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With furf u r> ' ywFgFh&s^
Warm 0, ,J^ W^^
Water %^ '?7m\\VP^
and 7^4l\l|^s
And weekly dressings of
Cuticura, purest and sweet-
est of emollients, at once
stop falling hair, remove
crusts, scales, and dandruff,
destroy hair parasites, soothe
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the roots with energy and
nourishment, and make the
hair grow upon a sweet,
wholesome, healthy scalp,
when all else fails.
Sold tbrougfcout Vo* worlfl. I>epet»: IxmAon. 17
Charterhouse tit, : 2'nrip. bKmAt la ran : Aurtra-
Jla. R. Town» A Co.. fljrfirej : Idci» B. K. Paul. CXl-
jutta: China, lloot Konf Vtmk < o.; Jnp»n. Muruj*,
1,t4.,T0t)0; South Africa. Lrocon. Ltd. Cape Ton.
etc.: U. ts. A^ Potter I>rut * Ch«>m. Corp.. Bom
Prope^ Boston, mrt o»uirw. CuUcura Booiiet.
If I make you a wig or a
toupee you may .be sure of
three things.
It will be as comfortable to
wear as your own hair.
No one can possibly detect
it from your own hair.
No one can make you a bet-
ter one, no -matter how much
you pay — and you pay me
I'rivatr Rooms for Consultation
I" have a large stock of the
finest human hair goods to
meet every requirement of la-
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Scalp Treatments
Hair Dressing
Face Treatments
Children's Hair Cutting -
Qnlßt«nlcn for thr Ilatr
Mail orders -filled promptly
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and beautifies the
teeth and purifies the breath.
Used -by people of refinement;
for over a quarter of a century, ;
Convenient for tourists.
... Artistic '
Easter Novelties
Floral Decorations
Herbert Bateman
(Formerly with Sievcrs & Boland)
Phone, Franklin 2149
Attention to phone ojders.
Now Located, at
Roman Catholics
THE Roman Catholic Calendar for
the first wceTc In April is as fol
luwb: April I—Easter1 — Easter Monday;
2— of the octave; 3 — of the oc-
tave, St Richard, bishop and
confessor; 4 — of th« octave, St. Igadore,
bishop and doctor; s—of5 — of the octave. St.
Vincent Ferrer, confessor; 6 — St. Will
iam abbot; 7 — Low Sunday: Gospel,
"Jesus appears to Ills disciples."
The calendar is the same for the'
Franciscans except that on April 3 it,
is St Benedict the Moor, confessor, I
friar minor, and on the 6th, it Is .81.
Bentovolius, confessor, friar minor.
In a few weeks work will be com
menced on a new parish house in Val
lejo str«et. east of the old St. Francis
Church, for the use of Rev. Father
Caraher, paster of that church. 'It will
be two stories in height with a front
age of €6 feet and depth of 56. The
lower story will be fitted up as a hall
for the use of the several organizations
connected with the church. . -When the
building I* ready for occupancy Father
Carnher will have an assistant.
AftT the parish houpe fes completed
attention will be turned to the res
toration of the brick church, the walls
of which are all standing -in perfect
condition. While the walls are sound
the foundation on which they rest, be- I
ing of sandstone and granite, was
badly damaged by the lire that de
stroyed the church, and will have to !
be removed. It will be replaced by a
foundation of brick laid in cement.
When It became apparent that the
church was doomed to destruction
Father Caraher" saved all the vest
ments and much of that which Is used
in the celebration of the mass.
As the parish of St. Francis is being
restored the former residents are re
turning to new homes and as a conse
quence the congregation of the church
is growing, many of the former com
municants being seen at every mass.
In addition, a large Catholic popula- .
tion of new comers Is settling in the ;
parish, and these find their way to the.
new St. Francis. The congregation on
the second Sunday In March was the
largest that has attended mass 'in this
temporary church since it was built.
The Sunday school is also growing.
There are now many names on the roll,
more than 160. The several classes
are In charge of the Sisters of the
Holy Family. The children are In
structed in Sunday school topics not
only Sunday after • the last mass but
everj* afternoon by the Sisters, who de
vote an hour to that duty.
In the church of the Nativity in Fell
j street, near Franklin, there will be
the blessing arid distribution of the
palms today. The song of Passion will
be rendered by a special choir in the
Slavonic language. On Good Friday,
Stabat Mater wijl be rendered during
the Way of the Cross. Last Saturday
Rev. Father Turk, pastor of this
church, celebrated a solemn requiem
mass In memory of his father, who
passed away in Austria recently.
