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Police Interfere in Noisy
Contest for Possession
of Rally Point
Cornets, Drumsticks and
Trombones of Army
Used — Enemy
. A riot call f rom Post and Flllmore
etreets at S o'clock last night brought
the patrol wagon and a corps of po
licemen from the Bush-street station
to Interrupt a clash between members
of the Salvation Army and a rival
crowd of Socialist street speakers. The
affair caused the gathering of a crowj
of several thousand persons! and
Mocked street railway traffic on Fill
more street- "-^.-'l
The Salvation Army has its head
quarters across the street from th'o
corner in question, and has been in
the habit of holding its evening meet-*
Ings there. Last night the Socialists
were first upon the gry'und, and the
speakers had begun to expound their
theories when the hosts of the' Salva
tionists, with a pounding of drums,
fanfare of trumpets and waving of
banners, descended upon the point an-1
claimed their place by right of former
occupancy. The Socialists were not
disposed to yield and were backed In
their contention by such of their sym
pathizers as happened to be ,in the
Cornets, trombones and ; drumsticks
were brought into play by the Salva
tion Army band upon the opposing
body of Socialists.
The fight was general when Jthe po
lice arrived upon the scene and the
religionists were having the best of
It. Policemen Charles Uhte and E.
Casey succeeded in scattering the bel
ligerents and loading two Salvation
ists and one Socialist into the patrol
wagon. The Socialist was Frederick
3Cendall. the Salvationists James Mulr
and Robert C. Laverty. The Salva
tionists clung to their weapons — a cor
net and a drum, and as the* wagon
started through the crowd the cornet
ist blew a strident blast and yelled for
Ids followers to "come to "Jesus." The
drummer answered with a tattoo upon
liis drum. At (his juncture Policeman
Colen stopped the noise by taking
charge 6f the instruments.
Several Salvationists appeared at
the station to secure \he release of
their comrades. Their standing in the
army not serving to gain their re
lease, the usual bail was finally se
cured and the men were given their
Will Celebrate the Birthday of
Famous Woman Leader Today
Susan B. Anthony's birthday will be
celebrated, this afternoon by the local
club which bears her name at the club's
headquarters, 2419 California street.
The members will meet at 2 o'clock,
and leading women among their num
ber will discuss the noble qualities of
the famous advocate of suffrage for
their 6ex.
Mrs. North Whitcomb will tell how
Mi*B Anthony advanced the, cause of
woman's education; Miss Mary Fair
lirother, how she helped the woman
who works; Mrs. Ellen C. Sargent will
describe her home life; Mrs. Price will
read a poem, "Settling the Question,"
and Mrs. Hobe will speak of her char
Miss Vivian Bailey will lead the club
in singing "The Battle Hymn of the
REDDIXG. Feb. 17.— Rain has been
falling steadily throughout Northern
California today. In the mountain
regions i{ has been cold, with slight
snow at several points. Rain and bad
roads have caused the big copper
rmelter of the Great Western Gold
Company at Ingot to suspend on ac
count of the lack of fuel. ". V"
Baby Girl Had Rash Behind Ears-
Nothing Would Drive It Away—
It Spread and Grew Worse Under
Specialist's Care— Tried Every-
thing Without Avail. \u25a0; '\u25a0,'\u25a0
"When my daughter was a baby she
had a breaking out behind the ears.
The doctor said that she would out-
grow it, end it did get somewhat better
unta she was about fifteen years "old;
And after that we could get nothing
that would drive it away. She -was
always applying something in the way
of salves. It troubled her behind the
knees, opposite the elbows, back of the
neck and ears, under the chin; and
then it got on the face. *' That was
about three years ago. As we had
tried everything that we could hear of
without help she took treatment with
a specialist and seemed to get worse
all the time. We were then advised
to try the Cuticura Remedies, and now
I don't see any breaking out, and we
are well pleased with the results, and
I will cheerfully recommend the Cuti-
cura Bemedies to all that may need
them. M. Curley. 11-19 Sixteenth St.,
Bay City, Mich., May 20, 1906."
Child suf ifered Two Years. Now
Well, flother Praises Cuticura.
"My little girl had been a sufferer
of eczema on her face for. two years.
Tried treatment; from doctor without
effect. lat last heard of the Cuticura
Remedies. Started X treating her •with
Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment, and
Cuticura Resolvent. She is now nearly
six years old, and no sores have as yet
appeared on her face.;- From the T day
of her cure we have always praised the
Cuticura Remedies in* the? highest.
Mrs. W. E. Kimball, Canton, Minn,,
Nov. 9, 1905."
