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+A Reasonable Plea
Forjhe Stomach
If « Tonr Ston «*ch Js Lacking in Dices.
tire Power, Why >* o t Help the
Stomach Do Its Work— Especially
When It Costs Nothing to Try!
™Nt U ii <Sr "f s - b "t with a reinforce-
natuV«^w d lg . esUve , agents, such as are
"clenrVf£, at , W ? rk .. In the stomach?
rSrl« al . ysis shows tha t digestion
IVa ** P^Psln. nitrogenous ferments.
When^tnn^f"*? ?f? f h >'<iroch!orlc acid!
Sr2 l«?vfi Uv t e that somo of th f se agents
«ti£frt-« SA a your digestive apparatus.
noth^n^ v> ?>' s P_ ce P sl a Tablets contain
noce^fr V b , Ut^« lhese natural elements
St work U^h dlsestl , on ' and when P laced
fnt^frw. the eak stomach and small
need T^' •"PP 1 *, '"'hat these organs
«rrt y if tir 2 ulate the gastric glands
ear« S h a a . d w lly .v b r ln S the digestive or-
qt.,«rt* k thelr n °rmal condition.
«übwti* PJP JS PfP 6l a Tablets have been
ho^r^ XZX Z cri tical chemical tests at
•»ln »MM abr J ad and are found to con -
A,™ } ?f w ut natural digestives.
rrwii • C ro« 1 ] )O i; ator ' r - Telegraphic ad-
\o iin->? i^ indo ' London. Telephone
Church si. Ec aL 2 ° Cullum St.. Fen-
t >\u0084,» , London. 9th Aug. 1905.
»f «stv.H"n ned most carefully a box
hoi^rhi r,^l D > rs P e Psla Tablets (which I
'or fhi ™ ys * lt a t a city chemist's shop
J- ? * <?t.P U » PP o ac) ~ manufac tured by the
| tU ?- rt Co j Temple Chambers. Lon-
tfv^^t •££ and hay< * to report that I
%^not find any trace of vegetable or
-1? \.%. l* p .Z ißons - Knowing the ingre-
fl'Ji ty f the table ts lam of the opinion
th a « y ar * admirably adaptable for
/li^? 1 ?? 8 ? for "S blch they are Intended.
§•1? d J Jonn R. Brooke, F.1.C.. F.C.S.
«f cf re \H no secret In the preparation
a fi ts PysPepsia Tablets. Their
composition Is commonly known among
physicians, as is shown by the recom-
mendations of 40,000 licensed physi-
cians in the United States and Canada.
They are the most popular of all reme-
nios for indigestion, dyspepsia, water
brash, insomnia, loss of appetite, melan-
choMa. constipation, dysentery and kin-
dred diseases originating from improp-
er dissolution and assimilation of foods,
because they are thoroughly reliable
anfl harmless to man or child.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are 'at
once a safe and a powerful remedy, one
frrain of these tablets being strong
rnouyh (by test) to digest 3,000 grains
of steak, eggs and other foods. Stuart's
pyepepsia Tablets will digest your food
for you when your stomach can't.
Ask your druggist for a fifty cent
package or send to us direct for a free
trial sample package and you will be
surprised at the result. F. A. Stuart
Co.. 64 Stuart Bldg.. Marshall. Mich.
Louisville, Kjß| i)|./d^sanfrajiciscaai;
'^ ORIPIBimiifaAi&fXPOXrAGE//TS.
248=258~MISSION ST.
Shipped in barrels and cases direct
from Louisville, Ky.; guaranteed to
conform absolutely with the regula-
tions of the Pure Food and Drugs
. Act -
Largest Assortment
Lowest Prices
\u25a0 rtiow much does it cost to
moneyback tea?
Depends on the tea.
Ttrcr grocer returni your money if yon don't
like Scfcillinit'e B«*t.
2202 California Street
has Jnst retained from New York with a full
!ln« of Spring and Summer Importation* for
].sd>«" Tailor Gowns, both plain and fancy.
Special Care Taken with Deposition*
and All Lrsral Documriti.
>ortl*Tr«-»t comer of gutter aad
Stelner Streeta.
500 ROOiMS 1
50c, 75c ari $1 Per Night, Including Bath
ll lh and Market Streets
Entrance to Van Ne.s.s Aye.
C. A. MALM & CO.
Formerly 220-222 Bntb St.,
Uffice «ad Salesroom 1215 gutter St.
« \u25a0 -.
« -
Between Seventh ana KUbttL. w
San KrancUco.
Present Tel. So. W'cmt IS2S.
IX>ST Certificates, Checks,' Receipts,
Bills o£ Lading and Negotiable Paper
of every description replaced by a Bond
Of The Metropolitan Surety - Company
of >e«r York. Contract, Judicial and
Fidelity Bonds. JUDSON BRUSIE.
