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Men With Many Hats Believed to Be
Implicated in Foul Crimes.
--, _ I
No Lynching, Declares
Acting Mayor,
Confession that the people of this city j
a.re not capable of protecting themselves,
and when I say the peopie I mean the
authorities with whom the people have '
vested the power of government. The !
plan is un-American.
"The usurpation of the powers of
i oppressing crime by unauthorized per- •
sons is a crime in Itself. I shall re
gard it as such and will not permit It.
"Should those' men desire to co-oper
ate with the authorities In rrdding the
city of thugs and criminal* I shall be
glad to have their assistance, but they
must not act Independently of the
municipality. I will not allow million
aires to take those steps any sooner
than I would allow laboring men.
There must be no violence committed
by citizens. Lynch law does more harm
than good." ,
rcderal Antheritles Hire Men to Guard
Treasure." ~ '
Orlng to a lack of confidence In the
honesty and efficiency of the municipal
administration, Customs Collector
Btrattoa fc*« etn©k>y«d f«ur heavtty
armed men to guard the Hack and the
messenger who leaves ' the Custom
house at 3 o'clock every afternoon
with the day's receipts to be de
posited in the United States sub-Treas
ury In the Mint building on Fifth
street. TheJJnoney Is in gold and car
ried in canvas sacks and varies each
day from $16,000 to fes high as $300,000.
The Collector has foreseen that unless
a strong guard is sent with the money
there would be danger that the mes
senger and his companion would be
waylaid and murdered'and the money
stolen by a gang of the desperate
criminals with -which the city Is at
present infested.
Refnses te Stop Trro Footpads Who
Held I p a Chinese.
A Chinese was held up by two high
waymen at S o'clock Thursday night
in front of the Free Library building
on Sacramento street, near Webster.
When attacked the Chinese" blew a ;
police whittle. The robbers tried to '\u25a0
search the Mongolian's pockets, but the
whistle attracted a crowd. The foot- :
pads fled down Sacramento street to
FHTmore and almost ran into a police
man, who let them go by without any
attempt to stop them. The Chinese a
few seconds later' demanded of the po
liceman that he should stop the thugs,
but h*> simply remarked: "Go on, now,
'that's all right." The big crowd which
had gathered on the street began hiss
ing and jeering the policeman, who
quickly slunk out of sight.
but our business for
the first three-quar-
ters of 1 906 ex-
ceeds that of the
entire year 1905
Typewriter* come end typewriter! go
But the Remington run* on lor ever
Remington Typewriter fompany •
1015 Golden Gate Aye.
San Francisco, Cal.
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0»\u25a0— i i » 1... -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..» \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 1 1.. i. .
Branch Offices
Will be received ta San Francisco
\u25a0 t the failovrlßK offleefi
Open until 10 o'clock every night.
Parenfa Stationery Stor«.
Adjoining S, P. ticket Office, foot
of Market Street.
A.t the Sign of the Lamp.
Jackson's Branch!
Stationery Store.
RothchlWs Branch.
Gebrgre Pre ; wltt'a Branch.
Woodward's Branch. •
Mother of a Suspect
Gives Damaging
Continued Prom Page 1, Column 0.
to surmise that they were' not so -
much for s*yle as. for disguises.
I The two men were bundled out of
jbed and ordered to dress. As soon as
they had on their street clothes It was
apparent that both pf the men an
swered In almost every particular the
description of the bank robbers which
has been sent forth by Chief of Police
The official- description of the thugs
who robbed the Golden Gate Bank Is
as" follows:
No. I— Age 36 to 40 years, looks like
an Italian, height about 5 feet 7 Inches,
weight, about 170 pounds; dark com
jplexlon, black mustache; wore a dark
suit and soft black hat.
No. J— Age J5O to 35 years, height
about 6 feet 10 Inches, weight about
140 pounds; slender build, smooth face,
light complexion; fairly well dressed in
dark coat and vest, striped pants and
a soft brown hat.