Oomplrte External xn<! Internal Treatnieet for
Etpit Humor of Infant*. Children, and Adults,
consists of Cuticura Soap (25c ) to Cleanse the Skin.
fCutlcura Otnuaent (50c.* to JImU tne Stan, snd
Cuticura Resolvent fSOfc.) na the form ol (Tnoeo-
I»te Coated Pilis. 35c. per vial of 60) to Purify tl»
Khvx). Sold throughout the world. Potter Drue
TtKasera. Corp- Sole Props.. Bostoa. Hum; :. \u25a0\u25a0
mrhiiMeA free. How to Cure BKb Hbsmh. »
Runs Full Speed Into Car
of Folsom-Street Line
at Sixteenth ; <f -
Several of tlie Victims, It Is
Feared, Are Injured
List of Injured
John J. Murphy, gtneer, 3298 Folsom
street, two ribs fractured, body badly
bruised; possible Internal- Injuries. leSwj*
Delliert Walker, mechanic, 2957
Tnentr-second street, fracture of xijebt
nnkle. ronfnnlon* on head and face.
-C. * Gunnoziuol, Greek, \u25a0 laborer,. 971
Alabama jstreet, right leg fractured, .
Edvrard Kenneally, carpenter, 343
I'rerita^avenuc, two ribs fractured and
lee sprained. • ' . ' . '• ".*
Dontinlco Balzarlnl, Greek^ laborer,
971 Alabama street, right j arm frac
tured, laceration of head and face and
posiilble fracture of skull.
Five personn were seriously ; Injured,
two perhaps fatally, at Sixteenth and
Folsom streets last evening by the col
lision between car 709 of the Folsom
street line and car 1324 of the Eighth
avenue and Clement-street system.
At Sixteenth street the Eighth-ave
nue line rounds a curve into Folsom
street, but the cars are supposed to
give the right of way to the Folsom
street vehicles. Motorman Scott Pugh,
on car. 1324, was in a hurry to make up
"time" lost on the down^trip' and did
not obey rules. He shot ahead ' into
JFolsom street and struck the other car,
which was plainly in sight of all the
passengers. Both vehicles were.crowd
ed.' There was a terrific noise of
smashing glass when the two cars
came together. The steps of both cars
were ripped off and the standing boards
whereon passengers hung were splin
tered. It seemed a miracle "that more
than five were not badly hurt. Several
persons, who did not give their names,
were sligtitly bruised and cut by flying
glass and splinters. -.
A hurry call was sent in; for the am
bulance and the sufferers were removed
to the City and County Hospital. Scott
Pugh was placed under arrest at "the
Mission police station and charged with
battery. He was subsequently released
"on the usual bail of $20, furnished by
the company.
Carriages in Funeral Struck by Mc-
Allister Street Car
A carriage containing , mourners at
the funeral of Mrs. "Annie Fitzpatrick
was struck by «n 'McAllister-street car
at 12:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon
and almost demolished. The horses
were rolled over and over along the
track for a distance of forty feet be
fore the car was stopped, the driver
was pitched from his seat and, while
the occupants of the vehicle were not
seriously hurt, they/ were hysterical
from fright. A largfe crowd gathered
around the carriage and the car and
became so threatening that a riot call
was turned In.
The funeral procession was passing
along Buchanan street when the car,
No. 738, rushed toward the crossing
\u25a0with great speed. "Witnesses of the
accident declared that the motorman
made no effort to stop after he saw
the carriages filing past ahead. »"A
woman and a child stood on the corner
signaling for the car to stop for them/
but the motorman paid no ' attention,
caught the carriage while It
was squarely across the track, and,
with .a crash of splintering wood and
amid the shrieks of women . and the
cries of men, shoved it forty feet along
the pavement. The horses reared and
plunged, fell down and were dragged
by the harness. Spectators rushed for
the wrecked vehicle to pull from the
debris what they supposed would be
senseless forms, but by a miracle the
occupants were not Injured beyond a
few scratches and bruises.
Inside the carriage were Daniel
Fitzpatrick* whose wife's dead body
lay In the hearse aliead; Lena Fitzpat
rick, his niece, and Annie, and Lillle
Saunders.. They were assisted to a
nearby store, where they were given
medical attention, antf while this .was"
going on a serious situation was devel
oping in the neighborhood of the car.
People living along McAllister street
have long complained of the failure "pf
the .cars to stop when arid
when they saw what had* occurred .they
hurried to the scene.** Numerous threats
were made. . . . ..
When the accident "occurred the,fun
eral procession was on .the way to: St.