Manager, room 10, Ferry buildingr- D.
W. CARMICHAEL. CO.. Ina. General
Affects, 1008 Flllmore street.
J^ \u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- . .- • .... ".--,- \u25a0 \u25a0• "- \u25a0 \u25a0 _
Avoid Bubstltutei" eo-«satled VVICHY**
offerad by unsorupulous deai«r»
Girl Still Leads in The
Call's Gold Contest
Sacred Heart College Gains
I—Mia*1 — Mia* Xonna Meranl, 6613 Vallejo street, Oakland, Ca1. : . . . ... .. . .01,800
3— Mrs. J. F. Doherty, 020 Fourteenth street, Sacramento... :;\u25a0.".;\u25a0.*.'. 72,800
2— Sacred Heart College, Fell street, near Flllmore, San Francisco. . .73,950
4 — William Emerson ("Jack the»wsboy"), San" Jose,.* Cal. .T;~7;".T.745,150;
s— Emile Irersen, Sausallto, .Cal. • ...-.....\u25a0.:.. .41,750
7 — Christ Church Athletic Club, Sau«allto, Ca1. ..;.. ..V.V.. ......... ..22,550
B— Miss Rose Breschlnf, Blanco, Monterey County ; ;'.T*"; C .V?T".*. .. J . ..... 19,000
6 — Miss Emllie Hayward, Martinez, Contra Costa County/...*. ;..;.;. .25,700
10 — James Anis Qulnn, 730 Fell street, San Franci5c0. ...... ....'.:;... 11^50
11— Mrs. Theresa Coleman, Point Richmond, Contra Costa -County.. ;. 10,150
13 — Sllss Effle Vaughn, Merced, Ca1. . ... .... . . .^gW*VS^ v .". .. ... : . ..... . 7,850
15 — Miss Lois B. PfltEer, Xefrman, Stanislaus | County . ................ 7,500
16 — Miss Irnia Klaumann, Pacific Grove,^Monterey C0unty. ........... 7,400
9 — Miss Mollye Sheridan, 39 Sutter street, Stockton V. ............; ....14,800
17— Miss Gladys Adcock, 13 Franklin Square, San Franci5c0. ..... ... . . ., 7,150
18— Mm. Mary C. Deaay, P. O. box 128, A'apa, Ca1. .................;.... 6,700
12— Tobln and Winchester, 67th Coast Artillery, Presidio, San Francisco. 8,900
19— Miss Elizabeth Bockerman, 1628 Central avenue, A1ameda. ....... .4,600
20— Mrs. Rose E. Tracy and Son, B-strret station, £an Rafael. ......... 4,500
21 — Miss Hat tie Eden, 23 Rltch street, San Francisco ................. 4,000 :
22— Henry Pope, 1416 Valencia street, San" Franci5c0. ..........".... .3,400
24 — Walter Hamsh aw, 1320- Oxford street, Berkeley ............... 3,350
23— Geora-e . H. Angrovr, / Sonoma ijClty . ., 3,350
25— Joseph Fassler, 340 Chapultepec street, San Francisco ............ 3,300
26 — Miss Gertrude Brlody, 38 Park street, Santa Cruz .... . . . . . . '. . . ; ; . . 2,9."»0 I
27— Miss Anna Skinner, 14 A street, Washington Square San Francisco. . 2,800
2S — Hattle ML. Hoppock, Fresno, Cal. 2,600
29— C A. Pit kin Jr., R. F. D. *i<f. 3, San Jose, Ca1. ... >. .............. .2,500
30— Miss Ethel Potter, Newman, Stanislaus County, Cal.. .9. .......... 2,400
31— Mrs. Ellen Smith, Walnut Creek, Ca1. ............ . . ....... ... .... 2,200
32— Miss Majrna Stelnkamp, Rescue, El Dorado County, Ca1 ............ 1,800
S3 — Sirs. John Laudon, 164 SUver street, San Franci5c0. . ...... ....... 1,000
35— Ensrene Forno, 1 Washington Square, San Franci5c0. .............. 400
34— Miss Pearl Van Meter, Lafayette, Contra Costa County, Ca1....... 400
3C — John Sims, 298 Columbia Square, San Francisco ................. 350
37— Sirs. A. C. Btedenbach, 400 Gerard street, San Francisco ....... r . .. 300
40 — Mlns Ruth Louis, ISIO Jay street, Alameda ..............;.;...... 200
3S — Mrs. Carrie M. Amador, Boulder Creek, Cal. ....;. 200
39— Mrs. F. Johnson, R. F. D. 4, box 85, Santa Rosa .i .. \ 200
41 — S. Mahtmura, 1533 Geary street, San Francisco .................... 100
43— Roy Ibach, 270 Mission street," San Francisco 50
42— David Rosenberg, 110S Stelner street, San Franci5c0. ....... .....;. 50
14 — Miss TIHIe Harts, Danville, Contra Costa County ................. 7,600 '
To win second prize, a purse of $300,
was Miss Xorma Merani's highest am
bition when she entered The Call's gold
prize contest three weeks ago. In the
short time that she has been a com
petitor she has met with so much
greater success and encouragement
than she anticipated that she may be
pardoned \u25a0 if she now aims a little
higher than second place in the end.
