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: P.siirsnce Companies of
New York Give Cut
{be Figures.
Foreign Corporations
Share Heavily in
the Risks.
Estimates Are Made of
What Escb Company
Must Pay.
ALBANY, N. T.. May 13.— The State
Insurance Department tonight made
public the following figures showing
\u25a0the losses in the recent California con
flagration of the firs and marine insur- :
a.nee companies doing business in this j
Stile and reporting to the department]
as riven in reports of the companies
tailed for in the department's circular
of April 23. They show estimated
lasses to be a total of 5112,441.395, di
vided a^ fellows:
lievr York Suite joint stock fire
and nro marine companies $18,944,000
Jain.t stock nro and tire marine
companies of other States 44,827.499
rcrvign fire Insurance compa
nies — United Slates brancnes 45>. 670.096
Mutyal fire hirurance companies
at other Slates No loss.
The report shows that In most cases
cr.y impairment of capital will be j
rsa^e jrood by the directors or siock
tcluers. The Xew York. Staie compa
nies revert losses as follows:
A grk-ulouvl $75,000
A*-«,uia:i':e i.onipaay cf Aacici 260.000 :
British Anerlcaa 75.000 1
btltZftlo German 200.000 I
.'.u/.-.^oniar. Aaerican 50.C00 ;
*^«0.i1i.l -ii«u:-s.nce 16.000!
Coismt?:ci*J L'nicn Fire 110,000 \
•Jomroocw<jU'_b SS.ihjO ;
'.:-2r.:lnett£i I.SCO.tHO i
tsix&ess 175.000
i^-uri^ wj re Cos'ipany 300,00 a
K3| '.-<\u25a0 City iMi* 40.000
yJennan Alliance 226.000
i icrmsn Aswiean 2.t*v0.000 ,
•;-:c.£nla tire ».. 1.G00.000 |
<£lesxs Falls 1.000,000 •
and Rutgers Fire 460.000 !
.iarx-er Fire 700.000 |
« ,,-ce 1,500.000 I
Udcnuuty Kire 85,000 J
: s-eau Fire 150.000
.^ssv. Yoik. i-'ire 2oG.tKiO •
.-.^i^tra F.re 1.000,000
!.c:iii. Gejraaa Fire 160,000
:.o"th Rivtr 325,000
t'EcSCc Fa « 30,000
"'cUloi.n Assurance 250.000
Kfe'.er Cooler Fire 40.C00
I-"_o*cix 1.7&0.000
Ci-&'-n lnsursr.ee Co^.psr.y cf
America i. 500. 003
ItfccLtsier German 400,000
i:'.v,\c-.zcLvA 70.00)
t 'niU -i States f ii* * 100.C00
Victoria. Fire 60.000
V-'ut.c^etter i-Tre 600.000
V.'iatuastUiZ City Fi^e 750.000
.Vetos, Con^ectli-ct 7.700.000
/• .fcasce, Tc-r.iis' ivrr.ia. 500.000 I
/I:r>rse;_r!. Efitssar-Jjuaetts 400.000 1
.*. aerie? n. Nc-w Jersey 1.000,000 |
iji&vni&n Cer.ticl. -Missouri ... 600.000
American f.re. PeonsylvacU. . .500.000
A'.l-.nta, Dirrr.irigham. Fire, Ala. luO.ooo
Cc.lu.-nct, lillnois GOO.OOO
<_it!z*n:-.'. Mi.-s-uri 168.000 j
Oarr.cen. N. J. 400.000 |
Coionlal ETre. D.strict Columbia 109.0C0 •
Cc;i;mbia. New* J»irey 7,221!
Ccncordia. Wistcr-sin 700,000 .
Connecticut Fir* 1.775,000 ]
Ue&wsre. Pc-naakylvanla 402.vu0 !
Ecirtern Fire. New Sjersey- C 2.000
gQCltafcfe Kire and "ilarir.e,
T:hode lel-iiu , 250.000
Fire AMBOdailon ot Philadelphia 1.200.000
t'eacrs.l. X«w Jersey 600.000 ]
F*r« i-n2.i -n2.n > s= Fur.d. California 2,800.000:
Pjf^r^ln Fire. Pennsylvania ... 800,000
German Ntticaul. IllJnola 160.000 !
Cfnsu oi freeport, ill 1,532.713.
O-rman Fire. Illinois 100,000'
C:r?.rd File and Marine. Perm- j
s>ivsnia 450,000.'
liartrcrd File. Connecticut 5,750,0uJ
Jiofhi» Fire and Aiarme, Call- •
i cr:iia 1.200,000 !
Ir.dia nspciis Fire 25.000 i
ii.suiiiriCfc Company of Xortn
AmerlC-i. Penas> Jvar.ia 2,CC0,009
. Ir.surs.ncfc Ccmpar.y cf Penn
ty^atila 5.250,000
Mercy Rtile Fire and Marine, j
Massachusetts 10,X)00 •
BUchlftan Fire and Marine 250.000 !
