnd freight.:: She; had 76
cabin ': passengers, S6 steerage,'-- 10* ChK
nese and 84 Japanese. Z\
-The work of : tearing 'down the
wrecked portion of the V shed on T Mis
sion dock \ Nojj 1 ; was : beingf . prosecuted
rapidly yesterday and by ./tonight : all
the" damaged : part will ; have f been'
dumped Into the bay.
The Paclflo]; Man ; steamship Mon
golia'% sailed : late | yesterday - afternoon'
for "... TokohaiM^lreeL'' i ;yshe^oaiTled B0
first-class ''passengers' and ? SOOO/tons of
freight. ' -' --~ r i: *
-. BRISK. IS .RAISED. i-; ; :
I, Henry Peterson's launch' Brisk, which
was : sunk on Sunday by the river
steamer Sunol, was raised yesterday
morning |byj T. P. H. .Whitelaw and
appears to have suffered but slight In
John H. Ford, the well-known gate
keeper at the Paclflo Mail dock,
i& suffering 1 from an attack of blood
poisoning in \ his left hand.
The steamers of the Paclflo Coast
Steamship \u25a0 Company running from
this port to the sound will be dis
patched every seven days from now on
until 5 further, notice. \u25a0 "
The , Pacific Coast Steamship Com
pany'g steamer ; Cuiacao; sailing- from \u25a0
here for Mexican ports on the 7th. will
call at San Pedro if inducenients offer.
S Jap stmr Nippon Maru, ; Greene, 11
Jays 12 hours- and 39 minutes from
Hongkong, via Yokohama* 15 days 18
hours and 48 minutes, via Honolulu
8 days 3 hour* and 27 minutes.
£ Schr Golden Shore. Rasmussen. 13
days from | Port Ludlow. -
Schr Sophie Chrtstenson, Luncalt, * 9
days from Grays Harbor.
Stmr Ventura, Haywards, 82 days
5 hours and "12 minutes, from Sydney
via Honolulu 6 days 2 hours and 12
minutes. •; v';
Stmr Albion, Hansen, Eureka.
Stmr Scotia, Johnson, Bowens
' Stmr Aurelia, Erlckaon. Portland. -
Stmr Sea Foam. Miller, Mendoclno.
Stmr Greenwood, Adler, Point
Stmr Coaster, Higglns, Grays Har
Stmr Redondo,' Ahiln, Portland;
Br stmr Amur, Hughes, Victoria;
MM" Stern.
Stmr Mongolia, Porter, Yokohama
and Hongkong;' Pacific Mail S S Co.
j Stmr Queen, Cousins, Victoria, etc.;
Pacific Coast S S Co.
Stmr Czarina, , Duggan, Portland ; J
D Spreckels &>Bros Co.
POINT LOBOS, 12. , m— Weather
cloudy; sea smooth; . wind west, ve
locity 8 miles per hour.
12 m— Schr Abbie, sohr Esther
Buhne, power schr Chetcc^ Br stmr
Hazel Dollar.
—' HTLO— Sailed April - 15-^Stmr- Ha
waiian, for ; New York. /
KAHULUl— Arrived April 22— Stmr
Nebraskan, from Honolulu. t April 15
—Schr S T| Alexander, from Tacoma.
Sailed April . 21— Schr Kineo, for
New York; bark Foohng Suey, for
New York.
MAHUKONA— Arrived April 1»—
Schr Minnie A Came, from San Pe
dro. " ' \u25a0 ( "".' : i .'\u25a0 >\u25a0 '; ..;". \u25a0;
KAANAPAU— SaiIed . April \ 14—
Bark Kaiulani, for San \u25a0 Franolsca
LAHAIN A — Sailed - April 18-^Shlp
Elwell, for Honolulu. •
. MAKAWELJ— Arrived April 22 —
Bark W B t Flint, from Honolulu.
Sailed, April 14— Ship Emily F Whit
ney, for San Francisco.
HANA^T-Arrlved prior April 22 —
Schr O M Kellogg, from ; San Fran
ciaco, .\u25a0:. . .. ; \u25a0 . . -- .: : - \. . ..."
