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j j — — — — — - ~ _
"When Landsmen in Uniform
Took a Fighting Ship to Sea,'- a
clever illustrated story of the San \u25a0
Francisco Naval Reserve^appears
• \u25a0\u25a0.': .
! 11l j
VOLUME. C— XO. 135.
Two Young Morphine Fiends Susp ected of Gaspipe Murders
Citizens Are Gathering Evidence Against the Police Department
Schoolgirl Prowls
Through Night,
a Burglar.
Enters 'Dwelling to
Steal and Is Caught"
by Owner, v:
Arrested In the . act of looting ] \u25a0
!:ct;>e, 14-joar-old » Tessile - Herncn, a
Kchool^lrl In abort dresse*, made a re
irarkablj confession to the police last
tilght. [l it.::
Clairalne to be tbe victim of Irre
hlrtible tmpblses'wbicb make be'r leave
twer iioißf and go alongr dark streets,
trying; -tlmorv., the srlrl iaade . volnntary
adinfksica-of ilie. burclar>' 1» wiilrh site
v, as detected, toxretfcer -Mlth the de
tails, of anot.lifr _«bich lias lirrn pur
;i!n; tbe police for " the last three
Heloa !Ives vrith, her widowed another
at 3111 Wc-liStcr street. 1 -It was short
ly after 9' o'clock last. Bight when
Tliomas • Cur|«»y heard footsteps, -in : a
front room of.h'.s horne_*at_2.o72_ Union
street. Gplr.g cautiously to the door
\u25a0*-ay, and peering in., he .was surprised
to find the. girl in the act of' searching
the room. He hurried inside and
grasped fieri by'an'^arm and saw that
sh« had already, picked up ; a prayer
book wbich had been lying on a bu
reau. -;- \u25a0•;•• . — \u25a0 :&'.~;:^
Curley went outside and blew a
whistle' which summoned. Patrolman
Jack Sull'van.who took the girl to'thc
Central police station. - There- Helen
admitted ithat she hadentered'the Cur
ley home for the purpose of stealing.
The san\« impulse that impelled her to
this, burglaov she r said, prompted her
to steal a gold watch \u25a0 and fob .from
the. home, of Mrs. M. R. Hall at 2005
Greenwich street, three weeks ago. .The
latter burgjary. \u0084she eald. happened
about 10 o'clock at night. - • \u25a0
"Once I stole the. watch, l didn't have
any use for It," she said. '.'lt had a
nice monogram \u25a0on it, and I ' couldnH
help taklng.it once I. had .entered: the
house. I gave It to my aunCKatherine
Hernen, who. works for . the Cooks at
3616 Washington street., I7"toldI 7 " told her
that It was given to me by an uncle.
Sl-c didn't know I stole It
"I don't know what maices me steal.
I never think about It in the daytime
when lam at school, but: as. soon as it
gets dark something makes me go: into
the streets and begin to try doors. - I
try not to do it. but it's no .use. •[ I
simply can't resist the feeling that tells
me to steal... No one at home, suspects
me of It." 1
From what the police have been able
to learn Helen's mother." Mrs. Sadie
Herncn. is a hardworking .'widow, wrio
does her best to provide for,and.edu
cate the girl. They-do, not'thilnk: her
aynt had any suspicion that' the ; watch
had. been stolen by Helen,* but are in
vestigating the matter. -.1:.. i. l: .. i -\u25a0'\u25a0'.. ; \u25a0\u25a0
Helen was "detained ,at- the : Central
Emergency- Hospital.Vbeins: "placfed" in
*h*Tse cl th* matron.
The San Francisco Call.
