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Of Skin Tortured
Disfigured Babies
™ n a°t w 9®&m-
Warm Baths With !
And gentle anointings with
Cuticura,the great SlonCure,
afford instant reEef, permit
rest and sleep, and point to a
speedy cure of torturing, dis-
figuring eczemas, rashes,
itchings, and irritations of
infants and children when all
else fails. Guaranteed abso-
lutely pure, and may be used
from the hour of birth.
Fed tbrouffcout the world. Drpots: Lad4ob. 27
Chsrterhous* 6q.J Parti. 6 Rui> <Je U Fttx.: Austnr*
Its. n. Towns &, Co.. Sydnrj; India. B. K. PauLCftl-
' -i • v ; < 'Sins, itom Kocr Hruff Co.; J«p«a. V»ruT».
Ltd.. Tokio: Ruvta. Ferreta (ApteJu.). Sw:oir;
S"UTii Afnc«. Lrnnnn, Ltd.. C*jw Town, rte.: V£A..
Potter Drue A wm. Oorp..6oie Prop*.. Boaton.
\u25a0V-Poswree, CuUeur* Book on C»re ot the Sktß.
Crand Army Notes j
•% \u25a0— \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ™' IMI \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 I 111 \u25a0 M *jf
Mrs. S. L. Simon, president of Garfleld
Ttellef Corp* Vfo. 21, tendered a recep-
tion a few evenings since to the mem-
bers of the corps Rt her residence. 2731
Laguna street. After a discussion of a
number of matters relating to the best
Interests of the corps, which, at this
time has a larce, membership. the
members became the guest* of th«
hostess at a delicious repast sho had
prepared for them.
Many persons participated ln th«
fancy dress and mask ball Riven In th«
latter part of February Ay Seven Pines
Girc3«, Indies of the Grand Army of
the nepubllr-. In Jefferson Square Hall.
\u25a0j&^ BE BEAUTIFUL
JSZn'iPi 'i;s » wwmts KTT
Sg)Ss&*g Will».Ti White Co.'« PrerUTLtieJt*
toj y (jg vUI rive you a. Perfect lace and
J V^TSSf cucsi Tttliti
V^ >ftl \U-( 05^ OIELDPa
A . rW . \jh \ Rert Hei mi toals
I• V tf-^i^>\ V Hoondi out the shal-
\^7 \u25a0 \ low - etroVen part*. D«-
ftt •*^* Ss\ I **lT« th« cost aad
I**«^ Jl4 ** t *°B' C known. M
J / I yro «n» thin, nerroon.
JJ <-*r* worn, try a box
|F^a\ J| find not« th« wonder-
g I r l fill effect. Contain* no
M f I injnrloo« <lrng«. St. oo
• I per box, € for (5.00.
has oo *qn»L ' Erc*U«»nt for th« complerJon.
cbep«. «rrlokl*B, pSmplea, blackheads, «tc. Do«a
not grow h»lr.or tnra rancid and ha» a rcry
dainty odor, murpentlTe of fresh flowers.
Tho perfection of toilet flalntiea. Uk» enr
rr*"(nn. has * doUrtitful odor, soft a»4 ••Irety.
md *'!t «tlck«." TonttlTelr ths t>*«t powder In
tb* worM. l-arjc beautiful box of cream or
l>owd«»r, ROc.
m~2 r-> p3 rr« Senfl 2c for hooVl*>t nnd lurge
* *^ •*— ' *— » Mtnr> of cream end powdfT.
D««rp hr<«athlnjf h<>lps «r«^tlr In dp»»loplnu th«
Ch« > «t. VsVtry tanrning upon ari^iiif iind at n'-cht
before "retiring: •fterward massacre with MHom»e
«.'r>>ain and rhrc* times • dsy tak«> Wlllard Whit?
O>.'« Vanoairw <ial>>ga Tablets. Drink plenty. of
rold « i.ier. iirold all drinks containing acids, and
within • Khort tin* the bust measurn will hare
!nrr»»o«p<i to the extent of ««»reral lncfaea. — M!!».
Merlyn. Editor Woman'a Pajro. BnCalo Times.
B^waro of unscrunuloua dealers who ere offer-
ing worthies!) nostrums, claiming them to b«
"Just as good" a« onra.
f a UTIAM *"* that our oara* 1t on
CA U 1 IU« ho X B0( j wf unp . aaj
ctibxtitutes. Our preparations are highly tn-
4et*ed by lcndlas anthorltics on Beauty Cnltnrc
• • r-f-I! as thousands of women who are' ustnf
WIIXIItD WHITI3 ( 0.. ( hlraeo. 111.
*an Frandaro. Oakland and Lob Angeles
Or pent dlr(><"t by mall with iDstmctions.
Don't doubt — try m«>. I've been
making W'lrs and Toupees for
ovor 25 years. My business has
steadily increased from year to
year because I make them of the
finest materials and as natural as
llf«». I charge very reasonably.
Private Jloonm for Conanltntlon.
Hairdressinj?, Scalp Treatment.
, fThampooingr, etc Larpe stock of
finest human hair goods con-
stantly on hand.
\ Qnlntonlca for the Hair.
! Mail orders filled promptly.
: NEAR WEBSTER ST. ST \u25a0 .- .
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and' beantifies* the
teeth and purifies the breath,
Used by people of refinement
for. over a quarter of a century,
Convenient, for tourists.
News of the Churches
A LARGE congregation was ln at
tendance In the California street
M. E. Church at- communion
service last Sunday. In the
evening Rev. E. H. Milne, the
pastor. spok« on "Jesting With. Ood."