\ HONOLULU— Arrived Apr 15 — Ital
bark Caterlna Accaxne, from Ham
burg.. April IS-^-Ship" Dlrlgo, from
Philadelphia. April 237-Stmr, Ore
gonian, from - Seattle. April ; 80 — Br
stmr Maheno, from Brisbane.
Sailed May I— Br stmr MnhaTV^ for
Vancouv%r; Br stmr Dorio, at 9 a m,
for San Francißca
SEATTLE— SaiIed April 80— Stmr
Minnesota, for Yokohama. 1 '
Arrived April 80— Stmr Umatilla,
from San \ Franclsoo, vlu' Victoria.
; SOUTH BEND---Salled AprU 28—
Bktn 'Echo, \u25a0 f ori San Franclsoo.
CARMANTAH— Passed April 80, 9 a
m — Stmr Lyra, from Yokohama, for
Seattle.;/ -pi -'-\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0. \u25a0 :'--": '--" -... \ -',
SAN PEDRO— Sailed April J9— Btmr
Aberdeen, \u25a0 for San \u25a0 Franclsoo; • stmr
Harold Dollar, for . San Francisco;
stmr Coronado, for San - Francisco;
stmr. Nome City, for San Francisco.
Arrived April 29— Stmr : Lakmo,
from Eureka; Btmr Brooklyn, from
: Mendoclno; stmr National \ City, ; from
\ Fort : Bragg; stmr Cella, from Albion.
PORT GAMBLB--SaUedf April 80—
Schr for/ San-? Franclsoo. : ;\ i
: ABERDEEN— Arrtved April . . 80^'
Stmr ' San Pedro, from San \u25a0 Frandsoo;
stmr Centralla, :\u25a0; from \u25a0' San V Francisco;
stmr Santa Manlcaj \u25a0tmrs Grace Dol-
S lar and \u25a0 Bee, • from San Francisco; ; schr
I Philippine, from Redondo; t schr \u25a0".^^ Wat
'§6avJL:\'Wwt^\ttom'fßiai Pedro'tj.'BOhr*
j Chaa R.. Wilson and .Henry WUson.
from;? San Francisoo; sbhr Espada,
i from San : Pedro; ', sohr Melroee, '. from
I San Pedro; ;bktn; John C :Mey«r, ; from
' San Pedro; : bktn Kohala, from San
iFranclaca;:'-^ '/ "'-.-,. \u25a0;.: \u25a0\u25a0; -.. J "
| ; PORT" LOS ANGELES— Arrtved
I April . 80--^tmr .yajiguard, ; from " Eu
: reka, ; and J sailed for ,'•- San" Franclsoo. . :
: T SAN '.PEDRO— -Arrived .April
Schr W^lnslow, from Everett. :
-: Sailed -April :80— eohr^i Botano^ for
Grays. : Harbor; i «tmr lairna, for San
Prancisoo."'- \u25a0:'\u25a0&; \u25a0:.\u25a0' '.'.\u25a0 - v -> • V
-BELIjINGSAM--AiTived April- 80-r;
Sohr A'i M Baxter, from San ; Francisco.
EmiEKAPpSalled April 30— Schr
Corinthian; for 1* San f Francisco; sohr i
Bertie iMlnor,\ for ' Honolulu; stmr Al
liance, for Portland, ; Or. ; j
r^ArrlvedirApril SO— Stmr Pasadena, j
fromi San Francisco. " .
ASTORIA--Arrived . May I— Stmr
Costa, ? from San Francisco; stmr
Fraricis H. f Leggett, ; from " Ban Fran
cisco r stmr; Argyll, * from ) Port Hart ord.
VIOTORIA^SaiIed; April' ; 30-^Br
stmr Emorcsa of China, for China and
Japan -\\
4 . WASHCTOTON, Ma 7 i.-Ia coajuae-
Uon with the- President, the Secretary
of War, the Secretary of the Navy and
all the chiefs of the important bureaus
of the several departments of the gov
ernment, Senators . Perkins and Flint
have worked 'day and night since the
disaster at San Francisco in prosecuting
the work of relief for the stricken city.
Senators Perinka and Flint decided
on tha day of the catastrophe that their
duty was to remain here and assist the
government, and their knowledge of
Local conditions has been invaluable.
