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Rome's mighty monuments outside of
Italy are the subjects of; an instructive
article, illustrated in colors, in
The Sunday Call
Western Pacific Wins in Oakland Water Front Suit
Thaw's Family Makes Tremendous Sacrifice of Pride to Sam Him
Tragic Suicide of Custodian
of Contra Costa County's
Funds Pending Inquiry
G. A. Wiley Sends Bullet
Through Heart and There
Is Rumor of' feg Shortage
MARTINEZ,: Feb. 4.— Whil^ a spe
cial patrolman stood - guard over the
sealed • - vaults ": of ' j the" • Gounty !
Treasury l.this Cmorning. Countyy
Treasurer j'Qecrge: hi Wilty in
his home, a", few blocks from the
Court House, sent a bullet ."through
,*ris heart. The patrolman was there
j& Wiley's own request, \u25a0 f or a , few
days ago -it -was rumored that, there
was a shortage in the Treasurer's
accounts, whereupon Wiley had ' the
vaults sealed and the man stationed;
at their doors until the District At- \
torney and the chairman of the j
County Board of Supervisors could
count the cash. Bffl
Wiley was under $100,000 bonds, j
His .friends, however, scout the -idea
of a shortage and the secret -that .the
vault contains will not be told until
after the funeral of Wiley; this out
of deference to the dead official's
The tragedy took.p.ace at 8 o'clock
in the morning while .Wiley's" family
were waiting for him at the breakfast
table. Mrs. Wiley was about to go to
her husband's room to call him when
she heard the pistol shot, followed by
a low groan.
Mrs. Wiley summoned her children
and went into the room and there found
the prostrate form of. her husband
across the bed. A revolver was clutched
in his hand. Medical aid was sum
moned, but the physician could do no
good, for, he declared, Wiley's deatb
had followed a few seconds after the
shooting, as the bullet pierced his chest,
grazed the heart and entered=the stom
ach. When Mrs. Wiley entered the
.room she heard her husband feebly re-
W peat "It was only an accident." These
i were his last words.
The theory of - an accident. -, was •; at
first credited by Drs. Rattan and Breen
naman, but an examination showed that
Wiley had unbuttoned the night shirt;
which he wore and placed the muzzle
of the revolver close to his breast. The
weapon was an automatic , Colt's and
could not have been discharged I without
releasing the safety l«°v«».r. .
Wiley was . regarded as a man : of ;
honor and his friends, in Contra* Costa"
County were legion.' "He was not a man ;
of extravagant habits, -and while there
Is much faith placed "in , him by his j
friends they think the strange circum- v
stances In connection with the , suicide,"
which may aiter^all, be mere, colnci-j
dences, are worthy of speedy . examina-'
tion that all Idle rumors maybe set ? at
Several days^ago Wiley/wentto-Dis^
JWct Attorney ,H. \u25a0 C ; Al varado,. and re
<^fßted a.*t ew days f _ grraeel In' filing his
accounts, preparatory to :, the , monthly
counting" of cash in the treasury.
* Thinking that the Tn»'asufer>might^ be j
Contio ued «a : Page .4,': Column ; 6. J
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAT-^Cloudy ; ? trace ;of ; rain; ; mait
n:um temperature, -56; 'mtnlmnm~ temper
ature, 54." -."\u25a0 ;•;., .
FORECAST- rOR'.TODAY-^Cloody.VnMettled
weather. . with ; rala; brisk Bontharty * wind. "P." 11
Senator LeaTltt : and the looters. Fnf 8
Tlie lawlessness of the. Santa . \u25a0Fe .': Rail
road. Faf« t
World politics und ; appropriations. Paje'B
The only, martyrs we 'haye'ln California are
those who stay out of lichool ' rather than Ibe
vaccinated. : "';> : Pac«"B
'Poll of Senate. Ehows that direct -primary
amendment wIH ; carry. . Page 1
Curtin. Introduces .. joint * resolution opposing
action , of President In permitting delay In \u25a0 issu
ance . of mining claim patents. / .'Page 2
Bill \u25a0by Sanford - prohibits " acceptance of : cam
paign donations by corporations and other, indus
trial associations.. " Pajo 2
Mutual plan ' of insurance . is : discussed before
members of Senat » committee. \ T Pa*e 2
. Western Pacific given f arorable \ deoislon ;' In
dispute with Southern Pacific over 'right' of way
to deep water on east side of bay. v Page 1
Police have a clew to. the Identity "of "the
forger of -"Toot Toot" checks,, who' is J beliefed
to have been connected formerly with* the" Toot
Toot Publishing - Company. ' Pajre 16
United • States Attorney v Bristol ' \u25a0 of .- " : Oregon
comlnp to San" Francisco \u25a0to enlist - Heney's - aid
In forcing Senator Fulton to withdraw oppocition.