Meranda answers perfectly to the de
scription of the darker man. while Hu
bert answers to the description of the
taller and fairer man. with the excep
tion that his- hair 1s a *hade <iarker
than given in the official description.
The mother of Herbert gives more
damaging testimony against her son
than any one. She admits that he does
not work; that he is a morphine fiend:
that he always has money, and-that she
acted as lookout to warn her son of
the presence of the police. "Meranda is
known to the police and Is credited
with being fully able to commit any of
the crimes which have taken place In
the city during the last six months.
The place where the men were ar
rested ,1s but two blocks from the scene
of the Pfitzner robbery. Policeman
Jordan five weeks ago reported to po
lice headquarters that he had seen two
messenger boys loitering around PfltE
ner's place, and he believed at that time
that the youths^had a. hand in killing
the defenseless merchant. Herbert and
Meranda answer the description of the
'. messengers and »n effort will be made
to identify them as the persons who
were hanging around Pfltzmer's place
just prior to the murder and robbery.
! | Pawn tickets for several watches were
found in the pockets' of the arrested
men. The number of the -watch lost by
Pfitzner was not found tm any of the
. pawn tickets. ln the possession of the
j police, but another search of the room
[ where the Buspects were arrested may
reveal this interesting bit of evidence.
The following Is the story told to the
j police by the gray-haired mother of
; Herbert:
, "My son of late has been going out
only at night. His stepfather, myself,
'Meranda and' he all occupy one room.
" I There is but one bed there. Of late my
I son has been afraid of the police. He
j has not been working, but has always
had plenty of money. In the daytime
he and Meranda always had me _uy
their morphTne and tobacco for them. I
do not *know where . they got their
money.*" ,
Gillett and Langdon Meet
at San Bernardino, and
. Latter Receives Frost
By Martin Madsen.
SAN BERNARDINO. Oct. 12. — Gillett
and Langrdon were within three blocks
of each other when the test came to
night and while two thousand Repub
licans were shouting themselves hoarse
at the Broadway Theater, the Inde
pendence League fell to a dreary mono
tone of despair at the pavilion.
Everybody is sorry for Lang-don, for
would not almost any candidate lose
heart when only one hundred and fifty
or- so would come to hear him In one
of the great cities of the southland?
The Republicans have a decided up
per hand in San Bernardino and the
majority Gillett will receive in . the
county is estimated at twelve hundred.
There was no end of cheering for Gil
lett and Knight when they addressed
the meeting tonight and every demon
stration was made of the popularity, of
Gillett's candidacy.
Langdon and Gillett were guests at
the fame hotel and met for tba first
time in the dining-room. _
The Langdon party .planned a coup
to begin .the noise first. Gillett and
his friends quietly looked on from the
lobby until the Langdonltes had over
done the situation and had 'driven
But no empty hall greeted the. Re
publican standard bearer when he .
etrolled over to the theater ottortly
after 8 o'clock. A wave of applause,
full of enthusiastic spirit, swept 9,v«r
the audience as he took his seat on
the stage. He told 4 the j assemblage
that no one had "any strings" on him,
that he had not made a single promise
of any sort in connection with his can
didacy. He spoke of the-labor/ques
tion and made answer and gave chal
lenge to those who are eecretTy cir
culating the report, he said, among the
labor unions that he Is to be regarded
by them as an enemy. -\u25a0'
.Knight followed the standard bearer
with one of his old-time speeches and
the crowd was » thrilled by voice and
wit. .
"Gillett was nominated in spite of
William E. Herrln. if you want to
know the facts of the case," he Bald.
"If George C. Pardee will deny that he
went to Herrin . and had an Interview
with him about the nomination I will
make it a question of veracity between
myself and the Governor..
"At Santa Crus, we of Humboldt
were in a position to throw, Ruef and
his vote where it belongs, and we* re :
fused to have, anything* to do- with
him or any other boss. Gillett was
nominated independently of. the, bosses
and his record reads "clear as day." • .
It was a stirring meeting, and the
whole Orange Belt city shook with the
Closing cheers given for Gillett, Knight
and ; the Republican, ticket.- *
Piles Cured In « to 14 Days.
