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Which are ryore beautiful, Los An
geles women or San Francisco women ?
You can draw your own conclusions
i when you have, seen the two pages in v
The Sunday Call
Five Million Dollar/ Plot
Is Believed to Be
Senator Denies He Babbled
of Conspiracy While
Drunk at Dinner
University Head Says Cali
fornia Stands Up for
By Ira E. Bennett
WASHINGTON. April s.— The
President is mightily pleased with the
wide publicity given to his exposure of
the $5,000,000' "conspiracy" against
him. Scoffing comments are being
made in some of the Eastern papers,
one of them alleging that the center
of brain storms is now at the White
House, another urging the President to
take a long vacation, and others in
sinuating that the latest sensation was
pprung for the purpose of diverting
attention from the Harriman-Roose
velt squabble.
But at the" White' House everything
\k lovHv. Secretary Loeb tells the
newspaper men , that publicity has
rrushed the conspiracy in the egg.
Senator Ponrosc sent up his protests
today against the charge that* he was
a drunken babbler of the secrets of antU
r:«osc veil conspirators. He hastened
to occ-tar* 1 lijs.-love for Roosevelt and
IlooHeicltian policies and set up n.n
alibi, explaining -' that he was. down
around Cuba with Secretary Mctcall
&n<J Senator Flint when the famous
dinner was siven at which the plans o.'
the conspirators leaked out.. •
Secretary Loeb was quick to tell peo
ple today that no names had been men
tioned in the "by autnority" story
jriven out yesterday. He would not
deny that Pcnrose was tlje Senator
Wiose -mellowness at dinner led to tho
revelation of the plot, simply saying
that no names whatever had' been men
tioned. The fact remains, however.
that Pcnrose'j? name* \u25a0was mentioned, in
conversations at the White House and
that the newspaper men obtained their
information from somebody associated
with the President.
It is stated the Penrosc alibi is
shaky. The dinner in question wa?
riven before. Congress adjourned and
while Senator Penrosc was in Washing
ton. Tt was held at the Shoreham Ho
tfl. and was given by. Senator-elect
Bourne of Oregon, in honor of his pre
' decesFor. Senator Gearln. Senator Pen
' ro*=e is pai<J to have been present at that
A hordr of reporters and politicians
j«r»? at work running down dates and
•names, and within a few hours it will
; h«» known whether or not Penrose is
j in danger of joining the Ananias Club
'.on the President's motion.
The story of the great conspiracy is
received in widely different .fashion
"here and throughout the. East. Many
ft the metropolitan papers are sarcas
tic in alluding to it. The smaller
papers seem to take it seriously.,-Re
ports from the Middle West are to the
i effect that the. story ts taken at par.
The name of Senator Scott of West
. Virginia has been used in several news
i raperE as one '°f *-* ie men supposed to
• have full knowledge of the anti-Roose
; velt conspiracy. "Scotty," as he is usu
1 zUy known, is a good fighter and was
|an idolizer of Mark Hanna. If Han n a
' had lived he would have bolted Roosc
; vclt or anybody else to follow Hanna.
Sine Hanna's death he has been
: nominally with Roosevelt, but pretty
, outspoken against him at times. Scott
j has been regarded as a man who would
J break away from the Roosevelt crowd
t before the' next convention.. Now that
'the Senator has been tagged as one of
' the cabal, something maybe doing over
' in TVeFt Virginia.
There is agitation In labor circles
over -the' President's inferences to
. Moyef. Hay wood and Debs. At, the
; headquarters of the American Federa
tion of Labor the leaders chow a ten
dency to call upon' the President for an
explanation of his remarks. In his let
ter to Representative Sherman! the
'President paid that certain sentiments
that had been attributed to Harriman
made him- "at least as undesirable a
'citizen as Debs. ITaywood or.Moyer."
The President's condemnation of. the
'men has already' resulted In a number
jof labor. unions passing resolutions de-
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The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— Rain; maximum temperature.
