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The coppersmiths' union reported last
night that all the emploj-ers of copper
smiths In this city, excepting tto \J«»ion
iron works, had granted their men an
eight hour day. 1W
The barbers' union at its'meeting last
night voted to support the carmen in
any plan for a strike.
Typographical union 21 was In
monthly session on Sunday afternoon
i -with President Tracy in the chair.
Eleven candidates were initiated, eight
\u25a0were elected and six applications for
membership are awaiting action. The
entertainment committee reported that
it was making arrangements for an
outing and family reunion to be held in
: September. The secretary announced
that 66 members were admitted by
cards during the past month and 32
\u25a0 had taken out withdrawal cards. It
announced that the union had en
gaged three bands for the labor day
parade. A special committee was ap
pointed to take suitable action in ref
erence to the eminent service rendered
the union by the retiring officers. The
following nominations were made:
For president, Geonre A. Tracy; for first vice
president, George S. Hollis: for second rice presi
dent, W. J. Hicsrins; for secretary-treasurer,
Will J. French; member of executive committee,
Leo Mlchelsoa: for reading; clerk. Mm. C. E.
Hao-kes; fox sergeant at arms. D. G. I^ewis; for
auditing committee. G. S. Uolli*. J. W. Mullln
and George H. Knell; for delegates to tbe inter
national typographical union convention (three to
be elected i. Mrs. C. E. Ilawkes. S. T. Sawyer.
J. M. Scott. George A. Tracy and E. B. Ander
son: for delegates to. the labor cooncU (nine to
be tlertwl), H. M. Alexander. Will J. French.
Mrs. C. E. Hawkec, Philip Johnson, \V. T. Mr-
CJaln, Leo Mlchelaon, George Minlfle. 1. V.
RoonejvC. H. Parker. J. M. Scott, and George
A. Tracy; for delegates to allied printing trades
«joTiPll (two to be elected). Will J. French, W.
H. Ellis ted R. B. O'RelUv: for delegates to the
Japanese end Korean exclusion Itajrne (three to
t* elected). H. M. Alexander, F. K. Jenks and
C. H. I*arker.
At the last weekly meeting of marine
cooks' and stewards* association of the
Pacific, 'William Brisco held the gavel.,
Secretary Steidle reported • that ship
ping was good. The shipwreck benefit
was ordered paid to two members
wrecked on the barge Chinook and the i
gasoline schooner Oakland, respective- i
ly. The Seattle agent stated that chip
ping was fair. The San Pedro agent
wrote that shipping was good.'
All preparations have been made by
bakers' union 24 for the annual May
day festival to be held at new Sunset
park near San Jose tombrrow. The
members will march in a body from
their headquarters to the depot at
Twenty-fifth and Valencia street. The
parade will be started promptly ut
8:15 a. m.
About 1.000 men employed by the
United States steel corporation at Ir
\u25a0win, Pa., are on strike for a 10 per cent
increase in wageg. - - Fearing trouble,
the corporation has its plant protected
by .police. \u25a0« \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:'- \u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0:
Should. the union machinists of this
<-"ity; go on strike tomorrow for an
tisht hour day it wlll<havethe indorse
ment of the international body.- This
means that each man-will draw strike
benefits at the rate of $7' a week for
married men and $5; for single- men.
Information has been'recelved that In
ternational Vice - President George
Ames and Attorney John. L. Mulholland
will be in this city this week and- will
assist the -men in \u25a0 their fight for a
chorter workday.- >
The social and smoker . given Satur
day evening .in sheet metal workers'
hall by carpenters' union 1640, brought
out a large crowd. Many addresses
were made and they were interspersed
with' songs and recitals. The commit
tee of arrangements was as follows:
"WV'T. Whitmore, G. *A. ; Jordan, C. W.
Tripp, F. J. Kerrigan and H. C. Ellis.
William McSorley of the Interna
tional metal lathers' union was the
guest at a social and smoker, given by
No. 65 on Saturday night. AnY excellent
programme of speeches, songs 'and reci
tations had been prepared and light re
freshments were served.
The rumor that the cooks and wait
ers of Oakland - were about to strike
for better conditions has no founda
tion. It may be 4 that owing to the
growing -Increased coßt of living, and
rents the scale may be amended slight
ly so as to give the men a little bet
ter wage when the present agreement
expires: '13S&B " '
P. Scharrenberg was in the chair at
the -weekly meeting of union of
the Pacific The secretary reported that
shipping was fair. Balloting ~on con
stitutional, amendment was proceeded
with. A committee from the striking
laundry \u25a0workers addressed the meeting.
All sailors in port are asked to attend
the educational meetings each "Wednes
day at headauarters. The Tacoma agent
stated that shipping was brisk and that
men 'were scarce. The Seattle agent
wrote that shipping and prospects were
fair. " The Port ' Townsend •« agent re
ported that .the situation ' was;.un
changed. The Aberdeen ', agent . stated
that shipping was slack. The Portland
agent wrote that .shipping, was good.
The Eureka agent reported that ship
ping was poor, as were prospects, and
that ' few men were ashore. .The San
Pedro agent stated ' that shipping and
prospects were good. The Honolulu
agent wrote that shipping and'pros
peels were medium."
Day workers in the Tanana' district,
Alaska, have struck for an eight hour
day. Similar action on the part of gold
diggers is daily expected at Nome, and
several thousand men: at the- Ellamar
and Latouche island mines have been
out for some weeks. . Unrest- on the
part of mine : workers ls ; manifested In
the Jurieauv district. . The larger '.mir^e
owners assert that they will close Jown
before conceding the eight hour day.
