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J4 Good stories, good descriptive articles
on timely subjects, illustrated with good
photographs, and many unusually strong
pages in color will make the Christmas
Edition of The Sunday Call notable.. Be
sure to get it next Sunday.
Metcalf's Report on Japanese Case Is Sent to Congress
Fear of Violence Prevents Visit of the Mikado's Squadron
HONOLULU, Dec. 18.— The Japanese Consul here says that the visiting squadron which will
arrive at Honolulu in February will riot proceed to ' San Francisco, as original a
repetition of the Maine disaster is feared, owing to the alleged overwrought condition of ; Ahierican feeling
Dread Fear in Bakersfield
That Miner !May Never Be
Taken From Tomb Alive
Rescuers Close, but Go For
ward by Inches, Expect
ing Earth' Walls May* Cave
BAKERSFIELD. Dee. IS. — "Help me!
Help me! God, ft is mo black In here.
I can't stand this much longer.*'
Prom out the inky darkness Where
Hicks, the miner, hurled by the cave-In
in the Edison lunnrl, is passing > his
« - Irventli day . under the car- that pre
*-ntf A him beins crushed by the de
br)», ronif these' exclamations- as! the
rcftruers pursue their work. It Is evi
dent that- the Iron nerves of the man
«lv» rauld heretofore Joke; at-histrrri-
W<- »!tu»tton are gltine way. It to
fwared . nt*rr, that { if.j.he^ls^ ever ?. rescued
lio «ii!l be a raving maniac rrhen taken
oat. -.. - \u25a0 • ' \u25a0 -r \u0084' . . ' ' \u25a0 ../: ' •' ,*'-; \u25a0 : : '
Th e_ dread ' f ear. that • Hicks may never
be removed allre is beginning' to fall
upon those who are burrowing desper
ately to reach him.. . .
The rescue party at Edison Camp is
working tonight in loose dirt and de
composed granite. \but a few feet from
Hicks. \u25a0 Despite its proximity to him,
however, the chance's for delivery are as
far removed as they were two days
ago. The engineers offer no hope of
rescue Inside of twelve hours, and per
haps twenty-four. The substance in
which the rescuers are working is de
bris from • the. fallen tunnel, and it
yields to the touch as readily as sand.'
Progress is delayed further by the
overpowering fear that at the last mo
ment a false jar will release the rock
that threatens Hicks ami cheat the res
cuers of the victory for which they
have labored so long. .- f
The miners are directly above Hicks,
but they will cross the tunnel over his
head and attempt to reach him from be
Bakersfleld Is trying hard not to be
lieve the latest reports from the scene
of operations. The company . officials
have shut their mind 6 to the thought
that the almost superhuman efforts at
rescue will be in vain and are using
every means in their power to prevent
the spread of such a report, and the
men of the heroic band of rescuers are
gritting their, teeth and bending to
their work like soldrers to a last on
There is not the slightest hope that
the man can be released before tomor
row, and only then if everything favors
the rescue party and no unexpected ob
stacle is encountered in driving the
drift. The oaken constitution of the
gritty'mlner who has borne his terrible
captivity with as great courage as ever
did \u25a0 any martyr face the stake, suc
cumbed last night to the fearful strain,
and tonight he is pouring out through
the pipe the most pitiful cries of pain
and prayers for release.
Dr. Stinchfleld, the engineers and the
corps of ' newspaper men gathered
about the mouth of the pip© are. trying
to bolster . vp -.\u25a0 by ; soothing words" the
breaking spirit of the entombed' man,
\u25a0which. If allowed to waver" 'unre
strained, will' 'Inevitably bring the
loiig-feared madness. Down the moun
taJn in the drift the gallant laborers
are shoveling, timbering, cursing, pray
ing. Not a.' one of them but * would } lay
down his.o wn; life for that of ; his
friend ' and former companion: J 1 \u25a0-.
