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A new wage scale increasing the
wages of the union barbers of Oak
lend is under discussion between the
liosfcs end the employes. The wages
uiH he arranged upon a eliding scale
buefl on 520 a week for men in chops
Kith *=!* chairs or over. No difficulty
whatever is anticipated, aa the scale
las been practically agreed to. The
nrw arrangotr.^nt will allow the
i.nsfrj t<"> increase -ie price* i»ome
\«hst. I!«ir cutting, it is said, will
it :;5 inftrad of "b cent*.
l.in^nvn «»mr.loy«»d >»y th*» Kdison
Ci*ctliC Company of Ix»f AnßPl** and
\u25a0n-lio ar» m*»mb«»rs of the International
BnHhTliood of Xl metrical Work^ns
will hold a meeting shortly to vis-
. tips the question of better wages.
Th*> employes of both the Home and
Sunset Telephone companies in that
<-ity receive $3.60 for eight hours,
while those of the Edison company
receive only $3.25 for nine hours'
work. Linemen from Pasadena, Long
• :\u25a0•.\u25a0\u25a0-' i and S&.r.ta .Monica will attend
the meeting.
Professor Hermann A. Schumacher
of the University of Bonn. Germany.
was a visitor to the Labor Council
Friday night. He is lecturing, upon
<*<-onomi<~s at Columbia University
during the current year. The pro
fessor is visiting California and eath
rrir.g data for his lectures.
Milkers' Union was reported to be
in a flourishing condition at the last
meeting. Every member is at work.
IT will not be long before the milkers
over the entire State will be organ
ized. Oood*- r«J>orts come from the
southern part of the State. The
local decided to ask the Labor Council
to declare » boycott upon Kennel's
New Bars Dairy because of a failure
to comply with union and sanitary
The regular monthly meeting of
Musicians" Union No. C will be held
Thursday at its headquarter*.
CS Halght street. -«t 11 a. m. The
following propositions will be acted
upon: Report of the board of direc
lors, monthly reports of officers, con
stitutional amendment proposing to
IK the dues per quarter at $1.50, ques
tion «->f the representation of the union
et, the forthcoming convention of the
American Federation of Musicians.
After consideration of the report sub
mitted to the directors' meeting by
the agitation committee it ru derid
ed to ask the Labor Council for a
declaration of intention to levy a boy
cott on the Tonopah Dance Hall, for
ner Kearny and Pacific streets. This
was granted. The manftfirerf, 'it is
claimed, are maintaining an attitude
of hostility toward this union.
Pie Bakers' Union No. 274 held a
Jarge and enthusiastic meeting last
werk v.ith Frank Nclk in the chair.
Two applications for membership were
received. The committee from tho Al
!i*d Provision Trades Council appeared
and. after oxplainlng th« new consti
tution of the council, the union de
cided' to affiliate with it. Formerly
th« union v.-as ollied to the council,
but for one reason or another it
dropped out. It has now decided to
become a part of the council once
more and will send delegates to the
n*>xt meeting. May day will be cele
brated with Bakers' Union Xo. 2%.
This first of May fe«tl\-al will b*> a
gala dsy with all unions in the bak
ery craft.
The sailors on tne Great Lakes are
oissalisfied with their hours and
wages. Information from a reliable
source states that they are going to
demand better conditions when their
committee is called Into conference
•*-itli the Lake Carriers' Association
to make contract for the coming sea
son. It is understood that the vessel
owners will resist the demands and a
ti^up may result. Wheelmen and watch
men, who have received J45 per month
from the opening of navigation until
October 1, will ask a rtralght wag« of
$6.". per month. Seamen who arc paid
J2T.50 till October 1 and $37.50 after
that date will ask a straight rate of
5?.7 per month. These figures are to
EPP'y to seamen on barges and steam
ers. There are to be changes asked in
the work on board the boats as well
as an increase in the number of deck
hands. The report also states that
the firemen, ojlers and watert«jnders
•re preparing to demand an advance
over last year's scale.
Members of Sailmakers' Union 'No.
11775 are complaining because dealers
In their line of trade are bringing into
this market machine-made goods and
allege as a reason a scarcity of labor.
As there are numbers of the sail
makers who are out of employment
the contention of the dealers is scarce
ly warranted by the facts. While
some mr-n are now Idle, the ceventy
five members have been generally em
ployed since last' April. It is under
stood that handmade sails are much
more durable and cheaper in the end
th&n those sewed by machKies. '
Janitors' Union No. 10367 was In ses
sion the other night, with John Mathc
•on In the chair. Three candidates
were initiated. The resojutions passed
by the State -Federation of Labor bear
ing upon the Moycr-Haywood-Petti
bone trial were indorsed by the union.