The young men of St. Anthony's
Church are preparing for a drama to
be given in the hall connected with
the church some time after Easter. AfJ
ter that the young ladles will present
a drama. ,
The choir of this church Is preparing
for a special cong service for Eastej-,
and rehearsals are being held every
week- The cervices on '.'.lat day will
be the grandest that the church has
ever had on glad Easter day.
There are now forty-five fathers and
brothers in the reconstructed monastery
of the St. Boniface Church in Golden
Gate avenue. All of the Franciscans
are now back In their old home. The
school building connected with* this
church Is being 'pushed forward
as rapidly as possible. Last week
the . contract was let to put the
white coat on the Interior of the build
ing. In a short time the work of re
pairing the church building will- be'
commenced'and carried on without in
terruption until it is ready for reopen
ing. The church will be reconstructed
on the old lines, with this difference,'
that Instead of a central tower., there
I Tiill be two* side towers. It is to be
! put up as a tirst-elass tyiilding. .'
The Franciscan Brothers have mani
fested a great deal of the reconstruc
tion spirit In the restoration of 'their
burned home. In the meantime .serv
ice is being held in the.. basement. of
the church, the same having been fitted
up for thai use. Service is; held there
during Lent at 7 and 8 o'clock in "the
morning ,and on Wednesday ; evening
there is service at' 7:50 o'clock. On
.Sunday there is mass at 7, 8 . and 9
o'clock and high mass at 10 o'clock. I
- The following ha\*e been elected offiV
cers'of the St. Joseph Benevolent So
ciety for the current term: William
Muraeky. president; Martin O'Brien,
%-ice president; ,. M. . Dolan, secretary;
A.-F. Bernard, treasurer; Dr. Jerome
A. Hughes, physician. * :;
Rev. Father Heredia, S. J., of St.
Joseph's Church, San ; Jose,, who under
went an operation recently, will leave
for Mexico this week., upon the ad-,
vice of. his physiclan.for the benefit of
his health. He hopes to return to this
State next September.
The Holy Family Temperance League,
which has a wider scope than either the
Father Mathew Society or the Catholic
Total Abstinence Society, has ; been
started in several places.- The new so
ciety will direct Its attention to chil
dren as well as to adults. The object
1« to attract Catholic men. women and
children and teach them total ab
stinence. In a circular the objects arc
set forth a* follows: # «
"To preserve ' all.' especially. . the
young, from contracting an appetite
for intoxicating. liquor: to spread the
practice of total abstinence even among
those who use liquor temperately,:and
to reform .those who misuse Intoxicat
ing liquor. It is to benoted that the
league is pre-eminently a - religious l as
eoclatlon, and.' the ,«neans to be em
ployed for the attainment of its object
are pplritual, namely, moral suasion,
example and prayer.- Its first and
greatest object is to 'warn the "< young
against the dangers of intoxicating
liquors and to spread a strong' sent!-*
went In favor of total abstinence."
I Following- Is the .Episcopalian Church"
! calendar.for the : flr«t week. In, April:
Flrpt, Monday. In Easter week, greater
feast of the first clans; second/Tuesday
in Easter week, greater ' feast of .the
first class; third. Su Richard, bishop
A. D. 1263; fourth. St. Ambrose, biehop
of Milan. A-.D. 397: fifth, fast: dny.
Bishop Nichols has announced Ithe
following ojufafr^ments for April: Mon
day in -Kaster Aveek. a. m., . lona
Churchyard; April 7 — St. John's Church,
Stockton. , a. in., Lodl;* evening:: r 14 — St.
Paul's,- San Rafael, a. m* Pa lo Alto,
evening; n— Kings . City.^a. m:,' Paso
nobles, evening; 22-25 — Salinas Valley
Missions; 28— St. Mark's, Berkeley, a.
m.." Los Gatos, evening.
The following Is the service .for, Holy,
week In St. Paul's. Charch in California
street. \u25a0 near Fillmore, .' Rev. \u25a0." WV •M.
Reilly' rector: Monday, litany," Iff a.
m. v ; Tuesday, . vespers, 4:30 p. ' m.;
-Wedhesdaj-, -litany, ilO a. in.;i evening
service and -.sermons,' =p. ra. ; Maundy
Thursday, holy communion i ;and s ser-
mon at 10 a, in.; vespers. 4:30 p. m.;
Good Friday, morninj? service and ser
mon. 11. a. ni., Stainer's Crucifixion, : B
p. m. -
\u25a0 On Easter "Sunday there will be" the
celebration of holy communipn at 7:30
a, in., mornlnK prayer, followed by holy
communion at. 11, processional hj'mn,
festival iTsponscß, Easter . psalm,
"Christ - . Our Passover," yenite and
Klorias." 'Te Deum in : F," Jubilate
in F, Jntrolt . hymn; communion .Ver
vice , ; by Roland - Smart in >:.,C> major;
hymn, III; offertory anthem t ''Christ
Is Risen," Gloria in Excelsip, re
ce^lonal hymn, .^ Magnificat In -'-\u25a0 C,
Xunc Dlmittls in C. The choir'/ will
render Dr. H..J. Stewart's Easter can
tata, "Victory," with organ and piano
accompaniment, "Sevenfold Amen.'.'