Michael's Church, ; Ocean View, \u25a0 where
the services were .to be held. : After
another carriage was secured . for the
mourners the procession, moved slowly
onward again. .X 'V
. Flyrr*. the driver, was Injured Inter
nally and was taken to the City Hos
pital. - ; ,':\u25a0:, .
Aged. Mao May Die an Result of In-
jurlen Received In Accident
• Defective brakes on a Clement-street
car 'of the United Railroads :; gave a
carload of passengers a severe* shaking
up yesterday, afternoon and threw "Wil
liam Kampe, an old mani; to,the ground.'
Kampe was badly, injured and: may die.
While ; running at * top^; speed 'near • the
Twenty-second 5 avenue'- crossing jthe
brakes .were applied by the! motorman
and through someV- fault of ; r l the
mechanismUhe "wheels -became* locked
and; the car-was brought "•'\u25a0to: a sudden
stop. Kampe was rldinfe- on;the : outslde
seat at^the forward end:; of -the C car
when _,the , accident occurred and twas
thrown" forward/striking onihis^head
on. the" ground^ > He-Is >€s iyears of age?,
He '.was : taken : to ' the / Park ." Hospital,
where It was found ! that he" ; was suffer
ing from shock and'a possible fracture
of:the skull. , -. %^SfIHBI
:.An>. overcrbwded " Castro-street '-.;' car
was responsible for serious injury; to a
Chinese, who -.was ; crowded Z oft- yeßter
day afternoon at* the \u25a0"corner," ofTLaguria
and Market streets. ; The.Oriental's left
leg/ was , dislocated : ; at the knee and
his left hip fractured;
A hoodoo which persistently hangs
around the machinery of 'the; Pacific
Rolling : Mills 'Company's r; ;shops -at
Seventeenth .; and {Mississippi 'r streets
nearly cost F. Lester," the"; superintend-"
ent at the I* works, • his ft life l: yesterday?:
Lester fell '-; twenty,' f eet V from < a's-ladder
and his / skull ; was :• f rac tured;* LHe * was ';
taken to^the : Clty, andlCounty^Hospita.l."
While working, on; the*Bamepadder ss r two
days ago*' Jacob Pavlch, I a ..workman,
had his right -arm ; torn .from its
socket "by being' caught in "the belt
wheel.-- - -.< I ,'• -.: '\u25a0\u25a0, -\u25a0 '• •\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ';'\u25a0> \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
A loosened;fl^hplate ' oh the ; tracks ; of
thejUnited; IRailroads iat,. Eddy and
Mason streets, which has caused"nu
merous accidents in the past i week/' de
layed ; traffic r on that 'line for r an* hour
yesterday. t v.v '. \/..;-' :•%. \u25a0=..-.• -"-.-.:\u25a0..'
Comedian Evans Shows That
His Art Has Not decayed
James Crawford
Two mooted 'questions pertaining \u25a0;' to ;
the stage are unwittingly answered, by
Charles E. Evans in his one-act farce
its title, doesn't- matter— at the Or
pheum. > T - \u25a0
He shows that, however worn by
usage a dramatic theme may * be, good
acting" imbues *it with new interest:
The piece .In which he appears |is Sim-,
ply a" boiled j down variation >of "The
Man From Mexico", or "Too Much John
son," or ;any of several ; less 'famed
comedies, in - which the 'I fun is depend
ent upon an unscrupulously prevarica
tive husband and: an impossibly credui.
lous'wife, 6nly. in this case there ,< are
two husbands 'and two wives, jjj Similar
domestic complications .have | frequently
and variously; been woven arid; disen-.
tangled on the San Francisco stage, but
never so entertainingly as by Evans
and ! his people, none of whom omits; any
detail, however minute,, that could pos
sibly serve to strengthen the whole
structure. As a result; the plot loses
familiarity, by the excellence of the
acting — which goes to show that play
ers can*-help as well as hurt play
' The other question answered, by
Evans in his work is that of. whether
the farce comedian is better or worse
as an artist than 'the comedian ; pf
twenty years ago. It. is only, when -an <
actor ; of, the Evans caliber .returns to ,
us after a couple of decades of absence
that we realize \how ? rare really .clever ;
comedians have become. .Although; he;
lacks the fire of, youthfulness' that
shone so brilliantly In his I. McCorker
when "A Parlor Match" was ablaze,", his
whimsical method and his -intelligent
readiness of resource remain unim
paired, and as he never did' descend.to
horseplay for laugh-getting, his, physi
Merchant Marine . League
, Sends Warning of X>ire
\u25a0 V Design v^
"Striking. Our Flag on -"the> Pacific"
is the : title of, a pamphlet Issued by: the
Merchant Marine League of ; the United
States, the' purpose : of \ which Is to \ crys;
tallize-public> sentiment In .favor. of {a.