to his appointment." - . • Pa^e 16
Big frauds in , California mineral lands,- ' ln
rolvlni? men of wealth, unearthed' by State fand
Federal officials- Pa^ e l 6
In drunken frensy Charles L..iAhlborn. a
teamster, kills -his r wife and - seriously « injures
himself in the presence of; their ~| five-year-old
son- *t ' ...[ , Pa*e 16
Supreme ' Court .":' revokes ; . temporarily X-- recent
ruling affecting "the' McEnerney.' act;' and' thus ,
makes valid ; several - hundred .;\u25a0 cases . filed \u25a0( for
restoration, of title. . . :• Page. 7
Assets of , California 1 - banks grow-. $5,653,32T
from August 15 "to "December 31 'and 'deposits
Increase ?12.212,771.", ' \u25a0 . . .'""^Pa»e,7
Patrolman who bad ; studied • law defends < him-"
self before ]: Police .Commission and :ls;,found
guilty and fined* 100..-' . .., Page 7
'Olive Industryjof ' State ; is' threatened j bj\ ric-w '
customs ruling.of Federal authorities" /.. Page' 15 ;
SupeWisors.^nold^ up* spur-track "permit Vuntij !
Santa .. Fe '\u25a0 Company ; ' pays >' for I removing 'J Spear-"
•treet ; rails. ."•;\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0;..:. " ';-'< Pago 9
;_ Supervisors^for; fourth time u lnvite ; Wdsyfor !
pureha"se*of municipal street and "sewer bonds. y P. 9
. Supervisors :,wlll » ieliy tranchisef: for ; streetcar '
line to connect Devisadero. street^'and " Mission ":
district. \u0084 ..'., Page 11
.Four, young; children of 'Hiram' G. - Eddy, bereft
of father and mother. within ten days. - . Page 10
Alameda. Supervisors clash \u25a0 Over.\the * questi of
outside practice *by >. Dr-1 Clarke of the i County^
Infirmary. ;\u25a0 ; -- - - " v ,Page;io
'• Division of profits from s?lp of i valuable- block
In Oakland causes a .dispute. .- _ . . r"Page 10
George F. Gould accuses. assoclates^.lu> drug
company of - embezzlement \u25a0 of ; f übds. '-£ Page '[ 10
Sudden death of ' Mrs.' Mamie' Brenner \u25a0 of; Oa
kland * apparently - due to poison.; . Page 10
Mysterious sificide .-. of .; County -i Treasurer ;*; * of
Contra Costa '.County,' who .killed himself fon eve'
of examination .. of J accounts, '- which >\u25a0 friends t be
lieve are •? absolutely - straight. Page 111 1
Coming ; citrus ] fair,"; at r ; Cloverdal* "\u25a0 to ibe .'.the
finest . held'^ln '.seventeen' years.'./ ' Page.7
Citrus growers : will Estate -grievances 'against
railroads : before ; Interstate ;, Commerce ' Commis
sion. Page 11
Bridges washed away * and railroad .traffic
blocked by washouts in' Mcndocino ' County. P. 2
Harry. K.i Thaw a? victim of heredltary;lnsan
ity Tand epilepsy,, says. defense. ',''!..'. '.\u25a0 .(;' Page 1
\u25a0"Bellboy" J- in '.*- Beaumont (Texas) ,C« hotel
proves to be a, young. woman. : Page 2
Members -of 1 ; California delegation say Japan
holds key . In ' school \u25a0dispute. 1 " T-;;- Page' I 1
Senate judiciary • commlUee » reports * favorably
bill . - providing additional *", Federal "'-'Judge 'z ? for
California. . };V, ;- >Page 2
Senate committee begins - investiga rlon ', of ; riot
of. negro troops, at- Browns vine. .' Page 2
.Four favorites at Emeryville fail to run "Into
the money.": ... ',rage] 6
Solano County capitalist '\u25a0 plans \u25a0' the '• creation [of
a vast i game preserve on ' the ; marsh lands near
Cygnus station.. _ Page" 6
R. F.' 'Carman, millionaire; tnrfman of New
York. . buys", the \u25a0. entire - string of ", twenty- four
horses raced *> by / J.',' JS Walsh at r Ascot. , Page 6
* Dr.", Harban ". wlns'^ gold i medal \ for \u25a0 the a best
score' In ; the: qualifying, round : for the'golf cham
pionship at Corona do.;;. ;-";.: Page 7
\u25a0 Bill ' that ! will : stop > borseraclng . and ' poolroom
betting In Arkansas ais I passed -by "the;' State
Senate : at ; Little vßockJ^ :'.|Page'.7
: Labor; nnlons.' of -'Marln: County- form i a .labor,
council - and will ; affiliate with the American
Federation' of Labor." . - Page^S
British ships wtitlieburn and Madagascar, race
for seven days In" midocean 'during 'voyage j from
2HININ G ;- .-\u25a0....\u25a0,.
