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Jack Kneiff provides for his boys. an j
unusually interesting description of how '
to make a toy street- railway tomorrow in
The Sunday Call
Attitude of the City's
Board Is •
I Unyielding
Wzs Summoned in
'7/iferesf of Peace"
Japanese Question
1 ; tlife GaSinet -
Washijigton Government
Ira E. Bennett
Feb. 1 .-r
AtJSie meeting of the Cabinet to
day> the : Japanese question was
discussed at length,: The Presi
dent told his advisers that he had
asked the Sari Francisco school
authorities to /come to Washing
ton in the interest of peace and in
the hope; that the school question
might be removed from; contrp- 1
veriy i without • waiting f or . a de
cision by the . courb. With the
Japanese reassured as to : the treat
ment of her school children: on an
equality with those of other coun
tries residing in the United States,
the President hoped that the way would
be opened to a EeXtlement of other ques
\u25ba tionii by treaty or otherwise: ..
Wprd was received from'; Sag Franr
ciscc? -that, the entire school board would
leave for Washington on Sunday, but
that ats. attitude on the segregation of
Orientals was unyielding. " ; . .
The statement by the President to
the California : delegation = that . the
•Ameirican-Japan?se : situation, was more
*erious : than was generally imagined,
«nd the impression derived from his
talk; that. Japan was apparently, not
\u25a0 -anxious to reach a Settlement of pend^
ing fluestions, /aroused a feeling of ap
prehension among public :men. today.
The. President, it was also iearned. was
being actuated by. grave reasons that
had not 3>.een made public. \u25a0 , . : '
;"\u25a0•; feeling ivr exsifUed
This feeling was intensified by the
myst^erj' wJth which the admlnistratioa
sought to envelop its plans, and by the
readiness with which the CaHfornians
agreed t td recede Upon the school ques
tion'!in the face of the. overwhelming
sentiment of their own State. Politi
cians at the capital reasoned that pow
erful-arguments' must have' been em
ployed by' the President to induce, the!
CaHfornians' to .run the; risk of political
suicide by going; contrary to the senti
ments of their constituents."
Members of the California delegation
were >: embarrassed. today by;the disclos
ure of the essential features of their
conference with .the President, after
they had pledged themselves to remain
silent. They -also received word from
home that ww not comforting.
One of the -California delegation ad
mitted today that* the offhand adjust:
ment'- of difficulties with Japan, as
skillfully outlined by Secretary Root in
the statement made public Wednesday
night.- was not p/omlsing. Sober second
thought seemed to have caused the
'. Calif ernians to realize that they were
aske'a to surrender their position on
the school question for the hope of ob
taining something that might never
materialize, namely, the exclusion of
Japanese laborers.
" When tbenews came that the Presi
dent's proposition did not strike the
school authorities of San Francisco
'favorably the CaHfornians admitted
that the* situation seemed to become
more complicated and dangerous.
V "The School -Board will come, off the
lk*rch all right when it sees s the Presl
dent," Mid one of the CaHfornians,
with an appearance of confidence. ..fThe
whole. .delegation nan, done so and the
School Board will follow. I won't give
Continued on - Page > 4, Column 3
The San Francisco Call.
weather covornoxs ,
TESTERDAT — Rain; precipitation,;. Bo; maxi
mum tempera tur*. 58; minimum temperature. 62.
FORECAST • FOR Tol>AY— Showers; fresh
southwest wind. '.'" ' . \u25a0 P«««1I
President Rooserelt asks us to take a great
deal .on -trnst and, apparently, he still mlscon
celres the "attitude of r Calif ornlana on the Jap
anese matter. • •" ; .•\u25a0 . ' Ps*« 8
" Uncle Jim Hlil rtsents regulation of rail
roads. . ' . :\u25a0; " -,' C ,- ; Pace: 8
"So long -&s..the Tehoantepec" Eallroad is kept
out of the hands of ! .monopoly Harrlraan is not
absoTate master. • " . . P*s"» >
• Washington Is conVlnced that President Roose
relt is . concealing his Alarm ore* the Japanese
situation, which is. Intensified by unyleldlns at
tltade of San. Francisco's School Board. Pag« 1
. Schmltz^ said' to .hare been lnrlted to Wash.
inston by President, scheming^ to "play star part'
ln ; Japanese affair .and also to. delay graft
prosecnttons. " ' : • " . Page 4
Jacob. A. Ribs says: that the East' has false
Idea of attitude' of West ' toward .the • Jap
anese. ' • ." •:. . - • Pa»« 4
LEGISLATURE . . . . \u25a0'.