Two hundred plumbers' ' helpers
gathered in .Union square on, Saturday
afternoon 'in - answer to an advertise^
men t to form a labor. -union. No : one
uppeafed to take»tneiinltlatlve*'and;the
boys gradual dispersed. =
appointed* by the building trades coun
cil. The membership of. the council has
added more/than ,21,000; the past 2 year,
and many" of these ".people'^ speak for
eigo languages. 'J.Dominguez has been'
chosen 'for the' position^ because "he* Is
master"'ofmany : languages.
.Among, the possible; labor, strikes to
be begun • tomorrow ; may be added that
;of the cemetery workers." Several
weeks ago^a". wage scale waspresent
ed to. the managers of ;;'ther Jcem
'<;teries asking -"for. an advance] of ;50
cents a day- In" pay. Up to the present
this has been refused. If this Increase
is not granted, the entire- membership
of the union will refuse to work after
tomorrow. There will be a meeting to
morrow night of the union, when,- it is
said, if their demands are not allowed,
they will refuse to go to work Thurs
Iron molders* union 164 unanimously
rejected the offer made by the Califor
nia Metal, Trades association at Its
meeting in the Labor council temple
Sunday. But one sentiment : was ex
pressed—eight hours or nothing. There
are to be more conferences on the sub
ject, but if the shorter workday be not
granted, the molders will -refuse" to
work tomorrow.
Machine hands' lodge 715 met in Labor
council temple on Saturday . night and
initiated 12 candidates... Much .routine
business was transacted. ''Business was
reported good.
••\u25a0 \u25a0 •
' Laundry workers' union will meet
this morning at the Labor council tem
ple to hear reports of committees. All
members are requested to be present.
Tanners' union 9, with Vice President
Doyle In the chair, held Its last meet
ing in. 'Maennerbund hall. Twenty
fourth street and Potrero "avenue. Five
candidates were obligated. It was re
ported that from five to ten additions
were made each .meeting, to the mem
bership. -Business was reported good,
and all members are working.
The strike of the plasterers In Mil
waukee,may involve the entire build
ing ; industry of that city after tomor
row. ", The plasterers are asking, for
€0 cents an hour, which the contractors
and builders have refused. Owing to
the tactics of. the builders'" league. It Is
more than probable that the local build-
Ing: trades council will call a general
strike. :
After a long discussion, stablemen's
union has decided that it will -not go
on strike, to- maintain a closed shop.
Conditions are fairly good and it was
deemed inexpedient to Involve the union
in a strike when all members are work
ing at union wages. The closed'shop. It
is said, will come in good time.
The social and dance given by woman's
auxiliary IS to typographical union 21
last Saturday in the main, hall of the
Labor. council temple. was well attended
and enjoyed by all. A varied program
was rendered and It was a late hour
when the happy throng broke up.
A committee from 'the freight hand
lers 'called - upon the officials of- the
Southern Pacific yesterday and present
ed the. demands of- the men for an in
crease of wages v The matter has, been
taken under consideration by the rail
road company and It is understood that
an amicable adjustment will be reached
In a day or. -two. A call was made
upon Division Superintendent J. C.-Wil
der by the agent of the union on*Batur-.
day, and the latter was Informed that
the company had" made It a. rule not
to deal with any union except through
Its own 'employes. This resulted, in the
visit by the committee yesterday.
Their Counsel Argues That •• Arbitrar
tion Board Deliberately Changed
One ~~oi the 'Issues
Before United States District Judge
"William C.; Van Fle^t yesterday Her
man G. "Walker, counsel . for the Order
of Railroad Telegraphers, and A. A.
Moore, counsel for the Southern; Pacific
company, made their arguments. on the
contention of the telegraphers that the
recent board of arbitration had illegally
changed one^of the issues presented to
it. This \ was the fourth issue and
read as follows:
"Question of ; elmlnation fromopera
tion of schedule > certain important
agencies .where the duties of soliciting
traffic are-; paramount." '
The board, consisting of ; Emory "R.
Johnson, H. B. Perham and R. A; Ing
ham, .Perham dissenting, changed; the
issue In the following words: "It\ Is I
manifest to the 2 board that the '" real ]
question is, 'what stations 'shall; be
starred 1 , to : supersede theZ schedule -of i
1902.%" They ignored the" proposition!
as to the splicltfng of traffic and starred
or ' eliminated all stations where ; telef
graphing- was only. a' small' part of the ]
agent's duty.
Walker took the broad "ground! that
an issue-presented; for arbitration could
not "be changed .except byconsent of
both parties. <:'l, , . *
Judge- Van Fleet^ ordered the argu
ments; written „ out 'and \u25a0 took .the .; mat
ter under advisement. '\u25a0'[
Brief Loal News
BIX MONTHS - FOR I BROWN— United ~ States
District. Judge de- Haven* sentenced:: Lonnie
Brown, colored, , yesterday; to six \ months', ' lm-'
prisonment at hard labor. in the Alameda county
jail,': be baring pleaded guilty to a charge ; of
embezzllDg a letter. .\u25a0PQBMBHHBSKISgSI
dance will be ' held . tomorrow ' night ' in - Cotillon
ball under the auspices of the local lodge of the
Ancient Order* of United -.Workmen"-* and -~ the
Degree of Honor, i.; Of fleers, of .the San , Francisco
board of \u25a0 deputy \u25a0 grand - master .• workmen are - In
charge of , the 'arrangements.',; -\u0084'., -' \'X)
PATRIOTIC : SMOKER •" HELD— Sons /of ? the
American \u25a0 Revolution . held a'\u25a0 smoker ; last , night
in the hall of the ; United Crafts and'ArtsAPre-
Mdio arenue between ' Jackson and . Washington
street*. -, to ' commemorate v the . one : hundred and
eighteenth /anniversary -; of < the : ; Inauguration I of
George • Washington ~. as : first , president 'i of . the
United, States. Several . speakers entertained",
the : guests during l the eTening." ,
- E. H. ANDERSON . ARRESTED— The . police
were notified yesterday that: Ernest, H.'? Anderson
bad been arrested* In Portland,* Ore.", 1 and: an of
ficer will be sent « t ' once \u25a0 with the papers:. for.
bis ' \u25a0 extradition. - ""Anderson - i was '?\u25a0 employed . ?by
James ! Moran. ; 200 -. Townaend •< street, v and ;\u25a0 Moran
alleges that he " gate V Anderson : $750 last* Friday.
tot discount J time;' checks, for- Southern;,; Pacific
employes. Anderson disappeared with. the money.,
He will be.charged with, felony, embezzlement; .
