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Kipling's "Three Sealers" is not a
poetic fiction. The real story of the well
known characters makes interesting read
ing, and it will be found in
. / The Sunday Call
a \u25a0
Pardee Turns Over the Office of Governor to Gillett
Attacked on Street During
the Day by Fiend and
Skirts Cut With Razor
Men Are Placed at Transfer
Points and the Safety
Stations to Catch Him
, Cvcrr brsacb of the Police Depart
ment waa cmlled upon yesterday to at
•rist In runnlnjt dowa \u25a0 "Jack the Slash
er," who bas been terrorizing; yonas
women of the olty for the last Treelc
by ateßllnsr up behind them and cntt lujr
their skirts with a raxor. Eleven
Firl* lyire already been attacked on
the ctreets, bat la every case the mis
creant has made bis escape. Xone
bas been Herlonaly Injured, but the po
lice fear that the fiend may as readily
• slash a woman's throat as her skirt.
Besides the orders to all patrolmen,
Detectives Xlcnjrnn. O'Connell, Ilralsr,
Taylor and Ed Gibson have b?cn de
tailed on the case. Policemen In plain
clothes were stationed at tbe safety
stations and all the important transfer
points of the city yenterday, as these
are the places chosen by tbe wretch for
falK attacks. It Is his habit to alleht
from a *trr+-t car at a crowded corner
and wield tbe razor amonc the women
am they Rtcp on and off the cars. Jlr
IE-enerally disappears Into the throng;
before he can be reeojenteed.
The police, nevertheless, have a good
description of the villain, furnished
fey Miss nosmthal and Miss JCiWsen,
vt«V I ttao!^i I fiWBJKJu»-Prfi lf «aajio ; yea at
the office of the California Electrical
"Works at 642 Folsom street. Miss
Rosenthal. and Miss Klessen were vic
tims of the strange creature and re
ported their experience to Harry Piper
of the electrical company, who In turn
Informed the police.
The two girls alighted from a Mis
sion street car at Third street on their
way to work. They had just turned
to wa!k down Third street to Folsom
when Miss Rosenthal felt a sharp
twinge. Turning: quickly around she
saw a man hasten into the crowd.
I>ater she and Miss Niessen found that
thtdr skirts had been cut with a sharp
The young \u25a0women describe-ttie razor
wielder as short and stout. On his face
was a larjre piece of plaster. Both
young women are conSdent they could
identify the man.
"Six of us were on our way to work,"
raid Miss Rosenthal, in describing the
incident, "and we were riding on the
Mission-street car. I noticed a man sit
ting alongside one of the girls, but
paid no particular attention to him. "We
got off the .gar at Third street to walk
to the office at Folsom street. The man
got off at the same time. We started to
walk down Folsom street, when the
man passed us and then slackened his
walk. We passed him and a moment
later T felt a sharp twinge. At first I
thought it was caused by a pin in my
skirt, hut in a second I realized that it
wrs something different and as I
turned about I saw the man who had
followed us dodge into the crowd. I
had seen him on the car and could
easily identify him.
"I put my hand on my skirt and was
surprised to find that it had been cut in
five places. They were long slashes
and could have been made <mly with a
razor. One of the girls then noticed
that Miss Klessen's skirt had also been
rut. There were only two slashes in
hers and they were not so large as in
mine. She did not feel it, as he did not
cut so deeply. We hastened to the of
flce and \u25a0 there told Mr. Piper."
Subsequent attacks have been report
ed" to the police, but In#vcry case the
slasher has made his escape before be
ing recognized. Thoroughly aroused as
to the danger to the women of the city
with su^h a creature at large, orders
were issued yesterday instructing the
entire force .to bend - every effort to
rapture him. Accordingly, policemen in
plain clothes were placed at all the
safety stations on Market street and
at the transler points at Third and Fol
rom streets, Market and Kearny, Six
teenth and Fohsom. Sixteenth and Mis
sion, Third and Mission and Ellis and
Ktockton streets. " j
There has been such a striking simi
larity in all the attacks that the police
are convinced that they were all made
by tho samr man. B^B
age license was issued today In this
city to Paul Stanford Pcarsall of New
Tork, who is to wed Martha i<ichl>orn
Blame. The latter, who was recently
divorced from James O. Blame Jr.,
gave her address as Sioux j alls, S. D.