YESTEEDAT-7-Clear;' west., wind; .maximum
temperature. 70; minimum. »52.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; .'continued
warm;, light north wind. Paje 6
Masonic Grand Lods? elects -of fleers and ap
polnts committee to B«rure' temple site. Page 14
Acting Mayor GallagJier s that he" trill
] not allow committee of safety to ' Introduce 1
lynch law. Face 2
Hljrb Insurance rate uptown / and ' Ugh rentals
in burned district are evils retail \u25a0 merchants
fsce. ' , Pa r e 5
President of Works Board • stops ; running "of
cars on . Stanyan '{ street between , Fulton . and
Hayes. : ' . Pa«a 14
Coroner's Jury censures' United . Railroads .for
not baring fenders on car that -killed -Helen
TJmMd. .... f Page 13
Saloon man with revolver, routs : thug .who In
tended to 'hold him tip. • ' Page 2
Amateur sleuth captures a special.' policeman
as a hold-np man. - Page 14
' Detectives -have* 'been -engaged.' In ' cojiectlng
evidence of police collusion with criminals ou
whleb citizens* committee will . base V future
prosecutions. . \u25a0 \u25a0' '"* Pajo 1
Three men are seriously Injured '/by • being
brushed off a car on • the O'Farrell-street
line. Jt '^~-Z', ;• , Payo 9
Two young men arrested on sucplclon o*l»einr
implicated in gaspipe murders. j P»ge»,- 1-2
8-Tewle Ilerner. schoolgirl, makes .remarkable
confcssSon" of "robbing houses to'i^lice. v "PcgeT
\u25a0 Kraest H. DenicVe." who shot and] killed 'a
man last April, is held for trial. - P»ge"l
'.Lick and Lowell football teams- to ; play'to
day. Far*:-'?
Coaches •of Berkeley and Stanford pick 'teams
to play first Rugby game. • " .^ Pas* 7
. Commuters • show 'how the j game fche'uM ' not
be. played and lose to' Seals.* J \P£jr*!7
'.; Roseben -only horse' ln^ the Msnhatiaa •• han
<3!osr> at-Xlelrnout Cark..' ' '' L " ' / * Page ' 7
• La<y- Jooclyn foaptures steeplecbaar ; by*;f«it
ronj on ; tke • flat, "• .* - \ ; ,' '\u25a0 '\u25a0 \u25a0' •*•\u25a0'-' t. • " Pago 17,
-Sweet .'Marie-' tails' t« lower l : b«f i own.* record.
of, 2":^: ..'.'."\u25a0. '-.:- *\u25a0\u25a0•: ':;r ,}:,.. S;*£x*\l
' r ' Chicago Nationals tie- with tbe ' Amtric-ins , In
chimplonsMp^ series;.: ;7 * ,: " :' - Page
' J Kr**no- loses ]to - rortUng and t Reattl_c'^trlnj»
the* Angels. '~~i '; : '\u25a0 " , , ' ; > \ 1 "\u25a0 ' /'• ' * •'\u25a0 i V^e*"- 7
'^Sam.Berfrer, w-11l bq up. to. date^in his trajninc
methods by using an automobile. \u25a0 Pago 7
POLITICS. ' \u25a0'- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' i V;'
Republicans confident , of , election . Of/ GUlett
for Gorernor. \u0084'J !...«. / P«-K«,.3
Theodore A. ; Rell . falls to secure/ eipected
crowd at Santa Ana. ,' . Page 2
Gillet and Langdon met ajt ..San • Bernardino
and Gillett. draws the big crowd. Page 2
SOCIETY. ~ ' \
Engagement of Carl Schilling of Oakland find
Miss Genevleve Isaacs announced. ; Paige r 4
labor.' §|;^ ;.,">l ? ]';,./ , ./ ..'
\u25a0 - Differences between . millmen " and ' owners 'is
settled and workmen' get $1 • ralse/after •thirty
days. - . , , p &?e g
Rich strikes reported In the new mi nine:
camps of Nevada. , • ' ' . Pa.;e 6
Japanive- liner \u25a0 Nippon ' Marui sails ; for the
Orient wUh x many passensers. - '. Page 0
siburuax. • '".'•. y-y ; ; f, '
Superior Jiulge Melrln. who, was.' inJurr-U In
auto accident. . resumes' . duties. ." 4
Miss Elizabeth .Wright elected -eapt*in^ and
Miss Marian «'raig chosen mansgerof, tbe Uni
versity of Callfdrnia bdsket bill team. • Pa^e'4
Spanish" missionaries cross ocean and 'continent
to;wed,'in-'Ca]ifprnia., .-. „ . ."' . .-Page. 4
Eastslde police \u25a0 department stirred by reports
. of, many.' thefts. _ ........ . . _ Pa f • *
\u25a0 Woman • burn*d* in Oakland ty explosion of
aa '.alcohol .stove. •.- '. .„' ." c. i ' "Page 4'
• Pytbians will dedicate a new. castle, in O»i-.