\u25a0-...J'..-«uk«.-'- Ki:e 170.000
Mechanics' 1,256,000
Haticnsl Fire. Cotiri«ct)cut V,.»^,.ja,
>«tlona.l Union Fire. Pennsyl- j
\anla' 1,000,000
JCew Brunswiclc Fire, New
j «rsey 50,000
Hamfsnire Fire C<ju.ui*o
isurthvcstein National, Wis- !
cocsla 499,766
Ox «c-nt, Connecticut ', uu, vuu
i cnn;ylvania i>:ie. Pennsyl- i
M.nia 2.26(^000 '
'.'U..I.K.UCUI Si.ouu, \j\j\! !
providence, Wasbins^on, Rhode
. I«iand '600.000
St. Paul Fire and Marine) Mln
nesbU. 1.000,0001
fetcurfty. Connecticut 315.000!
• Security Fire, Maryland 100,030 !
Sprir-gildd Fire and Marine, Mas- i
. sachufielts 676,435 1
iSpriaj Garden, Penneylvanla 150.000
Teutonia. Louisiana. -.. 160,000
T^ders, Illinole 2.472,000
\u25a0jW/jn. Pear-Eji^-a-nia 450,000
I'rittd F>rcnven'B. Pennsylvania 200.000 :
Virginia State, Virginia 3.E00 ;
Net estimated losses reported bjr ;
T'r.'.tea States branch offices of com- 1
P'r.fes of other countrJes are shown as
Ancbcn ar.d Munich Fir« $2,000,000
AUiixnce Insurance 1.386,666
Atlas AEsurar.ee 1.250-.000
R-it!sh American Assurence 260,000
Cateflonla W»1.«B
Coiog^ie Reinsun»jJC*» 37 °'??:
Crir.rr.e'-c>.l Union Assurance... 1.500.00P
T T »mburr-n'-em*'n Fire I>lC ?*?22
lr.suror.ee Company Salaxnandra- 300,000
T.vw rnJon n*)* Crown 1.000.000
1 ar ' d LOn . d f a -... and 3.600.000
T.^n>rn Inrtinsnce Consc-itlon. 4.000.00^
T^tkJc-1 ar<3 jueficasMrc Fire... 3,IW».OOO
Ko«fWr Fir? 260.000
Municr- P«lnsuranc« 2.CJJ0.000
North British and Mercantile.. 3.000.^00
T'ortho-n *"«U!ancp 2.009.000
Norwich Union FI;V 2.109.000
Pa'.atln l.lOft.Oflft
t>"">o*t!x' AR~rri»rjCa 1.600.000
P»-CFir!^n Nat!onaJ 444.588
Ftussia' 7£1.000
Ho-al .' 3.5?G.000
7l<v--aJ tj-chanife Ansu'-ance .... 2 000.000
f*c-;tt!«*i -rn!«m r.r.d National .. l,?01.0fl0
•F^in<l«s - E25.000
Fun In*ursnr« 2.000 000
Pttf^ Flr<« *>yd TATp 7Rnonf)
T*syfi»nHc F've .. .. 4l4 l > A ft.iao
T*-*!on Assuranr* ....T.. 1.80 A.000
X\'e*rt*m Assiirar.re 400.0C0
Jiany a nan 's credit is grood only be
cause, it is in bis wife's' came.
Majority in Russian Parlia
ment Pots Decision
Up to Czar.
Latter Seems Disposed to
Deal Honestly With
thejtosses. \u25a0.-
ST. PETERSBURG, May 13.;— With
the new Parliament finally under way
there is a distinct relief from" the tre
mendous strain of » the past few
months. Both sides expect a great
struggle between the crown and the
people. They realize that the real issue
will not be joined until the answer of
the Lower House to the speech from
the throne at the opening of Parlia
ment is presented. Then the Emperor
must choose between war or peace.
The Constitutional Democrats have
effected a temporary combination
with the peasants and feel that they
have behind them a four-fifths ma
jority. Their tactics are to avoid a!
conflict at the outlet :n order to get I
through their agrarian bill as a practi- |
cal measure to win and hold the sup- j
port of the peasants. Then, if the j
Government Is not ready to yield, they
will draw the sword and there are
many possible complications of dead
falls ahead. \u25a0 •
The prospects of a pacific solution.
however, are certainly brighter. Th«
JTrrreror appears to be well disposed.
