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THERE is but !ittl» going on in a
social way just now, save of the
most informal nature. s.nrt "t"Hh
Lent two-thirds gone tb<? rc-M
of Society may >.#\u25a0 said to ** <3i
vided between thr- penitential and the
anticipatory state. There are numer
ous events planned for the faster sea
son, which will be unusually gay thie
\u25a0ear. us it begins so early that there
-rill be time for quite a bit of- frivolity
in-fore the Ruirsmer exodus. There is
••! pleasant flutter of bridal e;:citer-!erst
In the air and affairs are belrjr p'.anred
In honor of the brides-elcrt: troasteau?
ere being busily purchased: donees or
.-".partmentß for future ho-jFrkfpirjff f«
I'fine searched for: and a!! the rett of
the absorbing matters that precede
•A-eddings *re receiving 'attention. The
first wedding aft*r Lent will b*» lbs: ot
Miss Burney Owens and Oeorpe II*r
»-ick. m-hsch takes p!ac* or, Tuesday.
April ?. at St. Luke** Church, it i* Js
J»e an evening affa'r. the rererr.cny be
ing planned for fi:2o o'clock, and trilS be
the first large gathering of eoeietr fo 1 !;
after Lent. Miss Edith Currey will b
ihe maid of honor ejid the han4«orae
Wright sisters. Jen.nr.ette and Marior..
Miss Ruth Morten and Miss Anita Davis
— an unusually be&utiful group of srJrls
by the way — will be the bridee77sai<ls.
Hugh Owens, the brJde's brothtr. will
be the best man and the ufil.ers, sev
eral of whom are to come from else
where, are not yet all positively de
oid.d on.
Miss Anita Harvey will be the next
bride, as thus far arnotinced. her mar
riage to Oscar Cooper being- arranged
for Wednesday. April IT. Tt Is to tak*
olace at noon, at the home of the
bride'e parents. Mr. and ilrp. J. Downey
Harvey, and will be quite" a large affair.
The bridesmaids are not yet decided
upon, but it is said that Miss Genevieve
Harvey is to be her eisters maid r.f
honor. Miss Harvey Is In New York
just at present mrtth Mrs. Harvey, pur
chasing her trousseau, which, ft is said,
will be very beautiful.
Mies Ruth Morton and Parker Holt
win be married on Thursday. April 25.
and that. too. win be a' large wedding,
with a long train of attendants. Miss
Morton having chosen sis bridesmaids.
Their wedding will be followed by a
fix months' tour of Europe, tfter whi^h
they will return here to make their
Pretty Miss Emily Marvin's marriage
to Roy Somers will take place about
the end of April, the date not having
b<>*;n as yet selected. This will be a
very quiet, occasion, as Mr. Somcra is
In de*»p mourning at present. It will
be a home wedding and only a few of
the most Ir.timaf friend* will be pres
ent. Miss Marion Marvin will prob
f.bly be her sister's ma id of honor, but
none of the detail* are e.r yet fully
arranged. Tn Jun* will come th<« wed
ding of MSp« Jan* Wilshlre and Jack
Polhemus. which is also to be a home
affair. Miss WHshire'n sister. Miss
Doris Wllshir*. will be the maid of.
honor and probably the only attenfiant,
although It'is rather far In th* future
to have to plan.
Miss Louise Redington and her clever
fiance. Dr. Albion Hewlett, have choaea
June for their wddlng month also,,
and there is a possibility that Miss
Lorraine de la Montanya and Edward
Davis Will be married in that month
of roses and brides.
Miss EUelka Wllllar. whose engage
ment to Lieutenant Max Garber. United
State* army, was announced this week.
will b* married In September, and as
her home is in Sausalito her wedding
will have the picturesque setting of the
quaint little church, which is within
a stone's throw of the pretty Wllliar
oottage. There is a pleasant custom,
which prevails in Sausalito, of having \
the decoration of the church done en
tirely by the girl friends of the bride,
who labor valiantly In gathering the!
most beautiful ferns and other greens
which flourish on th.c hillsides. p.nd with I
a profusion of blossoms the Interior
of the little building is made a veri
table bower. The same friends then at
the wedding enter the church In a body,
just before the bridal party, gowned
tn the daintiest of soft-hued costumes,
carrying flower*, and are seated in the
choir stalls. •
Another wedding of the . future la
that of Miss Pickering and Julius !