It Is understood the marriage will take
place next Tuesday, — •
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY — Cloudy; sooth wind; maxxmsa
temperature, CZ; minimum temperature, . 48.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Rain; fresh south
east wind. Fag* 11
GoVernor Parflee's f arew«a mesuc* U en
titled to tbe hlfbest consideration as the con
densed experience of a man who for four yean
has held tbe rclos of ffOTeramrat orer Cali
fornia and known tbe tadde working of politics,
Its dejecta and abuses. The message Is candid
and Illuminating testimony from an expert who
can bare no other purpose or motlre than to
promote tbe common weaL Pate S
James N. Gillett toansßrated OOTernor of Oall
fornia and taLen oath of office. Fare 1
Ex-Gorcrnor Pardee wins In his effort to
bring aboat tbe appointments of Judges Eos
mer, Denny and Crow. Par* 1
LoplslttU f committee to be appointed for
purpose of Investigating method of conducting
San Francisco water front. Pag* 1
Gorcrnor Gillett, In his lctsgoral addxeM,
faroru a new tax eastern. Pag* 3
Entire police force pet to work to catch
"Jack tbe Slasher," who cnts skirts of women
on tbe street. Ftg« 1
President Payeon, addressing tie stockholders
of tbe Spring Valley Water Company In annual
meeting, declares that the corporation does not
oppose en Independent tyrtem for protection
asalnst fire In San Francisco. Fag* 16
Concluding arguments made la United Ball
roads arbitration case and board sdjourns to
study evidence. Pag* 16
Merchants' committee drafts bills prorldiag
for appointment of new Harbor Commission and
for Issuance of $2,000,000 In bonds for lm
prorements on water front. Fag* S
Murderer Slemsea's confession Is Introduced
as evidence against him In trial. Fag* 16
AH schools care one are supplied with enongh
fuel to last for two weeks. Pag* 10
Muster-out order against local companies of '
National Guard Is not enforced. Pag* 10 >
1 Grafters pursue usual tactics of delay before
Judge Dunne ami companion Indictments may
be subjected to Indefinite delay. Pag* 16
Arctblsbop Montgomery Is at the A filer Sanl
torfum and surgeons declared that his condition
was hopeless. It was #3nght be would die last
night, but be rallied. Fag* 8
Berkeley Board of Edncatlon orders , Superin
tendent of Schools to continue ea^prcement of
the compulsory racclnatloa law. •''.*," Par* 4
Mother charges her* eon with - tarlnx ; fraudu
lently ' obtained "considerable ' property ' from \u25a0' her
while she mas seriously . 11L ' > •'\u25a0:. Fag* 4
' Former Honolulu health official commits sul
ctde In an Oakland hotel. , ' Pag* 4
Youthful wanderer, who nays he came from
Eureka with Governor Gillett found astray In
outskirts of Frultvale. Pag* 4
Two thousand cattle lnrade Lrethbrtdge. In
Canada, In search of food. *> Page 7
Bridge In Ventura, bearing throng of peo
ple, plrff away and two are drowned. Pag* 6
Attorney General Hadley of Missouri begins
suit to break cp control of Gould family of
r&llroadg and other concerns that competition
may prevail. Pag* 4
3. C: Stubbs is questioned by Interstate Com
merce Commission about alleged ending of com
petition between the Union and the Southern
Taclfie. Pag* 9
American Smelting Company Increases year's
surplus of $10,482,000 In profits. - Page 3
Sinister fate pursues Rev. James Le Baron
Johnson, who eloped with Mary Hoffman six
j-ears ago. Page 11
Gas explosion loosens molten flood at Pitts
burs steel works and many workmen are " en-
Gulfed. Pag* 7
General service pension bill Is discussed by
Senate and vote will be taken tomorrow. Pag* 9
House refuses to strike out Item of $1,000,000
for militia maneuvers. Pag* 9
General Vladimir Pavloff, military procurator
of Rusk la, murdered In St. Petorbsurg. Pag* 11
Friends of Dake and Duchess of Marlborougb
still working to cause reconciliation. Pag* 9
Terrorists In Russia .are holding Csar as their
final victim cnlen be grants reforms. Page 11
Report is confirmed that thirty strikers were
killed in riot in Mexico. Pag* 9
Crack - handicap horse Nealon at almost pro
blbltive odds bea\en by Joe Coyne at the Emery
ville track. ' Page 6
Charles J. Gliddcn's - automobile tour from
Chicago to the City of Mexico temlnated by an
accident within fifty miles of his destination. P. 6
Tommy Murphy makes a chopping block of
Toung Corbett In their six-roond go. Page 7
National Association of Baseball Leagues
grants enlarged territorial rights to the Pacific
Coast League. Pag* 6
Spokane oCers a 5.15,000 purse for a fight be
tween Jeffrie* and ; Squires. Pag* 7
Stockton convention of State Federation ,of
Labor takes firm stand against child labor. P." 10
M AH! \i:
Kosmos liner Itanrl brings the first shipment
of new coffee from tbe south. Page 11
Sharp *Crances In prices of Goldfield mining
stocks again take place on 'Change. Page IS
Next dance of Gaiety Club takei place
TTedaesdcy evening, January IC. Page 8
££. ii-s V^/\ lita i 3
Subscriptions and Advertise,
ments will be received in San
Francisco at following offices:
Open until 10 o'clock every nijrht
Parent's Stationery Store.
