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{Newspapers of California JomT "age 1 o
The quest of the California beauty is
on in earnest now. You will find two
pages of phptographs showing her in
great variety in
The Sunday Call
Juror's Peer Into Home Company's Cash Transaction
Abram K. Detwiler Seen On the Streets of Toledo
Immigration Officials See
Little Benefit in New
Japan Sure to Object to
Classing Her People
. With the Chinese
Admission' Is Made That
Statute Against Coolies
Has Been Weakened
By Ira E. Bennett
Officials of the immigration service are
intensely interested in the working effect
of the Japanese exclusion regulations
issued today by Secretary Straus. Al
though paragraph five of the regula
tions p!ares the burden cf_J?rpj3JLjupoj)
any Japanese who sets up the claim
that he is not a laborer, immigration
officials say this will be extremely dif
ficult of enforcement.
The regulations lay *i>ecial Btress
upon the necessity of treating Japanese
; Immigrant* with courtesy and consid
'rraUon. fhowing that the department
( if apprehensive of complaints from
'Japan as to the manner of executing
'.the executive order. Some of the lm
i migration officials expect these com
' plaints to be forthcoming immediately
after the exclusion of Japanese who
imay claim they are not laborers and
\u25a0 who may not be able to establish proof
lof their claim. As all Japanese from
Mexico, Canada and Hawaii are pre
•sumptively laborers, under the regula
tions, it is predicted that there will be
many complaints from Japanese who
will insist that they are not in fact
laborers. Officials also expect to be
confronted with cases in which Japa
nese prove that they are not laborers
i*.nd then become such as soon a* they
•can get Jobs.
ox plam: with crisese
"The reason why we loolt for
trouble," said a high immigration of
,licial, "is that the Japanese under this
order are placed on a plane with the
'Chinese. In epite of strenuous lan-
Iguage regarding courtesy and polite-
Iness. it is tho purpose to regard all
'Japanese from Mexico. Canada and
Hawaii as laborers' and exclude them.
Now, if we had a law to that effect
lit would be all right. We would en
jforc* It and the Japanese could howl
jail they liked, but this is & mere ex
•rcutlve order, liable to be changed or
I abolished *t the pleasure of the Presl
jdent. If complaints arc made by the
(Japanese to their government and tike
(Japanese government Intimates to the
! United fitates that the arrangement is
unpleasant in actual practice, the
whole thing is liable to go overboard-
IThe people who are in favor of Japa
nese exclusion must not expect too
much of this present arrangement. The
Japanese will not be successfully ex
cluded until an A exclusion law is en
acted, if my experience in Chinese ex-
makes me capable, of judging
these things.
\\ i;a ivii\i;i» by order
"Between you and me, the Chinese
exclusion law has been weakened by
executive order on account of the Chi
nese boycott, and if there was no law
there W-.ould be mighty little Chinese
exclusion. The law Is not enforced as
it used to be. In dealing with" the
Japanese we have no law whatever. As
soon as Japan discovers that her 3a
borers^are on a plane with the Chinese
you can look for a protest Such a
protest would have no effect against a
law. but when It' is lodged against an
executive order the result is likely to
.'make the exclusionlsts sit up and take
I notice."
SAN DIEGO. March \ 2 6. — Rev. Father
jA- D. Übach. the "Father <sa«pard" of
I the novel "Riraona," by Helen Hunt
1 Jackson, died in thla city eveninir.
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— PartIy cloudy; maximum teni- !
peratrire, 81; minimum temperature, 40.