Tr* words of his speech at the Win- \
ter Palace, which are now known to
have been by his "wn hand after re
jecting all tt^e drafts ?Mbmitted by *ii« •
advisers. Indicate th?t he is sincerely \
desirous of a rapprorherrent with
P*rliarr»enr. and what he-sald to Pro
fesror Mouromtseff. pr^-Hent of the
House, yesterday, is distinctly on n
line with a wi«h to meet the *>Tpre«s«»fl
will cf the pe->p*e. Nevertheless, words
no Irnirer suffice. The leaders of th"-
Constitutional Democratp. whtl<* they
have displayed consummate \u25a0ftbHlty in
restraining t,be HMafursJ are ««t-on?
and re«ohite In their determlr>"tJon to
secure full Parliflm»nt?ry rJjrhts with
.« responsible Ministry chosen from
lhp rr>a.lority under a constitutional
nriO-'Prchv. : I
j "With the #:xcepti«.- of forty »iern
bcrs the entire teisant contingent
; jnine-1 the Constitutional DpT-r~ts
end In a test vote yesterday for vice
pr^ldents poUed J^l out *f 42« vpt»s.
i The radical tendency of the peis
snts constitutes the grreatest «;urpri^e
of the week. One hundred and twen
j ty-two of them voted not. to attend
. the banquet given by the City Coun
i cii last nirht In honor of the Parlia
ment because th»y could rot counte
' nance the expenditure of JJSOO while
| people of the ration were on the verce
I of stsn'ation. «.p.d because they would
'.not Rttend a funrtlon .'n -which mcmv,
| bers of the Cour^il of th* who
! are under boycott particioatei.
• General TrepofT. co»*--fl"4ant of
the palace. Is now renerally recor
n:re4 as a secret nnd dpnrero'-s.lnflH-
I enco at court, nrd the L.lb«r-»l news
j psners hare or^ned a systematic cam
j j)fi\en arainst h!m.
Should the r.moeror eventunllv elect
t3 wasre war by (••cUninjj to yield fur
ther, the proletariat oriranlzatlons will
at-cln come to the front, n* they con
! Kt'tute ' the only mlMtmt fore* ; cara-
X- of flrhtinsr the Government by the
i T»n»--;ri.« of a s'r'ke as ? wearo^. Until"
the flt»*l if th* 'E-'oernr
' enrre'*. the Social Democrats hive de-
I clrrei a truce with the majority.
j A meeting of the wrrt'c-nnein
of the t>arty here t^av der'rt-''
'fi temporarily surre-d the boycott of
i the Parltarrent ?nd dye r,o further
encouragement to t*rflr» of terrorlstr.
{ Take Steps to Force 'Insurance Compa
nies to Make Payments to. the *
SANTA ROSA, May 13.— Pucllc senti
ment has been aroused here against the
insuranoe companies. At a largely at
tended mtss-meetlnir of pollcyholders
last night in the council chambers It wjh
decided to 'urge prompt payment" of; all
policies where loss had occurred , through
nre. If this be not dime without qulbblo. 1
these affected will appeal to the council
to pass an ordinance prohibiting all com
j pzsies that demur or attempt to eva£e
I payment from- writing any more busl
! ness- here. - Already the business men
I are trying to . secure the f signatures sof
I all local agents to an agreement , not to
lie business for any company Cuit does
' not seiUs '\u25a0 fairly.
\u25a0 \u25a0,- , . \u25a0 . • • - \u25a0• / .
How It Operates in the Great
j Refugee Camps at tlie
Presidio. '
Greed Is Baffled and Chicanery
Thwarted by the; Officials
in Lilaiy 6# ; •;\u25a0,, .
Ask an army man how. the estab
lishment of "system" in , the . relief
I work is progressing and he. will an
| swer in words to this effect:.
j "Splendidly. We are rapidly getting
, it entirely into the hanis of . civilians,
j where it properly belongs."
1 Put -the same query to any , citizen
i conspicuously identified with the
i ele«:inosynary campaign and his reply
will admit of. only this construction:
; "Beautifully. We ; are gradually, get
j ting the entire task-in military hand 1 ?,
j which are m-uch more competent to
(regulate it than. we are."
j All of which Is confusing to the
seeker of definite enlightenment as to
where military control begins and
civil authority ends, and vice versa,
In the feeding, clothing and sheltering
of the refugees.
The truth of it seems to be that the
system aimed at and gradually bßing
attained is the performing of the work
by civilians under military supervis
ion. That Is to say, soldiers are show-
Ing citizens how things should be done |
and citizens will eventually do them, i
But at present neither soldiers nor j
ci'.izens are monopolizing the labor. i
A fair case \u25a0 in iilliistratlon is afford
ed by the manner in which the refugee
camps at the Presidio are being "sys
tematized." The four thousand home- j
ltss folks within the reservation!
boundaries were originally divided]
into six camps, each in charge of p. i
civilian medical man, of whom-'theraJ
wire hundreds to choose from. Little j
by little, however, the doctor's author- !
Ity has been lessened, although his i
labor has not correspondingly de- j
creased. Now the largest three, of the!
! original camps — Nos. 1, 2 and 3, ag- '
grearating a population of 2000 souls — I
are consolidated as camp No. 1, with ;
a cavalry captain in charge. -He is '
worlcng in conjunction with the Xa- j
tional Red Cross dignitaries, end their j
ideas hs transmits to the doctors. j
Captain P. A. wurphy of th? First'
Cavalry -*i3 the officer in control, .and I
he has Lieutenant H. S. Johnson and
a troop of m-en to see to [ it that. things
are done just as he directs.