FIREMAN BENT TO JAlL^JamesE." Skinner,
a : member* of the local ' nre department, was j con
victed by : Police ? Judge Sbortall,. yesterday; on [ a
charge* of omitting . to I provide . for \u25a0 bis ' two young
children and was \u25a0 sentenced : to ! serve, 3o \u25a0 days ; in
the county. Ja.lL a Skinner, was arrested at, Byron
not springs. ' He had obtained a -year's leave of
absence. His v wife? and ~ children ;• live : . at * 2862
Twenty-third -street and for the past four months
they have ; been supported py ; relatives.; -:-
1U Dally Train* Eait
Qver ~ Pennsylvania 'Lines .' leaveViChlf
cago' ; Vß:ls^a. m.vjlO:Os; a. v .ni.,^lla. l ? m.,*
2 : 4 5 - p: '\u25a0• rri., 3:15 , \u25a0 p: * m.. 5:30 p. m. J ; Y 8
p. ! m.j 10p. m.', 11:46Tp. m.':- leaver St.
LiOuisi7:24 arm.; 8:44' a;. m.,12:45 J .noonr
1.. p. \u25a0fn^,"" s:ls 'p.' .5:15 ip. >m; j , v 11:35
p. ra; -\Througrh • - cars - to ,Pittßburg:, ;
Philadelphia;" r -Xew.-york.\ Baltimore,"
Washington. '/Ask '; H. A. Buck, *40
PoweU-strcet. \u25a0-;;?•";
THE. SAX..:FRAyCISCO CALL,., TUESDAY, APEIL , ; 30, . 1907:'
La Follette Says People
Will; Triumph Within
Ten^ Years
Direct Wills Wrest
Control of Law- Making " •
From "Interests" :;-
George A. Van Smith
The United' States senate a body-rep
resenting the people instead sof <the ; cor
porate . Interests Us one . of the ? dreams
which; Senator; Robert M. v La' Follettß; of
Wisconsin' believes j will \u25a0 .a'
reaUty t withiniafdecade.Y •--..
Fighting'Bob;LafFollette;is..not, ac
cording.' to the conventional- conserva
tive's ; idea, .an -optimist. • .. For , nearly fa
quarter of a century, he has been' point-"
ing out the i black "spots T on 'the Wiscon-'
sin body ; politic.*- His "*, pictures,} -have
been painfully .accurate, >" if funereally
dark in tone.-, For 'a.;- half ; dozen;, years
he has been- hanging crape oh the doors
of great corporations,*. and- since he put
the Spooner? machine to "'rout' arid .took
a seat in ;thetUnited^States;senate jhe
has spent ; all J his j vacation^' time f siEiow-;
Ipg the : people/ of ,; different \ states^ how,
badly they * are \ misrepresented in J the"
American house* of i lordsV." • \u25a0 ;.
' His enemies \u25a0 have "represented him as
a calamity howler'and. his friends have
never thought '"„ of i him -in ] the
role of Yet'ioptimist; he; is.
He says he believes that .within another
decade theVUnited: States "senate will, be
a body for.which no.member'of it need
apologize. :u; He ; : says § he "y : believes 'i that
the machineryj of , government j willr be
taken away/from,;; the v corporations^
that the senate will; represent the'peo
ple and not'the specialrinterests." ':.'\u25a0\u25a0'';'\u25a0
What La Follette; says^he believes,
he really believes. ; .: ; His bitterest ene-*
mies have never accused him of. flying
false colors. But it is^ not sheer, optim
ism in which "is: ; founded La. Follette's
belief in a regenerated,' senate. J He has
been reading: the; signs. >.;.,
La, Follette is a bundle, of; surprises.
His political battles are the fights, of a
Grant— series .of; sledge hammer blows.
But as a L minor, chord | there, is ever.pres
ent the little coups- that .serve; to. keep
the enemy's interest from flagging!; But
the most surprising thing ,he,has, given
expression to ;i s ;a 'I belief >^|ri .^"senate
born anew,' with' its personnel but';little
In response , to} indirect h questipnV La
Follette. said: 'P ~.r'"'<',' i X}-y'^'\'/i'-:'' : '
"Within ten or fifteen" j-ears'^ the
United ; States " senate^wlll 'represent \u25a0 thisV
people. .'•*; We-; will : ; .have -in/ the./, upper '
house of Congress truly/ representative ,
government. The persorinelof the sen
ate may not be. greatly, changed,\but|its
altitude will be .wholly": changed.' lt^wlll
be working. in; the interests Of the, peo
ple. ;ln the end:. the* ; people of : this
country will Jtake : their government out
of the' hands^ of corporatlonsi .And
that end is not? far.; distant." ;;,y. ; v
La Follette's -belief- :is\ contagious
when he. explains- its :> and
points in^corroboration k to '.the~ political
upheavals Vf a;brief > two, years. ; '. At : the
roots of his \ faith ; in v a*; representative
senate lies - the direct? primary.-, election
law, which became a fully.legaliz«d'fac
tor in American* politics only \u25a0 six years
agoV when Minnesota headed the rapidly,
growing '. : column. . When • i the i V senate
meets, again; in December,:- three'' of »lts
northern members ; and ;a; majority? of
its southern' members will .hold r Uheir.
seats as the direct gifts / of the people
of their several states. : -._,..