Down in the; little shanty at- the base
of the mountain .the company officials
are gathered In a little group about' a
great chart^ of the mountain, the shaft
and the drift. At - their ear hangs ; a
telephone receiver and every few min
utes there -flashes to them* from the 1 top
of the .mountain the* result 'of every
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The San Francisco Call.
. TESTEED AY— Clear; northwest -wind; maxi
mam: temperature, 54 ; minimum .temper
ature, 44.
FORECAST FOE TODAY— Fair; light north
west wind. Pa* a 11
EDrVoiuAi; . . . -
Rudolph Spreckels* testimony' before Judge
Dunne an astounding picture of the m«n
Euef. •-. .. . ' - pa^e g
Kobserelt a roluralnous and multifarious Presi
dent, p^a s
The Japanese hate us, but we need not expect
war on that, account. Pa»c 8
Mayor Schmit*, after 'arrangement -by which
Euef 'is to occupy entire time of the court,
makes bluff that be wants a speedy trial. P. 1
Japanese Consul Uyeno eTlnces aiixlety as to
probable outcome of visit of Japanese fleet to
Pacific Coast and will not admit that he advised
change In course ;of warships. \u25a0 \u25a0 .'\u25a0- Pare 1
Wires of two prominent San Franciscans held
up by masked man . and robbed 1 while returning
from shopping tour with children. . , : Pago 1
- ' Pope Pius . X is named as legate* under j the
will of : the late \ Mrs. ; Catherine; KeUy. Page .4
Merehantiv". v - Aisoclatlonir.TOtea^.to p'abollgh
"steamer day* 'j- and*- to . 'makef. paymenttby*
check. . ,r, r _\u25a0:.•_;.;'.'/. \u25a0...; .'Page-It'
•*• Appropriation by : GoTernment for, Orland f lrri-"'
gaUon . project ; meana . much ; tori California.' P. U
. GustaTe 'Sutro . wlU'ierect^buildlnKs!oh :Eddy J
\u25a0^^^JS^^jraylof^ atjicoet; of j f 100,000. Page 9
. ~ '«^^iMDl^a^iw«U-te»n'^d^^.lpMa*',
mi>rrhant,_; dlea-ifrom ' pneumbnla. r-<_r -<_ .r" \:~. Pag«'t
V_Turo3p!T| : J ts jTexpert ;% Professor! piehn^ of
Unitvrgitjr vcf United ',, Ea!li«ad» .'
admits! increased - cost' of ' llTlng." 16
--. Six • young men Imprisoned . oh . charges v *f haV- :
Ing .'held up : and 'Jobbed 'tare* • men' trhlle" ; work-
Ing in' gang. :_ ,: ""^J': ;' ''
• Judge Carroll : Cook r flnds -Dabner; guilty^ of
murder In, first degree." : \u25a0 \u0084 .Pagalß
- Suit of Guy 1.'.- Thomas fpr- 130,000 "dattfages
against proprietor of The Call Is dlsmitsed jon
motion of plaintiff. ' f' : i Page 4
George Koehler, a machinist. Is ' ground to
death under car at ferry loop. \u25a0-,- Pag« 16
Gabrilowltsch prores himself master of .piano
Id concert at Lyric Hall. . ".: Pare 12
Leading workers In field of charity ask ' Relief
Corporation to surrender relief fund, j Page 4
Evidence adduced in trial of alleged slayer In
Oakland, Thomas Keougb, aged 78, ' to*, show . he
was Insane at time of the killing. ' Page 6
Grandfather, of San Francisco girl begins suit
in Oakland court for remoTal of her guardian.
Alexander Murdock, charging ' him with . misap
propriating her property. | \u25a0*. "Page' 6
Elght-stcry structure to be called the St.'