Ever since she started Miss Meranl
has first place almost continuously
and each day she is placing a greater
distance between- herself and her near
est competitors. Yesterday she regis
tered a gain of 16.400 and passed the
90.000 mark. She aims to pass the
100,000 mark before the end. of the
week. Votes are coming to her from
one end of the State to the other, and
yesterday she received a large con
tribution from Reno, Nev.
Italia, a daily newspaper of San
Francisco, printed in the Italian lan
guage and widely circulated among
the large Italian population in Califor
nia, has taken up the fight in behalf of
Miss Merani and is urging Its many
readers to help her to win first prize
in The Call's great contest for the
honor of the Italian colony, which
forms so large a portion of the popula
tion of California^ the Italy of Ameri
ca. Miss Merani certainly has reason
to feel proud of the support she is re-,
eel ving from the best people in the
Italian colony. She is receiving much
support, also, from people of other na
tionalities, and is especially pleased
that the people of her home city, Oak
land, are taking some interest in her
Miss Merani is a clever, handsome
girl, and is employed as- stenographer
in an Oakland .real_ estate office. She
devotes only evenings , to the contest.
The friends . of Sacred Heart College
are rallying to its support since Miss
Merani and Mrs. Doherty of Sacramen
to have been making such rapid strides
in the contest. Mrs.*Doherty was not
heard yesterday, but the college
registered a gain of 7250 and went
ahead of Mrs. Doherty, who drops back
to third place, -.while the college is
No. 2. •!:;:\u25a0,. . . /,\u25a0'..:-\u25a0
Miss Hayward picked up 10.000 votes
In a lump yesterday, thanks, to her
friends in the University Club, and
moved up from eighth to sixth place.
Miss Hayward started before the great
fire to earn enough money to take a
course In the California School of Art
and Design, which is affiliated with the
State University." The fire balked her
plan's, but she is striving hard in the
present contest to win enough money
to enable her to carry out her, ambi
Miss Mollye Sheridan of Stockton re
ports a gain of 7600 votes as the result
of her second day's work In the con
test and is already up in ninth place.
She says she entered The Call's gold
contest with a firm determination ;, to
win one of the big purses and ,
dentally to boost her home place", the
city of Stockton. £ '
Tobin and /Winchester, the popular
artillerymen of the Presidio, fired an
other broadside yesterday, which netted
them 3450 votes' and took them up five
numbers to twelfth place. .*
Little "Bud" Benjamin, the "Buster
Brown" of Fort McDowell, Angel ,Isl
and, has also commenced to make a
pull for the soldier vote. When last
heard from at noon yesterday ffe had
already secured thirty subscriptions to
The Call and had many more in pros
pect. He has not yet sent in any of
his votes.
Miss Tillie Hartz of Danville, Contra
Costa County, has sent in her first re
port, the result of three hours' work,
and It nets her 7600,v0te5,-which starts
her in fourteenth place. . »
The contest Is divided into three pe
riods, constituted as follows: First, No
vember 19 to January 13. eight weeks;
second. January 18 to March 3, seven
weeks: third, March 3 to April -14,
six weeks.
,iThere are twenty-five prizes to be
competed for during each contest pe
riod, consisting of twenty- five 4 purses
of gold coin, ranging in amount- from
120 up to \u25a0 1500, and making a : total
of $2000 for each period.
There will also be.twe^ty-flve special
purses or grand sweepstake prizes ' for
the twenty-five contestants making the
best scores during the entire
the largest of: these purses being JIOOO
and the smallest $40, and amounting to
$4000 in the aggregate.; : ;
• The final distribution of the prizes
wlll;be znadeon April 18,; the first!an
niversary , <of : the , San Francisco fire. . ;
The V purses for each -of
the three contest • periods' andi^th©
twenty-five special sweepstake prizes
make a grand total .of 100. -prizes.
amounting to; $10,000, to.be distributed
among the winners. .
. Subscribers *to .The ; Call will *, have
the : privilege of -electing the
of these prizes ; by \u25a0 preparing their- sub
scriptions > for ' any * length; of \u25a0 time* that
may;' be : convenient, , each . : prepaid ; Bub-t
scrlptlon counting , for a certain number
of votes that may be cast fin-; favor of
anyi contestant' whom i the subscriber
may desire . to assist In • getting; , a : share
of* the j money. i s - The contestant receiv
ing the highest number of such votes
during, anyj contest? period . 4 wlll" receive
the largest purse; the one receiving: the
second •/;, highest \ number/ of votes % the
next' largest purse, and': so \u25a0on 'until the
number, of prizes r allotted for that pe
riod . Is' exhausted. The \u25a0 same ; rule ; will
apply to : the ; final ' distribution of ' the
larger' prizes given for the highest ag
gregate scores.