Federal subsidy t of ;; steamships 'flying
the American .flag an* plying, between
the United States; and' foreign; ports:
The 1 pamphlet .-was \u25a0inspired* by r the ' an
nouncement I that; Boston-owned^ steam
ships .were'about 1 to. be withdrawn' from
the Puget V Sound-Philippine j run.i being
no longer able tocompetelwith.the'sub^
Bldlz«df Japanese -steamships^ which,*| in
all likelihood,', would /be \ called^ up ; to
carryisupplies" for; the 'auartermaster's
department to ; Manila. fAfter:' discus-"
sing this condition; \ the pamphlet ~i con-'
tinues:;:;^ .' '\u25a0; ' .' ' \u25a0 : -i' .' \u25a0. ;.' H-'v'. .V, : . ;.:\u25a0!'.-.\u25a0
";, "The t Japanese Government = proposes
to I breakdown - every/American? stea.m
ship line, tofdrive every 'American' mer;
chant \u25a0 ship", from f. the ; Pacific 's Ocean." ( ; It
is ybreakingv down '-. this i Boston^ steam^
shipi line; first, •"; because^ there* Is rno'.rall;'
road H system 4^ behind vit^-^The^lineVjis
'"owned t by- Individual shipowners "of New.
England.- BuC James? J.*JHill, Jwitfh-; ail
his ..wealth j and resources,">has
that \ In ': f ace ".; of X present ; conditions S lie
,wlir. never.'; build ;knd 7 sail < another, ship
under thelflag of ! the iUnltedj States.*: ;^
-i.VNow^what" does? Congress* propose* to
do about : this? -.;; Is i< it? preparedi to 'strike
the 'American ; flag Jon : the
and v'turnr-the'i: Philippines fandS Hawaii
frankly, I*over*!1 * over*! to :j the r Japanese? Y.They,
already ,'Joutmatch/ our! nuval "/strength
on* the * Pacific :- more" than/, two •• to x one."
They ' have^onlyT to )our^mer
chant: steamship" lines jwin' thefa-bso!:
lute^rhasteryVof that; ocean, fv ; \u25a0 '.'.'•\u25a0 : '
: '//'Congress l is ':, told j that * : the j immigra-.
tlQn of coolies :1s 'a : .menaceHb
the country^Thehthow about 1 Japanese
control , of burj; lines i of; communication
with; the |Phillppirieß?iiHow?dboutfglv^
Ingj to]; subsidized SJapanese t'h ships t &the
carrying !_of f the ) government [dispatches?
the?ratiohs^qf*ourjtrodps^and jtheTam-,
munition ?for"i their"/ rlfles'i arid* "artillery ?_
Is Hhere, another; government ; on i earth'
that would 1 dream ; of j proclaiming
to the'; world-, its own humiliating|im
potence?^"l ':". \u25a0 : ..''.\u25a0 '-\u25a0 '\u25a0'\u25a0
» .' "This is; a question which" has got! to
be; answered,! andjhas got toibeianswer
ed^before,Marchji3iriexts by 4thet vote of
the House of ' Representatives." :'" ; ;
Question -\u25a0 f ot ; Japanese % Immigration
Hanei) on; the Imperial £ Will
In proposing an amendment, \u25a0 to the
alien vlabor^law,i designed -to 'prohibit
thcYlnflux^of fJapaneße|andK6theftlun r '
thel mairilandiiity s {the{bpiriibn?bf | those
;well|inforniedjthat'; President! Roosevelt
has, in : expressivef vernacular.t "handed
Calif ornia^ allembn.'A^^3^ffi|j||j^g^iig|g^
:, A careful : study of the '?\u25a0. amendment
calstiffnessvis not much of a handicap.
Without singing or grimacing or;danc
ing ''or.-"- indulging ; in : acrobatics .or
utilizing "any of the other
that [ seem .to !be regarded •; as : stock jac-'j ac-'
complish'ments by the latter-day musK
cal coniedy ifunmaker. he manages f to
provoke more; all-around hilarity ! than
the funniest; of them. And that, too, in
a vehicle that is about as original as a
streetcar. "\u25a0•! ..\u25a0 , :- . .-, '.."- \u25a0\u25a0".": .' : : ! J:- \u25a0'
. -All of "the new acts at theOrpheum
are"-- so /good.^as.'to elevate -.-the^blll^ to
.class A , standard. Shields and. Rodgers
do ; ; wonderful^, things . withf lassos, : and
Allan . .\u25a0, Shaw,;^ manipulates : * coins -_-' and
cards in a'/wayjthat bewilders, although
his S personality— his poetic | face and
glib patter-t-is no less responsible than
his digital l dexterity for the "success; of
his act. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-'" i \ ; ; •'*":•\u25a0'.''