A committee was appointed up^n the
advisability of having a monthly work
ing button and will make its report at
the next meeting.
At the last meeting of the District
Council of Carpenters the difficulty be
tween Electrical Workers' Union No. 6
and the Building Tradrs Council was
thoroughly discussed. The council re
solved to be loyal to the Building
Trades Council and warned any of its
affiliated unions or members from
espousing the cause of the suspended
union in its fight with the Building
Trades Council.
Charles Fleischmann was Jn the
rhair at the lest meeting of Cooks'
Union No. 44. Four candidates were
obligated and several applications for
membership are on the secretary's
desk. The union has under considera
tion a new wage scale, which will be
discussed at the next meeting. All
members are requested to attend this
meeting, aa matters of vital import
ance will come up.
Indianapolis was one of the few
.Eastern cities which did not have un
til recently a_ Commenc'lar . Telegra
phers* Union. The other evening about
7.". per cent cf these operators met and
now have an ,, organization affiliated
with the Commercial Telegraphers of
Tbe statement , is \u25a0 given I out
that there is no present intention of
asking for more pay. The union la
formed Pimply for protection and
mutual benefit under conditions simi
lar to any other working organised
class of crartsmen. It will be known
*-* No. 7. It will, of course, be af
filiated with the American Federation
of Labor. '->. \u25a0 '
Serious, trouble will come from Gold
field If the Miners" Union and the Car
penter*' I'nlon do not us* wisdom. The
carpenters refuse to affiliete with the
miners and hsve Joined the local
Building Trade* Council. v in sipo
the intention to organize a Federated
Trad-s Council. The miners* ' organi
sation is not affiliated with the A.
F. of L.
The Arbitration Board which has
been sitting In Washington. I>. C,
endeavoring tb arrive at a solution of
the difficulties between the employers
and the Journeymen Plumbers' and
Gasfltters" Union has Just rendered
its decision. It is as unsatis
factory to the union involved as the
recent decision rendered In this city
in the carmen's controversy with the
United Railroads. The Washington
board upholds the open shop, reinstates
the bolters from the union and declares
that the master plumbers were Justi
fied in locking out the journeymen
übout a year ago. There was a Chief
Justice on the board, Stan ton J. Peelle.
In order to get this decision it is said
to have cost $6000. A master plumber.
lit of^S FAKIj
Dry Goods and Furniture
tot o -
The Largest Exhibition
Real Hand-Made
m^ii— — I—— wuriT \u25a0 f
\u25a0' ' 4--
ever shown in San Francisco. The OLD make.s in
COMBINATION with the NEW, adapted to,
the DEMANDS of Spring Fashion.
—^—^^—————^———^———— V an J To![io, C\uny and Cro-
chet, Cluny ani Princcue, Liare ani Princeste, Lierre and Tofto,
Applique end Point
; Tokio, Old Venise, Neapolitan,
: French Crochet, Irish Crochet, Cluny
Filet, Princesse, Applique, Duchesse,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
A Special Sale of '
Real Hand-Made Laces
Lovers of REAL LACES will find
purchase stylish HAND-MADE
LACES at.... ....
In Champagne tint at. ..HALF PRICE
In white, hiQctf end chofrtpo^nc, of
. Less Than Half the Original Prices
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0 „\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0 i \u25a0- ' \u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0 P "\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 4V \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0'.•;. - ';'\u25a0\u25a0'
Neiv i'''Fren& : :^ilii/i6O--:-
"Van Ness at Washington—North End
In commenting upon the decision, «ai<l:
"I consider the award of tho board a
very substantial victor*- not only for
the master plumbers but for all employ
ers as against unreasonable demands
of trades unionism.'' The union plumb
ers were struck speechless *. by ~ the
award, no one being willing -to trust
himself to talk Tor the organisation.
I The regular monthly meeting of the
Japanese and Korean Exclusion League
will be held;tbis afternoon at 2 o'clock
at the Labor Council Temple. This
will be a most important meeting and
every delegate should be. in attendance.
The 'public is cordially invited, and
em-iriß to the Interest now taken in the
Japanese question the hall probably
will be crowded. The secretary wishes
to announce : that the office of the
league is now ' located at 10 Turk
• • • •\u25a0 .•
Deadlocked on the question of hours
and wages with the managers of forty
nine railroads \u25a0west, southwest and
northwest of Chicago, the chiefs of the
trainmen's • and conductors' brother
hoods have authorized \u25a0 a strike order.