Assemblyman. Smyth -s.a'ys : mysterious stranger
who. frequently ' "touched" him- for a dollar got
him Into a!) the 'trouble Orer : the Burke
matter. .- : . ..'. " ~ \u0084. ' Page -2
Bill under which, voting machine may be
opened .for- inspection- Introduced In the .Sen
ate. . ! \u25a0 ' • • " .; Paca 1
. Delay, of .State Printer In getting' bills Into
type causes' forced adjournment of Senate. P. 1-2
-' Argument in -behalf of bill to enable Stanford
Unlrerslty to. charge tuition fees for professional
and engineering courses -made- before Assembly
committee. .\u25a0\u25a0 ' : •; % .-. • . •. '\u25a0 Pag« 2
CITY •'• -\u25a0 " .' \u25a0 \u25a0'.: ' .'
- Alfred Burnett, much-sought forger, is cap
tured as he tries to "scalfe fence. . . - Page 1
Crew of .6hlp" arriTed..ln". port tell of thrilling
rescue of - sailor In .mldbcean, V Pag« 16
. Grand Jury threatens- Chief of Police Dinah
with removal unless; erjl" resorts in Western
Addition are closed.' * • \u25a0'•: T- • \u25a0 :' Page 16
Syndicate owning- the . famous Blythe block at
.Market street and Grant- avenue will 'erect one.
of \u25a0 the- finest etore end -office buildings ' In : the
West. • :: ' . • ' Page 11
Grand" Jury- bears story jof \W. S. Mattlngly's
bigamous marriage from second wife and sister
in-law.' \u25a0 ! . ' -. • . Pagp'B.
• General. .Toledo, reTolutlonary leader; of Cen
tral. America/ the, man without a country,, arrives
here on political mission, y. -. ', ' - . ' -,- . ,Page 4
-. Concluding erldenee In \u25a0 toll . ease" Is taken : be
fore Interstate Coramerr* Commissioner Franklin
X. . Las«, ' and : hearing *: is adjourned . to meet In
Santa; Barbara on Tuesday.' ' . ' Page 3
Lieutenant .Frank- U Beals, U. S. A., will be
taken to the National Hospital for. the Insane at
Elizabeth. N. J. ' ," . ,*Page9
Abe Rothberg - brings- sensational charges
against his wife In- a suit for .Civoree. Page 9
SUBURBAN*' '\u25a0\u25a0' . .
; - Lincoln S teff et s declares '\u25a0 In address to * State
University.' men Jhat graft -is destroying reprer
tentative -democracy •-. in ..this > country.' Page. 6
Democratic municipal «onventlon in. Oakland
promises to be enlivened- by" many contests for
;seats. ••\u25a0 . . -. \u25a0..•."' :\u25a0\u25a0-" Page 10"
': West Oakland' business men" oppose granting, of
railway' franchises on Wood street. . - Page 10
cqast . ..-' : - \u25a0-. . '- >\u25a0; ' .\u25a0• ' .'- \u25a0' \u25a0•\u25a0 ;•"
Landslides delay, trains -in K^rthern "California
and Southern ' Oregon ... '" \u25a0•'- ; Page 6
Building of ; conduit which is to convey wate"^
from Owens River to' Los Angeles is begun. P. 5
' Santa Rosa, contemplates celebration ' of . its
rapid advance Elnce last .year's' disaster. Page S
DO3IESTIG \} ' . .. v
Last juror- In: Thaw case' .ls" -chosen and trial
will, begin Monday morning. • . . Page 1
• Brother of \u25a0 Frank- -A. Hippie", the trust \u25a0 com-,
pany wrecker, follows brother's example -of self
destruction and commits suicide. . Page 4
- Commercial, reports -show unprecedented j pros
perity in the United States. . Page 10
FOREIGN .. '.': •- > : '' .-; ; K ; 4
'.Count -Bo'ni.de Castellane pleads in. vain to see
bis former' wife, ' "Madame' Gould.". \u25a0 Page 2
. Governor of Caracas assassinated by Intoxi
cated partisans of Vice. President Gomez. P. 2
SPORTSf '• ;• •\u25a0 . •\u25a0 '\u0084- -,-•\u25a0 ' •
Heavily played f arorites reward; their back
ers at Ascot Park. •• Page 6
Automobile dealers want more space to exhibit
cars. -' . — ; ; ' '.' ." ; • ' Page 6
-.Bogum wins fifth race at Emeryville,', iut Is
disqualified .by 'judges for dumping Duke \u25a0of
Orleans in the stretch. '." " Page 7
Nine high-class fillies are entered for , the
California -Oaks, .which will be run today at
Emeryville. . • . .' " ' Page 7
Manager' Jim CpCroth .will > promote Gans-Brltt
fight If Riley should lack backing. Page 6
MARIXE • . '
Master of British ship Samoena rlctlm of seri
ous accident -as vessel - is • passing In over \u25a0 the'
bar. \u25a0 . 'Page 11
31IMXG .
