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Sam Davis to Be Prosecuted for
Maintaining Firetrap Theater
Irish Citizens Will Have the Law Enforced
•• . .'After .waiting in vain for the Board of Public Works to do its duty under the charter by closing
up Sam •pavfs't tinder-box theater, the committee of public-spirited Irishmen headed by John P. Allen
has prepare"*! to. resort to the criminal courts to bring the deathtrap's proprietor to book. Sam Davis
will not be per.rnitt.ed to offer up as sacrifice to his greed for gold the lives of the patrons of his theater.
. .Attorney Allen /stated yesterday that 'he was in a position to make good his declaration of
March -7 'that, the, firetrap could and would be closed. He will proceed today to niake formal com
plafrnt against Davis under the fire or- »
dinance, which "the boodMng 'Supervisor
is violating every nighty flagrantly and
boastfully. • *
There "spill be a Large number of com
plaints. For every night that Davis
has inveigled an: audience into, his in
flammable tent a separate action will
be" presented. ' ' ' ' \u25a0 _
Supervisor Davis", the .man' who is I
purchasable for J11.250 1 - or less, will
have to, close up his" house. He is feel
ing- the SAing of •"' public opinion, and
Jie is c learnirrg that he cannot forever
override , law and decency. . " He prill
regret his; persistent insult to the
purity fit' Celtic womanliood. It was
Allen who led" "the" fight that purged
the ''Belle 'of. Avenue. A" of. the insult
to the "Irish -cace.'
Attorney Allen has the matter up
with -Francis J. Heney,' and the latter
\u25a0will 'be. in charge of ' the prosecution
of the cases. Wh'en Davis is done with
the -complaint that will be Signed by
Allen arid "prosecuted by Heney, i he
will* be placed under arrest againVqn
a complaint signed b*y T. P. O'Dowd,
State secretary -of 'the ' Hibernian So
ciety, ft -was O'Dowd and Allen who
were -forcibly 'ejected from Davis*
deathtrap, about a, month ago because
they had- vigorously protested against
tlie vulgar- characterization of a
wcjroan of their race. *•_ .
\u25a0• Whea.Boodler- Davis is through with
this complaint, he '• will -face still an
other,* ta be signed by T. Alford, an
other .member of the committee, and
during his trial on this charge he will
enjoy th'e contemplation of other com
plaints to be filed by J. J. "Moriarlty, T.
Moffltt,-B. .J.^Syter and others. Davis
will .be 'kept busy defending himself j
lor some, months come if that . be
necessary. . •' .
Hen ey Ivas pointed, out that the ready-
Witness* .Says Defendant
Opposed.Abuse of Lieu
c c "•*. .. .I^and Law
WA^HIK'GTON. April 2.— The defense
In the Hermann ' trial called W. A.
illchra.rds, former Commissioner of the
General Land Office to testify today.
Richards 'said that in January, 1903,
he -vras told by his messenger that the
chief messenger and an assistant \u25a0were
tearing up Hermann's letter books In
the corridors. This testimony jwas ob
jected to by the" prosecution and the
court remarked that he did not see
how the fact of publicity regarding the
destruction of the letter books .would
affect the character of the act United
States Attorney Baker said that the
Government would argue to the Jury
that the defendant destroyed his letter
books openly and notoriously.
Richards produced memoranda which
wore made at the time be passed the
twelve Puter • claims to patent. In
this - connection Baker remarked * that
the Government would argue to the
Jury that Richards acted in the dark
regarding these claims, that he was
put in possession by* Binger Hermann
of only, part of the papers regarding
George Hazelton, a local attorney^
who for a, time represented Benson be
fore the land office, testified that, He
rmann and Benson were not on good
terms. C. L. Dubois, chief . of-! a di
vision In the land, office, testified .to
the cam© effect, and also that on Her
mann's telephone order ; to the \u25a0 treas
to-bum showhoiise can be closed by
any citizen who will file a complaint.
"The proprietor of the Davis Theater,"
he said, ''is guilty of a misdemeanor,
punishable by a fine of not more than
1500 or Imprisonment for not more
than six months, or by both fine and
! imprisonment, each time he permits a
I theatrical performance to be given in
"The committee, composed of dele
gates' from the foremost Irish societies,
proposes to force Davis," said Allen
yesterday, "by all means possible un
der the law to disgorge to the city a
groodly part of the $11,250 which he
acquired when he put himself on the
grafters* bargain' counter. For every
offense he may be fined $500, and we
•hope to secure enough good citizens to
sign complaints to compel Davis to pay
in^. fines the amount of boodle that he
has gathered in.
