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English Beauties Compared With GalifpmiaL's Charming Women— Spe Page 14
While the most beautifutTVoman in
California is being sought, .you will find
it interesting to read of the most beau
tiful woman in England, in
The Sunday Call
With Death's Shadow Upon Him, Sanderson Faces Grand Jury
Rake of the Investigators Turns Up Grafters in Oakland
The Confession of Supervisor W. W. Sanderson to the Grand Jury
6i\lES, it's all true, all of it. There is very little to add. It's horrible, horrible. The money just came to me. I never asked for it. Ihjustcame. I didn't approach any one wBK a prop*
\ •* osiiion, but when my share Was handed me, I took it:' / cant tell how it began. The first money which I received was from the fight promoters, which I understood came from
Eddie Graney. This was in January of last year. After that I lost control of myself. I never paid much attention to the Sunday night caucuses, and I don 7 know what was planned
or talked about there. For my vote on the gas rate Vreceived $750. When the overhead trolley franchise came up I believed it was the^best thing for the city. I voted for it. Afterward
Jim Gallagher gave me $4000, which he said Was *my share, and I took it. I don t expect to live long, and I wanted to tell everything before I died. My chief regret is for my aged mother.
She does not realize the situation, nor does she know how ill I am",
It Is Expected That Every
Levee Will Give Way
to Pressure
Nearly Thousand Men Fight
to Close Breaks on
Reclamation Lands
Every Available Dredger Is
Centered Around Rob
erts Island
STOCKTON. March 27.—Abso
lutely discouraged are those interested
in the islands whose reclamations have j
thus far withstood the greatest of all {
freshets recorded in this section of the
valley. Only a few tracts of land now
stand above water. It is expected that
by tomorrow morning every levee will
have succumbed to the slowly but
flcadily rising waters. . The highest tide
of the season, due Friday morning,
will have a tendency to retard the
pinall current now carrying water into
the bay.
This afternoon a CoOO-acre. tract of
the Itindge Syndicate, known as the
Jones tract, was flooded. A quarter
of a mile of colid levee on the Empire
<*ut slipped in. The tract was under j
cultivation and the loss In heavy. Near
ly 1000 men are at work on the few j
reclamation" thus far Furvlvinj? the
flood, trylnic to close small breaks and j
rtrenpthenlng levee*.
Roberts Island, one of the richest
and most highly cultivated tracts In
thfi San Joaquln district, was safe at
last report, but with the great tide ex
pected and the water rising an eighth
; of an Inch an hour those Interested j
believe It cannot withstand the strain.
The waters of the overtaxed Sacra
• mrnto Rrver are flowing- into San Joa.
ciuin County througii the Xcw Hope*
country tp tho north. This also has a
tendency to speedily fill the San Joa
quin River.
The outlook Is very grave and every
piece of land In this section la In peril, i
The famous Rindpe tract, with its 7400
acres of highly cultivated land. Is hold
• ing an immense body of xrater, seepa.se
that entered through the breaks filled
in by dreflfrers. Every available dredger
: in the lelandvdlstrict Is centered around
I Roberts IslaiYi and the Rindge prop
erty. Most of them are helpless for the
yason that furl oil Is unobtainable.
* SACRAMENTO. March 27.— Reports j
from down-river sections today are all j
encouraging. From this city to Rio i
Vista the weter has tallen eight Inches j
in the past twenty-four hours and is j
rtill failing. "Water In tho Yolo baslu j
and in the overflowed Islands is reced-.i
Ing. and with the clear •weather and a
prof-'jiect of Its continuance, farmers
are taking heart.
Steamers from this port have suc
ceeded in bringing all livestock, farm
utensil*, furniture, etc., from th« flood
, ed district* to places of safety.
The falling of the water indicates
that many of the breaks wer* not *s
serloup «« wbs «t first supposed. At
several only the crown of . tho levees
went out and repairs will' not bo ex
pensive. Ohm the water jroes down
the water will soon be pumped from
thn islands, in case the breaks can be
The town of Washington, across the
river from this city. Is In no danger
of «n avalanche , of water. Rocky
Point, a half-mile above the vlllac*.
Is holding nicely, and unless^the Amer
ican aends down another flood to shoot
across the river at right angle* and
cm ash against the point, the levee will
Merritt, Grand, * gutter and Sherman
inlands, containing nearly 60.000 acres
,of rich land, are saf«. their levees
standing from three to five feet above
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY — Clew, maxlmom t«np*r*tnre,
r.R; minimum temperature, 4S.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; light north
winds, changing to w«*t. ?•*• 0
Wall Ptrwt Is a national c anger. Pa*e 6
Tte appointment of Immigration Cominl*slaner
Wheeler. Pare 6
Why should Rnef Quirrel tritb his hort? P. 6
Senator Bererldge is la caasUat eruption. P. 6
With the shadow of death open him Super
visor Sanderson tells Grand Jury all about
br>o<!ling by board. Pag-e 1
Indictment will probably be returned ajrr-Inst i
Eddie Grtney for his connection with fight trust
bribery. Far* 1 ,
Eridenee before Grand Jury shorn that Oak
land Cotmdlmra took bribes from Home Tele
phone Company. Pages 1-2
Schxaitz holds long conference with Henry T.
