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Ibe San Francisco Call
1651-3 FiHmore Si.
fes^ . . \u25a0 / '.-:'\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0 . .".\u25a0•-\u25a0 '. : Xy <.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:>. \u25a0«\u25a0 V; • :-'W^r\ "-'.'i. \u25a0:•\u25a0.:.'. ':-\u25a0'- .-\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'*' \u25a0-\u25a0.• - '--.-'.-v. -.-•.. •,•--\u25a0 \u25a0 WJ- - ) \u25a0\u25a0-•.' • ."\u25a0 '..•" : " »\u25a0 .•-'•-\u25a0•..•..-**': . --. • •* .\u25a0 ' M_M. mm M. X
Two Class A Hostehies VJill Be Built
Over the Ruins at Once and Other
Big Work Is Planned. %
. Work will soon be begun on two new
hotels, one to be located south of Market
fctreet and the other at Bush and Powell
streets. Both will be class A buildings,
constructed of steel and stose and put up
to rtay..
• Plans for the bostelries have been al
*nost completed and work will be started
:-.s soon as building permits can be se
cured. The architectural work is being
done by Miller & Colmesnil.
One of the structures will be the New"
Oaks Hotel, which will replace the one of
that name destroyed the first day "of the
fire. Thomas Jennings, proprietor of
the old Oaks, has decided to relocate on
the old site at Third and Minna streets.
. The new structure will be eight stories
high and is to be fitted up as a first
Catherine Himmelniam has ordered
plans for a 240-room hotel to be located
at Bush and Powell streets. Work will
be rushed as soon as the plans are com
pleted. The building will be eight or.
ten stories high.
MacKenzie & Underbill have secured a
contract from Mrs. Emily K. Latham for
the erection of a six-story, class A build
ing on the south line of Mission, west of
Fourth street. The structure will cost
over $00,000. The same firm has secured
contracts to build class A buildings to
cost $230,000 and $300,000 on other busi
ness streets.
Miller & Colreosnil are also working on
plans for the remodeling of the Jefferson
Square Club building at Golden Gate
avenue and Octavia street. They are also
designing a temporary structure for, the
California Safe Deposit and Trust Com
pany. Tho building is to be erected on
the old site at Montgomery and Cali
fornia fctre^ts.
Following the action of the Eoari
of Police Commissioners yesterday r?
' yoking a3l the saloon licenses in tho
city., comes the proposition for .an
amendment to the charter whereby a !i
saloons, when permitted to reopen, wiil;
be required lo pay a license greatly
. In excess of ihat heretofore cxact'M.
There is no .question > that; thare will
be presented to the special secpion of
the LogiK'.aturc an amendment to' the
San Fr3.'itiF?o charter inoreaslng 1 t"(v»
\u25a0 Baloon license from SSi a year to S5 T 3J.
k A sub-conmiiitcc of the gpneral com
mittee on reconstruction !ia.s thepro,o-:
osltlon under consideration.
AX the time of the earthQualu thf-»-
The San Francisco Call.
were more than 3000 licensed saloons
In the city. An Increase in the*llcense
required of these'- places would, cer
tainly more than cvt 1 the- number .In
half. If the increase of the licence
operates to reduce the number of sa
loons from 2000 to 1000 the annual reve
nue derived on the basis of $500 a
year would amount to $500,000, which
is greater by $100,000 \than the sum
paid Into the city treasury by the- 3000
saloons paying- $84 each for the priv
ilege of dispensing liquor.
Strong-Box of 'the Bank of
California Opened by
The coin vault of the Bank of Cali
fornia-was opened yesterday by S. H.
Daniels, assistant , cashier. The con
tents were found not to have been in
jured by fire. Some gold coins had
been thrown on the .floor of the vault
with the trays that contained them.
They were as good. as new. v
Central Trust Vault Opened.
The Central Trust Company of Cali
fornia opened its coin vault yesterday
and found five contents unharmed. Its
general vault : was opened on Friday
and was found -to be all right. ..."
Aetna Company Opens Safe.
The Aetna Insurance Company's saf a
has been opened arid, its 1 contents _ are
ir.tact. - '•' ;
Mucic at the Park.
The regular Golden Gata Park. band,
under the leadership , of Pa-^1 Stein
dorf, will resura-s its. concerts 'ln Gold
en Gatfc Psrk- this, afternoon,; besin
nb? a; 2 o'docli :AV selected; pro
grammo of standara pieces ; will -be
To Repair . Hotel ! Vendome.
