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VOLUME C— XO. 134.
G real-Grandchild, Left Only
.Small Sum From the Big
Estate, Attacks Testament
Charge That Relict x>f Man
Who Helped Build Pacific
Road Was Influenced
NEW YORK, Oct. 11.—
An heir of Mrs. David D.
Colton, widow of General
Col ton, who was a partner
of Collis P. Huntington,
Leland Stanford and others
in building the Pacific rail
road system, has begun an
action to test the validity of
a document said to be the
last wiil and testament of
Mrs. Colton, in which she
disposes of an estate valued
at more than $1,000,000.
Mrs. Colton lived in Washington, D.
C. up to the time of her death In
February, 1905, and advices from that
city state that testimony is now being
taken there before Commissioner
Bands'.' This testimony shows that the
widow of General Colton sold practi
cally all of her California, property and
invested the bulk of the proceeds,
amounting to about $1,000,000. in Wash
ington real estate and bonds.
Mrs. Colton had two daughters, one
of v.-hotn is living. She is Mrs. Caro
line Dalgreen. The other daughter was
Mrs. Helen Thornton, now dead. Her
daughter married Siegfried Sacher, by
whom she had a. daughter who is now
6 years old. The child, the great-grand
daughter of Mrs. Colton. was a favorite
of the aged woman, who was in f re- j
quent communication with the little
girl through her father. In her letters, '
which were all full of affection for
the child, Mrs. Colton often expressed
the wish that her great-grsnddaughter
b? sent to her.
Testimony before Judge Bundy is to
the effect that after her death it was
learned that Mrs. Colton had signed
on December 5, 1904, a document pur
porting to be her last will, in which ;
she cut off her grandchild with $1000
ar.d left the balance of her estate to
Mrs. Dalgreen and her two children by
a. former marriage.
In this Instrument Mrs. Colton states
that she is a resident of Santa Cruz
County. Ca!. For this reason the docu
ment was filed there, and an executor,
Zvlr. Eartnett, who had special letters
given to. him, came to Washington and
;>:<^fceeded to take from that city all
ihe personal property found in the
safe deposit boxes where Mrs. Colton
hud kept her securities. It was after
this action on the part of Bartnett was
discovered that Sacher, on behalf of his
joung daughter, instituted the. pro
of re ings now being taken in Wash-
Eminent counsel have been employed
o:i both sides. Judge C. W. Slack of
California and Mr. Sy'm of Washing
ton representing the proponents of the
will, while Joseph D. Redding, now of
New York; J. F. Riley of California and
Coe & Donaldson of Washington are
looking after the child's interests.
Many peculiar incidents attending the
s!gning of the will, the disappearing
of the codicil and the removal of the
securities insure a long contest.
VALLEJO. Oct. 11. — From carrying
Uncle Sam's mail bags to and from the
- %^*r^f^ynjiri4 l wit* |i y'i^p | 'i^Ll<iwwwsinMilii
Mare Island navy yard to the possessor
of a fortune of $50,000 or more — all In
coin of the realrr. — is the happy transi
tion of John MeGough, a native of Ire
land, who has been .employed in this
city for the pact three j-ears. Mc-
Gough has kept his family history to
himself during the j-cars that he has
. \u25a0.\u25a0 - \u25a0 \u25a0 : '»iWgsa'^ ja^ r; g6j* i ffl Mr^*'*CS^feßfa<S
been in this city and had little to say
- \u25a0-. • - \u25a0 \u25a0 x'-''^fommgsßßßßß^mx '-''^fommgsBBBBB^m
about himself or hSs past.
Three months ago, through his ap
plying to local attorneys for the proper
proceedings in securing-hls share of a
great Irish ostate that is being divided,
the story leaked out and McGough ad
mitted the truth of it. He did not give
up his position in the yard, however,
but continued to carry the -mall, dally
until today, when he handed over — al
most sadly — the- last letters to the
clerks in the commandant's office and
walked out to the pay office, to receive
his small "check. H«; will make hi 3
future home in' Oakland and will en-
Cafce in business in San Francisco.