Lait Monday -the Men's Cltfb met at
the residence of W. G. French at 2866
Pine street and'MaJor E. W. Halford
of. the paymasters department, U. S. A.,
spoke on "The Discovery of America."
He was followed by W. A. Rlgga. who
discussed English history of the reign
of Henry 111.
This evening Mrs. Toungloye. for
many years a missionary. In -iridla. will
give & descriptive account of mission
work In that country. t-
Five new members w«r« received
Into tha church last Sunday and since
Rev. Mr. Mtlna assumed tha. church
after conference the acquisitions have
numbered forty-ftVe. During holy weak
and during tha first week following
Eatter Rev. Mr. Milne will hold specfal
service. Preparations are being made
for a special Kaster arenlng service. ; '
Rev. A. C. Bane of th« Howard-street
M. E. Church held service laet Sunday
afternoon in the Social Hall ln tha
Speadway Refugee Camp. This morn
ing the sacrament of the Lord's supper
will be administered. Last Friday even
ing the T. M. B. L. held its third anni
versary social. Tha prayer meetings
of this church, which are held ev«ry
Wednesday evening in . the Norwegian
church in Seventeenth street, near Mis
sion, are well attended. *
All arrangements havo been com
pleted for the Pentecostal convention
to be held in the Wesley Church at
Hayes and Buchanan streets, under the
auspices of the Beulah Park Camp
Meeting Association. It will open on
March 14 and continue until Sunday
evening. March 24. Th« services, under
the leadership of Rev. Joseph N*. Smith
and wife, Evangelists, will be at 2:80
In the afternoon and 8 o'clock ln the
evening. Rev. A. C. Bane/president of
the California Pentecostal Association,
says: "This is to be a union inter
denominational meeting, to which ev
erybody Is Invited."
Twenty-three new members have
been added to the congregation of Wes
ley Church. Today Rev. George W.
White, the pastor, will preach to the
children, and adults ar« a.eked to hear
what he will have to say to the little
ones. The Epworth League of this
church had charge of the gospel meet
ing at the Ingleslde refugee camp .last
Sunday, and distributed a great deal
of literature.
Tha congregation of Hamilton
Church, at Waller and Belvedere
streets. Rev. G. Avery Reeder pastor,
is Boon to have n new house of wor
ship. Next month the- flrst steps toward
tbe erection' of tha structure, which
will- cost 111.000 and have a seating
capacity, of 700, will ba taken. It is to
be on the elte of the old church build
ing. First the chapel is. to be erected
as speedily a« practicable, after which
work will be begun on the main edi
fice. The Ladies'., Union, of .the church
met last Tuesday in" the home of Mrs.
S. M. Thompson.- ajul maO arrange
ments for a social to be given ln the
church ne^U Friday, evening.. \The Wo
men's Home Missionary Society of
Hamilton, Churcn held »n : interesting
meetlng:iaet Thursday" In the home of
Mrs. F.G. Huskey at' ««6 ; Clayton
etreet, when -reports -of tha work done
since the last meeting were presented
and work> laid out for the future. .
The Sunday school l of Grace Church,
Rev. George A. Hough, numbers nearly,
three hundred pupils, and the pastor
and the several teachers are using
every effort to Increase the number to
400. This church has recently added
eight members to the congregation and
publicly received into tha Epworth
League thirty-eight men and thirty
three women. This branch is rapidly
increasing. Tbe attendance at the
\u25a0Wednesday prayer meetings In the
church Is in excess of one hundred. A
pleasant entertainment wa» given in
the church last week by the boys of
Mr*. Stetson's Sunday school class.
The proceeds are to be applied to the
Easter fund.
There was a meeting of a representa
tive from each Sunday school in the
city in Wesley Church last week for
the purpose of perfecting plans for the
annual Sunday school outing to be held
ln New Park, Saturday, May
11 Stanley Webster is the chairman
of the committee of arrangements.
From tha enthusiasm manifested dur
ing the meeting the prospects are that
it will be the most successful picnic
that the Sunday schools have ever held.
Beginning on March 17 fifteen minutes
time of the Sunday sohool sessions ln
the Mission street chapel, corner of
Mission street and Richland avenue,
will be devoted to talks on temper
ance. The dates, and subjects chosen
are: March 17. "Temperance, What Is
It?"; April 7, "Why Should I Be Tem
perate r';"vApril 14. "In What Should I
Be Temperate?": April 21, "Tobacco—
Its Evil Influence": May 5. "Results of
Intemperance ; May 12, "How Sunday
School Scholars May Help the . Tem
perance Cause": May 19, "Effect of Al
cohol on the Body"; June 9, "Local
Option, What Is It? Why Have It?"
The membership of the congregation
In this chapel Is increasing and the
services are well attended.
The following assignments of stu
dents from the San Francisco Nation
al Training School and . Deaconess*
Home have recently been made: Miss
Beecher. West Richmond Mission; Miss
Lane, Mission Street " Chapel; Miss
Brockcnridge. Filbert street Church;
Misses Twidell and Miss Ilalnes, How
ard street M. E. Church; Miss Lenton,
California Street "Church;. Miss McMul
lerf, Graco Church; Mlfs Faltings, Wes
)cy Church; Miss Belli*. Richmond
Church; Misses Loring and Champion.
Epworth Church, and Misses Erickson
and Llnderman.' relief work.