: /SA?; JOSE, May 12.-T-The- directors
• of tlic Mote! Veaclcnae/ after thor'ough
jly 'inspecting ' tho-^ building, have''de
! terrruncd lo repair sit as soon', as pos :
i sible, , and v resume,, business. From
' $70,000 t0. 550.000' will be expended. .•;
SA^ FRANCISCO^ 9065-? AIGES , 1 ; TO^
Retrenchment in All Municipal Depart
ments Is Ordered by the Chief )
. Executive. " ".:>*
Schmitz Announces That the Most
Rigid Economy Will Be En- ; V.
forced.' ' \u25a0 -v
It ; Is Estimated That Fully 300 Persons
V/ill Lose PA "tions or Part of \ ,:'?
• Salaries. ' '.' !'/•
Retrenchment ' In all municipal de-"
partment is the order, that has gone,
forth, and there will be a great , re
duction in the > city's' working forces
within the. "next thirty days. Mayor
Schmitz made the announcement this
morning 'that plans already are under
discussion -whereby the most rigid
economy may be enforced. It is Esti
mated" that about 300 .city employes
cither will lose their; positions or suf
fer a material reduction. in salaries..'.
Strike/Delays Funerals.
NEW YORK, May 12.— Funerals m
New York' today ' were subjected to
serious delay and casJccts m.;;nany
cases were carried, to graves, in. plain
black or everT on : trucks, ow;
ing to the . continuance of the funeral
drivers' strike. Many mourners . wero
forced to ride on street cars to the
cemeteries. >v . °'-
Woman.Dies on .Overland.
Mary Dalton, an 1 * elderly L woman,,.diell
on \u25a0 the [overland .train ": this
between this, city and DavisvilierYolo
County, presumably'.£of ; \u25a0•\u25a0heartVdisease;
She I resided " at -64 -Lloyd i street,;;* San
Francisco, jand^with/" Her/-. !*dau§hter;
Mrs. ' Mary " Gordon, was '» qniher >. way.
to "visit > another ; daughter/- Mrs. ' S.JjJ
'Hoilarhan.--of '» Cbica: '; : v '...li':
.-.-. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0.-\u25a0-\u25a0".. , - i-» -•;
M^y^HS^fiolde^ Not :lc^ "Be' Mi!i>wcci
Chimney Inspection;
\u25a0\ President Maestrettrof ttie/Board^of f
Public Works announces that house- I
holders in-some sections of San Fran
cisco,: may', build fires ! indoors :;thts
vefek. , Others.wiH be compelled < to : cook
in the \u25a0 streets for more than a j month
;i'o'.coW,- '*'• " \u25a0'.. " *'\u0084'\u25a0'' .\u25a0 •'. '.--
; The supply] of "water and' the speed of
thq ,, eh irnney \u25a0 inspectors . are j the j factors
whiclij>\iiu determine -when 'the .whole
city inay',.use r its house stoves.^ The •of
ficials \u25a0,\yill make every effort to'abt
complish* .their ; task ?in the quickest
poss,lb'lef space 'of time. ,• '\u25a0 ; \u25a0'. '*>.£
'J .Tli6' citizens' committee; is
still." conducting jits preliminary •inspec
tions find informing the people; what' is
thV'.-mattOf --'with their chimneys and
j what yrep!»'irs »' "are necessary. Certifi
cates -d'f * safety- are given* in ail proper
cases, • but :-.these do | not pr-t mit the
householder .', to build .'indoor -fires ;un
,til>?a ceiieral border Is issued :by tho
>/*'•- .';.; \ ':'-\u25a0':, .:. '•'/"-
\u25a0': : Permission^ to "build -fires ; Immediat3ly
Is given -^ to 'hospitals,', bakeries, .laun
dries ;:ihd - to' private * individuals 'when j
I there ;is^'elclcneS3' in the house.; ; Thera.
