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Legislators' Wives Get Jobs; Capitol Repairs Are Costly; Gillett Seeking Ideas
Oakland Senator Selected
as Head of Committee
to Pass on New Bills
In the Senate tomorrow morning, but It
Is known that agreement has been
reached on the following committee
: chairmen:
Ftaanoe, C. M. Bnlehaw of Ant Inch:
Jadldary, G. R. Lckens of Oakland;
revenue and taxation. H. S. G. McCart
ney of Los Asgeles; contingent *x
pvasce, Edward I. Wolfe of San Fran
There will be three lees committees
at this session than the last, the dif
fsrenoe being equal to the difference
In the trexnber of Republican Senators
In the two «e*slons. This will mean
that there will be thirty-three com
mittees at the present session.
A flood of bills will come with the
announcement of committees m the
fto&ate tomorrow, each member having
from two to thirty in which he is in
terested. Senator McCartney's pure
food bill will be among the first pre
sented, a companion measure being in
tteguced ts the House by Assemblyman
P. V. Eucmon of Lo* Angeles.
McCartney's bill eeks for an appro
priates of 920.000 for the building of
ft laboratory to be unfler the control
«f the State Board of Health. The bill
proposes to have this laboratory, which
may b* maintained at the University
of California in Berkeley, superintend
the work of the State in seeing that no
food masks tutder a deceptive label.
Beardsfee Silent
as to Committees
SACRAMENTO. Jan. 13. — TTith the
naming of the various committees and
< the Introduction of the first batch of
Ml U the Assembly will tomorrow get
: down to the real business of the ses
sion. Speaker Beardslee refuses to
make any advance announcements, but
the firophet* of the lower house are
banking ea the following list of chalr
m&nsblps of Important committees:
"Ware and Means — Miguel Estudlllo
of XUv«rside. ,;. -
Revenue and taxation — TT. R. Leeds
of L>es Angeles. .
Jadldary — Grore L. Johnson of Sao-
TtLtti ento. '.'\u25a0«'
Eleetlons^ — John W. Stetson of Oak
education — George L. Sackett of Ven
ttii su
Ktmldpal corporations — R. H. Jury
. «f Sen Mateo or Percy TV. Hammond of
Lea Angeles.
City government— X. TT. Thompson of
' l<o* Angelee.
rederal relations — Nathan C. Cogh-
Uca of fiaa Fraaclaco,
Insurance — Phil M. "Walch of Oak
•, laad. \u25a0\u25a0-,;-..-• -.'
Wants Management
of Valley Changed
SACRAMENTO. Jan. 13.— Senator J.
B. Curtis of Sonora will Introduce a
Joint resolution tomorrow recommend
tnr that control of Yosemlte Park be
Cnaa*f«rre4 from the Interior to the
Ajrrtoaltural Department. Curtin Is a
XVemocrat. but be believes In the rec
ommendation made on this matter in
the recent massage of President Roose
velt, and la the bill Introduced for the
purpomm by Congressman Needham. He
*rgv«* that the conservation of parks
Ukm tfc* Yosemlta can much better be
npervlaed by the forestry bureaus.
ETSACUSE. K. V., Jan. IZ. —^Burdett
O, CowJsg. retired* chief engineer of
the Kesrsmrge «t the time It was
wrsekafl In 1594, Is dead at Tully, N*.
T« his htrthplace. aged €S y&axs.
lnrongs Gather at Bier of the Late Arcnblsliop
C**tlana4 Prom Page t, Calnma «
Pr«slele/* cald one woman, "and hon
**Uy, irfecm I had heard him I felt
«en :>Mir* yetrnger." ThU tribute, with
• that et the boys of St. Mary's, would
. prcbaMy more than anything else have
\u25a0 rladdenurt the Xrchblsbop's heart could
b* have heard It.
Btohep Ceaaty ef Los Aageles, who
' ie to preach the sermon at tho funeral j
\u25a0 this morning, arrived In the city yes- j
; tarftay sad was escorted to the prf
' »*te residence of Archbishop Riordan.
The fonereiwlH tek« place \u25a0at 10
n'rinck this morning. Beats will be re»
t served for the clergy and members
lof th« r*llclouß erdnrs. Tickets will be '
Issued only to pew-holders, but' the
, gallery will be thrown open to the
. Arehblchnp Riordan win preside at
; the services. The mass will be cele
brated by Bishop Grace of Sacramento.