land 'next month." ' ""'\u25a0''- ' Page *
- Oaklind' City 'Councilmen » favor - further' In
crease Jns the police .force*. • '. . . ' Page 4
.• «ot -headed Alameda .youths with Hlsts
In rivalry over girl. ' " ." ' ' Page 4
-- ?ire'-»ln' South- San -Fr*ncisco ' destroys "four
buildings valued at J $50,000. .'-..„ Page 4
Oakland real" estate . dealer' Is* scalded* to
death-ln^a bailitub. * * Page 4
coast' • - \u25a0" — ." *\u25a0• ''\u25a0 y ' \u25a0"\u25a0'" ..;
•Several'^posses : are . searching \ for -the • lone
bandit. jrho-Tneld- up • the Round . Mountain .'and
Tonopah" stage.' "* *. " v " " "P»*fe 3
QfuUef^CaHfornla- ordered- to return -to ' San
Franclivo . for . repairs. . - . \u0084 • \u25a0 * ; ~Page 8
'.. Ixjpis,. Danzig,., former Sajr.Francisco^mercbant. .
dies' a pauper at Reno.' . \ - ' \u25a0 ' Page -3
DOMESTIC. ' _._ *|._.,"
• Asiatics lire driving whites to the wall In
Hawaii. 'safs^Labor; Bureau 'Bulletin; -,'• Page 1
Mr». : Oollls P. Huntlngton- pays $20,000dutv
on igems ; on ' arri vaUJn • Ne «•. York. ' • • ' S Page 3
Steel- magnate Cory ls-to "marry Miss Oilman
In Paris. "Page 2
Count Witte announces in; Paria" that 'he will
never return, to power.' . \u25a0'? Page"3
American Peace » Commislson 'is given • recep
tion on eveof Its departure -from "Cuba. -Page.*
Accommodation :
of Its Patrons ;
the Call
Has - Established a New
Branch Off ice "
818 Van Ness Aye, X
Between Ellis and Eddy Sts. r
Where Advertisements
-and:' Subscriptions' will
be received i
-d U a- - \u25a0' *^"*>4 -".\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0• '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -i= ; -r
±>uu etin 01 Goy eminent
I Ikbor \u25a0;\u25a0 Bureau . :-. Tells" of
I Orientalism of the
Japanese Have; Ad vantage
• Because Their Main jßiyal,
I the \ JExcliided
WASHIXCTOX, , Oct. IS— ''BeVneeii
depression' and 'Asiatic* competition -the
whites -iire_ belnß driven out of Haunll
and'the Asiatic* are .succeeding:. It, is
a Mructde for survival, vrith the white
element r - slowly * and; steadily^ losing;
pnmnd. In mercantile grounds. In tlac
fields of labor and in small farming
alike the experience Is the name."- . -
; "This observation. \u25a0 contained'in:a'»bul
letin' issued today by the [Bureau* of
Labor,' summarizes the' results *of "an [
investigratio'n *ofj_the i "prlentalizatlon^ or 1
lower -standard of living:; and '.protected*
from competition in their own. class iby'j
the Chinese exclusion law, the Jafyan- \u25a0
ese, according .^Jo . this report, ' ..'.'havpj'
secured v a. preponderance "7 among- ;the ;
plantation, workers which .creates Isd-]
rious ,;. difficulties. ' of ./-. administration,'
renders, plantations liable to great. loss
4)y.*«tf ikes' and /has \to a' certain • extent
'taken out .of'* the- hands of . overseers
,and '^managers \u25a0 the ; control \of; T the -ad-,
iKJJLniatr atibh.'4^w^V' ' J~.r~^~.. .* <^> ;; * ' \u25a0 : Ck L; -J/
*.< .- The' report shoves' that 'building .work ;
>ls abdiTt ' 25* per fcert V cheaper ' than; that |
dqiife : byt wh 1 , t €. litbdr !uhder r*Hf tev'd 1r M -
,tion. : v^Great . bitterness • is/f feit by [trie
white" mecliahic 'and' sniikll 'white* njer
chant at. their "own "displacementl r "This
has 'produced*, a vfeeilng that.