"The Davis flrehole is to be stopped
up before an audience is cremated."
-. So far as the«oard of Public -Works
is concerned, any criminal action com
menced against Boodler-Manager Da
vis must be instituted by private citi
zens. "According to President Duffey,
the' board proposes to ignore the duty
that the law lays upon It and temper
the! administration of the law - with
discretion. • . . _
Davis is not alone in his assumption
of superiority to the law. President
Duffey of the Board /of Public Works
assumes that he may disregard man
datory provisions of the law and exer
cise his personal discretion and official
mercy. With characteristic vagueness
the. president of the Board, of Public
Works suggests that if Sam Davis
($11,250) does not comply with the de
mands forced from the board, he will
be very sorry. -For the present Duffey
urer Benson's accounts were recalled
and he was never, allowed to settle,
thus blocking certain land deals.
Ezra N. Hill, a local attorney and
statistician, was subjected to : a rapid
are of questions; on cross-examination
by United States Attorney Baker. Hill
testified for Uhe defense , that he : was
present in the rooms of Senator Mitch
ell at an Interview between the Senator
and S. A. D. Puter regarding the Puter
claims, when Puter almost went down
on his knees to the Senator, begging for
his fdalms. Puter said he, would be
ruined and sail that Mrs. \u25a0 ' T Watson,
whom he had induced * to~ invest money
in the claims, would also.be'nnancially
ruined. This interview, took place in
March,. 1902. - .
The' witness said he saw no money
pass between the ; Senator and Puter,
nor did ho hear a word -said 'about
money. Hill was Questioned, about the
rooms of Mitchell, as '\u25a0_ to the ' number
and as to 'the ; newspapers he read ' and
many like details. ;.
Attorney ; Worthington read the jury
correspondence by' Hermann in his • pfll
cial capacity, showing that • he : reported
. favorably ' to; Congress and tp the i Sec
retary of the Interior on 'a* bill, to make
the lieu land ; law so that more .valuable
lands could not , be obtained outside Vof
forest reserves than : were: relinquished
in' such reserves. In' repsonse to a 're
quest for his opinion' : regarding Vi the
creation of.. forest ? reserves, Hermann
wrote Secretary Hitchcock, under "date
of July' 31, 1901,: that ; because of i* the
apparent ', abuse of the ! lieu : land law he
would recommend. that none of the for
est reserves : be created and that no ap
preciable additions be made to existing
. Cli Proctor.' with Chinn-Beretta Op
tical; Co., 1557 Van Ness avenue/ arF.f
WASHINGTON. April j 2.'— The , Presi
dent has. reappointed Brigadier General
Charles F. ; Humphrey' as [ quartermaster
general \u25a0to \u25a0 succeed "\u25a0 himself =" on the ex
piration of ;hls present term. '.".
and his board will do nothing to har
row the feelings of the firetrap pro
xfHave you--.'lnstitute. 'Instituted '\u25a0'criminal- pro
ceedings, against : Sam Davis for his
/allure to comply with '\u25a0 your "demands
ff or the installation 'of protective
apparatus and appliances' within the
two weeks prescribed 'by the ordi
nance?" Duffey was" asked yesterday.
"No,", replied the president of the
board, upon which should rest the re
sponsibility for the prosecution of the
death-hole manager.
"Is it your intention to invoke the
criminal law, as the' ordinance says
you must?" persisted the Interviewer.
"Well, if Davis, does notcomply with
the law in a reasonable time, I think
he will be very sorry," replied Duffey,
as he started upon anY illuminating
discourse regarding water supply^
"But does not the law definitely set
tle what shall be considered a-rea
sonable time? Have you ; any option?"
"Well, Davis assures ;me, that he will
comply with our ? demands as soon as
possible. I think" that he. "will- be ill
right in a week or ten days. It's pretty
hard to make repairs now— can't^get ;
labor." , » - / . .:\u25a0' .