Mark's Hotel will be erected at once near center
of Oakland. •/ _ Paga 6
Porch^llmblng burglar robs \ three houses ;In
Oakland. - Paje 6
Oakland husband says his wife filrted with
grocery boy; she secures divorce. ' ; Page 6
Girl who tries to save home "from fire' is "pre
cipitated through blaiing roof when rafters give
w «y-- \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;. \u25a0 ' ;/; \u25a0\u25a0".'.\u25a0''Page 6
Realty ' Federation committee . Indorses move
ment to obtain \u25a0 good roads. Pare 6
.Oakland High School teachers open crusade
against "English as she Is taught" and move for
return to old methods of .teaching language. P. 6
Berkeley ] Trustees 'eliminate j from ." proposed
charter provision permitting women to vote at
school elections. ~ Page 6
Hicks, entombed miner at Edison ; tunnel, \ Is '
going mad and may never.be rescued. • Pagel j
Marysvllle fire' chief and hosemaa fatally in
jured by explosion > and - many others hurt. P. 6
Two boys In prison : at Salinas effect \u25a0 their
escape . by cutting hole : In" Jail waU with hack
saw. ' Page 5
J. A. Conners, a telegrapher, heM at>Tacoma
after death of his wife.- Page 6
Japanese squadron will not visit San Francisco
owing to fear, of I violence. , \u25a0 \u25a0? Page 1
Wealthy. Chicago grain and elevator man found
guilty of fraud. ~\ Page 5
Harriman wins In fight with Hill for control
of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail
road. ' . Page 2
Fight on street car at Pensacola, \Fla.', ends
In soldiers firing volley at the coach.* ; Page 8
Harry K." Thaw's defense-Is revealed and- it
adds startling chapter to murder case.' Page 11
President - transmlUi message of . Metcalf ' an
Japanese question to Congress with -*- short mes
sage. !-;- Page 1
French Chamber of Deputies . upholds ' Cabinet
on church separation' measures. . Page 2
x Russia and Japan nearlng agreement on fishing
rights on Siberian coast. T ; \u25a0':< Page; 2
. Miss Jennie Crocker \u25a0 will \u25a0 entertain at a large
ball at her San Mateo home in January. '- Page 8
Shotgun :• turns '_ tables 'on •' Fireball and easily
wins \u25a0 the Thora handicap. '-' i Page ,7
Jockey Ross. pllou. EUzabeta Fsto; place in
hard jlrive ; at , Ascot. - ..'\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0. .'. -V JviPage '7
Harvard football ' men await the \u25a0 decision *of
the ! faculty committee. • -• 'Page 7
- Either Slier or Jeffries will referee the Gans-
Herman fight- . \u25a0-. I'? \u0084 Page .7
. Jeffries ' reported to" have accepted Jack John
eon's'challenge^ to fight...- // . ';..- > ",".*Pag» 7
Willie Fitzgerald, . Britfs next opponent in the
ring.". will arrive here tonight." :'\u25a0 '.'•_ "-Page 7"
LABOR ..:.V.;:" \u25a0; • -^ . ;v;.-'
Eatabllshlng of a bank In' this city for .laboring
men^ Is - being ; talked 7of* In ' trades unlonVcir
cle«.. Page 9
marine: ' -, v- ; > \u25a0] \u25a0-\u25a0}':
: ; Pacific , Mall liner San Jose . arrives from Pan
ama a week . behind . her^ schedule. ? Page 11
MIXIXG pSHfiBBBBPSBb^^^' - '"r
i Deal Is completed; by 'which the Goldfield Con-
Holidayed J Mines V Company.^' takes' In the Com
bination mines for fS.OOO.OOO."" '*"'' - -rpat-*' io
Mrs. W. A; Searle and Mrs.
v W. L. Hughson Attacked
on Street by Desperado
Makes Off in -the Darkness
After Securing Purse,
Coin and a Gold -Watch
Wearing a black mask and.flourish
ing a revolver, a~ footpad attacked Mrs.