Alter service* et the cathedra] the
. prAecarten will form en Van Ness av«
i \u25a0!«• • and s>dvsunee - down Van 2Cess to
, Market end Fell, on Fell to Octavia,
. en Ootarla to Guerrero, on Guerrero
t» ' Twentieth, on Twentieth to Valen
; els* and «n Valencia to the Valencia
'\u25a0\u25a0 c treat at all on, where a special train
: will be In waiting to convey the body
\u25a0 t« Its last resting-place In Holy Cross
Cemetery. • ' %
• The erders which will attend are:
•an KrtncUeo Council No. . 61E,
• Jpilffet* of Columbus; California
Cennoll, KntgMs of ColQmbus. No. SSO;
Tetmg Men's Institute,' League of the
Grass Cadets, Society of St. Vincent
«c Paul, Young Men's Catholic Union,
Toon*; Ladle*'. Institute, League of
the Cress Band,
*\u2666\u2666 *\u2666 *O ******* *4» *****^ k
\u2666 A y ou a Physical bankrapt—vour {Nil
V /"\ nerves shattered and your body Jvljf
a wasted by over-drafts on your vital
o resources? •\u25a0.-,.\u25a0 ' -ju
V ' I>«w on Scott*? Emtitsiofu \u2666
V It b ridb in the assets wrecked systems \u2666
V need— purest cx>d liver oil, w^ch restores $
T fat and tissue, and hypophosphites. V
jr which build nerve and bone. fl 9>
2 ALL DRUGGISTS i 60c AND $140. ?
California's New Executive, as He Appeared to the
Call's Cartoonist a Few Days After Assuming Office
The following will be the lay pall
bearers :
Board of trustees of the R. C. Semi
nary of San Francisco— Edward Me-
Laughlln, San Jose; Joseph A. Donohoe.
Friends — Richard E. Queen, Richard
J. Byrne.
League of the Cross— Thomas H. Fal
lon. Dr. S. J. Cunningham.
Knights of Columbus — James R.
Keith. Neal Power, Dr. J. G. Morrisey,
Theodore J. Savage, Philip |J. Fay.
Toung Men's Institute— John D. Ma
honey. J. J. McDade, J. F. Barry, Dr. J.
A. Carew.
Krvrmana Club. Los Angeles — Joseph
Ajiclent Order of Hibernians — T. P.
OTJowd, 'W^miam Boyle.
St Ignatius Bodety— James R. Kelly,
Maurice Pope.
Toung Men's Catholic Union— Samuel
Has kins, John T. Burns.
St. Vincent de Paul Sodetr — John M.
Burnett. R. Green.
St Joseph's Society^ — Joseph W.
St. Paul's Society — F. B. Schoen
Chief of Police Dinao has Issued th«
followtnt; orders for th* police detail t
Captains Martin, Mooney and Glee
son will report to me at St. Mary's
Cathedral at 8:15 a. m. for orders.
Captain Oleeson will' detail Corporal
Raineburg and six mounted officers to
report to himself at the corner of Geary
street and Van Ness avenue at 8:30.
Captain Gleeson trill also detail thirty
five patrolmen and one sergeant to
report to Captala Moeney at O'Farrell
street and Van Ness avenue at B*Bo
Captain Mooney will detail one ser
geant and. thirty-five patrolmen to re-
port to him at O'Farrell street and
Van Ness avenue at 8:80.
Captain Martin will detail one ser
geant and fifteen patrolmen to report
at 10 o'clock to assist Father Rogers
with the school children, who will form
on Van Ness avenue, from Ellis to Mc-
Allister streets.
Captain Anderson willl detail one
sergeant and fifteen patrolmen in his
charge at railroad station, Twenty-fifth
and Valencia streets, not later than
10:20 to preserve and keep order. Cap
tain Anderson will detail six of these
officers to accompany the funeral train
to Holy Cross Cemetery, there to re
port to Sergeant Gorman on tho ar
rival of train. \u0084'\u25a0'•
Captains will select men for the de
tails who have neat, clean - uniforms,
and all officers will wear white gloves.
No- batons or holsters. The men se
lected will be taken from the 8 a. m.
to 4 p. m. and the 4 p. m. to 12 p. m.
Dr. Clampett Honors
Memory of Prelate
.— \u25a0 g- \u25a0 \u25a0
Speaks of Good Deeds of the
; R«v. Frederick Clampett, pastor "of
Trinity Church, in his sermon yester
day paid a? tribute to - the lat« Arch
bishop Montgomery. He spoke In part
as follows:
The death of th» Moat. Her. George < Mont
fomerr, < Archblahop Coadjutor of th« Roman
Catholic chorch, is a blow felt far beyond th«
conflsea of bis owa communion.