The Episcopalian calendar for the
week commencing today is as follows:
March 10. fourth Sunday In I^ent (mid
lent) 11 to, 16, fast. March 12. St. Greg
ory, M. B.' C.-" of ' Rome, surnamed The
Great.^a monk who sent r St. \u25a0 Augustine
on a. mission to Rome and . Improved
church music, one of the four doctors
of the Western church.
Bishop William F. Nichols of the
Episcopal Church - announces the fol
lowing visitations ".from today to the
end of L*nt:
March, 10. fourth Sunday in L.ent. a:
m. Cathedral . Mission; evening, St.
Johns, Oakland. March 17; fifth Sun
day in Lent, a. m.. Trinity. San Joce;
evening. Christ Church, San Jose.
March 24. Palm Sunday, a.' m., Grace
Church, San. Francisco; evening. St.
Mark's. Berkeley. March 26. Tuesday
after Easter, evening.* Church .of the
Advent, San Francisco. March \u25ba ,27,
Wednesday before Easter, * evening.
Holy Innocents, San Francisco.' March
28 Maundy Thursday, p. m.\ Maria Kip
Orphanage. March 28. Good , Friday,
evening. St. , John's, San Francisco.
March •21,7 Easter" Day; a. m.7, ; Trinity,
Oakland; P^ m.. St." Mar>->, ' San " Frani
Cisco; - evening, .St. Luke*, San * Fran T
clsco.-v, \u25a0'. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-. '.--'-. .:\u25a0 'X L:~-'.' ' \u25a0 ." i" ."..:\u25a0'
The rehabilitation committee 'has
granted ,$250.0 to the : building fund of
the - Seamen's...' lnstitute,- t now~ : > being
erected on'' Steuart- street, -near "How
ard. Rev. S. H.-Wlngfleld Dlgby. who
has been.ralslng. money In England for
tho Institute, I forwarded $500 recently
for the fund. -, ; • ;
Rev. Lee A. Wood was advariced re
cently to the priesthood in the parlsh
hooso of the church of St. Math ew la
San Mateo. Bishop Klchols was the cel
ebrant at tho holy eucharlst. Rev. N/B.
W. Oallwry | wa-s: his assistant. Re%'. T»
O.; Lincoln • was eplstoler and Rev. :t>.
Lewis : was gospeler. The newly made
priesji. Is; to. continue as the' curate of
the church named.
Following Is a list of the dates an!
speakers for. the;. meetings for busi
ness women to ba held. ln the Sunday
school room of tha German Lutheran
Church in O" Fur r«ll . street, between
Franklin and Gough: March 18. Rev.
William. Rader; ,1». Rev. John Hemp
hill: 20. Rev. K. R. Willis. D.D.; 21, Rev.
O. B. Burlingame; 22, Rev.'J. Fuend-
Hng; 28. Mlii A. G. Catlln; 25.; Deaco
ness, Durant; 26, ; Rev. Mar don D. "Wil
son; 27. Bishop J. P. ; Nlchols»-D.D.: 2S,
Rex*. George -W. "White; 29,-Rbv. D. O.
KelUy; 80, Rer. L. C. BanfoTd.
The railon s*nices la 8U Paul's
Cfaurefc, at which Bishop Nichols . is
preaching \u25a0 a serlas of - Leaten sermons,
are . attended by a large -. number of
person*; \u25a0• A "~- \u25a0 -•' - ;'. \u25a0
•Tha choir of Bt.* Paul's Church Is
preparing for tha Easter services, for
which there will be a programme of
special music.
Rev. Mr.Weeden of St. Luke's Church
will leav« Jor the East on March* 20.
The Sunday-school service in St."
Stephens- Church will be held at 2:30
In the , afternoon of Easter Sunday,
when there will be the administration
of the sacrament of baptism for-chil
dren. There is to be a festival for the
children In this church on Easter Mon
day under the direction of Frank
Wright. •
Shortly after Easier the Young-Peo
ple's League of St. Stephen's will pre
sent an operetta under the direction of
Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Wright. .
Bishop Nichols will visit St. Stephen's
Church on March 19 (Whitsunday) /in
the afternoon for confirmation. '•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0.lt Is
expected that there will' be a. large
clsm as a result of tha recent- mission
held In this church.
Steps are bflng taken at this time
.to perfect the soloists and the choir
that are to take, part". ln . the grand
Easter service to be held :in Trinity
Church at Bush and Gough streets.
The following is the Roman Catholic
calendar for the week commencing
March 17, Passion Sunday: March 17-^-
St. Patrick, apostle of Ireland; gospel:
The Jews, tried to stone Jesus;. 18—
St. Gabriel, archangle: lfr— St. Joseph,
spouse of the Virgin Mary and patron
of the' Catholic church;- 20 — St.. Cyril
of Jerusalem, -Bishop and doctor; 31 : —
St.. Benedict, .abbot, founder', of the
Benedictines; 22 — Seven dolors of the
Blessed Virgln^Mary; 2S — St Victorian,
martyr. " i "- " ' " ; \u0084.: ..
The following is the Franciscan cal
endar for the same period: March; 17,
Passion Sunday-r-flt. Patrick, 'apostle
of Ireland; gospel: The ; Jews tried
to stone Jesus; 18 — 81. Salvator.i'con
fessor. F-.'M:: 19 — St. Joseph, spouse of
the Blessed Virgin. Mary and patron of
the Catholic ,chm-ch; 20— Bl. f John* of
Parma/ confessor, F. M. :."2l— St. 'Bene
dict/.^ abbot, founder of the Benedic
tlrieg: 22— St.' Benevenutus/ Bishop, F.