Kruttscnnitt • Jr.. which it is said will
not be celebrated until next year, but
which may be an event of next fall.
There are rumors that the Twenty
second Infantry, which v has been stai
tioned here for the past year, ' is to
be ordered away next fall, and there
is ground for more than a suspicion
that this will cause other announce
ments during the next few weeks which
will culminate in wedding* in the sum
mer or fall. There are- a number of
bachelor officers in this regiment, and
they have been most hospitable and
charming during their stay. Army' life
has been "shown by them" in the most
favorable light, and it is said that eey
era! of \u25a0 the prettiest and most attrac
tive girls in and around San Francisco
will go away as armr bridge when the
regiment departs for the East. Alaska
or the Philippines— wbtrever the for!
• tunes of war and the derision .of the
i War Department mar send them.
The following item from a New
Tork paper of recent <sate will prove
Interesting to San Franciscans:
"Mrs. Franc's J. Caroia.n <r.r* Pull
: mtT) of Ch'c*so), whatse. home is at
; Burllng-am*. Cal.. bat who is - known '
\u25a0 irt<"rn«i!onally in society, is. making
'. thlngp spin out there on the Western
"I predicted wbfx 3&rs* Osirolsn
; passed through here last fall, on heiv.
! way back to Burlincame from Paris.
i that society at 'thai interesting resort.
! Just south" of San Francisco, would be
"The other evening * Mrs. CarolaV
1 gave a combination ball and bridge
! party, which was attended by a train
•; load of merry San Franriscar.?.
"There were twelve tables for cards
lin the conservatory, which opens off
, the largo ballroom. \u25a0 . '
"Those at tTie tables played long and
; earnestly, for they had a peep at the.
' prizes — gorgeous Oriental necklaces.
! which Mr*. Carolan h?.d obtained while
; abroad. These she fitted around the
: necks of the winner* herself, and then
i the happy possessors took a whirl in
(the ballroom." : --%.
A number of California:;* will Fail
; from New York on th« Campania this
w^eek for Eujope. among the number
being TV. 8. Bourn, E. D. Beyl&rd and
James EM* Tucker, who> are going
abroad for a stay of rVo or three
! months. Mrs. A. T. Thane and Miss
J Alma Thane, who have been in tho
! East for the past month, will jro by
' that boat, as will also Miss Susan Bris
jtow and Miss Katharine H>nry of Palo
{ From Del Monte cows ih> following
There is much regret Jn *rmy circle*
here, that the squadron'of Fourteenth
Cavalry at the Presidio is to be'tran*
ferred. But the. establishment of the
School of Musketry, for which this
j move Is to rive place, will make the
J Monterey po*t a very important one.
Of late years foreign countries have
maintained schools for instructing. the
soldiers In the uee. of arms, but the one
to be established here is the first in the
United .States. Lieutenant Colonel Jo
seph Garrard. Fourteenth Cavalry, will
be installed as chief Instructor, with [
Captain Frederick G. Strlnainger Jr. as
assistant Instructor. . *
Three batteries of artillery are com
ing here for target practice and will
arrive ln\A couple of weeks. .
Dr. J. R. Mount. V. S. A., who recently
returned from the Philippine Islands, !
Is now at the Monterey Presidio.
Captain and Mrs. "William Renwick
Kmedberr are. in Cornnado this week.
Captain Smefiberg and Captain Adams
went down to play In the polo tourna
ment, which is attracting- so many vis
Captain R. V. Paxton is at Del Monte.
At the big hotel are very many In
teresting brides. As Miss Charlotte
Wilaon, Mrs. George Cadwalader had
been very well known at De] Monte,
and on Saturday evening a great many
people looked their admiration* as she
arrived In her lovely pale-blue broad
cloth, with a hat of the same color.