I aro 'about; "iCO such permits in existence
| at -presont*.>i" '.-'-•;',- i ':".'\u25a0 ~~-' r .;^; /
Approximately \u25a0 25.C00 chimneys 'havt^
'been^ihspectedn»by.' the: building com
mitto'e. 1 ' (*Tho Eoard of^Qr^TiSli&ielS^
\ Ingr, to eh?r;se.; inspectors, who wlll'ia
i sue), permits'^ to J private houses/ \u25a0' Each
I applicant is examined as 'to his.'qual- w
locations ',-by; : President Maestretti," 'ami
then. hjisito-'pisg through a similar 'or
clealybofof e : the 'underwriters. After. tho
full fof cc. 'of. ,lso men is secured and'ln
strt'.cted^ it .Avili -.be "divklod intbflif to»n'
squads'-' of ten men: each. The city will
be idistrictcdr. and each pquad will in
3pcct^ovVry*'chimncS' i |n its jurisdiction. ;
.-, .Tho : ; build ing committee : est iiria iis
JtKat^COj -per, ''cent of all bricl:' chimneys'
.lcft^ptaridirigt in Sari' ; Francisco will
'hav'e'i'toMio =eeitherr r repaired- or rebuilt.
•At vprest-nt, r.eoijle "are • having v . a . great
,de'al'ijbf in; securing the serv
ico's'.qf[brick'masons, 'which further.im
pedes 'the .work. '.\u25a0. \u25a0 \u25a0,_ \u0084
(-vß.vH.Cpbrter,'- chief, inspector. of th" |
Vfire < 'ur:dcr{vritc,rp. ' will. 'have ;' general j
[ charge '.''of ,i the \ inspection cbr.ducted * by
t he *Board \ p f 'Works. .'-The ', fi ro ': an d in - !
isur"ano«^f/<qSlclnla' wiir. pass upon :: tlie
Ji'j nspec f or s.^^ JPf .9 siden t r t il a 'is- '
{trettl '"t'says'i^tho *' inspec tors'i^vlH > : bo".', ,Kz •
next .^\veek. ; ; ;*Tii
TecUon's^qf!^e* ; cit'y; whefe'-.chjmneys"
J»ayV^J^?]iP^Pj e rJy-vT? p ' all '®d"i''6rXh:iv€i
«««>«» lied;;. unrin.niasrecl '; a '\u25a0> cert in/voi«'ii win*
be' issued, j The -householder/ will then
take the inspection slip to' R. H.Par-
kerl' at Uhe -corner of '\u25a0. Gough street' arid
Golden' Gate" avenue, v arid? he -will issue
a - formal i permit c ] p'rovlded if\ that :, . tno
\u25a0water pressure -in I the particular ; sec
tion of j town- is \u25a0 thought enough
to ,- extinguish Jfiresh 'i.The i ::permit .. must
then be : attached to the • 'exterior of the
house \u25a0 lh^ plain . vle\y' : f f 6m^the 'street,'
and the Utove. may *be i moved ? indoors
and' the'wiridbreakrused'for' kindling-. ;
:l Where; the twater^ pressure . is -low -no
indoor Jfires riiay., be, maintained for -the
present. The last "-chimney, 'inspection
cannot \u25a0 : be . made -if |or/*^more. J^than'* a
month;. /';; Brick masons?; are t not"; nuV
merdus -enough to jrepalr/or -rebuild > all
These three ; causes \ delay -.must be
understood by ;the r \multitude Iqf Vcoti
plairiants'. against? the Cniairitenance'/of
street' flres. '•-.'_ '" ViV -,£ ," .'L^.
"-" The general public -is 'counseled V.ky
the authorities to -;lta : lrripa-,
tlcnce;and • put. up with a little more lri- s
convenience, as a inatter ; of safety.: -It
all v.ere .allowed •; to build' fires j indoors
what is : left of : the -town would .' probv
c.b>\ goi up in' smoke.' y, 1 ;.^"';v -' j- '
5 Chief 'f-EngineerJf -Engineer J Schussler; of , th«
Spring Valley iCqmpany'iinforrnedi the
flre-- department U yesterday i, that : .Vne
thought .a 'sufT.eicnt - suiiilly v q'f - wattri-.
to; insure safety i from ; fire ; 'v would ;" : ''b6
forthcoming imleas*;' tharil-two , weeks.
Jt^is probable .that. Fillmore Jarid'^ ad
jacerit'strects andfthe park district wiil
be the first \u25a0 to/.bcheflt )> by.» the. 1 Indoor
fires permits. * T}ie '^ water, \u25a0; pressure '} ih
light r in the Potrero^and 'Mission - dis-'
t'ricts. ; : -' ' '\u25a0 -\u0084- '\u25a0" •\u25a0"-\u25a0 ' .-. V;'\u25a0'»'",'; '\u25a0'»'",' ' : ''•>\u25a0' '.-
f Prcßident Maestretti. ' Chief * Inspector
Porter *artd - Mayor. Schmltz -are <all "\u25a0 firm
on" the proposition that no' man, ' woman
or (child" shall : fco allowodi-to .buid , a' fire'
indoors until^ cyery>"precautiQri'"ag-alriSt
another.; conflacratiori sHall* have -been
tak6n.*"e,'rV- \u0084'*'\u25a0' •'\u25a0 '.f-f '/ 'J \u25a0: '- : •
University. Dank ' Revived.
