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Italian Opera Artists Break
Into the Ranks of Vaudeville
James Crawford
Xor.e of the Orpheum"s new offerings
— there are four of them — equals in
sure-fire hit-making the holdover
sketch presented by Cameron and Flan
agan. Deposed from head-line promi
nence in the bills, it retains that dis
tinction in the liking of the public.
Two members of the Lambardi Ital
ian Grand Opero Company, the Slgnori
OMnto Lambardi. basso, and Guido Cec
cotti, tenor, appear in conventional con
cert-platform garb and sing- an injudi
ciously-selected programme. The Sig
r.or Lambardi. the excellence of whose
Mephlsto is one unforgettable feature
of the late opera season at the Central
Theater, gives an aria from Apolloni's
"LEbreo." a work wfcich has never
been produced here, and the Signor
Ceccotti warbles a rorr.anza from Ver
di's "For'za del Destino." and then they
both interpret a scene from "Aida." in
which the Signor Lambardi. as the
High Priest deserts th<? stage early in
the game, leaving the Signor Ceccotti,
as Radames. to tax the patience of the
gallery by singing all alone and at pro
longed length.
Now. there could be no questioning
th« vocal worth of these two artists,
but their choice of vehicles for its ex
ploitation is unwise. It could be just
as artistically ventilated In operatic
music with which the average Amer
ican patron is fn rapport — say some
thing from "Faust" for Lambardi and
_ "Trovatore* aria for Ceccotti, with
a concluding duo in which their voices
could be heard to equal advantage. As
for Lambardi's dramatic force, which
iE ro less impressive th&Tv his singing.
It is not afforded the shadow of all
Inning in either of his selections. Even
In modern attire -he would charm by
tinging the. Mephistophelean serenade
that never failed of several encores
*bn he imbued it with such diablerie
it the Central.
Immediately after the operatists ap
pears Lee Harrison, monologist.- with
compensation for the gallery. He un-
Tolds a bundle of songs and payings
that require no interpretation for the
Host obtuse. 'In morning gown, and
with pipe in hand, he announces him
self ss Sherlock Holmes and then
Extended Over Entire Body— Mouth
Covered With Crusts as Thick as
Finger Which Would Bleed and
Suppurate — Disease Ate Large
Holes in Cheeks— Hands Pinned
Down to Stop Agonized Scratch-
ing—Three Doctors' Best Efforts
Failed to Give Relief.
"When my little boy was six months
old h© had ezcema. Th» sores extended
co quickly over the whole body that
we at once called In the doctor. We
then went to another doctor, but he
could not help him, and in our despair
we went to a third one. Matters be-
came so bad that he had regular holes in
his cheeks, large enough to put a finger
Into. The food had to be given
a epoon, fcr bis mouth was covered
•with crusts as thick as a fincer, and when-
ever he opened the mouth they began
to bleed and suppurate, as did also ni«
eves. Hands, arms, chest, end back, in
chart the whole body was covered over
and over. We had no rest by day or
night. Whenever he was laid in his
bed, we had to pin his hands down,
otherwise he would scratch his face and
make an open sore. I think his face
must have itched most fearfully.
"We finally thought nothing could
help, and I had made up my mind to
send my wife with-the child to Europe,
hoping that the sea air might cure him,
otherwise he .was to be put under good
medical card there. But, Lord be
blessed, matters came differently, and
we soon saw a miracle. A friend of
ours spoke about •Cuticura. We mad©
a trial with Cuticura' Soap, Ointment,
and Resolvent, and*Vithin ten days or
two weeks we noticed a decided im-
provement. Just as quickly as tbe
sickness had appeared it also began to
disappear, and within ten weeks the
child was absolutely well, and his skin
was smooth and white as never before.
P. Hohrath, President of the C. L.
Hohrath Company, Manufacturers of
SUk RibbocsTT to 20 Rink Alley. South
Bethlehem, Pa., June 5, 1905.'^-
Coaplete External *aad Internal Trti__-_t ior
Every Honor of Intents. C_i!_ren. aad Adults 003-
Oet* 04 Cu-cur* Bo_p (25e.) to CI-uu* tie S_!a,
Cuttcura O-itmeat (50c.) to H«al<t_e S-ln. tad
Cu_car» fc -solvent <50c.) <or la tee torso of C-000-'
law Coated Pills. 26c. per ruj of 60) to Purify tbm
Blood. Sola toroufbout .tbe world. < Potter Drug
* CSJ-51. Corp. Bole Prope- Boston. M_w. :
«ri___sC _*m. Book ob Stta AJ_letioa_
cracks numerous versified puns to
prove hi 6 claim, after which he struts
in ordinary apparel, with the exception
of a naming vest, and tells stories of
varying degrees of newness, concluding
his act with the inevitable imitation
of George M. Cohan singing platitudi
nous philosophy. in meter which is more
or less. exact. The entire performance
sroes "big." however, In all parts of
the house.