Mrs. John L Walter is another strlk,
Jngly pretty bride. -On Thursday there
•was an elaborate wedding at the beau":
tlful home of Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Stahl.
the uncle and aunt of Miss Florence
Bchwarti, now Mrs. Walter, and the'
young couple came down to* Del Monte]
for a few days before' starting on their
trip abroad. They went back to the!
city to be matron of honor and best]
man at the marriage of Miss Pearl '
SchwartE and Edgar Walter. 'i whose ]
wedding took' place on ; Monday at the
Stahl home. The gifted young sculptor
and. his bride, who had assisted at 'the
ceremony of Thursday, came down to
, Del Monte and had'the same : euite/ of
rooms* just vacated toy. their brother
I and eister. In a few days Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Walter will leave for Paris,
which will probably be their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. \u25a0 Davidson -of :
San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bisii- j
op, whose home will be in Salem, Ore- j
I gon, find Mr. and Mrs. J. ttllmour. who
will live in Los Angeles, are also spend- i
ing their honeymoon nt Del Monto. Mr. I
and Mrs. Frederick E. Kendall <Miss'
CarmeJita Brittan) of San Matco haye f
returned to the city. , where they.^will,
take up their residence, and Mr. and ,
Mrs. \V. S. Menko (Miss Edith Sher-1
wood) left Del Monte for a further 1
wedding tour through the South. The
bride Is the daughter of Mr. -and Mrs.
Harry Sherwood. -C" •
Guests from tho Northwest are Mr.
and Mrs. H. A.TAndrews, Taeoma: Mrs.
Frank B. Hubbell Rnd rhlld. Seattle; Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. ArniKtrong. New West
minster. 8. . C: Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Bejus,
Vancouver: J. M. Lector. Portland. •
,Dr. and Mrs. Herbert ;C. Moffatt and
James Moffatt were vieltorf!= here re
| cently.
G. Heazelton of San Rafael was here
for a few day*/
Mrs. John W. Robertson Is here from
Livermore with tiff Misses Ruth. I'age
and Marjorle Robertson . and Master
Dr. J. O.vHirschf elder brought. Mrs.
I Hirschfelderto Monterey and they will
rest a while at Del Monte. _
• Miss Gladys Meek of Oakland and
Mim Margaret Stow of Santa Barbara
were recent. visitors. «
. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Foster ot Sar j
Francisco and Miss Florence made
brief visit at the beginning of the week. I
There are always many Easterners j
at: Del- Monte, but a "specially large j
number of them are now enjoying golf,
tennis, swimming and, horseback , rides
at the big hotel on Monterey Bay.-
Among them are Dr. Florence 'A. Dyer
and Miss Mary Converse of
phia; who come out every year.' ' Other
Pblladelphians are Mr/ and Mrs. Joseph
F/ Page ; Jr^iMl&ff Edith ; Page and Mas :
ter Lloyd" Page,, who -are: also* yearly
visitors to Del Monte; Edward C/Qulnn.
Miss MadeltiiduQuinn' and -Miss Elenor
A. Quinn-and Mlss'Love. •
. \u0084 •'\u25a0\u25a0;•' • '""\u2666'-
A photograph appears today; of Miss
Jennie Blair, ;who Is- one ! , of : the i best
I known and. popular >' of San; Francisco's
society /womuh. Miss. Blair /has. always
been a great favorite and has v liost of
friends both here; and in' Europe', 1 ; where
she has > >apenf'much off, her time* r for)a
number.of years pas t.^Sho Is especially
I active. in; charitable] work as, well. as- in
1 society; and has accomplished>marvel;
[ous 1 things 'for Uhe 'Doctor's' Daughters;
j of. which ehe*lsione:of the .leading r and
most'enthusiastic members.^' She Is Jusf
now; busily; at f work; f urtheringi plans
for/ the beautiful promenade.! concert.to
take ; place i a t ',' the Fairmont^ Hotel ion
April : 16, i .which r will; be , one of \u25a0 the" oc-*
casions- of. *momentv of", the* Easter" sea*-
three of the most important; the Do^
tor's Daughters, -the San Francisco
Nursery for Homeless Children and the
San 'Francisco Polyclinlc, are : t»*,b«
benefited by this affair, and aa there
are any number, of the 'leading people
of the social world Interested In each
and all of these there Is.l ittle doubt
that this concert and* ball, which will
be" tho flrst event. to .take place In _the
beautiful Fairmont Hotel, will have a
throng vof : guests "the like" of .which
has but celdotn been seen hero.,
5 In addition to her social and charlta
blo BUCcesses.Mlsa Blair, is J also a
clever buEiness woman,: and since the
fire has managed her. many affairs In
this city with remarkable. ability,
lire. Blair Ib in Europe and her hand
some daughter plans .to join her;ther«
later. .• " '
• . • • -, • v: \u25a0 \u25a0" •\u25a0''.'..