TV. 'A. Sear lo, t wife 'of ] one of the pay
ing/tellers: at' the\ Bank of -California,
and Mrs. ; W. X Hughson as; they were
returning. to r the;latVer*s home; at ,3S44
Clayißtreet-with ; two'chiifdren.rfromVa
Christmas shopping; tour along Devisa
dero streetoThe • holdup; occurred short^
ly after^:B|o'clockUastTnlght. ".V f ' ,V^
Menacing them with the revolver,
't&2jxwngin . the im^k'ftie^aoded^thi?
pursed of ; : th«^ women.- Ruth-'s.irle':
Joined their^mottie'rs in fleeinjf";iip; Clay I
street.-" "' *:• :-'..V.'-' :> :': i '"\u25a0-: 7 --:-' • :' -^ -- ' ' '-I
/ : The r man t took up the chase, - which
began^near Attorney Tirey^l2 : Ford's
home at the corner of Maple 'streets and
before long grabbed hold of jirs. Searle
and seized her chatelaine j purse con
taining. $25 \u25a0> and a gold watch worth
$160." He kept the revolver'; in her. face
while he 'was' taking the .purse 'and
paid no;, attention to her screams. ; Mrs.
Hughson^and the two children had in
the meantime continued ; their flight.
The man passed them after, robbing
Mrs. Searle ' and continued up : Clay
street. L' :'. ' •\u25a0. . : I- '.'\u25a0 !. r.^.''
Hearing. the screams of the women
and ; children George li. \ Mitchell ran
from his house; with- a revolver; and
started In pursuit' of the fugitive. :He
wassoon joined by E. VW^.'^ A. "Water
house; -a neighbor of the Hughsons/ and
a lively chase followed iintilr the thief
disappeared round a corner and; made
off in the direction: of ! the* Presidio. 4
No policeman appeared "during' the ex
citement; and householders along Clay
street -had 'to : assist .the women and
children to the Hughson , home: Both
Mrs. Searle" and Mrs. Hughson were
prostrated 'by the shock. When the
former returned 'to her home at r 320
Spruce street a. -physician had to* be
summoned. '.-'. \u25a0 • ! /i^
PHOENIX,; Ariz... Dec. 18^— N. Derey r
lan, thoug-ht Ao- be >a man^ who cam©
here two months , ago f rom "^Chicago
with a Dr. Rowe, died ' tonight of con
sumption : and was discovered to" have
been' a' woman. ' ; "
Dereylan' claimed " to ' be ' the . son *of "a
Russian admiral' and tovhave. a: wife
and .son .in .ChicaeTo. . She .she
had . been at v one J time: Assistant . .Vice
Consul , of Russiain; Chicago,". and l had
served with Vthc- Americans". -in the
Spanish- wari; -She- had i many medars
and, -it is ;.• said, -had : letters \u25a0;\u25a0 of •com
mendation from President McKinley. ; >
' The ; discovery, that ';» .the, deceased; was
a woman was made 'at the.; undertaking'
parlors, y l>r. Rowe declares ; he" had fnb
knowledge of •' Dereylan's : sex and that
he is \u25a0 innocent ; of any 'conspiracy. > . ',;
Cardinal Gibbon* Writes to the Pope
:— . \u25a0 in ' Bebalf of -the American ."
;'"'.• '^'-'V- • .\u25a0':' -"/ Cpireiate v. : -"-Cv;'. - : :"_: "_ \u25a0 '££
ROME, : Dec. ; vlB.-^Cardinai:. Gibbons"
has .written f Pope asking i for fa ?