;' ; T^e ' Ecn a" -. Corcniissioriers r have '\u25a0\u25a0 is
: .: \u25a0\u25a0--'\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 .-..\u25a0..-\u25a0".;.•..\u25a0-;\u25a0\u25a0-.:. i.'. \u25a0.-\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0jtix-t-j : :.> --.•.>\u25a0-.
sued •a ; license, to ; the^ University', Bank
of tcs .Angeles.f VhichVhas Va>, capital
of ?100,000/_;; Tiie\ Ohartcr'^wasvissuecl
in} 1S87; ?.but^ iiij lS93|thij* baalnliquidat-:
manL;(;J.^.^fC^^terUsftb^;^resl :
dent; "°John %Vf£^Keaip; | sccrotaryTVand
be ' oben^i or? business i;*ab'out?.Tuly"J, I.T",
Reverses FqjWerland Is
Racing Away V/hen
Impacf Ogcofs;
Brakes Fail on Sleep
Up Grade When the
Trolley Slips^ :
Heavy Passenner Load
Street Hill.
The cool judgment and iron nerve of
Motorman F. C. Miller of trolley * ea"r
1375 mininuzed the effect of s what other
wise would have proved a terrible collis
ion on Fillmcre street near Fulton yester
day. With 'several others Miller was
badly injured but riot one life was lost.
The injured are:.-^>i; '-.--
|F: C. Miller, 1662 ( Haight ' street; left
arm broken, left leg and foot; crushed,
face and head cut. :
John Kendall, 2140 Pierce street,' scalp
cut. face lacerated, \ bone in right foot
fractured. . .[
Mrs. Mary A. Quick, 2428 Haste street,
Berkeley, head lacerated.
X). F. Palmer,, 64 Valley street, " Oak
land,-face lacerated and finger broken. .
F. Ruter,- 189 Chattanooga';street,"lac
erations andbruises. / . " '
The : accident was due to the fact that
Motorman Mat J. : McDonald of car 1354
lost control ,of - his brakes while proceed
ing south on the steep grade jon Fillmore
street . near ' Hayes. When" half '; way up
the, hill the trolley on his carT slipped off
the ' wire. - In an instant his car started
bacttvard. :He appliedthe air, brake but
without result and the heavy - car -was
soon speeding at a 'terrific' rate . down* the
hill. " V
: On the, same, track arid also southward
bound was car, 1375 with Miller at the
controller. Car. 1354 had just started on
its C backward : run Tvhen 'Miller, .; saw * it.
Instantly reversing the current he started
his v car backward- and, when, the inevit
able came it 'was under good
headway. 'This r fact alone prevented the
two cars from splintering into, bits?
\u25a0Miller stood firmly at his controller
until the. crash i of % the cars hurled' him
forward 'into 'the mass of broken timbers
and -shattered* glass, j
Conductor ,S. Riga, -of carM37s, \u25a0 did
everything in his . power .to . control . his
passengers. Those on\the forward dum
my were hurried to the rear, with the ex- :
ception o£ : Mrs. Quick. She became! con
fused and rhad -just arisen from- her seat
when 'the collision • occurred/.^ Sonie ,• of
the 'passengers jumped and Kendall{niet
his injury in this manner. He;' was on the
car that rushed, down 'the hill and* when
it ;nea"red Fiilton street he climbed over
one of the side guards and leaped to the
street! After he struck^ he ", rolled some
distance and .was picked up in. an almost
unconscious ' condition. " . •.\u25a0 .•'. • \u25a0\u0084\u2666', .\u2666'
| The people ; *on "s" s Fillmore { street . for
blocks . saw the , collision *. and " nisb.ed to
the scene. The injured vrere" carried *to
j neafbyj stores * and .their ' wounds«hiarried
[ ly ~~i bandaged. 1 - :- ? Automobiles ;\were \ then
jsurainoned-; and all Twere removed to hos
| pitals.V; , " ' --\u25a0 \u25a0'•• ' {- \u25a0 '•\u25a0'..*-..'\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0;
: , • The cars,' which telescoped ; about three
feet, .were dragged apart arid^taken"tb the.