The following table, snows the sub
scription rates of The Call and the
voting power of subs«riptlons for any
period paid for:
Subscription Rates \
Time. By Carrier. By Mail. Votes.
One Year ..... «0.<»0 . $8.00 2500
ll'Months . 8.23 " 7U50 .2350
10 Months ..... 7.50 .6.75 2000
9 Months ..... 6.75 6.03 1750
5 Months .6.00 , 3^o 1500
7 Months ..... 5.25 4.75 ,1250
6 Months •4.50 . 4.00 1000
5 Months . 3.75 3.50 750
4 Months 3.00 ; 2.75 500
3 Months ..... 2.25 2.00 . 300
2 Months ..... 1.50 1.50 150
1 Month .. .75^ .75 6p
One Year f 2.50 f2.50 "500
•Six Months ...."1.25- 1.25 200
One Year .SI.OO 200
Six Months ............. J .50
For periods of more than one year
the voting power of the subscriptions
will be as follows:' Daily Call. 3000
votes for each year; 'Sunday Call, .750-
Weekly Call, 500.
An interesting debat« was held In the
California. Club yesterday afternoon on
the subject : „ "Resolved, : that the shop
ping district should be returned to
Kearny ; etreet and vltinity, vice 'Van
Ness." The : affirmative won : ; but, nine
ty-six of the member^ and guests pres
ent declaring; in favor of the arguments
advanced in; support:" of- the? return of
the I shopping district to the \u25a0 old local
ity, as against sixty-seven in favor of
the negative. The speakers on the'af
flrmative side were Mrs. B. M. Brosius
Mrs. M. \u25a0 A. VTaylor and: Mrs., Orlo ! East
wood. . The negative'side was taken by
Mrs. Alfred Black, Mrs. "i Rodney Ken
drick and Mrs» B. \u25a0 L. : Baldwin.
The* speakers, all handled, their sub
ject ably.and spoke to the point. -
:; The ; line* of demarcation,"; as -summed
up ;by « United States District I Attorney
Robert; T.; Devlin, seemed Mto^ be a the
present : commercial advantage against
beauty and the thought of the future
development; of the ; city.
Coroner's jury- held an Unquest' yes
terday over the body of Peter : Griavas'
the;Greek;who.,was;found^dead:in his
room in : the, Latin : "quarter, 1 on : the
xnorningr of January 22, and \ found that
the * deceased .came jto I his ; death; under
circumstances .pointing,.' "tronsiy- to
murder.; A countryman of Griavas, who
,wasstakenanto ; cußtodyJatUhe"i,tlmeof
his ; death, probably! will charted
with .- murder. . Death^ was due" to as
phyxiation, a Eras ; 1 Jet >l having: been
opened while the T man slept -
JJ 1,-'.1 ,-'. Do you Know how -\u25a0 to .cook tea ahd
coffee?— Schillings Bestr •.-: • *
;- Samuel /A. Phillips,'; a : negro who was
shot during, a | street brawl [onjthe IBar
bary Coast* Sunday : night, idled at \u25a0 the
Central > Emergency,!' Hospitals yester
day as a result of .hls/wounas.*' I vWmiam
Jones;] who; fired tthe shot," and flve*com
panioris v are •. held - at : the Sßush-street
station.;" ' . '[.^ \u25a0',\u25a0\u25a0 r - \u25a0_-,>'.- '".-'r: -' •-•'»\u25a0
- Golden Gate Park Casino open aratn.
.Carl Leonbardt, proprietor. y/^ * \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*£?\u25a0\u25a0 »;\u25a0'
President "William D.> Mahon of the
Amalgamated Association " of Street 'and
Electric Railway Employes Us authority
for the statement ~i that no /other \ year
in the fourteen in which the association
has • been In • existence 'has $ been : moro
successful than the .one % Jiist closed.
Twenty-one^ new locals ] were >. chartered
and six lapsed ones were' revived," mak
ing a total v train'* In'" membership 'of
6701. The sum of $13,900,, was paid
out for death .and disability; claims.
There",- were ; thirteen J strikes" and : lock
outs,;; seven of ' which w. were t brought
by opposition to organization/- five grew
out of attempts to increase wages, and
one was caused by , the/ discharge of ia
motorman for alleged ; insubordination.