• Goldfield , Consolidated Mines - sbHres ; and those
of Combination Fraction make mining stock mar
ket.lnteresting.\"; .. 4--'4 '-' .-\u25a0_ -'; -:\ ' ;"T;.Page__9
Subscriptions arid Advertise-;
;ments;wfll'lbeYreceived:in : San^
Fran cisco' at following Joffices: *
<\u25a0 1651-i FILLMORE £ STREET
Open > until*; 10 o'clock 'every * night/!
.'Parent's* Stationery," Store." : -
Jackson's S Branch": - : . : •'
\u25a0 , -Christian's^ Branch,- .. -^"•\u25a0--.
i - iuMW ?_VALENCI A'j STREET .-'. /
Rothschild's j Branch.^/
-' Gedrge.Prewltt'Bsßranch"
•\u25a0\u25a0« 2 -Woodward's": Branch/.
sorfe ' of ATheir/; Gwn^ Not
; Opposing: at: This • Session
Amendment \u25a0 r to Be Galled
: TomoiTow, ;Wnen Nearly.
• : Every;Seat VFilled
George A. Van Smith
SACRAMEXTO,;Feb:-4.— Un-
I less 'some unforseen'power;strong
I enough-! to." make, rneri " repuiiiate
I their • personal as well as^ party
pledges / can \u25a0be brought,'. to bear
•witKim_ forty-eigHt'ihours ~l the^Sen
ate; will^pass the, Held-Wright
direct primary 'constitutional
amendment.- ; ; That s there will be
I any attempt tb; exercise : any > such
I pernicious lpower r .is snoV .to".be
| feared. TheVpeople; of- California ;
| are'to'be^given ;an;opp6rtunity Xtb
I direct ;;fqrmally;;that;;the ; next
Legislature^, l'enacticonipVehensiye
and.adequate'directvprimary laws'
by the ; adoption --of. a . - constitu
tional amendment ma king it possible
for. the Legislature- to enacts such ''law's!
\u25a0^Anrincompiete^poli-.oii-i-the';' Senate
shows no; definite !to the
: Held-Wright .amendment" as • repoftC'l
I by., the ; Senate ; committee ' ; - on .elections
| and; election-laws.'. The- same -incom
j P l ®, l ®-- poll .shows', "thirty 1 - two'", votes .'. 'for
I the;airiendment. ;. The' "required ;two
| thirdsis but twenty-seven, votes. Sen
j ator \u25a0 Belsbaw, who •; fathered ; the Com r
monwealth" Club amendment,, says that
h . e ,. l^. ni . in S ; to^ support-:- the r "ifeld-
Wright; ".amendment.^ 1 *Bclshaw- wants
a . d .'. r 9 ct ; P rim ary i law.'. '\u25a0 He was .'one *of
[the original 'suppofters*'of the propV
j'sitiori.. r ; \u25a0\u25a0 »•':•. \u25a0}\u25a0}' -- '\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'*\u25a0'. :>: >- '•' '\u25a0 -\u25a0'\u0084."\u25a0•,-.
I As '\u25a0. to the . effect /of *' the' Held- Wrigh L
a , m .? ndl ? len . t ' he differed, 'and certainly
™}}^ t h ?3 e^ t^ "with; the ..;: lawyers .who
supported that ';;-.} measured \u25a0'; ' ISenator
Leav-itt also differed .w|tii : the'; ifigai^au
thorities, but i not: to/the; same ierigth,
n ° r , ; as }° aI l t|j c " P a . r^ulars" in which
Senator. Belshaw failed (to "agree. 'The
adoption . of '-, the proviso 'saving - -' tlie
present primary-law in' the event" a sub
sequent?* Legislature fails to; enact, a
direct primary, .law, satisfied \u25a0 Leavilt,
and .he says • there 1 ' will 'be - no? figlit
.on^the; measure. To 'the; legal; men
proviso means nothing, in that it adds
nothing, either in fact \u25a0\u25a0• or \u25a0 in law, \u25a0 to
the amendment as : : if passed the As
sembly. It ; simply i expresses in u words
what; the amendment .provided -in law.