Mining stock market ~ lags and then re
covers .by feason of large buying orders from
abroad. Page. 16
SOCIAL. ".,".
Miss Lucille Dunham to be honored , guest at
elaborate affair to be : given in Oakland by Mrs. .
George W. Adams. ' Page 10
Mr. and . Mrs. - Henry Clarence Breeden and
Mr. and • Mrs. Harry M. Holbrook' entertain at
delightful dinner parties - before the Greenwßy
balL ..-\u25a0'._ -Paga 8
LABOR . .:,
New. officers of_ the Labor -Council Installed,
president outlining in an address what' bis policy
will be. „ Page 9
Sunday Call
Send them to Main Office ';
or through Branch Of f ice«
or teleplione^them. :
San: erancisco; saturday^fe,bruaryl (z-Msok
Bills Not Being in Type for
Engrossment the tipper
House Forced to Adjourn
Withdraws His Objection
able Bill and Promises Re
ply' to. Those Against ' It
By George A. Van Smith
. SACRAMENTO, Feb. 1. —
Forced to adjourn over until
Monday because .it r had no print
ed bills for engrossment, the Sen
ate instructed its secretary this
morning to prod up - the State
Diagram Showing Interior of Courtroom in Which Harry Thaw-Is Being Tried for Murder, and a Sketch of the Defendant.
Printer after it had shown a dis :
position to . take a slap at any
body or anything interfering with
the gratification of its passion for
The tempest of protest against
enforced idleness was loosened
when Lieutenant Governor Porter,
reading the general file, announced
that something 'more than two dozen
bills ' could . not [ 'be taken up- be
cause they had not been returned from
the engrossment-- committee. Senator
Rolley iwas wise to the situation
had ( been lying ln : wait, for his^oppor-|
tunlty. 'He wanted to . know. why. the
engrossment committee • did \u25a0; riot: keep
upjwith the work arid suggested that
if thY" committee .needed help, some
action should be taken toward securing
It. Belshaw was there with an -Inquiry,
about' help . and" a plan .of action. He
suggested that ' if^ . the engrossment
committee • needed help, the secretary
•of the . Senate be instructed to-»round
up a few dozen; of the. attaches .whom
he' designated: as useless: and" .turn
them'over 'to .Chairman Reily. ' - ' "0
The threatened invasion by a wing
of, the loot' brigade frightened .Reily
to' his feet with^a hurried
that the fault was.; with; the; printer.
The offer of i: help- was /politely *,; but
pointedly Ignored, and a ' manner
that, would /indicate ,thatv Reily.! knejv
how; to' let" bad .'enough alone. \u0084:• ,
: Belshaw wanted I 'trouble; with-' the
printer. Camlnetti ; wanted !'| to -.recall
bills : from, engrossment" out -of \u25a0•* order.
A compromise;' on" adjournment was -the
obvious result,! and -it was iaccoraplisheS
with comparatively few casual ties. The
Continued fon h Page f2, Column 1
Caught by Small Boy -at
Post and Steiner aslHe
'-,' Flees j;From '; the" Police
Woman Who Accompanied
Bold Check-Writer Has
\u25a0 '•-..-\u25a0 j -'\ .
