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A white monarch in the Philip-;
pines— he's there and his kingdom
is a wonder, as you'll see by read
ing the next issue of
VOLUME C— XO. 137.
Brave Motorman and Night Watchman Slain by a Desperate Bandit
Who Makes an Early Morning Raid on an Oakland Electric Car
Daughter of Former Amy
Crocker and Actor She
Eloped With Live Apart
Mother the Wife of Brother
of Man Whose Spouse Has
Decided to Desert Him
XEW YORK, Oct. 14. — Although no
legal proceedings have been begun, It
Is an open secret among their friends
that a separation has taken place be
tween Mr. and Sirs. Powers Gouraud,
and after a sojourn of several months
in Europe the husband returned to this
city and took up a residence apart front
his Tvlfe. who returned to her mother.
Mrs. Amy Crocker-Ashe-Glllig-Gouraud
•— wife of Powers Gonraud'f elder
brother. At the time of the marriage
In London In 1903 the bride was only 10
Tears old nnd an heiress to a large for
tune, which Trill be Increased by what
she 'will Inherit from her mother.
Powers Oouraud. son of Colonel
George Gouraud, an American who for
many years has resided In London, was
rather less fortunate from a financial
etantipoint than was his bride, and his
friends were free in their belief that he
had made as good a match as had his
brother, who had married the mother.
Gouraud's marriage to his brother's
stepdaughter made a rather involved
relationship, as his sister-in-law be
came his mother-in-law and his brother
became his stepfather-in-law, while his
bride became his stepfather's sister-in
law, and by marriage she became |
\u25a0lßter-in-law to her mother.
; - ;
Gouraud has been on the stage. He
has played in the chorus and in other
parts "for experience," his friends say,
but after the marriage such a necessity
was no longer present, and the couple
lived in a manner in keeping with the
wealth of th<? brid«. By the provisions
under which she came into her fortune
It was tied up in such a manner as to
make hei; complete mistress of it. no
matter what contingency might arise
through marriage.
After a trip to Europe Mrs. Gouraud
took up her residence with the Jackson
Gourauds a.t 439 Madison avenue, while
her husband sought his quarters else
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Gouraud are
indefatigable "first nighters." but re
cently the young woman had accom
panied them, rarely preferring ' the j
privacy of her home. She is described
as being of rather a retiring disposi
tion. It is a source of speculation
among those who are acquainted with <
the circumstances as to whether j
heredity is playing any part in the
young woman's career, for it is recalled
that her mother has made three matri
monial ventures, each attended by ro- J
mantle and unequal conditions.
Powers Gouraud was married to
Gladys Crocker, daughter of Amy
Crocker ar.d her husband, R. Porter
Ashe, with whom she had eloped in
ISE2, in the Church of St. Clemens Dane
in London three years ago. After a
more or less extensive tour the couple
took up their residence in this city
and they seemed happy. The good for
tune of the Gouraud brothers, who had
come to this city with nothing more
than their names and the talents they
possessed, in marrying two such
wealthy women was long a topic of
gossip. i
Mrs. Jackson Gouraud is the daugh- j
ter of E. B. Crocker, one of the finan
ciers of the Union Pacific and an im
portant member of the Crocker family
of San Francisco. After her elopement
with Afehe she obtained a divorce from
him and in 1899 married Henry M. Gil
lig, commodore of the Larchmont Yacht
Club. Their entertainments at Larch
mont were unusually lavish. A divorce
was decreed between the Gllligs in
1901 and that year in Paris she mar
ried Jackson Gouraud.
Major FTedenhaU, Accused of Irregu
larities In Philippines Quartermas- .
ter> Department, Exonerated.'
MANILA, Oct. 14.— Major Fredenhall,
who was accused of Irregularities in
the quartermaster's department and
charged with misappropriating funds,
has been acquitted, the court holding
that the charges against him were not
proved. Major. Fredenhall was tried in
the civil court. The case involved a
shortage of ?490 in tJje pay funds".
The San Francisco Call.
