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Supervisors Inquire Into
Operations of the Gas
Income Lessened, Owing to
Cut in Price and for
Other Causes
The. Board of Supervisors began its
annual investigation yesterday for the
purpose of fixing the rates to be
charged for light, heat and power dur
ing the- next fiscal year. The sessipn
•was devoted entirely to the examina
tion, of John A Britton. president of
th* San Francisco Gas and Electric
Company, who was questioned regard-
Ing the statement -filed showing the
revenue and expenditure of the com
pany (pr the year 1906. showing that
its total revenue from all sources was
55.629. £70.90 and the expenditures were
$4.272. 22T.61, leaving a net deficit of
$M 2.256.71. . The company also paid out
dividends amounting to $226,315.63. but
no information was elicited as to how
how they were paid when the books \
showed a loss, nor .was Britton ques
tioned on that point.
The inquiry will, determine whether
the board will re-enact the prevailing!
rate of So centfe per 1000 cubic feet of j
pas or reduce the rate to 75 cents.
Some, of the Supervisors seem to favor
another cut in the price, but others
sr<r of the opinion that the S5 cent rate
should stand in view of the enormous
losses sustained by the company in
the April disaster. The matter will
probably be decided at the regular se- ;
rr*t caucus of the board tonight. The
schedule of rates to be charged for
electricity probably "will be left as they
are now. \u25a0/ * •-. : \u25a0 :.
Britton. in response to questions by
Chief Inquisitor Gallagher, said the
receipts for gas saies for 1906 were
$1,899,824.04. representing 2.123.318.000
cubic feet, against $2,528,905.81 in 1905.
a reduction in income of. $629,081.77.
This was due to the reduced rate and a
diminished consumption of gas, Britton
The cost of gas in the holder Brit
ten fixed at^ 39.9 cents per 1000 cubic
feet, for distribution 25.6 cents and for
expenses of administration 38.252 cents t
©t a total of $1.03752. Britton prom
ised to furnish detailed statements of
the cost of manufacturing and supply
ing gas at the next Kession and also as
to the losses incurred by the company.
"The total loss sustained by the
entire plant was J4.a00.000," said Brit
ton. "We had some insurance, but
have failed to collect SO or 90 per cent
of it as yet We are not using, the
Pacific Gas Improvement Company's
plant for manufacturing gas, our Po
trero station being used for that pur
pose. : We are making all gas out of
oil by a new process. The original
cost of the entire gas plant was $17,
602,513.51, of which $ISO.OOO represents
th* cost of extending gas mains. We
sold electric current to the amount -of
$1,521,033.19 in 1906. against $2,055.
923.48 in 1905, a loss of $534,89b.29.
The electric plant cost $8,884,577.89."
Supervisor McGushin said that while
the company was entitled to sympathy
for its great loßses the people who had
suffered likewise were entitled to con
sideration when it came to fixing the
Supervisor Lonergan thought It
singular that while the rate for gas
had been uniformly reduced \u25a0in the
past ten years the bills of consumers
appeared to experience no sensible
diminution. ~-
Brltton pleaded that gas meters were
honest mechanical devices and, that
only about 10 per cent of them lied, of
which 8 per cent lied against and only
2' per cent in favor of the company.
"Is it not a fact." asked Lonergan,
v "that air is forced through the pipes to
quicken the action of the meter?"
Britton denied that such •was the
rase and Supervisor Mamlock explained
that the air-pumping process was used
to increase the pressure in the outlying
districts, where the mains were inade
quate, :
Then Lonergan said something about
poor gas being supplied, when Galla-
Kher remarked ' that the city gas , In
spector had reported that the "gas was
above the standard/both as to candle
power and heat units. This was pre
sumed to be correct, as the company's
own testing apparatus was utilized,
that belonging to the city having been
destroyed. '„-\u25a0_!*
, Lonergan asked Britton If it would
not be fairer to do away with the
meters and to charge a flat rate for
each light, and the latter replied that
the company would go out of business
If the plan were followed, as the con
sumers would not use proper economy.