Turk street car. house, where they are. now
being {repaired. 5 f An *of *' the
| shattered. * condition" of j the ; cars -only mi
i "creased the wonder that fa seire were not
: killed.when' theimpact came.*.V.":,-f
To ; Hold ,f Annual . Election.
_\u25a0 The , annual election fof .San 'Francisco
Typograpkical^Union,^No. 21, r will be held
at % 425 XFif teentli : street, - Oakland, : i'Cal.v
o n^Wednpsday, 'May *lC/,_i 9oC.n . Tao elec-J
i tion. for* L^.T.U. officers twiU* be ; held at
saiuo* t ime "and * place. Polls N open -:f rom
: 12? M: tbl7-p?im'.r:s" - -V • '
V ; J GEORGE 'A; TRACY, President. ,
;H. L^ WHITE, 1 Secretary-Treasurer. "\u25a0«,' .
OF \
The San Francisco Call :
1016 Broadway _;A
OMce Phone: OakteTad^lOSS.
EditortaJ Rooms, Phone: \u25a0 Oakland 74C0L j
ValualJle Documents Go
Up in \u25a0 Smoke in
i TijvHail
Recorder's Office Sliy
Papers Covering
Search Compaiiles Haifc
Record^ Ffonf W n '
Early Days.
. The mortgage books that were in the
San Francisco County Recorder's ollice
were, .with fc^rpxeopticas destroycil by*
fire. The reccrtis of «lee<l3 tlown to IS Do
were pre3er\ed. Saeh is the report that
has been given currency by searchers of
titles in this city. According to this
there is a space of eleven years that must
be bridged in r > way to furnish a
basis' for titles i^ .eal property.'
There were complete transcripts of all
the records in* the possession of two cor
porations in this city that dated up to
April 18, 19CG. The corporations are the
Title Insurance & Guaranty Company, of
which A. J. Carmary ia the manager and
the California .Title Insurance and Trust
Company^ If their records are accepted
in | court it will be possible to duplicate
the public; records that were lost at he
City Hall. Of course there is aya v question
about the acccptacce of the title com
panies books. They are accepter! by the
banks and trust companies as the basis of
insuring titles and 'the .banks loan money
on the searches based upon them;
. '/' Manager Carmary of the TJitle Insur
ance and Guaranty Company said yester
day/ that his ' corporation saved all -'its
records back as far as 1347 "and also
2500 to 3000 maps, which makes it poa
sible' to trace titles back for the uses of
the bank?, individuals and others con
cerned, to the Spanish' 'grants..* \u25a0.'
\ CAIRO. Egypt, -Ma y. l2.— The Turkisli
gorvernment has agreed to evacuate Tabah
and . all * other places in Egyptian , terri
tory, which have been occupied by the
Sultan 's t rf>npg^ ':lltifeiHQJinM™M
Turkish government has accepted the de
mands of Great Britain conditionally and
it "is expected that 'this only prelimi
nary'.to-.the complete acceptance of .the
British demands in regard to ; the .Tabah
boundary question. \
, The; changa, in the Sultan fa -.attituvle
must have - taiefn ; place ' verri'late: last
night ; i"or\ early' today for the. Gtaad
VLsicr 's visit" t» the" British Ainbassaddr,
Sir H. O 'Connor, at ' 1 1 ' o 'clock ,
last night had no immediate result .except
to emphasize- the fact that the attempts
of Turkey' to arrange : a compromise were
useless. •. The "Grand Vizier V proposals
wero unaccepted as were those of Tewflk
Pasha/ the 1 Foreign , Minister \on the pre^
vious day and Sir Nicholas again pointed
out the ; futility of suggesting . modifica
tions of the British demands which con* (
stitutedthe absolutd minimum. v •
.V.LONDON; May 12— The Fofeiin Office
has yet advices that th«
Porte: has ; definitely acceded t t6' tke Brit- 1
ish s demands,"; but the latest official^ di»
patches";in -Constaiitinople indicatifcdrthat
the ., Sultan (was preparing - to ; submit. . It
is, said : at ;the ' Foreign ; Office .that! thert
can , be V nothing ':\u25a0' * conditional '/. - in\* th«
acceptance, as : the - demands '. of' Gn»l
Britain 'are the irreducible miniimraib

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