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Says He Put Wire Across
Windows and . Kept
Her Imprisoned
Wife Admits Firing Shot,
but Declares She Aimed
at a Tall Tree
The answer of Annie D. Talbot,
promised by the trio of legal «tars.
McEnerney. Shortridge and Barrett, in
her defense against the divorce suit
of William H- Talbot. was filed for
record late yesterday ofternoon In the
office of th« county clerk. The charges
of the millionaire lumbermen, backed
by the friendliness of his many rela
tives of more millions, are not only
specifically denied in 41 pages pt type
written matter, but Talbot \i grilled
with recriminations on every page.
Mrs. Talbot first takes exceptions
to her husband's pleadings by declar
ing that her eon, William C. was born
on March 15. 1893. instead of March 10,
and that the son. Eric, was born on
November 15. 1594. instead of Novem
ber 18, 1895. as alleged.
Denial after denial, with explana
tions, follow In the ansrwer to Talbofs
allegations, and the lumberman is put
In the position of having told only one
Bide of the story of numberless do
mestic disagreements.
An Instance, which covers the trend
of the alleged unexplained allegations.
Is the • one in - which 'he charged her
with having hidden the caps and coats
of her bons to keep them from going
to the theater with him."
Mrs. Talbot replies that she had
taken the boys to a matinee on the
day in question, that one of them was
ill and she objected to their, going out
at night. She says that Talbot himself
locked their caps and coats in a room
and when she barred him at the door,
in an effort to recover the clothing, he
took the youngsters to the theater
bareheaded and without their 1 coats.
Mrs. Talbot goes into particulars
about many things that have become
matters of public knowledge or rumor
since the beginning of her suit for
separate maintenance.
She dwells particularly upon her ex
periences at their Redwood home In
1903. In June of that year, she says.
Talbot- ordered her to Redwood and
kept her there, practically a prisoner,
until October. He Is said to have put
her in the charge of two nurses and
to have told them that she was craxy
anfl must be restrained. It is even
charged that he put wire across her
windows and, upon Inviting her into
the garden of the home, caused the
wife of Fred Talbot. his brother, to
remove all of her toilet articles.
During this period of her surveil
lance Mrs. Talbot says that she was
not permitted to write or telephone to
her friends or relatives and that for
four months she was not permitted to
see her children. During that time
they were in the custody of Mrs. Fred
Talbot and living at the Palace.
Finally Mrs. Talbot got away from
Redwood and, coming to this city, was
obliged to break In the glass door of
her Jackson street home to gain ad
mittance. She says that she demanded
her children and was told by Mrs. Fred
Talbot that she could not have them.
She was here three weeks, she says,
before she was permitted to see the
Mrs. Talbot makes no direct charge
cf ; infidelity, but she says that when
she "tenderly" asked Talbot to give up
"his ", associations "with a certain
. woman" he not only abused her but told
her there were other women he kept
company with whom she would like
The answer develops that Mrs. Tal
bot aspired to be a markswoman and
practiced to that end. .She pleads this
In extenuation of her husband's charge
that he and the children were fright
ened one day by the firing of a shot
from the window of her room In the
Redwood home. She declares that the j
pistol was loaded. on the previous day
for the purpose of shooting at a mark
end that she "fired. one shot at a leaf
en a tall elm tree, higher than the
roof of the house.". She says that Tal
bot came In front of the window and
• asked her •what she was doing and she
replied "I 'was trying to knock off the
top of that tree." She says that Tal
bot" laughed and passed- on.
She answers the charges against her
behavior' at the Manhattan hotel ~in
New York in April, 1903. by charging
Talbot with studied Indifference. After
that he is said to have declared: "J
a changed man. I have no love for
you. I am going to come and go as I
After the April fire, when they went
to live together at Redwood. TaJbot is
said to have contended . that there were
only two ways of fixing things— one
through the courts and the other to
fix it between themselves. ; "We will, all
be happier for a divorce," he is quoted
as saying: In his argument for. her to
begin proceedings or •, to permit him
ts get a divorce. without contest.
Tn her final defense the wife declares
she has sacrificed her life to her chil
dren and that she has been a true and
faithful wife. She asks the court to
deny his application for divorce and to
award her maintenance for herself and
three children and to see that his.mill
ions are properly divided.