Not; Yet Been. Located
Strugrjjllnif ißnoniinlously on top of a
six-foot fence, with a young man hold-
Ins valiantly to one leg, and thre* po
licemen In hot pursuit, Albert Burnett,
the man of many bad checks, tvhb taken
Into \u25a0 custody inklorioualy . early', last
evening-. - . The scene of the • arrest _ mi
at Post and Stelnei ; «treet«, and the
lad trho helped the arm of. the law: by
holding to .the leg of - Burnett . was
Henry ScbusKen of 92 Elliott Park. Thie
arresting party, that had made a .five
block run, consisted of George Mengola,
— - — -— t-? •'"''.'."' ' '':'':.-'"'.''""". ": ' :*\
Sergeant Blrdsall and Deputy Sheriff
Whalen. • :
';-•/ The three were standing: at the cor-,
ncr of Post and Flllmore streets early
yesterday \u25a0evening/,, when' they were ap
proached by a stranger and informed
that Burnett would- be at the Tuxedo
saloon . on ; Flllmore" ; street "at about
o'clock. The police were '\u25a0 there at the
appointed , time, and -Whalen laid- his
hand upon Burnett when he entered.
Burnett fan.. For five blocks the min
ions of the law. pursued the elusive
check' writer, and then Whalen pulled
his revolver. and fired Into the air. Bur
nett mad 6 a jump for: the fence. which
skirted ".-. the : sidewalk and would . have
made his \u25a0 escaped ; if Schunken had • riot
grasped the situation and Burnett's leg
simultaneously. - There:. he was; hung
up as .completely :as his own : checks,
and the officers manacled -him and ; led
him 't away to "the Bush-street I station.
Captain. of Detectives Duke' interviewed
the accused later. >. '\u25a0-..'
/Detectives Madison and Reynolds
started on^a j quest vfor- Mrs. Ed Shat
tuck, the young, married woman who
had been Burnett's : companion ever
since that worthy out, a^week
ago, fon a~ toiir «of : the State in "Billy",
Bracket t' B automobile. . The j detectives
were commissioned' also \u25a0'\u25a0 to locate >\u25a0 Ed
Sutton^the Gold field man who has been
a member of .the" gay -party and- a
friend' of 'Burnett in the latter's auto
mobile excursions .up 'and -.down the
tenderloin^ and : f rorn^ San -Francisco i tp
Walnut Creek an<i : San: Jose. ..
j "Suttori \u25a0 was/ standing in the- Tuxedo
saloon I when: Deputy J Sheriff ; ,Whaien
placed Mils ,<hand : on^ Burnett's r shoulder
to 'arrest him.' During the short strug
gle - wfilch"; followed ; Sutton \u25a0disappeared,
and. J i t i is ; beli eved. 4 notified f . Mrs.", Shat
tuck < "of -the": probable, -.'capture; of their
free-handed -friend.'-- ''• . >i.
*> Mrs.'; Shattuck arid Sutton. were -traced
STTHE last juror in the . thaw case :wds accepted and sworn in yesterday. Dis^
1 trict Attorney Jerome intimated that the prosecution might finish Jts direct
case in lessihan a day. Adjournment was taken to Monday morning. J' : \ . •
yesterday , evening .to. the Seal ;Rock
House at the beach, but when%h» police
telephoned about 9 o'clock to^ the'pro-,
prletor of that place to hold; them It
was learned: that both had left. ,-;
-'/.Burnett ;> admits having, signed w"- the
checks,; but says* "Kwiir.be all right",
and sustains his "reputation for colossal
nerve./: He appeared anxious about Mrs.
Shattuck, and , asked" the police as he
was 'placed in the cell .to -permit; her
to visit 'him .In c ase she was ": found! •',-..
", ;The police are. inclined to, credit Bur
nett with a ; still more audacious piece
of, impudence" than the giving of a check
for _' $900 to .Brackett of .the au
tomobile 'company on Fell street; of an
other Up : Scnlfit Brothers ,'f or $300, , and
of a/draft' for $1000 to. Bank Cashier
Lyons ;of Concord.* ;A stranger, in" an
automobile 'stopped In front. of. the Dia
mond Jewelry Company's. store Cat: 533
Van ; Ne^ss ' avenue yesterday, \u25a0 and, : after
bargaining 'with Samuel- Crutcher, ; a
clerkVr f or.'a • 15-cent ; collar ' button, pre
sented, a check :for,slo ; in payment,-re
ceiving the "change.- The stranger] de
parted. $9.Bs" arid^a; collar." button* to i the
good. The , check* did y not'pass < the j re
ceiving teller at the bank,. who was.un
acquainted with. the'signer of the paper.
