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J^^^tf^ Piasio Buying M
The name "Chickering" linked to Curtaz pn
is the highest guarantee of piano satisfaction. Kga
f* You buy a piano for a lifetime. Yet even "many rjffl
g * high-priced pianos fail to hold their tone beyond a ral
f\Jj few years. Why experiment? -> x-.
:**-\ The Chickering pianos are the oldest W^K
in America. They are universally acknowl- hg
|^ edged the standard of musical excellence. g^
ms* Their supremacy is best seen in the Chick- 1O
|ml| ering Quarter Grand — the first and now the ray
only perfect small grand. They need no Ff|
lyjj testimonials — no "inducements" — no flaring [gm
L H sales — the reputation of the house of Chick- * gpS
Jme|| ering, extending over eighty-four years, is ||g|
Hl^i the highest possible testimonial — the best j|rj
||LJ guarantee of piano merit. r^jS
K^J Then \'ou have the additional security that comes OS
IJ|| from dealing with the house of Curtaz, that for over I WTj
fifty years has stood for honest, straightforward piano . K^
m BENJ. f*J TOT 1 A 7 & SON BS
1615 Van Ness Aye., Near California l|j
Red Top Mining Company
Jumbo Mining Company
Laguna Goldfield Mining Co.
GoldfieldMiningCo. of Nevada
Stockholders of the above
named companies \are notified that
an arrangement has been made
cr.der which their certificates of
stock may be deposited with
Mercantile Trust Company of San
Francisco beginning Monday, De-
cember 17. 1906, to. be exchanged
for shares of stock of Goldfield
Consolidated Mines Company on
the basis outlined_ in the announce-
ment issued by the Goldfield Con-
solidated Mines Company under
date of November 21, 1906.
Holders of stock of Goldfield
Mining Company of Nevada may
deposit their certificates on or be-
fore December 25, 1906, and stock-
holders of the other companies
named on or before December 21,
The Goldfield Consolidated
Mines Company
Vice-President. *
Finest line of 50c Knives
in the city. Better grades
from 50c to $8.00.
From $5.00 to ; $15.00
Auto Safety Razors - $5.00
Waterman's Fountain Pens^
' A Specialty
818 Van Ness Aye.
I Redeemable any time 1
G at any of our 5 stores B
§ in San Francisco or a
I Seattle. |
I Lennon's I
j Glove Orders I
I Acceptable Presents I
5 Saa FrancUco Stores ji
'j Between Dfia «.nJ O'FarreD X
| I 1250 FILLMORE, near Eddj W
fbr YOU at
Cloak and Suit House
In order to show my
appreciation of past and- fu-
ture trade I " will make a
Xmas present to all ladies
bringing this ad and making
a purchase any time before
Christmas. v
*\u25a0 On all suits puchased up
to $25 Twill discount $5 for
your present.
On all suits purchased at
$35 or over I "will discount
$10 for your present.
On all coats purchased, ..a
discount of 10 per cent for
your present.
On all skirts purchased, a
discount of 10 per cent for
your present
On all furs purchased, a
discount of 10 per cent for
your present
Merchandise marked in
plain figures.
All garments bought posi-
tively delivered so you can
have the PLEASURE of
wearing them on Xmas day.
I have a full crew of ex-
pert fitters and alteration
hands, insuring you PER-
j I carry a full line of up-
to-date cloaks, suits, skirts
: and furs.
Suits fr0m.. 512.50 to $75
Coats from . 4.50 to 65
Skirts from., 1.50 to 50
Furs from.. 3.00 to 150
Subject to the discount for
your Xmas present
Cloak and Suit House
1696 FILLMORE, near Post
Looking for Homes
'If you have ' anjrthing \u25a0 which i yon
wish ato offer to the \ great r ) army
of i home-seekers who'- are .- coming
to California v through the '\u25a0.' Los
Angeles gateway to the State, : a
email "For Sale"* advertisement ; in
j the classified columns of the ."Los
Angeles Times" -' will ''\u25a0> put you ,; in
communication 1 with" them. : : If ;you
' have a . ranch ' for sale Vorj to Jet, or
wish =' to dispose of or rent a^ chy
or suburban - home. : a small sum
expended in' this •way.. may accom-
plish the desired : result.'