The contribution for the building of
the new parish .church in San Mateo
already reaches 533,000. Mrs. A. M.'
Easston has promised the" new church
an organ; Mrs. "Walter Martin has oorf r
fered a window In memory of the late
Mrs. Burton Harrison and one whose
name Is not made public has promised
a second memorial window. Mrs. F.
C. Carolan has promised to restore the
white etone altar and reredos given by
her. as a memorial to her father. ,D. S.
and Mrs. Walker will restore the white
stone prayer desk. The baptismal font,
which was given . to." the church -by
Henry T. and 'Scptt in memory of
their son, - Maxwell, "will bo - restored
by them. -Among the first to contrib
ute to the rebuilding of the church
were Mrs. Whltelaw Reid and Mrs. W.
I-L Crocker,>who each gave $5000 and
promised more if needed. ' These were
followed by Mrs. *F. 'C. Carolan, who
gave a like amount. \
At the' last meeting" of the .'W'omen'i
Home Missionary Society , each ond toM
her experience of : how she earned; 3lt or.
more for the purpose , of adding to a
fund to maintain 1 a deaconess;. student
at the home ,in "Height street/-'' •
The Howard street* Church ; has >c-,
celved additional * subscriptions' for . re
habilitation, and the sum now is ; near
the $5000 mark. C. Bane hopes
to reach that figure before the close
of the current" month. ••",\u25a0
It is announced tbat Rev. B.TF v Meyer,
B. A., president of the Baptist ' Union,
-and Rev. P. W. Mac Donald, • formerly
president of the Wesleyan - Methodist
Conference, are to take part., in. the
World's Sunday-school Convention t'to
be held in Rome May 20, 21.. 22and?34.
It Js expected that the United- Slates
and Canada will be represented by; soo
delegates. *• :* . - "'" ' • . >
Holla V. Watt lias returned from 'the
Ea6t. where he attended a session-; of
the book committee. During- his .stay
in New York he addressed the Preach-,
ers* Association on the subject of: the
churches in San Francisco. - •.''... I,
Last ' Sunday the. ' Eighth-avenue
Church' of Oakland had a -noteworthy
meeting. It was a jubilee ..service at
which, Rev. L. L. Lioofbourow, .the pas
tor, presided and it -was remarkable, be
cause the rehabilitated church reopened
entirely free from debt., this the first
time since It was organized. ."„•"-'
Rev. O. B. Smith, evangelist, who
went East some time since ' to attend
several important meetings, -has re
turned to this city and, tomorrow, will
address the Preachers'- Association
meeting in "Wesley Church. .;:
The trustees of Richmond .-.Church,
Rev. E. D. Raley pastor, will probably
close the purchase this.^wee'k of a; cor
ner lot 100x76 feot^pn'.whlcli: to 'build
a new church. As soon as the deal is
closed the work of construction -will be
begun. Mrs. Balnbridgre of this church
has organised* a'.- Woman's 'Christian
Temperance Union for .the Richmond
district. ' .* .. ; , ;
Dr. W. C' Kvans, presiding elder of
the Oakland district, has accepted an
invitation to visit the Pacific Theo
logical Seminary at . Berkeley to "de
liver the address on April. 11 to the
graduating class. .
An effqrt will soon be made to have
Dr.. Melvln .E. Trotter, . the noted
preacher, visit San Francisco with a
view of arousing- , Interest in .the
church. Two' weeks ago he preached
in one of the Chicago churches and
ralsed"|3o,ooo : toward the purchase, of
the Pacific Gospel -Mission." It is be
lieved .that if he can be for
this State .the. question *bf rehabilita
tion of the churches, would be settled
without delay. , ....- .. .
The I Board .of Home, -Missions and
Church" Extension has appointed .Sun
day,-April 21, as California rehabilita
tion, day. An offering will be called
for' ln all of the Methodist churches in
the United States in aid of the churches
in this State. : The result of. the "of
fering taken up./n this State for that
purpose on rehabilitation, day, : ' Fe
bruary 3. amounted In the aggregate to
144.173.80. '
, Dr. George ,B- S m yth, assistant mla*,
sionary- secretary, sailed recently
for Foochow- and Far Kast. He
will attend the centennial anniversary
of the founding of \u25a0 the Protestant mis
sions in China.: The celebration will
last from April 25 to May 5. Dr.-Smyth
expects to return* to. this»citj- July 1.