Claire Beasy. a shapely woman in
biacK tights, white fluffy waist and Na
poleonic hat. puts a herd of educated
cats through various kinds of paces,
to the wonder and envy of all who love
tlfe domestic feline, but cannot help
rating her a dunce.
»rT hh w n ,, We set the Three dancing
Mitchells, presumably sire, mother and
daughter, the gentleman and the
younger female being unmistakably
Ethiopian, while the elder lady Is ap
parentlyqualined by color to dine in
public with Senator Ben Tillman. The
trio dances interestingly and should
be restrained from attempting to sing
Dorothy Kenton, adoloscent and
flaxen-haired picks a banjo with great
brilliancy of execution, playing the
Cnopin military march and other selec
tions adapted to the humble instru
ment. . -\u25a0 : -'\u25a0-:\u25a0
C^ a J leS E - Evans an< s Ws company in
their farce continue to compel laughter.
Xorth German of Hambnrg
f-7h isn* t» P Ge f rraanv before April
street, corner of Fillmore. ? st
Fierce Fight in a Hotel
Ended by Police Who
Hear Pistol Shot
tVhat nearly. terminated In a tragedy
occurred early yesterday raornlnsr when
Sf""-^- a t S on. a- waiter SSnVS
the Talmadge Hotel. 903 -Webster stfeA
wlth r M d tO h l* a P artm *»* S , after ioVk!
«i?n B earnln S s - f°t his wife
Iffi * ! J11!J 11 ! P ° Cket - a t^n found
!»« th« r J OCked> After «P«ated knock
ing the door tras opened and William
Munay. a freight handler, stepped "uT
mS5 re t TO " ttle »Wment: P the men
mixed at once. Watson drew a revolver
"2 Sf*!*,*, Munay; Hls alm poor
and the bullet lodged in the wall of the
passageway But the shot attracted
the police, who placed the trio under ar
rest, taking Munay to the Central Emer
gency Hospital to be bandaged up A
complaint was lodged against Watson
charging him with assault to commit
murder: Munay was discharged from
the hospital and released from custody
this morning. The woman is retained
as a witness.
At first Mrs. Watson informed the
police that she had been married to
Munay last month, after getting : a di
vorce from Watson. The latter denied
this, and his statement was corrobo
rated by a note given to the landlady
Saturday night by. Mrs. Watson, telling
her that she was afraid of her husband
and begging the landlady to keep him
away from their apartments.
Bruised Faces and Bandaged
Heads Result From :
As Patrolmen^ A. W. McPhee and
Cumming-s of the Southern, station were
returning- to their, homes; about .2:30
o'clock yesterday, morning: they en
countered four noisy and drrnvken
revelers on lower Mission street/ fight
ing among themselves: When the of
ficers attempted, to pry. them apart" the
four members of the: belligerent'quar
tet turned' on the bluecoats and made
a desperate fight. The officers drew
their clubs and waded in. When It was
all over the four peacebreakers were
stretched on the-, sidewalk.- while :the
officers, still able to "go" some," were
badly beaten up In the unequal 4 fights '.\u25a0
After a session at the Emergency-
Hospital the patched -and- bandaged
fighting men were' charged with* dis
turbing the. peace^ and ? * battery i and
placed in- the : Southern- station^ :They
were released, yesterday, on $15; bail
each. According to Hhel records,"" the
members of the inharmonious quartet
were as follows : John: Ren fro. Nicholas
Breltbach, -~ Edward Jeld fki n 5 and ' Wil
liam; Quinn. They .gave ; their occupa
tions as laborers.
Prices Soar Skyward and
Trust Cannot -Supply
the Demand
Proprietors of Uncleaned
Lots Reserve Building
Material for Own Use
Mortar, mortar e^ery where
: And: not a decent brick.
