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; Alameda
CVntra Costa
Is Evenly ; Divided^ ofi}&
I '-the Ouilt or Iniioe^nce <?f
the Allejred
Jan. 31.— After -beiHg out
; more then trrenty-four hours.: th« Jury
in the Gwyer murder case: fallf-d". to
agree and was discharged :by j Judge
'.Wells this afternoon.. ;It. : stood- ',T to: 9
for .conviction on'the first" -ballot; -and
rm/all the others i to |6> Dlstrict^At-;
tbrney Brown announced : that:-."; \u25a0 *rs;
:Gwyer would be •\u25a0; tried aealri; . and her
second trial will : be set next MondayJ
.'.The Gwyer case was bitterly : con
i^sted on : both : sides. Judge; Melvln;
.'.who presided at the trial up .to. to-:
day/ when . he went Easf on: ji.lvtb.ur>
as jrar.d exalted, ruler of ;the:; Elks,
was called upon -several . times, to ad
monish the attorneys against display
ing th«lr: animosity: toward each other
in. court. Judge Melvin fined Attorriey
Lincoln Church. ; who :^ras associated
n-ith Attorney. M. C> Chapman lri : the
defense. .SSO. for cpnternpt of court in:
(\u25a0ailing pist.rlct. Attprriey : Brown, a v liar
\u25a0 during; the •examinntipn .of va;: witness;.'. \u25a0 ;
".- \u25a0- The crime, with whichjMrsJ F?oren<ie
\u25a0\u25a0;nutti':-. : Gwyer.;was.:;--c;hars>ed ;was^ : tho
:n.urd?r of -j-bun.s :Fl<j. Peterson by pif~l
.'.forming --.fi crlmi naif -ope ration;: upon the;
Ktri. " The ; prir.clpsl. evidence against
M rfs.. : . G wy e r was the dying; « tatemen t
"of tlie'Petersori JKirii. :" The : defense at
te-mpted :to .have -this ; ruled: out. but
:.in. vain, \'y/- -.' : '='"\u25a0-'' : '-V: '\u25a0':• 'X- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0':'\u25a0 : :^-\\i' : .'. : <
:.';•; 8.-.. A. Browjv- on^!. of the Juror? 1 , had
ah attack of -.h'e;art /failure this . .morn
ing; In the Jury-rpbm. but . reebvered.
Judge Melvin had a fainting ppeU last
night and lay on ,'a/ coiitrh. durio^ the
closing argument, pf . Hynes,.'; ; but-:: : he:
; was: - able, to • sit up: to .Instruct- tii«
.juryi . .He was: weJlenbtißh to leave
for- the East today- \u25a0:.'.-\u25a0; : .-':. i-/:- >:.: ; --".---
The dispute between Stanford ahd the
University of California. as :tp /the place
for- the annual: track.moet -this. spring
was ' given another turn -last n.igtat.. by:
the executive. coTnmittee of the associ
ated students, who: refused.- tijjaccep-t
the action of .the. intercPllegiate xomr
rnittee leaving the, selieetiph^ to. > the
graduate managers oif the two; uhiyer:-:
pities. Instead, the .Stanford commit
tee deman-d.ed another • conference; \u25a0 and
if- at that time California, adher-es to
her contention : asettlerh'eht -'.by "arbi
tration will he proposed/. ; Should the
blue and cold refuse to consider arbi-'
tratlon Stanford ' wj II Withdraw:. ;' from :
the discussion. ••• . : : : : ' .'. '\u25a0 ;: y- \ : - \u25a0 . r .' . •
'\u25a0: OAKLAND, Jan. 31.— J. J. Brown re
ported to the' 'police- this morning, that
a thief entered his room at 836 .Broad
way last night and stol£ a black : coat
and v*>st and a pair of trousers,. ' The
floor of the room had been'i'unlbcked
with a skelpton k<?y. V ; •:\u25a0 - : -, '•'.. -.".;•.'
Mrs. Eva Williams, who.: -conducts, a
restaurant at 1010 Washington street,
reported that a man whose': name, she
does -pot know who was employ ed by
John Hyne?, the 'manager of;, the; res
taiirant to do odd jobs about' the place;
had stolen $s :'. from the casl : i r drawer.
The alleged thief is said to be '.an
opium', or morphine fiend, ,1$ is
said that he is a frequenter- of China
town./";'-.:..'. .'. \u25a0: ; - '..-'\u25a0' \u25a0-.- ; :: •\u25a0-V-'il*.' '.\u25a0:\u25a0-.' :\u25a0'\u25a0">\u25a0
"R. S. Kotchen reported that. his place
o.f business '"at .ss4.- Clay, street'had be«»n
broken into J>y thieves sometime-dur
ing the last two days ; and -a: large
copp<*r boiler :stblen. ; . : The theft, was
discovered this morning.' " : " : ;'V ?-7':' : . \u25a0-.-"-;•
.' A..G. Vollirjar.'.who lives', at: 221 7 San
J/ose :avcnu<>. In ' Alamoda,' reported : tha.t
two saws had heett'fltolen -frpin a: new
b«i!ding at J-'lf Ut and ; Harfißpn . stfPets
yesterday af t-ernoonl : '.\u25a0..-. .;:.-\u25a0 '•• i '"-.--
;\u25a0'..' A set f>t: harness .and a. f?*riall *iddle
were stolen -yesterday afternoon: from'
a stable at the residence of ;<£ ThPmp
fon.- lf>lo Franklin street;.' -The theft
was tW*..: morning, by
Tliornpsoni' who- •'. • reported- it :\ to the
police.- \u25a0.;\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0•'':.-••\u25a0'/..: V's*'\\-\£.-/<
WEST OAKLAND HOME . •:•..;-" :.;'/.
• ' '• .- v.'-V-'iS; -NOW OUT 0F :i>KBT
«.ift« From Ihr Elk* snd thr Itorkt
\u25a0 feller Fund Assist In Tajlne.- j
• • . . . Off the Mortgage : V-} ; .';_ '
OAKLAND, Jan! 31.— rA . repbrt of
-.the .affairs of the. WVst Oakland Jlpme
for tiie- past year lias, been . submit
. "ted by Miss Grace [. \+.\ Trevor,' vice.
president and active manager . of the
institution, .showing that a-rnbrtgage
<»f $15,000 has been- canceled and; the
home is n"o.w out -of debt. • ".;.'•\u25a0 '';'-. :.
The report of Miss Trevor acknowl
edges the kindness of the: Oakland
K!ks and Mrs. Frank C> Havens for.
their Christmas- bounty '\u25a0 arid ..the. re
ceipt of $600 from the Standard Oil
Company'svJohri D. Rockefeller fund,"
which completed the payment of the
mortgage. ; " • : •"...;-.\u25a0 "\u25a0\u25a0 .
The following have been
elected for-'ttie ensuing year: ,'..-:. .;
President. Mrs. 1 TA'l.Hlam 11. 'Crocker;, first
Tic* president. Mr«. I.'.t. Ber»tta; necond rice
president, Mlm Gr»e<? -rL. Treror;-- rewrdlng
t-ecretary. Mrs. A. 1* • Wolfe; corresponding sec-
Vretary. M«. W. H. 'I.' Mathrwg; treasurer.' Mis*
U Denison; filreetors — Mrs. W. H. Crocker. Mrs
I. A. Beretta, Mm. A. U Wolfe. Mr«. A. <:'.
JMeu, Mrs. H. D. Rowe.- Mrs 11. 8. -Mehrinanii
Mrs. C. J. Heewman. Mrs. W: A, iScUrqck and
Miss <Jrac« L~ TreTor_.. : '.