\u25a0The strong, wholesome , Influence ,of T^tla
truly consecrated Ufa has impressed Its*lf upon
tte whale community. Mia prelacy was marked
br the building up of spiaadld . principles and
of noble purpose*, and f acknowl«dg« \u25a0, myatlf
"*"' onUlde of htecreed who
Jhaak God for the good that ha was prMlegad
by diTina grace to do, : . /, .;.." "".T ,
The temperaace mor«»Bent had no sturdier
champion. Th« meo of * cmeratlon : y«t to
come, • who In their « yonth ; were lnflu«nce<J br
hU i.f x * ffl . Dla and te *chlng to take the tow of
» Hfejof . temp«rance, will be a mighty force
f °Y rt fs. t< ?? MIl< 2? lB tte cll 7 ' of ' rrancUco.
Archblßbop Montgomery ha» been taken to
b ? *?.?' bnt b * bM t>«rae«thed the ; memory
of a life consecrated to Godlike purposes, and
we share with his own people the d£pior«w
*»**'• H/« of aneb great u»efulaea» -, was . taken
la th« pleatltude of his s power. >, v , "™
' Retjulfpcat in p«c*>.
Dr. Radeif s Tribute
to Late Archbishop
Tells of the: Prelate's Legacy
toHumani^.; ,
' I>uriusr the courße of -bis-cirtao^B)*-
terday in the Colonial- Theater, 'Rev.
William Rader, the Protestant clergy
man, referred to the death of Coadjutor
Archbishop Montgomery in the follow
ing words: \u25a0\u25a0-- '
\u25a0 I * desire to • ty . a ' word tbont my eoworker,
Archbishop Montgomery, , whose death has .been
\u25a0o radden and, from I oar earthly I rlewpolnt, so
notlmely. 7 \u25a0 '\u0084\u25a0-•,
The pausing of this dlntUrvlabed prelate U a
lots to Catholicism and . ProteatantUm. : Blabop
Montjjomerj- occupied a unique position in the
higher life of San Francisco. lie was a brare
man. • and the young i men oerer .- bad -a , better
friend. In his adrlce ) to i them |he stood i clearly
and strongly for the beat things and the highest
ideals.- At a Protestant : clergyman I wish to
bear witness of his great work In this city. 1 : -
Others have ' < divided the •; commnnity, bnt
Biabop Montgomery did a work of unification,
construction . and profit. \u25a0 -He Joined with \u25a0 all
good men In the battle \u25a0 for ; the right, and his
work among the young men of this city In be
half- of temperance will be his Imperishable
memorial. . ;\u25a0 •. - \u25a0.•-\u25a0.\u25a0-,\u25a0,... ••:'\u25a0'• " . v
It Is a irreat thing to leare such a legacy.
It is > great . gift , to hnmanity— this life of
Bishop Montgomery: and, irrespectlTe of creed
aad - ehnrch, we today. \u25a0 mourn - the . loss : of ; one
who has won a permanent place, la the life of
San Francisco. ; >--_v> .';. rJ -' '\u25a0 \u25a0 *' .-\u25a0'\u25a0
Organized Labbr ;
Protects Rights
. 1007 ' EIGHTH : STREBT.
\u25a04 SACRAMENTO. r\ Jan. ;- ? 1 3.— 0r ganized
Labor ' will have " able :) representatives
here to v further ? ! Its ; Interests f through
out, the session and to combat legisla
tion Inimical to Its: oause.; George" B.
Benham of th« San Francisco - Labor
Council and : E. \u25a0 L. ; Blair; 'of? Oakland,
representing the' Order of Railway Con
ductors, have ?; already i arrived." f 1>: B. :
Leavitt cf Vallejo, 3 representing t .the
CalLfornia State Federation -of .Labor,
will be .here tomorrow. 2 ", \- ;
A.ndrew Furuseth of f the \u25a0 San Fran
cisco City Front '} Fed«ratlon| has re
turned to San ; Francisco,'>but , haa ? left
several bills ': for : presentation , to ;' th»
LesTlslatura with? Senator '? Edward : « l.