FORECAST TOR TODAY— Fair; fresh w«t
wind*. Pat* 11
Mr. Patrick Calhoun ought to be la San Fran
dseo. Pace 8
The I'royldeEtifd casfildate blooms in the
\u25a0prlns. Pa* • 8
Th* Tuolunsne water right* question. Pa*« 8
The "L«f Anjelen" rplrlt. Pa?* 8
Grand Jury becomes lnQ^risldre about financial
transactions of Home Telephone Company. Pare 1
Abram K. Detwiler seen on streets of Toledo
and said to be In biding or on way to San
Francisco. • Page 1
Granfl Jury hears teitlmosy that A.K. D«
v-Uer gare <Usnen to Oakland Councilnen «nd
took them to Los Angeles before thej granted
him a telephone franchise.' Puge 2
Graft money traced to Mayor Sehmlti from
& few of the larger boodling dealt reaches a
total of $662,000. Page 3
Attorney Ach makes unracceseful demand that
Abe Rnefs "six Isw clerks" be given access to
prison room. Myrtile Oerf Interrupts court pro
ceedings and Judge Dunne threatens to bare
bin ejected. '• . Ttf* 2
H. M. Alexander h»Tlcr proved ineligible as
Police Commissioner. Tb'Jtnu F. Finn, admlnie
ttmtlon m&n and Cnder Sheriff. 1* appointed to
the position. Page 3
Ml*s Era Kuthren sacs Percy W. Mtnh for
$1000 damsges as result of her being ejected
from Marsh's botne.' Page S
Railroad telegraphers conclude their evidence
befor* arbitration board. : Pigs 3
witnM* tettiflei th«t mmbert of Scllon.'
Union did not commit acts of rlolenee,. durlrp
etri}t» last summer. * Page 3
"CSril sajt KgaiCft . btsV reteals «L!»B-cd for
geries by confidential clerk «f 3. h B- TTU
«on- *r Page 16
Walter H. Schnltxe renews search for bis
wire, missing since December 10.' Pags 4
President Furey of the Iron Trades Council
returns at a time when a strike for an clgbt.-
Your tvs 1> tmmlnpnt. Pag* 18
Meeting of Chinese is called for Sunday to
take drastic action against welching ChineM
firm*. Page IB
Sisnor Martin of the San Carlo Opera Com
pany scores a great success as Manrico at the
Chutes Theater. Page 8
Woman who tnrned thief In order to procure
fine clothing Is arrested^ Page 18
: Entries In old memoruuScm book contradict
claim ef Percy Pembroke that he was Jn San
Francisco at time of Stanley holdup. Pag* 10
Fraternity men ef the CnlTerslty of Cali
fornia arc accused of remorlng sorority window
from Berkeley house. * Page 10
Erland . H. Soderbcnr. ttl)9 confessed to the
mwder of his mother In Oakland, would rather
go to the gallows than to prison. Page 10
Two Ban Francisco boys are drowned In Lake
Merrltt. , P«ge 10
Greatest will contest rrer known in Spokane
i« began by widow of Victor Dessert, pioneer
capitalist. Page 6
Floods In leland districts recede and many
cattle are rescued.' Pags 6
Immigration officials see little benefit In the
Japanese exclusion regulations issued by Secre
tary Straus yesterday' and fear that trouble
wltb Tokio will follow the first attempt to
enforce, them. Page 1
Justice Fitzgerald appoint* a commission In
lenacy to pass upon the, sanity of Barry K.
Thaw. Page 5
William B. Wfcrclrr of this cltyj named a*
member of Immigration Commission. Page 6
Three negroes killed and two whites wounded
In battle betwren Federal .Marshal's force and
"United Socialists** In Indian Territory. Page 6
I*st Fanstas, backed frora 50 «iown to 15,
Trtna tho tat race st Emrryrille. Page 7
San Francisco baseball team finishes Its train
ing st Bakersfield and Is in One trim for the
opening of the . league season. Page lft
Befen-e Jack Welsh calls the Hyland-Tbomp
son twenty -round fight a draw. Page 7
Jack "Twin** FuHiTsn knocks out Jack Palmer
of England In the tenth round at Los An
geles. ' Page 7
Many new members admitted t» Carpenters*
Union. P«*» 9
Liner Doric carries largest shipment of floor
that has left brre for the Orient in many
month*. Page' lI
Orders from Goldneld to buy mining stocks
cause general adTance In market. Page 15
Subscriptions and Advertise-
ments will be received in San
Francisco at following offices:
Open until 10, o'clock every nlghL*
Parent's Stationery, Store. x
Jackson's Branch. /.
Christian's Branch.
Roth 6chlld's Branch.
1531 CHURCH i STREET ' , \u25a0. •. -\\ ]
George Pre wltf s ; Branch. '
saoo niLuaoßE street
" .'Woodward's Branch.' \.
\u25a0i____!^"'** ' '•" ' ' "~ ' "_* J "* j
SAN I FRANCISCO; r::^WEpNESpAT,^ : ;MARGH/"27 ? 1907.