\u25a0 Paro Ointment guaranteed to cure any
case ltchlng\bHrid.bleedin£ orprotrudlng
piles 8 to lfoayßormoneyrefunded. 50c. •
TDLBA, Ind T.. Oct. 12.— Prominent oil men
rfceltrt reliable informal,* n from the New York
offices of John VT. Gates today to tbe effect that
the Texas Oil Company \u25a0\u25a0 and : tbe Standard : OH
Coropany hare combined to eonetnict a pipe line
from TuUa to Port Arthur.-; The Standard in to
build south to . Paris, Texac.~ connecting . there
jßitti the terminus *of the : Gates i line from tne
'palt point/ - '
To Care a , Cold In \u25a0 One Day,
Take Laxative ; Bromb Quinine ': Tablet's!
DrugglAs refund money -if it fails. .E.
W. Grove's signature on eacb/ box. J2s&*
By Quick Display of Gun
*G. P. Miller Ebuts Man
Who Draws a Bludgeon
Confronted by a revolver In ' the
bands ot bli 'Intended, victim, a ttng
who made a daring ; attempt to rob a
«aloon at the «orn«r. of First avenue
nnd C street ' yesterday. -morning v^ras
put to flight and escaped after an ex
citing chase. - \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0
George P. Miller, -who lives at Fourth
avenue and B street, Tras behind : the
bar of the aaloon when a tall man en
tered and begged a .'drink. ; He com
plained of feeling unvrell, and when
Miller consented to give him the drinlt
he asked fora special brand ofvrhteky
kept on a shelf on the back bar. _ . ,
Miller turned around and was reacb>
ing for the whisky when .he happened
to cast a glance over his shoulder. He
detected the stranger in the, act of
drawing a weapon from under his coat
and realized that he would have to act
quickly if he was to escape attack.
"I've forgotten that I have some of
this whisky opened under , the bar," he
said,- passing down as though to reach
it- • "When he came abreast of! the
cash register he snatched up a revolver
secreted behind it and wheeled quickly.
"If you move I'll shoot," he said to
the stranger. The man 'protested that
the bartender was mistaken In him
and when commanded to throw back his
coat he did so without displaying any
weapon. He kept backfng toward tlie
door and in a moment was running j
swiftly down the street, with Miller at <.
his heels. He disappeared «around the
corner of Second avenue.' where the
bartender lost track ~of him. ' -v
When Miller returned to the saloon
he found the stock of a riding wnip,
loaded with lead to add to its effective
ness as an Implement of attack, lying!
on' the sawdust in front of .the counter.
The sawdust had deadened the noise of j
this .bludgen when the man dropped,
it from his coat, and Miller in the-ex
citement of the moment had over
looked it. \ •
Miller described the ', man as being
fully six feet in height, with a heavy
black mustache. He wore dark clothes,
a black alpine hat, a blue fjannel shirt
and ragged shoes.
The police believe he Is a member
of the band of yeggmen that recently
came from the north. _ .
One of the Criminals Judgre Slogan Re
leased Is Among Them. v .
Nicholas Stafford, -one of the notori
ous crooks that Police Judge Mogan
released the other day, was arrested
in company with eigtit hard looking
Characters in a refugee- camp at* the
foot' of Van Xess avenue last; nightl
The round-up was made by Detectives
Evatt "and "Nelson at Hhe* request of
Captain ' Duke. The police have- been
on the "lookout for Stafford since his
release. They evidently do not. think
much of Mogan's judgment, in., turni
ng. him loose. /T
All the men arrested are. well known
to the police. Some of them are ex
convicts, while the others \u25a0 have been
under arrest for various offenses.
During the raid the j detectives at
once recognized Stafford as the man re
leased by Mogan. Instead of "leaving
town, Stafford has .tteen living' in -the
camp with the other suspicious char
acters. The police do not think the
men were camped there; for any good.
