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Wife of Lieutenant Perry
Loses Valuable .Gifts in
Fire at the Presidio
The magnificent wedding presents of
Mrs. Fred L. Perry were all de
stroyed by a fire that burned the quar
ters of Lieutenant Perry at the Pre
sidio yesterday morning early. How
the. blaze started is not known.
It was about 3 o'clock when the
alarm was turned in. Every officer
perhefl his post of d^ty and all ran
lo Hie scene of the flames..
Both Lieutenant and Mrs. Perry are
in Southern California., but are ex
pected home today. In their quarters,
on the Alameda drive, were all their
personal effects, including their wed
ding presents, and also Mrs. Perry's
trousseau. All these were consumed.
Mrs. Perry is the • daughter of the
lat*> Major G. _I. Hooper, who was
manager, of the Occidental Hotel.
Dr. Harold N. Cowper. medical de
partment. U. S. A., will sail from here
as surgeon In the transport Logan on
February 5. \u25a0
Lie ntenant Omar TV. Pinkston, U. S.
A., will sail on the Sherman, which
loaves this port for Manila tomorrow.
Colonel John L. Clem and family
have arrived at the Presidio from
Texas. •
Skjpprr Will Fare Charcr of Abduct
ing Vminc DaugTliter of
' . Msrro Brants
SAN DIEGO, Jan. 2. r -On the steamer
Ft. Denis this afternoon Deputy Sheriff
Kerr will go to Ensenada with the
requisition papers for Captain W. A.
Hall. He should return Friday morn
ing. Captain Hall will face the charge
of abducting the. thirteen-year-old
daughter of Marco Bennis. The girl
has not been found, but is supposed to
be. on board the schooner Rover, which
is somewhere down the coast.
..SAN BERNARDINO. Jan. 2.— Major
Charles Sidenharn Duer has come to
tins city' all. the way from Rangoon,
India, as a special commissioner from
the Colonial Secretary and the British
TlVar Department to find a salubrious
climate, for the broken-down Indian
officers and attaches and their families.
Each year, according to the major,
hundreds . of military officers and at
taches are i broken in health by the
fevers of India, and it is imperative
that jthey be moved to another climate
as soon as., they are convalescent and
able to travel.
The fame pf Southern California
climate has reached the ear of mili
tary -officials Un India, and Duer has
come across the sens to .investigate.
He- .is accompanied by his wife, and
they are touring the valley and making
a complete investigation.
• SAN JOSE, Jan. • 2. — Postmaster
Jfawley's ! report shows the largest in
crease ever known in the .history of
the local .office, the receipts for last
year havjng 'been $00,4 73.' -as against
$76,902 for -;1905. The December, in
crease was' nearly $4000.
•Office diaries and calendars, also cal
endar pads- for 1907, now ready at Le
Count, Clark & Ormond's. 220 Market st.»
i;L : PASO. Tex,. Jan. 2.— One man is
dead, one severely wounded and anoth
er slightly injured as the result of a
desperate fight which occurred yester
day -among Mexicans in the public
road; nine miles east of this place.
Nrt-thrng was known of the affair till
th.c dead and mutilated- body of Rupert
Gallegos, -a well-known Mexican citi
zen, was iound in the road today. The
two wounded participants were found
and jailed. ;" \u25a0•
Tax Collector -Surprised to Find Deal
; er» Had Removed \lckel-Eater*
\u25a0;- ." Prom Their Coonter*
URIAH, Jan. "., — Surprise awaited
. City Tax Collector Demerrlt this morn-
Ing when he •\u25a0started out collecting li
censes.' He. could not find any slot
/machines for which the license here
has been ?80 each per quarter for
card machines. Dealers concluded to
take their machines out and see if the
reduction In revenue will not induce
the City Trustees to reduce the cost
of a . license. The machines being
taken out means something like $600
less of revenue to the town.
l.cKiiOntur*- Elect* thr Candidate Who
Received tin- Greatest Xumber of
. Vote* at Election
CONCORD, Jan. 2. — Charles M. Flody,
of Manchester* Republican, was elected
Gox'ernor of New Hampshire by the
State Legislature at the opening ses
sion of that body today and will be for
mally inaugurated tomorrow.