I Ballots were furnished to the
brotherhood officials present at j the
conference the other day in Chicago,
and many left Immediately for their
respective localities to take a vote on
the strike proposition. The lines in
volved emUrace ,. 65 per cent of thre
mileage in the United States and Can
ada. The brotherhoods include 50,000
men and a* many more will be affect
ed in the event of a strike. If the mon
vote to walk out th*» greatest railroad
tirup in ' history will be precipitated.
The strike order ha* followed after
seven weekp' n*srotiat'on<» between the
railroad and brotherhood representa
tives. The men arked wage increases!
averaging 16 per cent and a uniform
eight-hour day. The railroads, it is
said, offered concesßlons, but they did
not meet the expectations of the em
ployes and were turned down.
The wage scale and agreement be
tween Steam Laundry Workers'
Union. No. 26 and the laundry proprie
tors expire the first of next month. A
new agreement is being prepared and
It will Include an eight-hour day and
an Increase In \u25a0wages. The agreement
muftt be Indorsed by the International
and the San Francisco Labor Council.
The contention of the United - Mine
Workers of America of the Illinois
district in Springfield has voted down
the proposition of President Walker
that the members *of the Industrial
Workers of tlfe World be expelled from
membership in the union. . '
Denver Girl Jilts Fiance to
Marry Man Who Had
Saved Her; Life
• . , \u25a0..-•.-;
DENVER. March ?.— Miss Ethel Clif
ton, young, pretty and heiress to $20,000
left by her grandfather, Henry. Clifton,
left Denver Wednesday for Los ; An
geles ' with Ida Farley and Jean Call
breath, young women friends, to wed
Francis Rogers, manager of'the Edison
Hotel in that city, who saved her/ from
drowning in the surf at one of the re
sorts near the City of Angels: j For five
years,, according jto "reports, V she
been the. fiancee of Edward: Althoff* of
\u25a0^'. F. Althoff. & Son, manufacturers" of
icemaklng and refrigerating machinery.'
Today the dist racted young man said :
"If Ethel marries Fran«is Rogers - I
will do something desperate. No, I
don't want to talk about the case now.
I am all through, but I- will. say that I
will not livo to see 'my.. Ethel married
to another man."
Perhaps Miss Clifton will not wed
Rogers, but it iSjf stated among friends
of the family here that such is her in
tention. . . -.-" .; * -
Tli*r« ouarhf to be a tea and «-on>*
class for girls in every* school — Schil
ling's Best. \u25a0'\u25a0, •: .-.'; . ;: .*:.'..
The Greatest Opportunity Ever Offered to Get in on the Ground Floor With the Most Successful Inventor
and Manufacturer of This Time. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Frick, Corey, Belmont, Pullman and Hiindredsof
Others Made Their Great Wealth by Early Investments in Manufacturing Enterprises. This Is Your
Opportunity to Do the Same Thing, but You Must Act NOW.
PpPffij*y^?Sp*ffi^^ ' Street Railways of St. Paul and that city. I was so successful as a mechanic and electrician in this
I saw all thft troubles of the street railway managers. I found the present system of running street
zffiQffijgyHHEßHp£»rii infTOMßiC^yriTnß BBH^OTwSHroBvH cqts wjis entirely wrong".
W^^^^Sb^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^^^ mechanics at ono time. Ail of my inventions have made great successes and enormous sums of
The best money being made today in the manufacturing of harvesting machinery la very largely
[^^^g«Bfflß^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™|S^ I invented the first switch and turnout that prevented the trolley wheel on trolley cars from con-
B ?Hspfe*yfi''*'st!^^miß^3ilß33wEsMß ' * . ' . -
f ?^^^^^^EhHßMs^kSk^hKBß^^^B^^3 '\u25a0 • I will remodel the whole railroad business. There is not a railroad in this country but that will
pfflm^^^^^S'^^Svi^^^^^l^^J^^^^aj^^^^M the*end of a track into a river where a bridge is open. My car would stop itself even if the* leverinin
fgSß^^J^^n^"^vßv^^mu^^W^^vniW^tlWileUf gSB^^ J^^n^"^vBv^^mu^^W^^vniW^tlWileU an Wa jj stree t capitalists have made five different attempts to sain control over the Leffler Ele~-
PAUL W LEFFLER - trie System, and Wall street generally knows a good thing when It sees it. I could not afford to
Wire. Inventor of many Improvements to Harvesting Pany. and to every stockholder.^^^at I will pc r» °"*"_' \u25a0«? l ,° KM, v c . ve ,7 nn ™ tn , t ? d # w °n«n who
Mnehlnes. General Manager and Consulting E3n s lneer makes an investment in this company will get a square deal, rms Is a square deal from start to
of Leffler EUectrle System. v._ / . finish. _ ! .'