white_ Jabor in j this new * territory
shQuld be.protected, against the 'kind of:
competition represented by_ the Asiat-:i
ics. '-"The Chinese biting "excluded, ;the;
Kbreans'. .who. have 'enter e'd inrconsid-.
erable numlJersV during, the .last \five ; ;
years, are the'only. Asiatic rivals of;the':
Japanese other than the'Chinesc already'
residents in .Hawaii., >,:..;.., : '
- 'Ernest' H. DenlcTtc, theson. of Mil
lionaire, E. A. Denicke. was^vestcrday
held'for- manslaughter -for <the -killing
of an unknown man at the junction of
Batte'ry,^East-randyLonib"ard streets on
the afternooji of April 20.^' Judge Law
lor, .before whom \u25a0 the preliminary
at, .$lO,OOO. .1 \ '.'\u25a0 /*"':•\u25a0 j5 X [
Judge Lawlor.-'discussed ,the details of
the' shooting* at sdrno"jength and det.
clared that the 'defendant could find
no Justiftcation for •the'act' committed,
either -by 1 , -virttie^of^his "official • char
acter as aj member of the State Uriivcr
slty'Cadets ;or- under ;th'e r 'authorlty
Mayor ;Schmitz'a J ,proclamation. of .mar
tiai.iaw.-;.,: a;; 5^ V. \'\u25a0\u25a0'/.r..'v..\ '\u25a0\u25a0'/. r..'v .. -. ; ;
..."In. my; judgment, .neither- In. thought
nor .deed , was a the., deceased; guilty ;of
anything . which" would "justi/ y- tlie »ac
tion or the 'defen'danV," ' declared Judge
Lawlor. "I •am .{equally "\u25a0; convinced , "^hat
there -was "nothlngj in"-' the • appearance
of 'what the •unfortunate man-d'id:which
would; justify:. .the ."that -.he lyr'&k
endeavoring , to do anything, other, than
to' avoid -thevinjnictionjof "injury upon
himself.. \,He'' was 'thoroughly^" fright-'
ene'd ; *and and.- was, simply
endeavoring' to- get away: cThlstis^sb
clear^fVom''; the evidence : that the! ac
tion ;*of" the defendant'isyinexpiicablo
upon any 1 rational^ theo'ry^ 1o1 ot > jusUfica*
tlon. \,\u25a0 --'\u25a0 ~'\" '"". '.'''"\u25a0.- ; ; ' -*'V:
r . "Theact of , 'shooting .was undoubted
i ly^ddrie with deliberation and •premedlr"
tat'lon.* ." The t defendant ia '.quoted by
one :of ithe • witnesses ' as 'declaring; that
! heshot to kill/ - yr- ;^; v: ;. f . J \;r
moxtpelbe'volcano] ' ,*--;•' - ! . -
\u25a0 ' *'" , '^ ' f ..'\u25a0..' ". .'.