position - in ' Rome for .• Dr.? Robert \u25a0 Seton,
titular, archbishop : of • Heliopolls, \yrhb Is
is : expected -that ! Archbishop ; Seton vwill
be ;appolritedf a. j. canon.^ of. r St. > ; Peter's,*
personal .gifts, and also because he
comes f of ''gbod'{Scbttish; ancestry." A"
Schmit z -Asks f orjlminediate
Trial, .When He^ls - Sure
That^e Gannot^Get, It
:'•\u25a0; ;: ;- • ,:\u25a0 -•\u25a0'••' ---~v.-^.:;^v-; , . _,-.<
Official Says He-<is.'Ready
--. \u25a0 \u25a0 . ••' •.{-»*\u25a0>\u25a0. \u25a0- \u25a0
and ' Ruef Continues to
Pile- Up ; Teclmicalities
Farce comedy , m * : <m! tWe-fcoaxds i be
fore I Judge > Dunne * y e»terday tnornlnß.
and- the '-little \u25a0 d>ah»aJ>lwTact^;>T»ith
rare ability ipr > an
which , Messrs.^, Sclunltaja^t^aef /were
the ; principals. .- Henry /Aefc s appeared In
the role of an active Ina-enae,* and Sam
nel; \u25a0 ShorMdse>Kwith*t r se4Jßt<e < 'f : eoaate-'
nance, .supplied t, the| «laa;le f Jtagte j[ele« .
ment.'-.The : performance ] Waaii^ <lv mu^
meat ithe'fease"; Was-calle^^ : HMrz^Aclb*
calltles a»d;.'a«kei.Vfor :- ; an .: Immediate"
trial. It .was : a ; real I dramatic . elf max,
and was not without effect , upon the
small gathering of ' auditors - In 5 the
courtroom. 'A . few moments ? later the
Mayor and 'his counsel strode ' from the
room.-V: ' ! : ' l 'l*v-.v : . '•:'\u25a0\u25a0 - . "\u25a0": \u25a0 •"-.-\u25a0 \u25a0>.;\u25a0\u25a0
Then it was that • the ; real- essence \ of
farce wa's disclosed. ! Henry Ach at once
resumed his '; technical flght against 'the'
the^fplea;of;the'May6r,^or;an: immediate
"trial I wast merely fa-: bluff, and a .crude
one at" that-- 1 ! With. thY time of the court
entifeiy, 'coiisumed i by > Ruef _\u25a0?' with .? his
legal ; quibbles.; SchmitZ; can stand aloof
and ;.; howl -to ; heaven h that '[ he { is being
denied" the fright \of ; speedy Urial. He
! has J hidden Vhimself *• inT Ruers shadow"
that ; he 'might} wail^oecause' he
see the sun. \u25a0. _;\u25a0 ;.;;;* "-'-'_ .- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0- .'•.•\u25a0\u25a0 ': " ;
:.'-':r'J.GAMB -' TO \u25a0?•\u25a0 818 ri BLOCKED \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0%\u25a0 : i
;ltj mar^be^stated; that*, the little game
so devised by Ruef and Schmltx
will be blocked. , : Were the two honestly
eager/ : for; speedy;, trial ? it * is; contended
that : Ruef .: a'sTwell \u25a0 as ; Schmi tz, would
waive 'all petty^techiilcalitle's. , But Ruef
and;" Schmi iz' haye^cftosen " to, play^: to
gether"; wh'en: itv wHlVdelay, -the; game."-'-/
ba^triedl 'rests^with^thej prosecution, and
as; the > trial '. of -Ruef is considered of
moreJpresilnV] inpM« |.*J^l^*.*|2*
Schmltr^fit ;l«\bei : ie ved that < the boss wil 1
ty \u25a0* to : estab
lish his, innocence. ' * "** -
\u25a0 The' daVs, events '{'included^/.everything
I Cmtibuwa^mi,* Pmme'^^cilumm' i
Talks Guardedly of Change
k} K. Uyeno, Japanese j Consul \u25a0in this ; city,^shbwed i reluctance i last
night in consenting to speak about"; the change" in*. the plans of the
Japanese fleet which was to have : yisited ithis \ port When he ; was
shown the telegram from . Honolulu, with' the statement of - Consul