Three strikes were : settled ." by , agree
ment to arbitrate, 1 the members return
ing to work pending}: the >\u25a0 outcome;
seven; were settled * by
mediation, one was lost and; two are yet
pending. ; These disturbances ; involved
twelve ]; locals and affectedC2Bso mem
bers. In ,the; case.; where; 'the -strike
was lost the membership was less -than
200, andthe greater, part of these weht
back to work v under improved condi
tions. " \u25a0', ; : .\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0.'-\u25a0-.. i/-' :.' j : \u25a0' ;'
From the defense fund there was paid
out in strikes and lockout benefits
$6445. Theryear was characterized- by
a growing popularity; for.Uhe written
agreements, - \u25a0which were,- secured •in
ninety-eight local divisions.; .Many ex
tend for two .or more years t and are
provided with 'wage adjustment clauses.'
Forty per cent of. the agreements were
made for the first time.- The -number; of
members receiving advances ; in wages
was 30,950, : aggregating. I upward .of
$1,600,000 annually, the increases vary
ing from a fraction- of ', a cent to J 5
cents an hour. The average \u25a0•' annual
wage of the entire membership is $700.
The average union scale? ls \u25a0 23% cents
an hour, the average '< service iday; a
fraction less than ten ; hours," and the
average number of days ; worked a
year 300. The nonunion rates through
out the range from 7r to. 22
cents an hour. The open shop question
so far as street car employes fare con
cerned^ is adjusting itself.
have voluntarily demanded the \ closed
shop,;; in agreements, saying ; that they
wanted their roads either union or non
union. -On the closed; shop question!
President Mahon says:, ;*.... v
' "Among : the responsibilities ; imposed
upon the association by the,closed ; shop
agreement is that , of ; harmony, among
employes. The organization "becomes
responsible for the toleration of any
discord among employes .that will in
terfere In any way with :? the I service.
The organization is subject to righteous
criticism if it does not^discover
source of such annoyance or injury and
punish the offending member. '\u25a0:,, It de
stroys, any possible excuse for any
neglect of rigid adherence/to vthe ' ob
ligations of the organization. It be
comes j the , duty -of every! member \to
promote j the workmanshipfor kll.tto ; the
end of promoting. and safeguarding the
service of the company." '[Thus' the most
intense interest' of^whtclv ;> the? employe
is. capable is exacted . to, the advantages
of 1 the "employing »"; company." and *i the
most cordial respect for ; the Individual
rights of \u25a0 fellow-employes. ',must be .ob
served." >" 5 L '-»•'•.</*.•;'';\u25a0
A growing popularity/of arbitration
clauses in agreements' was noted. Re
duction :in hours was in many instances
followed by a corresponding increase
in wages. .' . -\u25a0 v -
There was a; convention- of delegates
from . the various : labor unions of 'f his
city on Sunday- afternoon at 280 Jessie
street and a; Defense League to assist
Moyer, Hay wood % and % Pettibone '\u25a0: was
formed. Twenty-four unions were rep
resented. '•••.'.: J.'.- Munn' of Butchers' Union
No. 115 was, elected chairman!, and S.
D. "* Seymour - of '\u25a0\u25a0 Lumber ;; Clerks' -Asso
ciation was • i made , : . secretary. • • E. -W.
Hutchinson of Carpenters' .Union No.
1082 was elected secretary-treasurer of
the defense; fund.;;'. -Working commit
tees were , appointed | and , it , was decided
to give the imprisoned miners in Idaho
not only moral but financial assistance.
A benefit was given to the San Jose
Building Trades Council recently by
the management' of the. Theater Jose.
The proceeds go toward erecting
a Labor Union. Temple; In; the Garden
City. A; substantial-sum , was raised.
President Guy \ F. .Thurber was in the
chair at \u25a0 Monday*: night's ' meeting of
Steam ; Laundry- "Workers' -Union % No. 26.
Thirty-two candidates were? obligated:
Whenever v there : ; is > a T i fifth '\u25a0; Monda y, in
the* month the local ; will' give a social
dance: for members only. The first of
these; affairs will be held" on April: 29.
The committee; infehargejs already :at
work } to , make ; a "• success ; of the enter
tainment-V> Another :; laundry will ; be
started .' in : this (cjtyi in* about a - moi^th,
which will \u25a0 give i employment to, about
forty union laundry, workers. Business
Is good and all members are at work, j
•,-•.. \u25a0:-\u25a0•;-- .'\u25a0 '..; '•"'-:-,'. •- - y-.*r . .\u0084- i.^-.f, .-i
Painters' Union No. 294 of Fresno has
decided : - to - apply to i the International
headquarters in f Lafayette, Indf,- forja
2c a Pound
We sell at these prices to eompellntroduction
of our "quality groceries." -; ONE ORDER ONLY
TO ONE PAAIILY/ 1 Call I for Combination Order
No. r S4O.'& Erery Item \u25a0 guaranteed or money -back.