Wolfe. ' ' Among these Is ' one 5 providing
for the repeal; of ; the | law which • makes
it , a , misdemeanor to J induce \u25a0' sailors %to
dosert 1 ships.*.; t Labor- men? here believe
this bill ,wiir,pass,i as i owners iof fcoaat
,wlse. vessels', are complaining of the
dear|h^ of sailors and ' will \ offer . no -op
position to It' ' l ",
MEXICO J CITT. v; Jan: % 1 J.~Tbe v first
great religious function of the;year>at
the Guadaloupe Basilica was;held;yes
terday r'wtth "j the* annual^ pilgrimage
oi . the I of 3'Mexloo 'to^the
sanctuary j of the; Virgin::-; It;is^esti;
mated • that ; more • thanV2s,otV:>persons
attended. \u25a0ZBSe&8SB£&?8&'- > * *
. Btocx - Ltdgars, ' Traxutfar • Jonma la. Stack ' Cert lfl*
% LVoi«2?^2^'J&2^?is3fl!s!H^iS < «V l ''
Assemblymen Estudillo and
4 Johnson Show | That
They Are Financiers
\u25a0', SACRAMENTO, Jan. 13.—Assembly
man Miguel Estudillo of Riverside, who
came here as a candidate for Speaker,
tout-withdrew, and as a reward for be
ing good was I slated : for the chairman
ship of '* the committee ion. ways 'and
means, signalized the first week of his
second term-by giving proof of high
merit < both as \u25a0 a diplomat and as a
financier. •. ,: : -" ;.-.::
The gentleman , from -Riverside and
Assemblyman Percy Ai Johnson of San
Diego are brothers-in-law; ; having
married sisters. ' Both brought their
wives here for the', session '\u25a0 and both
wan ted. to put their wives on the As
sembly payroll. Estudillo didn't think
it would look «well for his wife's name
to appear on his own patronage list.
He and his ; brother-in-law held a con
sultation. The result was that Estu
dillo did not ' appoint 'Mrs. Estudillo;
neither did Johnson appoint Mrs/Johns
on, but" Estudillo did appoint Mrs.
Johnson/ and. Johnson did appoint. Mrs.
Estudillo. ; Only Initials appear on the
public - record, - which reads as follows:
M. C. ; Estudillo, committee clerk, $4 per
diem; M. A. Johnson, committee clerk,
|4 per diem. Now that the facts have
come to; light , it! is. believed that no
member of the Legislature will deny
that Miguel Estudillo possesses- the
knowledge of high finance necessary to
make a good chairman of the ways and
means committee.
SACRAMENTO, Jan. - 13.- An addi-
tional appropriation of $300,000 ;is to be
asked of the Legislature for ' the pur
pose of extending, the work of improv
ing the Capitol. An appropriation of
$300,000 . was voted at the last .session
for this purpose, but the sum' is de
clared insufficient and the architect
having the work in charge has recom
mended extensions' that will require an
extra $800,000. With the money orig
inally appropriated an extra story has
been added to "the buildings and the
acoustic properties of both the ' Senate
and Assembly chambers enhanced.
Modern plumbing, ventilation and oth
er sanitary appointments have also
been effected, and the \u25a0 building " as . a
whole is belieVed to be considerably
improved., .
The extra $300,000 Is wanted princi
pally' for interior j embellishment. The
walls, and. ceilings were 'never; very/at-;
tractive, \u25a0'\u25a0 and it 'is \u25a0 proposed to •. have
them covered - with : subject paintinjfs
and elaborated. 'with marble wainscot
ing- and fother r attractive details. v ,The
building Itself is rather a consistent
example of Corinthian architecture and
lacked atrocities until. legislators with
an eye to business passed a bill that
permitted .a _ maker 'of mechanical
statues . to stretch a ' pageant ! of | them
along * the -' roof. : These allegorical
foundry figures will possibly be -as
signed to the; Junk heap ;; whenever a
legislator comes along who can com
bine Influence with taste. . Their fate,
so far. as ; the present, session Is con
cerned. Is still in the balance. .
Capitol Park adds materially to the
attractiveness of the building, and if
the $300,000 to be sought for at the
present session Is Intelligently expend
ed the legislators of California /will
probably have one" of; the finest meet-
Ing places in the West.
No Pay, Then Tney
Want the Horse
.' 1007 EIGHTH STREBT. .