He will visit Foochow, where -he was
a" missionary about seventeen i years
ago, and Korea, and also will attend
the Japanese Methodlst->'General^Con
ference-ln Toklo. •.
. \ Commencing with Holy week - there
will -be . special service •-; in r . Trinity
Church, Hey. ,Carl /M. Warner- pastor,
every .evening,, In the church J _atV Six-"
teenth j and Market streets, except Sat
urday night. There Is to be. a special
service on Easter day. The Ladles'. Aid
Society -of. this- church contemplates
several important' events, after Easter.
.The repairs to the auditorium, of the
First Congregational Church ,of this
city, at Post and Mason streets, Rev.
George C. Adams pastor, . are \u25a0 so far
advanced that "there Is a; reasonable
certainty, that service will be resumed
on Easter day." On the evening of- that
day; Golden Gate Commandery. Knights
Templar, :will-attend divine. service In
this churcli. " \u25a0,'".\u25a0• ,:' [ '..,,; ?• :^'\^. \:
About: forty. ministers from different
portions; of the State assembled^inthe
First Church'of \u25a0 Berkeley to assist » in; a
celebration , in honor of' Rc\v S. ; H. .Wll
ley on. the eighty-sixth anniversary; of
his birth. Mr.;Willey, came"to.Califor
nia on< the steamer California; ? which
reached : , San . . Francisco i \u25a0 February [28,
1849, '\u25a0 taut. lie. landed in Monterey :«n 'the
23d; and. ,waß the \u25a0 soconi} '. : Protestant
clergyman In' California;- ho ? .': having
Ceen preceded by Rev. T. Dwlght "Hunt;
who came, to San Francisco" from > the
Sandwicli- Islands In *. October, " : ;-» 1848."
While in Monterey, where he" remained
for i eighteen'^ months,-, he - officiated',: as
chaplain, at the first' oonstHutlonal Von
ventlon.V.He was; not only- a pioneer^ in
the .matteri of. arrival, - ; b"ut r a , pioneer 1 in
many". Of* the most prominent religious
movements in-the State. ; , . *" «
,*: The : evangelistic services held>by -the
Rev. , A. ' W.\ Hare ."and .- Hare tln
Plymouth .Church"; during, the" past'week
have been: "well; attended:; each* evening.'
- The Rev. JohmT.: Millgen ; commenced
work',' *vlth - the Second v Congrcgationa 1 l
Church of 'Oakland" during Jthe" first 1
week: In'; March.-, He;i was :; tendered^ a j
hearty; welcome ] by/ theVcongresatlon^'^
. Rev, ?'J.vß.%Knodell> having j resigned \
the -: pastorate 1 of .* Park I Congregational
Church of ' Berkeley to accept •: the", posl-j
tion of assistant superintendcht'ofvthe
Antipaloon League the_. church ,Is-,! at
this >timc'-without a" regular- pastor. &'. '
'About 150 persons attended the quar
terly meeting of S the "Woman's > Board
or Missions for the .Pacific* in the
fourth Church; of Oakland. :; A' number
of interesting. and Inspiring \u25a0-addresses
were delivered in- behalf :of missionary
work.; -":\u25a0:'-\u25a0:; ', ; lV- '.-'; ; \u25a0\u25a0'.:-\u25a0;\u25a0•\u25a0
The First Church of Alameda reports
that the -."Cross arid: Crown" pins have
proved'.mostxvaluableijni'adding to the
Sunday "school arid' maintaining its en
tirety. : :--/- .V;-.:'--^ •\u25a0>\u25a0*>,. .\u25a0-.-- , i'- \u25a0;-\u25a0
- On account:»f ill -health/ Rev.Vj.~K.
Harrison.'for fifteen 3-earssuperlntend
ent- 3 of the Californla.uHome'Missionary
Society, tendered -his, resignation to. the
board, which . regretfully 'accepted ; the
same. A" committee,- with Rev. {Wlllia"m
T. Patchellas chairma.n,> was appointed
to prepare a set of resolutions express
ing the V board's J high appreciation' of
Mr. : Harrison's services. \u25a0\u25a0; : ,
Rev. C. Ciapp of ,- Portland.. Ore., for
eighteen- years- home 'missionary su
perintendent- for^Oregon.Vrecently re
signed to take up-'evangelistlclwork-in
the Pacific Northwest. Tn'thls he-will
be . accompanied • by, • Rev. D. T T.jThomas
of. OMo, ' who' is represented- as a' wise
and' efficient- eoui: winner.