Cameron and ; Flanagan offer some
thing; really] novel in vaudeville.'
appear 1 - as • (ordinary— very j ordinary-7-r
blackface ; ; song - and dance S men, 'and
after with , intended
mediocrity *!retlre to - their dressing
room,, whlci' is disclosed, to; the audi
ence by- a; change of ; scene^ and ithere
they. engage in badinag©; as jthey^ clean
thelJ»-^Bount«nances and . change^ their
garb, \u25a0 concluding the turn-,withfa : ..very
neatexhibition'of what they'did at first
so ; clumsily.^-.The;, entire sketch'; was
ingeniously, conceived arid ' Is ] admirably
played.'^: \u25a0?.. r;*;.."' _\u25a0 ; . : : --;'-."; '-." '._'\u25a0 -XV- ]\u25a0 :"\u25a0/;\u25a0 \u25a0, '
The four "Rlanos,'. pantomimic
bats, introduce 'an -elaborately ."staged
act "In; Africa," r^which enables
them to do many, ludicrous things. , One
of. the"; quartet is of , the sex,
but'she) displays ."as 'much agility and
receives; just "as I many apparently
knocks ; and • falls ' as ; any 1 6 f . her,:, asso
ciates," 1 two of i whom -are -disguised ' as
baboons. .The; performance is as good
as_ anythingiof -its kind ever presented
here.* L""."-'•"'\u25a0-\u25a0 •'•-.*'' . ' \u25a0 : \u25a0
as 'proposed I by 'the President, has re
vealed ; its weak . points 'and j made , evi
dentv-'the ' fact 'that under its pro
visions; nothing, stands; between the In-;
flux^of 'Japanese but-; the -will of his
Imperial -Majesty ; the Emperor "of
Japan,; Furthermore, 'under sthe
amendment as proposed, nothing stands
between '\u25a0 the f infl ux lof ."Japanese C from
Hawaii ;butythe;will \ of
an admittedly uncertain; quantity; *;
When ;';th'e agitation against the in-"
flux -of ! Japanese" \began" the; Japanese
Government, * wishing; to ? avoid f friction
L^i^ Spring Suits (
-in an- almost funlimited variety: of the most charming styles that. have;
. come'^ forth, in; many seasons."- Amongithem are entirely new Jacket
'.arid "Eton effects in Ipretty small checks,- shadow plaids an<f:-rnixtures
—-Voile and \u25a0 Etamine Suits in beautiful street and evening shades—
1 Silk s Suits 7 in all colors-^and cool, % comfortable, 'dressy Linen Suits.
Exquisite Nbw W -
of Silk, . Lace, Net i : and Lawn. To ) make a long story short, we Kave
: «Waists. of ;. every description: for every, occasion— rf rom , serviceable
'Waists for morning wear to the daintiest and most elaborate creations
';for- the other end^of the day. We; are particularly proud- of our
collection of -Lingerie? Waists. "\u25a0"' / v ,
New Silk Petticoats
\u25a0ini^a practically | ; unending of styles^^^-and- colorings-^-made and
trimmed in- indescribably; pretty ways.' ..'\u25a0./\u25a0_ \u25a0..-;. - y
Newest Fashions mjEoats
: For c street r and '.-"evening wear. This season's ' most \u25a0 desirable '
ffabrics— -exceptionallyj attractive^'styles;'.' '\u25a0' : ' '\u25a0;'\u25a0''"%'; \u25a0\u25a0: \u25a0.':
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Mrs. Galland's . Last Wish
"Was THatMer^
in-; San Francisco
Her Will Leaves Vast Simi
to Found a Home for
the Aged v
.-/. In accordance with" her , request Just
before her death on February 15 the
body;: of : Mrs. "Caroline Kline-Galland,
reputed; to have been the richest wo
man in Seattle, was brought , to San
Francisco" from that city yesterday for
fhtermenlt. ~. Famous ; a*ll her' life as % a'
woman ; of 5 remarkable business .talents
and as a ; philanthropist,^ Mrs. '\u25a0 Galland
provided^ in ;her^ will,*,; which was read
at t. the .-services; in; Seattle C before ; the
body j, was ; ; brought - to ; this : city, ? for : a
monument .that will forever, perpetuate
her, name. '-'\u25a0- '\u25a0 ' ;' \u0084 '\u25a0\u25a0;-:: \_' . .-.-'. .- \u25a0;• -\u25a0 \u25a0* : "
7 ; The bulk "of \ Mrs. J Galland's - estate,
which' is '"estimated to ' be j worth ; |l; 500
,-000, is to be iused ! for the purchase of a
site^ and ;the -building -thereon of an
institution;' to 'be "called ' the ~ Caroline
Klirie-Galland .Home for s the, Aged and
Feeble Poor.i The] home is to be located
near,' Seattle, (where^ the 'donor had re
sided' since . leaving j San ; Francisco with
her- first . husband, CM. Kline, • several
years ago.: " ;.-""" ; ...;.\u25a0•;;>;.:.;\u25a0.\u25a0 ; "..•.;.