SACRAMENTO, Jan. ,13.— The .State
Veterinary ; Board;! which: fs to meet to
morrow jin San Francisco, ; may become
sponsor, for/a unique bill. \ ; It will. be
asked to frame a . giving a
horse doctor. . a ; Hen ; on " the \ horse ; he
treats in order- to .secure; payment; of
his fee. ) Several prominent- 'Veteri
narians .are Btrongly in favor of such a
law, and if a".; bill in line with their
views ' is • presented \to I the Legislature
will ' spend ; some time : here , advocating
its passage.- . V^' v'- - ,
SAN . BERNARDINO, Jan. 13.—Rob
ert Oliver,* aged ,60 • years, . brother of a
physician well * known >. In- this city,
committed 7 suicide v this - afternoon .by
taking poison. ..No [ motive lor the 'deed
Is assigned. ;;„ , . .-- : ''.'\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0•'.\u25a0'.•
Beginning January 14 >C V^
DAILY— I0 to 12 *: ro: 2 to 4 p. m. V
cakb)bAkinq: V
and t be economical operation "of I J/fe \
the Gas Range . / ;fl\ J
/QS^ To All Users of Gas
:^^JC/. ;.-\u25a0; Aninvitation is extended to attend jHt 1 * jo*- i
iWsk-~ these instructive talfo to be given in H IP*
v»Mwv\ tHe Demonstration Room at ' /
m^lft Fw^inV Street />
9 JJ Corner of Ellis
State Forester Lull Says
Protection Against Disas
trous Fires Is Inadequate
The first biennial report of State For
ester G.B. Lull, which haa been sub
mitted to the- Governor in a pamphlet
of forty pages, reviews the work of
the State Board of Forestry since its
creation in 1905. A revision of the State
law Is "; recommended to insure more
adequate protection again forest fires,
and the replanting with " eucalyptus of
areas denuded by logging Is advised.
The forests of California cover 34,
000,000 acres, or one-third of the State.
It is pointed out that the area of for
est land today Is virtually identical
with the original area when the settle
ment of California was begun. The re
duction of merchantable timber has come
solely from "logging , and from fires.
Twenty per cent of the redwood has
been cut and the denuded tracts are
full of moss-grown trunks, from which
only the butt logs have been taken. It is
estimated that the amount 'of timber
taken out is. more than equaled by the
amount which has been sacrificed by
the wasteful methods of the timber
men. This leaves the land a prey to
Ores, which -change the forest from a
second growth of merchantable timber
to- the worthless brush and fringe of
chaparral which now cover whole town
ships where formerly the redwood
California's standing timber is today
worth $200,000,000 and It is estimated
that the forest industry of the State
brings an annual revenue of $20,000,000.
Besides the actual worth of the timber,
the forests have an Indirect value in
conserving the annual run-off from the
watersheds and preventing . the rapid
lowering of the water level in the arte
sian basins. For this reason, in the
opinion of the State Forester, while the
extent of forest removal must for the
present be "left to the law of supply
and demand, the State may prolong: the
life of its forest resources by effective
legislation against the careless use of
Of 120 forest fires the causes have
been determined as follows:
Sparks from engines 1 ........... IT
Clearing land 12
Camp . fires \u25a0 .' 12
Llghtnlnjr ....; 10
Maliclougness ft
Logging 8
Dropping lighted matches, dean or cigarettes 61
Total ...„. \u0084120
It is recommended that the State be
districted and that salaried patrolmen
be employed, whose sole duty shall
be to prevent and check fires, and that
they shall be empowered to compel
assistance when It Is necessary. At
present ten counties are co-operating
by appointing county fire wardens and
paying them at the rate of 25 cents an
hour for actual work.
Experiments have been made with the
eucalyptus which Remonstrate $ its
availability for replanting logged-over
forests and for setting out new groves
on the foothills. It has been shown
that the wood is as valuable as second
growth '• hickory in the Bast. One firm
is at present engaged rinv replanting
with 1 eucalyptus, r with which ; it expects
to obtain a continuous supply of tim
ber.-, . . ;i;> ;. \u25a0.;; f'-; ..- . ; - .--.'-\u25a0 •;
The report states that economic condi
tions \u25a0 are resulting in more attention
being paid to inferior, species and by
products. As consumers are becoming
satisfied .with poor grades and smaller
dimensions the timber men are giving
more, thought . to general projection,
asking the advice of the , board on re
planting and offering their facilities in
the assistance of the State.
May Ask Bryan
to Deliver Address
SACIIAMENTO. Jan. 18.— "William J.
Bryan, . the . noted Democratic , leader,
may be asked to address the California
Legislature some time during the last
week of this month or the first week
of the, next. The members of the mi
nority have such a plan In view, but
depend I upon the courtesy of the ma
jority-for . the passage of a resolution
embodying the necessary invitation.