This latest development',' of^ the :"sys
tt-m" was :,inausriyated:, yesterday
mornias, and its effect was quickly ap
parent. Tv/o troopers were detailed. to I
serve as Inspectors of tented j
street, their duty being .to enforce j
proper sanitation and to prevent, "re- i
pVating" in the drawing of cither ra : I
: tions. or clothing. In their patrlarchni '
position they are depended upon to be
fonst^ntly in touch with the Inner life
of the people under their supervislhn.
, ard> they haye free entree to any lm
promnfu horn* they may desire to/en- \u25a0
; ter.' ; That thla right of entry is not ?
. absolutely uncalled - for may be, in- i
f erred from the fact that ; in one . tent |
were discovered .-no less : than- thirty j
; p?irs of shoes, which Its ehtorprlsirig
feminine, hoad had collected on: Vequi
siflons obtained .under; false \u25a0\u25a0pretense.
j Th*t ."loot" and/all other excess sup
i pHet were promptly.' confiscated, , /of
j course. '\u25a0 ' , \ '_ ' i
Another .evlience ofV the "'introduc
tion of "system" was the compulsory
Industry visited upoii able-bodied miile
refugees by theli Uniformed guard
ians. Strong men ; who ; hays' partaken
of the bread of Idleness ever since iths
day . of the calamity were rudely'
d'-agged forth from their habitations
find forced 'to perform .ma nual labor,
of . which there was much ; to « be done;
"If, you don't' like to work in return*
for ;the •" boarding and lodging of your
»«lf and fam-ily, you I are at ; liberty to
abandon the ."camp," ,was^the ' alterna
tive given them. .'"Wlien Informed, tiiat
they would find similar conditions ! In
Board of Worksj Promises Dispatch in Work of Inspecting the
Kitchen Cliimheys ai^ Issuing the Permits^
every other camp In the. city .ere a
week pissed, most- of them meekly
bowed to "systenVV/ }.-,
Just as soon as;- tiie\ soldiers have
Pimly established .vine '^"system-" and
Instructed civiHans;{how to enforce it,
military espionage will be withdrawn,
but military control will remain. \
Already the "card system" is" in ope
iatlon and working like a charm. Each
tent is a certain number of a certain
street, ar.d It is furnished with a card
showing just how. many persons it
.shelters and how much food they
are entitled to. In the matter of cloth
ing, too, r strict record is kept of.'all
the garments -issued" to each tent, and
when a refugee applies for shoes- he
must first show that" he really needs
shoes and that he has not already
drawn and illegitimately disposed of
shoes. If the "system" had been
e-Jrlier In vo ju '\u25ba* the lady who drew the;
thirty pairs of shoes for .herself would
hove been prevented drawing more
th^.n one pair. : '
That is what "system" .'. means, aml
that Is how; the military are transfer
ring the relief work to civilians and
the. civilians are relihquisning It '-to the
m'Kt-iry. Between the two putative
withdrawals, however, greed Is being
\u2666'•-"•»; tied and chicanery made Impos
sible. \u25a0 , ; -: ;•- ;
Superintendent: HlbbB of United Railroads
Puta on Muxlllary Line on Pcge; \u0084
cr.dCak. to Chutes
Many thousands .of fightseers 'visited
• his city yesteiday and- taxed the ca
pacity of the street : car syetem to tho
utmost. They crowded ihe cars an<l
tl-r- strpptß in - the burned district , from
early morn aintib gas time; and thc - e
wss, much, foot travel nlonc: Valencia
stieet anu Howard street "bctv/een Seven
teenth and Eighteenth. 1 where the ground
rank Jrgt.over, the Piled in bed of an old
creek that • flowed \u0084 from Valencia down
Kisrntecnth to . the marshes on the bay
shore./- \u25a0 - !'\u25a0•>;' "" \u25a0: . ' .\u25a0. \u25a0 -. -\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 •. \u25a0 :-..-..
\u25a0\u25a0•' General , Superintendent E. D. ; Hlhbs
of it] 1 " .United. Railroads > yesterday placed
.In^cotnm'^jlnn'tip.- arrlllary ..\u25a0; trolley line
i on;;'- Page ;and ; Oak streets to- the •\u25a0 Chutes.
The: c was ;no > Sunday., for him yestcr
idvy.'.the'. day bcjnt; spent ' in unraveling
railroad v'trcubler."