. The choice of a Governor by the
Legislature was made necessary by, the
failure of any candidate at tbe Novem
ber election to secure a majority of
votes. F^ody. who' was the leading
candidate, lacked rapre than 100 of the
number needed to elect.
Proprietor* Decide Sot to Make Test
of Ordinance Recentlr Pa**ed by
Cit? Council
SAN JOSE. Jan. 2. — In the restau
rants of Ban Jose early yesterday
',morning, in compliance with the ordi
nance recently passed by the City
Council, the door* of private boxes
,were taken off. Nearly a dozen of th<j
.prominent eating-houses of the city
were affected- by the edict, and al
though for a time there was talk of
taking the matter into court, the res
taurant men decided to obey the law
and the doors are down in consequence.
MODESTO. Jan. 2. — W. E. Pelton
killed himself with a shotgun at the
ranch of his cousin. R. T. Kevins, near
•Turiock, yesterday. Pelton was burned
out In the San Francisco fire and after
ward had hie leg- broken.
Cry of "Man in the House"
Excites Women's Hotel
"Man overboard!" has often caused
Intense excitement, but never anything
like what the cry of "Man in the
house!" created at 3 a. m. yesterday
morning in the exclusive women's hotel
at Turk and Laguna streets.
Miss Mitchell, a tall, slender, golden
haired ' young lady, who makes her
money in the Mint, discovered .the sac
rilegious intruder. Waking suddenly,
she saw in the dim light a giant in
her room. Being a new woman, she
didn't scream — not just then. Instead
she addressed the dreadful visitor po
litely. "You've made a mistake," she
said. "You're looking for the cashier
of course. She's in the next room."
The giant lumbered out into the hall.
Miss Mitchell could contain herself no
longer. She had to scream. Dashing
to the door, she shrieked an alarm
down the hallway. "Man In the house!"
As the giant pressed the stairs with
elephantine tread outer windows flew
up in all quarters of the building, and
a dozen soprano voices cried, "Man
in the house!" The. gallant Japanese
servant heard it, ran bravely to the
front door, found it locked and did
The giant, like Goosey. Goosey, Gan
dfcr. "wandered upstairs, downstairs,"
but kindly kept out of my lady's cham
ber. "Man In the house!" sang the so
pranos from the outer windows. They
were keeping perfect time. "Once
more." cried a passing chauffeur. "Man
in the house!" sang the ladies obliging
ly. A basso policeman appeared on the
scene. "What about it?" he bawled.
The chorus ceased. One of the la
dies hysterically explained their pre
dicament The policeman tried to get
in, but couldn't. The chorus sang
the same old song. Finally ....e nat
urally acute mentality of the Japan-
Judge James V. Coffey will be select
ed Presiding Judge of the Superior
Court next Monday, according to plans
made known yesterday. In compliance
with a long-established rule. Presiding
Judges are selected according to turn
and according also to political affilia
tion, the position alternating between
Democrats and Republicans. Judge
Coffey has been on the bench for twen
ty-four years and but once in that time
has he served as Presiding 1 Judge, as
he has declined to take the position.
He is a Democrat, and Judge Graham,
who retires from the place, is a Re
Recently it was announced that Ruef
and Schmitz sympathizers wero plan
ning to get Judge Mogan in the posi
tion of Presiding Judge, that he might
aid them to block the course of the
trials awaiting them. But Judge Mo
gan takes his place for the first time
on the Superior Bench next Monday
and must serve an apprenticeship be
fore being made Presiding Judge.
SAN DIEGO. Jan. 2. — Fears are en
tertained for four fishermen who have
been out from this port since Monday
morning. They departed before the se
vere windstorm which came up about
10:30 o'clock. The missing men are E.
Larson of the Bonlta, E. J. Eaton of
the Ethel B. Bob Israel of the America
and M. Lutz.