Works Board Says City Will Pay
$35,000 More Than Amount
of Bid Accepted
The Board of Works has taken ex
ception to City Engineer, Woodward's
statement that the. sewer In Lowjer
Market street* will cost tlie city twice
as much to build as it would have cost
under the Burrell contract, which was
revoked. Commissioner. Aigeltlnger. ad
mits that the sewer will cost $125,000,
or $35,000 more than Burrell'B bid;: but
says that the specifications : forv the
work were bo . Incomplete that ; the ; city
would have had to pay him, s4o,ooo for
"extras" owing to the changed condi
tions in the labor • and ; material - mar
Relative to the statemest jlhat the
sewer would not be completed "until tne
end of the year, "Commisfcloner. Eagan
said that 'Burrell. could not; have com
pleted the work Kby November, \as'• he
had made no move^to .'do '\u25a0„ the \ work at
the<ttnm the contract was taken away
from him* * .
LOS ANGELES, April 29.— Miss- May
Anderson, aclerklin* the. Anchor' laun
dry,; who was injured In the' gas explo-
Klon at Cressaty 1 ! 'cafe "on ; West { Second
street on " February , IS,'! died ; this I morn
ing.^ Miss Anderson's \u25a0»«« I the' seventh
deatlr resulting, from: the : accident.'^';
Your bruKgtat.wiil TeU\Y«i
Murlne Eye tteioedy Cokti Ere«." Make* ;\*>ak
Lr«« Sir«£— -6ootU*« By* Pain — Doec&'t, EnurU*
Jury of Award Busy With Photographs
Beauty Winners to Be Announced Sunday
Judges Who Will Select the^ Most Beautiful California Woman
Diligently Scrutinizing the Great Collection of Photographs
The photograph that, you sent, to The Sunday Call's beauty, contest is > now before^ the' jury of award.
You can get some idea of what is happening to it by^looking at the sketch above.* It will be subjected to the
careful consideration of the "three judges, Douglas Tilde n, the sculptor, and G. Cadenasso and Arthur F. Mathews,
the painters, before it is passed upon. "* -v v^,
Did you send in the photograph of the woiu. ,/ vho is going to be declared the most>beautiful in; Cali
fornia? You will see in next Sunday's Call. By that time the judges, sketched above, will be through with their
pleasant task, and will announce in The Sunday Call who are the fairest of California women. \ - ; .
The Sunday Call will publish full page photographs of the winners. You will need but to look at next
Sunday's Call to see why the eminent judges chose ; as they will. They have such a tremendous pile of beautiful
photograpliSi topick from they cannot very well make a -mistake. .
Every' real man— and every woman — in California will want to see in. The Sunday Call, May 5, who are
the most beautiful women in the state.
Horsewhip and Pistol Fail
ing to Affright Rival,
Divorce Is Asked
Mrs. Irene Marsh,- who In the last few
years, has tried horsewhipping and a
revolver against Alice Murray, the suc
cessful rival for the love of her hus
band, . Jack Marsh, appeared in the
court of last resor*. for the unhappily
married and sued'for divorce yesterday
She also asked the court to enjoin her
husband from disposing of his interest
in the : La ' Fayette ' saloon -at- Sacra
mento, from selling his realty 'ln the
capital city, and from withdrawing the
money, deposited by, him in the "West
ern ' national bank. ; She asks for $250
a month alimony and $1,000 counsel
fees. &&f&&Bi3i?& ' '.•\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0
Judge Graham granted an Interlocu-;
tory decree: of divorce yesterday to
"Wllhelmlne K. .Thoene from, Louis 'O.
H. Thoene. a Kansas City druggist. It
appeared in V the - evidence that Thoene,
after desirting his wife and "child,
traveled through : Europe. In the, be
lief' that the husband was supplied
with money. Judge Graham awarded
$60 a month alimony and $100 attor
ney's fees, -which Mrs. , Thoene' s attor
ney had not asked for. - - : - \u25a0
? Suits f or; divorce were begun,yester
day by Emma J. Turner, against John
Turner," . f or : cruelty; Delia V A.- Sagor
against = Isaac Sage T.i desertion;- Clinton
M. Smith' against tJulla Smith,- infidel
ity. \u0084 »- '• ""
Ordinance Cutting . Down Width to
.Twelve- Feet* ls^ Repealed by
Board of Supervisors
-At yesterday's \u25a0 meeting of the board
of . supervisors the 'i ordinance reducing
the width of sidewtilks in Sutter street'
from 15* to il2 ' f eet^was " repealed Tand
the sidewalks 'I will remain at their
present I width, i thus ' putting an , end to
dispute "of , rival clubs \u25a0 on \u25a0; the.subject
j Nicholas' ordinance ' ~ : Increasing'^: the
height' limit!, of ;f rame"; buildings r f romj
45 ito 50 ; feet was r referred t to the build-*
ing committee^ ,' > • - ' :'s'i'Z:
The' board' denied E.i.T. Ayers a per
mit; to ' conduct :, a i stable at ; the % corner.