If the reform ratio of. the^ last,four
years Is maintained for; six" years ) more,
then before the- decade fbf^ La? Follette's
calculations ':, elapses Nijfe'arlyJ.: half ,!;of
senators ; from .: the : nortnferni states -will
have . been elected: ..by " l 'the-people'*and
the La Follette dream. will be in affair
way of ."\u25a0 ; \\~ .y :-'l ;'\u25a0'
The people of : Idaho, jOregon^and
Illinois have within ' j the." year; 1 selected
United .States .senators. % . ; ,; Four n years
hence : these- same ; states, 'together, with
Minnesota, -.Winconsin/i.' Michigan Sand.
Pennsylvania,.- will hava?*added -eight
popularly elected senators; to jthtaf.trlo, 1
while lowa -and ; ; Nebraska^wlll^con-^
tribute three. The 'constitutlohaiijßhi^
nese wall around ,: the : senate ; will ;have
been : scaled. The; people -'will- -.bej in'
control;-. >... . '\u25a0.'-•? •>'»'•"• ':>-..;
7 This is easy to believe ,La
Follette; points /to .the-- retirement "of:
Dryden, '. the difßculties sbesettlng : ,the
Aldrich. machine, "j. theC retirement ;^of
Spoorier, the election of .Bourne ;in;Orei
gon and -of- Borah in: IdahoJ' f iAnd'ibe*
lief becomes . almost; conviction *;> when
La Follette says:;: "It' Is coming. -*i; can
see an awakening on ; everyJhand?Thelr.
go% ; ernmentis;going. totbeitaken^back
by the people/ Elected ". by ' the ; people
senators ; wlH"represent the people."
Leaders Fail } ; to Irifluehce
•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0; 'Them With Assurance?\u25a0;
of Arbitration
% : : FERXIE, ; B. C. : Apr i 1 * 2 9.-r-The . strike
situation reached \ita^crucial -point \ this
afternoon."; ;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Both^ labor J leaders^; Lewis
and ; . Sherman, '.;used-: every, \ to} Ih^'
duce the men 'to return -to i : iw'ork 4 today
pending uriejsittingv of .the"{coricillatlbn
board,, but ; from ;theV returns^ of pthe
different •locals, :Vtheir j efforts ? appear ito
haye'i been] signally/ unsuccessful.^ ;The
men] a.ppear ', to \ hay c ' : taken ] matters An to
thelrV own /hands; and' decided; not itd
return !funtllijthey^ have I received ~~ satis
factory Janswerß; to their ''demands In
the^ way ot '\u25a0 an ' Increase.
The I coal f company/! had -; i ts '[\u25a0 train ' at
the sldingr^at^Fernlejto-take^the men
to ;, s the mines Kto^work^as^usual.V but
the men : did?not*Ero tto^work; " -; ; >-i?
. . NAPA"; ; April t '% 29.^-James :; ; Hay field*
one {of ithe'oldeßt;and|beßt;known< citi
zens;. 6tf> Na'pa '^county, !; died c yesterday
"afteriailirigeringj illness.'.' He was^born 1
county i n v 1 8 5 9 T and S; has "/. res i ded * here
ever., since. ; i He .; was -a r prominent fdem-^
ocrat.'. He was; elected; county ..'assessor
in •; lS69*j and 'assemblyman"" from^Napa
county^in\lß7B.;'OHe; was^weliyto"«lo
arid -.owned v, large; ranches ; near? Ruther-"
ford.; A-, widow f and seven ' adult "chil
dren ' survive ;hlmi*" .
council',; Nos 9^of\PetalumVf entertained
300 /KUests|on. Sundayjat! an|exemplifl^
Itlated. : :{f^Vanqt«t|w^sl«eryed!M'd|thJß'
i--werev shown v. around* theTcltyv
San;, Rafael; -'.t and :;\u25a0 Santa
ig:uestsjattended3hlgh/:'mass/f celebrated'
by Father; J. J. ;Dollard at-- St: -Vin-.
cent's"'churctu ; i;v\"';;. :i :^ 7 . 1 ;' ;' ;
Day's Dullness Takes Edge
Off Goldfield Stocks
TelegrapK ißriiigs
Tales Jof New ;.
Treasures 7
y, Tlie doldrums .continued Ap reign, in
the" minlng'rstock market yesterday.-* The."
prices of <Goldfleld
the way r f rom\ I ;; to'^'SS { points. , Tele^
grams v'.wcre i sen t ? to f Goldfleld .to - ask'
why t the^-' market-^was jnotT held ; up. ; . No
conclusive^ answer/iwa's 4 returned.'"' -The
brokers have ( a' varletyvof • theories.'Dls^
patches 'from vGbldfield declared:'* that
the? mines' are v . going/ ahead with; plans
f orxlarge. developments. 1 ; '•\u25a0;?\u25a0 ; .