Detective Burns, Abe Ruef and Elisor Biggy, in the Order Named, Riding
to the Superior Court From Ruef's Temporary jail at the St. Francis Hotel
Dined in New York
Last Wednesday
Here in; Of f iGer's^laiJge
TOMDO;^March 26.^Bespite\tlie assertion of ;^
tective AVilliam' Burns of •SanrM'aiiciscoHhat: the reports
sent out
was not in this^oiiiitry, but in /Egypt, the correspondent
of The Call *wasa s ,gif cn \u25a0 inf ormatiori | tonight cbnlirmatory
of the; statement made :\)y Cfeorge X: iDetwiler that dNlrl
and^Mrs.^ A. K. Detwiler , arrived last -weelt from Europe.
The. correspondent bf :The;(i!ailtw^^shown ? a.% letter
received by Haiu : y •S. Robinson -from /his i : mother, "^Mrs.
C. N. SRobin|^^ stating Jttiat- 3lrSai^f'^^:{A^KisE^
wiler and ilr. and,j\lrs; 0. M. I^binson- were members
of .a dinner party at the Ho^elTManliaitan^iir Ne^'JYcS
last Wednesday evening. \She wrote, in addition to_ the
statement that the four hacl ; dined" together, that j the
Detwilers jliad arrived recently from Europe, and v that
tliey-cxpectedio take a train from-^ew ]York tb^Toledo
the f ollowing.evcningi Had Cheyjlbne ! s6jtliey would-have
arrived i n Toledo 1 ast^rid a y evening^ just a s George X;
Detwiler says they did. - *~
Believe Detwiler Is in America
C. 1SI: Kobmson was.uutil-.receutly. a Toledo nianufacf
turer. He retired, and, : Mrs^ Robinson, speiit; some
time in California . They were sbcial : intimates of the Det
wilers' in Toledo, and met "/them ;• 'iii Vtlie West frequently..
They' now make their liome in^ the East. ;Harry 'S.:.Rob-;
insonjs president of the 4 Ohio CoKe Gonipany,. manager
of ; tlie Robinson Company, makers ;^of
bath cabinets, and treasurer; of the Toledo, Symphony:
Company. His word is beyond^ dispute. \ ; The- letterVHe
received from his Another 'seems -to prove' that; A." Kf Defc
wiler, though he had traveled; .oxtensiycly in -foreign
coiintries,:is not now in .Egypt,- -A^
country or hitv atiross tliesea, but that;:hc is either in
hiding in the* United ' States or : ,is;oiiMiis% way, to" San
Seen oy Business Associates ; , . \u25a0
Crusta ye - Behr, a prominent wliolesale dealer^Jierei
and^eyeral other proimhentbusine^iiie^
K. Detwile/yenteredi^First
last. Business rasjwc^teVof^Detw^
try to eyaSe the^San^Fra^ think it
would be both useless arid- foolish. He-is notvblamed
by theni for '-attemptingj^
tion^before- submitting himself 4to ithe, mercies ;; of the
covrixuEDVox ' page ; 2,' Mn>DL.rc > coi.umx . a
Ask the Reason for
Certain Payments
Wil Compare tHe Constructibn
Account and Back fealance
For.tHi'ee hours -.yesterday afternoon the Grand Jury
probed deeper than it had previously gone into the affairs
of the Home Telephone Company, establishing a link
here, bringing out a detail there, and, all in all, strength
ening the strands .'in the net of incriminating. evidence
that had be en woven \ around the corporation, entangling
many of : the •company ? s officers! in its meshes.
The afterhooon -was given over, to a-filling-in-process^
and, -Tyhileall the desired testimony wa& not secured, the
result was a . • satisf actOry^oneVtottne prosecution.: -/ Much
cbiTobbrative' and confirmatory evidence .was taken, and
{\vith whatis expected .to be derived .•'from the;examination
of/the libs ; Angeles; \vitne^esteis^afternopn;j today will
probably^end^with ' the voting of additional -indictments
against two or more •fibme, : .Tdeph^^^&^m^[j)fiscil^
No" indictments were 'returned
opened leads .where itiis^expectedjto'an
inquisitorial body will be ready for presentation- to the
\u25a0Superior -Court iThursday. ..\u25a0:'\u25a0\u25a0 ,v . . ; ... ._.., V.. _.., V.