:- ";: '."/.' \u25a0 -. .'\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0.„.\u25a0
J . Address:
Los Angeles Times
j San ''Francisco ;Ofßcerj77^ Market
fi. Street, - San V Francisco. ; :
Or phone. Temporary- 2121.
* r^v . • - \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 * .- \u25a0• . - \u25a0 "... -;\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0/-\u25a0-.
West; End of TonopaH Says
* MacNamara ; Tools ,$250,
000; From Former ? s Lodes
TOXOPAH,^ Xev.,7 Dec" 19.— A sensa
tion was caused here today byithe'fllf
Irig of ; a suit In : the ; District '^Cburtlby
which the West' End Consolidated-Min
ing Company seeks- to; recover; s2so,ooo
said to have^beeril-wrongf ullyj taken
from its lodes by the MacNamara Min
ing Company, the property, of % which
adjolnts the West ' End ground.
The complaint, which was drawn ' up
by Attorney J. P.- O'Brien, | acting . for
the Consolidated ' Company;' sets ] forth
that f or _ : a period of \ three years the
MacNamara Company, byVmeans fof tits
underground . workings, has .been : . tak—
ing out ore from the . veins and \ lodes
which lie wholly within the limits of
the West End Coiripany's grounds, and
that, : asj closely as can be figured, the
value extracted-- from* ' the • ore ' .was
$250,000. , ; : .;•; .w ; «'- : - ; . .":'>"' "..•\u25a0,; \u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0." ,
The complaint states -further that 'the
defendant believes that the MacNamara
Company is at this time working veins
of ore within*- West\ End r ground with
out consent of the plaintiff.' ' An : in
junction is asked to; stop such I work
until the case shall come to trial and
a further injunction -to prevent, the
MacNamara Company from . shipping" or
treating the ore that is in its bins.;'; .
~ Both the temporary Injunctions lwere
issued by Judge Peter \u25a0 Breen ; today. -
The West Knd Consolidated.property
is controlled .by Borax Smith, , while,
the MacNamara was -but 'recently
wrested from his control and is said to
be dominated by*: the Wingfield-Nixon
crow-d. The two properties are -con
nected by drifts and the ore binsjfisesl
by the' West End are<on theSiacNa
mara ground.- This arrangement- was
made while the MacNamara' was "prac
tically controlled by Smith and the ore
taken out in the West End', Is taken to
the surface through the JttacNamara
shaft. It was the aim ,'cP -the Smith
faction to consolidate the; two proper
ties, the accomplishment of *that design
being hindered by the minority stock
holders of the MacNamara, who .were
not satisfied with the stock
The present suit is beyond 'doubt an
attempt on the part of the Smith fac
tion to force some sort of a: compro
mise from the present control -of the
MacNamara. Both mines; have long
i been ranked among the good producers
jof the camp. • ;.. : ,^.t' ?
By a decision handed down . yester
day by United States: Supervising In
spector Captain John ' Bermingham,
Captain \V. P. S. Porter was deprived
! of his license as master ,and pilot I for
the period of six months. from Novem
ber 19. 1906. for unskillfulness in navi
gating the Pacific Mail Steamship Com
pany's Mongolia on September -15,' when
she stranded on a coral reef. at Midway
j Island.'- The six months' suspension, by
United States Local Inspectors S Bolles
and Bulger of -the: license- of ' Andrew,
Martin/- chief mate,? was- reversed 7arid
Martin's license restored to him. ,~ v
Captain Porter :. had 'shunted -the
blame for. the accident bnMartin.v al
leging that he was; unskilled with; the
patent sounding; machine. 1 Inspector
Bolles had reported in favor of < sus
pending for six months the licenses of
Captain Porter, and^ Mate Martin.' In
spector Bulger's report exonerated Cap
j tain Porter, bufagreed as to the sus
pension of ' Martin. : ' -
The following: are extracts from
Captain Bermingham's decision :
Martin testified that he advised Captain Por
t"T after. tb? licit was sighted to take two and
four point bearincß of it and find out the ship's
exact distance j therefrom. Captain [ Porter did
not follow the advice; nor did lie obtain any
cross be&rintrs of .the lijrht at all that eight, al
though he testified that no one could tell Its
distance \u25a0 from the ahSp 'by looklne at It.