of Golden Gatejavonue and; Devisadero
street, =it being 1 the* third time) such: ac
tion .was itaken. 1
- -The mayor: was requested; to: appoint
a ; , committee Jto^arrange s for,\ther cele
bration;of Memorial .day. May \u25a0\u25a0 30.
"'r,The'"-resolution n .>tb; a. fence
around the city cemetery in
San Mateo "county/ and<. to.; eject \tres-"
passers therefrom; was defeated. _;, !_\u25a0;;*:
;>.- Permission', wasfgranted for the Erec
tion of metallic ; arches", to-. illuminate
Fillmore street., '%j!Sb3BBBA
Hotel .Robins
Now; open, 9 Post? St.; near "Jones. First
permanent, downtown* hotels completed."
75* '^private "-.baths.;, /European '\u25a0\u25a0•:\u25a0\u25a0 plan."
Rates, < $1.50 ;up ; j^withS bath,'™ $2.50 * up."
Take ' Sutter st. . cars t from " ferry. •
T^ElsAy;*^Ay(^co::d^l|^fuEsM^, : ' : ;i^
Colonel Lurideen : Entertains
Oriental Visitors at
The .military, and naval representa
tives of | China, who arrived ; on . the ' Si
beria on- Sunday on', their ;. way ; to,. the
Jamestown- exposition,-, were j the guests
of the army officials 'at, the , Presidio
yesterday. Several > government J auto^
mobiles were placed; at T the disposal: of
the visitors, and, :by ; -.Captain
A." W. Brewster, .who 5 will'- accompany
them east; ; Major K Bellinger : arid-Cap
tain . Cheatham. . the'f Chinese : .fighting
men were whirled .through" the city and
out tO'the Presidio. .. > \u0084 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-
The visitors;; were received "at post
h eadq uar ters \ by .: Colon el ; Lundeen.Xwho
join ed the party ' in '. a, tour of » the reser-"
vation. ._- At : the conclusion '» of " the run
about \u25a0 the ' post grounds f- the ; visitors
were informally^ entertained, at' 4 the
club." .;. "\u25a0;_'/.\u25a0 '•;"--•*"\u25a0 \u25a0'*-„'/-:\u25a0'\u25a0,•:,>'.'-•'\u25a0 \u25a0-..'"/:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. /:v.
\u25a0*. It is probable that'!' during'-: the week
a drill of : the. troops jat .the ; post '.will
be held ; for the edification" of « the . dia'
'. tihguished.: Chinese. \u25a0 • r
Colonel " George : H.\ *> Torney, deputy
surgeon.VUnited V States "= army.i has been
complimented by ; thelCaliforniafacadf
emyVof ; medicine; ;'f or J his during
the } calamity a yeari ago.?i In ;• a\ set tot
resolutions I the colifnel "is £ praised for
his ? efficiency: in fcSnducting 'the : sani
tary/organization*; formed 1 at Jthat itlmeV
A^copy of the'.resolutionsjhas : been sent
to; the, surgeon^generalNof^ the United
States ;army! at \u25a0
Supervisor Gallagher'; Says /V Money
Will Go to *:. Repave
Sutter and Mission Streets
Supervisor. Gallagher/! said 5 ! yesterday,
that* a report' to' theleflfect! that $59,000
.^ould : be jutilizedjj out-f of c the * proceeds
of,; the 'bonds' soldi forjtlie; improvement
of ? Flllmore^ Sutterjand I Mission Tstreelij"
In :Paying;C.jS;yHarney;forlhisl contract
to repave ? Fourth;' street*: was ('erroneous:'
Gallagher '. assured ' Norton V.We Us,
president .'of % the *' Fillmof c "% \m-
\ prov'ement club,v,that |the>)s2s.ooo llTub- :
scribed : by ;his s organization % f or/,tHe| re- 5
paving 1 of f the t: streetrnamed* wouldibe?
kept c : lntact/fasT well? as |the"f $76,000 if or
the;, paying.- of v Sutteri'street-)!and^the 4
$55,000 * for v the ;_ lmprovement Mi3^
sion .; street i f roni^Army,; to 'vTwentieth?