"But," persisted The: Call representa
tive, "is It not * a fact that \u25a0 Davis has
had nine months in which to \u25a0_ comply
with the law? He voted for the adop
tion of the ordinance jWhlch he >isj vio
lating. , Do you mean .that you ; are' go
ing to permit this man to decide when
add how he will comply with your de
mands and the law— that he may
choose his own time?"^
"Well, of course, he -must, exercise
reasonable diligence," .'; was t the evasive
reply of; the.,commissioneri; and\ every
effort to secure a definition off "rea
sonable diligence" or anything like- a
positivo. assertion . from Duffey proved
Would Substitute Trustees
• as Plaintiffs in Suit for
Accounting ;
CONCORD, N. H., April 2.—-A motion
for leave to % Intervene, '•> Involving.^ the
substitution* of 1 duly, appointed? trustees
,as plaintiffs :' in j place *'of the . "next
friends," .was the answer of Mrs. ', Mary
Baker/ G.Eddy,^ founder i of k the: Chris
tion Science 'religion,-' made through her
counsel ; in : the ; suit \ brought'; to > compel
an, accounting; of ;her, property.
: By a deed of Urust; Mrs:, Eddy> trans
fer red \ vi r tually.i . her;V entire '. estate \u25a0> to
three trustees-— Henry M.' Baker, of Bos
ton," Archibald : McLellan! of \u25a0 Boston ; and
Josiah '\u25a0 E. ; Fernaldlof! Concord. \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0'\u0084\u25a0 '•;. '" \u25a0 '"\u25a0
It ; is claime4 te that [Mrs. i Ed^dy, cannot
be compelled i to/appear,: ih" court'in ,con-*
nection \u0084with ;the •:\u25a0; pending ;'litigati.on;
The \u25a0 trustees .; are "empowered i to? prose
cute^and defend,* for; the beneflttof Uhe
estate ,of ; Mrs. V Eddy,; any suits i at , law.
orj ih equity, '^whether now " pending r or
\u25a0brought - L later,"& with v reference i'.tp s any^
matter, in which} she ; may. 1 personally - be'
interested^ ..WithV the) exception" of -Mc-
Lellan,"-, the^ trustee's 1- are? not
in the Christian Science doctrine." • , •;
" The next;; step> in A the 1 litigation iwill
come; when, counsel;for]both ! parties,^ to
the ; suit ; will T agree I upon *a* date " for ; a 1a 1
hearing on; the motion: filed, today. v ; \u25a0<
. MILWAUKEE, April' 2.^Justlce;R.lD.
Marshall j (R. ) ; appears [ re-elected • tblthe
Supreme Court over] Henry, |ScudderJdf
Marlnette;; The! returns are \u25a0clbse.*: Lo
cal questions were ithellssues|lnf most
of ] the : clty_:elections.^^^9^^HS^^l«S£
Testify, Like Handwriting
% Experts, to Support :
Their Sides -
Says Client's Written Sug
gestions Were .Sane
arid Valuable
.NEW YORK, April 2.— lt was .an-,
nbunced tonight after a session which
lasted from .10:30" o'clock this "morn-
Ing until 6:30 p. m.,* that the. lunacy
commission inquiring into .the present
mental state of Harry X., Thaw would
conclude its labors tomorrow, and re
port its conclusions to Justice Fitz
gerald before the hour, set -for : the
Thaw-jury Xo report: in court; Thurs
day, morning. There .will be. a _ brief |
public session tomorrow to' hear the
testimony: of an alienist offered :by
District Attorney Jerome : and theii"
will follow a ..private mental;! and
physical examination of ; ; the
ant: Only the members :of the "com
mission and the official, stenographers
will be present at Thaw's lorfleal, at
torneys for the defense and the Dis
trict Attorney being barred.
: 'The announcement, that the ;. com- i
mission .desired •to renew, .its private \u25a0.
examination of Thaw came -at tho
end. of a day of many witnesses, and
itf ..was":* ln the nature of a', surprise.
The decision was probably v due to the
conflicting character of the testimony
heard today.
;it was another battle of alienists.
Those engaged by the District Attor-"
*ney declared Thaw absolutely -in
capable of understanding his condition,
of realizing. the nature of the charge
against him or of rationally confer
ring ; with counsel, while those en
gaged by the defense declared Thaw
throughout the trial had acted -in a
rational manner: had rationally ad
vised'his counsel in their hearing and
fully understood and appreclated«very
thing connected with ' the. trial.'- >:
The experts for the prosecution . ad
mitted that "they had reached their coh
clusionsas to Thaw's present state of
mental unsoundness f rom ; distant ob
servations- of him in the courtroom and
from i writings alleged to have' emanated
from him during the trial. Among the
latter were twenty-four pages of news
paper clippings and memoranda writ
fen by Thaw as suggestions to his chief
attorney,' Delmas, for his summing up
address to the jury. "Experts declared
these writings were those of an. insane
man. The experts < for ; the defense de
clared there was absolutely nothing in
the writings upon which to predicate
an opinion of mental unsoundness.