SAN DIEGO, Jan. 2. — The death of
Jeremiah Gilpatrick. a Civil War vet
eran aged 6ixty-two, came suddenly
last night at his home In this city. He
leave* a widow, a son and a daugh
ter. The funeral services will be under
the auspices of the G. A. R. post.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. — Briradler
General George Bell, U. S. A., retired,
died at his residence in thia city today.
He was brevetted four times for gal
lant conduct during tbe Cuban war.
We are absolutely headquarters for all office supplies, such as
Shaw-Walker Filing Cabinets, Card Systems and Ledgers, Bankers'
Cases, Bankers* Shears, Loose-Leaf Devices, Berkshire Typewriter Pa-
pers, Inks, Pencils, Writing Tablets, Blank Books and Legal Blanks— -
in fact, everything used for office work. . v
Also Pictures, Frames, Mouldings, Mirrors, Architects' and
Artists' Supplies. v
....... •. \u25a0 \u25a0
ese enabled him to solve the mystery
of a spring lock and the door flew
open. The policeman found an un
usually tall man leaning heavily
against a balustrade and led him out.
"Thank you! Thank you!" sang the
sopranos. The windows went down.
All was quiet In the women's hotel, but
the troubles of the policeman were
just beginning. "Who shez I'm indict
ed?" Inquired, the giant, resting his
weight on his captor.
"Easy there, partner," warned the
policeman. "I've an egg in every
pocket. "You'll be indicted if you don't
stop doing these funny falls."
"I'm Fred-ed-frederal Morn. That's
who — I am," said the giant, bending
half way over.
The policeman tugged and pulled and
longed for a derrick. At last the
giant was righted.
"Can you navigate If I give you a
start?" asked the policeman.
"Just watch me," mumbled the giant
Tfie policeman gave him- the promised
start and he shot ahead like a battle
ship leaving the ways. Once in deep
mud he seemed to \u25a0. founder, - but the
steam In his coppers held out, and, de
spite a heavy' list, he managed to
round the corner and strike clear sail-
Ing for the water front. V ,
An Investigation was in progress yes
terday In the. women's hotel. Either
the Chinese cook or the Japanese
boy, the only two males in the house,
left the door ajar, and the stranger,
who was seven, eight or nine feet tall
— it depends on which. one of the ladies
you ask — wandered In. If lt devel
ops that the Japanese offended he will
be discharged, and, say the ladies, not
even a special message from Presi
dent Roosevelt will gain him rein
Kltio Uchlto, a Japanese foreman of
a fishing crew which operates in Alas
ka, was seriously Injured last evening
in a quarrel in which .members of a
secret Oriental society, resembling
those of Chinese highbinders, were in
volved. Even with* the possibility of
death upon him, Uchito maintained a
dogged silence as to the nature of
the encounter or the identity of the
men who attacked him. I. Tanika was
arrested by the police, but he denies
that he was in any way connected with
the disturbance.
Uchito. with members of the secret
society, was standing on Sutter street,
between Octavla and Laguna, discuss
ing some matter of deep concern to
the organization, when a difference of
opinion arose and the discussion took
on the nature of a wrangle. Suddenly
two pistols and a big knife flashed
Into view. A lively scrimmage fol
lowed, in which three shots were fired.
The crowd of Orientals fled, but Uchito
remained prostrate on the sidewalk.
He was taken to the Japanese hospital
on Laguna' street near Pine, where 't
was found that he was suffering from
a superficial fracture of the skull and
a severe; wound on the back . of. : the
head, apparently made with a knife.