If the ancient mariner were to have
changed places yith a contractor in
San Francisco h^ would have come to
the conclusion that even! a skyscraper
might become under certain- circum
stances nearly as idle as a painted ship
upon a painted ocean.
A brick famine is on, notwithstand
ing that ten months ago the wise old
East was saying that it;. would require
ten- years to remove the debris from
the burned district. ..' Xearly. all of the
surface indications of , the great . flre
have been eliminated, and while at
every hand are lots deep -in bricks, the
tempting high wall is gone, and^the
man who waxed financially fat on the
brick-cleaning machines', output . is
looking around for owners who have
bricks that are easy to handle and de
liver from the scraper at $9 per thou
sand. c
New bricks have gone up to. J13. 50
In many cases, and the brick' trust de
clares that its» three big yards are un
able to turn out the little red -oblongs
fast enough to ' fill the demarfd. Ana",
of course, all know that a trust was
never known to He. V
The contractors say that a rather pe
culiar state of affairs exists in the brick
market. Many men are anxious to
buy bricks from property-owners who
have uncleaned lots in the burned dis
trict, but the owners for'some unknown
reason are slow to make' terms. Con
tractors pay about $3 per thousand for
"debris" bricks." clean them, stack
them up and sell" them 'to builders. All
the owner has to do is to count the
stacks and draw .down his money, but
the average owner apparently- believes
that he would better keep his bricks
jand use them himself' when he starts
;to build. In the meantime the ; brick
trust announces that it is up to its ca
pacity of production and bricks will
probably pass as common tender be 1
fore long. The man without the price
can truthfully sing: -
In thogfr <lMt_odest finest ruins
I Trould rather be a brick.'
Reinforced concrete may be- the un
doing of the trust, but the brick' is a
brick for a' that. S
Husband's Excuse Is That
Woman's Brother Was
a Criminal
Summoned to. a house at 3 5 12 Eight
eenth street by a woman's scfeams ; at
3 o'clock yesterday. morning. Policeman
J. R. Dower arrested. Frederick Jos t. a
satchel-maker. • Jost was brandishing
a large knife and threatening to mur
der his wife. Mrs. J6st was in a' front
room, calling through, an open: window
for aid. while ,.her .-husband .was 1 trying
to break open the door to the.apart
Mrs. Jost was a sister of Charles H.
Moller. who committed suicide .In
Berkeley, on Tuesday of last week after
his flight had been stopped by -a bul
let from the 'revolver of Chief of Police
Vollmer of the college town. Moller
had shot and seriously/ injured his
brother-in-law, . Hans ; Jensen, because
the latter interfered to say Mol
ler from a beating.
Mrs. Jost told the policeman that the
sole - reason for her husband's attempt
to take her life was her , relationship
to the suicide.' He : had taunted her
with belonging : to a family of crimi
nals. .
Jost. spent Saturday evening at "a.
lodge meeting; and returned - to his
home at 2:30 o'clock yesterday/ morn
ing. Awakening his. wife and ordering
her to prepare a meal, he calmly in
formed her that he had decided .to kill
herl Then he got a carving, knife, and
whetted it on asteel sharpener while
awaiting his meal. When ,he had
brought the blade to a razor -edge he
started toward'-, his -wife. r -. *•
VTou'll soon be with your brother,
Charley, 'where the rest of your: family
belong,"" he exclaimed. \u0084
Mrs. Jost dashed ; out of the; door .Just
in time \u25a0to ] escape -him and { gained an
other room. : where she locked the door.
While she. was'screaming.for u help' ; the
murderous husband: battered the door
furiously in an attempt" to 'gain admit
tance to the room! . "
Jost was; booked^ at. the. Central po
lice station on a charge of having made
threats against life, and later effected
his release by depositing! sloo cash ball,
with the promise that he would remain
away from his home. '\ ":\u25a0'\u25a0.'\u25a0, ' J :
. Mrs. Jost said that she and herhus
band had .had no domestic -troubles
during their ten years' of married life
until ' her brother's .recent^ crime;: in
volved the family in. notoriety.