M.;- 23— St. Peter Damlan, -Bishop and
doctor. • . ; _
j; The !Paul2st Fathers are. installed. ln
the new ; rexjdence in the: rear s of the
-temporary "St. Mary's Church In Cali
fornia street, near Dupont.^
During ' the second week after Lent
the Paullst Fathers will establish a
mission in Star of the Sea Church in
the Richmond district. -Rev. John . M.
Handly, C. S. P., will be In charge.
At the close of " that mission another
will be opened at Angels' Camnr'Cala
veras "County.
Tha Paulists : have sent East for a
supply of Palms to-be blessed and dis
tributed on Palm Sunday in-St/'Mary's
Church. The choir of this church^ Is
preparing for. the Easter. service,- which
will be as impressive and as beautiful
as 'the : circumstances will permit. ;
The temporary Church of St Francis
N ln . Vallejo- street, near \u25a0'. Montgomery
avenue, is a commodious structure,
seating about 400 persons. As the peo
ple are returning ,to the parish the
congregation Is increasing each month,
and there Is # a good attendance at enoh
mass. The 'present ohurch' Is 'on the
plan of the original St. Francis edifice,
which ..was In • existence in the. early
fifties. ' The Right Reverend Archbishop
Joseph Alemany' and Father Llbera,
vicar- general, held services there, and
tho church was maintained until •it
was decided In 1859 to build tho. brick
church.-' This was constructed around
and over the old wooden . structure. In
which services were continued-' during
the^buildlng of the new church. .When
the * latter was ready : for consecration
the^old church was torn-down, and in
two* days carried out of the" front door
and deposited: in the street. The walls
of the brick church are still Intact
The large brick building that since
the early fifties stood in' Powell street,
between Greenwich and Lombard; and
which was known as the Presentation
Convent, has been razed and the prop
erty; is now -off ered for lease, as It : has
been decided not- to, rebuild. . • , .-•\u25a0 V
The site on which stood the Trinity l
Cathedral of : the^llply;Orthodox Church
on Powell street* near Filbert,' has been
cleared and in place of. the edifice there
is being erected the Washington Square
Theater. .
The Knights of; Columbus have "se
cured a building of the St.: Dominican
Church in "Bine street,- between; Stelner
and' Pierce, and 'if is being .converted
Into ' headquarters; for.' that* order. C I
\ An order has : been sent to Frahce^for
an- elaborate \u25a0 banner • for ; the "Ladies'
Sodality of St"; Bridgid's Church. Tlt Is
to be 'of a class of trorkmansliip that is
notproduced In' this country. ..- \u0084: -;: ' . .. '
A children's choir Is being trained for
the _; Easter service ; in St.. Bridgid's
Church. 3SB^Sot£^^S^SsSm»^S^^
Now that the doors of the Old Mission
Church on Dolores :* street. . ; near Slx^
teenth. are /open •- to \u25a0 all -who desire* to
enter, the old-time 1 sanctuary. " of ? the
padres' of '76 is. vlfired by •manyper
sdnß.:.V-,'.'_',_ "."•*; ••*\u25a0;.. ' -",:\u25a0' '\'-'" : \ .;'.\u25a0
• The congVegatlonof St Paul's Church
at»T.wenty.-'nlnth;and Church"street:wlU
celebrate' the anniversary of \ the birth
of . St.* .^ Patrick^ in Ca.f. fitting ; manner.
There; will 'be ' a; high-class programme
of musical and literary numbers and nn
oration by Will lam A. Kelly. •' "
, During f the * latter part of February
the students <of St fJosepfi's • Presenta- j
tlon Convent observed the anniversary :
of ' Henry W.^ Longfellow's birth-by 's a,
programme < made ' up Jmalnly.* of /selec-' i
tlons from the poet's works. "; - I: ;. : - v
: : Arrangements are. being made for the
laying of -the 'corner-stone; of ; " a /new
church in: St- Joseph's Parish; Berkeley/
in'the near future.^ , ,; ' ,
- The^congresationrof^ the ;' First .Unir
tarian 'Church -is* being, added| to] everj*
weelc,"j"and* the "i attendance.!; at :\ eachfser-*;
,yice ' : Is i-most \'- t encouraglng.iJlJ-ThereJJs
alio 'a. rnarkedvlmproyement' in; the \u25a0 Sun^
day «chool,' which meets e^-eryiSunday
at 10 o'clock, under. the superintendency
"o£ B«v.'»GhrlBtopher.Rue«o. : " ;s; s
f Thai annual i : : for • lha,
American Unitarian "Association .will be
taken up -next ; Sunday .; R«\\ ; Roderick
Stcbblns.of * Milton. Mas»., on
the Blllinss> foundation of i th« Amerl
ran ynltarian: Association, ,1b expected
to.be =ln; this ".city : about .;tb«. middle-; of
this ; month and will'; occupy • the; pulpit
In, the First! Church; It- is expected, that
Professor Francis- Q^Peabody,' chaplain
at' : th«'. J Ha"rvard' UniversUy, ; will -visit
this \u25a0 city | in •, April -and f that • during: ; his
stay he will' preach: in this church. .To
day. Mr. OeorBre,< founder, of the George
Junior * Republic, f will speak V at ; . the
morning: service, of ; hl«'; work; ln aid of
boys. •' The music today /•will -be,- by the
church 'choir,' composed of Mrs.: Georffe
O. Winchester, soprano : Mrs. F. V." Cox,
alto; Franks Onslow, ;j tenor, V; and * John
Carrlngton, bass. H.ißrethexlck is the
organist : and oholr director. ;-' Following
is- the prog-ramme^ of. -music for ; each
Sundays in the .month,- including Palm
Sunday:':' \u25ba.--;\u25a0" '.-' .{.;..'>-...'.'-/ ' ' ' ' ' \u25a0 ;
; . March"' 10— Music ;by 'Rossini— l. . Or
a-an voluntary.' VCoJus An imam" (Stabat
Mater). .. 2.'- (ft) '' AUo solo, v*l . "Win - SlnK
of Thy 'Great Mercy*.'; ; (b) ; quartet.