Policeman George Mengola gave
chase to the fleeing Orientals. Some
rushed Into a house on Laguna. street
and Mengola followed and pulled out
Tanika. . — r" •% '.'\u25a0\u25a0.•'\u25a0 V
BUSHIRE. Persia. Jan. 2.— A thou
sand Turkish soldiers, the remnant of
about 4000 sent to the Nojd peninsula
two years ago to suppress the Arab re
volt have ; returned to Bus r eh, Asiatic
Turkey, in a deplorable condition. Over
two thousand of their comrades died of
disease or starvation and the rest de
serted. BSMfifIHSittSSK
A small passenger, steamship has been
launched on the- Lake of Galilee, In
connection with the railway In the
Holy -Land. *
Beaten Senseless in Her
Home by Two < Men, Who
Then \y Attempt Robbery
.."Kid". Wise, pugilist and tenderloin
habUue, was arrested yesterday
charged with -brutally assaulting and
attempting to rob, Mrs.. J. F. McMurray,
who runs a rooming-house at 1550
Eddy .street:
Last Wednesday Wise obtained a
room from the woman and kept it for
a night.. The, following Friday after
noon he appeared at the house with
another man and! said he had lost a
diamond pin; while occupying, the room.
He asked. for permission to search the
rooms and /spent", some .time scrutiniz
ing the floor on his knees. Mrs. Mc-
Murray and:, her' married daughter,'
Mrs. Eleanor. -Wulzen, joined in the
search, Iwhich was abandoned
by "Wise with' the ; remark that he was
not concerned 'about; the loss.
As Wise and- the other man were
leaving theymet a woman in the'hall
\u25a0way who: had ..formerly occupied a
room in the house and had been evict
ed. The pair were conversing with
the woman in low -tones when Mrs.
McMurray, \ appeared and commanded
them to leave. . ....
Wipe sprang upon her and dealt her
a blow in the face: The woman fell to
the ffv>r and he; began kicking he"r.
When £Ve.became_ unconscious he hur
ried into the room she kept her
money and other, valuables. • \u25a0
Mrs. Wulzen; who came running into,
the hall upon. hearing the commotion,
found the pair -searching the room in
company .with; the 'woman they had
been talking, with fin the hall. All
three fled as Mrs. ' Wulzen appeared
and disappeared around a corner. They
could not be found by a policeman
who arrived rlatef 1 , in response to an
alarm raised' by;a' messenger boy.
Mrs. McMurray; has. been confined to
bed since the assault and bears bruises
and other marks of: having received a
severe beating. -
SEATTLE. Jan. 2.— -Chief of Police
Wappensteln: of this city Is undertak
ing to interest Governor Mead of Wash
ington In the/ establishment of the
whipping-post in this State as a pun
ishment for wife-beaters and wife de
sertion. Wappensteln today sent to the
Governor a copy of the proceedings
of the last annual: convention of the
National Association of ' Police Chiefs,
containing: an address by William A.
Plnkerton, favoring the. whipping-post
for these crimes. -;:\u25a0. , • •. '
In his address Pinkerton strongly
recommended" the-use^'of; the whipping
post for men .who beat their wives or
deserted them, leaving them often- with
the care of little children. "
Oxford Hotel, modern and. up to date, now
open. ; Northeast , corner . Post and Franklin. •
LA' GRANGE," Ga.,~ Jan. 2.— Frank M.
Ridley Jr. of La -Grange* was shot
and dangerously wounded by Harvey
Hill of Atlanta^ today. The shooting
occurred at- the" wedding 'of Miss. Ellie
Ridley, a - cousin of the wounded . man.
It Is asserted that Hill was -in love
with the bride. ; . ;V< .\u25a0\u25a0;.:
wjf 19vl fIC7 BHm IBK7 Butt B&jm lHtt zfß& i£m Sfs i>*3 XBSieF^y SfcS ™i *
. We have them, but they are a great many more than we need in view of the notice
. ;-/< . we have received to \u25a0 ;
The Southern Pacific has just bought the ground to extend its holdings at Sixth,
Berry and King streets.
Although we are erecting another six-story brick building on Howard street, ne^r
Sixth, it cannot be completed in time to save us a big loss.
We are willing to sacrifice a large part of the loss to our customers in
preference to paying enormous storage charges.