It In (trllfvfd tl;<- Actual Purchaser of
(be rroperttrn la Ibe .South
- rrn i'adflfr.-.. : '• .. '
OAKLAND, .Jan. * 31. — Two \u25a0'•real es^
tate transactions totaling ovef 550,000.
were closed to-day .l>y A.' 3:' Sn'yder.
The first sale -was.' that pf the :lpt at
the northeast corner of Harrison, and
Fourteenth streets for $75,000. The sec- \
ond was the Irregular shaped: piece of
property on the scfutheas^' comer .' of
Fourteenth and Franklin "-.streets,
fronting on the strip occupied', by- the"
narrow guage depot. The buyer paid 1
$80,000 for it to E. B. and A, X Stone.
The real estate firm gave out- "that, the
buyers in each case were* locaJ people,
but It. Is surmised that the .'Southern
Pacific now controls both lots.- '••
OAKLAND, Jan. 31.— A petition for a
writ of habeas corpu? was filed jto-day
on behalf of Lou Kay, a Chinese .wo
man now held In the:city prison as - a
witness of the killing of Lee Bock
Dong in a . recent highbinder war in
Oakland* Chinatown.
Ju<le« Harris Issued tft.e writ and set
tli<- hcarinc for 2 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon. y
Events of a Day in Bay Counties
Through the Changing of
VSatchels ' in a? Salobii
OAKLAND, Jan. 31.— Dazzled by the
promise Of atrip to: Italy k^ the travel^
injj.companlpn of : a-:^uppbsed: noblemah;
Frank Baricliib, ah Italian;: residing at
Tp9; Jackson I street^ ;Vas .i;induced ; this"
mbrnjng i^:;!a'r|i^;..<liW^TEWch^*^--.H** :
deposited; in' a;/ local ibahk.'.ariii-lie.:yras
prpmptiy: robbed :.by:.:nieans ; of : the ;. bid
trick of V switching . : eatchels:;.\ Thj? : exW
change was:; made, mi iLr local : ialpjoh;';
the location \u25a0=. of which B4hphio : , does hot
khpwJ:.- \u25a0•!;-\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0,:-.- ; \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0:< r-V::x; :;":; '\u25a0"/\u25a0'; :fr-''.-'^' : JiV.
: .Banchio. met. the: swindlers i. flrst .twb
days ago; and yesterday one of theipair,
declaring that ; he was ill arid.' that ; he
was: going back ;tp - Jtalyv; - lnyited i tlie
prospective jvlctimi;, i^hb: 'cphflded:
to- the P^lr that he had -.*& cbrisiderable:
sum of Tfibney: in the: 'bank, .tp-accpm^.
pany him- as 'a trayeiing;;; companion^.
Bahchio accepted: the proppsitiph-ißa. jfbr.i.
ly, and this 'miprhihg: went :io the^ bstnit
a:t the Bugf?e9tibn of the.biinco man arid
drew all- his: rnbneyv^ip •:'\u25a0•'='/\u25a0 • . "V':;. : \u25a0;\u25a0 '-^
The^^ x cp:in,.: : whi.ch;; was:- In -gold, : was
placed in a small valise: .'ahd'-: the.«wiht
dler then Jhvi ted Banchib to yislt a : sa.-;
loon;.the Vprpprietbripf-fWhicH ;waS: 'ah
old .friend pf: thetrian' .Wj^li; whbm ißah-'
chi 6 was : t b :go tfli r Italyi < joh . ar riyi h g
at: the saloon; th« : satchel ..cbhtainihg
Banchlo's mpney *tnd: «nei carried i hythe
swindler were: placed on the .bar,;. elde
by; side; .On leayihgithe :piace; : Bari^v
chib picked up tlie satchel he thbhght
tiLs own and started for his horhe to ar-f.
range tor: his Journej'; agreeihgtb ".m'eet"
hiß "friend* la.terj ];: ?\u25a0\u25a0;''.". \u25a0.-'\u25a0.'-S-'-V;'; -k-y-f-^'} '\u25a0'\u25a0,': ~ :
"-.\u25a0\u25a0 Arriving at his home, Baribhib^bpen^ia
the satchel: and was :shocked-.by -the dis
covery, that; -.instead-, off v&Js "\u25a0•-' mbney it.:
cbntaihfdtwp bundles.of^ wpr.thless !pa
per,.; each;.: of |."^hich ' iv*as : \u25a0 wrappedriin'ia
Con fed era tei bank; \u25a0'-' nbte; [k'\ ijackage bf
Iron washers, and half^a : bfiekl-:.-; v \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/
: ' :>•-; .;.-. V iS" ins \u25a0. sax rafae i/ home
I^enveii a :WldoTT^- \\Tio ;ij» the j: Step
/\u25a0 ':;. ..Orandniolher -at ;Mr»; '/-.Floreiiee. :.:.
;;:;-' '. ""':'\u25a0 •.. Jloow, nee'lllytlie '. ; :i ;.';; .';- -I
;: -;SAN ; R^FA^L. :' Jiahv^iSli-^Tbhh; : E.-
Byrne died of heart fallur^at hjs home
intliis city this riiorhingJ ; He had fceen
si resident of Marlii-Cburity ;\u25a0 for. sPnle
time. -::..-•\u25a0:.: \u25a0 .. • . - : .,-.
-; He -leaves: a widbwi.: whb' is ;. step
grandmother: of Mr*:: Florence/. .Moore,
nee Blythe. ; Byrne was. very' westltriy.-
; -.: OAKLA^vD)-. Jan: = 3ic-^-lJa;rbid;;Hbif i-st;
son of Town Trustee Edward Hperst -of
San Learidro. accidentally Sshbthimself
whilp hunting in thej : ;hiUs threel miles
north of \u25a0'-\u25a0 that j place ithlS: morning at
10:30 and 'idled:- this -aliferhopn; at 4:30:
The full charge frpm/pne; barrel of the:
ybung hunter's gun entered •''•ljjjs? rjght
Yurig arid death; resulted:: from j'herrir
orrhage and- shock: ; iHOerst, ..whV-.wias
21: years of age, was. In .cpmpanyj With
Lloyd : Morgan; & lad; : when he ; :sus-.
tairied : the wotind that: endecl (hls-life.