;. .Among;, the smaller .sums left'for
other charities three" are for San Fran
cisco 1 Institutions. \u25a0.': •'• The C Hebrew Or^
phan Asylum receives $1000, the Pacific
Hebrew -iOld g Folks', Home* $1000 * and
Temple iEriiariul El :?500. f .
.'; To ; her . second husband," Bonham.Gal
land, ; she : left 'an income j for life of $300
a month:- It , is understood that; Mrs.
Galland>.wished ; to -leave" her estate' in
his hands, but :that- he preferred that
she",. dispose of , it in: her. will ; to the
numerous; 7 charitable in
which she" was interested. .
Mexican Shoots One Man and Rides
Ten Miles to" Kill Another
TRINIDAD/' Colo.,^ Feb. 17.— A double
tragedy .was enacted this evening, ". when
J.^ Taf eyaf -a | Mexican, shot gj and | mor
tally, wounded- Juan; Griege,* at" Segundo,
sixteen miles 'from 'here, :. and then rode
ten 1 miles Ito wreak | his -vengeance jon
another man at* Sopris, six -miles west
of city.. \u25a0""." At -'Sopris he shot and
killed an American ;named ;° Grlvery.
The; murderer; at , : once -gave 'himself up.
He -^wasu brought"" to Trinidad tonight
and ''lodged- in; the County Jail. :
as far as possible,', put . a . limit on - pass
ports,; issuing ; only a stated 'number
each \u25a0: month,' , a majority of the \ appli
cants saying that, their destination; was
Hawaii. •:\u25a0 Without doubt the number
of 'Japanese •' taking^; out r; passports to
Hawaii will ':. fall ;; off ,as ' soon : as the
amendment is enacted, into a law,; but
whether; ov\ not the: Japanese Govern
ment will adhere toits decision to limit
the issuance of papers. to those desiring
to; come v to San: Francisco .directly is
a question: \u25a0'\u25a0[['. . ,
i : As; pointed out .by Senator Tillman
during; the \u0084 hot?.,' debater of fi last i. week,
the "contract; labor. -'law "Is :| effectives in
name ?;only. vo. Japanese '/ who /.heretofore
have ; gone v to '? Hawaii ;" In X order,' to ; per
fect' their .. contracts for employment! on
the^mainland will ] now save the trouble
of tJiCstop-bff and } come -to' San j Fran
cisco directly. \u25a0 : Mind • reading ; has > not
as yet ; developed \u25a0to ? that stage ; where
the j purposes ; of : men niay be discerned,
and that the i. incoming r horde J will ', be
able. to satisfactorily'answer;all,'ques
tions put is "evident to any, one familiar
.with the methods of: the Chinese be
fore the enactment of the 'exclusion
law.'. ; ' .V f: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0': ~. ""
There is no difficulty in getting good
coffee and tea— Schillings-B est. •
Frank \u25a0 Cornero, a laborer employed
at 'the 'new; baseball' grounds,- under,
construction at Fourteenth Va
lencia. , streets, -was ' crushed - under - a
pile; of lumber which fell yesterday,; his
skull being fractured.* : He wasremoved
to the City, and y County, Hospital. His
injuries will probably result fatally.
- Maps, charts/ jelobes and i school supplies. The
Whltaker & Ray. Company. GroTe and Van Ness.*
; Stores: Van Ness Aye. and Sutter Telephones: Franklin 706.
V " 2829 California Street " . WestlQl.
" 1401 Haight Street '* Park 456-457-453.
• Oakland : rl3th and Clay Sts. -* * , Oakland 1 .
Warehouse: - 16th and Wood Streets.