The names of Stafford's companions
are Walter Wilson, Stephen Mitchell,
Frank Martin, Richai'd Mathus, Charles
Browne, Frank* Douglas, Thomas Frl
genza, Joseph Summerfield.
M. H. de Youngr wsa riding we^t on" a Geary
•treot car at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon," when
be discovered sereral men removing scran Iron
from his property opposite Union. square. Know
ing that be had not' authorized the • removal of
the Iron, he left the car at l^artcin street and re-
Fsrted the' matter to the officials. at the Central
olice (station. Detectives Braig and Taylor were
detailed on the cafe and arreated Max Jackson
ot 111S Hampshire street and four Italian labor
er*. The latter were discharged on a showing
that they were simply In the employ of Jackson,
but charges of petty larceny were placed against
the latter. .Other arrests probably: will follow
today, and more charges may be • filed against
Gustarus -de Yoong. a' t>rot£er of M.H. de
Young:, and one of the founders of the Sai Fran
cisco Chronicle, died of Briffht's disease sf Stock
ton on Thursday. M. •H. "d> Young left '\u25a0 on
Stockton Immediately on the. receipt of'the;safi
news to attend to the affairs of the deceased and
brought the remains to San I Francisco (or Inter
ment. He was aged Oi years.
Oct. 12. — Fli* tonlffbt destroyed the cotton com
press here, containing 1500 bales of cotton. * Lost
$50,000. :& ;-•
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The only player that; has a - # . ] ;
Transposing Mouthpiece.
Pneumatic Hingers.
The only player with an automatic :
Re-rolHrifir Device.
The only player r that . has ; a \u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0•,-.>.-
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to equalizeithe energy and minimizeUhe^effort. : , -
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WAfkMhdflv and P owe Streets I
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WASHINGTON, . Oct. 12-—.
Army orders « Lieutenant.
Colonel John A. Hull, Judge Ad
vocate, is' relieved in the Philip
pines Division .and will proceed
ttr. Chicago for duty as Judge
Ad vacate . of : the \u25a0 department,
.vice* Major Blanton \u0084 Winshlp.
Major Walter A, Bethel,'. Judge
Advocate, ; Deparr infat. of Luzon,
Is assigned ,as Judged Advocate
of the Philippines Division. : :
Major 'Henry -' M. v!Mortow,
Judge Advocate, Is' relieved from
the Department of Colorado and
will proceed <o -Manila for duty
as . Judge Advocate ;o« the De
partment of : Luzon. '
Colonel f John ' A. '. Lunder, - ar
tillery corps, viill assume com
mand of the artillery, district of
San Francisco. | i-
Second Lieutenant 1 Robert W.
Lesher, Third Cavalry, vflU Join
his troop ' in the '
WASHINGTON, Oct.. ; 12.— The Star
tonight says: William lE.' Corey, presi
dent of the United States Steel Cor
poration, and Miss Mabel Gilman, a for
mer actress and 6inger, ; will be -married
next month in Paris,-accordingito,au
thoritative Information received Jn this
city from friends {of "both. Corey; re-,
cently leased a most' luxurious estab
lishment in the French; capital,? which
is! to be the scene of the wedding fes
tivities. •;•".•_". . :.\u25a0>:/. .\u25a0,..,.,.'..;. . . - '.-
-. Both . members ' of . family and
his business associates, are divided? in
their allegiance to his former and his
prospective -wife, but the ceremony . will
have to be> countenanced by the pres
ence of his * sister and brother-in-law
. 20 Minutes: to
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S. P. Co. is arranging time table now, and will rnn
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minutes. Commencing January 1, 1907.
•San Mateo electric cars now leave Fifth and
Market .strets • every 12 minutes and stop at BUR-
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December, A. D. 1905. and for the year ending
on that day. Published pursuant to the ; Pro-
Tls!ons of Secfton 811 of the Political Code and
complied from" the annual statement filed tvUli
the Insurance Commissioner of the State of
tdt: capital.