The two were sitting in Ta vacant barn
resting 1 ; '-;.. Hoerst . was .; lit- vtbe; aiit pf
drawing his, gjtm : toward. :Jiim. muzzle
.flrsU; when one: of the hammers cjaught
pn a board, and the weapbn'.wajf'dlS'
cliarged. Pressing his ; hand over the
gaping hole !in: his! breast^ Hper^t ,rari
from: the barn and down a hill scrVa.m
1 rift "I'm : shot: : I'm . shot;" ; A f ter : tray el -
.mET : ."' XO<)-. yards ' tjie Injured^ hUntf r/'weak
frbrn; loss of blood, fell, exhausted.. Mbr-i
sran.; realizing; that HPe'rst was: danger- 1
busly wounded, hurriedtb Hunter's. lnn
and -telephoned' to v San: iTJeandrb., for: a;
: physician. ': D.rl : Charles jl-fi MUlpr^ahdi
Hpejrst'a father hastened:- to. ' the: 'spot
where the yoting liuhter lay. bleeding tp^
death.;; Dr.. Mliler and the- Slder Hppr«t
irarried thedylng lad jfor niftariy;:a:miie
and theh; placed *:him' in a 4 Tyagpri;
Hoerst: passed :away at ; jiunter'ij :'. Inn.
rxyd boys rax >way
:BERKELEi^ Jan.- 31;^-Oeorge:i Mc-
Derrnott and Clarence .Craig.; isiyear;
old boys residing respectively. at .1027
Bancroft way and 2413 i Seventh -^street,
have left -their homes/ and the- police
haye been asked to find them. '< They arc;
stir in knickerbockers. .: The McDef
m;ot>; lad ! is believed to \u25a0 hive gone to
Redwood City.: Craig Is thbiight? t« have
taken a freight train: to Saprarnento 1 .
He left a note for ;his : parenta
them that he had. "gone : many,- many
miles, from home." ••:\u25a0;.':;•: : v-: ;
MARTINEZ. - Jam: si.^Two nten ; lie
at; the: point of. death ..and'- sl^ : are
under arrest as the result, of a drunken
row and : cutting scrape in the "Steel
Hotel at Point; San Piblo. last rilghti
Frank* Weston, ; a laborer, -has-- been
arrested : for doing :the ; cutting. '\u25a0\u25a0>'\u25a0]
Around the Bay
31..>— The First Conirreeatlonal Church has Toted
cot to sell It* property at Twelfth and: Clay
streets; for which $40t»,O0O was offered. !i"~
• EOY. BLINDS HORSE — A^ameda. Jan. :31.—
Mrs. S, . B, Innes" of 1729 Everett street has re
ported to the police that a boy with a slinsshot
destroyed' the. sight of an eyeof a horse owned
by. her. : . • • -• : . \u25a0: : \u25a0-.•.\u25a0 .-,-• • : \u25a0 \u25a0
FRED POOCK IS DEAD— Oakland. Jan. -31.—
Frederick . C. ... Poock. a member of \u25a0"- Oakland
IXKlge of P.lkK, Hoyal Arch, and Veil knon-n as
the proprietor of the Macdononph Cafe, died
suddenly -this morning at his home at 1320 Har
rison street. Heart disease caused his death;., f'
31 .^-S. A. UririccH today secured an Interlocu
tory decree of divorce from Ethel B.'. Bridges on
statutory grounds. • Judge Wells this afternoon
awarded an interlocutory- - decree ' to 'Aurusta J
Kelsch from George E. Kelsch on the ground of
desertion. .--.'. \u25a0•.! -:;-;\u25a0 \u25a0 . . \u25a0_ .--.\u25a0; i,*-^-
SUFFOCATED BT SMOKE— Berkeley/ Janr 31
Joseph Klrkland/ laborer, .formerly" emplorecT
by the Spring Valley Water Company "was suf
focated In his room at the Chicago Hotel > last
night. A- lamp overturned by him "during the
night, supposedly- by ! accident, 'set . the clothing
on -fire. . Klrkland died hi the smoke' '• \u25a0
31. — Articles of incorporation of the Hansen 4
Kahler Kcalty Company . were filed " this t after
noon. The ' corporation has a -capital stock -of
32U0.000 and will be. located. ln Oakland The
directors are - P«tw.- Charles - and Anna" Hansen
and Lena , Kafaler - and • Joseph Kohrbach^ all -of
Oakland. , . , • .. ':
MOTORMAN IS BLAMED^-Alameda. ' Jan. 31
Motorman A: J. .- Klare ;; who : vat In i charge , of
car. No., 124 of the Oakland Traction Cotnpanv
wnen It collided with a north' side local 'train
last Friday . afternoon . at . tue> Intersection iof
Park : stre*t and Lincoln . avenue, has been ? bold
responsible by the fcomp&ny. for the iuia»h-UD aud
dlßcharsed." -
Paul B. Turner of Oakland
Flees From the - Clutches
V: \u25a0; '%% 3 Se.cret"^ ScirYice/^/ilen:
OAKLAND. .Tan. r 31.— United : States
Lsecretf :/ service
:".t'frati;'Pa'iil',-;B;-'- Tuther, Bald; to ;;be; Coh-.
nee tgd- with \u25a0 a. wealthy :New : ...T6rk;fam- :
ijy : ; ftridj of :.hay-:
IrtK: :i;j?.tpi^h^ v of;
jiioti^'i: a-nd'.;:- : :yaluable . articles..' If rom
rreg;lste.red : \u25a0 ';• ;•., that" ' : •;\u25a0 passed:
\u25a0through; hls.j.hahds •\u25a0while^ he \u25a0.wasv»m-..
pipy^d .in ; the local pbstpflice, ::Aed . to;
Honduras^v. The: {pplic^-RlsoV? have;: : a;
warrant "• ' to : ;sef ye : . accusing*" the -\u25a0 :gay.
; young .- ; the ytheft.of -
worth) .-.of '; /. \u25a0 Jew'eiiry:"; fr.o"m \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. 3>lrs.- \u25a0'iJp^eph*
Perearreaui '^at -whose^ home.. : at.r;::T2
;Sevehth= street : %^\ ;ha4'..bpar&sd. ;; : 1; ;; '
Turner; had' Va Thetebric i career here.
; it7was :a:iher:ry."p:at.h; that ;hei marked:
put f err':, himself; iahd ; he.:spent -money
:^lth:>ifi:;lavish;:.hana;; ; The^reyeiatiPnS:
!^f vUpday V^xplairi /the: : soured' -o{ .'; his;
.supply, ; : : whit-lit V h»d. • always \u25a0 ; b^en \ ' a
puzzlingrihatt^r-tp'/hi^:}fp^tio\s :Yyy: ; ;-\u25a0;•:
•According "tp :'t}ie\.eyi.aerice. g*j.thered, r .
; ia; :: ":landjadyvs»' ;; Jewelry;
ahd -\jawhed 4 tt ito-'raise' funds for; his)
flight,:- --;v.-;. : ;:•:••\u25a0.. h v ; v "?n'. '\u25a0V:: / -:>.^- ; ; :-i. : :-^-;
;':; ' : He-- m4de..'h.ls; : - appearance .In '- Oak
larid:- last 'May.; \u25a0 - ; -.A-s : Mie.'-; was ;a -! yetferan
of : the- Spanikh-Americah •'. >'?r: /and had
be^n- ;!i' honorably ;di6ChaTiKod / ,i:h'e; : :had ;
rip' : ;:;:difflculty^.ihvehterihgrihe /postal":
fierytcei;- ~ '\u25a0 -.:-'.y'.\ \:;.\ • .;.:-..V !. ; ;'.-';; •'\u25a0\u25a0- \u25a0 ;>: '.; : ''---. :
.3. _ *
) V O^K^jiA >f P.' ; Ja-ni ••31 i -^Th?i most \u25a0 elab- :
\u25a0b.rft^atttt'T.-"fit;:th'e^ ; .weSk"^riß':' I t^ie;' : aB-;:
•WeniWyVjind! German at : *the ;Home Club
this vSyeJnlnsi'fQur-'' jitihdred-jgiiestg^piLr^
tn :"tlie pleasure ; ;of ;; the jOcca
?loh^ .^Thevljeautlful. .clubhouse 'carried
a xihajifting- • decoration,. •'. ah;: Immense
ilSbi net tjf . greetiery. and carnations gat'
iandlng ; *tlie :;entirev : circie at' the; ball*.
room>.' Foir, thpse.-wh.oidiß.hotv dance
there Wiis^a 'game v-of cards)in;t lie: libra
ry.; 1 "An -^elab.&rate ::s.upper concluded Sine
evening^; Assisting: -.Mfs.-i; Frarifc; >.R."