•\u25a0\u25a0•*. .Two ;.; stqrles'- f.w^ere -; 'received*:', from
southern* Nevada^mlnlng camps ; relative
to : recent "< strikes 'of 'ore. " A corresp on-;
dent ;of ,i,The > Call, at 'Goldfleld ) sent i;th'e
following special dispatch: '\u25a0;'.' '.'.'V-'- ; "X"v' v
;-GOLDFIELD,\ April • 29.— The; first i shipment
of '\u25a0\u25a0 ore 5 from t then Little K Florence .;leaße. : '^ where
the phenopaenslly; rich gtrite was recently, marts."
was | sent to : the sampler i Sat«tday,-3 after.' b{ con
siderable ; amount i? of * what.; had » been'rj extracte«t
had bwn . put r< in :: the ; bank ',Taulta - for; safe I keep
ing.'^ The sh I pm pnt : consisted > of ; 25 ' tons ' of | MxU
grade rock « from - the* oxidized i ledgp. $-~A.p I adil
tional \u25a0 amount of I about slot tons ;' remains .; in . the
ore house and • shipments < will \ be made; regularly,
from ; now ; on. X- Preparations \u25a0 arp.under/.wa.r, to
install ; a large ' plant and . take i out ' an • enormoim
i tonnage both .? through '% the \u25a0 Little s Florence \u25a0', anil
the .? Mohawk i \u25a0 Florence. ; i,The i Little « Florence
company is Installing a dry: concentrating j plant
near; the ; shaft,' which Zlssto ;be i jclvcn ;\u25a0 a - thor
ough-test,; and if it '= proves i a success .it.wlll bu
used for treating the- lower grade ores. J-ln the
Pollard-Florence ; lease, % adjoining -jt the .>';. Little
Florence," the i shaft ; lsr^Jn • the ; casing of . the ' same
rich I ledge," and ) another sensational strike seems
assured, -as; the ;lcd?eVmattPr-. alreadr :i Rhows
good -. valnes \u25a0 and c streaks '. of ;.\u25a0 talc ' and • tellurium
are^comingTiiin '_ plentifully.' f '"-, '.; .
1 *p X special 'dispajtch •' from Rhyolite \u25a0 con
tained the following assertions
ing the Mayflower Consolidated strike:
':? The^offlclal reports of the: rich* strikes In ihn
Mayflower i mine * are! even ' greater, than , the • flwt
rumor intimated' and 'the 'record of the Bullfrcir
district 1 not i only^ ls: broken,- but; at^ the present
time it looks a« though > the - hoped '< for Mohawk
of > the, Bullfrog -district i has,, been iliscovereii.
Specimens taken from' the seven foot face of the
south drift of the mine run, respectively, $1,000,
$fKK>, $500 andis2,«(X) to >. the ton/ while. the en
tire face of the drift runs $76.02 to the ton: A
Charged With! Obtaining
Money and Goods
. . Fraudulently . %;'\u25a0
\u0084 Several days ago United States Secret
Service .'Agent' Harry. M.,Mofntt was In
structed? by • wire -from 'Washington, "D.
;,Vto arrest H.'-K. Clover.; on v the charge
df -having: obtained ''money.' and 'goods
fraudulently ;under : the pretense. that he
was. a "captain in the -United States
\u25a0navy. 1 ;',; '"I: : ; " - ;\u25a0\u25a0. -'. X\u25a0 ; .-.."\u25a0' -\u25a0•' " " ,\u25a0""
"r-lnhis search for Clover, Moffltt says,
he: found that; he -had victimized Frank
Torka of the fir m of Telgman & Torka,
makers '. of ? ? scientific instruments," a.t
1407- Stevenson street.' ' •
'.'\u25a0f-Moffltt. placed '^Clover under arrest
yesterday., morning; and, found intfhis
hip pocket a Colt's } automatic revolver.
To j'Moffltt's' question :as' to ; : 'why he car
ried;such a ponderous weapon ;Clov^r
replied i that- he was; afraid of ,^burglars.
United ;. States I Commissioner . -; lleacock
fixed,- 1 Clover's •."bail ;at j! $1,000 .and/ the
prisoner ":was -'sent ."" to 1 ; ".'the'-'"'Alanieda
coanty^jair 7 - : He will ', appear .'•: before
Heacock.; at 10 a. m. today. % :: ' :l
';' "At , the . time ,of his Tarrest Clover, still
representing } himself \ to be - a -'.. captain
in '-the 5 navy, '; was.-; negotiating J for.': the
purchase ' on. credit* of a $3,000 gasoline
engine."*y, ; .;\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0}. •\u25a0;„ :'. o . x ;-<\u25a0...".'\u25a0.>'; '\u25a0-\u25a0-_
.' Clover- met Torka -in .Los- "Angeles: a
feWi weeks ago ;and as; Captain -Clover
of the^ navyc.made» a vgood^ lmpression
upon 'the merchant. -He began" the Ideal
in - this » ; city I April 1 1 ;.by exchanging a
camera* and paying .Torka $7.50 to boot.
Then he' got from ,Torka's9, Torka' s9. 40 -worth of
films, '-; plumb '' bobs, ' hand \ levels, "•-' etc.;
and : had ordered ,L a'" $20 :\ plumb [level
which j was not. delivered. C He said 'that
he : needed the.i last 'named' instrument
to ascertain^; 'whether..^ the':' mast 'i of ;;a
battleship .was pliim6 or, not. ' \u25a0
;.rChlef.;j.Wllkie(iof; the .United; States
secret % service. ; at '-.Washington, ;D. 'C.
has Information connecting CloVer with
a "similar' adventure Jin the ~i east.Vand
other .'charges', may.be preferred, against
hlm.\; \u25a0 The '* pfisoner \ claims to ;.-. be : "~. a
cousin" ; of : Captain;^ Richardson ' Clover
of; the United . States : navy. He : has a
wif e ' in ; this city.";- V
UnionGMen Take^ Occasion
to Approve iMoyer-Hay- :
WASHINGTON. April 29.— George F.
biihne. the 1 president/ and 'several : other,
"officers^ of v the^brotherhood :~6f v boiler
makers,'" iron \ ship i; and -helpers
of^Amefica^^weret ln";Vcohference!>wlth;
the i president^today ; seeking i tb" ; have's an;
equalization' .and .revision 'of ' Swages
made '•\u25a0 at'* all » the i navy Ayards.'^such i as
has talreadytbeen* provided :. format some
of c them. ! >y.The matter will. be taken! up
by^thel naval "board shaving 'charge: of
the i compensation; of employes.; ;,.