The investigation will be resumed
next Tuesday at 11 a. m. ;. , ; ;-; ;.•
TTilliam J. Baker, for- whose arrest
' Mrs. Maud Lux, proprietor of a lodging
t house at Laguna street and Golden
Gate avenue, swore out a warrant a
week ago, returned to this city Fri
day night and surrendered himself to
the authorities yesterday. At the time
the -complaint was made. Baker was in
Bent. Nev., but on being advised by
friends that the police were looking
for him he returned immediately. . He
is accused by the woma*n of having
stolen diamonds valued at $1800. His
case will be heard In the Police Court
oa March 1.
A -Magnificent Collection
of Rare Antique .and
Modern Textile Art
i Daring the recent Eastern trip of
Mr. A. R. , Fredericks of the firm of Jo
seph Fredericks & Co. of Sl9-E35 Ellis
street, established In this city for, over
fifty years, he secured a most marvel
outJy . beautiful collection of Oriental
ruge, consisting of over nine hundred
specimens of Oriental weavers* art. '
Rugs of every description, every size.
in antique and modern weave, from
not only of all familiar and well
known districts, but many rare, beau
tiful pieces from cities and towns in
Persia, that for years have had. none
t» 'sell, . and now found only in mu
seums or private collections, are in
cluded. . Mfiflkß
The collection is to be sold at ab
solute auction, commencing, tomorrow
morning and continuing . all the week
During the auction the collection will
be oxl continuous exhibition, so that one
can: view the exhibit without feeling
©bilged to purchase. •
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IT^S SkA Stee^ ; -vS^e^jST tO |lt^^S§f
Dr. C. F. Byckley Enters
Complaint Against the
According to Dr. D. F. Ragan, > Dr.
J. W. Ward and other members; of the
Board of Health, James MathewsonV the
four-year-old son of . John . Mathewson,
residing, at 1350 Twelfth avenue/ has
diphtheria. A yellow sign, \u25a0 tackedj on
the front . door, so announces to the
public . and commands all .within \u25a0< the
house to stay there, and all without to
remain out. According to the physical
condition of little James ; Mathewson.
who is to be reckoned with in the mat
ter, there is nothing wrong with. him.
He has no diphtheria or any other in
fectious disease. The only things in
fectious about, him are a hearty: laugh,
a sunny temper and : a disposition to
keep ten brothers and sisters interested
or busy.
Not. only is "Jimmy" free of;, diph
theria, but he never has had r the dread
disease; yet the Board of Health stub
bornly keeps the - sign on the ; house
and has shut? off the needed earnings
of the househol&r - to say, nothing -of
keeping the family shut up in the house
day and night.
The complaint made by Dr. C. F.
Buckley,' 2614 V Pacific avenue, .against
the" Board of Health implies a degree
of stupidity;, of that body, ..which, if
it weie infectious, wouldr shut all Jts
members up with sickly /.yellow signs
or their homes., -
Dr. Buckley, who has been the fam
ily physician of the Mathewsons for
years; .stated yesterday : that " be '". had
been summoned . to the . home . February
3 to treat Baby Jim for- a. 'sore; throat.