"At fi:o6 p. m..the engines were Rtopped. Tap
tain Porter unqn fs t ioaa bl .v :' lat ended to go *no
nearer the Island that nlpht. .But unfortunately
for him be saw flashlights inshore, which lndi-
Cited that a boat was approaching, and : in an
unmar<3«'d moment, at 9:IS p. m., he rang half
speed ahead. According *to the testimony *©f
Chief Engineer Chisholm, .this meant fifty revo
lutions p«r mlnote and pare the vessel approxi
mately ten knots per hour. Porter wu
takinsr hi* hnre ship, worth JI.S'Vj.fKX) and draw
lac ahont twenty-six feet of , water, nearer the
l'land in order -to relieve the approachlnp-boat
of a lone poll. 'He' admits that the ship was a
mile ahead of hi* reckoning — a fatal mile.- - "
\u25a0 waen he failed to receive the expected Konnd
lnen from Martin he ordered . Second Officer Ca
6IH to pet the hand lead ready, at. the same time
Btatinc that he had no confidence in Martin. ; Yet
he kept Uie sbip coin? without ordA-lns a cast
of the hand lead.. That was. the. time when
Captain Porter Rbnuld have stopped and reversed
his enpines. brocrtt Ms ship to a dead stop and
obtain definite sotmdlnc*.~V ? - - \u25a0 . \u25a0-. \u25a0;
\u25a0 Charles . Anderson, the quartermaster. ; wa« \u25a0tn
the lead stand awaltine instructions, and testified
that, he, of his own volition, obtained WTenteen
and seven fathoms, - resoectlvely, and called *ont
the same 'to the " bridjre.' \u25a0 where - it ' was \u25a0 n?«
heard, aecordinc to the testimony of the officers
thereon. - .\u25a0• .'. '.. • :.-\u25a0,:-. x: ,\u25a0\u25a0 : \u25a0.. . .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-..
Captain^ Porter has hitherto borne the hlghent
character as a Bhlpmaster. ' No shSpmaster sall
lnir out r.f . thl* port stood hither In his profe»
eion. After • careful 'oongideratlon " of ; all \ the
erldf nee submitted In . tbe \u25a0 case • It 1b apparent
to me that his i naTl?£ tlon * of.- 1 the % et<>amf<hlp
Mongolia Aarioz tbe nlcht of September: 15. 190 C.
Ira» both neplleent and unskillful, thereby 'caus
ing, the disaster \vblen befell that, Tessel on that
occasion. At the' same time I hold that bis suc
cess In Ooatlnp the, Moapolla - entitles . him ;to
some consideration at mj- hands. ' '
SACRAMENTO, Dec. 19— A reception
and muslcale 'at "the Sutter". Club.*,to
night in - honor; of r Governor j- and \u25a0 Mrs.
George -. C. Pardee ; marked ;\u25a0 the "\u25a0 closing
social event -of the iadmlnis-'
tration.' During their; residence" in Sac
ramentoy the . Governor t : and ? his wife
have contributed '4 greatly , to the so
cial life -of i the :' city, . fand^ this V reiep- 1
tlon was in -, the : nature . of \u25a0 a ? testimo
nial on the ; part r of • the) people \of ; their
appreciation >of I the H hospitality/; which
has •ruled -at ; the 'executive mansion
during, Pardee's occupaVcy. ':'.\u25a0 \u25a0; ; ,- ' :-'<
The k Sutter , Club" , was 'crowded Iwith
hundreds ; of {men'- and s.wbmen,'*andithe
officers of ittie I club "Z and. ; ? their:?; wives,'
with ! the members fof _? the ! Governor's"
staff .- in runifprnu and' accompahiedi, by
'thelrl^ wives, : ; received r j the \? guests / as
they;! entered I the « brilliantly^ decorated
rooms. ?; The , Christmas \ spirit was Fdom
inant. j the apartments *of > the "club be
ing ; aglow;;witb* ; holly,; and * red i berries
and;red;"carnatlons.^ "_;; ''\u25a0 -'.'\u25a0'.." ; ; :
SAN; RAFAEL; i.Dec/TIS.-^ichoias