Dense .* Volume;, of , Ashes v_ls ; .Emitted
.From.' the ' "Crater J and; Surrounding ":,
\u25a0 : Y Country. Is Covered With Dust. "
\u25a0 BASSETERRE/^ Island, of ' Guadeloupe;
Oct, . 1 2.— A violent ' eruption*" yester'day^
of \ the 'I Mont ' Pelee lyolcanoi 1 ' Island/ of
Martinique," caused v a" rain of 1 a*shes over,
the "southeastern ;?; part-off Ga'u'deioupci:
The - Souf rlefe A'olcano •' on'l' this '.-i island
showsf'nofsigns of 'f j ixO '
• ST. THOMAS. jD^W/'l^Oc'tXlS^T-Frdrn
'October 6^to October 12 (the'atinoVphef e
here ';.- was . thickly chargedl? with refine
volcanic :ishe&,", equal 'in with
those observed, 'during * the .' worst 'erup^.
tlons' of -Mont-. Pelee.! which "ttPvarentiy
~i • m \ T"*7T l 'iffiWiMi'iiwll 111 l 1 1 iLVil
/^OLDIE-HERBERT -and John MeranHa, young , men Who: formerly worked ay messenger boys, are under arrest on
vJsi«pi(^h;bi<;being ;-:"gaspipe;murderers/^.- ; •">:'-^V-.- .#\u25a0;" ;' ' *- * *
I7\USINESS men^employ detectives to search out evidence : in Police Department, and preparations are made - for - a
BARTENDER; in saloon at First avenue and C street, by quick .disjplay, of revolver, puts to flight a thug who drew
bludgeonV :" _•; \u25a0. " - ', " '•'.": \u25a0 \..-~'. •.-.""• \u25a0- ' ' '' '-''^^^^^ \u25a0'" : .. \u25a0
.Two - gaspipc muider 5 suspects .'an J the house in , Golden Gate avenue : in which * they", were* captured.'- Cross mdi.
\u25a0-•-• cates^ 1 entrance vtoi that .part ;of ,tlie .buiiaing ."in, which Tthcir room is located. ••:•• ? i:y£*J '\u25a0-- . .
.'.'; The police believe^ that they have ; in.: custody the murderers tof Johannes Pfitzner,'
the McAllisterrstfeet p^erchant; whose grains were beaten out \yitn y a window weight and
his place roto
who^mirclere^^^ the Golden Gate Bank on
O'FarrellJ: street,^ and AitMs;tbelieved^thajt ;they\ have knowleHge \of - the three crimes
which VJ aroused ! .the ( elntirle f city;.; The evidaice at. hand- connects the ;rnen more
closely witH-t^-Pfitzner I murd^
iiam \u25a0 \u25a0 Frlede, : : the '\u25a0/\u25a0 Market-street mer
chant, who was vbeaten^to death *an"d
robbed \u25a0by the » gaspipe i bandits. 1 ": ' V
• While the.poiiceV'wilirrriake.an 'effort
(o connect": thersusp'ects with ', all thr.ee
of the brutal r murders which' have, thus
far led rnpletejyj,baf flea :':the" detectives.
the"; information -at "'this sta^e \u25a0.would;
indicate -that;, the. prisoners -were 'dl -
rectly ; concerned *\ In . the '£\u25a0 robbery r and
murder/of jJohannesjPntzner. --.•> \u25a0-.;- -.] ,
Detectlves-O'Day.andßyan, lrho arc
tryinic'" r tbV weave A a -web x : of '.I e'yldcnce
abou t V the ««*;>ects), 5 say., thnt .the "two
men under arrest, if ; not the murderers
ji anted, ,- are'; desperate ; criminals:'
- . "From, t he ' present In dlcat lous," '. said
Detective ' Kyan, j..*'** !:T roul^i. npDelt . r ; ns '\u25a0> **
these' men* .Were 'concerned r in' Pfitz'ner'a
murder.'. .Tnere.f Isj also evidence ,con
n ret lifß - th em^Wlth -. the ; other murders.