This Stock Advances to $4.90 Per Share at Midnight, Saturday, March 23d
To prove that' ron - will eft \u25a0 square W«l proveinent over any other systftn now known In i ' -JV ,._ I • - - mmmmmm ~ mmmm ~ mmmmmm ~ mmm ~~
t h^eh.. the Wwln, .contract prints on _^^^^^^^ ™™™±»g™*** ABOUT
the back of erery certificate: simple and simply wonderful. TUo reports will IUIS ' Sl * *,!v5"" S * • THE L.EFFI.ER SYSTEM TAK-
bc gent to any one ut>on request. • - - RAILWAYS I.Nfl THE PUCE OP PRES-
... .-.- .-. . .- \u25a0\u25a0•.\u25a0: MV AUTOMATIC SIGNAL SERVICE Th*re are no werhrtil wtre». no third EXT STEAM ItAILWAYS
All or any -nnres^of the eapltal It absolutely pr^ent, collisions. ETerywhen. -\u25a0 £j no^obrtfaett^^ 10 ™ 1 . » **» away entlrelr with locomotiTw.
stock of the Leaner Electric System, a car mores It sends elcnals abead and behind. • »• f.,ter wifer ea»l»r and b *y r motor . car*. • electric entices and all
•aid Company at Its .executive office \u25a0 put "? of romKonv aether : Cannot be -topped by- Meet or Know- Rnm winter and summer .like. Not
In Chicago, Illinois, In a manner. and girnal Immediately tnkes Us place.- Erery train storms, rain. let. crease. ; dirt or any other -affected by Ice. snow, prease. dirt, sleet,
form as provided by Ms by-Intrs, dispatcher and ' operator on the ro«o> can go. to similar obstructions on thetrack. r «'n or any other weather condition.
and adopted by a majority' of the sleep, ami my slgnalu will wort perfectly and It cannot produce electrolyri* on water Less than one-half of the fnel Is needed
s<oe kh «,sers oV this Co^any., so h^S"-^^^sW^^ JS^tts?^ if S^ t^ «
that all stock ao offered for redemp- - \u0084^,"3, Vorks automatically. Wben trains come the rtrolley." qnlckerthan by aay other system and with-
tlon. Trlthln any Klven period, may together too closel.r. heM.l. on or. from the -rear. ,It cannot interfere with any other elec- wi *iscon«orc to passengers.
\u25a0hnre eqnally "and proportUnately.' an electric bell rings Tlgorously In the. lerer : trie wires, requires less current than other Power houses can be placed 200 miles
Honever the stock of this' Com- man'acab. / | systems, and derelops greater power. apart.
n««v I. nnlv r^lcrmablf from fuadu CARS USDEB ABSOLUTE CONTROL »It .is all controlled by one lerer. and Is No brakes are required. The stopping Is
pany Is only reileemaDie rrom lunas .--....,,\u25a0._,„_ Th leTCr . always . under , the most absolute control, done by reTewlnit the corrent.
(he patents: of this Company nnder FUC h wibßtances do not affect the power or Ings motors or . other machinery to grind. do not grrln.l on the rails to start tratcs.
license, and after proper notice, ,as control of the car or«traln. -- .. are no' "bnrn^ts" of motow wa"" no holes' or flepresslons are made.
aforesaid, rrhlch may ,be received THE BUSINESS WILL BE IMMEXSB because there are fl> motors to burn out. ' DraetlcaflT no taiJ
from stockholder- direct, or from cmase be for e long we will be putting my « is Imnowlble for m M : or beast to c «y. T . repair, wm De needed.
sneb of said railroad companies as system on all the < Btfcndanl.. street and -Inter- get a shock , from . an electric current. . ... . — » «« »-__.
have received snld stock In payment urban railways. Just think what an Immense ; " ' ' \u25a0-\u25a0-.. OUR EASY - JJOXTHI.V PAYJIE.VT
for tra»M.ortatlon^or n ;; otherwise,' . bnMness tha^w{£be. o^ e^ the . won<senl % f th(> s lmp ,^t. most perfect sys- £ 'LA.V ,
PROVIDED,, HOWEVER, no , stock trie railway equipments -and • cars. Another tem.erer deTleed. It will set you to wondering For every 10 shares. $7 ensb and «
skall be' redeemed" untir after May. flnn employs nearly as many more. n There, are" that some one did. not think of thla maxTeloos monthly payments *7 each. Totnl, 510.