•'Lord,' My Ood, O H«ar : Thy. Servant"
(Stabat- Mater). 3. Quartet. ."Hear Us;
O^ Father/.'. (Ay© Maria).'', 4. Soprano and
alto duet,' ."PoweivKternal"- (Stabat Ma
t»r)^ ' s.' Orsr*n postlude, "Air and Chor
us " (Moses in Egypt).
\u25a0 March- 17— 1. Organ voluntary. "Xn
dante iniC" (SUas). 2. Anthem. "I Will
Mention .Thy IjOTing- Kindness" (Sulli
van)." . 3. '. Choir .: hymn No.\ 164/ "Strong
.Son of God" ;(Calkln). 4. Quartet, "God
Is a Spirit" (Bennett). 5. -Organ, post
lude,"Marehi In BiFlat" (Silas).', -,
March 24, Palm — 1; Organ
voluntary. "Palm . Fleurs" (Mallly). 2.
Anthem. "There Is Mercy With' Thee"
(Ps. CXXX) (Gounod). 3. Bass solo,
"The Palms" (Faure).* 4. Soprano solo
and quartet, - "Jerusalem" (Gallla)
(Gounod). K. Organ.postlude,''Hosan
na"-"(Wachs). •'v* '\u25a0-. \u25a0-\u25a0"\u25a0;.; '. -\
'A special programmed of music will
be rendered on .Easter. Sunday :by -the
quartet and chorus" choir, 1 with instrn
xnentar-obligato; by Mrs.: M.'l*;Fitz
simmonson the harp and Adolphliada
on the 'cello.- .--\u25a0::.\u25a0 : ' .:_\u25a0 \u0084
The -.Channlng 1 • Auxiliary, of this
church/ Mrs. ..E. S. Simpson .^president,
which has for its object moral and re
ligious oulture, practical literary work
and co-operation ; with"- the | denomina
tional* and agencies of .tho
Unitarian • faith.-; met -last ;. Monday .; in
the parlors of the church: and .listened
to."Story-telllng}from the -French," by
Mile. Viele. ' The auxiliary. has arranged
for a series; of. ."eight 'lectures.' on 'Rus
sian .topics \u25a0- by- Mre. - Bamon \u25a0 E. vWilson,
the first of which-; was' given <^it\ 10:30
o'clock Mast Friday r- morning: .In > the
church. • On ; theveyening ( 'of \u25a0 Monday,
March : . 18." a free i.lecture,. will be given
in" the auditorium", of 'the church by
Professor^H. 'Morse ; Stephens on Kip
ling's "Puck of -Pook's -Hill.". To this
the members -^arot privileged to Invite
their friends.-^ .- V- -I- '.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. . ,'
Rer, "BradfoFd- Leavltt.r'the minlst«*r
of this church, and;Mrs.*L.eavitt have
fixed the'jflrst^Friday.; evening; of "each
month to receive callers.";? Mrs.VL,eavitt
will be at homo during the first Friday
afternoon of each* month/.' r ?; : .
Tomorrow .the -"Soclety t y'for,, Christian
Work, Mrs. - J.\ M. .Curtlsipresldent, ;an
association of more \u25a0 than 250 women of
the church, organized for. charitable
and philanthropic effort, not limited by
sectarlan,bound!i, will meet to. listen to
a paper "on,"The Flora, of- California" by,
Miss Alice . Eastwood/ and , at the ; meett;
Ing on Mardi '25 a* reception will be
tendered; to Miss : : Elsie Burr.
'*'. Vesper service Is still contlr»%'ed every
Friday afternoon' from .4' to 4:80 o'clock.
The Unitarian headquarters ,' is mow
maintained ln;'a room ln> this church
and is in charge of Mrs. Mary^B.^Pres
son. In the :recent past.the.headquar
ters has recelved-15,000 pieces of litera
ture. an<l 2000 rnor* .are on the way;
The Pierce Library Is being re-estab
lished.*' It; has | already 100 volumes .by
the, most famous writers on theology,
physiology, the Bible' and' many; other
topics for the use of the ministers and
laymen. :;This will be added to as "rap
idly - as. books can be procured. :• —
.;> .The -pictures that: were "destroyed, in
the' old , headquarters j are being grad
ually replaced- by duplicates. -
During April— possibly the 9th, 10th
and 1 lth— a luncheon will be 'served in
the 'church, from 11 a.; m. to 2 p. m;,
for its benefit.
Christian Church*
Rev. -Robert Lord Cave of : the West
Side- Christian /Church," on last Sunday
preached -the; first of a series " of eer
moris .on ."The Man; Christ Jesus," the
initial' one- being "His Ministry." The
others in , succession; are: 1 March ' 3. "His
Message'?;/- March -17/ "Hlsy: Mission";
March '24. "His Resurrection":" March
31,- "His Personality'!; -Aprils?/: "His In
fluence"; April 14; "His Ildentlty." The
fine auditorium of this" church. was well
filled; last Sunday ;nlght by an audience
that !took.a( deep interest i-in I the In
structive^ words of jthe - - 1"
/offering taken • in :\u25a0., this «g church
last Sunday for. the > Foreign; Missionary
Society v wiU'amourit ;, to .nearly |300.