TESTERDAY — Clear; west winds; maximum
temperature. 66; minimum temperature, 53.
southwest wind. . Page 18
Committee of safety may proceed In ita work
without casting out the agents of Abe" Ruef In
the organization. :*-:;-; * Page It
Police are searching city to find Mi»a Lulu
Lancaster, who arrived Saturday to visit her
brother-in-law, and la In hiding under the in-"
fluence of strange man. Par* , 1
Beport gains ground that either Captain Duke
or Former Chief Wlttman will succeed Dlnan as
head of police force. Pare 14
Frank Grubert of Twenty- third street empties
rerolrer at Fred Frayer. a burglar, and - Police
Officer O'Neill makes good. arrest. .Page 3
Construction foreman fatally injured and three
other men hurt when dirt car leaps from bank
near Ingleslde district. Page 7
Walter Campbell, refugee painter, attacks
policemen who cut him down when he tries to
hang himself. Page 9
Footpads nearly wrench off railroad man's
finger for diamond ring after striking him down
In Golden Gate Park. Page 14
ReT. W. E. Dcgan declares Indifference to God
is the cause of crime in this city. Page 9
Bishop Atkins of Tennessee justifies doubt of
reasonable men concerning dlrlnlty of Christ. P. 9
John A. Mendell. son of ! late president of
the Board of Public Works, thrown from frac
tious colt and seriously hurt. Page • 7
Tbe annurl memorial cervices of the Satire
Sons' parlors of San Francisco yesterday were
held in Temple Sherlth Israel. Pag* 8
Remains of Elk&n Gunst, son of M. A. Gonst.
wbo died as result of Injuries received • in a
game of football, were laid to rest yesterday at
Borne of Peace Cemetery. -.' " .*, '?: V - Page 9
Mrs. J. Raymond and Misa Minnie Mossmeyer
are thrown from car at a/ curre on San Jose
avenue hill and badly Injured. Page 14
Marcus Blum, osher In the Mayor's office, will
go on a tour In imitation of Schmltx, but will
come-back In time to i«f. Page . S
An attempt was made yesterday by a band of
refugees at Harbor View to raid • the - com
missary tent at that camp, but ' a woman with
a police whistle scattered the raideral * Page 14
Woodmen of the World to build unique lodge
boose. ' Page 9
Police are looking for telephone girl, believing
she can clear cp Frlefie mystery. Page* 14
SUBURB AX. ' .... ;_,_. L _, ;
Motorman and . night watchman /murdered by
bandit who tried to rob conductor on Oakland
trolley ear. ' Page 1
Accommodations ! for 3000 delegates -to " the
Young People's - Interdenominational •* Missionary
Conference haTe been provided by the ' Oakland
committee on arrangements.' Page 4
Demands for dwellings In Oakland exceed the
supply and the market for small homes has
been greatly stimulated.' Berkeley and* Ala
emli make similar reports. Page 4
Contractors and unions await result of j tie-up
in Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, which has
been called by the contractors. . Page 4
Two posses are searching for an Italian named
Kervianl. who fatally Injured Thomas ! Rogers
In a street brawl last night. Page 1
Close matches played In tennis tournaments
for the Bay Counties championship* ;* on the
Golden. Gate Park "courts. Page .6
Chicago Americans beat the Windy City .Na
tionals, S to 3, and become champion baseball
team of the world. , . "Page' 7
Commuters wake up and take the Seals into
camp for a double-header. .. .Page,7
Fresno team backs Plteher McGregor '. with
phenomenal fielding ' and defeats . Portland
twice. . Page ,7
Seattle does some heavy sticking , and \u25a0 trims
the wings of the Angels by score of 7. t0 2. P. 7
Automobile Club of California will have many
propositions to consider : during ' the winter
Steamships Ro&r.eke \u25a0 and Scotia 'go ashore ' In
dense fog near Eureka. Page 3
ConTicted murderer, - sentenced jto life impris
onment, commits suicide in Bakersfield jail. P. 18
DOMESTIC. t . \u25a0
Major General : Wood is opposed to -any re
duction In the Philippine; troops.' ' Page -3
Powers Gouraud and wife, daughter of ~Amy
Crocker, have separated. • , Page '\u25a0 1
Governor Magoon's first day in office as Gov
ernor of Cuba * unattended by demonstrations : of
any -sort.".-. Page -3
Autoist on steep mountain . roed loses control
of machine and sacrifices own life to pre*«nt
collision. PageS
Pollsji revolutionists secure a carload of . re
volvers bought by Russian Government. ' ' Page 8
Members of New York Independent League
desert Hearst on discovery- that organisation . ls
-oroora tion completely, dominated by the league's
leafier. * ;Page;l
Republican managers figure that Glllett's plu
rality in State will be more than 20,000. Page 11
Candidate Gillett lays aside politics and enjoys
a Sabbath rest. _ . Page 2
Club women will strive" to improve 'conditions
In the city. Page ' 8
MIMNG. '_, ..'".;
Reports from California mines show that .work
Is progressing. ;\u25a0/-\u25a0- Page 11
For Accommodation •;
of Its Patrons
The Gall
Has Established a New;
Branch Off Ice
818 Van Ness Aye; ;
Between Ellis and Eddy' Sts.