Delmas himself took the stand and
declared' many of Thaw's suggestions
were most valuable and that he in- !
tended to .incorporate" some; of them in !
his; summing up address.
The alienists for the defense, in tes
tifying, declared they had the advant
age of constant personal examination j
of; the defendant, while the prosecu- ;
tlon's witneses had not. The Tombs
physicians, two : chaplains of- the City
Prison, several guards and a probation
officer took the stand and testified tha£
Thaw in prison had acted and spokeW
like a rational man.
.The commission decided today to ad
mit the testimony of Dr. Hamilton, who
said he had made-- four examinations
of Harry Thaw, the last In ; July, 1906.
He concluded then -that; Thaw was suf- |
ferlng from chronic delusional < insanity j
or paranoia and still held that belief.-.
\u0084 I cross-examination' Dr. ; Hamilton
admitted he had not examined the" de
fendant recently. The -; defendant's
counsel fought against: Dr. Hamilton's
testimony to the- very last. Failing in
the ; plea of professional . privilege as ; a
bar, they argued } that his" examinations
of :the'- defendant were .too remote to be
of any value at this time. The com
mission decided to allow the testimony.
' "DELUSIONS OP GRANDEUR" \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:. [\
Members of the commission cross-ex
amined several of; the District Attor
ney's alienists at length, inquiring as
to the consistency of their testimony
now that Thaw.'isMnsane and has been
so for. some time and : that he knew the
nature of 'his;' act, v when he shot and ,
killed ; Stanford -White, and; knew the
act ; was wrong. / Dr. Austin Flint de
clared Thaw was insane from the alien
ist's point of : viewN. when' the homicide
occurred, but was not* insane in the
language of the law.'
Jerome's experts, ; one after another,
argued, that Thaw was a paranoiac and
that his case was incurable.
!\u25a0 Dr. 'Flint gave" a -new touch to the
theory of insanity, from\which it is al
leged Thawj is \suffering. by
that his: former ;parahoiacal delusion*,
of; persecutions are i rapidly, changing
into "delusions: of /grandeur."
His Residence to. Rival Any of the
Pretentious \ Structures on Fifth
: v Avenue'
...NEW YORKr/April 2.— E.. H. Harri
man • will \u25a0. make ; thls^clty his permanent
home.", jHe has i bought a; site :\u25a0 In th©
center of . the. .Vanderbilt colony for a
mansion that , '.will/rival; anyVof the
magnificent . structures now on Fifth
avenuel^?.:. : . ' . * ; -- : - ,>: ; ; _'.."\u25a0\u25a0 ,\ . . ;.. . • ,
' Harriman formerly .? lived at 1 East
Fifty- fifth street,'directly opposite- the
St. ; Regis y . Hotel. >^ He 3. will 1 , occupy the
W. '':< Rhihelander^: Stewart ;. house at 11
East ; Sixty-secon d? street 'until his new
h«me is .completed;." ; '
',:': The site \ selected ; by : Harriman Is J a
plot ; at the ; northeast .corner of - Fifth
avenue and ;' Fifty-second •: street, "\u25a0' for
which he : paid ; 5650,000 1- to Frederick G.