56; mluiranm temperature, 50..
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Showers: fresh
southerly winds. Pare 11
The process of klrUng thi> fusion corpse. P. 8
Tli* Roosevelt disturbance Is Ilk* a "counting
out" . jiiw. ;Pac« 8
The- ease of the people vs.. Hamlet is. still
at bar. \u25a0 Pace S
The San Francisco flre Is expected to cover a
nraltitn.de cf .sins.v. ? P»c« 8
Grand Jury irill return eight more Indictments
before ending telephone Inquiry. ' Pace 1
Raef talki of crimes to Burns, but Is not
ready to make open confession. Face 1
Graves and" Phillips \u25a0 thought to have Joined
Detwiler for consultation. V Pace 1
Prosecution watches Jury in Rnef, case care
fully to prerent "ringer" being slipped
Into It. . Pa^ e i
Doctors shy at affiliation with disgraced ad
ministration and • places on Health Board go
begging. p»f 6 2
Treasurer Bantel appoints eon a deputy •in
defiance of Mayor Schmitz. Para S
Fairfax H. Wheelan to tell Grand Jury today
of aid that Home . Telephone Company gave to
asti-Ruef campaign in 1905. Pace 2
Electricians . •withdraw from the .Fairmont
Hotel, and other artisans resume work. P. 16
Telephone company announces . increase of pay
for operators ranging from $5 to $15 a month,
but girls insist on organizing their union. P. 18
; Superrlsors favor granting of franchise for
crositown line despite protest of union. P. 16
Paul C. Paulsen is arraigned before board
of inquiry and denies that be Is an anar
chlet. pa^e 9
Fillmore-street merchants to have City Hall
dome illuminated on night of April IS. Page 3
Supreme Court decides that the Torrens . act,
to register and re-establish titles to land, is
Talld. page 6
Members of the Crocker family to erect four
high-class buildings in the burned district, at a
cost of- $2,000,000. Page 6
Attorney Leach boldly criticizes Judge Sam
uels while latter is on bench and Is promptly
squelched. Pace 10
French savant deals with history of wajres in
lecture at University of California. Pace 10
C. G. Moorman comes from lowa to take
K>n-In-laWs life in Alameda. but bullet,
misses. ' Page 10
Thirteen -year-old schoolgirl In Berkeley raised
postal money order. . • , Page 10
\u25a0 Jury in Cclton will contest at Santa , Crux
falls to acree and plaintiff says be will continue
his fight. for the $100,000 estate. • Pace 3
'•Prospect of settling trouble at GoldfieJd . by
separation ©f union miners from Industrial
Workers of the World. •-."• Page 2
Interesting contest Is waged by three men for
poGtmastersbip of Vallejo. . . -Page 2
President Roosevelt delighted with success
that he believes be has attained in shattering
$5,000,000 conspiracy against him. Pace 1
. Hearst sues" New York newspaper .for half"
a million, the result of Uarriman conspiracy
story. ;• Pace 1
Mormon church fesues xtidress to the world,
declaring loyalty to the United States. ' Pace 2
Feature of country's trade Is .heavy purchases
of structural iron, by San Francisco. Page 2
- Tornado cuts trail of destruction 300 miles
lons in three gulf States. I Pace 3
Ohio' militia under orders -awaiting develop
ments in strike at yards of American Ship
building Company. . Page 9
Trial of Harry K. Thaw will be resumed on
Monday and Deltnag will rpeak for two days In
argument to jury. Pace 3
"' Harrlman's deals are scored by Government
attorneys in arguments before' lnterstate Com
merce Commission. •-. Face 3
Ciar's reason said to be tottering^ and abdi
cation is reported to have been planned. P.I
Cubans excited over comlnc visit of Secretary
Taft and believe be will fix date for end of
American intervention. - , Page 2
Young athletes will contest for supremacy on
the cinder path at Berkeley today. . Pac? 7
\u25a0Six horses fall with their riders in the fifth
race'at Emeryville. Two of : the Jockeys . are
badly bnrt .and one of the horses is killed. P. 7
Seals and Beavers will play the opening game
of .the season at the new ball park this after
noon. Pace 7
: Willie O'Neil, the Australian' feather- weight
boxer, is knocked oat by Al Emmlck. Pag« 7
Jimmy Carroll outpoints Monte Attcli in a
sensational four-round fight. - Face 7
Steamfltters will probably decide to' strike
on May. 1 if the shorter work day is .not
granted. Pace 9
Cnitef! States cruiser Milwaukee -returns from
"shaklDg4down" cruise to Magdalcna Bay and
proceeds to Mare' lsland" for coil. Pape 11
' Goldfield sends' buying" orders to San Fran
cisco and large calrs and big advances in min
ing stocks occur. ' Page IS
Announcement is made that the wedding, of
Miss Emllr Marvin and Roy Somers will ' take
place In St. Luke's Church on Tuesday evening."