-The ; Presideiit and cabinet officers have
consulted the senators on- every point
and have been able to make their work
effective on account of the accurate
knowledge of the senators. Representa-'
t? a , WW v Knowl4ad ' NMd H and
Oillett also have been influential in di
recting the relief work to the best ends
The California- delegation has ob
tained the. assurance from the Secre-
T?i° f «J he TreM » I 7 tl«* «ne employees
of the San Francisco custom house will
be kept on the pay roll until ; business
Is normaL , These employees will be
used wherever available, under direc
tion of Collector Stratton, and in any
event will not be deprived of their sal
aries. ' The same arrangement has been
made regarding employees of the Mint.
Senator : Perkins interviewed First
Assistant Postmaster-General Hitchcock
in_ regard to about 200 letter carriers
whose routes were , destroyed. These
men were to have been discharged for
lack of work. Perkins obtained a prom
ise from the First Assistant that they
would be kept on • the pay-roll and set
at work making new routes,. or trans
ferred to Oakland for the tinse being.
In a conference between Secretary
of the Interior Hitchcock and Senator
Perkins, the Secretary offered to pro
vide quarters and care for 200 or 300
insane patients; from .California at St.
Elizabeth's, in this city. Inquiries were
sent to Agnews and elsewhere, and it
was learned that there would be no
necessity for calling upon the generos
ity of the government in this regard.
Surgeon-General Wyman of the Pub
lic Health and Marine Hospital Service
notified the California senators immed
iately after the catastrophe that he
would send officers from here and also
from the Pacific States to San Francisco
to assist in relief work. ; .
Both senators called on Secretary
Bonaparte and at their request a dis
patch was sent to Admiral McCalla at
Mare Island, directing him to send all
available tugs to San Francisco, as well
as medical supplies, bandages, etc Sur
geon-General O'Reilly, of the army,
sent similar _instrnctions to offlcers at
various army posts in the far west.
As soon as .the President 's message
was received in Congress, recommending
an appropriation of $300,000 for the em
ployment |of additional mechanics at
Mare Island navy yard, bills to carry
this plan into effect were introduced by
Senator Flint and Representative
Knowland, and the senate passed the
measure without objection. This amount
is additional to the appropriation reg
ularly provided for employees at Mare
Island yard and becomes immediately
OTJW TORK, May I.— Rear Admiral
Browtxson, commanding the United
States cruiser division of the North At
lantio squadron, which is in North
River, gave a dinner aboard his flag
ship, the West Virginia, last nl*ht to
.Rear Admiral Campion <of the French
navy, who la here with the . tilree
French cruisers which took part In the
Paul \u25a0 Jones ceremonies. Those at tha
dlnnor were the French admiral and
bis staff and the captains of ; the three
French cruisers, Ai miral Brownoton
and his staff; General Horace Porter,
former Ambassador to France; 1L Al
cide Bbray, the ; French Consul Gener
al; General Fred D. Grant and Rear
Admiral : Cognlan. Mayor MoQellaa
w»» unable to be present.
;• The dinner/ was : set - on : the qnarter-.
deck tof -the ,W«H' Virirlnia, .irtdeh "was
brilllaiTtly V Qtnnm&ted, as \u25a0 were the
other American ships. The dtoers sm,t
\u25a0under a canopy of Caffs, and toasts
I were drunk to the President of France,
! the President of the United States, the
I French and American nasvies < and . the
i United States army. 'The band of the
I West • "Virginia played the "M«TB«n
f tetee** and * the * "Stir : Bp«in«led Ban
ihir** - when the . tiw,> countries were
I toasted/ ---^ •- \ \u25a0
Admiral Campion rare a dinner to
night on board him flagship, the cruiser
Marseillaise. -_,
While ;the dinner was going .on
aboard the West Virginia last » night
for the French admiral -the French ofQ
cers were being entertained aboard the
American ships. / • : .c :
TWoTes, Steal -Church Oornerstono. -
PASADENA,; May p— The: limit ; of
larceny was reached "haTe ; list f night
when thieves stole the corner stone of
the . North 'Pasadena - Methodist church.