"I called next day and; was surprised
to * see ' the , yellow. pla*card, ; announcing
diphtheria, on' the house," said the doc
tor. \u25a0: "I found that a physician in the
neighborhood had - been .'called ,-• Inf. the
day before by the anxious mother. The
baby had a very mild attack of pharyn
gitis.' There were.' no traces; of diph
theria, and the ' little fellow : was en
tirely well in a" day or. two. • He really
did not need , medical '•• attentions Still,
not wishing:, to, lnterfere with city,reg
ulations, ,1 allowed the; sign "to .remain,
although it worked a . great b hardship
to the family, whose 'wage-making
power was thus suspended.' > No'symp
toms-developed of diphtheria, and when
the: baby was' again running! about, as
strong; as ever, I : was vexed : that' the
Health .Board: would i not correct; -its
blunder. .\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Still' the sign /did; not come
down , until. I.» took llt \u25a0 down ; myself/ -.' •
;'. "I • was^willlng* to i make i a/ test ?' case
of it, for if the Health Board can close
a ;home. for thirty. days;>keep' the -fam
ily isolated,^' and :terrorize;a" community
with a ".scarecrow * yellow, sign -every
time a" babyj gets a" sore throUt,. l want
to know/it-V. ' TheTsign'was'Vemoved on
the 6th,- .threeSdays after/it- bad .'been
put .tip- an^d-ftwo ; daysj.after the baby,
as ; well as any, husky ; youngster ; in ; the
city, had been" play ihg: i; abqut ; in- the
yard, angry that he could' not- play on
the sidewalk. •: \u25a0; .•;."•
"Friday, the, sign went up againiWhy,
no , one S seems •to -know. That is . the
situation now;. a diphtheria. sigh;, an
nounces .- the .; malady '\u25a0:\u25a0, there,
there Is I no , : sickness ; In? the Vfamily."- I
told .; the • Mathewsons .to take i the , sign
down, and am 'willing to: take the'con
sequences." ',' \u0084/\u25a0 .. • " ..;• \u25a0\u25a0; \u25a0 ,; -.>,-:: : ~ \u25a0
.Dr. A. J.;Rumm»lWthe German Hos
pital, according to ; the Board of Health
records.: ls > the physician ;.who' made the
complaint .which j put "the I yellow! label
of diphtheria; on ithefMathewson? home.
- COLUMBUS,;; Ohio/ Feb.' '23.— Tha'Ath
ens County Grand Jury i today? returned
fl ve^ indictments * against I former i;:Tem r
ployes of the. State^lnsane^Asylum ; for
alleged cruelties i practiced v, upon i In
mates jof the institution. Three f of^ the
rrien are'; indicjted I' for,-' ''second /degree
murder in out" an- Inmate.
Oriental rug. auction- lri v Joseph! Fred
ericks &- . Co.'s \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 carpet department ; to
morrow,-: 819-835 '\u25a0 Ellis street.' '- - •
' The '\u25a0'•' following"; .officers "have , been
elected to the .Pacific ..Turn^Bezlrk' for
the V- ensuing \u25a0\u25a0- year: ' \u25a0 President,' % Emil
Liess;: vice president;: Fred Hauser;.re-'
Wording ;Becretary,VL.ouis! Lepper; cor
responding:' secretary, ; Frank v > Herten;
financial seclretary/t ßobert Barth ; ,trea-'
surer, -William ' Gerken ; alternates— H.
H. f Menne;;C.\F. 'Sperling, v '•
'. Drr.iß.; S. ; Chapman ;of ;Los Angeles,
Sta'teV. superintendent' of . the Anti-Sa
looni l«eague,. will-d elivers in^ the . Chris
tian' Science ,Hall=' on? Scott and^Sacra
Little, Housemaid •"- '
mento"streets- tomorrow; night his fa
mous ? lecture | on - '.'The j Stainless ' Flag."
The iecture\will- be ;under;. the auspices
of Uhe '\u25a0 Church* Federation of this city,
of ; which; Rev. G.VW. White, D.D., is
president.^-.- - ; • ... . - ._-. \u25a0 • -
, During the service: in Trinity. Epis
copal ': Church Y- at -,Bush " and- -Gough
streets this: evening; part I of Gounod's
"Redemption" j will \u25a0 be * rendered under
the direction* of ' Eouis H. Eaton, the
musical -.director, -who-' will- preside at
the organ. - The; soloists -who. will take
part'^are .Miss . Arden. Mrs. Glsh vand
Messrs. ; Trowbride,'; Salw^del J and : Glen.
.\u25a0: ;! .'.-.-..-.ij|i - -.-' . \u25a0\u25a0- . \u25a0\u25a0 SUCCESS '
JiL W^ G
Sroc* «r Joi««a» Ar« Kot Vui In My T»-
. -\u25a0 . - . rnrai IvnMlM. \u25a0. --
Saa mßci*cWCal... December 19. 1006.'