April ;30.VAft : > . - \u25a0 ',\u25a0 Pace 8
Sunday Call
Send them to Main Office
or through f Branch Offices
or telephone them.
SAN ; TR AN(MSOO, \u25a0, SATURDAY, APRIL M% 1907:
London ; Paper Claims ;It
Has "High: Authority"
/ ,ior Statement .
Grand Duke Michael Said to
Be Choice for Tern- :
porary Ruler '
• t . 1 n ':''-. *.' \u25a0.:"..\u25a0
Russian : Officials in -Great
.Britain Say Story Is
4 Unfounded '
April s.— The Daily
Mirror claims' to be in a position'
to announce upon the "highest
authority" that the Emperor of
Russia proposes >, to abdicate
within a month and that Grand
Duke Michael will be appointed
Regent during the infancy of the
Czarevitch. For the past tKree or
four weeks, the paper says, events
in. this direction have been pro
ceeding with lightning-like rapid
ity in St. Petersburg, but the
secret has been well kept.
"Lately," declares the "paper,
"the Emperor's mind has given
way even more completely and he
has shown himself- incapable of
performing. the smallest duties iOf I
his' 1 rank" " • ' ' \u25a0' ' •"• \
The'lower house of Parliament is, to ;
be abolished, and- there will, be " formed
a military dictatorship 'with the object
of stamping oufrevoiution'and-putting
an end to'anarchy in : Russia. '.The pii j
per declares^ further that a marriage
has been arranged. between' Grand |
Michael " and Princess Victoria of
Schleswig-Hblstein and that the visit to
London of . the Dowager Empress of
Russia was chiefly for the purpose of
negotiating this" marriage. ' \ \u0084 '
.Count Benckendorff. the Russian Em
: bassador to Great Britain, in an inter
view regarding the story published/ in
the Daily Mirror, expressed surprise and
said that" he had heard -nothing/offl
clally or otherwise to conflrm \u25a0 these
i He did not believe them. On the other
hand he-discredited the stoiV entirely!
Baron- Sternberg. the: Russian l/ Consul
General here,: when questioned regard
ing the storj", 'said that .it 'was '"alii
Action Is the. .Result of
Harriman Gbnspiracy
NEW YORK. April s.— William/ Rani
dolph Hearst today s|iedVthe New York-
Times Company. 'for • ?500.000 damages
because, of > allegations^printed. "•\u25a0in '.'. 'the"
New. York Times .lasti Thursday.
The paper printed what purported .to
be. a statement emanating from * the'
White House, "declaring that ' John li).