Brown In the receiving- party ;were 'Mrs,
George Wtieaton,; Miss \u25a0 Ethel '.: <Mopre,
Miss ;AnnJe.:Miller, M'rsJ' WllUani Chick
erlng^ Mrs. Charles rßuttersi :Mrs. ;!Hp.rry
Mefek. : Mrs-!- Roland .Qliver.; ;Mra,*;Dan
Beldeiv Mrs;. iB.>3J. ; Wickspj»^MrsvT.vP. :
B6pne, : 'Mrs.; fiharles i Brown,? Miss
ence lliusnV Miss;- C/hrlssle .Taiti/.Miss
Jklary- -Wilsoii,: Miss Claire/ Chabot;, Miss
Anlta. : OlJver. .Miss; Carolyn: Qllver, Miss
Elfrl.(*r'EyerJstfoj.'-WlSß''^ayV'Co6gan,' Miss.
JPhft^ !£t Valentine ; JrJ j-Mrs. . Gra'nynie
; Katherlne/Br6wn.'. ;.'."';
:.: '\u25a0[. MlSs-Katheririe \u25a0Brown- was, a dinner
hostess .; this: ' : eyeriing, ; - a':! half-dozen
v b;filn^\'entej'ta'tned..ya''^.'the';-Bi!.Q'W'ii'
: Te3i<fli6nc^ ait /Lee •:\u25a0 arid '.Veriioh:. "streets.
\u25a0Mrs. >Charles ; /BtitteTs- also. pr'esid.edKat
iancelabqrate 4;iriherj;- <JPyers :were ; I&ld
fpr;:ay doien \u25a0frlehdfi, -w.ha Included ssev^
era.l . of- th^: promirient' society 'f oik ' from
'the . Presidio. V'-".; \u25a0/*;'\u25a0;\u25a0 ']\u25a0_[ \u25a0I- -' ' • .; \u25a0."'.
'./Miss; Gehevleve'ChSmbefs^ will. spend
the at ; Merilo, Tgbing down to
'atten^ithe Siaije dahce Firlday, eyen r
-. -The •\u25a0; lnf ofmait'- "at .home", which Miss,
Bessie ;.Cbghill. : has ; planned : .t ot : SatMr-
Bay af ternobri, February 9, will; be one.
ot .. the jmost jdellghtful affairs ; pf. \u25a0' the:
: pr,ei-:Lenteri.-; week;: \u25a0: Reyentyrflv;e;= friends
of the. hostess, have been ;;!j.ncluded 'in
the Ipyitation; ' Miss CoghiUrWlirb^ as- :
sisteci ' :: .lfc- receiving her: guests j by." Miss.
Ruth? Rose; Kales;-: vMliss^
AnJta Mlss : Florence ; I!r#ad-.
v weili Mjss -Alice i: Whitey Mlsys -/ p:isa
•SchililflKy Miss ;-SevUla Ijliiydeii^. Miss
:Katheririe -BaViies,' iftllss.-^Burrell,-. Miss ;
;Lo u Lse , Kel lp gpr an d . M l sis'.Lor fcfja Barnes. :
-:\u25a0 ;Th^;Mis's^sVHjavenieye;r • :wlil be-: the
'.jjiieist^bti.jthi'ei^ 'Bi«ter;.Mr:s;';^.;.li 'istdrie,
:at-.t.h:o. 'Stdrije. r.e.slde;rice oh-- Veirnon street
durinfe .iUft; P«*t week, cbmihg t6* Oak-
Jahd- far the- Bdchplors' b&lJ.Cwhich wiU
;taky:;;piax;e' :on:,;Wedhesday ; .eyehing:.' at
the; Hsm> Club; /-Mrs. Stone -will enter^
tain ykt \u25a0s..h inJTpym^i. dinner .before ; the
;dah'e:ey-.co% r ers ; beirtg.; laid .'. lot -a.- -.halt-:
dozenv giiiestis. ;•'.:\u25a0;/.'••' ;: :.•• : .i': : ' -::\u25a0•\u25a0'..;;
''\u25a0'."'.:' \u25a0':"*'\u25a0'•\u25a0 ."V.; .\u25a0'*.'.•\u25a0-\u25a0>• :'\u25a0 ;'..V* : ' '\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0 • .•: ••.'.\u25a0..•••.'.',
\ : . Mrs, 1 Jli G.-; Brpw'n was a .recent' -hbis'ti-'
essil Gnte:rtairii.ng:. a ; half-dozeTi friends
at -an-: informal . lun<;hepn ' ; at- her . hiime
on 'JaekMpn : street; :\u25a0* The : table \u25a0"carried
a . suggestio.Ti -.; of V -the: coming : spring,
oarly- wild flowers! being \ u?e'd artistic
aJly.. /Covers' we.reUald fpr-.lilrs. Edwih
Goodali, :Alrs; : ;H.. C.iTaft, Sirs. Thbinas
eielltni.Mi's.' T. L.' feafker, Mrs. BiHay^
den.Mrs.ißrpwrt and. o:ne: or t;wo others.
:•- Mrs;. \u25a0\u25a0William Pierce Johnson; enter
tained at. a. charming dinner .this, even
ing, the -. do^zen • gyests;; attending : ; the
dance.atthe: H«n)^ Club: later: . \u25a0:\u25a0- \u25a0'\u25a0•}:.
'\u25a0' " :\u25a0\u25a0'.. '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0• ; .•/•'\u25a0'•'\u25a0•:''. -..-\u25a0.\u25a0-.\u25a0.•.
.„: Another host .of :the evening was V?.