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— CIoudy; wind, west; maximum
temperature, C 2; minimum, 52.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Cloudy, ; unsettled
weather; possibly llgbt showers; fresh south
west wind. v . Page n
SeTeral more hold-ups reported from various
parts of tbe city. Pases 1-2
Captain -Amundsen, who slipped quietly into
Oakland Tuesday, tells of his trip .to the
Arctic. Pages 1-2
GoTernor Pardee has authorized a' reward of
$000 each for arrest of gasplpe thugs. Fare 2
Army orders reach headquarters here in the
new phonetic spelling approved by President
fiooseTelt. Ptfa 16
Live news from the various railroad offices of
city. Pare 11
Southern Pacific to build from OrOTllle Into
new orange belt. Paje 16
Southern Pacific urges prant of permit by
Supervisors for spur track fourteen blocks
long. Pas* 9
Attorney General Webb maps out plan for In
surance law In annual report to the Gov
ernor. Pare 7
Coroner's jury blames United Railroads for
defective switch which caused death of Dr.
it. C. Stoney. p»y« 16
Conboy appointed captain of police and as
signed to command of Harbor station. Pare 16
Millionaire lumberman to build on gore at
Market aud California streets. Paje 15
Representatives of leading mercantile and In
dustrial bodies prepare for great mass meeting
In Interests of San Francisco. Pare 2
Chinese laundrymen form a union and make a
demand for raise In wages. Page 16
United Railroads has filed its statement of
case with board of arbitration. Pare 2
Jack O'Erien and Tommy Burns to fight »t
Los Angeles. Pare 6
William Greer Harrison, president of the
Olympic Club, returns from an Interesting pil-
STimage to Ireland. Pare 16
Brovkdale Nymph beaten In the Hunter han-
dicap by Zienap. Page 6
Oaks score one run in the last inning and
nose out the Seals. Pare 6
Americans win the third game in the cham
pionship series. Pare 6
Portland defeats Fresno and Seattle wins
from Los Angeles. . Pare 6
Crack boxers are in training at Shannon's
quarters, near San Rafael. Faje 6
Glllett trill strive to place upon the statute
books a State employers' liability law. Pare 9
Eell denounces Uillett for indorsing Hearst Jn
Bakersfield speech. Pare 5
Hearst agrees to Tammany Judiciary nomi
nations in New York City. Fax* &
Glllett begins his campaign in the south
land. \u25a0• \u25a0 . - • . Paje 2
Labor unions offer to assist the police, in
capturing murderous thugs. Fare 2
SIIMXG. • v.