Notice Immense sario* In eTory. Item. . Good till
February Utb. ',: -\u25a0:\u25a0•\u25a0- *•?\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0,\u25a0- - \u25a0 : : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0}.. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
BO v lbs. \u25a0\u25a0'.:••\u25a0 Best / Granulated ; Cane h •
\u25a0 Sugar, white and 'dry, ' finest' .'-v
; made ;.;;::'; .~..Tvr.~."*. • r.y. .•.': i fr*.fl.oo
4 cans any, Cream; (milk) in; market-/;
large 5fze,;;f0r.'. ..... .... 1 . :.: .t.25c
10 bars Fairbanks Laundry Soap. for 25c
3 10c pkga.kWheat'Flakes^for.r.-r.'iMc
10 lba. extra large i fancy Santa Clara i ;;
-vPrunes.- worthi*OC'tOil2Hclb.....7oo
1| qt.«51.25, grade Pure ;< Cal. iOlive .
\Oil.'oril*firal:' Jug f best tTomato , :
. Catsup.c or a = tin? of , Pure >Baklng :
Powder, 2 Vi'lb.' size '(say which), $1.00
llb.Uin, 50c full weight Pure. Mus-- :
t tard \u25a0\u25a0-: /. . . . . . . . ~ . . . ..'. ... .... . . . .sde
1 ; lb. .tin,, 4oc full weight Pure Pep- '
-4perJr.-. J^rr.^7'.ii .';%". .?..."... .'.'... 'ta90
1 pint beat * Fla.-. Extract, ; any; flavor;
v worth;*liOO l fTiTf: . V . . ;V. . • /. . : .'. j ;75 C
2\k <W ; any K 76c Tea,'? S.<> C£ 8 ; : . . .|l^Bs
2Vi t lbs. , Roast ' or Ground^Pure, < our - ,
40c Mocha and Java Coffee .-.". .... .750
1 Clothes , Brush .; strong, durable r. .. 12«
Total for the lot unchanged . . ; v $7.00
Now \ JVo.1 14 id a4*Ste«art vtf S. F.; only.
.Wholesale Mall I Order Bates to Famines
Wrl te VntffTi Priced > Catalog.! Saves *V&
nci ivCßvlFrte'taiclty limits.* Order; by: mail
i y *-LI V t_K 14 B«nt I CA O.( D. Ito >\u25a0 your | door 'dally.^
Ex press paid to Oaklaad. \u25a0 Alameda. Berkeley. San
Bafael, Mill and Ross Valleys. Freight paid oa«
\u25a0Widlrad " nxltas soa s.ttls^ oidw 1 8Hly»tf^«^giKj»i
dispensation to admit new members for
the /next < sixty. ; days { on *a $5 initiation
fee. 4 - The I fee :*: * has-been: $20 f. for; some
time. If !the; dispensation should be;
granted," a campaign for.- new. members
would; be' carried on. . This union, will
celebrate \ its - sixth • anniversary .Thurs
day .evening,- « February.; 14, with :a'
smoker i and soclaL Light refreshments
will-be served and a. unique programme
presented. V,The" committee of arrange
ments consists \ 0f .: W. 1 Costley, .William
Patterson ; and ?J. GorrelL , ; i-The union
will attend rin t a : ; body , the open meet
ing of >; the Fresno Federated Trades
Council ; next - Friday evening. '
Retail Shoe Clerk*' .Union No. » 410
met Monday night |at j its headquarters
at 1422^ Stein er.f street,*: President Hen
nessy i presiding. A Two , candidates were
initiated and five applications received.
The " "outing committee made a.< pro
gressive 'i report f and ; will '1- probably ; : be
ready.' to!, announce; the time; and; place
of .; the ' annual; picnic at ; the : next \u25a0• meet
ing. ;,, The Jocal - has appointed/ a com
mittee.! to" co-operate" with a; like com
mittee; from ,J, J the Retail \u25a0 Clerks'^ Union
whose vwork, will) be . to ; have the Mis
sion } stores closer at 6 ;p. m.^ on week
days except V", Saturdays./ This - joint
committee is known as * the publicity
committee. Max^E." Llcht is chairman
of; the 'committee from -No.' 410. In
about two weeks a I summoned meet
ing > will be held .for the purpose of
distributing the . new stamp books is
sued by the international. .: Organized
labor;- is asked { to call ,;. for the clerks'
working ; card when buying ! shoes. The
local ;has decided to attendthe insti
tutlohVof the new shoe* clerks' "local in
Oakland in a body upon; the arrival of
the charter.
: The telegraph operators on the line
of the Southern Pacific system are ask
ing for an eight-hour. d£y and a mini
mum monthly wage of \u25a0 $75, with,twen
ty days to constitute a working month.