W.'Ru'nyon; who presided at: a dellght'<
ful dinner iat-'thef darenipnt.. Cpunitry
Club. .' The-lat^r. hours, were passed at
the subscription; dance '\u25a0 at ; -the Home
Club..;/ "-\u25a0;: .\u25a0;v'.-; ; . ••;;\u25a0.: ;.-..i .- : ' :- •.'• -.;;.-
; ".-.,\u25a0;\u25a0• .-;:';" ".. '\u25a0';\u25a0.'\u25a0*'\u25a0 .;•<'\u25a0'•\u25a0*.\u25a0-.•:':''\u25a0".'\u25a0:!:• '
.': One of .the > interesting ;<Jaies of th^
coming week will be Thursday," Febru
ary 7, when the Independent: Stage' Sb^
ciety will present a.curtain raiser and
play before the members .of the : , Home
Club.,.: Mrs. : : WallqiQe -Alexander, -Miss
Elsa Maxwell, Mr?t. : Allen Babcock; Miss
Margaret Knox,;Willard Barton.r Joseph
Rpsborbugh. George McDougal and sev
eral others will be: included in* the cast
"To: Oblige Benson" .' will, be the curtain
.raiser, "tpllowedl by : , t he ! four-act com
edy. "Two- Ppr traits.".. - ; . :
. : ALAMEDA, Jan.-. 31.-^Misjs : : . Florence
Palmer, whose, engagement to Russell
B.Fjield,. a cousin: of theilate ppot;e t; : Eu
gene Field,.:', was:. recently; announced,
entertained •this: afternoon; af the" Pal
mer-home on;Shermanl street 'in: honor
of; Miss .'Edna \ Rue. ;V> Forty/- friends • of
the young; hostess! enjoyed ' ,"500" - and ? a
dainty feast. Miss : Palmer is ; the 'daugh
ter of Mr, and Mr§. i George j Pal m er.' and
has had all : the ;. ad vantages" of -study
and travel. Russell ' B. 'Field is 'the third
soh'of Mr., and Mrs.: Henry..- X.V Field /of
Paru street ahdlis a'; brother "of Charles
K. Fie.id. :':]. He ; is I a v graduate of Stanford
University and ? ls : ; now ' engaged &lnV the
-insurance .'business; in , Sant Francisco.^'
-Mrs.. Annie ;Rix>tMlllitz,i'daughter.Vo£
Mrs. E.-H;. Rlx; and .sister, of; Miss Har
riet : Rix, is "'expected -to • arrive j here ; oii
February 16 after 7 a- -"two
years' tour : of * the' world. : - - : .
-.: OBTAIN STORE LEASESi-Oakland. v Jan73l —
Rosonthal r . Brothers,"-' tlie ' big j retail \u25a0 sboe .- dealers
of < San ', Francisco, f-hare f leased 3 stores ; at . Thir
teenth and Waslilnctun streets, ;af'a monthly > ren
tal" of L^l^K^S'lttls'ireportedHhat "Albert Elkus
of; San f Francisco ; has ( leased • the v Howell-Dohr
mnn < stores > nt Fourteenth*: ; and .- WasblnKton
\u25a0UeeU at |1500 a month. * :.;.\u25a0»:.-•..,-..*•,
Degrees to. Be
a Bride
•VBERKELEYv Jan,. 3l:-^Lpve . laughs
not alone. : at-lpcksmiths, but
ally :-. at I college course? and university
degrees, v as ; j:'Mi^s : :;FlQrehce;: Marshall
Ward, -a-' senior ;at.:the':State- llhiverslty-.
admits to her • f riehils y on., the. canipus.
Mis? \u25a0 Ward "has. stud jed: : f pr : :nearly.!;fpur:
years ,at7thie;>big . : a'e'at.: of learniirig : 'up:
6pi. th^s hil%^-witni ifie!'|h4^ln::vlew^pf
procuring, the. ;cpyet4d;.p&rchment "^•heh
she : graduated, 1 ;:the'!s.anic -.to -testifyj to
her I success as ; a "'pupil .' pf the V sayah ts
;pf. Berkeley.; V-..-- : . ?;\u25a0;\u25a0''• : >'--/ '-' ;-/ I V- J \u25a0; -X
The '\u25a0 '-.'little ; god : .of Ipve '.. has ;changed
this ambition: , Miss Ward, yleldingr;: to
Cupid's suggestion, hks. decided to. quit
cpllege, give., up .hope : of . getting a ; de
,gree* and becdme" th"c bride \ ot Eugene
Sheffield, a graduate with, the ciass^of
'\u25a003. ..:-.;-- • : .--.;:o;:o ; ;: : ; ";\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0.:': : . t"/;- .-
.V Sheffield' ;ls-'a,-.hijhing- engineer, .n"ow
in Nevada. . He i[s 'to. go to. Alaska lp a.
rftphth. 'He desireshia-tlance as a com-,
panipn.- .;.:. She [- has -: consented ; to : leaye
\u25a0the.'. university -.'campus \u25a0 ahd tread;' the
path : to Jthev altar ; so that Sheffield'is
plans- can be; carried lout. \u25a0 -. ;'.; '.
.-• ./BERKELEY/ ;; Jan. :\u25a0 ; 3l.^Mrs; '.:Cath-:
.erinfe. Bushhel.l; and. ; Mrs; An
drews; ,-fbrrher .) ...missionaries*.- in \Y~ the
Orientr-, informed theV:W\y C. ;t. :'tj; jof
Berkeley ,:. to-day \u25a0•that.: Christian women
\u25a0in "this" .part: of ; the cbuntry should itry
to. stop the growing fn Japanese
girls.-\.- -Tne^Jmissionaries : declared .that
standards 7of\u25a0 'X .vtrtue: -in- ';:. Japan-. • aha
Anierfca' . wereV.vaVtiy di.ffere"nt,- -'and -. r.e-'
cited. the-: facts given put >by^traveibrs
who ;' have . rip ted .; that \u25a0-•J'a'panes.e. .- girls
of ten;- are.. '.'rented" '.;'by:-: their; parerits.,
when:, the family [flnances; requirq- sireh
action.- •:•/.' ;:.-. : :-;' :: [' l;;v •:,.':.-.\u25a0 '
THIRSTY :SOULS FORM CLUB v' '\u25a0'"\u25a0
HoineK<en«l Valley Ronldentn Establish
a "Blind PIrV That Is Within
\u25a0."•'. \u25a0\u25a0-' '\u25a0' -. - ;: '..-the .Lair. '•,.\u25a0' .."'.\u25a0;.."..'•
'.." MILL!. VALLE V, ..jan: :31.-t-Noormqre.
will there be parched throats: in Hbrrie
steady; Valley, despite ithQrefus^l: of the
Board; -of Sup^ryisors :tb :• grant. '..liqupr.
;Ilceh-Ffes-.!to.twQ appll<jants,;THe hibulou^
ones; havfe Bplved'thei'^lind'pigv; qtiesf
tiOn land 'can: &rink I their toddies with-,
but- :.'f<?ar; '. of -i-belng .- subpe:naed.". i.into
court.; .' '.They.' : can : take;'-' .- friends \u25a0' with
them iand \u25a0: give them a • probati.pri -caf d
which.; will entitle thenr to.patronize\a
club-. bar-for '. a --mbnth ; before becoming
a member. .•...\u25a0.""•..-.: :-\u25a0\u25a0:,.:>•:.-;\u25a0.- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.- :...;.
Th a : o wl.w I. C l;u b ; ; b f .Honi es tead :. Val 1 ey,
Ayhfch was organized, recently, by.rfdur-
teen, residents of .Millwood iahd Hb.m'e
stead.Valley, Jwilj; likye .•:\u25a0 the jelu brooms
lh^ tliere^r .of BpQwn'sr-gr.bcery.'. Dues
\u25a0are fixed- af. 25 cents'.a'rho'nth.^ George
Wefner-' .is president,.Thdmas.R.-Ma
guire secretary. and;J. William' B^own,'
the i"prbprietpr::of..th;e grocery,^Jjas been
\u25a0apprppriately elected treasuf ecu;. • )'.':\u25a0 \u25a0 . :
-JAMESON WIXS Jlljs' SUIT: "-^ . :
:\u25a0'- \u25a0 • \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 '• :-.' ••': •:\u25a0 -• •'\u25a0\u25a0 •\u25a0•\u25a0- ' • \u25a0 \u25a0<\u25a0; :#-.... \u25a0-.-;.