Shortage of stocks, flnctnation In prices continue unabated* makla? at
times PRICE CUTTING almost prohibitory. Only through our EXTESSITE
BESOURCES and? position to GRASP OPPORTUNITIES are ire enabled to
continue these SALES. The market all orer the Trorld can be judged by what
you pay here. TV'atch our prices— it means a BIG SATING on your grocery
bill each month.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
[ FRESH EGGS— Every one guaranteed. ................. .T. .doz. .25 ")
Hawaiian Beauty K0na . . . ... ... JIO Italian Chestnuts 2 lbs. <,£<&
• Hand-picked; extTa fancy eof- Bee Brand Ceylon Tea. T V"--
>; fee . . . . . . . ........ . . .2 lbs. .55 Regularly . . . . .50 .60^ .30 1.00
Peaches-Sliced or halves...... J»0 Special .40 J>o~ .60
\u25a0 Good qua1ity.......:^... 3 cans ETaporated Apples.. 3 lbs.
" "•'\u25a0"'\u25a0 ~ , '\u25a0' \u25a0' «„ <White — Alden fruit.
Preserved Ginger
"y tir . „„,».„,. Boyan Sardines .15
Crosse & Blackwell — porce- Tll . . _. , \u0084. . ,„ . ,
• . - ..... -.v v V^ith. truffle and pickle, ala Vatel.
Brook Trout....; .29 .
T0mat0e5 .. ........... . . . .8 cans - Serve hot o^ co ld . large oval can 3.
"Hesperian"; natural flavondoz. 1.00 Shredded Cocoanut ...lb.
Asparagus — White .25 "Schepp's— fresh stock.
"El Rio"— Golden State .... doz. 3.00 Crescent Mackerel .3 cans .50
Succotash— "Sea F0am". ........ .12^ Monterey Bay; soused; tomato.
_«• , , _, . . - ...» mustard.
Maine corn and Lima beans. doz. 1.50
l; Orange 3larmalade
French Mu5tard................. .20 g., B. & Co— Homemade .doz. 2.40
"Louit"-^ifferent flavors. | Cast ne 50ap.,.....:..bar
Potted Beef— Meat pate .10 Plenty of white lather.
." "Franco-American* — sandwich Creole Bice. 5 lbs.^-45
Paste. Fancy Carolina .10 lbs. .90
Manzanilla Olives .35 Cooks white— whole and dry.
No. 1 quality— full quart Jar. Hickory Nuts.... ..lb. J5
FINNIN HADDlE— Backbone removed; breakfast delicacy. lb. .15
Knorr's German Noodles.. carton .20 Mackere1........... 5-lb. pail 1.00
Large, small, medium. Choice Norway fish 12-lb. kit 3.00
Ginger 5nap5 ........ a barrel for .20 Keep some on hand during A
Saltine Crackers. .'. . . . . .l-lb. can Lenten season ;
1 National Biscuit Co. — fresh, crisp. Dessaux Fils Tinegar.
Bovril .Fluid Beef Extract. w^ite wine .......qts. .25
1 oz. 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. i
.45 .70 I^o 2^5 Tarragon. ....qts. M
•_£; .'„,,._, . . Nothing superior made.
Wheatena-7-Health Food.. .15 /
Toilet Amm0nia....... ...... .qt. iterated Tooth Powder.4....
Violet, lavender— "Greer's." Oxygen Toilet Powder 2 cans £*
Specials in Liquor Department^
Whisky— Old Mellow Rye— Another reliable brand qt. AVgal* SJM)
Imperial Cocktails— Just as you would mix them. 1.00
Tokay, Madeira, Muscatel, Malaga, Angelica. ....*.. .\ .. T qt. .40, gal. M 0
Clar.et--Y.rT. Zinfande1 : . ; . :......... 1 doz. ptsl l^>o, 1 doz. qts. 2^o, gaL M
Moselle^— ''Vlstadel Valle"— Rheinish type ; easily assimilated .pts. 2JO, qts. 4^.1"
Extra California Brandy- -Pure distillation from grape juice.. qt. gaL Sj2»»
Belfast Ginger Ale— -Cochiran & Co.;* none better. .."..; .doz. I^s
Scotch Whisky— King George IV— Red Crown— D. C. L qt 1.00
Gabriel Sedlmayr Spaten Bran. . . ..... . .\ . .... ....... .pt5.. 2.10, qts. 3.75
We strongly recommend this famous brand of Munich beer. Some peo-
ple who cannot drink American beers find that Spaten Bran Munich Beer is,
besides a delicious beer, a splendid tonic, invigorating and far superior to malt.
The purity and great care in brewing Is appreciated throughout the world.
Household Specials
Christy Kitchen Meat Saw.... ...special ,'J^
Bath Spray, with rubber friction brush. special 1.75 **
Paper Napkins— Plain white; quality... (100)..... special .10
j Box Coffee Mill— lt pays to grind your coffee daily. special .50
i Oil Cooking Stove— l burner. The best made.'.; r ..... .special 1.00
! Asbestos Sad Iron— 3 in set; adjustable handle. ; .special 1.7>»
! Universal Bread Maker-— Kneads the dough in 3 minutes 2.00
COUNTRY ORDERS— This branch of our business has an exclusive
department,' and people in charge who know the business from AtoZ. .