Gusti * and; Pietrb ; Tore'sano fof ; Oakland
and r Angelo-Vitelli of this city were
tected? carrying i.venlsbn"j in \ large! tele- :
'scope), baskets f near] Ross? station i today
by^r Patrol marilj-Fafrell^ Each! paid ' a
$25 fine Imposed" by? Judge
. FIKEKEK GET » CHECKER."; D. • Chandler;'*
Co: sent to' the Fire'CoinmUkloners. j-esterday*'lti
annnal <*b<»ck > for.! $100 •: to 7 be \u25a0*. applied r to sl the
widows 'aad orphans' . fund. ; \u25a0""- j \u25a0 .' < ••• >\u25a0-\u25a0?•/. v- -
Litigants What Secured His
: Gonviction ; vf of ?: Perjury;
Sue Him ! - for £ Damages
SAN RAFAEL^ 1 Dec."! 19.-r-Dr. ; J im
Cue and i^Willlam !"-B-'; Bradbury. '}. the~ec-^
centric millionaire ? who's claims; 1 ; to". b«
execution proof, both; prominent \u25a0 Corte
Maderansj are quarrelingJa'gainrfMcCue
and; his wife ; have filed i suit^in^ the
Buperior. Court againstV' Bradbury,-'; his
wife Mary ."'s N. Bradbury .'^ hisB nephew
John F. Allen and his wife, trustees, for
$16.414.59'damaKe5:.~ \u25a0 '^-'/-^ \'- r^\':,: : ?^
'/jln.a voluminous complaint McCue al
leges , that he borrowed J f rom ; Bradbury
J3200 for one year,; executing 2 ' a r j trust
deed on^October 22,5 1903,^ andSai. few
days X before its maturity^ had i notified
the defendant " that arid
Interest would be awaiting his; order_ in
San Rafael, and be wanted iVreconyey-'
ance of the property.?. ;,The \u25a0\u25a0 money' re
mained- > untouched '\u25a0, arid f Bradbury ?- ad
vertised the property »f or, sale;??,'}; :/ \ ; «
: A- ; permanent injunction' i enjoining
Bradbury from ; selling ii the'ri property
was issued by the Superior! Court. * An
appeal Jwas taken to the. Supreme Court,"
which,' after . many, months,; affirmed' the
decision f of the lowerTcburt-;,? Bradbury
Bnally, accepted the amount,''but?neg
lected to pay taxes - due.**.'. McCue values
the property at 530,000 1 and (claims -to
have been injured • $15,000 j through:, the
same beingrini litigation; and" $1414.59
for - taxes, costs and4.disbursementV,ln
curred during litigation, 'r;'; v; : ; ; r \ '
In this litigation Bradbury 'perjured
'\u25a0 himself •\u25a0 and . was i; found /.'guilty.- "and
sentenced to ; one year Hn; San Quentin.
Bradbury- has : appealed^ the perjury
case.' j '.\u25a0/\u25a0:•" - .;':'•'-'--'' -J'~ .'.-'\u25a0\u25a0 ."• "
R. A. Smyth
If "Willie Fitzgerald,*! tl^eVboxeir,<fails
to put in an appeararic^vlheretithis
morning, Gregory^Mitchell.^ his irepre,
sentative on this; coast^ will : *haye» to
be "placed under : restrain txif-.; Fitzgerald
is supposed to be onia^elatedibverland.
which will reach hereTat I 'a.rifearly / hour
this Mitchell^has JbeenMn
telegraphic '\u25a0 commujiicatiori >i with '.the
Eastern man f or ;*-:nearljr;. two i\ weeks,
tracin g him from Dayton, f Ot? to Phila
delphia, thence to New York, Chicago
and finally Reno. ; Nev.vV; Here the • trail
was* lost, and it will be^hard; to' console
the budding young rrianageriif.nls man
does ; not appear on .the: scene this
morning.'^.'- '\u25a0\u25a0'•.'\u25a0 \u25a0'^.'i:-- '\u25a0";!-.'•.' .\u25a0- .l-r. l - r \u25a0 ;:. .
; The most iriiportant detail \to be de r
cided will be the selection .of a referee.
A. representative man i,who' has the con
fidence of ' the; followers eof j boxing :is
required. " Although* both; ißritt;and
Fitzgerald have a knbckbut;punch,-the
bout , may go the 'limit.; in- which; case a
competent referee ; would;.; be '"required.'