At the Sig-n of the Lamp. -
Jackson's Brancli.
Stationery Store.
i lone Valencia; street
v — Rothschild* Branch.
Ceortre" Prevltt'ai Branch.
, Woodward's Branch. '•" ,
f ; ; it \u25a0 . was a most shameful <on * the \ part •of the ; > new i admimstraiipn politics? witfc theljudiciary. "rile
a&ded j that
: is-a^go^ ; / • • - " ;
Flashlight • photograph ; of • the seen eat the \u25a0 inauguration . of .Governor . Gillett •in the \ opera-house < at \u25a0 Sacramento, y ; From \ left; to \ right > the % persons- .on; .the > stage : are : ... Former
; Governor Parde^
rWarrcn R. Porteiv>Govern6r JamcV-N^^llettri'V;^'^:-:':',"-^:' \u25a0..>;.-\u25a0• \u25a0"">..-, '\u25a0'\u25a0 -'/'.' : ~ : */; l -'\ -^'X^'-VC^:.-.;.^; ;*--''• >'=:^ ~!£ r -i'* '\u25a0'•. ';-;y''-^- \u25a0 ! .^ : , -. '-^ vV *, •'- \u25a0::\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0. \ "•.\u25a0\u25a0", \u25a0".'. . •'
Legislative Investigations Into
Affairs of Water Front
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0•;\u25a0•'.- \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0'.:\u25a0-\u25a0' .'.Vi-l-rr- \u25a0;• • r^W^XS-Xiif-flZx*' O'^ •^L^^X'.
Alleged Irregularities of -R
SACRAMENTO,^ ; Jan.; 9;-^oVernorGilktt's; adroitly.^
message contains one *':lbng paragraph triat, bears *oiit '^th'e,: stories/ sent <out'i of
Humboldt^-County » that 'he "intended to • sweep;* the !r San > Francisco '\u25a0-• water
front /(blear •; of Pardee men. ..- The ; new ! broom- is ; ,". ready,'.': but • •\u25a0• desire .v to
avoid; resort .to >anything that might be 'caiied\rough"'i work* has _>eyblved f ; -a'
cererhonibus" plan '. which will 'be slo w : in « operation.^ 4A ' legislative"iinvesti
gationiis'tbjbe made with a leaders ; of
the "Republican State organization 'say ,-h'ave ;beenv practiced .for ,sorne£time.
After}' the .committee, reports the broom, is to rriake; a ; big" swing (^frbmiMeiggs
wharf to; Mission Bay and "not a' Pardee • man is to escape. V'£ .1. 1 ' : " '. v , V. I'\u25a0
\u25a0\ The:: portion: of the. message which
means 'punishment for insurgents and
reward for "the faithful' Is phrased' as
mildly as 'the report of a Sunday-school
superintendent, but organization work
ers, smile' as' they read it and : say:
"That's the stuff. He's going, to give
them. the hooks." '•_ .