- BERKELBY,: Jan. 3i:—^The: echoes of
Mrs: Eva Jameson's; unique complaint
against : her .'; fornier. ~\- husband;; H." R.
:James:on;. an; .undertaker,'..fw"ere" heard -in
Justleb- ildgar'^ court ' to-day," ,.when\tlie.
\u25a0lady : appeared • as; defendant in: a isu.lt
by Jameson.! to^recoverJ sllvef
:ware.;valued':atL?soifiwhich Mrs. Jame
sori:' was. : alleged Ib .have : trikeri, • with-,
out authority,- when .she -quit the Jame
son, household. ' \u25a0*\u25a0: l \u25a0 v ' V ': : ;
-. . Mrs; Jameso.n . sued -for- divorce Hast
.year,: declaring that 'her- duties as as
sistant "undertaker ; made r life a\ burden
to . her. : Some ' ot these charges she re
iterated to^-dayiwhile; testimony was be
ing*, taken ' regard inlg? . the - .sllveryv.are.
Justice -Edgar 'gave: Judgment' for nhe
complainant.- 1 : .Mrs.' Jameson -announced
that she ; would. appeal- the icase..- : - : -.
j j OAKLAND, Jan. stooping
to /pick : up • ; her slate ; ; whlch{; she had
dropped ' In "frbntaf iher^home. at; 1010
.Wood' street/' Mary iMarone.V.an;' elght
yea'r-Qld^.school" girl, V was. attacked
day by/a- large Newfoundland ( dog • and
severely; bitten on; the /rlghtyarm near
the '; shoulder. - '.The ,".tirnely>:arrival *, of
the child's j mother,; Mrs.' P.: Malone, . who
beat .off - 4 " the; dog :[ . with' 7 a club, saved
the'girl from .possible death^- '£'\u25a0'\u25a0 : •:' • "\u25a0•?:"'
Oakland Personals
; OAKLAND, 'Jan.; 31— C. ;b; Smlth-and
wife?: are * a*\Uhe ... Athens,^ 5 registering
fromi,Washingtori, 'D.OC. .' : ;: \ :V V
• '.. H. ; M. * Edgar and uwlte %of -" -.Detroit, l
Mlch.vare>ecent arrivals "at .the'Crellln^ '
'\u25a0\u25a0• J. IB.jLallancevJr.Tandlwlfe of ' Hunt-* 1
ington.'VW; , Va. r "are Vg*uests * at X the iTou-*
raine. : /r, : '';,J" ; r \u25a0: * : ';>; •" \VX"r ••"•/•.".;"\u25a0\u25a0; :'"-r;: '"- r; \u25a0
•.i? T. .F.^Gllbain Is; at th.e~ Metf opole;! reg-"
\u25a0lsterlng: from Providence, I ;; R.tr l. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:<• -:^
V .L. P. ;; Dorsett > and-: wlf e "J of f-Wa'shlng?
ton, : D.ye.i J are? among 'the ! ' recent ar
rlyals {at tthe^Touralne. '*.;.'- ~p
';TA.. ! "Appelbau'm < : has! registered! at the •
.Crelllnr. from ' Louisville. Ky.-, y. : '
F. I P.' Martin: of ; Tonopah, ,Nev., Is' at
theiCreUln: : -^-: : :-:ri' : - :.:\u25a0\u25a0.:'\u25a0::\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0::'\u25a0\u25a0 >: \u25a0 ;w
S. . S.'f Smooth : and* wife; of /Syracuse/
, N.)Y.; are'guestsat ! thoiTouraiae.vr;;. '•;*
Brother Driven to Desper
; j ;ate ; ;I)eed by Worry Qver
\u25a0• :. ;Unhappinessj \u25a0- ot >; Sister
OAKLAND/. Jari.;':3ll-^T.hkt :TV.
Turpin-murdered his sister. Miss.Eliza
beth fT.u.rpin, and; then committed isui
cide was. the. ; verdict, returned :by the
jury that sat/.ih'thedbuble inquest held
at r the,: branch" mbrgue'ih':Fruityai.e ; l}y
Coroner ;C, . L.V Tisdale this 'afternoon.
The dual; tragedy :>yas:proba.blyi enacted
on .Tuesday .afternboh. -January • 2:2, for
on. thatt. 'day tlie^Turp ins', were seen hy
a motprmani to ilight from an
car- at> Leo.ha^ Heights: ; \u25a0;- '\u25a0='). \u25a0• / "\
. : Theijbodies were : found bj' Hugh Cbh
ahan, a watchman for . the ;.Realty Syn
dicate, :on Ithe foUowirig! Friday after
nbbn.iyln^ close: together in: a seclud
ed spot about. a| quarter of a mile west
of the- hotel at Heights. ; : Cona
hah tejstifled .at the inquest^ that from
the; posltibn:of .the .corpses ihe.fprmed
the^ opinion : tha t; It was the: :man who
enacted : the? tragedy. : ; ; \ \u25a0• ; : • " : .- \* . .' ; :'.- \u25a0
... ;J.'-:C.' Janiiesbn: of \u25a0 IS3O Alameda: aye
hue: testified that .during;the last three
weeks of hjs rife ..Turpin appeared to
be ;wpr.ried, and; when, asked-.by;.Jaraie
spn.-as itb. ;What'. was 'troubling: him., he
had .replied that; ; his sister's health was
popr and that she had ythreatehed rec
'peatedjy to:; commit ; suicide. : ': On;- bh«
pecasioh; Tiirpiti gbt-.dPwn.bn. his knees
before.rJaThleson and with ; great agita
tiori=.exclaimed:.*'Llhby says. she Will
kill: herself.l Swhat will 'j'. dp?"; ; -; :
Captaih J. - ; A; Durkee of 1153. Regent
stre.et»: . Alameda,- at .whose . horne 1 the
Turpihs . lived. In eef rented rooms,
testified, that^; Miss- Turpin- was cpn
staritly ..wprryirig: her :brbther < about the
,bulldthg ; pf .: : four;;flats; : ; In- ; which ; the
ibrpther; arid! sister yi'ere; Interested and
which tiviisa LTurpln: . feared. \u25a0: would "turn
putipp'br'.lhvesthi^hts^ 1.-,'^K '*\u25a0'\u25a0''.\u25a0:.' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' "\u25a0.':\u25a0
: BERKELEY, Jan: 31.-^-J^ A. Hartley
has; bee'n elected. president of the senior
class at the. university, defeating Gur
deri Edwards for the honor. Other class
officers ! chosen.' were as follows: . : . -.
.'-First- rice "• prudent. - r-H..r -H.. A. Clarke; \u25a0ecotid
Tlee : -pr^iKldent^ • XHss . Cnrmellta < Rlley : Rppretary,
A.' P. iSlierman:; sergeant at arms. E. V. Dit
elpr; ; auditins ; committee. H.- 11. . Kelley, ,L.- O:
.\u25a0Whit more. : 3. '0.-do Reiner;, clsss orator, N. A.