T» Usi hbilc
This la to certify that Dr. Woe* Him hu
cared cm of taa* and «t<xs«eh trouble frcm
which I b«d suffered for ' mtay yttzn. 1
tried mtny Aoctor*. bnt tttr failed to cart
me. I,eoasnUfd Dr.^ '.Wong Him. *mj after
taking his herbs aad medleiaei for »U-.
"months am now permanently cored. I wish
to recommend him to the public .»• an
ef fleieat ; aad ; aktilral - psritelan. - i -'.'.;\u25a0
• . .. ;\u25a0•\u25a0 , ,• CHABLES BAEHR. •->
v - - 633 Lyon Btreet^an FraaeUeo. CcX .•»
-7ath«r.sad Hotter writs Istter Xadotalac
•Tr«4tra»at: .• » \u25a0 .: ..' \" ~~~
••\u25a0- .... Baa rraaelac», March' 23. 1808.'' •
Tp Wboa ItMay Ooßcern;. • , :\u25a0_. .-•\u25a0\u25a0.. ;
i • -= Oar thre«-y tor-old . dtoghter. aarlnx btea
ill for some time »nd being: treated b7,ttt*.
mast prominent payatdaas, fTftdtall* beetle
i worst, i aad '• was , finally •flf ea cj> by them.
! .We - were . then -. recamoepded . to . Dr., Woe*
! ; Him. . We "started with , his \u25a0 treatmeat. ' aad
i wltat* two moatbs* tlnse, o-cr^daoihrer was
cared. Regpectrally, ; • .•. \u0084
>- MB. AND MXS. H. C LtBB.
• : 3757 . Barrisoa ' ifcT* Saa • Fraaeiac*. , \u25a0\u25a0
Tot Jhather »axtiotilar*. Call or Address
- OFFICE ; 1368 1 OT1RBELL ST.
(Private RestfcM*)
i-more-tt-B. WINDSOR: & CO., gren'l
agts.. Mutual Say. Bk. blds.TempJJ334
REID ; BROS, ; architects. ; 2325 » Gough
-,str Tel^ West; 6oo ll/ ; \u25a0\u25a0' : .- v-
;O: F.IWIIJuISY/* CO^-Carrla»eau busl-;
: - I ness-'wasons,\etc.''."l9''Fell i .t. " * y'-~!/?sy '-~!/?s
- \u25a0\u25a0 B«a4 it*ap f or P*xtlcnl»r» aad TwtimoaUls 0/
the rwnsdy tt*t el«srs tia Complexion. Kamws
Jeaeflci»l retolts sx» ruraat«e<t or moaey rv
funded. • *\u25a0\u25a0:-\u25a0....•
MadUon PUtt, Philadelphia, Pn,
The wonderland of the Southern Hemi-
sphere. .Southern (Alps easily reached
by v motor, car: from-Timaru, to H«r-
mltage, and t short- trail to Mount Cook
and • other peaks. .Season October to
February.-- West Coast Sounds rivaling
famous • fiords -of Norway and Suther-
land^ Falls .•(nigtoest. ' 1904 feet, in the
world)." via* Queehstown or steamer la
January.^ •.;;\u25a0«»\u25a0*.,-
2 In the North Island Wansanul River
"and?Hat~Lafc.es-of water, with
errand • bush -scenery, more Interesting
than. 3>lJbw3tone:._ January Is mid-
summer In -New Zealand.-and this year
It wlll.»W especially desirable to visit ,
that country to attend the
Chrl»tchurch I- International Exhibition
in' session- for six ",months . beglnniixs"
. October. Special, round, trip rates with
stopover privileges v for. this exhibition.
Sailings. every. three weeks from San
Francisco. ."Address Oceanic S. HL Co
•77 Market st. • • ; -,\u25a0 .
; . . S^' Roliwl.^jCiL :
. : 60 . minutes • from San Franciico. l'n«
der : wi? . management. The , hest sc/.
commodatlon. with \u25a0. moit .v. attraetKt
•urroundl n«s. European and AmerleJL
plans.' Write for terms. «
, R. V." HATTOX, Proprietor.
-\ ..-' FRAXK y. ORPIX, Manager.

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