-The. meeting. or the Bay, Association
was held in the Sunol church lasttTues
day. and In addition to receiving reports
examined Mr. Van "Wannem forfordi
nation. . - - .;- ;-,-,.-..
Christian Church
1 . , The Oakland Christian Church. : un
der-the leadership of Re\vT.rA.i"Boyer,
presses on to greater achievements "for
| the The Sunday school is grow
; ing and. quite a number of pupils have
i recently become- Christians. . \u25a0'..:
Rev.,C. P. Macfarlane of Alameda and
Rev.'. T. A. Boyer of -.Oakland 'have- re
cently organized ja . men's association -, in
•each church along:, the: same lines Tas
the. Young Men's^ Club*. lnstituted- ;by
Rev. Robert \u25a0 Lord Cave • In? the '* West
Side ' Christian Church .'in 'this 'city.
These^pastors believe Mn; virile gospel
and decry the notibn'that'the-church-.is
for '.women and 1; children only.'" Rev.
Lord Cave * says that "this -in
terest in - men > Is , speading t like wildfire
; among, the - churches Xo
i more potent or successful -organization
exists in the, world t. today; than the
,Young Men's ;ChrlstlanVAssociation and
the Students'. Volunteer Movement.'.'- •^•
r ."Rev.E. W.'Daist'of. Berkeley is'hold
ing; meetings 'in' the -First- Church In
Portland,- Ore. -I, Rev.VF. : S. --\u25a0 Ford ;has
been ; preaching^ two concurrent ' series
i of ; sermons in -the First Chiirch ,ln. : this'
\ city, ; one on "The " Holy; Spirit", and the
other 'on '"Some Stories. of the Old Tes- J
tament.','. . \u25a0 .'•...:;: \u25a0*;
wTh'e audiences at the West : Side
Christian* Church In this city.' continue
to • lncrea.Be. Last 'Sunday- Rev. . Mr.
i Cave, the pastor, preached : the ' first
| of '.a. series of Sunday ; evening -ser
i mons'on "The Man. Christ Jesus."
Preachers' Meeting
.•The 'meeting of,, preachers'^of f the
Methodist Episcopal church 'of ;Ban
Francisco and vicinity, held- In \u25a0 Wesley
Church, "was well attended. YE. R.
Willis, D. D., presided, and Elder. G. L.
Pierson of the Xapa district- ledtlnUhe
devotional exercises. .'.'"'.
\u25a0 ! Rev. E. D. Raley,' of ?, the. Richmond
church stated that he had; visited the
Weat Richmond church, and that 'it was
recruiting new. members ; . from among
the people' that had moved . into that
district. As to his own church, while
there is a preceptible gain,' ltis not as
large as It ought to. be,. considering the
large ' number of people who in the re
cent .1 past have moved Into -the Jllchi
mond district. .'\u25a0*'.'
•President Willis spoke of the^ork
of -the deaconesses In the refugee
camps at Ingleslde and ' the. old Speed
way, under the direction .of Miss May-"
brew. -H« also spoke .of %rv visit \u25a0; he
made -to "Columbia -Park. campVtolhold
service there ); on the i evening *• of J' the
second Sunday in tfie currenVimonth—
this at' the request of Mis*' Maybrew.
He said that there was, a great; field
there and that; there'; ought ;'to be" . a
number of -.volnnteersi He?';.weht :to
social hall in the jparki and'^-when he
entered* he -discovered rj. number -of
young ,people_,around=:the jPiano, sing
ing »/ popular- ballad, but >thls Jjceased
as soon as the (Character of: the I visitors
was- dlscov«red,":and in a little while
afterward ; the i service* ;of ; the evening
were started, many .came into -.the hall
and listened:. with respectful attention
to what' was ; said: There was; only one
disturbance,": that ; by -; a ? young : fellow
who ; had been I drinking; .' but^bef ore ; he
.had" gone f aw he". was* removed- by/ the
police. V,-, Dr. iWlllls deplored ' the i l fact
that In' thef center of the' camp there
was a licensed saloon where men and
women! got .drunk i and used- the vilest
kind \ of.? language .In the . presence , of
children/ Iwhose \u25a0. morals were certainly
not .improved" by, what, they.',saw and
heard. , ; He , was ; . of the opinion '\u25a0 that'
what* is - needed > at: the camp, ; so ' long
( - ; j 1 near Sacramento 3t. J) - -
. '^"^ \u25a0 . I ~~""~^" M """ M ~""*'' > *^'^ ' \u25a0'"
B^ toannouncc thatlt^
a very large and varid:a)Uection of high-grade
lailo^Maae ouits • I
indudmg all the^ew^dek .