A portrait Is- shown today Of.' Mr*.
Charles Krauthoft.V the wife of Major
Krauthoff, U. S. Al, and one;of; the; most
beautiful and popular -young -matrons
of the city. " SherißUall.Xwithlexqulalt*
brunette coloring and awinhlng-charm
of manner that "has^won. h«r" many
friends. Her home has -been' bereVror
several years, a* Major Krauthoft has
been stationed in this city, and she'bas
from ',tho first occupied -.ac prominent
place. -in society both .; in' r town: and
among>the array) folk ; around the: bay.
She, has gone outibutjlittle during; the
past . year, having been tn t mourning
for her mot Hen who died last summer
\n the East. \ She ~<; also f has rbeen ;. 11l
during much of the' winter and was
compelled to undergo' an operations for
appendicitis, but* she has m ow.; quite
recovered. Major and VMrs.\: Krauthoff
are at- the- Knickerbocker .'forj.heiw-ln
ter, but .will " proba bly ' ' leave ; town
shortly for some neurOyirtsort- for 'the
summer -months.-, <. '\u25a0\u25a0 -.:"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ..''\u25a0:-
Other. Social •: Events \ ; v
-Mr." and Mrs. Jonas:, Kaufmann an
nounce tho engagement p Ot* their, daugh
ter. Minnie., to M..D..Schoenfeld.>A> re
ception will :be \u25a0 held -at; the , Kaufmann
residence. ; 2241 flan; Joso'avenue./Ala-'
meda,'- this afternoon :from''2 ; to s;p.:m?
Mrs. William nF.l' Zech \ announces ; the
engagement -of ; her, sister. -Misa .Flor
ence A. ; Hammersmith; "" to' Frederick
H.^BlaJch- of San Mateo> . ' '~ ?
Joseph Callahan,* a well. known young
man of. the, city," was" 3 married .last 'Sati
urday^morning4to Missrßeta^Hermahn.
The marriage took; placV at? the! Church
of.tho_.Holy» Redeemer.;, ."in ~-[V. Diamond
street., tlio-ceremony^belng,: performed
by, Rev. FathnrMcGuire^.Dennis.:Calla
han ; aoted /as 'best 1 ! nian £f or.' his
and Mlssj Frances' Herman n^th'e bride's
sister,- was 5 the ' maid iof v honor. % After
the -ceremony ? Jir.'. and Mra. v ; Callahan
left for 'LosrAngeles.J;. '.^ \u25a0. . '-,
"' ; r -"'; ; '- \u25a0' v L*r- > .-'-i*' -\u25a0.--•'. \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ; ' '. -'j \
>.'For;. tK)p:be^ej(l{^;of;^St.^/Trln^ty's"
Chapel,- tlic \ Russian-Greek' * church "; of
this 'city,^ p. grand JB6cial<dancelivin|be
given • on \u25a0 Saturda>vev'eriln g| hextAMarch
16.?;at^NavaU ! HaU, isrjefferson/2i 5rjefferson/2 Square
"»e -pr.thodbx } Ladles' i Endeavor ..: Bociety.'
ward '•;•:\u25a0 the; , rebuilding : of tho chapel,
"which "was •\u25a0 destroyed "-, In >\u25a0 tho fire. ; but
it,is. especially desired? that -a consid
erable realised \u0084h ere.r "* :M ild
GopcevJc sa- Jot -at.-:Van*Nets
avenue 'and Gre^n" street j for the j build
ing, but . ther© i id^•btnev; doubt as '.; to
whether. It - will, be .'erected /there./! v -'
."•' '\u25a0 r" . -t':l* ":/"•/?.•\u25a0'• '-'I- 1 *•.\u25a0".\u25a0.-\u25a0"'
Invitations have been sent out by. the
.Willing ; 'Workera ' for : a; country ? dance;
which they ;.wHr. giv« 'this \u25a0evening? at
the j Auditorium Annex/ Fill mo re ; and
Page streets,/ for ; the -/of •} their
organization. -' An :' ; : enjoyable "^.evening
seernn assured, as the cards bear, the
Invltatlbh,^'!"-; "Ware- . .Yure % Kouhtri
'Klothes.yj^^pft^^^l - \u25a0 '.: : -"- •\u25a0 '\u25a0•\u25a0 . -\u25a0-.-••
. An f informal .. \u25a0' supper.. . was?, given ;" re- 1 !
cently ; by •IMlaa'-HerTrOn j at .her,!, pretty, :
home: in'.Buchanan street" to. the, mcm v
bers ; ; of ,-thei Creston'^Clarke Company."