The-,two -Endeavor ":- societies of - the
church; support , two; orphan boys in the
homeat'-Damoh.'lndla.' . ', v ..; .
'• ; jThe-West Side Sunday; school has in
creased "by" fifty pupils Blnce'the first
of 'theicurrentyear. • An, lncrease con
test-has, been; started In the. school, .with
Miss- Kathrine : Reld^ as captain , ; of ithe
Blues 'and 'Albert Bradley, as 'captain of
the Reds.' ;; On Easter. Sunday ithe;chll-.
dren-wlll have an ! interesting entertaln
mentVatithe; usual "hour. " . -;~ : .; .::.."
-'A* unique -^banquet. was given a few
evenings since In ;the ? First \u25a0 Church In
Berkeley.'. The > men; of the•corigrega
tlon: arranged '.T*oorated
the'dining'halland served -the banquet
to' the ladies j' of . the : church., .The mln-;
isters of : the '\u25a0 churches' about the bay
counties, and/their *wjves> were 'guests
on j thati occasion." Mr.Xlough/ manager
of 'the ;, Berkeley.' Reporter, 1 ' was \ master
of '\u25a0! ceremonies.: President- McAnenyj of
the : Bible": Seminary- and' Messrs." Brunk
aridlCrane^were prominent. ln the con
duct of affairs that/evening.' About • 300
persons * attended.' ;/;Rev.-» 'Robert 'Lord
Cave Coffered?, thelprayer of { thanks/and
many/ ladies.; made \ witty/ responses to
toastslv:There; was special music.by the
church-choir, led by . Prof essor; Sawvell,
also" solo'siandf instrumental ;numbers."--v
i; -The ," Twenty^fourth W Street'vChurch
continues*; to ; growf In- grace"iandHnum
bers ii under. tthe.M falthf ul"r*mlnlstry *;. of
nov.'.Otto'B.: Ireland. The i indications
are"; that { :.thc congregation,' will f soon
have to seek -larger quarters.' ' :
Swedish Lutheran
\u25a0\u25a0>Re\C :P. : tl^.;C.'fHarisen T of {thefSwe'dish
Lutheran • Evangelical ';Cnurch{ is': conY
valescing r from r ;av'seyer.e attack of p'neu
moriiar'i whichfhasjcbnflnedj him! to ; his
home Af or >.weeks:'^He
he will: have- so far jrecovered!as;to ; at
tend? on 5 PalmJ Sunday, "when i there: will
bo* special 'service. ,v ; . - J
- The . congregation • of ; the <. Cumberland
! Presbyterian % Churchi j Rev.";; Mr.7 Fisher,'
,whichtfbrXsoTn e»e »t lni . e^P ast it --hanj^been
worshiping fin>PhelpsV Hall JinlDevisa^
'dero "street,* will' soon I . have a: new, hpuse
<to handle ihr vim- 'V '^^'W- ''*v^_ -< - ; M*^ &- ter decidedly above n
<ry . clients'. J Hub- . J Wf /**/£ £*4 l& > &/*W/&® M/y/&ff/@&A/^&& > ™hleh yon, are H
drrd» of old-time / M ///* M 7W¥W A Jl/FW , Md/yM/M/MMZii^JffJL/ ««u»aiar. WE ABE H)
pntrooM teMlfy to -/ S& &^& M &*&*¥£ f^ f &/ (3r&r& &%3r &T& &y «OLK AGEVTS. Hj
«y tdt«<»(F and «jg» A/f ***"**" ir ****** S ~ **& AXI '» tnnd * r '» Vmt - U
courteous «»rrler YSFS (f , "^^^T3WTTnii.LlHJiUL_'_-_- .'iJ'JJ.IIP^ <«m« »re 10c and M
T»r stye. Send roor €L , ~^*^S^Bg/j 'f*fij'j'h}'f! \l£&**^ ' inc. A«fe fop <h© IS
orders to <be 5«tT- new *TAXD iRD jj
tnnn nnil Lrrttuon' _^ 'j. _ "_. , --, ' • "\u25a0. \u25a0 ..... xtt^po _j ctit"T < T?T3 FASHION' SHEET. fJ
. Biaii order Dept. The Store With a Reputation. VAN-NESS and SUTTERj* |
Monday raornlnff nt 8:30 wo shall inaugurate a Silk sole which, from the point of rlew of Tahies offered, g
mast be described as bejond 'the ordinary. The entire collection Inrolvcd.has nn air of **up-to-flateneBB" antt ii
superiority; The fabrics shown are excellent in character, and the fact that we were early In tne tleia a;
[ last ycar.Trith our pnrchasct» enableg us to make these very attractive quotations : H
50 pleces~beautiful summer irash silk, white grounds 100 pieces 19-inch Taffeta in white, cream, black and fj
'with^nairline;check» and plaids of \u25a0bla.ck.-.MTy, -lilac, all colors. A Taffeta specially constructed l for ;lmfn£~|?