With But a Fart . of /His Band. Steindorff
Renders! Excellent Musl
' .'-;'\u25a0•\u25a0 car-'Bele"ctlens. : v . *
: Paul • Steindorff 'dlspen»ed : . music ; at ' th»
old stand yesterday. « ; With -tut half iof
h ls r«pular pla ; *ers^the bnnd > leader ren
dered i sweet nr.Ljic to SIO.OOO v people. :* The
turnir.?; out>; of ; people , : was 1 , not . as ' !a: cp
ns lA6t Eunrlay.r,«,ThoseV.who t.!d attend
earned In: .gala i attire? "and tne: mu3^c
grounds took on • their old time
ance.;- \-. • . '•;', -i.' 1 -'\u25a0;-•';."':\u25a0' \u25a0',:: --] •..".\u25a0-\u25a0-\u25a0•;.. -'<;:.,..-.-^
. A"lßr(jc;orowd'cnthered-lonir before the
tchcduled hour/ for -the .; concert, nnd- en-'
*oy<:d thei'park.iiwnJchV wfis"ns. ; Kreon;and
luxuriant 'U3 'ever, ,'lho band' players -oc
cupied chairs !j ju«t.a in front of \u25a0\u25a0 the iold
atn nd.; ] wh.*ch " r '!f7ered *rea tljy; from the
severe^ shock^of? the \u25a0
';; The ; regi'larj? number^ of ; sciectlons was
rendered.* I.pfi(3<fr '- fitelpdo"ff had a:selec
tion that ; .wa3". well calculated to buoy
; v>> r the spit Its \of v the '; Jovial crowd . that
madeup.trie'nudlence.*-- % .l - / *
Doubtlcso- the ;-• average ; Chicn.goph;
doesn ,'t ! understand yet ; how ,he :was able
to break • himself > of the > : . moving ; habit;*
• I- \u25a0 ~ :'~.'^" " )'_.- .//\u25a0 /V/ -\u25a0 :'•\u25a0'-,\u25a0
: \u25a0 F. A. Maestretti, president of the
Board of Public Works, made the fol
lowing statement yesterday in refer- i
oncevto* the inspection of chimneys in
this city:
"I think all -criticism is uncalled for
at* this time. We are endeavoring to
do what is.best for_the interests of the;
community.' v The " r Board Jof . Public i
Works is working in harmony with the
underwriters. Although the latter haveJ
had 26.000 chimneys examined, it. really
does not mean they have passed ,as
safe this great' number/, of chimneys.
Inspectors have visited thousands, of!
homes and glanced at chimneys and'
have notified i; the owners . that thei
chimneys have to be repaired. That, j
111 my • opinion, V : is not '.chimney In- 1
spection. We don't think these chlm-j
neys have been* given a thorough te3t. j
To. tejtfa chimney" properly;- you -must '
not;,only examine It ? with --the eye' of
an expert, butfgive. it the smoke test.
I;cari cite, two instances' where chim- |
neys' were declared safe and "the in- i
.mates built flres in their . stoves and
set flre to their own homes "and en- j
dangered the homes of their neigh- '
bors. , I allude to the flre in Richmond
and ,the other on Bush street within;
the past week. . )£**.
".The Board of Supervisors has passed '
Ian ordinance taxing the public, the sum
I of $1 for a certificate of inspection of
[chimneys. This tax is necessary, be- ;
I cause, there are no ,funds available to j
pay the salaries of inspectors appointed I
by the underwriters. All money col- j
leete'd for : chimney inspection will be"
turned ;over to the Treasurer of the
city and county each night and . de
mands signed fcy the Commissioners of
the Board of Works will be drawn on
this -fund to pay the inspectors of
chimneys. , I
' "F. H. Porter, chief inspector of the \
\under\vriters. has taken entire super- ;
'vision of this work and only inspec- !
tion; of this kind will: ; satisfy :the'
insurance companies. I ha ve ".: recom- j
mended many inspectors to Mr. Porter :
and: have also rejected at "least 100
men because 'they, did not possess the
necessary qualifications for chimney
inspection." 'When : a man , ia recom
mended by me he reports to Mr. Porter,
who in turn subjects him:- to a close
examination to see if he is qualified.
I If the man is capable of passing upon
I chimneys*Mr. Porter details him" to go
with/ an experienced inspector, .who
teaches him the proper, method of
examining fluc3, etc.
: /'My whole idea is' to pre'vent fires in
this; city. : ; I appreciate, the; great re
sponsibility Jon my shoulders and, I- do
not ' intend \u25a0\u25a0 to talre ary7chan.ces by al
lowing-'fires to "be. built' jnV defective"
Hues. If a certificate is issued to a'
' householder by one of . the'new inspec-.
; t ors I am in ' favor.' of ' < allowing ' the .