Saito that the Japanese Government -feared -a repetition of the Maine
disaster, :he affected -surprise; _ \u0084 • -
; "If a the } fleet should' not ! come •, to * San|Francisco--if , : I say/'/ arid
he 1 emphasized ' the ; hypothetical j nature
of ; his ' statement, -."it would f not be be^^
cause'iwe -fear; any^such; thing as that
•which* befell the : warship } Malne;ln Ha
vana',")harbor." •\u0084 ';,' '\u25a0-•\u25a0:\u25a0 , '\'' K < :
-* 'iT^B I '®'? "' ** ' , was ur^ed .that : the ; Consul
at 'i Honolulu had . made - that . express
fear" the -reason for^ the "change: in the
course . of \u25a0 the fleet^: Uyeno replied:
' \u0084'.'l 'i have > not -. received « f rona •my Gov- ]
errime"ntVanyTcommurilcation ,i of i} ithiit j
nature. ;! That*is, I* left my ;Offlce^at- 4
o'c joek 'this : afternoon v and ! at that "^time
I ! had jiot received ; such a message." '• >
: Uyeno^ : . however,'^ was \u25a0 disturbed ' over
; the^probable outcome. of the. statement |
lof ithetConsul'at Honolulu. Uyeno -took
the copy* of : tha;cable message and -re
read » it " carefully." \u25a0 He ; then 4 asked \ if ; it
.were- certain; that .J Consul J ; Saito had
been \u25a0 quoted cojectly.'V;, -
' "I kin"? sure," ' he *said, * "that " I \ would
have tbeen * advised ", of t : the same
time *f the; : ' Consul "In Honolulu* was "in-i
formed." -^"V: 1 3. ':'\u25a0'\u25a0%\u25a0 : ~'-.i '\u25a0"\u25a0 *-/ ? '* : '."
'{\u25a0 Uyeno .asked -.whetherj- the "sentiment
ihl San'sFrahcisco i was j. such; that a \u25a0 hos-.'
tile^ feeling ' would .be - created 7 by - the"
' 7/ "\u25a0 , \u25a0-• '\u25a0': \u25a0 -,«•\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0 \u25a0 - " • -\u25a0---\u25a0. \u25a0.\u25a0•-.\u25a0.• " - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;.,
/^y. \u25a0-. At f Christmas time the mind o£ the
turns toward Jerusalem. If you
would know Jerusalem as it- is today, and
readjan absorbing article by a man who has
recently visited the city, .see t he 'CHristmas
Edition of The Sunday Call. , Out Sunday.
presence » of Japanese warships *in '• the
harbor.T; On Vthls .-\u25a0; point -'- the Consul
showed i aniietyii and, " coupled with his
hypothetical exposition \of^ the \u25a0 course
of^the warships.'; it was apparent that If
tibe .Vessels ' do\ not • come -to port It
would >be because the Japanese Govern
ment had been advised that it would not
be consistent with'" good i policy^ to run
the : risk - of « causing , a ; probable bitter
feeling/ln i California .by ; the ;pre«enc«
of the* warahip^flying r 'tliVflag-' of Japan.
]'J. Uyenb ; would; not! say .[whether', he; had
advised i. his ; Government thlsfpartic
ular. s pbin t,fn6"r?i In * fact,*?, would '\u25a0 he^ad
mit -; advocated " : a ; change ' in
f the "course ?of i the twar Jcraf t-> . t - -. • \u25a0 ' " -
| ",:h: "The -vessels Jar^only^ training "ships,**
| he sald^'CiVOnly'vesselsicarrylng cadets,
| arid (which? are \u25a0sentTabrbad^everyj year
" \u25a0 ;-;••
[ -I To^makejit f apparently: 'plain that ihe
had I not ;beeh^discusslng s the Maine 'dis
asterjof jlat^Uyeho asked i if »thafevent
Vai ) nqtfsomethingi^whlch \u25a0 happened ; in
Southern* Calif ornia." /?• It^ was j evident.