Where Advertisements]
and Subscriptions will
be received.
Angered [by Contemptuous
Treatment Accorded* the
Delegates by - Leader
Hughes' , Campaigning.;;; for
the Purpose of Exposing
Insincerity of- Claims
NEW. YORK, Oct. # 14— Indiicnant
at the discovery that the Independence
League is a corporation completely un
der the thumb' of Its protector, Hearst,
Jl~Jl < angered by the contemptuous
treatment accorded by Hearst to the
delegates sent to htm In : Elmlra, scores
of the members are breaking: away and
Joining; 'the Municipal Ownership
This orntnfcatlon, which supported
Heamt foV Mayor in the last cam
palen, and thm had an opportunity
to, become familiar- with the aelflsb,
Insincere /Character of his candldacr,
has declined to snpport Hearst for
GoTernor. It chose . as Its candidate
for Governor, Joseph W. Cody, who
ran for Sheriff on the Hearst ticket
last fall.'. It was found impossible,
liovrewT, to obtain the larsje number
of , \u25a0lsrnatnres required, for the nomi
nation of Cody as an . Independent can
didate and la. time to file them with
the Secretary ot State before mid
night last Friday nlsht 'as the law re
quires. The Mniiclpal; Ownership
League, therefore, recruited by a heavy
defection from the disgusted member
•\u25a0'» .•* • <he Independence \ Ltagnc, \u25a0 has
.decided •to support ". H«jrhe'»<-~i;'- 'i<-.f\ .*'.-
Anti-Hearst delegations ' . 'from* -the/
Municipal: Ownership'TLeairue organiza
tion In^the "fourv Assembly" districts lot
!^M e * n ? County; have called on. Cody and
pledged to \u25a0. him their, hearty co-opera
tion : in the war upon Hearst's can
didacy. " '
Hearst's deal' with Murphy, whicJi
caused the repudiation of Hearst's can
didacy by the Independence League
party, resulted In a remarkable demon
stration In the Centra^Federated Union
this ; afternoon. , The'*head. Independ-'
ence. party convention reported to the
union that, Its; efforts "to 4 confer with
the ' lndependence League for;the'pur
pose of forming a fusion on Congrres-i
s'onal^ and legislative .candidates had
beenmet with contempt. No conference
could be^arranged, he said, and the deal
With , Tammany was being extende/1 to
Include" Tammany ; 'candidates for the
Legislature. '
: : Realizing, lthat labor had been thrown
overboard - ! for; Murphy, many men re
pudiated'Hearst in "speeches. ' Practlc
,* lly ,.. no i.sentiment • was expressed for
him.. .-Thy^result of thernieeting was
an .Irrevocabla split between Mr. Hearst
and i union"; labor as represented in the
Federated I Union.