, householder . to" st art a fire in the stove,
,\ because I believe 1 there will' bV no i dan
j ger of "a conflagration, r However, j^nb
| certificates. will be.issued by the Board
of ' Public «Wor!cs until we are assured'
' by • the "„ Fire^ Department : that there is
, sufflcient 'water ] in lh!s city'to ;copo
v.withf' fire.. -Mr.' Porter , and- I 'learned
- yesterdsy that the watT pressure; in
; the 1 neighborhood .of : Sixteenth, r.nd
f: Ho wa rd streets wa s .very ; light, and ] in
:' t fnctithe water: could not reach- a"sec
j c-ndstorsv The;,waterproblom must be
I solved before flres: may . : be*:,b«llt.' r '
I "I would adviso, property-owners to
I immediately £ have their v chimneys re
[ paired ard to;be sure; the work is per
3 formed by a competent; workman; «air
j mortn.r must r.ot* bb' used ',in
\u25a0 chimneys. ' ' Lots "of cement is necessary
j toMnaure stability. Our systfm cf in
| spection 1 ."will be'in operation, by .Thurs
j day 'next; \u25a0 ThTe : will ;beJ.fif t<N f:n;;'dis
• tricts ; in . chafga "6l ' • the underwriters
and ,at : least a dozen! inspectors; will be
assisrnedito -each district.'.-. All >7e a.3!t
is j' that % thp J public hai c ;, -silence,- 'as
this Ms T «i tremor d ins "\u25a0,\u25a0 tn *?'; ; ani / a • re-'
.! jpbnslble: one. don't/ \vant'/any
! more flres and we can -only, avoid con
\u25a0.' flagrations , by; proper \u25a0' i inspectionjjfof
chimneve'.'! ;' ; ;T V '.; ':":";\u25a0' .••••-••'\u25a0 •"' '' \u25a0-'."\u25a0 l> r -::
\u25a0 It- is e^timateilby the Boarl'of Pub-]
lie Works tJn : ft t o ve " firp", , w) 1 1 "\u25a0 be \u25a0 bu rn ,~
• ingln; nea ly TOCO, private^hcures-onf
{wee^^frcm;:. to;Hy: " After : '.'-thaU 1200
householders Idaily; trry • remove '^ their
( l.itchehv'from 7he curj. By \u25a0\u25a0-the' first
.! of JuneUherei^v'.'.Jvbe hut I'.tUe outside
i tob'jtinK|necesr.3 ryj except;- 5n "'.the \ ref U7'
gee; 'camp 1 :. : ; l \W r )«r5 >• there t'i*? /sickness
( in <a. ho'5s? : in :Tvh!rhJ;hetch^?T:noy^ls;!n
~coodj:.con'iillon- Fcrrrits .will i be tissue 1
lmme'i.'atily.; : ArpllcatlonVi 'cf f t.r.l''
chs rac'terVrhoM Id \Jz-c ) ••? ? d e '\u25a0_? t ; the,- : office
; of^theicu!l{i:ri^,. ! r<>jr.m" v ttee|onBthe7c.or-;
j n^r; of Golden -Gate averi'-i* and' Gough
istrttW:. "\ '. : ..r\- : ' rr- \u25a0'::\u25a0\u25a0:/\u25a0 \u25a0: -';.'.
THe Board of Works will not be able j
to set its , inspectors at work j before '
Wednesday, afternoon or Thursday^
morning. rMeanwhile inspections will
be continued by the building commit- I
tee. There is no conflict of authority i
under the arrangements Just com- 1
pleted*' for ,the provisional \ bureau will [
go out of. existence .when the regular [
official body^,a?sumes the respons\- »
bi'lty of the camraign. -i I
llt Is unnec-snary ro secure permls- !
sipn to rebuild' -'or repalr'any chimney.'
Such work in all * cases may b« per- |
formed im/r.ediately. The only condl- «
tion Is -that the chimney shall answer
the requlromf-nts for::safety impose/1
by the Inspector. . All hospitals, many
laundries an.l numerous restaurants
are allows i, to have Indoor flres at.
present. -In a ny, case of emergency the '
permits will I c issued Immediately. \
Piesldent Mac.'trettl Ms harlnf nil '
rorceof inspecors carefully; drilled," to i
that the mathol of work will be unl- I
form. Whon >«.he inspe-tor is imtisflei I
that a flre moy be safely maintained '
Jn-loors he .wlll-'isaue a' blue-slip cer- I
tlficate. The paper^may then be taken!
to Chief Inspector Porter. He "will '
make sure that the section in question '
has ample water , to prevent any serl- :
ous conflagration, and will then upon
the payment, of fl issue a card ,de- i
scrlptlve of the house and desi§>'(
dating: its location. . This card must
be affixed outside of the house or to •
the fence so that passersby*:may see :
it. The chimney may then be used a« •
much as the. householflerv may, choose. :
The public Is warned against allow- '
ing any one to enter bouses , who Is -\u25a0
not supplied with an official badge of.
rither trhe bulHing- >ormtftt«>e fr ,the .
BoTrr! of Public' Works.- No 'money '
\u25a0hould be paid except the insoectlon
fee, nnithat only the central office
at Col^n .G^te avenue \u25a0 and • Ooush
street after . receiving -the permit for
imm»d)»te r^of a chimney at the
location specified. . I
Plans Thw^f'd by Oulck Action of
Sentry, Who Varch*« Prisoners to
\u25a0 ' : Guardhouse. J . • ;
Two desperate, looking characters, glv-
Jri; • thrlr- nnmes as Sidney Srtlth* and
John Burns and claiming- to be Southern
Pacific tunnel laborers, were arrested at
the PresldJo entrance on Saturday ntsht
by a sentry ai later^ twrred o-.-«r to- the
police. They are suspected of attempt- !
irig to hold up a soldier who was •on his
way *to his tent.