The stone •weighed ; about ', 300. pounds
and : • contained v, coins ':\u25a0 and • j other :.- small
valuables ; worth \u25a0 probably ; $10. The
church was completed only, a few ; days
ago and is .. a large, expensive edifice.
The "i corner stone was pried 'ont of the
building and removed entirely from the
premises. It lis not known * : by what
means ; the [made away ; with -it,
but ithey may^ have 'used some sort lot
L Tehiola. \u25a0'• r N'. ,
ATHENS, Greece, May I.— The Amer
icans already have won the greatest
number of events ;in the Olympic
games. The Greeks 'are second, wlJi
the Swedes third . and the English
fourth. The superiority of the individ
ual American competitors is acknowl
edged by all. but the defeated athletes
are endeavoring to find some soi&ce In
the fact that the Americana had many
strings to their bow and held a supe
riority In numbers In nearly all events.
The official xist of results will be pub
lished tomoi."©w. r
The running high jt*mp was conclud
ed today. O. Leahy, England, was
first with 1 me»-e 771-2 centimetres.
Goency, Hungary, was second, 1 metre
75 centimetres; H. AT. Korrig»n, Mult
nomah Amateur A. C, For .land, Or.,
and Diakldes, ttre*ce, tied for third
place, wit* 1 metre 72 *-2 ceutimetres.
The Marathon foot race wta won by
William Sherrinjr of Hamilton, Ont.
The time was 2 hours 61 minutes 23 3-5
seconds. Bwan»Sorc. Sweden, was seo
ond, 8 yards behind tiie Canadian. WU
11am G. Frank, Irish- American A. CL,
New York; J. J. Fowler of Cambridge
port, Mass. ;# Michael Spring, Pastime
A. C, New York, and Joseph Forshaw,
Missouri A. C, St. Louis, were the
American representatives. Canada was.
represented by Sherring. The compet
itors were driven to Marathon last
night and slept there. '
In the final hurdlles R. G. Leavltt,
"Williams College, Willlanastown, Mass..
-vron. Time, 181-5 seconds. 'A, H.
Healy, England, was second, and
Duicker, Germany, third.
The final of the 800-metre race wa#
won by Paul Pilgrim, New York A. C-
Time, 2 minutes 11-2 seconds. James
D. Ligrhtbody, Chicago University, was
second, and Lieutenant "W. Hallswell,
England, third.
-; i Dispatching Order Eevoked.
All . orders dispatching additional
troops to this city have been revoked
by the War Department, at General
Greeley's request, and the on^y soldiers
now due here are the Eleventh Infantry
and tha First Cavalry, aggregating
about 1000 men. Their arrival will
increase the force here to a total of
3500. General Greeley has been noti
fied by the Secretary of War that forty
five extra ofScers are now en route to
bo placed at his disposal.
A meeting of the S.F. COUNTY
called for THURSDAY, MAY 3 rd,
1906, at 8 P. M.,,at CALVARY
and JACKSON STREETS, to con-
sider ways and means for RELIEF
All licensed physicians are in-
Pres. S. F. County M e d. Soc.
"Was not damaged by the earthquake
and Is open for business. The nearest
Hot Sulphur Springs to San Francisco
for health and rest; no staging. Tibu-
ron Ferry, 7:30 a. m. and 5:10 p. m.
Fare $1 J.O. Address Theodor Rich-
ards, Aqua Callente, Sonoma Co., CaL
Request all their regular employees
to report at once for duty at the
office, 601 Hermann St., cor. of
and L. P. LOWE Until Further
21 Presidio Aye.,
San Francisco.
SAFES opened by experts. Carload of
ne-w safes at wharf. RICHARDSON
BROS. Orders taken at 123 New
'Montgomery fit., or 736 Clayton st.
Temporary Office,
Bf Mnngo, Apartment No. 25, NW.
Corner Golden Gato and Fillmore
Streets. 26-tf
9 AT
Third and Townsend sts.
2703 California St.,
Are prepared to fill all orders for
raisins and dried fruit promptly.
Temporary Office
\ \u25a0•";,... \u25a0; f v Mill. Valley," Cal. *
Shipment r of . Machines ! on the Way.'
Arthur Boehmke, send your address.

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