;. : Here' is'! the fatal paragraph- in full: : -
Wthinthe last few months the tncrcjiants and
shippers itg San - Francisco have ' given consider
able prominence to tbe conditions existlns: [along
the water, front } of ; the "city, and' bare ' r made
many suggestions*'' for' their' betterment.'.^.Tiie'
Slate wiil H«H.»n be railed' upon to expend a large
sum of imoney^ tn. cxtendin?; the" seawall and: in
eonistnjctlng 1 docfe* and wharres' to accommodate
the rapidly : increasing commerce; coming^ to ' t thot
port. '. Before. " this ' work • commences and % whUe
tbe^lyesislature^isjin.eestiion I am of this opinion
that . some • ffood - would "come ; from an^- Investlga^ :
tlon-Jntotiieecreral harbors of the State under
State;control,' and i;would 'therefore recommend
that- a, 'joint \u25a0.committee; 1 of the, Senate and As
sembly"; be : appointed \u25a0to make "iniiulrles . Into tbe \u25a0
prevallins '.conditions ; at : 'these . several ; harbor*
and "olso :to -ascertain -pilot charges "and other J
eiponsew attached '" to -skipping; 4 the Amount; of.
pilot fee«- collect i-d • and "-the re-bates,'; lff«ny, ; i
\u25a0'g ivea, "/ and *to *, whom : \the^ arerage ; expense jof •"' a
Te«sel "engaged; in -' foreign- trade ; in : arriving ." arid !
depaTtlnJE» : froia ~ Uw|tp^pt| to| fotoc beo ; \u25a0
.whether : any. 'shippers ~ are ; ; ttTored '.; otJr.MßUieri ;
vlict Ler any] of .* thei wiiarres j are . being'rnscd ' for
buslnees.Vothpr \u25a0£ tha'n y. receirlng/and '.dlscbjriing
: freight UojUtcTesclnslonTofi others;^^VhatYr^alrs
and \ lmproTements"; are ; neceeiary," "and * such'; other!
matters t affecting . , the \u25a0. public;* interests s as .' may.
suggest HthWm!elTe.s",; to" itac^coEaimittec^and'to
make~a. fiijl>reportj thereof ;toj the:" Assembly'; and'
Senate ' \u25a0'\u25a0 at \jlts »' earliest "^ oonrenlenee. Viso - tha t
proper I ! may j bej t passed ~.t if .'found
necessary;;v.i .k\ t \\'^,±X},J.-'. \u25a0- "; -. - ; \u25a0•; \u25a0'" *•
' .VI3I S « AT { THIS .VPORT :>
The. recommendations is: for, an inves
tigation • Jof f. the ; several t, harbors^ ; . under
State •contrSl.;^ This \u25a0 'helps ' to'| conceal
the ; \u25a0real^fpiirp\«e,^for.jtjie\, water-front
of ; San*Franciscol 'isfthe^ "mark t atl which
Gillett is^aiming.V XeUher/heJnor|tK^
'organlzationica.n|forgets that employes
°f 11^5^9^?^!^ holSi^g'^officiar
PardeoNadministraUon, ..either/ sulked
during "the gubernatorial campaign/'oV
gav e v ;' secret ; s uppqr l l to t i.Th eo'dorV: r A:
BelirfpieTDVmoqraticJcanaidate.;' ; '\u25a0
•' /!l tTSt T 5 is'ttho f hope;*o f '^tjie/^organization*
rp»Mt^ed|w^^glc» • .^• I ??3S
Former Executivel I?
QivenivEl^teringn :
\u25a0 ' ' : §§: ;j Reception iso l
Official u?::v i>
lines'; oi '} rain'^drenc'lied ttHe ;*six s compa
; hies \u25a0of i ifif antf y ,> andi troop fof tcavalry
under command of ColonelfA'' M*. Seyr.