pink and Ught blue, all genuine HABUTAI SILKS, and petticoats. "It wUI wear." If bought at today*?. \u25a0;
Included at the price are neat, now pin-stripe Taffetas market figures, It would sell for.?sc. _ -^ \u25a0-
in street colors for waists and costumes— Buy It on Monday for 5 dC a Yard \\
\u25a0vVVcrv Specially Priced at 50c a Yard The T«ry latest noTeltles In the silk world axe here j
a / •\u25a0 :\u25a0 .J ' i , *'\u25a0 " ... ' . . , \u25a0 \u25a0*-, - - at the attractite price of $1 a yard. This merely scrre* B>
Our claim to showing the bestlp-lnch coloredjaf-. f announco to yon that on Monday we shall place on B
feta In the market forwoc a yard Is being rerlfled by rf f ' tl#2 - ana 91#36 nOTe itieg at |
- the number of dressmakers now using It with satisfae- "!" c / c t n pprp ~ r Yard Qnlv 1 1
tlon (and a truly good Taffeta Is a satisfaction indeed). *I.UU rcr xara vuy ii
TiVe hare erery desirable color In stock, and plenty of It. gj^^g Silks ExtraOrdinflTV , at $ 1 a Yard 1
, ; ~ Our Price, 75c Yard The many new weares we are showlnjc for waists I!
«>OIJYEAUTE EX BAJAH." It is many a year since and dresses are worthy of your- careful examination,
the silk looms hare put out to stylish a production. It Monday we shall »ell the fonowtag. _
Is an all-sllk material in beautiful colors and'patterns, 27-in. Black Bress Taffeta. 22. n Peau i de Sole,
mostly checks, stripes and plaids. This cloth, though 27-111. Black Pean de Cygne. 2 r ln. S xtin gj«g.
S " Umtt SI.SO a Yard I <>**°» i *"°™ iß s? < % *. Yard,
Gloves I Notes of , Ribbons, Veus and Neckwear | h^°™ b
At one-third to; xhis department of our establishment holds a prominent place in nightgowns, V- f
one-half off usual the minds of the shopping public of this city. A tisit to the section Is a nec k or collar, B i
nrlcp^- yerltable education In what is new and what Is styUsh In American p i flln wn jt e or If
,p X fashion centers. Here are some notes culled at random which will with colored trim- g
Men's •1- clasp doubtless prore of interest: ' mings; all slees. |
Mocha end Dog- SPBOG BIBBONS in Dresdens, striped and shaded effects. >"ew- Special SOcß&ch I]
Sln^iV*? 0 "est colorings In these goods are exhibited. M «;i I
narllyllwS,^ . TEnJXGS^Sew Tellings, Tuxedos, plain and chenille dotted. Mena^Ftamd- I
*. * S isf Clfl n f ', >" ew meBhes ore ***** 9n<mn ln aU the i«t«st spring shades. {«• g fSkJ I
151.35 a Pair > O relties in DBAPE VEILS, Tuxedo, Chantllly and Embroidered T ™J JJJ' g^; I
TftiHen'l and 2 Chiffons ,V : , • t*^i Exceedingly good ||
clasßT Kid, black, - NOVELTY AUTO TEILS, ombre effects with satin striped borders. Ta mes and sub- l]
\u25a0white and colors; XECKWEAB of the newest. Stocks, Chemisettes, BeTere and Cuff stantlal quality. |
? talues up to $1.50 Sets in Princess Lace, Irish Crochet, Venisc and Hand-Embroidered Special B sc Each I
Special. Linen. ; ... l|
85c a Pair I XOVELTr JACKETS in embroidered linen and lace effects. TablC COVCFS II
, -\u25a0_- ' . -\u25a0....-- m m - __ . I Highly decora- It
Curtains Dainty Styles m Waists Ssj^ar^l
Curteins mB ^ C a O rdB The stores are few indeed where you can^secure better waist t.l- J» sSSa^SJ I
"lon^rViffis nesthanatyewman&LeTlnsoii's. Wtness these sample offerings : on exhlbiUon in j
wide, in corded : LADIES' WAISTS, made of good quality striped wash s\\k, tucked oTir Art Section. I
ettects. All new front and back, and lace trimmed. Collars and cuffs to match. ETery T ney are i
patterns 'to 'select good light summer color In stock. Sizes 84 to 42 Price &4.5U worthy your In- I
from. - . LADIES' TTET WAISTS, ; trimmed with tucked yoke and cluny lace. spection. Besrare j
Pair Stocked In white and ecru. A regular $7 waist, special at $5.50 Each jto see them, p
Excellent R.eady-tp-Wear Suits at $21.50 n
" r Tw^ntr.«ne dollars and a half Is really by no means an exorbitant price to pay fox a_ ready-to-wear »«£,\u25a0\u25a0
Snored 1 "n th?height of the mode, and made. if that honest cloth which has eTer been a feature.of women's suits |
pm&natlnr from the Ifewman & Lerinson Buit Section. \u25a0 J , . ».*-'" i 3 ' iVi «_« if
Pony an^acket effects find place here; niateriaK plain, striped and- checked worsteds; skfrts full I
nleate? sS a brief description of what we show. The collecUon ;I» an admirable one, and is quite exten- 1
; sltc as well as Tnried In character. Ton can hare your choice of these suits at - |
- ; The Suit $21.50 The Suit r jj
please note the following fads: If.youvishyour suit delivered in good time for the Eaitet holidays. |
ORDER IT NOW. You must know that there is a shortage of dressmakers and alteration hands all over the 1
city rand Coast So , to secure adequate and prompt attention to any alterations, which we make carefully and j
[cheerfully. DO. NOT DELAY. |
Vests 1 Pillow Cases Rugs j Hose [j
Ladies' pure silk, hand- White PiUow Cose?, Both for steamer and , ¥%i' l"'??™ J?nS 1
crocheted fane/ yoke .-.lie 45 br 86 } jches; Rutomo bile use. Arrirals i"V wuze ll?le™o^ I
"^an^^ Bo^ ; ::ffl«r£ l sr: haxe just come in. o^ S«^e? 1
?alue SJ clal, choice selection ready tops. Special at 5
81.50 Each 17V*c Bach for your Inspection. 28c Pair ' 3
of worship, as the new structure will
ba, started \u25a0-' on Seventh avenue, .in- the
Richmond district, this month. It will
cost, all complete,! $10,000. ; All the
auxiliaries of thi3 church are again in
working condition and last week steps
were' taken to organize a Sunday
school. .• ' \u25a0 . .