The'Vvisitors; ; it : was- officially '\u25a0\u25a0 said at
the\ White !House,\V6luntarilyy expressed
to| the;; president;/ their i' approvals of
.recent^ letter,; J concerning^ the HMoyer^
Haywo'oflr: aff air,-- when" he ;' referred 5 ; to
them ;as^'undesirable ; citizens."*- "'
' . Few ..-". people : have j; heard \u25a0of ;nn : act
known '»' as I, Cha pter < 517,' \u25a0 Laws' : of i 190T,
where -\u25a0 any *- owner/ of real : estate .;; may_
fllefa iVnotice"; of .ownership ? and 'claim -to
real property] under an act of \ the legls-
laturef of the,: State i of ; California, -ap-'
provedlMarcblUA 1807."- ; ' v
' This ; notice i. ln/j proper .> form : T should
: give?a" 'description :^of' the land,', and must
• beTaj gned I an«i J \u25a0 worn \ to i^by^ the f claim an t
'"or i hla r«k*nt/^;^TJtie^ recorder • will * then
have, to , file and record 'same,' whereupon,
. pnrmiant to ,the .. act,':; It «, becomes | notice
[ toTany'l one ' who want fto j grau"yonr
'propertylby {commencing' a. snlt]und«ithe
McEnerney j act, , and ; this neyv jlawjre-,
ijnlres '\u25a0 you .' to ; be ; served . with ; a summons.'
llf {your .title ;vras ": good; wt«n|you; bought
i yourXpropertyi lt|U ] good Uoday,"^ and ] you
Lare!<nllyiprote^ted]when^j;ba7nle"thlß\no^'L are!<nllyiprote^ted]when^j ; ba7nle"thlB\no^'
\u25a0 tlce." \u25a0 -'With inch : Notice flied and ':"re-
' corded "no] p*rsonTneed jwastef hlii money
'commencing I suits \u25a0 tot! quiet '- title ?; under.
'\u25a0 the *McKnerney.!act,^ which'' the \ Supreme
' Conrt^ is « still \u25a0sconaidering.tfs .;;".\u25a0 \u25a0?. : yj'/' t
>*.The3 California';'* Tltle.:-« lnsurance :' and
Trust I Company will < famish blank forms
and < information ; free < of i charge, and all
\u25a0 real I estate! dealers I should •do the same
i for i; their .">, clients. , ; Two ':,l doUare 5^ will
cover the cost' of I recording ', and? all' other
expenses, and ' teal '• estate "- owners * can
sleep; easier. \u25a0'i'.jL'- '"\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0 \u25a0 "\u25a0\u25a0 r - : ";" \u25a0' X '''::\u25a0' : : -^'-.
wee* 'ago! the: report! upon* the tnlne:K*ve;it! Tost
\a\ the s crosscut *of Athe' 300 5 foot ' level i wltli ,' la
creased f'eire 5 values £ with ? progreasiou, j but :;tiic
tidiness r of <; the ; ore " was not : given X out until
muehiOf j the .outstanding; stocks were bought: In;
At i the> present V time ; the t wall '; is i not i. yet 3ln
slght.i but 22'i fc«t ' of, ore has been ' cut that will
run* better? than $20 itoVtbe too. i' Last Monday
the \u25a0 first,- of > the : rlr h ''. ore • was « dlseoTered -In . the
south J drift,' Junt "*. three • feet > from ; the j crosscut.
Here \the ; Tallies '.were ?SSS" across J the face ;of
the ; drif t"i The : face ' of . the., ore ' i» .. widening; < an«l
as; the* edge} of 1 the iWPdge 'was' first
It tjs* lmagined ;that i,the r full width \u25a0 of ;tbe = lctl^»
has % not - yet * been i struck." ;- The--- company '-.\u25a0 im s
ordered -by wire : a. 'compressor i plant t capable J of
operating; 12; drills.! a '9o; horsepower; engine ;anl
other > supplies." J which i will t be : set iupr on the
ground i within : 60 days. ," - *:?#l^^|iataE
>;^ln the*; sales' yesterday in '\u25a0 San, Fran
cisco," -.Florence stock, , showed . jl2 1-2
pointSiless than' on' Saturday.?; Mayflo
wer"! consolidated s sold,{4 Vto ">'\u25a0 5 , points ; off.
The s "sales \u25a0of > Florence! were^ light, less
than' 6,soo ;f or L the" two boards^combined/
Mayflower/consolldatedisoldfto the ; ex
tent;: of ;10,800 , shares' in .the : San Fran
cisco '. stock ,- and- 'exchange '"'• board and
5,000 shares. in; the San; Francisco min
ing exchange.'; \u25a0A§^EflaWffflSffißS|
;>! The) highest prices received ! f or , some
of \itik,% leading; stocks yesterday 'were:
Goldfleld "consolidated, ; $B,^ or \u25a0} 25 X cents
lessithan'VL Saturday's top price;, Combi
nation f: Fraction, '.-? 54. 65,? a drop Vof " 35
cents;?Florence,';s6.7s; Columbia Moun
tain,"! 92 -cents;" Booth," 73 cents; Atlanta;
;7lfcent3 ;r Great ;Belnd. s (1.10;'- Jim: Butler.