Interesting news -of development work' in
the Nevada mines. Pare 15
Doric arrives from Orient •with larje shipment
of opium and much raw silk. . Pare 11
Judge Ogden of Oakland declares Jealous wife
is better than an Indifferent one. Pars 4
Fruitvale contractor ebooU at burglar who at
tempts to enter daughter's room. Par* 4
Numerous complaints received . by pclice of
cities of Aiameda County against depredations
of crocks. Pare 4
Berkeleyan invents new language which leaves
no room for profanity. '. Faje 4
San Mateo County railroad builders carry
their disputes into court. •}'• .V; Pare 4
Mm?. Cares!. singer, is made defendant In
an ejectment suit. Page 4
Mrs. Mary Atcbison is attacked by two men
near her home In Fruitvale. Fare 4
City Attorney McElroy brands expert Mac-
Mullan as a liar and a slanderer. » Par* 7
Lone bandit holds cp Manhattan stajse and
secures express box. >-;'.'•:. A Pare 1
Cruiser California erlpplf d In engine room In
test on Santa Rarbara Channel. Fare 5
Miss Nell Hall, well-known Santa Rosa girl,
is fata"y injured by being thrown from a
colt. . , Pare 5
State realty convention In session, at
Fresno. • Page 15
Farmers of Bjron prepare to establish a tele
phone system. Pare 7
Interstate Commerce Commission decides that
Government employes may not receive half
rate on railways. Pare 15
Action Is brought to break tbe will of late
Mrs. D. D. Colton. Far« 1
Sllvelra, the banker who ' absconded with a
million, on way to Venezuela. Page 7
Booker T. Washington exhorts the colored
people to obey the law. Pare 7
New uniform adopted as service garment for
regular army. Fare, 2
Son of Vice President Fairbanks and a Pitts
burg society girl leave home- to be mar
ried. Pare 1
State of Ohio puts president . ef Manhattan
Oil Company on stand to prove ' collusion . with
Standard Oil trust. Fare 10
Cold wave breaks record in Middle Western
States. ' ';-.''.' ' Fa*e 2
FOREIGN*. .' •
Cuban provisional' government declares It' will
not meddle with Isle of Pines. ' Pare £
Upon reassembling of the Cortes, October \u25a0 20,
tbe Spanish Liberals will, raise' lssue of. church
and state. Pare 7
Bodies of terrorists burled by Cossacks . are
twice exhumed by sympathizers. ; . Fare 5
For Accommodation
of Its Patrons
-r\The, C^ll
Has Established a New
Branch Office
818 Van Ness Aye."
Between Ellis and Eddy Sts. ;
Where Advertisements
and Subscriptions will-
be received;
Secures the Express ,Box
i and Money Intended to
Pay Men in Nevada Mines
Posses Start in Pursuit
of the Daring Desperado,
' Who Bees to the Hills
TOXOPAH, Oct. 11— The stage run
nlngr from Manhattan to Round Moun
tain mart held ap by a lone bandit at
10 o'clock this' morning nnd'robbed of
the express box. Reports of the amount
In the box vary, it being stated at Man
hattan that there Tins but 9700, while
a- message from Round Mountain says
$5000 was In the box, the money being
intended to pay the Wilson placer crew
and men in other bis mines. . '."..
The robber walked, from Manhattan
along the road taken by "the stage.
When the driver and the one passenger
saw him ahead, they decided to ask
him 1 to ride. When they hailed- him
the man- swung about and leveling two
guns demanded that the express box
be. thrown put The men on the stage
were completely surprised and were
forced to comply, as they were un
armed^ The robber forced them- to
empty their pockets and ordered them
to drive on after securing the booty.
The place where the holdup occurred
is about two miles from the "Wilson
placer mine and on a sharp grade. By
the time the stage had climbed this
grade and the men had given warning,
the robber was lost In the hills.
A posse of mounted men immediately
started from Round Mountain and an
other left from Manhattan as- soon as
word was received. No. word from the
posses has been received, but it is be
lieved that the robber will be caught."
The bandit was a man of nerve, as
he .walked. along the road. In front, of
the ; approaching; stage\.with :. a... black
handkerchief tied about v his face ; ahd
his hat pulled down"; In the ' back' to
hide the mastt," '!;"-. V ' v
STEUBEXVILLE, Ohio, Octl 11.—An
nouncement .Is made here that Fred
erick Cole; Fairbanks, son of the Vice
President of the United States, eloped
frorcTPittsburg with Helene Scott and
that they were married here.- It. is
stated that Mr. Fairbanks objected to
the marriage.
. Miss Scott was a schoolmate of Miss
Stout of Indianapolis at Washington
and visited her this summer for sev
eralweeks. The Stout home is across
the street from the Fairbanks home
and the young people met. An attach
ment was followed by an engagement,
which was known to the two families.
Neither desired a large wedding.
PITTSBURG. Oct. 11.— Miss Helene
Scott Is the h/ghly accomplished daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. James Scott, who
are prominent In East End society. Mr.
Fairbanks Is a young business tnan of
Springfield, Ohio, where the couple will
make their home. The marriage is the
result of a romantic courtship of less
than a year's duration. '•
Wh«n Miss; Scott returned home
about a month ago from visiting rela
tives In Indiana It wasthe understand
ing among friends that the engage
ment of the couple would be announced
early in October and the marriage take
place In November. The young couple
have been In telegraphic communica
tion with the Scott household," and it is
learned that they will reach Pittsburgh
tonight, to remain a day or two before
starting: on their honeymoon trip,
which) it is said, will be a tour of
It is learned from . intimate friends
of the family that there was no elope
ment, the unusual wedding being 'car
ried; out merely for romantic "reasons
and the desire -of the young people* to
escape : a big wedding ceremony-
The father of the bride" is one of -the
old Carnegje i Company vice ' presidents
and at present^ is general manager of
the ' JLucy" Furnace plant ', of that • city.^
SIOUX; FAtLS, S. D.; ; Oct. ll!— At a
special/ meeting^ here today of the
stockholders of- the Queen" City: Fire
Insurance^. Company., the capital • Mock
of •'•the ; company was increased, froni
$200,000- to •$500,000. ". .This /.will enable
the/company'to pay. every- dollar 'of Jits
San Francisco losses and leave a : quar
ter of \u25a0: a*'^ million dollars surplus. \u25a0 Stock
holder's«^and- -^special repfe'sentativ'cs
from sixteen States; and; 6so agencies
were: present. . \u25a0-
C^^X^f^f-^^P A^¥^ oS£^' f/ie norf/iv/esf passage and (dcafed fhe magnetic pole, slipped quietly
intOiOaMandM^uesday. The Captain spoke feelingly of the charm of Ihe Arctic. "There is something about the
solitude, the:greaf beautiful calm, which draws one more than anything else in the world," he said.