Overtime Is to be paid for.: at -the rate
of 50 cents an, hour, and . time and a j
half '\u25a0• for Sunday .work. A committee j
appointed by the "operators-to interview,;
the management will have its first ses
sion today. The employes are members
of the Order of ; Railroad .Telegraphers
and (t| is said that the organization
will back up; the men In their demands.
Operators , on the lines : west of El Paso
and /Sparks. Nev., and south of Port
land are Interested in the outcome.
The eight-hour movement is spread
ing rapidly In Grass Valley and vicinity
since the miners were so successful in
obtaining the .shorter vworkday.. Tay
lor Brothers, foundrymen of Grass Val-'
ley.v have f granted their ; employes an
eight-hour^day and the Retail Clerks'
Association : is now agitating for the
6 o'clock" closing movement.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Gompers cele
brated the 'fortieth anniversary of their
wedding Saturday 'night at their home
in Washington, D. C. Many friends
calledOto"-\ extend- congratulations ahd
numerous «:,telegraras .of good -wishes
were received/. ;' / \u25a0
; The following officers have been In
stalled by 'Canmakers* T Union, : No. !205:
President, v Joseph : Schmitz; vice presi
dent. ; Robert Dugan;. treasurer, , ; E:
Wright; recording secretary, James Mo
ran; financial, secretary, -George Wol
cott; corresponding secretary, "James T. ;
Black; trustees, Matthew Huddleston,
J. Murphy and J.'McDermott. . 'V
J-BarbersV Union : No. ; 148 was in regu
lar 'weekly /session Monday i night;- at
the Labor: Council, with President "Hes-"
ter, in the chair.' Six ; candidates were
obligated : and ;. nine : for
membership . received. The local elected
Daniel ?VM Tattenham and W. > B. Cur
Remoy al NQtic^
, The California Safe/Deposit and Trust Company announce
the removal of their
Mission Branch v
;AFrom 92? Valencia to
2572 Mission Street
; {All modern facilities have been provided for : the trans-
'\u25a0'\u25a0'• . action of business and the comfort and convenience -of
- its; customers, including private coupon rooms, safe de-
'posit vaults, telephone booths,' etc Accounts are cordially. •'
. - invited. - *• . . '\u25a0 , . ; ' ./' '
Market and ' Eighth i Sts. ,_, . Phone ' Market TT7. 1
Thursday and Sundar2"La TEAVIATA": Friday,
'\u25a0 AC01";- Saturday Matinee. "CHOPIN": Sat- |
urday ~ night, -"!**.'\u25a0 FORZA ' DEL DESTINO.^ |
::.-- : .;: : ;;.: <i:Fi]l'S)^['S:v -\u25a0''-:; j
and "FRA DIAVOW)," J'AIDA,','. VMIOKON,". !
""'IL-TROVATORE.'^. '. C ' j
i;-'h -,';.r.'i PRICES %TOl SUIT.' AXliiv .•..'. j
60c, i 75c," $I.oO^-BEST.- SEAT— fI.SO • ,
i'i Uptown"? Of fice~Kobler ; & Chasa'a/r Butter ; . and
Franklin" sts.^^ r^^j^^y-;; -;-•\u25a0\u25a0•. ''-.'-I .•\u25a0-,-•.- ..i''.': : \u25a0.:.'- \u25a0."..\u25a0 j
' '. TONIGHT- : -Ai.li" THE "WEEK .'
\u25a0 ;'; '- -,
\u25a0 .r" BURLESQUE ; T '{;;
First . Appearance ~ot f, Sheck Brothers,
, -English ts' Acrobats.- and T.J« • iGaffaey,
\u25a0\u25a0 -Brown, "The Man with ttac Cigarette" 1
(X New: Motion Pictures) Devlin and EH-
'-\u25a0';i wood 7 and f Original = Gaiety i Girls f. la
' :<Bnrlesan«:: < BnrIesan«:' 4 ln-<Vaeatlon-TUne. w . '
T;v^,: ::•:-:; PRICES— IOc: AND 25e.-^^.ri : ;:;y:
i-i -' Downtown '\u25a0 Box '« Office \at Doulon's Drasj Store,
Fillmorc ond Sinter sts. • Phone : Pacific Ml.v'.^s
jfsa CHTXTES ' AND ZOO— Open dally from 10 s.* m.
LtlU midnight.* Admission »ioc,> chUdren 6c." : . «
WMg&m Mo ; Extra 1 Ohaxf c i for \u25a0 Adnlssloa. • \u0084 '\u25a0 ' ,
I w&OO lXlrili vvOl 11
I $70 BroadcloUi Suits,' Rare Bargains $35 ||.