\u25a0esslonVto'f make us \u25a0 absolutely certain
that these >"«» have "been 'caKased \u25a0in
Wrongdoingr, [upd thnt ; they have 'avoid
... \u25a0 .\u25a0• , -S-. -\u25a0-•-'\u25a0\u0084'»» <•*"'.".\u25a0/'•* \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0''-! •'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0*\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 "'1 ••:*\u25a0; <-\u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0»• ';
cd . tlieV police onfall, occa«lons an^ir In
fear of : arrest." At this time we do' not
. -.. ' . - - \u25a0\u25a0 -,- .--.r"~s .-\u25a0\u25a0...-;-, ..-..,•- \u0084 .j, 1-r-w'-- .^-j«
rrlsh* to V make ran ;^oi v our information
public, \u25a0"\u25a0but 'In *a.-.dar!:«r ylivo r unnaual
developments maj- be expected.*'- ' v
\u25a0\u25a0< »,,-.*. -\u0084- . :,:;,\u25a0 VI--';.--. '^^'Sf~^ n \-wf.\ \u25a0\u25a0-\u0084
• ",»..Tho-nuiiiVs', of .it!i«i'..two,rfieniunderia'r r -'
are; GoldleiHerbert'ttnd John Meraiida.'
•Both '•- suspects'; are mature men, but
have at various, times woVked.'as raes-'
senger -boys.: They were ? arrested ; In
\u25a0Los Angeles together' before they ;cafne
to-this^city^": The house where
men - were .taken ;into custody ; by De-^
tectives Ryan "and O'Dowd is 1137 A'
Golden -.Gate " avenue. .For more than
tenf days since the bank robbery the'
:men : have, been } in* hiding'; there, never
out -during - the daytime.
r an"d : orily'coming ; forth , at night,' when'
the '.'mother ' of \u25a0 Herbert'^ had ; made i a
careful ' inspection of the neighborhood!
to see \u25a0 if . any -policemen were: In ! sight.-
first "attached -itself "to the' 1
.two / men -'on ; account - of ' their ' f ear;- o*f J
'daylight /and . of the : police, and their
"peculiar"^ actions. ,- Both - men .dressed:'
In the - height .of t fashion, , ; and at ; all'
times had plentyiof. money., Patrolman
Thomas ' Flynri .watched ;tlie^~ two i men i
depart^during the early* hours -of tha :
night, i and i. saw thonr. stealthily: return.*;
HeTsaw^Mrs. Herbert, mother of one
of the 'suspects, emerge every p » even-'.
'ing;'iTJake^a[s"urvey of tlie hcighborhood
"and return.?::.; ff; a> v pollce:iian was*, in '
"sight the ? two . .well-dressed- youth's
wouifl'Tcri^aln' in": hiding "until the' coast'
>ij \u25a0-+.--,'- ---',\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0; '\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0:-\u25a0 \u25a0 - - :.;. -•' ;";• -;
;waS'Cleui'., \u0084, ' -» \u0084 -\u0084, \u25a0 .-. -;.: I ' v, '
' po lice
.:. "A ' /Seyeri-rMile Over
the Hardest Course in the World,"
a story of Ythe great "Dipsea :
Indians',",, race, with remarkable
photqgrapn^, is in
headquarters , Detectives fO'Day, Ryan
and O'Dowd^ were 'detailed onTthe case
in - 'conjunction' with" Policeman Flynn.
who" took, the :. first' information ;to head-,
quarters.; watching the actions
of : the 'men'for forty-eight hours the
detectives ; decided that' .there was sonie
tMng wrong, and - yesterday they . ar
rested I the ; ; men while \u25a0 they . lay In bed
sleeping*, off •- the '.wearfness' caused by
prowllng'ti»e city 'at- night. .
VWhen ". the offlcers -forced their way
Into • the" room . .where. Herbert "and.
MeVanda asleepTa! sight met their
eyes^which;convincedj".them that they
had;;! desperate "*.'*\u25a0 crlrnioalsV-, cornered.