Gage, and all signs indicate that the former
tJorernor Tiill take charge of the defense not
only la the cases against the Mayor, but also
tbofu> against Abe Ruef. Pages 1-2
PoIW of Toledo confirm Btory that Derwller
was in New York la«t week, and members of
Inttrted turn's family admit- that he is in
biding. Pace 3
Grand Jury informs Chief Dinan that police
must stop the grafting practices, of teamsters
onpajred in removing debris. Page 2
Klisor Blgjry r*nts former home of Sehmltz
aod will remore lincf there today. Pag* S
Immigration Commissioner North recelT*» copy
of new expatriation law, which <joashes foraer
ruling* rcade to enforce the exclusion act. P. 14
"Fanniiia" it> to b* produced oa elaborate
smle at tbp American. P»«e 5
Judge Seawell rraders decision npholdlnj the
action of the Eulldlng -Trades Council in. sus
pending Electrical Workers* Union No. 6. P. 14
Wealthy couple of Nerada, adopt beautiful
foundling babe in this city. Page 14^
Drunken sailor nerioosly stabs three znen vrbo
Jeered ti<i street harangue. Pag* 14
Gray Brothers' blasting at base o* Telegraph
mil tears away part of cllfi? and precipitates
bouse hiid content! 150 feet to the bttt. Ftse II
Mayor Mott force* retirement of Joaa J. Ro
han, prominent ward political leader, from the
Oakland Fire Department. Pago 4
Mr*. Mary Fimentel of Hayward goes to
woodsht-d after fnd and finds the dead body
of her lorcloni daughter suspended from »
rafter. Pag* 4
Social sensation is caosed la Berkeley by the
expulsion of Miss Isabel Mcßeynolds from the
Delta Delta Delta Sorority. P****,*
Bet few of reclamation tracta in the vicinity
of Stockton remain abore Vater and 1000 men
fight breaks in San Joaquin island levees. Pag* 1
nngioe of Haryrrille local train jumps track
itir Rosevillc. seriously Injuring three traln
mrn and two passengers. Pag* S
James Henry Smith, tbc "Silent" Smith of
fl.-.1l street, dies in Japan while on a weddlnjr
tour c round the world. F&re 3
Judge O'Brien unexpectedly resigns from the
| Thaw lnnaey commission and Darld McClurc. s
[ New York attorney. 1* appointed to the ra
caney. Fac* 6
Forty-live thousand trainmen of Western rt **•»
roads may strike within forty-eight hoars. P.*v
Opj-uinp of the Coast J>ague ball seasoa post
ponefl to \u25a0 week from Saturday. ' Pt«o 6
Edtrln Gum xrlns the St. Poillpplna handicap
at EmfirjrllU. P**« \u25a0
Trro Stanford boat crews l«Te to compete in
I the Southern California regatta at Naples. P. t
Automobile Dealers* Association decides to
bring off en endurance run and appoints coro
tn!ttr« to appeal to the city officials for street
ictprqrements. Page 8
Fifbt Promo^pr Boche offers a |3T,000 parse
for a Gans-Nelson battle at Colma July 4. P. 8
Laundry Workers* Cnlon of Alanieda County
mar order a strike to enforce demand for aa
eight btrar day. Ttf* 7
Steamship Alameda arrfres with 577 pas
sengers after stormy Toyage from Honolulu. P. 9
Storr from GoldSeld that miners decide net j
to eeparate from I. W. W. affects stocks un- :
fi-ronblr. r»«e 13
The Francises Olnb. composed of a number of
leading t-ociety women, will remore the club's
quarters to new bulldlsg In California street. P. 6
Subscriptions and Advertise-
ments will be received in San
Francisco at following offices:
Open until 10 o'clock every night.
Parent'! Stationery Store.
''Jackson's Branch.
Cbristlan's Branch.
. Rothschild's Branch.
I Georg-e Prewitfs Branch.
Woodward* Branch.
Snapshot of Supervisor Sanderson, on His Way to Grand Jury Room to Make Confession, Shielding His Face From
the Camera Men, and Portrait of Former Governor Who May Become One of the Counsel for the Defense of Ruef
Eddie Graney Likely
to Be Indicted Soon
3oodle Manager of the Fight
Trust and Associates ~
Are in Danger
The testimony given before the
Grand Jury yesterday -by Super
visor Sanderson served to estab
lish definitely the connection be
tween the members of the fight
trust and the administration, and
as a result it is reported that an'
indictment will be returned
against EddicGraney. Others of
the fight trust may _ also be in
dicted, but Graney is in immi
nent danger.
it has not been the desire of the
Grand Jury to indict Graney. He
is considered one of the "small
I fry," who could be used better as
a witness than as a defendant. \
; Graney Remains Loyal
Every chance has been given to
Graney to tell the Grand Jury the
full story as he knows it. Graney
is directly under the Ruef whip,
and in keeping his silence he. be
lieves that he has. remained loyal.
The .members of the fight trust
say that they paid the money to
Graney with which to secure a
monopoly of the prize-figh* per
mits. The permits ; were secured
and the* money has vanished.