\\ \u25a0 :.y- : - r Qowns .. * * :>: >> z - *
for street^ dinner and ; evdungV rin beaiitiful
\u25a0 ; Hi
• foriStreet and^fte^d* w^^in ctoifi
"" „* ' -'"' V ham,. taffeta arid' coverts. ; l '-y,\
- v koroosfca^^
i "
: j ' :^
. ' Early Inspection-Is 'SoKdtcd .V*
MAILORDERS \u25a0 . 40^ N S*~^Bk PATTERNS fl
Anythlnsir In thin «d- tj J/mmr X^v > X PJ^ • ££3r s'l S 9ur Vc nre nsent* for 13
%ertlsempiit. and. for 4 , Ml - M ©? *A jU / Mm • the famou.i Staml- |J
that mutter, any- 1 Ml \u25a0 : £ti^ TW" W. /t/7 * / 6 \^r ««"«! l»atternt».H
thins; In thin ntore ' IB ':. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' -.. .\u25a0: "\u25a0 - 'W \u25a0: - \u25a0'"\u25a0'£' J —\u25a0' ' tThone txeellence g
onn bo ordered I |S| 7 JL-^ ~ ' - hnn **<•** nmtn- a
nnd \u25a0' "•"' secured '.•\u25a0 by *.V'?>'"- '~Jwnf-~ -" -^ \u25a0"' jjf ' ' » -»\u2666 f talaed for twenty ss
mall. > iisunlly with! 'El ' MM M*t4& S*Q&A<G B /^)&%4A£4£ A J^ / && yonr*. AVhllc th«tr- ||
nm much eaue. often / W /JffI B TJfWW/ &/7fJF MaSsS /St/nlrSAl JffJfJ muchly up to ilatr IJ
ullh morf conven. |^^ I 9E^'M\MyMMjrJL^^MM^^S^m/^^jSik9e*yMM^7 '" «l«"««srn. thi-y f\
lence. and nltvnja /^A / I SMF// V'wV'/ $r fW^ **? \F M W^^ irM G^f have *uth «implU- fl
with n perwonnl j WEB / // >^ . -" - *r !Hy of cnn«trui-t]«>ii fJ
anfety a» It mljtht [T^^ (' \u25a0\u25a0m^tmp..--^. . aM^AW thnt vvo n no> !«•«\u25a0 U
be- «lonr bj* a per- . . --~ l^^^^**S£g&?7772i7l7tTnw!t7fde3S*^ In xr^lnjj enn put F|
hobkl* visit. Address . '-\u25a0\u25a0»•,•\u25a0 T^" , them tocether. All fcj
NEWMAN ' *' LEV- . •' . - * .v • . \ •\u25a0.. -•* • \u25a0\u25a0 -. Standard Pattrriis. B
11 ' ou "l The Store With a Reputation VAN NESS and SUTTER >or»ndi.>.
$ 1 and $ 1.25 Dress Silks for 75e a Yd. I
Exceptional [Values for Monday's Selling j
one of Xcn, York's -greatest snthonscs a parcbase of otcr 100 pieces of I]
plain silks, *hich "we bought under price. The line consists of
';'-*;\u25a0; -'~Vy , 27-incii i Pure Silk^Peaiiude^Cjgne, rrorth $l-> 5 a yard. •,-'•* v •<;.