. whether .jOr rtof they 'were the'murder
ers of the two'- mercrtants .and the one
banker,'^ .whose" -lives'- were taken .-by,
bludgeons.- ," .There were three suits of
stylish.clbthes in the room.. There were
alsV'hatsVof all-,descrlptions^ Derbies,
white liats, ; : soff hats'.i brown, hats and
felt \u25a0 hats ' were . In evidence. From -the"
assortipent'a style of. hat flitting "any. of f
the .-varied '-descriptions "of head£reikr'i
worn by- the • murderous -robbers could j
be"' chosen. ' T'.ie : fact"; that there were \
so-many hatsat;once-!edth-i detectives \
CuuttiiuctJ eal'aje 2, Colutua i, " ;
Citizens »\u25a0 Detectives Are
After Material on Which
- 1 0 ' Brin^ Prosecutions
Mass-Meeting Willße Held
; Today to Name, a Com
mittee' of One Hundred
Private detectives. in the employ of
the leading business men, who- ; are
preparing to form the citizens* com
mittee, are working in the Police De
partment, securing evidence that will
be of aid to, the committee of one
hundred that will be named today.
, A* great mass-meeting of the citi
zens of. San Francsico will take place -
this afternoon on Union Squar«-to
consider, the i naming of the
tee of one hundred,* from which the
\u25a0^gecutive^ committee will fe chosen.
•Encouraged by the offers of moral and
fiftandaljal-d from 'the 'merchants and
industrial : bodies of the "city, a sys
tematic* campaign * will be inaugurated
to clean up San > Francisco.
.' .Already ,the members are reported as
feeling 1 the hand of Ruef.fn the for
mation of^the" plans. It Is the feel
ing of more than one member of th«
preliminary committee of flve'.that has
been meeting from day to day that the
opposition that was made to resolu
\u25a0 tldns calling: for the cleansing: of the
city came from men in the pay of Ruef.
and preparations are - being made to
thwart such influence In the great
meetin.s today.
.The committee on chairman met yes
terday afternoon at the Merchants' Ex
change, and although several names
are 'mentioned, the most likely appears*
to be Rudolph Spreckels. It is inti
mated that it but remains for t Mr.
Spreckels to signify his acceptance of
the position. The other names con
sidered'are those of F. "W. Dohrmann,
W. A. Doble. William Greer Harrison.
Raphael* Welll. H. "Weinstock. Percy
Morgan and James D. Phelan. It Is
probable that many of these will de
cline through .lack of time to devote
to the formation and work of the com
mittee. The permanent chairman will
have the naming of the committee of
one hundred, which will In turn name
the executive committee, and both
bodies wnl be busy night and day.
The committee on selection of chair
man will meet this morning at the Mer
chants': Exchange, and it is possible
that no report on a chairman will bo
made. In that event a list of the fore- 1
going: names will be presented to the'
meeting for its selection...
In seciJrlng evidence In the Pollc*
Department, the first work has . been
to secure a list of the' gambling dena
and brothels that are paying .tribute
to the henchmen of the administration.
The protection of criminals Is also be
ing Investigated, and cases .win be
made:' out against the patrolmen -who
refuse to make arrests for fear _t hat
the offender may have a friend "high
er up." ' Effort .will also -be made to
arouse public feeling and give sup
port to the"patrolmen of the lorce who
VouM'db their duty If Insured against
dismissal. The lncompetency of' th«»
detective bureau has been fully Investi
gated, aiid< steps will be made ' to ' force :
its cleaning out and upbuilding.
Offers of financial support in th»
movement to purify San Francisco have
come from Fresno, Eureka, Sacramento,
San Jose and -Santa Cruz.
Actics Moj-or Asalnat Formation of a
'.". x Committee .of ' Safety.
•/'There shall be no lynching . In this
city! and 'I sincerely hope that at -the .
meeting to'be held In Union Square to
morrbw; morning the^leaders will have '
'enough/sense to do nothing that will
Injure the* city." said Acting Mayor
Gallagher yesterday afternoon in dis
cussing, the committee p* safety which
it has been proposed should be organ*
ized this afternoon to deal with tha
criminals who now infest the city..
.. "They will call it a 'committee of
safety.'-" the Mayor continued, "but;
other cities .will call It'a vigilance con
mlttee. -.and -tliat . \vllt . do . Irrevocable
harm to baa Krancisco. It would '; a^ *i -

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