The amendment -would .have ; passed
the Senate Hhis" morning 'had Senator
Wright been present. .. It '- Js.probabli;
that the San. Di^ego Senator.. will ; prefer
to; wait n until 'Wednesday /morningl
when virtually', the "entire Senate will
answe^the>oli^an > -*and, have, an op
portunity.' of : going on- .record :on "the
platform pledge of "the" parties.
Qujte. regardless of their \u25a0reasons, the
railroad interests arej-not' fighting the
submission "of theY amendment. . This
need not be taken "to : mean that these
Interests favor direct \ primary' ',; iegisla
tion.'^lt may: mean; thatithey.- believe it
the' better." part' of ,wisdbm ; not to oppose
the "amendment. 'Two; ye"ars : is along
time. : It , is not^ incumbent upon, t*he m
to ; fight l or, advocate a • direct primary
'law ;.'at^ this' session, •at'is^bafely';possi
ble 'that* they; are '.willlng\to} permit 'the
people" to ' divert themselves ; : a f bit'; by.
.voting: on,-* a-j proposUlon .-?whlch>"means
nothing ; Huntli^a\laV?,*pa^sed^iTn*der?the^
provisions "of • the ' amende?; sectTon f • is"
written •; onl the 'statute-book's*.'? J That -is
a matter^ to T be r disposed • of «by : an'bther
tomorrow? , " - ' .- '".-'* A' \
\u25a0: "cOALnfG^FEUp^OROWS- : ; -*'^
-The < Fresno-Kings: Coun^^^feion of
the -. fi gh t . ha s. taken - t he ; cent er j 6t 'I t he
stage "andrwith"Ja T , flourish-easily 'dis
counting, the^noisev made Jby'anyiother
>mw; '*<- -;-^ \u25a0'\u25a0;- \u25a0\u25a0' t,- "\u25a0]\u25a0 -;\u25a0;•-"* 'i •\u25a0-'';," -><«->r^
pendlnggleg-lslatlon.; t Virtually every,
i S^natorgMSWA's^embli^mah '-. has '\u25a0' been*
f orced' to Uakeanf interest" in this scrap,
:»»\u25a0 jinn »* \u25a0\u25a0fiii iinwr>ii ; ' iiiiiiiiiiii \u25a0!#"! hi i j.._Tl'
and not , a few ; of i them'^toUhelr..' disgust:
3^ie t measures^S2^^^^^^^^^^^e?
f use*s! t o^Vote \ tor ,theTsegf*e*gationfof: '(££
adverseivote^of*the lMcGuire-Mlller3fac
tion,-while,ion the , othe); hana, -anyileg-
•Member of California ) Dele
gation'•\u25a0- Says Fran
cisco Is •Npt i ; a , ;Factof
Officials :Fear jMoreV Will
: Be. Asked. Than ; Can, Be
Granted «" hhr"y r " Government
Ira E. Bennett
' •WASHINGTON^Feb/--4:---fhe
question whether pending rJifferences be
tween the ;United States fand \u25a0Japan-; can
be settled by treaty anil \u25a0 legislation dur
ing the brief time remaining ; of * this ses
sion ;of j. Congress wasl widelytdiscussed
at the Capitol today. *:It is -admitted on
all sides » that \u25a0i f Congress ; adjourns with
the - Japanese question urisettled.V there
may, be startling developments^astKe re
sult of Japanese ' immigralwp i toj Hawaii
and the Pacific Coast. The ; announcer,
meht from San' Francisco that the^ school
authorities .were _ willing f tor admit
anese/ children \ to -the '.. public; schools - , if
it, could' be- shown \ that a' treaty, could
be ; ratified' excluding : Japanese - laborers
does not "appears to ; have "changed the
situation.'., The 'California ; delegation
has-been certain;from;the!first;that the
Sari Francisco 'authorities would recede.
! Their real 'anxiety w is as to 'the' atti
tude of.VJapaiv and.'not- as to the atti
tude, of Sari i Francisco. \u25a0"' Opinions' are
! divided [among: 'legislators* as ; to', the
probability: of» a- prompt and, satisfac
tory .adjustment; 1 of | pending: questions.