• Rev. A. W. Hare will : he here In a
few days and hold a series of. evangel
istic -meetings . In Plymouth Church;, on
Post street, near Buchanan. ManyJ new
people have joined the congregation of
this church In: the \ recent* past.
j .The 'reports^ from ;Church
are to the effect • that there has been a
marked I increase : in the congregations
at the | evening . services ; and tha t there
ls i a decided improvement -in - the at
tendance, and in:.the- personnel .of :the
Sunday-school pupils. ].'\u25a0 - S "J
s - D. Gilbert: Dexter of the First Church;
for j many years : an .Important f actor r -.ln
many of I ttfef; good * works |of the . Con
gregational Church," has. on, account of
the statelof^hls 'health, been forced to
resign \u25a0 the ami ; presldency
of' the* Callfornift- Bible Society.: His
physician told him that '\u25a0\u25a0 he must cut off
all outside 'work.'." \_
:V: Vi Professor ,C. S.*^ Nash- of the Pacific
Theological Seminary -at Berkeley* has
been asked to take the chair of church
: "Honor travels in a strait so, narrow
where' one- 'but-^gdes abreast .' Keep
then the \u25a0' path f or • emulation hath a.
thousand sons 1 that , one by. one pursue.'
If ryou biitturn or edgre aside- all rush
by and leave: you hindmost." - ; :
\u25a0Honor »is a^tralt' of character -.thatJs
not 'only' admired/ but appreciated by
all: classes, and will? gain more '.respect
than J any* other human quality.' We
canno't'judge ja man : by, the 'clothes he
wears. ": His ; true *1»; revealed
only by. long acqnfaintance.-^ A layer of
veneer/may ta,ke a coat of varnish as
well as f the- (solid / mahogany,"* but »i the
deception lsi discovered in the wearing
qualities; : " Finely;' engraved :, wrappings
and \u25a0:': exaggerated \u25a0 claims *.• may induce
customers; to' purchase /an", artlcle^-but
tttey ; do l not:enhanae Its value/Mts 1 real
merits is V proven, only:! by ~ s giving ; 'lt a
thorough • trial. ;; Chamberlain - s ; Cough
Remedy . has : stood /Ihls r test, for^one
third'of •&' century.:/, lt t has constantly,
grown : 'in /favor ~ : and \ popularity^' r-*lnr -*In
many : Homes -.It- isVnow^ held'in?a»* high,
esteem as 'the ; family ; physician. : Thou
sands?of'.mqth*er«.?invdlff_erent- parts _ ; of
the .« world* have -; te3tifle<l i to) its prompt
cures T'of coughs; colds and croup.^givlng
it- anf established as la* sure
aiid ' safe ', niedfclne> for % the -little ; ( ones/
The .that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy -contains! nothing » in * any.^ way
Injurious *has l been^f ully /corroborated
by ! prominent rchemlsts;who)have/ana
lyzed 3 it The' mostiabsolute proof fof the,
value's of iChamberlaih'si Cough jßemedj;
is f the -confidence ithat Xtheimanufactur;
ers themselves; have'jlnUhetpreparaUon/
They;authorl2e r all f dealers;to>efundithe
money.; to ; any ? ''purchaserXwho i. is > not
satisfied ?;after^u3ingL;two T thirds;; of £a
bottle^ It iisla-Wmedy^that I should ? be
in* everyj homejasi; ltVis jae ? goodi f or| a
chlldi suffering; with' croup or whooping
"cough";- "/>'\u25a0\u25a0:'/":; \u25a0-/:-. :' ''.\ ' '-.'/; \ : '-'^-r '''\u25a0/.
polity in the seminary at Oberlin, Ohio.
His friends are urging him to remain
where he is.
W. "W. Ferrier, editor of the Pacific,
left i for the East last week to be ab
sent for a month.
Rev; Samuel Green. D. D., of the Con
gregational Sunday-School and Pub
lishing Society of Washington was ln
this city for . several days last week
with .his- daughter. >Mrs. Camp. Mr.
Green has been granted a six months'
Corner Pern, Between Bush and Sutter
'V* . v . \u25a0 FOR MONDAY WE ANNOUNCE "~* '
• of Voilej.^Serges, Stripe v Checks aud Mannish Fabrics
of Plain «nd Fancy Silks. Foulard v, Voile j H *nd MarquiseUc Cloth, designed for street and;
. . house Hetrice - --.
o ( Voile'or Taffeta, in new and effective modeli
— Black Broadcloth or Tan Covert, radically new models
Vacation. .He left for Japan and othar
places ln the Orient
On account of the- illness of his sooT
Rev. Mr. Snider of the church in Cloverf "
dale has tendered hia resignation, tc*^
take effect ; June 1, or. earlier If th«
church can accept It. The son was golai j
Into a decline and he has been, sent :
with his mother to Oregon, where ba is I
improving-. When Mr. Snider leaves*
the pastorate he will Join hla family"
and go to Europe for some time. "r»

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