Jack i Welsh has had^ the call { in; all \ the
big -. fights ;; recently," ;and \ his selection
on this occasion , would "undoubtedly
help? the;: fight.-' \ . \u25a0 Lj,' V- ;;;" \ , ; ;\u25a0:_
; Kddie 'Graney'has succumbed td the,
strenuous f life,. .'and "in 4 confined-' ;to/ his
home) with van \ attack lot fever. ,rf.Be^>
tween ;' shoeing running .5 the
Tii xedo, managing * aji flghtVcl ubM figur^
In g \u25a0 on a,,duel s/ wjth'; catsup" 1 bottles fas
weapons,* answering-'tne'fpointed?ques
tions of the grand; jurors;and;doirig a
few other, things, his? time was fairly
occupied recently.X^.Xhe- strain', proved
too much; for .thethorseshoer, and he
is; out of- commission -for- tl>e" time "be
ing. ;'; ' : -' \u25a0:. '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•' '.' ;: ; '."; ' . ; , \u25a0!*;\u25a0; '; ?.-•;-
.While<he"is bearing the; brunt of the
trouble here, his old;slde^partner»-Mor- :
ris Levy, -is : eyijpylng, himself in tDen
ver. \u25a0; Far fromlthe scenefdf strife; he
is having the_ time bf^hisv life, accord
ing; to .infoririatloni^received here'tby
his ; friends.' \u25a0 No date \u25a0 has been' set \ for
his return, , but' if ;his : - presence is \re
quired \u25a0 it : will ; be j easr -to ' get himfon
the ground at short i notice.. •
Cockey^ O'Brien \u25a0\u25a0 is training ; with
Jimiriy'Brltt.at San Rafael for his fight
tomorrow;; night witlw'Ah ..Wing; H the
Chinese ;: boxer, at j Dreamland Pavilion.
Britt ;has^ had.:him {on Uhe road, each
day," and : guarantees .' that ;•! he \u25a0\u25a0 is '; fit . to
go : four, fast rounds \u25a0 If. the : fight ; lasts
that ; long.;.: * O'Brien ; thinks he will win
by i the knockout \u25a0> route.X and \u25a0 will thus
relieve' the; judges ;"of Uhe'task of jnam"£
ing avwinner.'y^Jimmy: Carroll; is 'also
In training across; the'.bay, and iwlli [ be
at hisr best7vi ? hen;he meets Harry Jones,
the clever Oakland boxer. V
- .:- •\u25a0', - i. - - -<v.- \u0084 \u25a0\u0084 — --: ;;,.;,•
Mod eat ;: Request Madr by a ' Broker 'to
. Anstst 71 Sonlliern Pacific In "Ac- ' {
quiring- • Permanent , Franchise /. . ' f ;
? ' Joseph; 12". 81ey, representing ; the: firm
of' C. D. Bunker &*;Co.; '•• has applied to
Customs % Collector ? Stratton ' Uo V allow
Im pb rted ? good s ; tbj be I hauled/ from 111 1 he
railroad freight^depots^bn : Mission -Bay
to the r Appraiser's T building '\u25a0; oh * ,Wash
ington;street over \u25a0 the; temporary: tracks
laid .by ; ? the JSouthernj; Pacific * Company^
on?,Battery| and vother^ streets ; ; for ,the
removal^ of /fire; debris.%>Bley -sayslthat
several, import era. will build warehouses
in i the * northern fend"; of- the' : city^' If \u25a0' this
permission? Is "granted to; the 'Southern
Pacific: Company;"^, y'\u25a0 ]! x ;,
Others-; look \upon .this proposition as
a; movement i toward f giving the? Sout
hern > PaclflcT Company; permanent * traffic
control- along thecity's streets. • '.