Reports from, up the State show that
there is v plenty of work ahead of the
Republican's:.' - The reception which
Hughes' received , In Fulton County,
where ;there Is .Hearst /sentiment, has
ojponed^the eyes of the /Republican cam
paigners. •-;•\u25a0 Hughes will ; speak tomor
row on. Loiig, Island. -Hearst will con
tinue'his State tour. The Republican
co jntyj committee is making every ef
fortpossible": to enroll its full strength
tomorrow,' which is the last opportunity
voters In this*: city '. will' have to' regis
ter. \u25a0"• ':;;*-; ;-'X\, :\u25a0. \u25a0'.:\u25a0
Charles .; E. Hughes _and his party of
campaigners'; reached New York 'at 7
o'clock' this, morning after/a' run from
Amsterdam, \u25a0where one of the/ best
rneetln'gs_ of ; the week had been held on
Saturday. ; As' a result, of their hrst
week of up. State campaigning members
of Hughes' party have returned encour
aged;.-but/by no means" overconfident/
It .is 'undeniable that amongr \u25a0 the old
line ' conservative Democrats . in the
eight counties in- which. Hughes . ad
dressed mass : . meetings there 1« a large
element' that'will vote for him. It
would ( be no exaggeration to . say that
many hundreds of such Democrats nave
personally aßaured' the nominee *bf- their
purpose' to do bo. .It is equaliy'evident
that/ on the othe»r \u25a0 hand, there is lnVthe
djstficts * visited, particularly (in "man
ufacturing\towns of the Mohawk •Val
ley,; such . as, Glover svllle, . Johnstown^
Little ' Falls and Amsterdam, the Hearst
sentiment. f ./notv only extensive," but
well -intrenched among the industrial
workers, not all :of .whom are, normally
Democrats : and; many/of whom look
upon 1 Hearst and his promlses.as a uni
versal' panacea for.'alll their ills. : \u25a0 -
- ; To_: what; extent a campaign such *as
Mr/ Hughesjj has \u25a0 begun ;• may/ make"in
roadsfupon^this aggressive|Hearßt sen
tlmerit ini the workshops" arid mills^fe-
Continued : on ' Page ' 3,- Colnmii • 4» ~ *"-
On- Saturday Louis \u25a0'. Brese of.. 1325
Steiner K street - and -his wife prepared
to welcome to their, home Brese'3 sls
ter-iri-law, 7 Miss .' Lulu :, Lancaster, '.r. r who
was coming,: on\'a'vvlsit\here from her
home in lowa,/ But; the girl did not ; ar-.
rive Saturday. : Nor>did'she -put -in 'an
appearance ",',' yesterday,' although?." the
train ,on ; which Mis'* ; Lancaster trav-*;
eled reached- the city ron tlme.f Brese
grew_ apprehensive," as the traveler/was
biut : ; 19 years *of- age ..and possessed "of
more ;than .usual' beauty. '.Fearing I that
the girl •'.had "been 'abducted onoher
journey., or drugged arid , led astray .'by
a. chance acquaintance. on ; the .train, ; he
reported the matter 'to the; police , and
learned 5 that his apprehensions were
well grounded.".
.Miss: Lancaster (arrived in, the 'city
Saturday, but: during the, long, monot
onous days of steaming over : dreary
desert -she- had fallen under the.'influ
ence of a .strange Jinan, -and .when the
train; reached^ this .city was forced' by
him to' {go to a "transient rooming
house on iO'Farrell'. street, inear "-Fill
more:;: There ', the couple ; stayed ' Satur^
day : night. ; ; ''She v left "this; piace: with
theyinaW^ye'sterdjay.ymo'rnirig'.'t arid' the
police- are- now. searching the' city ,to
find her. ..".'.'•*• ' . \u25a0' '•"'' ' '
.Thefauthorltles^hope- that, in ,rescu
lng-'!theligirl • and ' her ./com
panion' '• they,- may _" disclose ;\u25a0 the opera :
tions of /at rlngrofynfamous 'creatures
who -make r a? practice t of •' preyingVupon'
young womeri'tfaveling \u25a0alone." \u25a0 ? V
Brese t was , with grief when
he" learned f the ifate had befallen
his '\u25a0."wife's;*' kinswoman. \u25a0 • He* : spoke 'of
hefipleaslng^qualit|es,". her .brightness,
a n d ; how.' he V and S hi s : w l f c had ; 1001 00 k ed
f orward ; -to^he -pleasu re '• of % Haying .-her
In • their home. .The need ; of : a, cordon*
traveling 'alone': had" notibeen'.contem-'
plated.':/. \u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0 : .... \u25a0 \u25a0 J ",
.'SAN^RAFAEL, Oct. 14.— Two^ posses
-are; searching 1 .-the surrounding country
for : Ernest 'Nerviani,. an- Italian, 1 : who Is
believed ;t; to ,;'.". have' fatally . "injured
Thomas ' Rogers, ; a .'. salesman . employed
by ;the • Landers \u25a0\u25a0 Shoe •" Company,' of j Fill-;
more ;i street, San Francisco, .'in a
street brawl : tonight. ..'• , -
VRogers :. was y; walking^ along : /the
street^; when' Nerviarii' and" some .other
Italian's , passed Some : one brushed
against ; Rogers ; '.and'; an- angry ; dispute
followed,^ during • which ' the 1 latter^ was
heard j^to' ask Nervlanl .why. he 'didn't
"loam to; speak United; States." »', ' ,'j j
The Mtalian kept up, the' dispute." .':^
:'-"Vote for Bell!" Rogers.