Empire Construction Company: Probed-
It was the: Home Telephpiie Company exclusively,
that occupied the attention of -the Grand juryj ury yesterday.
The location l of. the cqinpahy^s funds in - two • Oakland
banks was ': ascertained; and certain checks . were lbcated
and traced:: • The of 'the.; Empire Construction
Company^ of Oakland, which handles the mechanical and
construction workf for the Home Telephone Company on
tjieeast side- of the bay, ;was gone into. ? \u25a0
\\ John ;Mj C. Marble, former president of the Home
r Teleph6ne^C the only pne \u25a0 of
the: Eos Angeles; witnesses called; yesterday, \u25a0"" but through
Him was obtainedjnformation as,to the handling of funds
eventually ;^ced r t6 w this city and to Oakland. While he
was required -to tell in detail what be^ktfew concerning
the ) Los Angeles i finances \of tHe company, ; his testimony
injn^pway brought liis owh^name into the {shadow 'of sus
picion,;but it did; strengthen -the lihe~of evidence against
the pother-: officials directly} connected Ayi th the boodling
in^an ; Francisco. "• ; ;; ; '- ; t-^ \u25a0\u25a0'\u0084, \.
Business of Is Interwoven: « :
v A^ John^ ;Yan. Liewitreasurer^ of the Empire Const ruc
tioij Company, - tlie^Horae^eqmppy^vbffshoot^was the
second Vwitness ;c^^
panyVr ad m ittiii^ that their i-coni^l was-p
sa^e/arid that theif^fi^
to a" great He -admitted that theVEmpire
C[onstriiction" Company ;kept f large ; accounts in the Mrst
iNationalnßanlv^of :\OaklandJ and in" the /Central Bank of
Oakland; ,;.; r
I; Prendegast; also; of - Oakland, the -^ outside
maii^f or the; Hom e; Telephone (Company; in that city^was
Examined So) yie\de^
f air s i jand; its^relati on^ 11 0 • Oakland pplitics/through the \u25a0 City
Photographs and a graphic, article con
vey a striking impression of the gorgeous
Lenten festivals of Paris in the Easter
number of
The Sunday Call
News of Day
in Graft Cases
•5» — — — . — ; — : — , — '. 4.
Grand Jury, while probing
into affairs of the Home Tel
ephone Company, learns that
the corporation during Us po
litical activity in Oakland
while endeavoring to secure a
franchise resorted to methods
which may necessitate an in
vestigation by the proper au
thorities across the bay.
Dispatches from Toledo
state that A. K. Detwiler, the
indicted millionaire, was seen
there by his business associ
ates, and it is thought prob
able that he may already
have been ta^en into custody
by an agent of William r) r .
• ,>• ' •
Mayor ochmdzs connec
tion with the boodle scandals
will soon be exposed by the
Grand Jury. The Mayor,
according to evidence now in
the possession of Special
Agent Bums, profited to the
extent of at least $662,000 on
some of the most important
deals which he and Ruef put
Myrtile Cerf, Ruef s man
Friday, made a demonstra
tion in court yesterday when
Heney made a pointed refer
ence to his activity in support
of the captive boss. Judge
Dunne promptly suppressed
Cerf arid then denied the ap
peal of the boss that he be
allowed a greater measure of
Grand Jury closely exam
ined officials of the Home
Telephone Company yester
day,and traced the money
brought from Los Angeles to
secure a franchise and y the
boodle paid^ to the Super?
• • •
Glass and Detwiler cases
are set for Thursday morning.
It is believed that the attor
neys for the telephone mag
nates will attack the validity
of the Grand Jury by whicH
they - : Were mdicted.
\-. Vigilance of guardians of
Abe Ruef indicates that pros
ecution apprehends attempts
to aid priioher to escape and
is taking steps to avert all
danger. Elisor Biggy com-
plains to court against gath
ering of groups of Ruef «.
friends m (the lobby of the St.
Francis / Hotel, but Heney
arid Burns evidently believe
that precautions already tak
en are all that are necessary;
• \u25a0 •

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