Rockefeiier, : Edward' H. Harrlman and
W. R. Hearst had joined in a' "con -^
spiracy to ruin the' president 'politically
and gain -the- Democratic nomination
for the .Presidency." for/HeaVet. "± >,-" \u25a0 : *«Ji»
. Today the Times printed i.^stateme'r.'t
that in 1305 Hearst ' had , niade > deal
with Benjamin ,B.;*Odeli ''that Hearst
should have himself -nominated; for. the
Mayoralty, against" McClellan ,'and'Jth'en'i
withdraw in favor \u25a0 of \u25a0?'&; Republican^,
thus bringing about the defeat of
Clellan.' - : . \u25a0\u25a0••".• I .\u25a0/ .\u25a0 l?-y^yf%
City : of \u25a0 Troy Is Destroyed,
; but the • Passengers'
Are ' Saved •\u25a0 \u25a0 . >
- DOBBS FERRY,' N.-; Y.,\ April! s.— The
steamer ,'City-* of - s .Troj* l iOfith»«ClUJsenß^
Line 'was ; burned T to* the^ waters. edge
here Atohight./X,Theilßixty-nveA tohight./X,Theilßixty-nve I f«pa*Bsenr
gerslwere : landed, safely^ 1 -"jThel steamer.;
k was destroyed.^wlthflts cargo r of ;frelght
and i thirteen^ horses."'^*--;'-'-' •-'-".•*\u25a0 '^' ;< :*•\u25a0''\u25a0-}!
The 1 Cltyrof -Troy Heft ;New v jbrk- at 6 ;
p. ni., boijrid!vup?thesHuds6h : , River; forv
Albany.: and^Troy^TheVflrefjWas^dis-'
covered »!about^BJo'clock,*Vwhen?tHeib'oat
.vtt (eight miles .'.b'elowi Dobbs^Ferry^i/i
More Telephone Men in Danger of Indictment
Ruef Is Nearing Confession
Developments oi 'Yesterday -ihHhe Graft Situation
1':. Eight more' indictments to ;be returned by
v- .'the' Grand Jury in connection with.
''\u25a0'.."'\u25a0'''•',\u25a0 -.'ijie telephone cases.
\2A_ Abe Ruef shows signs of weakening and
tells Burns some 'secrets of the ad-_ ;
ministration. \u25a0 \
Watch Jury Box
for "Ringer"
ProseGiitors • of Ruefi
;^. Keep Wary Eye
v on- Defense
Variety:'' promises! to 'he- the spice of
,nnef'i» life- before ' the courts, • for 'as
< soon "as .the present • trial on a charge
of extortion l« finished, the boss will
jbe -placed before : the bar be, tried
lon the vbnrfsc'of v brlbing 'members tof
. 1 be. Board of ' Supervisors. . These ;later
; Indictments are thoiißht bj- the prose
! ciitlon to be ' even 'more dangerous, to
[ the liberty, , of ;EMsor nippy's charge
than are . the "extortion accusations. -
I ,The Supervisors; who confessed' their
I sins ...before^ the ..Grand' Jury, will \ have |
j to repeat" their .shameful : recital before I
! the ;court/ : word for ward, under; penalty
I of. beings-indicted: for ..perjury." -While 1
j the- testimony taken" before the Grand j
Jury may ;not b«r used: against thefac- |
xiuVedVcurly boss. Ihe. men . who;'gave!it ]
will have torpunctlliously^cqnflrm .their i
tales f of briber.V'.oi- -go to jail." ,' : \u25a0
: Yesterday was a blank day "in court !
proceedings.- the \ Temple Israel, where ;
Judgc^Dunne's court 'is •-located, being I
used -for . rcl i gious .^ereinonies.V On Mon-. j
'day ,'J however, - the ".court will convene 1
again-jand then thejtask of :Iraparieling !