Bourne* ; -.y -\u25a0-''' :-~-.\-- : :' ' :.' . ;"'vvii->>
Salary :[o f Ukiah; Peace Official Cut
: , : ' to: : $10 ; and i^Well Paid J
;. \u25a0 Appointed
UKIAH.V ApriI ; City Trustees
reduced t Cityj Marshal 5 Demerritt's 'sal
ary to ; J10» a r month s last I night* and ap
pointed 'an T! assistant i marshal,' "Nto f- fe
ceiye^ the" salary ;, formerly paid the
marshal.. Thisj^ action V.was ; the result
off lohgtcohtinued Iwaff are"! against ; ; De
merritt,l.who"! < is;allegedf.to)have\wlnked
atSyaridusSirifractibns'of j the i city, or
dlnances.v^ i %Cohsiderable ;i. feeling - has
L beehf aroused'andfseylral' personal eri
couriters' were T i narrowly.' averted to
day.- .- " - '\u25a0\u25a0 ' :'. '\ \u25a0 ' "\u25a0':\u25a0 ' .'%\u25a0>. ;. ' ;
; j: yALLEJO,^riI^2. T^tithe^meeting
of L the Board Vof I Supervisors , at % Falr- J
field I the » Firsts National % Bank \ of 3 Oak
land Iwas : ;awarded\the\s6o,ooo;-bondsfre^
'cently.?,voted^f oriia^i riew^high Sschool
\u25a0 6 perj cent 5 Interest t aridf the > bonus * of
fered^by^the : bahk^was£sl2;9oo^:lThe
Board: of •"• Education H chose? the *Mlller
l)lqcki: near;- thelCityV- Park^ as -: the | site
yesterday/J;- It lls 5 understood ritliatil the
purchase-price will ; be something > like"
$i7,000.<v;-.::' : .-.:-'; : ;' ; .-;. v > •"\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0;". " ! .' : ,'; > "; •"" Tr
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you a 3^al7on'Smllohn this coupon we will sell J'ou .your selection from a Upon presentation of
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PS' Bourbon W^iskie?-' duster; made, of 10-lnch Purest white Bristle Tooth you a child's genuine
mire" '-Ke^tuckv nroducts selected feathers. . A use- • Bruahes; the handles are Milan Straw. Sailor Hat-
that reta 1 reKular^v at S3 fu , household s article r that -of different styles, both xhe brims are of 2 : width*
a callon The demHohn is sells for\ 35c or more. The Plain and fancy,. In , bone and the- silk streamers are'
liv^n a^'solutelv f?ii O,!? lot Is limited." but early se- and ebony; other day.s either blue or ™lte- else!
ortce with counon nnlv lection will secure dne. these same brushes sell at- where they..sell l it «50
price, vith coupon onl^y with coupon only, for..lBc from 35c to 50c. .With Our priced with coupoif" *'
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to -°Jt 7n«t™r 2^ al i° a n n customer. No mail orders. Nof more than- 2 a Not ntori than'Y-ti a-
ISHSiP: Wom§m Mi^M^ «S^sai
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one 1 of the greatest attractions-r-a splendid waist pat-" • Upon presentation of thf* »«„„„„ „« ,',\u25a0,, ,»'
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bo-had in either a fine India Linon or English, Oxford: facsimile Tpictures^^here £c mant *nh.Sli Water w5 olor
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I presented : in this beautiful display. Black and white - Checks \u25a0 and pSd. Sli Sd B^fek CheckJ m? P CI
\^^^^^^^^^&i^i E-^S^^SI inches wide'; r^iZ* values.]
ißla^lJa^--Worth7sc. Yard. 48c; ' ™Ul S y?r6*lZ7° Tth > 2™2 ™ Or *. mor « a 3^* Spe-|
...,.,..,....»,,\u25a0 ... i. 1t .«.\u25a0».\u25a0».\u25a0«..„.,.\u25a0»..„.,—.,..,\u25a0\u25a0„\u25a0.,.., i 1 1 \u25a0\u25a0i<r« i \u25a0 \u25a0 1 1 \u25a0\u25a0 .Vk •*
Indictments in the Chicago
Cases^ Are LaVgely^
CHICAGO, April 2.-fJudge Landis, In
thej United States District ; Court, over
ruled'today the motion of the Standard
Oil Company . that < the charge of ' il-
I legal taking of rebates be dismissed
and' ordered ; the trial to proceed. '-L
\u25a0J.: The "dismissal of -the. case was -asked
on -theVground,: that,' the /Government
had 'T failed" to - 1 make gout's the case out
; lined s in the? indictments.*
i "i .'During > the> afternoon 4 session the
attorneys \u25a0 for • theYdef ense? had ' the ' bet-"
ter f of ? ; the "argument -and it 'was j ad
mitted " tonight £ even t> by > the Govern
ment oflßcials .that' a great many : counts
In i the ' indictment v might >be ; ruled - out
by"*;the*(courts.*: -Judge X.andls- declared
that rhe 3 f avpred ' the : defense " ; on • cer
tain 1 points \u25a0 and ; : intimated that ; between
100 r and-' 2O0 I counts" would be '\u25a0 stricken
ou^ !} •-;;:': .V'., r : V:^;"i' -•\u25a0\u25a0 ; .:;
.--. closed; three7?weeks
Washouts Between Davisville '\u25a0* and
Sacramento v More : Serious ; Than
Had Been Thought {
; • SACRAMENTO, April/2.-^Despite.ev
ery effort of Tthe Southern - Pacific Rail
road to hasten -the repair of
the I big ; washout ,^on s . its : main v line" be-^
tween ,thiSi'cityjand\Daylsville,\it was
admitted at I local 5 headquarters
\u25a0 thatllt^would'ib'e"; at three";' weeks
ibef ore j the j road 'I would-be ; open.' •;' This
Is idlscburaging -news - to :the^ traveling
public,^ as > all -of ;* the .'; eastbound . and
Sacramento trains must come; and'go
by of ," Stockton and :-; Tracy, > ; and
f romltentto twelve; hours J is^required; to
cover, a n : distance that )regularly is made
in'Uesstthah!; four I hours. ? ; > <v; . : ,- ;.