however.ilthat'J he " the matter
iwith ? muchf concern -' and ? that '.* he ' was
particularly|anxious" to" 1 be ! informed lof
e»e'sentiment^ in^Son^Francisco "by > the
coming(of * the: squadron. '-" \u25a0*• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"- '- -<\u25a0\u25a0'
School Matter and
Acts of Violence
Bribery of Boy cotters
Alleged in Statement
Secretary Says Gbiii
.. , ,
Was Paid by Res
taurant Man-
Asiatics' ' Storiesjbtjjg
I^ WASHRfGT WT V^ Dec. 1
J that \rrVaty ;lawVis* the ' su^r*eme*|Sfrgt
I'oiL'tne • land > and - reiterating ' hi» 'I threat >
I to^us* Ithe m jlitary! lf necessary Jto pro
tect "^the' San "Francisco Japanese in
their frights under "treaty, k the Pres
ident "transmitted Secretary Metcalfs
special; report on the San^ Francisco
situation ;to Congress to-day. - ' '-' " r
VThe letter of transmlttal and the re
port deal with three subjects- — the a«g
regation of Japanese pupils, boycotting
of Japanese restaurants and' s.cts of
violence committed - against Japanese
in San Francisco. Touching the school
question, the President says"' : there
would be no objection to excluding
Japanese pupils ' because of. their ' age;
and a - detailed tabulated statement,
made a part of the report, shows that
a very small proportion of the foreign
born Japanese pupils enrolled at the
San ' Francisco ' schools are of , an a«s
cbrrespondlns: either wltlx ; white chil
dren in those grades or 'with tha na
tive-born " Japanese children. The" let
ter also -advises Congress that steps
have been taken to . test . the 'constitu
tionality of the action of the San
Francisco School Board. The Pres
ident expresses a hope that the decis
ion of the ' courts will, however, not
be necessary, and that the people of
San Francisco will permit the "Japanese
youths to secure educations.
The * school • question is, subordinated
to '\u25a0boycotting^ and assaults upon Jap-^.
anese. Secretary j MetcalTs report
states • that - Japanese restaurant ' keep
ers, falling to secure police protection,
were compelled to raise a fund - and
bribe -. the boycotters to desist. Tne/ *
payment, according to the report, was
made by check to one W. B. Stevenson,
j and it served Its purpose.
: The report also Includes . detailed state
ments by nineteen : Japanese, redtlng
the circumstances of assaults upon
them. .The- Japanese and Korean Ex- '-
elusion ' League is blamed for iacttin*
thai trouble and for urgrng organised
labor to take concerted action acafiast
the \ Japanese. ;
Letter of Transnrittal ,
To . the ".' Senate • sad ." Hotisa , of Repro
I inclose herewith for your Informa
tion ' the final report ' made to me per
sonally: by Secretary Metcalf on th*
[ situation ' affecting the . Japaneas In San,
| Francisco., The report deals wtta three
; matters \u25a0 ' of controversy- — first. ' tae «x-
I elusion of >. thY Japanese \u25a0 children ; from '
the < San Francisco schools; second. \u25a0 the
boycotting of Japanese restaurant*.
| and, third, aots of ' violence ' committed ;
| against t the Japanese.
; 'fAiyio the ';* first | matter. I call{your \u25a0
i especial attention to - the very small
, number of Japanese children .who -at-'
| tend schools. '- to" the > testimony .as* to
the brightness.' -cleanliness . and . good
behavior of these Japanese children^ in ;
| the schools, and: to the fact that, owtaa; 5
i to* their, being scattered throughout the
city, the .requirement for ..;tbemYatt ~\Xoj
go to one special school *is • Impossible
s of 'fulfillment and means that they t can
not have school facilities^- Let me
i point Tout Tfurther". that there would , be
Ino objection whatever •-- to excluding .
i fromsthe ; schools "any Japanese ori'«th«
score f of / age.: It Is obviously, not - ; d#-
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