It is said that although , the Demo
crats had' decided not to offer any res
oultlon for \- fear *- of it being turned
down.T they had strong -hopes that; the
Republicans would .forget . partisanship
and Invite him, not as a Democrat, but
as a distinguished American, to address
a joint session of the Legislature.
. Bryan Is to speak in San Jose on
January 26. "When word comes that
he Is near Ing this city the six Demo
crats ;in the - Senate ' and the "six Dem
ocrats In the House will go up the
road in a body to meet him and escort
him to San Jose. The delegation will
be 'headed by " State -Senator ' A...Caml
nettl,' who served In Congress with
Bryan and ~~ was \u25a0 a member - of the na
tional convention of 1896 that nominat
ed'him for President, v t
Governor Gillett Invites
Opinions of Business Men
Kegarding "Water Front
Governor Gillett came to San Fran
cisco Saturday evening to see his. fam
ily,* and returned to Sacramento on tho
5 p. m. train yesterday. While In the
city he talked with quite a number of
citizens on the topic of water front
management. Recently the Governor
addressed in writing many leading
business men. Inviting their views as
to what would be required to improve
commercial facilities and diminish bur
dens on shipping at this port.
Men who are close to the Governor
are of the opinion that no one Is slated
to succeed Charles H. Spear as presi
dent of the Harbor Commission, and the
Impression is gaining force that the
Governor will appoint . some business
man of recognized ability and energy,
even if he Is compelled to disregard the
recommendations of the organization.
W. F, Herrin, chief counsel of the
Southern Pacific, is quoted as saying
that the corporation favored a busi
ness-like administration of harbor
affairs. The company, he remarked,
paid the State for all the wharves and
slips that it used and had no special
favor to ask of the commission. The
corporation, he said, would favor the
appointment of San Francisco business
men to manage water front affairs.
Senator George T. Rolley of Hum
boldt came to San Francisco with the
Governor, vand the latter returned to
Sacramento in company with the Hum
boldt Senator.
Colonel John C. Bull and Colonel
Minor of Eureka are at the St Francis.
Before returning to the tall timber of
the north Colonel Bull will visit Sacra
mento and pay* his respects to his old
William Wolff & Co.
248-258 MISSION SL,
Pacific Coast Distributors for
Bninart Brut and CnTee Imperial
\ Champagne.
Martell Cocrnacs, In cases and bnli.
Honse of Lords Scotch Whisky.
Bushmill's Three-Star Irish Whisky.
The Old Government, "The Perfec-
tion of Whisky." *
Deinhard & Co.'s Rhine, Sparkling
and Moselle Wines.
F. Chaurciiet's >'ult Burgundies.
Dubos Freres' Bordeaux Clarets
and Santernes./
Cantrell & Coc hrane's Belfast Gin-
ger Ale.
JTuy ens* . Bordeaux Cordials and
Apricot Brandy.
Sir Robert Burnett's Dry and Old
Tom Gins and Orange Bitters.
De Kuypers' Eotterdam Holland
Staple Brands of Matured Bonrbon
and Bye Whiskies from F. S.
Bonded Warehouse.
We guarantee all our goods to
conform Tilth the requirements of
the Pure Food and Drug Act.
Just Arrived, by
W. A. Boole & Son, Inc.
Shipbuilders and Engineers,
Foot of Adeline St., Oakland.
Telephone Oakland 360.
San Francisco Office 46 Steuart
Street. Phone Temporary 25 J 5
George's Creek Big
Vein Cumberland COAL
For Blacksmith, Steam and
Domestic use.' Wagons will
be. weighed for tare, at L. 0.
Sheldon's, Second and Market
Streets, Oakland.
If yon have anything which yea
wish to offer to the great army
ef home-seekers who are coming
to California through the Los
Angeles gateway to the State,"' a
small rFor Sale" advertisement In
the classified columns of the "Los
Angeles -Times" win put ': you In
communication with them.. If you
have a ranch for sale or to ; let. or
wish to dispose of or rent a dty
or. suburban home, a small sum
expended in this way i may accom-
plish the desired .result.
San Prandsco Office. 779 Market
Street.| San Frandscc*.; 7
Or phone Temporary 2121.
Business Director of,
San Francisco Firms
. .''"'\u25a0''""'*'.* • — • " " -ill*-
.:. roora— H. R WINDSOR • & CO.. -r«n7
agta.. Mutual Sav.Bk. bldg. Temp. 2394
MOXTACUB, -W..W. & CO- stovea re-

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