One of "the most -influential . members 'of
the Caiif6rnia*delegatibri;said:- '
"The ' Presiden t.'in. his, talk with. -us*
did not;go^^^^^^w|asßure;US that
a;, treaty^ had" be en -negotiated; f He '.'Sn'x
variably i qualified slits remarks; by. say
ing- he -thought! h'eicould .-reach' Jan! agree
ment .with /Japan. 7 Hn , tu r ned to| Sec^
but ; Mr.«Ro^^^^^S|^rnoVV"conserva
tive.'^ -Mr.' ''iCootlmeTeiyTsiiid he hoped
a' treaty.- could--, be .arranged..- .WeC are
»Mith» M.m.^CT" |»»ii»iJß*lM'2 | i«y']w"> * innannnii ' mfli ii.mn
anxious.ioficourse.'.toihave an exclusion
treaty and anTact^arrying.itUnto^effect?
fore iwe 'back : ;down*onaheischool
tlon.. The.m ere: drafting offil treaty,
,willf not do; ' We"ha.ve^seenitoo»;many
adrnTiifstration -to take ; ari yy t hh i "gftf^
through!;! '-\u25a0^fhe^treat^'aloneTwoSldfac?
compllshnlittle good. /An. act. of Con
»gfess'Hv-ould|be;i necessary in , order. 1 to
linsure thes exclusion ijOf^the^ Japanese
»-\u25a0--, -I- .rrfSSnataaaK»s©BSS»aMit«>«iMsS«J»^ msmaanM
>i«ito«d p^ a^cotaiwg^
v \u25a0 the charge^against^J^'iSon};tKev;^pifflH ; Vtfiat; -wHcn^
He srwt ? Stafford i\^te tojclea^
sible— -a victim >of I hereditary- insanity >\u25a0 and ;" epilepsy.
Taint of Forbears
Flows in Veins
E/pilepsy, Says I^efense
NEW YORK; ; ;Feb^4.-^Harryj K. Thaw's /defenses ih his * trial . for the
killing \ of '} Stanford^White\ is -j based^on : ; ar plea of 4 hereditary '* insanity and
epilepsy.- The fdefense was' announced^
against ' him. ~ . '.' :-l : "' .... "'. . " „"' . ;"• ' •\u25a0 -"V v .'; r > /, <; '\u25a0-
• ' On the hope , of saying's ; son* and ; brbther* from !a: felon's death his mother,
sisters l and* brothers:; have 'consented ' to . one *of \ the ; most ; . sacrifices <of
pride -that persons of wealth and. rank i could ' be" called'uponjto maker They
will endeavor ' to \ prove -that on rboth -i sides }. his" ancestry}: has I been .branded
with the awful -'taint of ; insanity and , that^HaVry^ tThawJiiasj teem the; victim
of -\u25a0 a"; paranoiac* s '-, delusion "\u25a0< and his unbalanced/ mind * believed he 7 was acting
asithe?mstrument;of;diymef.^oyidence.c,y i . >\u0084/;\u25a0-;: ,;,;•• i .. :a-'> •\u25a0\u25a0•• •/. --....
•To that-end^bothlThaw's- motherlands
wife. Evelyn :NPsbit Thaw.rvvi IT take, the
witness stand. \u25a0 The' - devoted % mother;
--imw— \u25a0mi'Tiinmim -^Pr |l. fl ni '*' "M . i — \u25a0 — -\u25a0\u25a0'
and! histpryJfan'd^Mr^/'bl ea son; v* In his
opening* address- today.i.promised-that
Evelyn^Nesbiti.ThawiWouldtelU the' jury
story « of. her,
and 8
wUn^S^tn^Me^tgjnyojying^ her % r eja*
feon^witlSstanford^ White- -"-.;; «-.:.._; ;;,
;^~aM!Bt^ l i»liau>w"# W «M. 1 w* > '»'fW-» t '~' ;\u25a0\u25a0 : -, --- «
iThelplan^of idefendant'sicounseliwhen!
courtfadjourned ; today.', was to-oalU as
i w- i-4lii utultl iij 1 rrn i «*1 1 - n~~' — «iTj — lili "II hi
'California Tand^^^lt^MTOm^hjlCaf*
. J^lartin^tox detail >-inci*incicienio **.^' vine
\y6rnen J as*\visiras men are making for
•tunestin Nevada's lively gold camps. A
* good story about /these women appears in
The Sunday Call
which, the -Thaw party and« the ' Stanford
{White r part>S were ?;at-J neigh borin g> ta
;bies.'^i"A'> deposition^- mad <?'.,: by -Truv tun
B~eaie ? bearing" ori^Uhe^' same V incidents
niay, also i be In, evidence".'' It
is then ; intended* to ; follow>.thts' testi
"mon^bS' * that .of \u25a0 EyeFy^TtowJßWH
' Delmas took a" prominentlSixtl today
White, vbutjbroughtj out j-nothihg':n©w.