The Fourth^rstreet^contract^was^lct
more % ,thanJonejyearjag6Tand>theJ t m6rifev
for,it;was:set!aßideiatitheitlme^ir':~<: rr VV r '
Louis Baker/f4a";junkJdealefJatSl333
Pacific rstreet, : %wsJaVr^eßted|y"esteFdaLy;
by ' Detective^DaW|MunJbry£on^a^ii^r.^
rantVchafgirig"|Jilm£with*4buylng : |junk*
than five .A years '\u25a0. of ft age*. He 1 was x re
ByronlHot Sprlnga
On Southerh*Pacinc,|al:few|h6ufs'*de
li ghtf uH ride \ from } San f Francisco. r p? Hot
mineral (waters "\u25a0 and {excellent s hotel | ac-
Herman ' Eppinger Claims
Defendant Tried to V
•Defraud Him
As attorney for Herman Eppinger. Jr.;
Garret W7 'McEnerney yesterday^ began
suit ; in thesiiperior court against Lloyd
M. Robblns.'.ThomasH. Breeze, William
H. High, Henry^C.i Stillwell, A. B. Bow
ers.'the International banking company
and the 'American? megneslte company.'
Thercomplaint; asks ;for/an accounting
from i Stillwell V for; a declaration "of ; a
$15,000 .^interest -in; a -certain 'note and
charges the majority/of: the /defendants
.with yhaying Centered : into conspiracy Ito
defraudUheiplaintift. > ; "
It appears » from the \u25a0 document that
Eppinger; Jr."? and !Stillwell j had 5 certain
dealings -involving, a stock transaction
in * the. magriesiter company. ' Their 'dif-'
f erences iwere vbrought : ; intoVcourV; and
after pending j.nearly c af year. : were com
promised:"'? As a part of >the compromised
It \ is . alleged,"' t Epplnger % was ; to : have ian
interest- in^a'i new J note ' given " by \u25a0 the
maghesite "compahyV to Stillwell " for
$43,000. 1 /^Th(B : Robbins :,- &
Breezeii: wliqi appeared in !• the T original
litigation are ;saidito : haye > had a $7,500
The ChemistSffE^
of allrnen should appre- 1 :->JL /^^^B
v ciate Ghirardelli's Q>-\' ; l/^ : :2^^l.
coa. Its absolute purity / ii^lß^^C^fl
and the extent to which j W^W^^^%
the native goodness of %gM^Bm i
the Gocoa Bean is pre- / FW^S^^vg
process, prove to him 1 8/ f y^fi
Breakfast, there is notH \u25a0JM^* g
ing so good or valuable as iflSfT^r \
XMlul liraClU|s| my^^rr 1
Israel Goyette t Meets Men
Carrying Casket to
'the /Morgue
William: Comerford Kills
: - Himseii Wife >
Leaves Hinr
• »-\u25a0\u25a0. • \u25a0 i~~ y ; r \u25a0 \u25a0' \u25a0 v
Just as Israel Goyette of ;510 Linden
avenue was leaving ' the morgue, where
he had gone last ; night 1 dreading to -find
the body of -his 15' year old f daughter,
Carrie,; who disappeared last : week,- he
met two deputies bearing a box covered
with a black cloth." . . .
> Goyette ; waited for . the deputies to
remove .the • cloth and open the box. • He
took one glance r inside I and then j col
lapsed. .... •" " \u25a0\u0084:\u25a0.-; --.-.. ;
Instead of. containing the , body of
the" missing ,glrr the ; box held the body
of /his : stepson, \William. Comerford, . 3 6
years . old, .who 'I had ) committed suicide
by • shooting i himself. .
Comerford, "who " was a - metal and
steel worker,'- appeared , at the = home of
his i mother : in law, . Mrs. , Richard»Will
iams," 667 Minna street." at 5 o'clock. He
was despondent ; and : pleaded = with" Mrs.