Fvatnous \u25a0 Norweelan Explorer, ship tin . which he- mode his Arctic trlp, ; and map- show-
Numerous Holcl~Ups
Captain of Detectives Duke has.de
clared war •on ? the I yeggmen, believ
ing that ; this class of criminals' is -re
sponsible for much of the crime that
has been committed in tiiis . city
within the last few weeks. Last night
Duke detailed Detective Deiman from
the upper -office", to 'make : a . thorough
search "of • refugee camps '.in { quest
of - the : notorious , criminals. \ . . ;•; • . _;.
- Every, yeggrrian' knowvi to the police
will be" arrested; and" questioned;Tahd
if- he cannot :, rive a . clear > account of
himself he "will ;^"<,held-Tpending'/ian
investigation. '. Duke , • is .positive ..that
the \u25a0'\u25a0•• information; \u25a0.received-
from .Spokane': is correct "and* that /a
band of- Vyeggmen"; from : ; the 'North
west is " operating ;,witK; great .^success
in San iFraridsco/ ' Duke has < enlisted
the aid .of - Pinkertbns ; in . the : search
for. thejyeggrhcri. . ; \ i'}%,\- li'l-.
Captain / Duke's first ; day'^i as : head/, of
the detective: fcrce; ;was .extremely
busy one. * '''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Five -more hold-ups 1 were
reported,*--, some"- suspicious » characters
were -taken' into custody . and' atyalu^
able ciew/obriined which may*' lead to
the "arrest jof j one) of : the , gf spipejmurf
derers. Jn/none^of the hold-ups. were"
the ": victims -'\u25a0 beaten, ; but } the \u25a0\u25a0* footpads,
though :' morc^considsfate irr^hat re
gard, included fa \ woman ' in their daily
routine.'.' : - : ;-"- " /.' : --:. -\u0084.; , :.- - :
\ 'The; clew; to^the gaspipe;rhufdercr
which "s the J police consider of great, im-.
j?ortance*,was furnished by, two; women
occupying the dwelling : at the north
east ; corner . ..of-'. Bush :.and; Laguna
streets.- The _V6men ; observed a ' young
man vwho - walked ; to and - : fro } before
the ; dwelling; glancing occasionally
into the yard. Suddenly he^threw ; *a
package over the : fence . arid then] hur
rie'd^away. "The police were <= hastily
summoned, , and ! upon '."examination
found .that -the package 'contained: a
Heavy/ window-weight, v smoothed "fat
one . end and -having ithe . appearance of
an 1 improvised bludgeon." ' -V-'\. j * '
<^The ;'-'worrijn'- furnished "., an .' excellent
description of , the -man -and. U; tallies, in
many/ ways' with thejdescription -of -the
bi\u te : who - attacked *-W^ O. Hops'bn, 5 the
Jll'ciunon'd hardware. merchant,. on; Tues ;
day/ at noon." BothVmen ...were- about ,25
years i'of rage.vof : light .complexion; and
s'mb'o th • shaven/ JBoth.wore-blue" serge
suits dnrrdark. alpine -hats.' ' - •» •" ' >
-%'bne ,6t the .robberies which "came to
the" attention of ;the police"'.' yesterday
occurred on Saturday night. .^Edward A;
Meeley, '• a carpenter residing -'atV 1059
Tenneisee street, was the. victim^ ; ' Mee'4.
ley, was on his- way. home,ibufwhen>he
reached Seventeenth'and Bryant streets
he* was' halted by two ; footpads.; While
one*' held -a.pistol close to- Meeley's head
the other, went thi-ough the carpenter's
pockets* abstracting^ •therefrom ; $23.
The fact that -the. dollars .'reached "the
popular, number "23"-% appealed ; to j,the
sehsec;6f. \u25a0humor? of -the ;thugs... :They
joked* with .their victim,": told -him, he
Avas-'ubliglns ifcp stand so quietly and
' '-' ; : '*-'.- ii : i \u25a0'. - '. ' . \u25a0" ' ' - '-'..'\u25a0
said^ they /.would • return > some , of -I the
I coin \u0084werejit r not'- for: the; fact that they
! heeded'.it;themselyes.V.Then. one 'of the
ine'n 1 asked^Meeley. for 'his "watch. vexamined>lv ex
amined>It > and . returned' it,: remarking:
"This- thlns" ? isn't' worth packing "off."