a jury,' will .b« pfo/:eeded -.with;}.- Henry
Acli, .' cynically" proud : of his. ; achieve
ments ;as)a ".hindereV of -justice, v'says
that' the jury cannot be impaneled until
Chrrstrnas.^ /The 'attorneys for the State
say." that the: jury : i'Wili^be gathered' inia
weeks,? 'and.; then '•.testimony -will \ be
heard. rThe' taking , of^testirrqny,; in the
extortion case should not .'take afe-lohg
as j' the work 'of. f 6'rmlhgr thie * jury.; 1 - \u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0 h
;;:The;-JDistrict' office {is
guarding.in every way. against Ruefs
sciieme'tojput a Vrin*ger" : :-into 'the jury
box. Several vcnlrernen already : ex
amined jiave^ fallen -under the, suspicion
of c \u25a0 theV* a] %rX ; Langdon ),and'- % SpVciai
Prosecutor \u25a0 Hiram '<\u25a0 W;v Johnson]." ! Ijhey
have • been *:wceded out r on._*statutory
groundp. ->o r far.'^and . it >: has; not been
found \ necessary '; to; indul ge in .the' 1 jmV;
itedl' luxury.; of ; a peremptory i challenge.
As ! each: man against :whqm' suspicion*
was ', directed : '.wbuid : out|fof Kthe
basket.fthe \u25a0 face { of; would f alii a'
Continued ; om ; Paje ; 2, Middle .Column] 3J .
Snowed Under
3. Fairfax Wheelan will tell Grand Jury of
\. campaign contributions, of Home
. Telephone Company.
4» r A. J. Graves and T. W. Phillips of Home
Telephone Company thought to have
been in conference with Detwiler.
Detwiler in Hiding
on the Coast
Toledo Dispatch Says
;He Is£Glose to -
i TOtED^pWc,,; April 5.
It - was vlearned tonight by a
representative of The Call;
from a relative of A. K. pet-;
wiler, that ; Detwiler cis close
to San; Francisco and is in
daily ' communicationiv with
his friends and,: Sari -Fran-,
ciscb attorneys who are \tak
ing care of his interests. He
says that : Detwiler is inno
cent and • that he will put \u25a0 up
the most strenuous fight San
Francisco has seen for some
Braves and Phillips May '
\u25a0 ; BefWithf tlie Toledan
Detwiler's Confidential Man \u25a0 in_
phone f 1 Company^ Affairs Can
' not BeiFound
.< -A. J. Graves; of 'Los ";^ Angeles,
wiler's xonfidential : man' in the affairs
of the Home' Telephone Company, and
T:' W. Phillips of ? the Adam-PhiiUpst
Company: of the same city, are be-
Heyed , by the; graft f prosecution; to be
with^tiie : Toledo capitalist in
hia i^ hiding-place, or fat tb\be \u25a0; in
direct ? comrnuriicatidn with '\u25a0> him; ;\u25a0: All j
efforts -to: locate Graves , and 'Phillips !
have .been yin vain, las ;iiaye: been; the i
efforts tb'i discover Detwiler's where- ,|
abouts. t ; It lis-'beiieyed \u25a0 that"; when the |
I .investigation £& took jz a yj serious,, -tiirrij
against \u25a0 the - Home- Telr.phohe;Compahyj
'and i resulted in "the '^indictment -of -.Det^- !
iVfllfit bnlthirtecn^bribery countsGravps ,
a"na;Phliilps{set_;c>ff 4ppst. hasted to. join ;
Continued , on * Page; 2«t Middle 'Column* 3 '
' Every woman will be intensely inter
ested in "The Letters of an Unsuccessful
Woman to Her Daughter," which appear
"tomorrow, in
The Sunday Call
Ruef Wary About
a Confession
Boss Is Not Ready to
v Give Burns Open
- Abe,. Rnef \m gradually Tveakenlnit
under .the vrelarbt -of .the overwhelming;
main of tncrtmlnMtiag evidence that has
been amassed ncalnmt him and the
preasnre tbat'has been brousbt to bear
to. force him to talk without a promise
of immnnllr In ntnrn for bin confes
sion*. To nil vrho approach him, openly
on' the f subject the fallen boss contlnnes
to n>njr his jcullt In the most strennous
term* I and .treats his present > predica
ment. Trlth. a Trrll-annumed air of Jocu
larity. The' fact, remains, howfyrr, that
the time srl-ven htm for thought In his
solitary confinement and the slnsistences Insistence
of Detective, Barns in tclllnc on him.