.Williams to induce his' wife.. who left
him^ last week, to- return. Vi Mrs. Will-;
iams said, that untii he stopped his dis
sipation 1 and' showed promise of reform
ing • she \u25a0;•; would I advise . her daughter -to
stay away from him. . " - V
. Comerford j went- into a front room
p.nd Mrs. Williams remained over : her
stove, preparing .: supper.; About *an
hour later she heard a shot and hur
ried into the: room, occupied by "Comer
ford. \u25a0•\u25a0; She saw. him. propped up against
the edge of "a" bed gripping a revolver."
\ Aid was summoned, but Comerfofd
died while' being taken to the hospital.
Oncabureau^inthe room, where he, had
shot himself a note was found. It read:
Dear Rosle:' When I am ilead ami sonc I hope
yon | will . not - mourn for ' me. < Another , man I has
won your heart. \u25a0 Rosle. ' this makes two gone In
10 days. lam despondent.' Look orcr Sunday's
papers and have r pity ; on me. Let me know
where you are. / I want yon so much. : j ... . ;. :
>. BILLY, ; 2555 Byrant arenue.
,<\u25a0' Comer ford had evidently written this
note before reaching, the determination
to kill' himself. The papers on Sunday
mentioned ; the •: disappearance of his
stepsister, and It r was this that ex
plained : his : reference to "two gone in
lv.days." - . '
v Comerford's wife has been employed
in. Oakland, since-leaving him.'
Flushes Galore Are Turned
Up by Trick 'on Card
/' Machines
The big cigar dealers have been
swindled out of , hundreds of dollars*
worth of .t obacco lately, by a gang of
operators who , havej successfully em
ployed ; the "hatpin ' game" on ~ the ' card
machines. -• The United cigar stores and
the IGunst. stores i hare ' been \ the * chief
sufferers, i Special, detectives " have been
employed by the cigar men. f,
The . swindlers have succeeded on
numerous occasions in turning \u25a0; up
straights and royal Iflushes after drop
ping j. a few nickels into the machines.
a The operators usually work in pairs:
One of; them gets the attention of r the
clerk while his sticks ; a
tempered hatpin vrith a- hook \u25a0at * the
end f through " the side of the machine
where ' it • is joined^ • He .skillfully turns
the head [otj the pin '.- which J works- down
the tcards until a big." hand "is turned
,up. ; The men didfthe trick so skillfully
that: the "clerk always paid without
hesitation.' /> ; -i] . ' .' . \ ;
x, The; numerous, big hands which have
been s turned up ; ln many of the stores
lately caused suspicion:; The method of
fraud Vwas - discovered- a : few days ago
when^'a. hatpin^ was in .one
of ithe 'machines. ;It;; It; was" caught
the. "sure ; thinf* man had ; to leave it
there, exposing his, game.
[Application^ were filed yesterday by
tne;Stanton estate; company for a per
mitjto ;erect ;a \u25a0 six k story, class | C build
ing-on; the, southwest icorn«r of Keafny
and i Post streets {at [ a' cost : of ' $75,000 ;
Montgomery | street -.investment "com
pany, \u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 Montgomery V, street- near I Bush,*
$50,000; : San /Francisco' breweries com
pany, - Second street near \ Howard"
$14,900. : \u25a0 '
claim ; against vthe note, -which .was
turnedfover ito"; the; International ibank
ing JcoH)bration.~j,-. r \.i.v",,v.-: „•'.\u25a0 :.-..•. -.. , »
charges that the defendants
conspired' to 'sell; the note, to A.B.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0Bow
erslwith the understanding that he was
toVpaylbnT, claims against; it ', and later
, they^were to '.plead -that 'Bowers was ah
• innocent ' purchaser. \- . - r : -j\ 'J
Judge Graham' Hears Case
to Decide Future of
V ; . Little "One
- With the t evening \u25a0 sun. streaming
througn the only window of a bare
room .yesterday : at Twenty-fourth and
Bryant streets, Superior Judge Graham
held court, because ' the person most
interested. in the proceedings could not
•be brought to • the courtroom.
• , The mother of : Caroline Plate, a pret
ty 13 year.- old girl, is dying of con
sumption. She ; has ; not- seen her hus
band, for eight years.. Her sister. Mrs.
Caroline-Huff,' had petitioned the court
for.: letters of . guardianship' over the
It became necessary. for the court to
hear the mother's | consent •to the pro
ceedings and, accompanied by his clerk,
Walter Tref ts; and A. B. Treadwell, at
torney for Mrs. Huff, Judge. Graham
went to the mother's -bedside to hear
her evidence. ; : , ...