.The * California^ lawyer * studied the*-"dia
'g^fJun^repVate^dly )anjd /.twice /apologized
.topoVraphyiofj the proofs garden. :/";
i'Aw'hile Ithe i; was".' mimicking
,fhawj s * moyamen ts " T ha w^ d i sp 1 a y ed In
[tense\lnterest"' and^sVme emotion. [ Red
spots j mounted j to ;H'i3'high'.'ch«>oki bones
C*ktta«cd |«J ram*WßJ7Cobumm'i*
Harbor Freed From
. Large Grip of ;
Judge Morrow Reversed
In Jilde)Lands Dispute
Victory Believed to
Be Far Reaching
in Effect
All Railroads May.
Build fo Deep Water
; .Gould gave Harriman a telling
thrust with the keen rapier yes
terday, the steel being . sharpjy
applied by the United States Cir
cuit Court of Appeals. Circuit
Judge Morrow's decision favor
:ing- the; Southern Pacific Com
'panyjxii'Jts effort to prevent the
.Western - 'Pacific - Railroad " from
building a terminal pier ; parallel
ing the ; north 4 , training wall of \u25a0 the
Alameda \\ estuary- was overruled
and; a sweeping,; uncompromising
opinion given that "the Gould line
has a right: to continue with the
work s ; that it began last spring
toward « gaining an 'outlet in the
*bay. of- San Francisco. The in
junction against the ' Western'
Pacific • obtained through the
Lmited States . Circuit Court was
ordered dissolved.
The opinion favoring the
Gould system was written by-
Judge" W. B. Gilbert of Oregon
and concurred in by Judge E. M.
Ross of Los Angeles and United
States District Judge Charles E.
Wolverton "of " "Washington. Judge
Morrow, was not present when the
decision was handed down; :
Under charter from the city of Oak
land, granted In February. -1908, the
Western Pacific was given right of
way, to, the Oakland .water front and to
lay tracks and maintain terminal de
pots and warehouses, sjips and freight
sheds at the end -of a trestle or '-"fill"
to be constructed from the ' West line of
the.O akland front to a point In tha
bay at -the pierhead line established
by the United States Government. This
would bring the proposed' Western Pa
cific pier to a point 'directly opposite
the pier line of the Alameda mole, and
the < trestle or ; fill would run "several
hundred yards north of and parallel
with the training wall of 'the approach
to" San Leandro Creek.
When* the .Western Pacific was laying
tracks on the /north ; side and adjacent
to the- north i jetty or training wall of
the;. estuary last spring . the . Southern
Pacific' Company suit in equity
in - the ; \u25a0 United A States court rto enjoin
perpetually the Western 'Pacific f rom '
going on i wlth_ the work. Judge Mor
rowi decided- that, the Southern. Pacific
Company |h*ad> a-. valid claim to the'dls- \u25a0
puted ;strlp'.an'd granted ; a temporary
restraining ...order,, ''"The strip. '•. which is
an approach- to. the proposed -trestle oif
filled .ground -terminal, of *t\ie Westerri
Pacific: in .thejbay. of San* Francisco. 1* "
partly on. land , filled in" by.- the dredgers
that"'. scoured -the eatuary approaches.
Armed m<?n were for a*while s empioye<l
to^protectfthe Western Pacific's alleged
rights in -thq' premises.;
\u25a0"*Th'e i decision * yesterday^ shows that
Judge ->lorrow - not only carrleil; the
Southern .'Pacific's titleiout to the bulk^
head line,' over",^the; grafts^of-1833* and
1853 -to - the T'cUyof Oakland, but -to a
polntithat "dld'not^ exist in- law or^suri
vey.' Thejdecislon of 'the Court of Ap
peals^now carries thV' lines not only .
back to the: original lines -of the dls-, •
/Sledfterritory. but .practically to the
sSoro^ine of " Qakfarid. .The State be-
cStta^flmlras^fColiuaji 1

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