; Ruef has already confessed to Burns,
ibiit.liis confessions', nave not consisted
I of; the open admissions of guflt which
! the : prosecution desires, and-lt stlll;re
! mains for him- to tell, anything, which
I would incriminate himself or any of his
I former allies to "an extent, which might
I lead ! to indictment'or conviction. Ruefs
! statements . to t Burns "have been made
I with, the utmost semblance of candor,
I but 'the crafty, methods .which' he knows
!so 'well how to employ have marked
j every utterance. He has talked freely
to. Burns, but he has talked ,only of
those things * which he knows : cannot
j be. used against him ih a criminal pros
'ecutibnl/a|id never: once has he allowed
jhlrriself to be trapped. He has gone
i dangerously near the line,^but he has
1 not' yet stepped over it. . .
|i T^or the past" four or five days,. Burns
has been with Ruef almost constantly.
Every night he tbr# boss in his
I'Fiilmore-street . prison and is closeted
,wlth : h|m on each* occasion fora consid
erable time. He' rides to and from' '.the
Courthouse -with Ruef. in the automobile
[in "which Eli?or Biggy, takes his{prls
j oner to the -chamber ' whe*re his trial is
progressing. .."Burns does riot urge Ruef
to ' talk,' jbut he \u25a0 gives * him the f oppor
tunity. *. Ruef 'has come" to like Burns
personally," and.the latter's unobtrusive
method of signifying his .willingness to
become ; the < receptacle \u25a0-, for. Ruef's se
crets has had the eff ect which . no quant
tity of- harsher methods could have
Two ' More Sessions and
Eight True Bills Yet
to Come
Some New Names Will Be
Added to Roll of
Further Investigation to Be
Made Into This
According to the prosecution in
the graft cases, the Grand Jury
has under consideration eight
more indictments in connection
with the telephone cases. It is
stated that two more sessions will
be required to complete the inves
tigation into the affairs of the Pa
cific States and the Home com
panies. Of the eight indictments,
five will be returned against men
involved in the operations of the
Home company and three against
those involved in the Pacific
States deal. This does not mean
that eight more men will be in
: dieted, for some of the pending
Jndictments, it is believed.' are
directed at men against whom
true bills have been previously
While the investigation into the
affairs of the Home Telephone
Company gave unusual promi
nence to the names of J. S. Tor
ranee, A. B. Cass, A. J. Graves
I and T..AV. Phillips, there is reason
to believe that the full extent of
the_ operations of Abram X: Det
wiler has not been revealed.
Of the indictments pending in
the case of the Pacific States Tele
phone Company, one, at least, will
be directed at Louis Glass,
against whom nine true bills have
already been returned. Who will
* -
I draw- to the other indictments has
not been disclosed.
The Grand Jury did not mee£
: yesterday, but will resume its sit
tings this afternoon, when it will
continue its inquiry into telephone
matters. The political maneuvers
of the two corporations will, be
subjected to further inquiry.
The high officials of both com
panies have been called as .wit
nesses, with the exception of
; Louis Glass and Abram K. Det
\viler, both under indictment, and
A. J. Graves and T. AY. Phillips of
Up to, the middle of the week
the. investigation into the- affairs
of the Home Telephone Company
• had not reached a satisfactory
stage, but with the testimony of
Nicholas Prendergast and Frank
W. Wachter many doubtful
points were cleared up. Prendcr
; gast and Wachter were trusted
employes of Detwiler. When they
took the witness stand they, told
without reserve all they knew of.
the 'affairs of the corporation.
' -VERA CRUZ. Mexico, April 5.~1nj a
collision, between two freight trains on
thVMexlcan Central Railway (old Vera
Cruz .road) between Rtnconada and
Tamarind stations yesterday seven mea
were .killed and traffic -wasr blocked
eleven hours. Several persons ." wero
injured. The d^ad include. the engineers
of both locomotives, who were Ameri
cans. . The others killed were ! Mexican
trainmen. ,— , .... .... ... .!\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0, -

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