Accord'.nc to the story of the soldier,
h* was walkin- ' briskly \u25a0 a lon* near th«
main entrance t& \u25a0 the Presidio, when
Smith and Burns stooped him and aak*d ',
for a. drink •of > whisky. The soldier -re
plied .' he had none. ; whereupon the . two
men 'demanded ...t i <- v ".'»co. He told
them he 'was ov' <\u25a0 "' -'"o "at rrh!'*
they lnfonr.e.t \u25a0>) • .;"-. M :have to
submit- to . an ..c::x " ' The sol
dier says that- bo.. ;, i!ed to grab
him. \u0084 . ".;...- .- ( \u25a0. , _ r '. ... \u0084, \u0084, :
xie ran in #i<s direction of ' the sentr>- '\u25a0
box. at- the same tHe "- crying out for '
assistance. The 'sentry he»rd-hlm ; *nd
came > to. 'his - assistance., coverlni .Sm'th
and Burns with. Ms Tlfle. ; - They -wer*
r-arc^ed to the . guardhouse and- locked
up for ' the : night.
The military authorities telo^ho'ned to
r"lice headnrarteni'. In the. trornhiß and
Detectives .Tom "Gibson and Harry; Rey
nolds . were detailed : on . the case. They
took , Smith and. Euma to .the -Park sta
tion. " Both men deny they tried to hold
vpV the '-soldier.' '. Thoy say they almply
asked ihlm" for ; some 'tobjicco.. Their pre
liminary ex*m«not!on will take place tM.7
' .'. • • "•• ' \u25a0 - • • » . . ; .-\u25a0•
... ,-\u25a0 .-.. \u25a0 — - — \u25a0 ...-.;, \u0084--. - -
Peking Government Cannot Vouch for
the Loyalty of the Imperial
'\u25a0 ""' :-• '- -,:: .'.Troops/ • \' '-'
MINNEAPOLIS. May, 13.— Bishop T.H.
. Dahl •, of ! the iUnl^e<l - Norwegian \u25a0; Lutheran
Churchha* sent csbltpama to the mis
sionaries .of i. thlle > chvrch *In China. Order*
ins them to leave the districts. inVwh eh
they are ;engac«J i in case they ; consider
their lives? 1 ; in *
. Bishop - Dahl' hns , received ' three letters
from missionaries': of ?, the United : Church
tn/; China : who trouble > In ?\u25a0 the
nature of, a ,h new \u25a0'. revolution. r \- Acoordlnj
to - these : letters \u25a0 the> d'jturbar.ce » ls S. cen
tered ,-aroung , RunJng - Fu. l^ of the Konan
district; - 1 Rev. - j J. 8. - StocVtke. '» who s wrote
,one -of the "letters, ' dated in ; Apr I.'.' saya
: the : Chinese nre : risint? p^nlnat ' their owh
S cvp .-.v-nent iln t this \u25a0 district, s and ; ha a«
\u25a0ert?.Jthat'.the offlcers and. the govern
iment; officials thonneives do not bslleve
• pended Ttj pon.' : as < they i are {receiving ; pay
tended J rpon. ns they^are rece/ ring.- pay
from 7 the v revolutionists." H« say» they
are constantly, afraid the soldiers will be
• t-_ ay ", them and .'- open the rate '. to the
• enemy." \u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0 r -; - \u25a0\u25a0• -- '- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.' :. •
''• :;.-,:«;.v:; . -\u25a0; \\..^ .'.."»."..','.'"_. '.''.\u25a0...r'.* • •
t ; \Vhcn a barber"; haa.oceraion>t« fl*tt«r
a baldheaded man ' hejujts'hiaa if . he
doem 't waat a haircut. " v \u25a0
Twa •Msefings; inZion
City BroKen Up by "
"Prophet" is Called a
Traitor and Roblier
UJ Liiuti'Ahut
Free fight Ensues op
the InterfersDCS
CHICAGO. Mr.y 13. — A meeting over
which John Alexander Dowle presided
at Zlon City, this afternoon was bro
ken up by a number of followers of
the opposing faction, assisted by 51 v
eral outsiders, and before the crowd
dispersed. a fr*e fight .occurred. Dowia
wa3 addressing the audience, number
ing about 600, and made the statement
that the overseers of the Voliva faction
were thieves and robbers. At once a
number of these about the house were
on their feet- shouting: "So, no! you
are the robber! Why don't you pay
your debts V
The disturbance became so violent
that. a Zlon guard was sent to restore
Order. The guard took hold of an old
gray-headed man who was loudest In
his demonstrations for Dowle to pay
his obligations and thla was a signal
for a free fight. A dozen men seize J
the guard and. were about to drag him
down the aisle when Gladstone Dowie
and Deacon Harrington mounted the
! platform and called upon the audience
not to create a disturbance anu to take
f their seats. \u25a0
i After quiet had been restored Dowle
| again attempted to proceed with the
; meeting, but he was Jeered and called
' traitor and robber until he finally de-
I cided to dismiss the audience.