Note a Few of the Big Reductions:
There isn't _an office that "-..'' '\u25a0 ""3 ..y."—^., .-\u25a0-. High back, saddle shaped .
can't find this Golden fin- This Rocker, in golden oak or Wood Seat Chair. Big value,
buy at f a blg mahogany finish, cutifrom $4.25. -" reduced from $1.60,
$390 $2;50 95c
It is against the policy of the "Sterling" to engage in I
«« »w" any rec^ less merchandising, but this has been regrettably lliippPNj;
• fcJl W R forced upon us. . ] \
'IHJr^ifSFn- But we will force tiie goods into your homes, offices and \.
if il" \u25a0 -il^il' \u25a0 stor ? s by •extraordinary price. inducements. | !
eHH' generous credit -^W
Is Always .Open.- to You t^ fe| %
Hll 1- h By, our system, of credit we are enabled *to• do more : fe^i|«=»««=PH
$ u> 1 V\- . toward the : rehabilitation of San Francisco than any other .'" . r j [ U
/ :^^^w i -^It is a home-building and moneyrsaving method com-, {r. \-^
• This hlgrh. wood: \u25a0". * \ .' : -'. \u25a0 : '^m^ t^tma _-«. '""""""" A Eood 'wood*
Seat Stool, for tftCHftfiftl fi^^^f^i^'^^^ *£$!?!!*)** SCat DXXIXG
bookkeepers' %££££? %s£Ufl(/£f CHAIR. in
UB e. only $i; RANCES toJP M JuliLMiJ lsWft& CK2DIT golden flnlsn:
~r "" fimrniimcmmMY. %Z
/UC 974MOwarcJ StT JW«,D^[email protected]^ Su' ODC I
; "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 THESE 'ITEMS ON SALE THURSDAY
$1.25 \a Sale of Women's oq- I $1.35
Black \ ' Wrappers at. ... 02 C || Mercerized
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Sateen ; i I°^ - fro L l - :t"»: t"» y - oke> oulli3 i ecl *r i^ an f fancy 89c i ; bateen
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vi ;i I 1 (. (nr ODCIFOn 1007— -THE EMPORIUM WILL CLOSE SATUR- «' , V C. L..
vaiue ror DAY EVEXIXGS UNTIL THE HOLIDAYS. J ' . . •.../.
A Sale of Women's Coats Thursday M
Some of This Season's Handsomest Garments Are Represented . . : •
This sale of coats comprises lines of two, three and four of a kind — styles that haye been
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Continentals. \> \u25a0 , . . . \u25a0 ;•. . •.•.. •. . \u25a0 \u25a0 • \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -:.\u25a0: .\u25a0
i\ Renaissance Bureau Scans, 54- inch size; some with linen centers, others CI CO '
Slltter-St AnneX > ' *" ov " P*Uen>»- Regular value $2.50. Special, each . »'..'. *"• iff. J-.» i/C/C"
* t | SPECIAL SALES SECTIOX . . . . .. : - \u25a0 V . ;
' LOS~~ ANGELES, 'Jan. 2.- r Claiming
'that under its Federal franchise and by
virtue of an act of Congress it :has" a
right to operate Its. line over all post
roads,' highways and streets of tho
city and county of Los Angeles with
out being assessed by the local au
thorities, the Western Union Telegraph
Company today sued the county of Los
Angeles for $550 in the Superior, Court.
This- amount was tho assessment
placed by the County Assessor on the
thirty-three miles of poles and 132
miles of wire of the company in the
city. \u25a0 V.;-.- : : ; ;
ALAMEDA. . Jan. 2.— The following
teachers were elected tonight by the
Board of Education: Regular — Sallie
Blanchard, Sadie Holmes. Genevieve
Nicholson, , Jeanette Klosheim, Etta
Parsons, Lois R. Hall. Marguerite W.
Brown; regular assistant. Miss Frank
lyn Jones. Miss "Wimble, former in
structor of music at the Whittler State
School, was elected supervisor of mu
sic, succeeding Miss Ida Fisher, who
has taken charge of the musical de
partment of the State Normal School
at San Jose.