Grand Jury to Continue Its
Probing of Alleged
Theater Graft
Judge Dunne will give his ruling to
day, on the motion "made by attorneys
for' the defense to .set aside .the-In
dictments charging Abe'Ruef and Chief
of Police Dinan with conspiracy .'to
protect the house of ill . fanie at;-7_4
Pacific street.' At the same time" Judge
Dunne will, set the- date for '.the i* trial.
of . Ruef "on .the , charge . of j extortion
from* keepers ; of ; •; French -'\u25a0_ restaurants,
unless i the proceedings" be ; blocked r : by
the -shifty tactics of the boss.- legal
staff. r^S^ssK^S/SSSjSffi ' '".;\u25a0\u25a0' ••\u25a0•.' :\u25a0'•'. \u25a0-'\u0084:
"\u25a0-\u25a0 .The ": Grand , Jury ; \u25a0-•ill : meet on ; Tues
day; afternoon -to * continue^ its tinves-'
tigatiomfof ;, the ;' theater '"graft,
- especial attention; to 7 the !• allegation
that-: the* 'proprietors. of playhouses ."con-'
structed;inrviblati6n< of the V building
ordinance;-, had?: collected a Y- fund'Sof
$12,000 with VwhichUo -engage' Abe Ruef
to; act : as : : their- attorney:"-, before the
Supervisors? and; Board of.: Works. : : ;
-Good tea "arid; coffee'; go ;t6Vtiie spot—
Schilling's • Best. - ;.: "".- -. *< -\u25a0•.: "\u25a0--. - • 2
The Call 's Beauty Contest
Is Now Open
The Prises:
First Prize $150 .... ... . . . . ....... ... Jslso
S^cmd^Prize $50....... 50
Third Prize $25 25
T\ve^^fiveadditional r s^
Grand Total ........ ...... ... ...$475
r I •H E Ghicago Tribune publishes the
-^portrait of a Chicago working girl
and declares that she is the most beauti
iul woman in America. The girl was
selected in a contest held in that city in
which over '6000 photographs were in
The Sunday Gall believes that Chicago
does not monopolize the beauty of the
United States.
Oh this account we have challenged
the Tribune to a contest, the decision
of which is to be left to impartial judges,
a:s t:6 whether California cannot produce
a more beautiful woman than the Chi
\u25a0/We want your help.
We want you to help us find the most
beautiful woman in all California.
Send us the photograph of the most
beautiful California woman you know.
The honor of the State is at stake.
Chicago's presumption must not go
But we must have your help. The
ladies themselves cannot be expected to
send in their own photographs.
But you must know some one of sur
passing beauty who lives in California.
Send us her photograph.
The -pHotpgraphs of the most beautiful
will be published in The; Suriday^Call;
The woman adjudged by the jury to
be the most beautiful in California will be
given a prize of $150.^ She who ranks
next will receive $50." The third will
receive $25, and the next twenty-five
Send, in/ the photographs of your
friends. Photographs of actresses and
professional models are barred."
Send. us the photographs of your beau-
Address Beauty Editor, The Call,
Panic Follows Blowing Out
of a Controller on the.
- / - ... 1 . \u0084 . .- \u25a0 •\u25a0 . . . \u25a0
\u25a0•;\u25a0:'\u25a0"\u25a0 Castro Line
A sheet of vivid blue flame enwrapped
car 950 of /the , Twentieth and Castro
street line last evening on Market
street, near Third, and /with a sharp
report the"controller blewibut.^ Though
the car was; crowded,* no one was serl-"
ously, injured, ; but; a : panic \ ensued in
which" "men and women I scrambled "for
the' door and'fought to ; Dark
ness added '\u25a0- to 'the?terrors • of Jthelpas
sengers.; ; ' /.; ~- - " .
',X'Mrs. ; J. Isinglinger .of 287; Church
street, was ?seated r near.;- the : controller
box and 'was \u25a0frightened : into ; hysterics
when : the > blue 4 sheets of v fire f flamed
around ;' the carJ " She ; was sent; to ; her
home, where s medical ; aid ; was -\ sum
moned.' • x'? : ";-. : '; : \u25a0'-.\u25a0''\u25a0:': :' \u25a0 : ":1.-':- ' -'0 ' :-.:-.
]\u25a0 M. Muoralkin, a' peddler, living at 136
Russ \u25a0; street,*,.' and^Bartholomew ' Bolglo, 1
a "• laborer, who lives at M>oj>_i Seventh
street, >.wereJ thrown from" the car: and
slightly .;bruised."V s-' , % - '\u25a0\u25a0:'.