Eisner ; historian.." J.. -Klein;' claw (rrafter. ; C. :
SulllTan;:<lramntl»t. .T, G. O'Connor; clsgii chap
lain. T. ! Xl. Melnnia: class \u25a0 : meaallst. C. R.
XleKUllcan ; : -class .undertaker, \u25a0 G. B.- Blaucken
burg:; goat, '.T./Lery; ". • . \u25a0 > .' : : . .-.: ' \u25a0-.. -.';
;. '.;.- QAKLANB,-';.. 'Jan; y 31.— Permits -were
granted : today i; for-, the erection :.-'.of a
large, business buliding.an apartment
hoUse and a .510,000 In this
city. J. . P.'^Edoff ; .will, biitld ; a : three
stpry: brick:. 'str.uctu re. in Broad-way .Just
north; of 'Seventeenth street. whicKwill ;
be occupied -by -the- Braley-Grpte -Fu.rnl-;
ture \u25a0Company. ; ; The plans .have: been
proparedby v ßake>yell & Brown and the
cost is tp : be $50,000. ' C.\ M. McGregor
lias .the.contract: -.- ; ':'\u25a0': ' '\u0084 -: . '. "\u25a0 r -:--i',i [-. ''\u25a0\u25a0'- •
'\u25a0: A. : ;V.- Feight bhtalried. a -permit for
the erection, of a; three-story apartment
houss -In- Grand: averi.ue, ; . nearj Webster
stroet.; > Plans ; for \u25a0. the. '\u25a0 structure,; which
wilF • contain :/ eighty - eigh t rooms i v and
Q6st,;s3pvoQo,-. have^^ 'been .prepared; by
Architect Thomas. D, New^ornV \u25a0 v . ; V-:
; Fermissipn-was granted. to F, G! MarY
tens for-' the- ereetioin bf ah weight.- room
d^elHng'.-vwhleh. will cost 510,000, 'in
.yah ; Bufen : street,-- near / .Perkins.' •: The
residehce: yi-iil be erected by Contractor
C: ; M.' AJcGfegPr and . i t will . be: one. of
the .handspmest' In that section of the
city. { , " < '
;pA>rJp>ir at jiARE islajto;. -./.\u25a0.; :-.*.;
Oe-pprtinent \u25a0Hnvlnsr-- Vote : Tak*n 'at the
; : \u25a0-'\u25a0 \ ,IWtO Men' a* to More Frequent' '; :.:\u25a0
• \u25a0\u25a0']' ' •./. :•-.-\u25a0 . : : DhbiifucnKnts ."• : : \u25a0• ,-.\u25a0.\u25a0-.;_:.-•\u25a0
'•'• VAL-LEJO,;; Jan.: ..^l.-^MucTir interest
has been, aroused .here -in -the; proposal
of; tha.jNavy.v Department to ; take \u25a0 the
poll of; %he einployps : of. the- yard as -to
changing: th^ pay 'days, for ; the, ,1900
men . f fiimj twice a. month to once a
week; , If a majority -of "the employes
of 'the navy .yard vote in favor of the'
pla'nit.'will.be adopted. -
ItENO'i Ney., : Jan. - 3i;— Dr, y G, H.
Thoma.-one of . the leading physicians
bf : Nevada, : died at his home in this
city this moirnihg of meriihgitls, foHow
|ng a. slight : attack of \u25a0 la grlppel. - His
death, was quite sudden and .was siml-.
lar. to. a -number, of other /deaths^ that
have occurred : In. this- 1 city in the last
week. ": : \u25a0-' ..-\u25a0-.'"\u25a0••\u25a0-:.\u25a0.\u25a0 ' • \u25a0\u25a0•'."•' : .: •\u25a0 : : : -- '.'-: ; -" '-.
First Rule of Health
/ "What is the ;
: fo
doctors pii t of ten will quickly
; reply, the bowels regu-
, \u25a0 lar." -While you are about* it,
'-: '• •\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0">•\u25a0- '•'..]\u25a0 :.i •'•\u25a0-.'..\u25a0 \u25a0 •'.•\u25a0\u25a0/•''i>*SSß^i''- : '-v.'-' • -- : .' : ; -?^^^^Hwi
: ask. nim another Question, .
r\ lIP V C r^ l //o
jl JL% u : C/ 1 p JL 7v II io':
\u25a0 "What do you think of Ayer's
Pills for; constipation?" We are
willing :to trust him. Are you ? ,
; , > WcKave hojsecrets tb'hidc! : \u25a0
J We Polish ;lhc formulas of all our> medicines;
Will vDisclose/ Identity of
Milliner He Accused to
Women Wh^Vill Aid
Jan. 31.— The uproar
raised; by the_ milliners of Oakland
against Rev. E. R. Dllle, pastor of the
First Methodist Church, over his as
sertion that a milliner of this city had
urged . underpaid employes to barter
their womanhood, -Is decried by f .he
clergyman as ''senseless." \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0: ' . '..
Dr: pille returned today from St.
Helena, where he had been rusticating
fpr : ten days;.. He declares that the ser
mon, utterances by him embracing the
statement' concerning an unnamed mil
liner-had : been "warped out of their
j true prbpprtlpns." He . believes that
j the.fur Pre was raised for political pur
poses,;.; that the milliner Incident was
created.- in. brder to' distract attention
from.a n: attack he; made In the same j
discpurse: upon v civic, conditions, to]
which' he .excepted. : . . \u25a0 :. :. : . \u25a0" .'... ;
' ; In.^short,: the pastor says his passing j
remarks concerning; the. milliner who i
would advise young women tfo sell their
; virtue was by no means the essential
element of his discourse. .; :
V Dr^. pllle asserts he will : •: stand by
what he said in relation to the rqilllner
and her workwomen. He is still pre
pared to ". '-; reveal the : identity of that
person, but: only under the. original
conditions, namely. : that the secret be
disclosed .to such- women as: \u25a0 might
prove : themselves /Interested In*' the
girls' : welf are. •'.' . ' ';.
'Here Is. what Mr. 'Dllle said tpnlght:
\u25a0 I think -this . trhole' dlstnrbance. porportinff
to.;li*Te been, raised brthe mllllnern of Oakland
orer the remarks .made by'ine In a recent ser
mon,' : wa'a gotten op for. political- purpows t»
distract ' attention from what I had to say about
other .things. : - • . \u25a0 • :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. :':\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0.<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
';\u25a0 Oltlbk the incident the prominence It hag been
accorded -utterly the: true proportions of
the sermon and renders .the whole thins sense
less; Why should any milliner feel badly o»er
what I : m!i! ? A prominent j physician told me
that : if I denounced a qaaek - doctor practldnK
here, .no reputable physician wdnld feel : hurt
about, it.' On the contrary all such would, be
glad. The reports which baa It that the" milliner
I referred to was described us prominent, bic.
or nartionlarly fashionable, in false. I said
: "milliner, "'.and did -not" qualify . It In any way.