• \u25a0••\u25a0-\u25a0••--..•'
Large Assortiiieiit^-; :
Date Book for :
Waterman and ConWinJSeif^
Feeding Fountain PensL^
Office Supplies ?
City Map and Guides.
y 818 Van Hess Aye, %
(Orsanlxed 1902)
PROMOTION: The act of • promotln* «<*- "
\u25bcaacercent; EXCOL'KAGEMEXT.— Centnrr* Dic-
tionary. ' . . •
-•. \u2666 '
Tbe California Promotion Cfemrntttee "has f fl-
its object the PROMOTING .of California «s»
It baa notbis; to sell.
Its energies are deroted to fewterta* all
tblnss that have the ADVANCEMENT of Cali-
fornia as tbelr object. . .
-' It gives reliable information on. eTerr snbiect '
connected with the industries of California \u25a0
It fflves ENCOUEAGEMEXT to the esra'btfsh-
ment of new industries -and Invites desirable Im-
migration. •
It is not an employment agency, although It
gives information rejrard Ing labor conditions. \u25a0
It presents tbe opportunities and needs la all
fields of business and professional acti-tity.
The Committee- Is soppoxted by popnlir rob-
scription and makes no charge for any serrice
rendered. f . .
Affiliated with the Committee are one hnndred
and sixty commercial organizations of the State
with a membership of OTer thirty thousand.
Meeting* are held semi-annoally In different
parts of California, where matters' of State In-
terest are discussed.
Headqnarters of the Committee are maintained
in San Francisco in California Building, Cnloa
LOST Certificates. Checks, Receipts,
Bills of Lading: and Negotiable Paper
of every description replaced by a Bond
of Tbe Metropolitan Surety . Company
of New York. Contract. Judicial and
Fidelity Bonds. JUDSON BRUSIE.
Manager, room 10, Ferry building:. r>.
W. CARMICHAEL. CO.. Inc. General
Agents. 100S Fillmor^ street.
San Francisco, California. December 22.
1006. -\u25a0
Sealed proposals. In triplicate, will b« re-
ceived at this office until 11 a. m.. Jannary 4,
1907, and then opened, for fcrnlsbingr all mater*
lal and labor and erecting a wharf with iron
standard piles at Alcatraz Island. California.
according to pUcs and - speclflcatlons on file la
this office. Tbe Gorernment reset-res the riant
to accept or reject any and all proposals or any
part thereof. \u25a0 Blank forms of proposals and all
necessary Information can be obtained on appll-
cation to thl* office. All proposals to be en-
closed In sealed, envelopes marked "Proposals
for Wharf," and addressed to Captain B. F.
Cheatham. 1088 Point street. San Francisco. Cal-
ifornia. .•\u25a0\u25a0-.-:
SAN FRANCISCO. CaL. December 28. 1908—
Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be received
here . until 11 a. m.. Jannary 12. 1907. and
. then opened, for furnish Ins, during the fiscal
year ending Jane SO. 1007. forage and straw
for Fort Baker. Fort Mason and Fort Mc-
Dowell, Cal. Gore rnment rtserrw tbe rtrnt
to reject any or all bids la whole or la part.
Preference «iren to articles of American pro-
duction, conditions of price and quality (in-
cluding In the price of foreign productions the
* doty thereon) being equal, and sucb preference
given to articles of American production pro-
duced on the Pacific Coast, to the extent of
consumption - required by tbe public service
-there. All Information furnished on . applica-
tion to nnderslsned. O. P. M. HAZZAub, Ist
Lt. 2nd Car., la absence C. Q. M.
BENICIA Arsenal. Benlcla. Cal.. December 2S.
l&Oti.— Sralert proposals in duplicate will be re-
ceived at this arsenal until 12 o'clock m.. Jan-
nary ; 23, 1907, \u25a0 for the purchase of Springfield
rifles, caliber .45. with their bayonets and ap-
pendages, infantry equipments and ammunition.
Catalogues, giving quantities, conditions, etc.,
I can be had on application to the commandloa '
oHcer. Beulcla Arsenal, Benlcla, Cal.

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