:mour,:fN.' : G.':C.,"f 'that^'escorted '"James'
N. Gillett to" the '", Cluriie
where he was v formally \{ inaugurated
as : . Governor ; of 'California i today/;. ': ? >
;.'•; Seven ! 'hundred Cpersons;v including
the : eighty lAssernblymen ; : aHd^ forty-
; Senators,''' gathered^; at .the' \ opera-;
house 'to> witness -the inaugural icere^
mony. ' 'About 200 , women iWere ; among
\u25a0the : audience.'^. ;/ ; -, -.\u25a0;;.;\u25a0\u25a0; \ .\u25a0•; \u25a0. ; \u25a0'-;\u25a0..;>- \\
•v. : . Governor /Pardee 'and Governor-elect
Gill ett ; at 11? a Am. ; were ,d r i yen* in a
'carriage drawn-: by four ;\whjte ; v-h6Vses'
to ,'thV Golden -Eagle 'Hotel,' .where ;thc'
militia 'was • awaiting';- them.- .'in', the
carriage \u25a0 with'; them'were 'i Assembly
meii i J-. P.- Transueofj Los /Angeles j and
Senator Edward? l.' Wolfe "of : SariiFran-^
cisco. ;.) They ;^weret followed 'by a tear
*riage;'in .which i .were "'Lieutenant * Gov
ernor "Aldeh; Anderson 'and,- Lieutenant
Governor - el ec t - *W. '\ R^ : ; Port er^; ThVJ Apf'
pcllater Judges; of ;:the.;>Thlrd. 'District,
i Court} of; "Appeal; followed, in -another
'carriage)"; the remainder, of »the\ parade
belntr«made'up of "the;Governor's3staff
andj State and: county, officers."; ;.~ - , f \u25a0
j^The militia. , companies
|co»tt»o.ed'T | o» l J^yp*< z > *?coiSnS>|a'^j^
v^Lgtest r^arisrja^sjifqrfs^n : cloth-gowns,
*st^tf^^iSßi^^^2i^^ - a PP et i zers • an^
1 8on^TFnrn%frr^imon • fancies \ are • features -
* of \ the ;\Page >. of \u25a0
Hosmer, Crow and Denny Are
Given Their Commissions
r •>\u25a0;". •\u25a0 * ." - "t j; ! - •%' T special"; dispatch *to t the ' call:
U; § S AjCR^MENTO^ jaiU 9.— John ; A.} Hosmer >is? a \u25a0 duly qualified
Judgetofithe ; SuperiorfCourtfor^the'cityandicountyrof-San Francisco
layivirtue'ofltheMas^ His
commission^ has issued,' properly ; attested and thejregu
laritjr of " his -appointment « will" not be questioned by the new admini*
tration;^ 7**' v '" V: ' : • •'\"-^
\ The i fight !pver_i _the» appointment : of .Superior Judges in - San = Fran
cisco^Santa-BarDara'ahd, Tuolumne'took^a seniationaHuVn and came
'toVsudtlenr' clfinax r withtPafdee injthe
.center sof« the r stage j'-.thls * tnornfng 1 .
Close, unon; the Keels *of the' refusal? of
jii^ge. Shields ;.to ;accept\as
ilaw.Cthe ) administration 'attempt ,to i'&e'i
.featSthe "appointment.- of -Judge/ Crow
ofjSanta'Barbaracarae the resignation
of',' Judge; Taggart, the; reappolntment
/of^Crow;,by;Pardee rand:theJalrnostiini
mediate"'"feappoihtment fof Hosmer .and
Deijny/VA , fewtmlhutes ; later -Qillett's
I attitude /ihr the't matter >waS;Coramuni
[ cated;,to;Secretary"of -Curry/; the
I threatened 'appeal ; was : abandoned ;_ and
Hosmer/. and > Denny : . given : the".. coveted
commissions," •'attested-, by * .Curry .and
[fadorned- with 'Curry's 'signature*. -.
|^.' \u25a0Situations \u25a0 followed ~ situation rj with
startling. rapidity in the JudgeKbip'flg'hl;
this morning. V The writ of ' majftiatc di
rected'at C^hrry.at.the Insta.nc«'9f;jUdse
\u25a0 Crow i- was \l returnable \b4fore\
' Shields Vat \u25a010 r o!clock. \u0084 At' t ll'-'^'clock
'Judge •had»granted*the^petltion
mission. 'Curry had^ made up hia mind
totake an" appeal and settled back com
fortably to defy the whole Pardee "wins;
of ?tbe, Republican party, when a new
commission, backed' by the -resignation
of "Judge Tasgart, was presented to hia
startled 1 gazeiS There was in Santa Bar
\u25a0ba'ra a 'real ;» judicial vacancy : that the
Secretary of: State, could. recognize. He
Issued Crow's" commission, but swore
to .high heaven-he would not do a' lika
service if or Hosmer and Denny."' '
•I Burnett "and -Kerrigan in : the mean
time'had: fully 'qualified fc asv Judges of
the^ 'Appellate, courts. Pardee -took a
new. hitch>on s W3 pen,, signed two new
commissions and sent them to the Sec
retary of State. '.Cufry.had gone out to
jook'over. the developrngr political land
scapes When he returned the attitude
qfitbe new; administration had:beeh.de
-cWed :^upon. '; -It" would -; be more ; than
poor; politics \ to '. further oppose the aa-

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