"Af ter > th©)names i of . i those the "car
had 1 ; been "taken fby^', the 4 conductor •' and
a rsstring- of rears s had „" lined* up^behind
the vdark6ne|theprocession> moved' oni
the r broken-down ..vehicle; being -shoved'
ahead of ;a>live -car. ito the . repair shops."
Fif teen- Year-Old ; Maiden of Oakland
~^ Has s Disappeared
OAKLAND; d Feb. v ; : 24.— -Alice '".' McGib
bons,'» aged £ I S/rj.wtibse ; home Is •at =1387
Harrison :: street, -disappeared /several
days; ago. ah<iUtlis!suppo_edTshe|eloped."
She v, is ; of ?* fair^cVrnplexion.-ilwith". blue
eyes, .: and. « when ? she Ueft home i wore a
black suit,' being linVrnournihg for>her
mother A whoFdied* recently.;. " ; '{
Coliseum reopens^ Roller fljc*tl_e ; tonight. \u25a0;'•_•
San Francisco
Threescore and Ten Years
-Celebrated by Friends
at Luncheon
Weil! celebrated yesterday
his achievement in 'reaching the sum
mit .of man's , allotted span of three
score and : ten . years by a luncheon
"served -in the Palace Grill. The table
was spread in the west end of the
spacious dining-room and was sur
rounded iby more ' than a score of 'the
host's \ f riends, J who joined with > him '- in
honoring the day of his births At the
right -hand of ; the:.pioneer merchant
was -; seated "Uncle - George" Bromley of
the .Bohemian Club, -T; whose years are
greater than; Raphael Weill's.
v guests ) were" R. \u25a0H. Lloyd F" J
Heney, S. Hern, r : Professor H. Morsa
Stephens, .G.- W. Kelham, Judge^ F- W
Henshaw,;R. B. Wallace, J. C. Wiisan'
T. \u25a0; S. ,: .Wiisan, V Dr. ? Bush. E. Godchaux'
Captain i BJ, H./ Fletcher, U i Rosen thai'
Dr.t,T.v W.? Huntlngton.-Mr. Holman---"A !
Steins M.] Weill; ; Chauncey ' M. St John"
James CWalker.Dr; Swan, General V Foote'-
HughJßurkeandJGebrge Bromley - '
Deaths of Archbishop Montgomery
' and ; J. J J. \u25a0 Burke Memorialized "^
• Resolutions of 'deep Mgret have been
adopted Jby,i Igmatlan \ Council-: No.V. 3a,
Toungr.Men'a/Institute.-on^thedeaths of
Rev; . Archbishop f George % Montgomery'
and J.f J.: BurkeA^The \ latter was grand
president 7of: ! the ; order Jand' universally
esteemed, among his brothers.' Of Arch
bishopi*Montgomery^ it/; i s t said J" in Uhe"
resolutions Uhatirhe'-was^belovedtof all
creeds Cand "> idolized % by \i the <'\u25a0\u25a0: flock!} he
so^vigilantly,! tended-?; The ; relatives' of
both \. the f. have Jbeen-'sent"'en
grossed* copies -of ; the : euldKistlo s resolu-'
tional---'- ,~^: J ':'.'y. '-\u25a0'.':\u25a0[: ;\- : '- :'.;.'. : ;\u25a0; ':';-:. ~- - -..'
•\u25a0• \u25a0. - : - \u25a0. - : - == ~ ~ 4
Stores: Van Ness Aye. and Sutter Telephones: Franklin 706.
2829 California Street " West 101.
" 1401 Haight Street " Park 456-457-453.
Oakland: Uth and Clay Sfcf. " " Oakland 1.
- Onr big Trarehouse on Sutter street, between. LeaTeinvorth and Hjde.
irill be completed in a feir days. We propose to carry our surplus stock of
Household Goods there. We want to hare as little to more as possible, so
here's another, opportunity to housekeepers. Perhaps yon were not ready
the time of, our last sale. Dont miss this chance. Secure now what you will
need later on. For Three Days, one-quarter off.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
25% Discount on Kitchen Utensils — Household Goods
A complete stock to select from as Ion? as (lie lines last. Carpet s-vreepersT
refrigerators and balf-minute coffee pots the only article not Included In this' 1
(No Goods Sold on Approbation)
We "_IOXET*BACK" an> thins not entirely satisfactory to the purchaser—
this guarantee goes with each sale.
Grocery Department
liona Cdffee .25
"We "helped to popularize 2-lbs .45
Kona Coffee; it sells itself now.