10th 1908 except at- the option of aluo thousands of men. employ e«l making stand- idea before, t For every 100 shares, «70 cash and 6
... ' '/.-_____.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ard locomotlrea • and equipments. All of these . When I send you this booklet I will also monthly payment* ?70 ench. Total, $490.
tnis company. . will be back' numbers and will have . to ro out send you the reports of some of the ablest Any other number of shares, on to
-« business, becanse the. I^effleri electric sys-.- electrical engineers In this country, who have 3,000, at the same rate.
\u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ••••- •\u25a0•_ .„\u25a0_,:„_ . ten^ will take their place i.sd> will employ 'thou- carefully examined the system. They fully
THIS ... CONTRACT MEANS v sands more. V indorse It. . Par ralne of all shares. $10 per share,
that out of. tbe royalties paid by railroad com- ; i\vESTIO4TE US " CAREFULLY I AYe receive ' almost • daily requests Not more than 5. COO shares to any one person.
ft means that If you bouirht'lOO nhares at' the' Is such an- opportunity as does not come about, to be constructed. . money order or draft on .V»w York or Chicago,
nresent Drlce you would be able to pet at* least- to any one. once In a. -hundred years. ,to get . In .-\u25a0Call* -\u25a0write or telegraph at once. If yon let this opportunity get by without
tl 000 by turning rour certificate of stock % ln -on -the- ground, floor on. a -proposition bound to - taking all tlie stock yon can possibly hoy. you
to' us to be paid from royalty ' money In our 'make million*. It • Is ; the next snreat forward ..- . — will scon be in the position of the man wao re-
Ireasu'rr I don't think you will orer want to step In the railroad world. It means the ulti--__ VOT ~«p fl , . . „,« , vrn » P fused to br.y Bell Telephone stock when It could
*"] i bVr«we^ of- th" Enormous dlvldeuds we. mate changln S uf erery present steam ami street SECLRE 1 OLRSELF A LIFE INCOME hs( i for small inowy and later saw it sell
nar but If you should be compeiled to «ell, railroad' orer. t» the Leffler system, not only INjr^W : for; thirty times what be could bare bonsht it
lour cert incate woul.l then be worth Its full because Mt can nin faster, but It sares alKMit nUVV fcr. :>S&&g2SB£3M
face Talue.- -~ • ' iw ;.V- -: half .In. operating r expenses and thousands ' of For eT<ip y ,0, 0 »hares, 94*. Cft ,i fn(J w m «. , n(1 lft me explato aßytMar
,HO LURKI.Nfi SCHbJib 1.1 mis stockholders. •• -.:-.. \u25a0> \u25a0\u25a0; : . _ 5,000 shares, at the same rate. ;P; P- v*u * .
We- hare no sideshow compares or hraneh. I cannot. describe- the system fnllr/here. I - .\u25a0\u25a0 i.. J ..vii.i 1 « m.^.k 9* «l. If you can't call, write for booklet and
organisations tor , the pnrpose of fooling people. ; have • done this In a \ booklet which I will \u25a0 send -"*"*'; ,7 •« .?J«.t «Tll bY ta S, r « engineers' reports to our
and will have none. All business Is to be done you > free for the asking.; If you can, take but .Price of this stock will be, 10 shares "* ir-«-v-T
or contracts to be performed by. r with and for- ten shares, get the ; booklet and; learn fully, all *49, 100 shares «490. FISCAL AGENT.
the I^fflcr Klectrle , System. ;•; This ' company < does ,' - ,;;/''. L* „ I "V~ «^l2 t .4~ '\u25a0~™~"' \u25a0i,*-^' *'\u25a0"\u25a0'.,\u25a0"..... .^, ',- -', \u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ---x ... ..