Mrs. Plate told .her. story briefly and
in : ' whispers.- She said/ that the. aunt
arid! the/ grandmother i had ' reared her
daughter and Cshe "wanted 1 Mrs. Huff- to
have the little one, Sf^^VjgS.7, \u25a0
'• •\u25a0;\u25a0 The \u25a0..mother,,' n durlng : her narration.
The 'New Knabe-Angelus, the most perfect, best and
most artistic of all player-pianos, the one instrument
containing the greatest of all musical inventions, the
Melodant, has at last arrived.
What the Melodant Is,
•The Mel-o-dant— sure and perfect in its results-r-is
a patente/1 device: which has been invented to produce
automatic accentuation. In other words, the Melodant
is a device which brings out prominently every note of
* the melody of the composition without assistance on the
part 0$ the operator, subduing the accompaniment when
desired in such away as to give effects heretofore im- j
possible except by artistic hand playing.
The Melodant is perfect. It is the realization of the
dream of the niusical inventor, the one achievement
sought for years, and the final great step in -the per-
fection of the player-piano from the musician's ..point;
.«;< of view.
The Knabe-Angelus, with the Melodant attachment,
% may ' be seen and -. heard at* 1 our warerooms at/ youc" \u0084
pleasure. , . ' : _i^..-
1220=24 YairNess Ay. 5 ! o>Twelfth St.
San Francisco, Cal. \ Oakland; 'Cat.V
i-^,',' OTHER STORES:*liO«i Angeles, :;San~ Diego. Sacramento, San J<Mt t 'I'
Santa Rosa,, ; Phoenix, -'Aria. \. , " r .
• T^Ss^ ,A grand new stock to se- ?:'&!&§
"\u25a0 .£t i rorn — not one pat- ,\|jj£3? '
'&£& f tern excluded! Beautiful % I? S^,;
''^S^^ J two- tone reds, greens, ; .V-''^l
; (OQ$& letc.-i rHcli Oriental effects,
' •• '-^ vSia^'4 cKeerful floral patterns "- |S^^a
IT^: .;^^mu wti ich is hard to describe. ; rai^S^ "" |
1 " -Wool ; Velvet Carpets have the beauty of. an Axminster X
a -anid the wearing quality of a * Body Brussels:. A soft «*
9 surface, but a short pile. Ideal floor coverings for parlors |
g |;and bedrooms . especially. |
1 Sp^iflJPri<»97^yd:lnculdes -Sewing and Laying
gv ;; ; MARKET -STREET, Corner. 14th;/ J
8 Wherel thelFllteio^-itreetJ Car* Cronm Market t Goli»« to 31l!»«loo. *
188 .\ - *( II I %\* ii^ l lWlMJ|w<lilßHaTil<lß^*ifl>ll'a"' \u25a0!\u25a0 ifc I* \u25a0 MMwh im * *mm«— \u25a0\u25a0 aWJataJaMHIi M>fcTi^Jflyi»;ETtflßHalK^liM^WHaw'MßßßaM^al I
m '*•'•\u25a0•*\u25a0'''\u25a0•.' - ; *\u25a0.--..-.\u25a0-. .- - . . *..*.. ' *
I ! \u25a0 ! : ' "\u25a0 . "- -\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0-1 \u25a0 •
Illness' of Captain Mooney
Prevents Appearance
Police Judge Shortall expressed sur
prise yesterday afternoon at the non
appearance of Captain Mooney and/* ho
policemen, who raided Xed I*antff\n*3
resort at ISI3 Post street on the rught "
of April 20, when a Jury was Impaneled
to try the case of William Smitn.one
of the nine men arrestert during the
raid, on a charge of gambling:. Chief
Dlnan explained that a few minutes
previous he had been .handed a physi
cian's certificate that Captain Mooney
was stck.?3BE£E
When the case was again called.Po
licemen Mitchell and .' Cornelius testi
fied to making . the raid . on the .night
of April 20 : with Captain Mooney and
Lieutenant *McMan us. but neither saw
any gambling going on. This was all
the I evidence, and the" Jury returned
a verdict of - not guilty. The other
eight cases were continued until today.
wept soft'v and' the daughter. , who was
present, gave way. to grief. The scene
was \u25a0 indescribably pitif uL' .

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