24.inch? Pore Silk Imported Radinm, worth $1^.3 a yard. fcj
21-inch. Pure Silk Imported Messallnes, worth $1.00 a yard. '-\u25a0 \u25a0-• - : y--' fl
fAH ereniug shades are > Well represented, and all thc^popnlar street shades. Yon can hare your choice of aoy 11
of these silks on Monday. at \u25a0 : J - / !|
: The Yard 7jsc The Yard 1
A Showing 0f Easter Waists I
In anticipation 'of Easter here is a presentation of three of the most farored Easter IVaists, correctly 1]
interpreting the. trend of current fashions;; \u25a0 . 11-Ci ", . _ 1)
Tncked; front and hack; lace tra ' heary; quality; tncked yoke, -fine": quality, silk, -which .. will not I
trimmed yoke and slcctcs;, shown i 'trlromed.with-lace and medallion, crack or break ;. checks and stdpes;- B
in white, pink and light bine. A reg- J This waist is 'stocked In WHITE bias ' fronts: tucked -yoke; A self- I
>niar $6.50 waist'offercd at ......... O>"LY and Is priced by ns at..'.:.^ color; medallions; all new JJ
............. v :. $4i95 Each' \u25a0:..ys:..~.:i'^.'.'s.ss?2s Each shades^ ;.,.-.-.......\u25a0. $5.75 Each I
Washabte Printed Nets I Ready4^ I
• ' For;4he"confecUon of waistsf and ieTening> dresses 4 • Suits possessing that, air of -distinction, and/ ex- ||
there is i really- nothing smarter on ! the I market \ than ' ? clusiTeness that are part ?of the scnman & LeTinson I
these printed, nets r dainty in^ coloring, handsome; in read y. to : Wear apparer for women. :^o better Value I
; design and washable. 7 Too .will go far before yon will \u25a0-, / - _. y ; _. I
-.find anything more snitoble for the purpose. The «J?ts in the city at the price quoted. The Suits I
- nets themselTes are ' of fine quality and the floral : pat- i herein . referred 'to are exhibited in Eton, Pony, Cut- I
•terns *• giTe yon almost the impression \ of hand-paint- \u25a0 away, and Jacket styles, \wlth full pleated skirts. The I
ilngnpon'the ground of the.fabrlc, in colors of pink,' materials striped, plain and checked worsteds I
bine and laTender.. The width of^these printed nets Is substantially - and elegantly tailored. Yonr choice of I
82, Inches, and they are shown by ns- at the .Teiy. these handsome Suits on 3loh- r Ij
; moderate price of . : ...... ... ..... . 75c a Yard day at ............>: — :-.527;50 the Suit jj
Attw 1
v ' Embroidered upon fine material, and worth> up to 50 cents apiece, this JTeckwear affords an opportunity U
which? yon must i positiTely not overlook. f -We haTe jju t about 100 dozen fine -white Swis<; DM BKOU)EIJEI> 1]
*STO(atS; some have tabs, others, haVe not. -In the ordinary course of trade, yon would bo asked double or \u25a0»
'^triple the price which we haTe attached to these goods,. which willgo on sale in ohr. . 1 **[,(\u25a0* \u25ba J^*i/>ff ij
vXeokwear -Section -tomorrow morning.- : at:'.v. :../;.... :;,.... \u25a0* \u25a0# !• l^cL^ll i
Art Goods Noyeltiies Wash Goods Offerings I
>'o department in our establishment is busier atthls . " ' J. \u25a0;^ \u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0 \ 'L I
season of the year.than Is our Art Section. Herein are ; Two notable values In Wash Material _ are put I
?tobe found the Tery latest ideas. in EMBROIDERED, /forward for tomorrow. They will repay your In- I
3A>'D DRAWN WORK GOODS In all the latest stitches. TtjMt . . : [si I
Biedcmeyer,. Madeira and the new Wallachian, 6 '\^ \... * "'* '' : '\ "^ H
to instance a few only. . 30-inch BATISTE^ white ground :, a, hue cloth; |
:^ We are likewise showing some wonderfully, at- printed. In beautiful floral and tignrtd designs: I
'= tractive noTelties In applique art-ticking "PILLOW all colors ....:......:.-... 1 5c a. Yard if
A in Gurtains j
:r: r . One of those bargain opportunities to which you r have been accustomed through i-lousr experience .of tht W
Xewman ; & Levinson; business : , method^ : : ; V - ; \u0084' ; i - \u25a0 - L '"' .,-'- " '"' I!
ii v r- > T ET: ; CURTAIJiS-r* yards^Jong^and 42 Jnches'jTfide;^ plain \u25a0: centers C--Cluny Q 1 Q *% SLPcLil*^
if Inserting and edges! white and Arabian colors ; \at the special price for Monday . . . V* J• ' ** < *' tl
.Sr \u25a0 . • \u25a0;\u25a0' To prevent disappointment it I ishighb; advisable that you shop eatb) in the day. H
Lakes' Hose Sweater Jackets Men's Shirts jj
Just arrlT«d-A large assort- Another shipment of 4 These bay* *|««««ei *»-«»»\u25a0• •-*
ment of the latest styles in Ladles' LadiesV Sweater Jackets, all wool ™ "» w « h ™" w ?..,J11? vT,» i
Hosiery, comprising .Gawe^.AJl. andwool and mewerixed stripes: •\u25a0* war n»ur« «nd »«'Jp«- - vl^ 11
oversee; Lace Ankles, and plain Y-shape^ neck; /color* white, black, Mje «d **££*£* \^ -SS^T- it I
with insteps. • Extra . navy blue, gray and cardmaLYalnes They are worth up t» fiuio each, tj
Talues at ......\u25a0...-...........?.. up to $2.76 Tt:*. V: 1 ::.: bntg»o» sale at .......*.... ij
,50c to $1:50 a Pair ,-\u25a0\u25a0< $1. 90 Bach 90c Each | - ||| B
as' it shall -be maintained,, is a Sunday
school and V- corps' of preachers to talk
to 'therpoopie. 7 ..^ -. \.