I $50 Evening Gowns, Now Going at $25 If
\u25a0 \u25a0$40 Covert Coats, Very Swell.. ....;is2o fi
I $30 Silk Rain Coats, All Colors ........... .^, $15 R l
1 $20 Skirts, Beautiful Ejects. $10 j|
I $10 Silk Petticoats, All Shades $5 ||
j. Van ness Aye- J]
rier legislative agents to go to Sac
ramento in the interest of the State
barbers* law, now before that body.
The" committee on picnic and family
reunion is a still looking for outing
grounds and will probably, report at
the next meeting. . ; Louis J. Hirsch was
chosen a delegate to the Defense
League, whose object is to raise, funds
to -help defray the expenses of the
trial . of Moyer, Haywood and Petti
bone, the Western Federation of Miners
officials who are imprisoned la, Idaho.
\u25a0' ; ':;\u25a0 .-; \u25a0' ". -. ' • \" * . •
The executive board of the Retail
Clerks* (International Protective Asso
ciation ha 3 been- officially notified by
International Secretary-Treasurer Max
Morris of Denver of the; request; of. the
retail clerks . of Oakland for a charter,
and the secretary-treasurer advises Is
suing the charter.* Max. E. Licht, first
vice-president of the international, in
conjunction with H. _V. Carter, past
president of Local . No. 410 and now, a
member of the new local of Oakland,
has 'taken an " active part in forming
this^union.-J'very shoe clerk -in Oak
land has placed his application for
membership in the new organization
and It starts under most favorable au
spices. The local will be known as
No. 47. '
I CHAS. P. HALL, Sol* Proprietor and ; Maa*xer. !
: k^AW. /•*;•;\u25a0 BR^XrvqEß»s !
I -Stupendous *Prodnctlon, Introdneln» tt« * '<
i.C.--: -.; Kings of Laoghter,
\u25a0'-'\u25a0 ,•• .-"'.. . la a : Musical ! Norslty,
,;: February Bta' and Bth. West's Minstrtls ' ;
gffl^;^ CAUFORW A !
1?5 : : i ' ;}; } Racetrack
Six or more races each w tt k day, rala or sUa*.
j Races commence at 1:40 p. n»; sbarp. i\~ \u25a0-. I
~~- Tor : special < trails stepping ' at the • track taka j
B. "-P. Ferry, foot of Market street; leaf* at 13
o'clock, thereafter * e*ery % twenty I minutes I until
1:40 p. m. . No smoking In last two cars, which
axe rewtrred for ladles and their escorts. -.
\u25a0*&± Returning trains ; leart track after ; ftfts ; and
ETery car line in the city transfers to* Sas
Frmnclseo's Leading Playhouse.
Western States Amusement Co.. Props. *
1 V/l\lVJn 1 M ATS. SAT. AND SUN.
Frank W. Healy Presents,
The San Francisco Opera Company
In the Romantic Comic Opera.
!L e PrineessCliic
Book by Klrke La Shell*.
Music by Julia Edwards.
PRICES — $1.00. 75c. 50c, Me
and Kohler Sc Chase's. Sntter and Pranklls sts.
&T AI7TMT npl7 theater
"Cv to and including Sunday Night.
Xhe Great Cartoon Musical Comedy.
70 SONG HITS 2a ?
Popular Prices. 28c to *1.00.
BEQ. Next Monday
<T^ M t=? r Oren test: Play I
I,"* 3 I Ever Written {
I \u25a0 Scuta Tomorrow
\u25a0- r V ? ''V^ l fs l gpMßBl»BSß3*^w™Sw*«saci»»?O«»F\"''« :^-"
McAllister at., nsar Market. Phoae Ifirkst tZO.
Martla P. Kurtalg. . Pres. and Mgr.
HEATED by Latest Inrtntlon— DßX BOT AIX,
Augustus Thomas' Moat Successful Play.
An th« FaTorltes in th« Cast.
FRANK BACOrf la his yr»at rol« of
. , "Colonel Moberly."
Branch Ticket Offlcs,. Kohler * Caass's. Su*.
ter and Franklin sts. -- \u25a0
Ereninf »— 23 c. SOc.' Tsc U. Saturday a*t
Sundays Matinees — 23c and 80c • t >
In Preparation. ... .THE HALFBRKBO
-\u25a0. Absolutely Class '•A* Theatar Bulldlag.
Irresistible Vaudeville! \
; Bmallsst \u25a0 Performing E«phajrt to tk* > Werldt
aad their Hot "TOLLT'i CIUUS SICTH JJfD
riED stjccess or AiXiZD xsLcr Asra
•-.CO.' - '\u25a0• \u25a0•\u25a0>\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0•-\u25a0 . ' •-. ;\u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0 •
.Prices— Brariaga, 10a, 23a, 80s. 730» box- seat*
tl. Matin— lbo.aßg aa4 60s. ' .••-*?.
r,- \u25a0'\u25a0_ r_- ptoas w»*e sooo. .
GAJjLi \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
||Brinff Exults;

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