Seventeen members of the Board
of Supervisors have testified .that
they each received $500 from
Ruef on the prize-fight permits.
Xhe case against Graney is con
sidered very clear.
Sanderson was chairman of .the
police committee of board
Continued, oa Pace 3, Column G
Confesses Fully How the Boodle
Vampires Betrayed Peoples
"Horrible, Horrible," Exclaims Stricken -Man, in
With faltering voice and tear-diimuecl eyes Super
visor "W. .."VV. Sanderson^ made? a full/ confession to the
Grand Jiiry yesterday, of i the bopdling ; operations; in
wliich he had engagedl He told howf he had received
$500 from the fight' trust,; $750 from the gas company
and ;^(X)o from the United Railroads. : Sanderson 's made
the; seventeenth confession into the ears of the
grand-jurymen. All the eighteen members of the original
Board . of Supervisors,, with the ; exception of George
Duffey, have told their- stories. .-, ;. . :. * r
The appearance of Sanderson the- Grand Jury
was the : most dramatic moment ' in all the" graft expo
sirres.-;'\TK(tJ Supervisor, born io x a)i • honored namey walked,
with Jfeeblcj step into^the room to tellthe ; story of his own
\u25ba coimjruED ox pa ge 3, column a
"Daffodils" and "The Parting Dinner"
are two strong Eastertide Stories by well-
writers, which will be found, well
iiluWated, in
v WThe> Sunday Call
Henry T. Gage Will
Defend the Grafters
Former Governor Slated to
Direct Fight to Save
Ruef and Schmitz
Ex-Governor- Henry T. Gage,
whose name lias been mentioned
as one of the new counsel to be
employed by Abe^ Ruef, was yes
terday closeted v with Mayor
Schmitz for two hours, and there
is little doubt that he will take
charge of the cases of both Ruef
and Schmitz , when^ the bribe
takers are next haled before the
Schmitz. went to Gage's room
at the Majestic Hotel after
lunch and remained until after : 3
o'clock. When he left he appeared
A few minutes afterward Gage
came out and was asked 'ff he
had decided to become Schmitz'
attorney. -
"I don't see what reason you
have for asking rare such a ques
tion," replied the ex-Governor, in
dignantly. .
When it was suggested that the
long . ;; conference which had just
been terminated might have had
some bearing on that matter, Gage
replied :
"Mayor Schmitz always calls
on me. I think, with one excep
tion, h,t has come tosee me every
time -I have been here."
"Has he asked you to represent
him?" was query to "which
Gage answered : ;
"Professional etiquette makes
it impossible ,for me to answer
such a question."
Continue d oa Page 2, Coltlm n 2
Day's Developments
in Graft Situation
1. Supervisor Sanderson ffoes lie
fore the Grand Jnry and mifeM •
fall confession of Tioodllius oper
2. Eddie Gr*n*y in ftiuiu danger
of Indictment as a result of
bribe-slTingr by fight tnut
3. .Testimony lief ore Grand Jury
promises to lead to bis scandal' •
' In Oakland on telephone deals.
4. Basis laid for new Indictment
against Rnef for soliciting bribe
from third telephone company.
5. Former Governor Gage holds
lons conference with Schmltz
and may assist In Mayor's de
8. Rnef moved from St. Francis
Hotel to honae formerly occu
pied by Schmlts In Flllmore
Councilmen Take Coin
From Home Company
AH That Remains Is for
Alameda District At
torney to A(St
That irregular use of,, money -
was made by the Home Tele
phone Company in securing its
franchise in Oakland was one of
the facts brought out before the
Grand Jury yesterday.
Testimony given during the
cross-examination of witnesses by
Langdon and Heney showed that
an upheaval in Oakland is to at
tend the graft investigation in
San Francisco if the District At
torney of Alameda County cares
to make use of evidence amassed
by Special Agent Burns.
This evidence concerns the ac
tivity of Abram Detwiler, the
Toledo capitalist, in dining and
entertaining members of the Oak
land City Council and the in
fluence which guided some of
them in voting for the franchise
of the Home Telephone Com
Some Councilmen YJere Honest
It also relates to the activity of
Theodore Halsey in securing
votes of the Oakland Councilmen
for the franchise of the Pacific.
States Telephone and Telegraph
Company and of what happened
during and after junkets to Los
Angeles arranged for their edifi
The graft prosecutors author
ized thejgtatement last night that
this evidence did not involve all
of the Oakland Councilmen —
that, unlike the Board of Super
visors in San Francisco, all of
them were not grafters. The evi
dence amassed by -Burns against
the remainder of the Oakland
Councilmen, however, is declared
to be just as conclusive as that
amassed by him against the Su
Detwiler Changes Their Tune
The graft situation m Oakland
is peculiar in several particulars.
Some of the very men in the.
Council who voted for the
franchises of the Home and Pa
cific States comapnies, for in
stance, are among the cleanest
public officials in Oakland and
were actuated in favoring r the
corporations by no other motives "
than are explainable in their be
lief that the corporations would
add to the industrial activity of a
growing town.
The franchise of the Home
Company; was granted by a vote .

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