\u25a0'.'\u25a0 Rev. Mr. Raley , said ;that from a re
ligious standpoint the conditions In the
camp in the : Richmond - district were
not - good. - There : were • G000 ."; persons
there and "I the": manner "in i which ; they
had been living had «ott>e«n conducive
6t \u25a0 the \ hestTresults. : 1 TKese . people,:; he
said, had become carejess and were lax
as to religious duties. ."There r are," >\u25a0 he
said, \ ' "any number ; \of :^' women '1 "and
young girls there \ who.'bef ore 'the .fire,
were glad c,to v obtaln .work ; -ln ' home,
shop and > factories,' but now/ absolutely
refuse * all offers " ; at {\u25a0 employment, say
ing that ' they- are - getting a . living
"without having ,to Vwork. - TheL girls
seem to care for nothing else than eat
ing and f uriY'. He was of the ; opinion
that the' camps had Inot . been^a suc
cess along the lines of good citizen-,
ship. '>'' '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0' " \u25a0 .' " ' \u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0 .' "\u25a0 ..
- , Rev. Mr.vKeist of the .church in San
ta Clara' spoke iof* the. work .Jn tfcat
place and .told 'of ;. the ; recovery . of the
box 'from' the j cornerstone of the
wrecked -.buUdjns. and. told of Its con
tents."-* The ••box \u25a0\u25a0 was iput .in .the stone
]i :' ' ; : /^-'- c -- •" -^ ' '_';""\u25a0 \u25a0- T" T ERE, is- an oc- 1
\^^^^^ S".thc fact^that Rieh«rd.o»-. Fa. I
- . our lines of Crock- mou« Steef.Wheel, > |
\u25a0 - cry, .Glassware, iSil- Hnii-iimriuK 1
- - Cbl«.^ S«H .nd l^u T %u^u V^ Skatei -- Used in I I
* P(.dd« j Sh«lser« — Kitchen utensils and . . 1
Z .No PP mltai^op ß "to • Hardware' are the nearl >' aU rlaks - - I
corrode. Most:use-. - most complete -in Sold by all deaiers I
\u25a0 Kr 8 the city we arc, go- at |S.OO. I
f Lasts a lifetime. • ing'to dispose from , \u0084. ,t, t -» o » A S
! fells regularly , time ,to time of SpJcial at N3.50 I
for 50c. pair. staple goods in our V ! J |
-", SpedaJ at ; "25C P" various' departments \u25a0-'\u25a0 ' . :' - \u25a0 I
V J at unusual pocket- r „—^^-^- A M
pleasing prices. Not jSIigSS I
:;"^— «»««\ \u25a0 a collection or old
*XV^i%V7i;{*'- \" ''\u25a0 .-' for : themselves. It's . j5j 5 = " ! 1
:'.\u25a0 : ."Jewell i Sleeve" \ lor ;*you to" decide « f
; iromiav Board*— - whether- it will pay - \u25a0 * \u25a0\ I
t 'Made V-.of^stronff I you take ad- <;!«»,_ w.iV |
v - "'..-.' \ .vantage of our gen- . Board*— No rust. Ij
\ :h.*r.sT°-l°^: h .*r.5T°-l°^ and : ; : nine v -special.^-.'c-C' Only .une to reach t ; |
;\u25a0• .well padded. Res-" "Al- 'glimpse :of .the person.. Sold every- 1 \u25a0
ular price' SOc.-- .' values will assist where at 1 50kv
; - '- •-;«*•\u25a0 yoa ; to . "make* that ._ \u0084; . «>r» A
Special at 25c j Special at 35^ J f
B , ' Plated Kblt#>i» or lafn Teaenps 1
' S ' Fork« — Blades of «r«jt»*'V^w'^ > nnii ">tt%ivrr* S
;".§, .finely, temp p r c d &£m&£g&SW ~*" S uper ' ° r H
Wk steel. Most durable .^i§gS&ii%Saffr^ quality, t'su- I
, 'Bi I •\u25a0and serv.lceab'le;. ally a -soocl; ||
: 'Bnj Regular price $I.oo= ,', investment at ? 1.20 dozen. ' i
I- \u25a0.•«.' set ot 9. \u25a0; >j :-•;-\u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0>i^'jr : -r- '+*' : m
IV I--- •Specl a rat75 Csetof6C 5etof6 •• : ~ =Spcchl at 85C dw - V 7 II
Vl^: j v J>y*
January 13,, 1861.
The ne^ct meeting of the association
will >be held In Wesley church tomor*
row and the succeeding one in Oak
land First Church, April 1.

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