Amoont of Capital Stock, paid up in
Cash J300.000.00
ASSETS. "™ = ™™"" """"
Real Estate owned by Company $202,420.00
Cash Market Value of all Stocks and
Bonds Owned by Compcny TU. ISO. -to
Cash in Company's Office and tn t ..
Agencies 87.213. 90
Cash la Bank* 73.029.90
Premiums in due Course of Collection 278.532. (53
BIIU recelTable. not Matured, taken
for Marine Bisks 13,300.31
i Due from other Companies for Re-
insurance on losses already paid... 35.1-t3.til
. Total Assets .$782,430.75
Losses adjusted and unpaid $179, fiQ.oO
Gross premiums on Marine and Inland
Navigation Risks, reinsurance 100
per cent; gross premiums on Marine "
Time Risks, reinsurance 50 percent 165.171.00
Commissions and Brokerage due or to
become due 73.094. 56
All other LlaMUtle 8.413.80.
Total Liabilities $427,043.28
• INCOME. — — =— —
i Net cash actually recelted for Ma-
\u25a0 rine premiums $843,827.10
Recelred from interest and dividends
on Bonds, Stocks. Loans and from - \
all other sources 10.815.24W
Total Income $554.142.34 '
Net amount paid far Marine 1055e5.. 5702,838.88
Paid for Salaries, Fees and other • .
charges for officers, clerks, etc.... 114,492.19
Paid for State, National and Local
taxes 5,2(6.93
Total Expenditures ...$822,837.0?
• Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 7ti
day of April. 1808.
\u25a0 - JAMES H. DUNNINO.
Consul of United States. '.
464 Tenth St. Oakland, Cal.
YORK, on the 31st day of December. A. D. 1906.
and for the. year ending on that day. Published
pursuant to the Provisions of Section 611 of the
Political Code and compiled from \u25a0 the annual
statement filed with the Insurance Commissioner
Of tbe State of California.
Amount of Capital Stock, paid up la
Cash ....... ..$200.000.00
ASSETS. "' " """ '
Cash Market Value of all Stocks and
; Bonds owned by Company % >. .J343.550.p0
i Cash In Company's Office.... 2,017.33
Cash in Banks 45.129.3S
Intrrtgt do* and accrued on Bonds . 4.410.30
Premiums In due Course ©t Collection. -77,180.35
Plate Class on band...... ; 3,370 70
Account* dne for Glass sold. 88.01
.Total Assets ." .$679,076.35
Loese* la proevss of Adjustment or In
Suspense ....':.:... $ : ».Bft7 90
Losses resisted, including expenses.... 2,500.00
Gross premiums on Risks running one
year or less. $491,340.50; reinsnr- - :
anee 3O per cent 343 870 ***
All other Uabilitles 2»1209!52
Total Liabilities.... ...,i. ..;.*.. *257,13T.00
Nft. cash actually rrcelTed for '
premiums .....;>\u2666 ; .... .$450,63l 6S
HeceWed from Interest and diridends
on Bonds. Stacks. Loans and from
• alr« other sources :;..., 1ft.243.3l
Total Income. $4Qo.aot.id
EXPENDITURES. ' ' • . - -:
Net amoant paid for L««se» ...slfti.2«» ts
niTidends to Btockhold*r« :... Sft^"fS
Paid er allowed for Commlaslon « " >DWTO
Brokerage"... .....•;.. lTn-^aiT
Paid, for Salaries. Fees and other • *t*?*f 7
- charjtes for officers, clerks, etc.... .71 303 «
Paid - for State. National and Local ™ S5
taxes '-- \u25a0 ' n si* m
All other pay menu and expenditures*." 3t.eCB.4s
Total Expenditures. $47f1,172.57
Losses incurred during th? year $tfi7 20O«i I
<» w mHj^F'- ?• WI^SLOW. President.
S. .W. \u25a0. BLftTON. Secretary - - ,- •
• Sobscribed and sworn to before me, this t'th
day of January. -l!K«. "" ltta
A.-H. LA HY,. Notary Ptiblie.
H. R. MANN & CO.
464 Tenth St. Oakland, Cal

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