It was signed ;"T6ot-To*ot.'.'-:; "T6ot-To*ot.'.'-: ..".„\u25a0
\"\ The detectives think there is only, one
man in the iworldwjthajierve equal rtc^
such \u25a0an exploit, and that ; he is "Albert
Burnett. V s , Burnett •• denies : modestly" the
authorship- of , this j "toot-toot"- check. 1
He* admits he hasibeen rather free with
his'peiimanship of late/t but says -it "will
allTcome out (right./ _ *>?V\ ,
" .BURNETT'S ' HISTORY->^ :.""
>rAI Marsh .'of J the ..- Lobby ; saloon,' on
Bu^hVstfeet.'inear -the;,; police "/station,
was! gentfword iby >Burnett \u0084tha.t!the": lat
arrested [man) for* man y^ years/ and T says
that^ttiis T is T not? the f first
••-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0 :^'-;- \u25a0'"•:. \u25a0'-;\u25a0 \u25a0-•;'....-- \u25a0 w:
Loa, the Hawaiian' volcano, is
in, magnificent er.uptiort. • Some
'spJ^ndid -photographs of the Java : fl6\y ap
pear in. • . " ' * .. ' :'.'•• ' ;.,:'. \u25a0
i The Sunday Call :
has been in trouble.. Only a' few' months
ago ' - he wired :' to Marsh from Blsbee,
Ariz.", to; send him $50, promising to re
pay in thirty. days. Marsh did not send
the /money ; and figures himself . $50
ahead. . He states . that Burnett conies
of excellent people, lias a beautiful
wife; and . two .children, as well as a
sister, in Bisbee, and a' father who is a
reputable residents.; of .Phoenix. . He
does , no t , believe tthatt t Burnett's people
will, render him, any' assistance, as he
has proven himself .unworthy of help
in the past.
And still, Ed Shattuck awaits the re
turn of his wife. The couple's home
is at Twenty-ninth and Folsom streets,
and .the," husband Us proprietor .of the
cigar ; stand ". at :10 > Grove . street.* He
still ,"sayß he is ready^ to forgive .the
erring, woman .and would gladly -help
her regain , her moral . equilibrium. \u25a0„-"I„ -"I
do. not .believe,'-' ihe. says, "In the prin
ciple, of ! thrusting people farther, down
whcn.;;they sinned; "I. believe in
helping them. up." . ',' \u25a0
. Shattuck's anxiety • to ,see ' his wife is"
only ' equaled ;by ;- the desire of . the po
llce.to locate her.;' They wa"nt"to make
some inquiries as to Burnett's past and
hl3. mfthod ;of ; collecting money on
checks and drafts totalling nearly $500
that have "been , returned ~ unhonored
from ascore.of banks.?
Ylctluis ; .of /Sharper*. Report Their
Losnon to the Police
\u25a0^ThecasVof^'Toqt Toot", was not the:
only- one? involving' bad checks to "oc
cupy ;the : attention -of ;the police yes
terday. - Among oth«rs were the* -fol
lowing: 09HHHL9H&M
-VH. Quaid., a\u25a0' theatrical "'manager at
1598;Sutter street, .reported!that : he had
cashed ''a check ; for ..s2s* for. a stranger.
•^rSevefan \u25a0\u25a0; Bros., 2110^. Flllmore street:
notified ?;the * police * that'- they, had
cashed *a>check*for\sll>;;on behalf of
jW. *E.: Rogers.; VThe Ysaine" Individual
cashed , a; check "calling:' for |5 »wlth
:% Philip] Joseph 0f; 920 O'Farrelh street
reported » havin g cashed .; a; check ! of: J35
for>'a\ stranger.'lwho' 1 represented* him
self '"-i as : i an!* Alaskan"?; mirier.' ,
Fred Meyer "of 53 ;Devisaderb street
also reported. that \u25a0\u25a0 he ;had:cashed a bad
check ": calling V for * $30 * for 'Georgre'VWil
liams.' :. . .; , ', * - ;.- U
Unruffled Young Man> "Who
Answers " All Questions
Cahnly, Last of TwelTe
Jerome Intimates. Prose
cution Will. Finish Di^
rect Case the First J)ay
/NEW YORK^ Feb. I.—With the
acceptance and swearing in of Ber
nard Gerstman, the youngest man of
the twelve, the jury which will try.