There; is no' difficulty 'JnVgetting "good
coffee and"tea— Schilling's Best.: ' -:.•-:\u25a0
FAILS TO; FIX BlAJCE^Acbroner'B jdrjr waa
unable from ,*;'. tbe*;>Tldence S additccd [ toVflx * tue
blame * for - the .- death : .'of ~an j untnown * man < who
is : inppoMd ito i»«Te: been ; run ! down ? and • killed
by :*: * tKetLTBT -street ? car e near,* Pine . street s* last
week.' The, testimony, did not: show: conclusively
that;thP'man was strnck'by.'aTcar. .\u25a0•• ;;\u25a0..-.?\u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0
whVnot /V
For;"Ghristmas;*^K|W? ;
i^leasingTpresentitHat^canjsbe givem
- aildfso i inexpensive j. compared vwith^
[ the/ cVij oymen t (that one,, of v tHese '
; machines I gives. >^ '^The -•.';': Columbia" ,
: reproduce V the human^Jyqice > >ith
all the Volume ;bf^the^> original*:
Whyi notla^ColumbjgjPhonogriphl
, for; Christmas ?„ - '
526 McAllister St
>s .a .-.'\u25a0 -.- V; b w>«mj" '"\u25a0*'—'"<?;'.- ' .'. Vr.- -—,-\u25a0-«,--.,;.
President %of the -Republic
'. Gpmpany: Grimes y Evidence
in Ouster Siiifc of State
. - NEW, YORK. ( Dec. 19.— Testifying to
day; in - the ouster suit brought '\u25a0• by the
State Tof . Missouri against • the' Standard
Oil Company/ the Waters-rlMerce ' Oil
Company, and the Republic; Oil Com
pany;, to fstop • them from doing; business
iri: Missouri, ">C~~. ll. Xichqls,"- president . of
the -Republic " Oil ; Company^ * declared
that as [aVresult -of. the "disclosures in
thetproceedings the > usefulness of the
Jlepublic "Oil "\u25a0': Company- as a supposed
"competitor,; of '\u25a0-, the Z Standard J Oil f Com
pany had-,.ended.t;'.The ; ; entire •business
of: 'the] company'; outside i^of Missouri,* he,
said, had been turned over, tothe Stand^
ard* OiUCompanyi of 'New 'Jersey.
business ' ml Missourl^also' would have
been 'turned "over, he 'added, had it not
been; for y injunctions which prevented
such ! action.-;-- • - \u0084 rr \ -ck '\u25a0\u25a0•; \u25a0
it William I. Hey«r of -Baltimore, : who
wasj formerly i manager fof.. the , Republic
Oil Company j of . St." Louis, was asked by
the Attorney; General if he recalled that
while; in; SL; Louis, he received instruc
tion's iin a circular letter : from \u25a0 "V^alter
C.*Teagle.tostate~to th« trade that the'
Republic's Oil ' Company was then an'in
"deperidentjconcern;;fighting the Stand
ard, Oil Company." ?v : , .";
-,;'"lt;is r my. best recollection that I did,"
Heyer answered. ._• \u2666
,' "Tou claimed to be selling high grade
oIL :of pa; [ r : grade different' from T the
Waters-Pierce Company?"
"Yes, we did." ; .
. "You got some of your ; oil from P.
M. Andrews of Whiting, Ind.?"
"; :^Yes." :..;- . ;: ;:;f-_L. \u0084/-/', '\u25a0- ; ...
"That was the' refinery of the Stand
ard Oil Company of Indiana?" - .
; "l i believe . there -was a' reflnerv at
Whiting."-;. -,- ; . .
I '"Did you ever hear that the Waters-
Pierce Oil Company, bought' some of Its
oil at Whiting?" '
il. ; "I; believe so." : ;
, ."So that you -and the Waters-Pierce
Oil" Company bought from the same
source?". \ ."
ij"To'Eome extent."
. It \u25a0is expected, that John D. Archbold
will be among the witnesses tomor
row. 1; ; j . ;\u25a0 '\u25a0- \u25a0- \u25a0--' ' \u25a0 - \u25a0\u25a0 v , ; -
Xmas novelties— baskets, boxes, ta
ble,- favors.. California glace fruits— at
Roricovleri's,l33l Fillmore st. Largest
assortment •of ( Italian chocolates in the
city, vprices reasonable/ - •
. OAKLAXD, Dec. 1 9.— Mayor . Mott,
Frank "W. ; Bilgfer.f; "Wilbur "Walker, H.