$1.20;.; Jumbo' Extension," $2.3o; 'Montana;
$3.60,7 an Vof^ 10 points; Pitts
burg i Silver Peak,? ' sl.9o ; ( Silver ' Pick,
$1.17*4 ;iSt;ilves,-$i.52%; :
V;,The"heavyr- sellers ; were:
RedSHllls.'V 33,000". > shares/.'; Hibernia,
26,000 rshares;: ; Blue ;Bell,:" 25,000 shares;
Coming .^Nation,: 35,000 shares.'. [ \u25a0\u25a0 ' .
Ruby Dunderberg Consolidated
Taken by; Salt Lake Buyers
? ; One' v-the ' 'most.i important ' deals
made; in the Eureka mining, district for
manyjjyears was "consummated la : few
days, ago; '^whenxthe; entire holdings r of
the \ Ruby/and ; the Dunder berg Consoli
dated ':' mining. ;, company ot • '- Nevada
passed into the control: of a; syndicate
SanfFrahcisco Club Members
'Take ;JLJp Sport {ori
Spreckels Lake,
'.'\u25a0 Harmony has been .restored in the
ranks t" of 'the. model yachtsmen of the
San 'Francisco *i club \u25a0• and : the >prbspects
for iaVgood sailing; season: on
lake in 1 Golden Gate J Park : are excel
lentl'r;-" After ; many 'weeks -of ' Inactivity
the" members} were out .In; numbers at
the'lake on Sunday,' racing; their models
.for|> the ; club i championship, before the
largest'crowd •ver:ih;attendance at" the
lake. : l :The graces will ' be weekly affairs
and/ the Twinrier.of the^ greatest num
ber will .be \of the
club /at;- the"' 'endb of -the f year. ; ' These
contests ;. are * decided ; by matching win
ners \ against f winners 'until the \u25a0 finals
are . reached.' ."The result of the ! racing
onlSuriday was; as follows: *
- Commodore . H: Mischief ' heat T. S."
McCleary 'B Coronado III; W. Hey's ;.Wltch boat
J.i Little's Sumatra: L.. H. Peterson's ; Petrel
beat '..William" Brown's Skidoo: J. E. Brpnnan'.-*
Kuth'beat, J.'r Barrett's r Swallow." Somiiiunls —
Mischief . beat Witch ; i Ruth i beat Petrel. - Finals
— Ruth- beat > Mischief, v • :.r- . '\u25a0--:\u25a0:. •'
'.Commencing next- Sunday there will
be I races',' bn c . the '\u25a0 flr^t I Sunday; of; ea<ih
month- for: the ; "William > Mitchell
mond"meda.l.^, v .They/,wlir, be-- contested
by all "of the -models iin; the club*.". This
will permit the two models of the scow
design 'to \u25a0'compete, «, but', hereafter, • ac
cordingUo a decision by the members,
new* scows : will ' hot I; be. permitted to
take partXlhSthe regattas/; ' The club
has I ; resumed] lts bimonthly'meetlngs at
the'new:rooms*at;S2l'Devisadero street
on. the "and; fourth "Wednesday
,of eachTmonth; •'/ \u25a0;' .
NEW YORK.-s April 29.-fCalifornlans
are j registered at "New York hotels
follows:.. \u0084 . -. '':.-;. '. "V- \u25a0"\u25a0 '.„ ..\u25a0 : " :, ..,"•
* "\u25a0 San ' Francisco— E.D. Ackerman], Her
ald' Squar e; \u25a0M^J.'; Barry, . Sinclair, house ;
Mrs. ; Barton, Miss -A E. , Bonnement,
Prince ; George; ,1. -'..'-W.' -';_, Collings, St.
Denis . '. hotel ; Mrs. J., ; Curtis, , Hotel
Latham ; R. : Gibbon,' Grand ; Union hotel ;
E. S.Hollingham, R.; J.
Ackson, > Hotel Saranac ; .'.' Mrs. r H. \u25a0 Laid-^
law, St:' Denis;: 1 A. ".Nowell, r Hbffman
house ; E. D. : Pissis,-' Mrs: •A. - A.i : Laff t;
Prince George;; H. ; Toland, Hotel "Albany;
J.lW.^World ! and \ wlf e, " Hotel Saranac ;
Mrs. BartonJ Prince George; 'A; I." Bishop.
Hotelißand;-, Mrs. 'VJ.:^ Curtis,: Hotel
Latham ; .G. "A. -Hough and * wife/. Park
Avenue ; ; hotel ; « Mrs. -? J. •\u25a0 Curtiss. Miss ; I^.'
O'Hara,-; Martha >,Washington hotel ; '• M.'
Paul, < H6tell,'Webster.'".'"f '\u25a0 ';-:-\u25a0: " : V
Angeles— J. /^ A. : Peters',-" Union
Square; ;L. i - Richarr 1 ." and wife, Hotel
Latham. - -•
I -\u25a0;.:' .-Architects. 5 builders. "now : that \u25a0 you ; \u25a0'
\u25a0 ->"-.< «re i rebuilding -.the' new -icitycflo not :
'. I .-\u25a0 - ! forget ' that it . is to be a . City BeaiUi-
* . , ful. •: . ; \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 . * \u0084-''.' .*\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'. \u25a0'. \u25a0-. r
-'•.i**!s We- are" sole agents i for.:- the • E.
r ; .";Howard!ClockJCompany's;inatraiflcent.-
l '"./rower. Clooks.vHall.iOfflce'aiMlvßani' ..
; -; Clocks, l^ Marine^ and vwAstronotnieal- .