/ ( 16th and Wood Streets, Oakland
Address < 12 40 Van Ness Aye., San Francisco
If you have. anything which yon
wish to "offer to : the ? great -\u25a0 army
of l home-seekers iwho ; are - coming
to California 1 'through :' the V Los
Aiigeles Uo^the, State. \u25a0 a
small "For Sale" advertisement in
the classified columns 'of. tiie^"Los
Angeles Times" will put : y ou ; in
"c6mmui)icati6n i.with ithern. If. you
have a /ranch i for? sale { or x to "; let, for
; wish ', to • dispose i of < or.: rent : a , city
or:' suburban".? home, \u25a0• a"; small sum
expended ; in I this ; way may acco m-
plish the desired result.
"-Address \u25a0
San Francisco Office, 779 Market
Street, 5 San Francisco/
Or phone Temporary 212 fT
;; . ' (OrsanUed 1902)
. : TROMOTIOX: The • act ~ot promotlnj, «d-
Tancement;j ENCOURAGEMENT — Oatory Dic-
tionary.*- - \u25a0 ;; s '
\u25a0 >'; The CaU'orpla Promotion Committee - has for
Ita \u25a0 object PEOiIOTINQ ol California a* a
whole. f*^ !^-f:: : .'-"'• - '/ % '~" : ~'
";; It ihas 'nothing ; to" sriL;^'--- .
*"• luTenterßleaYaire "deroted ; to fostering an things'
that i hare the ADVANCKMEXT of, Callforala • as
thelr^object. ;-. r -/ \u25a0 :\u25a0<\u25a0 :-\u25a0-;"\u25a0->. -'": ./ ;' ".;' . " '\u25a0;' -S'-£L
T? It 'gWes reliable Information \u25a0on every subject
connected .with the industries of California. .
*v 1 1 glTea*; ENCOD RAG EM EXT " to ! th« estabilah-
ment of new lndustrlea and In rites desirable Im-
migration. ;.-; .-V;-:,"-:: \u25a0. ' : '.\u25a0"' " . ' : -"
; "- 1 1 I*' not 'mb > employment ' agency, \u25a0 although *it
glres information regarding labor conditions.
\'i It> presents^ the fopportnnltles and necdi In all
fields ; of iboslness and professional! act! Ttty.v
AThe : - Committee -Is nupported 'by ; popular; sub-
scription I and I makes no charge \u25a0 for any ' serric*
rendered. ,, . ' ,"''•_-'
•' with ; the* Comm ltte« are one hundred
and sixty commercial organizations of; the State."
with i a membership of o»er ', thirty, thousand. ,.;. ;.-
J£ MeetlnffV? are '•:, held '" >eml-annnally - : in 7f different
parts of California, where matters of State in-
terest; are; discussed.'
•sj Headquarters of the Committee are maintained
in ? Son •\u25a0 Francisco \u25a0 In *. California ; Building, • Union
Square.'- - .:: ; : '\u25a0.';:-""'\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0
To whora \u25a0It may concern:—
This Is to notify you that I am
-not now and have not been since
Aupu3t 14. 1906. associated or con-
nected with ; the Pencovic-Harris
Co. (Inc.) (drugstore) of 1497 Fill-
more street. San Francisco, and am
not responsible for any. of its obli-
gations or liabilities.
* Importer of
Diamonds y
Precious Stones
, 1021^VAN NESS AYE.
San Francisco, Cal.
,; Pine Set Pieces a Specialty
' LOST Certificates, Checks, Receipts.
| Ellis of Lading and .Negotlablo Paper
r of every, description replaced by a Bond
of The ' Metropolitan Surety.. Com y any
of New -York. /Contract. Judicial and
Fidelity Bonds. JUDSON BKUSIB.
Manager, room 10. Ferry building, v r>.
W. CAHMICHAEL CO.. Ino. General
; Agents. 100S FUlmore- ' street. - .
Business Directory of
San Francisco Firms
"* more-i-H. B. WINDSOR & CO., gelft
agts.;^Mutual Say. Bk. bldsr.Ternp.2394
REID .BROS^varchltects, " 2323 Gousrh
[ st. ' Tel. -> West : 6ool.- '\u25a0' w . .
iol F.VWILLEY/& CO-— Carriages^ bual-
',-\u25a0 ness wagona, etc 13 Fell su

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