C. Capwell, : F. A. X<each Jr.; A. Jonas
and J. B. Richardson; will' speak to
morrow, evening, at Piedmont Club
house in favor of annexation: The
meeting. Trill rbe. open to all residents^of
Piedmont; and. *a thorough discussion is
xPected.*t^|^gjgßßpHß|^s"^^^S^^t^!^x P ec ted.*t^|^gjgBBpHB|^5"^^^S^^t^!^
4 Some; opponents, of annexation have
started ?;a ./counter-movement' "toward
Incorporation. \u25a0>\u25a0 They have " found an rob-;r ob-;
stacle in* the shape of an "old agreement
with V; the "city vof i; Oakland' by which
Piedmont^ sanitary A district' was per
mitted.'Ho' drains its' sewage " through
Oakland's ; 1 systeml 2 \u0084 The . agreement
provided for the" payment "of • J5OOO to (
the city.: with ' the further understand-
Jng-that after six years the city might
cut off The; agreement
elapsed' four? years; ago. r A large sec
tion of the Piedmont hill, district sew
ers now run ; through Oakland jon suf
ferance;; This "is • the only ' way
mont can sewer, owing to topographical
conditions. -"Proponents ' of. annexation
declare V there -.-is no ; solution ,; of -the
problem "except for. Piedmont to join
Oakland. - : ; -"\u25a0;" ~1 \u25a0": '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0- \u25a0:£".
. : OAKLAND, Dec. 19.— An unidentified
white. man, apparently; a' laborer about
twenty-six vears sof5 of fage. In attempting
to aboard 5 the "racetrack!; special train
at? Sixteenth-street; depot shortly after
1 '? o'clock this ' afternoon, was thrown
beneath;- the* car/ and- killed Instantly.
The (wheels^ did not;- pass over his : body,
-but' he ;was struck- on; the "head'by,- the
jcar.'and^his head! was crushed. v
Sa n Ft a ncisc o
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-SAN; RAFAEL. Dec; 19.— Frank ';•\u25a0&•
Holland,. Republican nominee/ for As
sessor.' \u0084 who : contested -the;;election . of
P. H. ;Cpchrane, Democratic and : Labor
party nominee, ; gave : up the i fight < to/
day ..•wlien : five of i his jyotes ) in San ' Ra"^,
faerPrecinctXo.^l^were^thrown out .by
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- 'iWashlniton.'D.'f C.V;D*c«nber 14;; 190^.* S«al«d
;li \u25a0 proposals,-- In ;trlplicite.': will be rec«l»ed"at the
> • office \u25a0: of .-, the \u25a0' General : Purchasing . Of fleer.* Isth-
: ruian Canal Commission. ; Wisfcineton. < D.*« C'
, ? ontll U0:30 : a. * ml. • January; 3, r; 1907.-, at ' whkrh
J* tiae i they I will » b«? : op«ned in ; pabUc.^ for \u25a0 fnr-"
V '- ni.«hins J.the » .-\boT^-niention<Kt articles. : Blanks
\u25a0 - ecd ceaeral \u25a0 Information : relating '. to ', thin circt>>
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:.>' Ajjeßts,*? 1086 i North > Point i *V~.~ San ; Franclsro,
H CaL . . and '410 . Chamber ' of \u25a0 Cranaerce 1 Building.
:,.-. Tacoena;-Wa6h. >":!>. ;W.. EOS 3, General Pur-
~ fy>**ing . otftcer. '^^sHBIMHfIB
PROPOSALS " for %' («nbslst«ice \ »Bpplle»-^Of0ei
' PHrcbaalag Comai»«ry. Su i"T-\!iclico. ' Cal^
i~; December ? 11.". I^)6. — Sealed pr mals (or i t jr-
. alas Ins I ami delirertna •' of ; such' (joaatlttea 'of
' cnbolsteDce , »cpplle«. - delivered at »wh j whu rf \u25a0
or wlurTu, 1 or inch warebonaea : la San Tru-
«l»co,-iCml..*aa per etrenlar to,be-seea at this
:': ' offlce.\ win i be referred cere » nntlJ 11 -o'clock
• : ; a.: m.. Fri. Jay. December 21. 1906.* and , opened
immediately ;- thereafter ; In \ the " presence ai of
:\u25a0 . bidders, -r Speclflf-atlona. - general \u25a0 lnstroetlana
, to, bidders and blank forms of. proposals^ win
'be to established dealers on : appli- .
% catioa to C. B. KRAUTHOFF, Major. <~^— nhf- !

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