Her fguestfl'- were „ CrestoriXCiarke.vMr.
and'Mrs/T.N. Heffrbn; '(former lyiMJss
.Virginia- Thorntoh).?Mlsail*etta Jewell, i
Mr.^Dam,;M|ss*Ednat'Bern, JayiMans^
field.* Mr. ;and! Mrs.; 'Arthur: Dietlco Mrs.
Kinneyiand.'Mr.iDaunton.: -
-*->• *\u25a0•"\u25a0. \u25a0"\u25a0-"./.\u25a0'•/:;.• ~ r: : A •/'\u25a0\u25a0'"• -.v--- ' \u25a0' <\u25a0.• •.:
//A very /enjoyable, surprise/party
was, .given' ; recently. /to <* Mr./ -and,
Mrs.'. "^ Car} . ' Hansen i \u25a0. at , "their > res-
idence,i 12J«;, Slx*h-i av*nae; SouthVl
by^thelrf"irnany/-frlends.^<The^eveh- r i
ing singing':,
orate'BiupperlwasJspread.^.Thbsetpres- 1
ent * were : /'i Mr. s and : Mrs.^George"? Las
l t»4h?lMr.|»nd|Mr«.lH.tßeckmann^MK i
I Peterson, ; Mrs. .A. Gibson. Mrs." John
tson, VMr.'- and ; Mrs.!;de : Wall,KMr.. and
[Mr».t:J.*i;-Rose.VMr.' iand 'Mrs. Crossley/
; Mrs.sCrossley,/ Mr.Vahd -Mrs: C. Wall
Mr. i^and ;Mrs.'. Plasf Mr. and Mrs. J.: Gib
son,"' Mr. and Mrs. H. * Walthers/- Mr
and Mrs. o Madden. I .' Mr."-' and/ Mrs J"
Schinkel, i Miss i R.*| O'Dav: Mlbb" a? t^«.
tein, W. Wilson. Miss A. Clavere. A,
Bhylock. Miss L. Lastein. L. Cattnack.
Miss H, Lindsay, George Lastein. Mls«
A. Lampke. W. Gibson. Miss RiSwan*
son, C. Hansen. A. Rose, Miss T. John
,son.- E. Gibson, H. Lampke. H. Gibson,
Mr. Halck. O. \u25a0\u25a0 de Wall, Miss M. Las
tein and Miss L. de Wall.
/Mr. and Mrs. \; llllam T. Valentin*
i fayf ave -i/J birthd& y Party to their dauxh-
I Al' \u25a0 «l« l , r , ar!nla -" ' at the f *™»y residence.
j <5a Flllmoro street, on February \u25a0>?
Kh'-wm7 lnf ,'v c Pre*«nt: -Mr. and
Mrs. William T. Valentine and tfceir
daughter. Virginia: Mr. and Mrs P F.
Canavan. Mr.' and Mrs. .J.-H. Sullivan. '
theMlsses Sullivan, Mrs. a- Judge and
• children, :;Mra.'L.,Jourdain. Mrs/ C.
Brastlln and family^ Mrs. Hiyo and
family,, Mrs Miss Florence
Canavan. Miss Olive. Coultlse, Miss
MabeUßcid., Miss": Cecelia Moran.Mls»
Mamie Canavan and many others.
Captain and Mrs. A. P. Landln have
arrived from the East on a visit to
Mrs. Lundin f s: mother.; Mr*. I*- Gottlx.
1J25 'Sutter street, and will be her
guest * for: about . a T monthJ" -•
A reception will : be . given to Cap
tain and> Mrs. ;Landrn by Mrm. A. sH.
Weber; today. at. her ; home ' In Berkeley. -
Miss" Florence Roberts 'hi* returned
from a twrc- months'" visit to Orsgon.
where; she was extensively entertained
aa ; the. guest of Mr.jand Mrs/John W.
' -* E .-\u25a0' * \u25a0 \u25a0 '* • : - " '-.~t'

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