Sudde*n)y changing-'their tone,' the high
waymen, -with r a volley • of .oaths, , com
manded :Meeley-' to 'disappear down' the
street. - The carpenter obeyed. . •
'\u0084-", ..WOMAX, FACES PISTOL.
\u25a0, "Mrs.; J." C. : Robinson was'the woman
included .in yesterday's - list of holdups.
She.is;a, refugee and resides 'ln". the- Foil
spin-street : camp Jatt Nineteenth' street.
She" was at work about her tent yester
d?yV^o^insT^nd»^"*? < ? enly turned to
flnd^hSf self " looking' into the" t barrel of
"a i;slg -jblue^Tplstol.'*. . The ; footpad de
manded " her \u25a0 rings ' and' money. ' Mrs.
Robinson endeavored to draw the rings
from*, her? fingers', .but she was unable to
do- so. .She then offered. her unwelcome
visitor -\u25a0: a" \u25a0'silver'" dollar. "Hej eagerly
grasped' lt'andjhastened away.
Ernest Adams" was held up as he ap
proached^ his home" at" 2560 Mission
street at'an" early hour yesterday morn-
Ing. He" was "forced to give up $10, all
the money, he had on his person. ,
\u25a0 ,'Hcnry^ Auerbach. a . member of the
Bishop troupe of players of Oakland,
ran. in to .'two -masked 'men' at the corner
of' Market; and California streets while
hastening . tp,i ae. ferry.. to . catch a late
boat ; ,for," Oakland. Auerbach was- or
dered "to, hand , : over .his money. When
he I " failed ,to v comply"v,rlth the "speed "de
sired •"her, was : commanded .to hold his
hands; aloft.V while one lof the. footpads
Continued ?on * I'agc 2, Column 4.
/^tincle Sam. is a champion traiL
Read of how foreigr«
*trom many nations are ber*
trained at Annapolis, in
'\u25a0 '\u25a0 THE SUNDA V CALL.
opeaks Modestly
; of His Great
Hanna Astrup Larson
Captain Roald Amundsen, the ynuns
Xonregian, whose feat of locating ft
notly the magnetic pole and complet
ing the .Vorthwrtt Passage, has been
told by dispatches* and correspondences
from the north, and whose coming; to
San Francisco has been lons heralded*
Is now In Oakland. He left Seattle last
Sunday mornlas and slipped quietly In
to Oakland on Tuesday morning. It !•
Captain Amundsen's wind to remain
quietly In the near neighborhood of
Nan .Franctnco nnt!l he can be joined
by hN companions on .board of the
Gjoa, who are noir, en the nay to this
port. With characteristic nnselflshaesa
he docs not wish to have any festivi
ties In connection with hln Journey take
place before they can be shared by tal»
companions who . shared all the hard
ships of tbe trip with him. The ex
plorer's brother,' Captain Gusta-r
Amundsen, _Is with him now, bavins
come all the way from Norway to Joia
his here.*./
Captain Amundsen values more than
ahyiOther^testlrnpoy ,to his work th«
declaration of ..Professor.. Schmidt of
the meteorological observatory In Pots
dam. "Germany, to the effect that th«
Gjoa ; trip is ' the most important polar
exploration of .the century.
The Gjoa will probably be left in
Sari ' Francisco, \u25a0as it would be too ex.
p'ensive 'to' take her around the Horn.
Captain Amundsen has received let
ters-'from various Eastern cities which
are anxious to do Jilm 1 honor.
., The orders were to make Captain
Amundsen talk about himself, an easy
matbM^. one might thlnk.'since most of
us_ smaller fry wax more eloquent on
the s.bjeet -of -'ourselves than any other.
Not so -the discoverer of the/ Northwest
Passaged "indeed. Roald Amundsen is
the last person. he talks about.
Nevertheless, he- consented to talk
about himself when I saw him last
night at the' J horhe : of 'his friend. F.
N. Smith. 1143 Filbert' street, Oakland,
where he'has been staying since his ar
rival in Oakland on Tuesday morning.
The captain had expressed his pleasure
at being accosted In the Norwegian
language and had promptly begun to
interview the interviewer. Upon'being
reminded that he was himself the topic
of discussion* he talked easily" and
cjuietly, though interrupting himself
once In a while to say, "But do you care
to hear this?" Ke was sitting in his
characteristic atltude, one arm thrown
over; the back of his chair. There was
the-loosely jointed frame. 'not very tall.
the sandy pointed beard and the promi
nent Teutonic nose, , familiar from 'bis

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