In^ or st^intllns that tTtry other share or dollar l sSrji^iMt&^^^'';fSioS4y^'^^^^^^Bw&ly^^^^^^HMßyhSn '^^~ -^ '^ '^ *\u25a0\u25a0 *"*'*i[ x~jr a~y i^~finyTE§^nS?fflßßll^hSlJJH!SjB?ffߣ? <h ll^^ii^^^'XF^^S
and l DfVcl?c«\* r o^^^ of Jum'pln 8 the Track—
wherein "the Leffier. systrm -Is, an immense ;;tra : ' : ' Swift, Sate and Sure. , Highest References. ~
k * " .".',." '-1... .'1-.'. -'...'-'.\u25a0'". .. * The Undersigned is Our Fiscal Agent for the West. Address All Inquiries and Orders to
OFFICE OPEN n v -v \u25a0/"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/"\u25a0: : : :rr : : ' ;::O^x v ",';ji; \u25a0f^m:^ • : £z*}f :
Room 4, ' 1720 GEARY STREET,. Sin Francisco. CaL-' _-
W<?rk ; of j Alfred Cellicr, Who Is Re
;\u25a0-' rnembered ; by San Franciscans,
to Be Given; Production
An opera rarely heard in this coun
try, 1 but always welcome, is -"Dorothy,**
.which "-will be given Its premier
morrow evnninj? at Idora -: Park, Oak
land. ;It is the Work ofY Alfred Cel
lier, than whom no finer musician ever
dwelt in England.- lie' is remembered
1 byySan Francisco music lovers,' for^ it
was here he first directed a perform
ance of; h!s now. famous" cantata, '"The
Mask of Pandora." .
"Dorothy" is brimful of melodies,
simple of construction, .but ; possessing,
musicianship, of the highest quality,
I and the libretto ', affords the-Idora Park
people." ample opportunity to \u25a0 act, : : as
well as sing. l The company is well fit
ted for this' kind of work..' Ferris
Hartman's" ability as a legitimate
comedian is too v/ell ' known to require
approval. . The performances will be
well worth crossing the bay- to wit
ness.' '.'\u25a0' •: V" .
Genee's "Nanoh," another old favor
ite light opera. Is in preparation.' at
;';VALLEJO. March -9.— The new Busi
ness Men's of this city,
whfeh" has been organized with*.a-mem
bership composed^ of buslnes? . people
of VaHoj<\ has oleeted its new- offlcer*.
jvh'o are:.--I.'. Dannebaum. president:
S. J. McKnight. vice president: V.' T.
Kelloy, secretary;^ B. F. Griffin, treas
Commissioner North Finds
. x the New Act ; Bristling
\u25a0 ,j : With Safeguards ,
Immigration Commissioner North has
received from Washington the amended
immigration \u25a0'. act and finds It much
stricter than was the original law.
The head, tax which each immigrant
must pay through the steamship com
pany has been increased to $4.
-i It is provided that -whenever the
President shall be satisfied that pass
ports issued by any foreign govern
ment to its citizens to go to any coun
try other than the United States or to
\u25a0 any /insular* possession of- thj^ United
States or to the Canal Zone are being
used for the purpose of, enabling the
holders^to come to the continental ter
ritory of the United States to the detri
ment of labor conditions therein, the
President ; may refuse • to permit them
to land.
1 Female adults and minors entering
this country for immoral purposes and
female "aliens . found in disreputable
houses within three years after their
admission -to. this country shall be de
ported. \u0084 Persons who ] harbor such fe
males are punishable by imprisonment
for. /five years and a line of $3000.
Polygamies are barred.
Steamship companies are liable to a
fine of $loo& for each contract laborer
-Mix half pint Of srootl nhliker
with two «uncf« of glycerine and
add one-half ounce Concentrated
oil of pine. This latter riimrs In
one-half ounce vials packed se
onrely In round • sereiT-top cases
Trblch are Intended to protect It
from Ilffbt and retain all the
original ozone. Don't use bulk
oil of pine or. Imitation.-* of
Concentrated. Tvhleh are . often
found using; similar name and
style of packase. They are In
soluble and work havoc to the
kidneys. Any tlmsKl.it ha* the
Concentrated ell of pine. It will
also be found a moat excellent
remedy for lmnbngo and all
forms of uric arid rheumatism.
For this purpose It li taken rait,
a few drop™ on «us:ur at night
and mornln,i.
Concentrated oil of pine Is the
results of many rears* experi
menting: by one of Philadelphia's
foremost doctor*, vrlio. after end
leas' research, at last secured a
truly soluble oil of pine, ao make
sure *o Bret the real thing;. It
also make* an excellent salve
to be applied externally on tbe
liidrs. For this purpose It 1*
mixed ivJth . lard or vaseline.
knowingly brought to -this country.
Masters of vessels taking alien pas
sengers out of any port of the United
States are reqtilreJ to furnish to the
Collector of Customs a list of such pas

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