Nefviani then "seized .hold .of .'Rogers
and .began striking,, him. There [ was a
.brief.' mix-up and "Rogers \u25a0 fell, to .< the
•pavement, where 'blood" began stream
ing from,his, nose. andjears. v.; ' .\u25a0
; He,\was . taken, to \ a f hospital, Where
it wasj found that he, had. sustained a
compound fracture of the skull/j It .was
said ; by" the physicians attending him
at /midnight' that the chances ; were
against? his recovery. . / ' . ••..\u25a0 ' "
. : " { Nerviani; and ' the'; other, Italian's yfle'd
after ,the attack, on- • Rogers. /Two
iposses > were -immediately,' organized to
hunt <i them \u25a0' down : and J 7a • third [ party'Ms
'surrounding Nerviani'a r home;"at ' San
\u25a0Anselrno. "... . - .\u25a0 \u25a0• . r, - / -
\u25a0MAJOBITY ; :OFVICTIMS ON, .: ; , ; ;
Company Otvnlßg Burned .Steamer Lost
\u25a0*v* Three ..Veaiiels*;' In'sthet'Re*
/ .-. \u25a0-''•-; cent- Typhooß.'>;:tc'.
VHON'GKOXG,:Oct.^I4:^A- majority, of
!thV: : \u25a0victims of .the "• steamship -Hankow, 1
iburned- this morning, twere 'women.' The
"company /owning the rHankcfw: lost three
other /steamships during (the'i recent
phoonr / / .; '" \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'-' \u25a0"\u25a0;'\u25a0' ;'~ : . '\u25a0 .'..-' \u25a0 \u25a0-,
' y^j \ t»
— Eagles of Mission
close-up 'study of the ;
birds, illustrated,
iby^ppnderf ul photographs, appea ts:-.
itext Sunday in
Svq Men Murdered in Attempt
to Rob Conductor:
/OAKLAND, Oct. 14.— Balked in his attempt to r-)S
a conductor of the Oakland Traction Consolidated of his
/collections Uor, the day, a; murderous thug, determined at
;allv c6sts:;to evade ' capture, early this morning ended th<3
'lives *6f ;J.":N. Tenriy," a motorman, who had prevented the
robber.y'of/tne^conductor,* and AVilliam P. Trubody, a night
atuhej^Vestr Oakland ; warehouse "; of Holbrook,
Stetson.- The^watchrnanj : attracted by the soun*
by. the robber at Tenny, started to inves
tigate.-; aridr.was - shot through --the heart by the fleeing /
thiig,^; : \vho;theh > made his ' escape. Tenny was shot in a
brave^ endeavor to save : the money of his employers, suc
ceeding at the cost of His own life:
v .. A -strange ; present iment warned the ill-fated motor
man that^ his car. .was >to be ; held up, for as the robber en-
JN attempting to prevent a
robbery of a conductor,
Motorman J. N. Tenny of the
Oakland'Tr&ction Company, was
mortally shot by a thug early
yesterday morning. A few min
utes later the body of William
P. Trubody, a night watchman
for Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson,
was found, showing the robber
had committed a second murder
while escaping.
The scene of the attempted
hold-up and double murder was
Sixteenth and Wood streets, Oak
land. Although the Oakland
police have gathered in many
suspects, the culprit is still at lib
erty Chief of Police Wilson be
lieves the crime was committed
by a yegjjman. many of whom
now infest Oakland and vicinity.

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