Harry Thaw for the killing of Stan
ford White was completed at 4:30
o'clock this afternoon. \u25a0 - \u25a0 ."
After Gerstman had come through
all the questioning, unruffled, ortho
dox and sound. District Attorney :. .
Jerome turned for a whispered con- ;
sultation with his colleagues. At ths
same time six heads were grouped .
close ; together above the . counsel. -.
table of the defense. They were :
those of Harry Thaw and his lawyers, ;\
Delmas. ,'\u25a0 Hartrldge. Peabody. O'Reilly . •
and Gleason,\~; ; ~ : ' .:\u25a0\u25a0:.''_\u25a0.\u25a0:. '..-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0' [ \u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0 : : -.[... :.-;.
For : thirty • seconds there was .per^.-.
feet silence In * the courtroom, -while- :
the judge aat waiting *on the .bench:,
and -young Gerstman . in .; the."' witness .
chair," beside him, Imperturbable as.
ever, "waited the ]. word . that ;; w.'ould'.
either dismiss him or commission him,
a: potent factor In determining the llf» '
or death of a fellow-man. * : ;. \u25a0 \u25a0 •-. : •
Back in the row of seats all of th«r ;
defendant's relatives, except his mother. • "
who was kept at homa by \u25a0 the stbrijv •
were" eagerly alert. : \u25a0 The' Countes s' of ••
Yarmouth .and . Mrs. Carnegie '\u25a0 had
leaned far forward, each scanning- th« 4 : :
of . th« waiting talesman.' •• '
.Evelyn Nesblt ThM.yr : , long. before that."'
tense moment;, had telegraphed, to her • •
husband ;in her. coda ""of:" smiles, "or .
frowns her emphatic approval of Ge'rst-.
man.: . .. • . : .\u25a0.".•.•. -'• ._;--.•. •••-" .. •• •
The -young' man- was accepted . and. '
sworn.--. " : ";.i . • \u25a0..:\u25a0 '.- - '...'' '\u25a0'\u25a0]'\u25a0
. jConrt; was. then adjourned" until Man-; .*
day '.morning.' at. 10:30. b'clocfc.- District
Attorney Jerome •announced that he
foresaw no -probability;, of..-, changes in-"'
. the Jury "box; antl he- remarked slgnlfl-
cantly.: that it would- .be. well- for* the.'
defense/- to ffce-' prepared/ to -.open its_ #
case at. trie Monday afternoon session. .
as' If. was not. unlikely .that (be pro\e- "
cution might be able to open and close' '
Its 'presentation, 'of '"direct 2 testimony
during the "first "day. •"•'\u25a0
This " confirmed the prediction that
Garvan's opening address is to.be brief?
that the presentation- of testimony %
tending to prove premeditated murder
will not consume much time, unless It
be consumed In protracted cross-ex
amination by Thaw's counsel, and that
'the real battle will come, in all prob
ability, after defendant's counsel has •
opened, thus laying, bare the line of de
fense and . paving the way for the ex
pert * alienists and others whom ths '
State ;will introduce in rebuttal.
The Thaw jury, as completed, is as
follows: ,
Foreman— Denting B. Smith, '55; re
tired manufarturrr; married
«\o. 3— George PJ Pfaff. 84; hardware!
married. * .-,-"'
So. 3 — Charlea M. Feeke. 45; shipping .
ajjent; married.
Xo. 4 — Oscar A. Pink, 4«; salesman |
Xo. 5 — Henry C. Harney, 50; pianos |
So. «— Harry C. Brealey. 33 « advert!*- .
Ing agent; married.
.Vn. 7 Malcolm S. Franer. 40; aalea- ,
man; tMarrled.
Xo.,8-^Cn«rle» D.Sew<on, «5» retired
ralrway official; married.
S'o. 9— Wilbur 9. Steele, 60j manufac
turer; married.
>o. 1O— John S. Denee, 3S; railway
freight agent ; married.* '
>'ai : 11— Joseph B.:Bolton*, 57; clerk»
So. 13 Bernard Gerstman. 38; manu
facturer; married.
The selection" of the twelfth juror*
came as a complete surprise at the end
of a long and.tedioua'day— the eighth
of 'thw.t'rial— and immediately after, this
member of the .trial panel had been
sworn in ' Justice' Fitzgerald adjourned
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