Lemon Extract— 4-oz. bottle .... .35
Vanilla Extract— 4-oz. bottle. 40
Our own make, and nothing better.
Vigor Chocolate .1b...55
. "Kraft"— Medicinal properties.
Prepared Jlnstard .20
Dusseldorfer ... 2 bottles, •."•">
Jordan Shelled Almonds ...... . 1b. . .fi0
String Beans— "Golden Wax". . .15
: NAY. State— extra fancy, .doz. $1.60
Extra Soda Crackers — 3 lb carton .30
Assorted Wafers— Round cans ... .20
All flavors but chocolate.
Listerine— Large size 65
Bath-a-Sweet .... v .... .20
Softens and perfumes the bath. .
as Tea superior to it. . . . . .1. .
Liquor Department
Boorbon and Bye Whisky— "Old Stock". bottle. $I JS, gallon $i*3fc-
Sherry, Port. Madeira— lmported wines bottle, .85, gallon, $3.odf
Burgundy, 3lt. Tineyard— Dilute one-third with Giesshubler water.. gallon, .75'
. One dozen large bottles ?3J>O
Italian Termouth— Large bottle, .55. Bock and Bye— Laree bottle 81.00
Sarsaparilla— Schweppe's — Fine for the blood ." dozen, $1.40
Grape Juice— "El Verde." natural — unfermented.,2s, doz. $2.75; .45, doz. $5.30
Holland STran Gin— G. B. Co. bottling— For medicinal use .. .SS
French Apricot Brandy— M. B. &R. after dinner cordial, .small .75, large $1.50
Everard's Beer— Canada Malt Lager ...... .small, do*., $1.40: large, doz«.<2.l">
Scotch Whisky— D. C. L., 12 years old; has a flavor you'll like . . ." $1.30
Dry Sauterue, Claret Laßose — "Vista del Valle" — The "--ines v-ith flavor
and bouquet .......2 doz. small bottles. $7.00; 1 doz. large bottles, $6.00
BYRRH— -The great French -Tonic and Appetizer — pop-
ular in France as a Cocktail— and preferred by ladies at
"afternoons" to port, sherry and other sweet wines — pos.-
sesses most stimulating properties. Regular price $1.25,
large bottle, special, to introduce it . ...».....• $1.00.
Association Revives Popular
Feature of Services
- Before Fire
.The . fellowship lunch, a distinctive
and attractive feature of the Sunday
exercises of thp; Young Men's Christian
Association before the disaster, was
revived yesterday afternoon at the tem
porary quarters "of the association in
Geary . street. Following the Bible
study as conducted by Secretary McCoy,
the -flass adjourned to the repast.
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the complete set. _R9___H___l
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\u25a0 . -entirely:; new' effects— all prices -. from \u25a0 . . . .. ..$17.00 to $125.Qj>
No C. O. D. orders. t
Ripe OliTes fnll qt. jar .40
G.8.&C0., rich in olive oil 2 jars .75
Bromangelon Jelly 10
Grape >"nts 2 pk?s. ._.">
French Sardines 2 cans .25
Corn Starch S 1-Ib pigs. _25
French Olhe Oil ... ...large size .35
"Vierge," bottled in Bordeaux.
Assorted Glace Fruits — French . . : .40
Glace Pineapple— French .. 2 lbs. .75
Fancy Lemons dos. .20
Selected Oranges doz. .85
Buy a box — it pays, box of 112, $3.00
Toilet Soap — Hotel size ,doz. -".">
—because there is nothing: known
50c, 60c. 80c, $1.00
I which, as the name suggests, was
marked with good fellowship.
Prior to the meeting of tha Bible
class Rev. Cecil- Marrack. rector of St.
Stephen's Episcopal Church, spoke to
a gathering of men. which crowded the
meeting rooms. Th© need of men of
"Positive Religion" wa3 the theme
which he dwelt upon. He outlined the
needs of the city for citizens of
straightforward Impulses who had the
courage of their convictions.
Exhibition of paintings by Jules
Pages. Vickery Galleries. 1744 Califor
nia street, commencing February 20. \
— L
' A meeting of the Mission Promotion
Association will bo held this evening in
Rolph's Hall* Twenty-fifth and Guerrero
streets, at 8 o'clock. Chairman George
I_ Center and F. J. Churchill, secretary,
earnestly requested a full attendance to
consider important matters .which will
come up for discussion.

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