l*^ Anf exact! examination- of ;the roadbed
byithe "engineers -of ? the dis^
closed ' the 1 conditions *as : far worse! than
had I been \ thought c and'; in ; ! many- places
pile fdrivers|will ;: have^to be* used ': to
putjin* hew J foundations. \u25a0'.\u25a0"•'. • '
. Nick ; Andreo'ri; Spiros . -And re on,'- John
SamartglsV Christ yTheodoriiand^y.ißap^
[night jby.i Patrol^"
imen)! NolahgandlJCohig J inWa^ shack j in
Franklin! square,'|neari.York [street,*! and
charged "SwithTassaultingf'lngred V For
street,^ In| CorumbiaVsqiiareri UThe men'
jwe'relidentlfiedgby^ thejgirl, v^who ; was
2oundTiupconsclous » in t* 1 ; front Vof ;--i : the'
shaok|wherelthe/arrests: wefesmade. {
Some' Large Tracts, Includ
ing Union Island,
Escape Flood
STOCKTON, April 2.— The •flood situ
ation in the island section surrounding !
Stockton is • steadily ' improving, there
haying 'beon an Ji»-lncb fail in the
rivers, i , _ - _
'.Roberts: Island, one of the oldest rec
lamations !n " the county, r .withstood the
flood,- as did also tho Wright tract, Sar
; gent : Bai ; nhart tract. Rough thi'd 'Rtady
Island," Union Island and the Jones and
Orwood: tracts; bf longing to the Rlndge
Land and Navigation;: Company.-/
V One of the largest' tracts of the Rindge
Company,^which was In process»of, rec
lamation, partly" flooded, but the
, break has : been stopped . and the pumps '
are \u25a0: removing 'the t water, 5 so . that \ this
tract," consisting of : nearly 8000 . acres,
will be in cultivation this year.
.' Boston's ; 'i Superintendent of ' ; Public
Schools; reports an enrollment of 96.776
pupils, this year-^2IOB more than last.
Every.: man and. woman.
" should have "a Checking Ac- . •
. count and pay 1 all bills*', by
_' check. Then the bank is their
•-' bookkeeper and every cent is
i accbuTited* for every month/
It :is the economical way ; to
keep house— the sane way to
conduct any business. Save.a
, V portion of .your, salary every
.month. =:;The' Metropolis, 1 con-
; \u25a0 veniently .located, pays 2 per
{cent interest oh Checking Ac-
counts ";.' 3.65 ; per % cerit : , on * Savr
j; DIRECTORS: A: a:- Watklns. Clar-
ence Grange, 1 : Joh n ! M: Koi th; A:' ; D.' Cut^
ler, : George *~ C.*' .. Boardman. James -B^ ;
Stetson,; Edw. ? Coleman,- Chas." Hag-
maier, : . Gavin " McNab. ' M. S." Koshland
F. R.:«Coolc
Paid In Capital j and \ Sarplu*. $800,000.
1237. VAX; >ESS.AVE.\UE, ,
. . : ;; Between" Post and Sutter. ;i ,
.108 - 1 10 Sutter Street
Abov* Montgooerr Street
« .... • * \u25a0 , \u25a0 m ' \u25a0
Js^ Are" always ap-
# predated. Aj-tlstlc
yjF 2>ssk Floral Novelties *
S/£ ; '^^h and i Dec opa**ons
1645 Van Ness Ave^ S^rnu
. Phone Frankun 2149.
Don't be shy; if you
don't like Schilling's Best,
take back your money, .v
. Your rrocer returns your money if ran don t «
. lite* Schilling's Bert. «
Sent! iumpi for Partlculam and Testimonials
cf the remedy that clean the Comalexloa. a*-
movw Skin Imnerf ectlon j. Mairs Sew Blood a*d
licproves th* Health. U joo tai«
beneficial .• result* ar* suaraatieed or moaej r»>
. . M«Jl«oo : Plae«, ; PhUadelphla, Pa.

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