Xo oi\e has been to see me since my return
home .regarding any further action toward re
vealing the. identity of the still ty one. I -will
stand by --what; I said at the time and what I
na!d in the. note to the r»ress which I gave* out
when I learned of the uproar. '
\u25a0\u25a0: PHOENIX. Jan. 31.— Mrs. Harvey
Morris and her: seven-year-old son were
murdered in cold blood this morning
a; few hundred % feet from "their home,
three miles east of Roosevelt. ;
; Mrs. Morris' husband left* for Roose
velt during the morning and a negro
appeared in the town shortly after
ward with his throat slightly cut and
showing other m*brks of violence. He
alleged that his Injuries had been re
ceived In defending Mrs, Morris from
the assault of two Mexicans, who killed
her and the child. :
Officers are scouring the vicinity for
suspicious characters and the negro is
under arrest. It is suspected that he
committed the crime and that his
wounds are self-inflicted. -
NERVE OF A VETERAN f : \u25a0'.
With' Both nanda and Feet Cut Off the
Victim la Cool and Confident
;\u25a0 ' '\u25a0:•:'=• \u25a0of ; ReeoTery ]:\u25a0. '\u25a0 •\u25a0•
| LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31.— Philip '• Kel
ly, a ..veteran of the Civil: War and an
Inmate of the Soldiers' Home at Saw
telle. 60 years of age. was run over by
a: string of freight cars in the Santa
Fe yards near, the Downey bridge today
and both hands and feet cut off. Kelly
was removed to: the hospital, still con
scious, and his injuries dressed. He
was.cppl and expressed confidence that
he would survive. The surgeons aro
doubtful of his recovery. :
.BAKERSFIELD, Jap. 31,-T-The exam
ination of Jack Harrison in Randsburg
on the charge of murdering John: Arn
old resulted in hla complete vindica
tion and. the complaint against him
was accordingly dismissed. The widow
preferred the charge against Harrison.
.\u25a0 REDDING. Jan. 31. — Fong Chong, a
Chinese banker of Treka,' decamped
with $3000. placed ;in his keeping by*
countrymen for the new year ceiebra
tion.. The Chinese are in arms, and
threaten vengeance If the absconder Is
caught: Zi ~ . . ? . . l';>
Mar in
iSari Mateo
People's Company Assumes
Control of ; the Three
Alameda County Concerns
OAKLAND. Jan. 31.— Formal trans
fer of the Contra Costa "Water Com
pany to the People's Water Company
took' place today. There was also madr»
over to the new company the Richmond
"Water Company and:, the Syndicate
Water Company, thes» two having con-^ 1
trol of the watersheds of San Pablr>
and Wildcat creeks in Contra Costa
-County. : \u25a0;:\u25a0'" ": : '\u25a0..- '\u25a0 i : rV-'^'- : '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0----\u25a0 :\: \
Stockholders of th« Contra Costa
Water Company received $10 a «h*r»
for their stock. $20 In c*sh and $30 la
bonds. The People's Water Company
Is largely controlled by Realty Syndi
cate interests. : Th© Syndicate Water
Company, which was organized by thos*
Interests, held about $2,0Q0,0Q0 worth ot
realty and water, risrhts, which w«r«
absorbed in the merger, j. ' .
; The People's Water : Company for th«
present will continue to b*> handled by
i representatives of Syndicate Interests.
I .". The offlcers of the new concern ar«
jas follows: President, E. A. Heron;
j secretary, Samuel J. Taylor: Geor*«
j Heazelton. Henry Wadsworth. J. H.
Spring and Louis Titus. Titus will for
the time being remain In executive con
trol. \u25a0 . -:;\u25a0;\u25a0'.:' .\u25a0.\u25a0-.;\u25a0\u25a0:;\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-. - : - ; .-\'. ' :
Edward McOary.; for many years sec
retary and later manager of the Con
tra Costa Water Company, will shortly
retire. He will have charge In Ban
Francisco of William J, Dingee's Inter
ests in cement manufacture and . other
enterprises. \u25a0-. •'.- "\u25a0:. .- \u25a0 .; : •-\u25a0 \u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0 . .-• -.' • " .. .
The final annual statement of the
Contra Costa Water Company was filed
today. It shows the gross receipts ot
the company for the year 1908 to hay«
been $1,139,139.25. '.. The receipts wsm
divided aa follows: ; Oakland division. .
Inside limits of the city, $7T2.748.«5:
outside the city limits. $110,393.33:
Berkeley division. $163,M1.«5; Alameda
division, $93,053.64, : : :: :
REDDING. Jan. 3*.— Tho stage that
went over an embankment at Dead
wood last night wa» recovered today.
All the mail and baggaga were saved.
The coach was wrecked. Driver "Wil
liam Hyde was badly Injured. Mervln
Loverldge of British Columbia, was
slightly hurt. The outfit rolled sixty
feet Into the creek. Two horses wer«
killed. -: ' .;\u25a0 -H''*.i - ' " t \u25a0•"'^..u :
PHOENTX. Jan. 31.— Th« Letfslatlv*
Assembly passed «nd , the Governor
signed today a bill previously passed
by the ' Council repealing: the v statute
permitting the licensing of gambllns
In Arizona. •;.:\u25a0,.: r: . .
The city of Phoenlx : will anticipate
the end of gambling throushout th.9
rest: of Arizona. The local Council
passed j two months ago an ordinance
prohibiting gambling In Phoenix, tna
ordinance to take effect tonight at mid
night. . The * saloons and gambllns
houses are all prepared to submit with
out resistance. When the clock strikes
12 ail . thje layouts will be covered and>
draped In mourning, and. the remainder
of the night' will be devoted to holding
a "wake":: in memory of "Dead Tlg*r."
f': [ i; . ;;•/ ' HOME AT VISTA DEI. ROT
Structure /Will Be of the MUurlem StyU
of Architecture and Coat Fifty V-
: »:. Thousand Dollar* :
MONTEREY. Jan. 31.-— The plans in*
designs for the Red Men's Home, whioh
is to be erected: at Vista Del Ray, a
suburb of ."thts city, have been accepted
by the Red Men's Building: Association.
The, structure will be : of the mlssloa
style of architecture and cost $30.000 i.
Articles of incorporation of th© build
ing association have been filed. .
A fine site for the home has be«n do
nated and over $10,000 in cash Is aj
ready In the treasury. Stock is to b«
sold among the members of th» R*d
Men's lodges to secure : the '\u25a0 balanc* o£
the money. Dr. White "Wolfe will start
soon on the road with a genuine Indian
show to raise funds for the home.
BAKERSFIEU). Jan. 31.—-Fred T.
Latham, the Havilah mlnlnjr man who
Is accused of embezzlement, was taken
to Los Angeles today by a deputy from
that, office. iThe warrant for Latham's
arrest was sworn to by H. C. ShippU
in the Justice Court in Los Angeles.
Shipple is a Chicagw man. the secre
tary of the Kern River Mining and
Milling Company," and Latham tha
president. • . ' . \u25a0
THe?Connelley Liquor Care
-Is the only treatment for drunkeniiMs ' ' \u25a0'.
Indorsed by theleadlng man of tb« 3Ut«.
write for testimonials and list of ref-
erences. All correspondenco confidential. \u25a0 ••
Connelley Liquor Core Instltnte ;
505 Telegraph Avenge, Oakland. Cat :
c-v?bKS 813 Clay St.
iffiS} .' OAKLAND .
]lsk Celebrated Chinese T^A
qjgjggj} and Herb Doctor

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