I A riot call was sent to the police sta
j tion and Captain of Police Walker
with four men hurried to the taber
i nacle In a wagon. By the time the po
. lice arrived most of the audience had
It.t the building. In the midst of the
trouble Burleigh, the negro attendant
of Dowie, rushed upon the platform
and placed - himself at Dowle'* aide
, while those of the uniformed Zlon
r guards who have taken sides with
I DowJe formed a line of defense in front
••f the platform. No attempt at vio
lence, however, was made against
| Dowle.
I C Dowie was so weak that he had to
be carrlei from his carriage into tho
• tabernacle by two attendants.
I At a later msetlng. called for Dowi«
-adherents' only, .but which was lnvadeJ
by a large number of those who were
: riotous at the former meeetlng. Dawie
precipitated a second general disturb
jance. Ho caused to be read a letter
rfrom one of his supporters stating that
the writer's wife had passed safely
\u25a0 through the crisis of a serious illness
while Dowle prayed for her. This fact
• Dowle compared with the case of Mrs.
•Cantel. wife of an overseer, who died
jlast Friday without medical attention
: while Voliva and his medical support
. ers were offering prayers for her re
. covery. Dowie declared that he feareJ
that the woman died because she haJ
associated herself with the rebel 3.
'There was a storm o! hisses and sho.'.ts
of "shame." '
" "There Is death In store* for more of
you if this rebellion ,keep 3 on." contin
j ued Dowle. Agsln the people sprang?
!from r their chairs, shouting ani gestic
j ulatlng, until the tumult became so
. general, that Dowle ' was obl'gad t#
i bring the meeting to a close.
>-..-_. \u25a0 . j.. ;
I Horse, Lean end Cadaverous,' Gives Up
the Ghoet and Compels Medico to
; Haul H!= Buosy
'\u25a0 The members of the staff at the Park
i Kmerccncy nospltal have the' laugh on
[Dr. .Brady of the Health Departiuent.
•An animal, nickna^cu a horse, wnich
I had hauled Brady al cut the city dur.ns
! the'exciting days following the Ore. d.i>^
*ped dtad wbi.e on me way to the AUu,
, house Brady promptly dlienaagred i. a
I c&un^er tiom its uainex* and too:i h!3
l" place Letwe«n tae shaita.
f Dr. Biady v;as encased in sanitary wo."*
,'for the Renlih Board. He acquired an
i animal, lean In appearance and unsteady
of foot. With the cadaverous equine.
t Brady was wont to sport up and down
,•. tho.rue Sianyan. \His,rig. equally ram
, shackle, followed the horaa on - shaking
• wheels.
. J \u25a0• A few* days ago Brady decidedi- to go
. to the Almsho'jso. Ihetrlp.waa a lonf
I one. . but *Bmoy was game; -so ..was tha
, Lome. The three, horse, wagon \u25a0 and
,: Brady, started off at a palafu! tsot. «.\u25a0« .\u25a0 All
I .went well:;until ,Sixth avenue .and H
l^ueet was -reached. The horse, which
> had, been showing signs of collapse, re
1. duced its pace to a siow walk and lmallly
. Kave up. the ghost with a sudden thad.
. \u25a0 The death was so gradual and so like
, j the . animal's gait that Brady did not
I. Know that h!n iJjj had come to a stop un
- i til he glanced -head and taw the corpse.
. | Not at all nonplused. Brady dragged
t his bu back to town.

Off for Tahiti.
' This la a good time to send one's
family on a vacation, especially de
.ril»htful for' the children. The S. S.
MARIPOSA will '•"•-; sail for Tahiti
TUESDAY, May 22. and the round-trip
- rate for.tnls voyage Is 5123.00. BOOK-
{ INO OFFICER ICOB Broadway. or^Pier
I No. 7. foot Pacific* St.. San Francisco, •
•\u25a0.\u25a0•"- > " \u0084,-r'
i < ; Haykshi Enters Japan's' Cabinet.
111 1 1 : TOK10, May 13.— The newspapers here
» ( tsssert that .Viseocnt' H-\.vashl. Embaatar
jldor to : Great Britain. ?.as accented tho
r foreign ministry and Baron * Komura, - the
. post of . Etnbaasador at " London." 1 There
,- naa - been |no | official ' announcement penrt
, Ids the arrival of ' Premier " Saionjl. who
, will t return ", to tToltlo -on " Monday • from . a
, tour of fnvestlffution in Manchuria.
-It" Vesuvius Is In Sllsh* Eruption.:
» NAPLKS. ,MAy 13.— Prof essor • Mat
11 teueci.; director of ; the vßoyalv Royal Observatory
T.\ on .'Mount * Vesuvius. ;t3lerrapfc« that, the
r * volcano Is In slight; eruption. :TMck«.va
• I pcrs .< and " s*nd are- brine ' expe'l'd 'a«d
* I th« "elertrfcal = pheaornen* continues. •- Tn«
j s'tuatlnn ", is'.cot grave. J
.1 ,r,llptra Will. Rsaume Work.
, ' SCnAKTON. Pa!. ,kay 13.— Wort! «B1
j be generally resumed. toman-ow, at tra«tt
«c»:iy MU the anthracite cornier !••»

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