-; •;-\u25a0--.- Clocks. Regulators and Electric .Watch -
\u25a0 ;"'.; Clocks.'^; : The 'Ferry \u25a0 Tower.' carries : a- ;
I ;^;- Howard 1 Clock.'^•'*.>; ; /;' : . -;^_~ •
'? ;> These*. Clock's '."are made to order, to ; |
I f . v flt .ii any j : »ty)e £ of '" \u25a0 architecture :-(ot .
" I -^ornamentation." . -'•• . \u25a0 :
I Hammersmith & Field " j
I, Gold*mitli». Silyer«mith», Jewelers ' !
NMs'^Avenue" at" EddylS^Vy- j
?/£\u25a0'\u25a0) .^^\u25a0-T.^y \u25a0; ;'.\u25a0->- -.;•:\u25a0 -A' l
Carl's Art Brass and
' ' '' ' fjCCAJ^BB|3EENfATIH !
J374 SUTTER :^SN^^kHn^S. F.
pure grape cream of tartar, and
absolutely free from lime,
alum and ammonia.
of Salt ; Lake \u25a0 capitalists, says the Eu
reka Sentinel. -The Pioneer group \u25a0. b3
longing :to ; Bags : . &\u25a0 - Keef e, which" ad
joins the ; Ruby , and Dunderberg prop
erty c on the west,; also went with "the
'-/Several weeks ago the Dunderberg
property .'was' purchased from; Its Eng
lish owners by .'John S. Baggr.and H. C
McTerney." > . ,The proposition : looked
good'to/A. P.' Mayberry.- who "secured; a
brief 'option, on Jt =. which he :,took to
Salt^Lake" City, iwhere Jn 24 hours he
secured < the 'capital necessary • for it*
purchase.; ;".
.The ' people who : , have become inter
ested in this -enterprise are men well
known in the large mining affairs of
Utah ; and elsewhere^ and- their advent
into this district means much to us all.
' TheVßuby and Dunderberg .is one
100 POUNDS $1.00
.'With ThU Order
>. We sell at these -prices ; to compel
introduction : of our "quality groceries."
Call for Combination: Order No. 63C
"Every item. guaranteed or money back.
Notice immense saving in every item.
Good till May 6th: .
100 ribs. Fancy Selected Burbanks,
-our best-. . .— ' . fI.OO
25 "lbs. Best Granulated - Cane
•- Sugar, .V white and dry, finest-
made '..:'. .... .....'. ...... ..... .$l.OO
Note — The following 3 items \u25a0 may be \u25a0 ....
rhangf d so yon i can \u25a0 take any part yon
. like of each one. provided a U comes to
the same total of ..TJrrn":-.~ ?.*".'.. $5.00
5-lb Caddy -Finest Tea." imported.
Japan;, uncolored. Spider Leg.
Oolong or Ceylon, all 75 cent.
lb.- values, for ..... .. :.' ... .$2.50
5 lbs. Coffee, Roast Java, the finest :.
'In the world/ Try, it, sor call for
' sample;: worth 40c 1b. .....;... .f1.50
1 Jug Tomato Catsup " or Table
. Sauce, or ' 2H-lb. tin Baking
- Powder* for . . . .. r .. - .$l.OO
-.Total (or entire ; order, only. $7.00
,' r Send for onr May catalog, -
. : So learn : how to order by mail. Honest Roods
of unsurpassed quality for family nee at whole-
sale prh-pK. We've saved millions of dollars for
our patrons the past 27 - years.
4b# -stored V
Xbwr'Xo. 14 to S4:S«eTTart St., S. P^, Only
AVbolesale Mall Order Rates to Famllleti
Write us for, Priced Catalog. Saves H«
ricri ivibov Free In city limits. Order by
UCLIVCKY mall sent C O. D. to.yoor
door daily. -Express pa ki to Oakland. Alameda.
Berkeley. . San r. Rafael. - Mill and Ross Valleys.
Telephone ' Temporary 2554..
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and beautifies .the
teeth land, purifies the breath.
Used fby ; people of refinement
for. over a quarter of- a century.
Convenient for tourists.
New York is too far from
Japan*; Sari Francisco is
Yonr srrocer returns roar money if yon don't
. like Schilling's Best: we pay him.
Cor. , Van Jfess^- and GroT'e. • Phone Market 500.
: . Engagement.' Llmltnl to ;Two Weeks.
• " '>as : rCCK'.In" \u25a0
Wigenhal* & Kemper'a Soperb iToductlon \u25a0of
A- MijESsummef Night's Dream
\u25a0•'.- Klrby'rf*Sen!«atlonal Flying Fairy Ballet.
. Original Electric Effects.- -r -
ISOON— *,The .Duel," " "'Peter "ils*»d,** "The
Silver 80x.". :'-:•'> • >- \u25a0---.'- \u25a0\u25a0 .. -\u25a0
V^ERXEST* E.; HOWEIX, Prop. * Mgr. *V
Market{and { Elgn th Streets'. "! Phone Market 777/
TONIGHT— Mntinees Sat. and Sun.
Walter Sanford's Players
Presenting the Powerful Drama,
PRICES— ISc. 25c and 50c. *|*9G8B9E
>;iN'eit Week— AXlTAr THE SINGING GIRL". |
" SB. j cor. Sutter and Pierce sts.
;- Conducted under new management * Remodeled
i at an expense oi JiO.tKjO. Positively the ; most
; beautiful Rini in tne .United States. .
;do^not fail -nrsEE h:
. Assisted iby - the ' Funny Woodley,'
' . Direct ' From: New York^n^p^SH
-In: Trick .''Burlesque and 'Acrobatic Skating.
Witness His ! Thrllllngr v 'SLIDE 'FOR LIFE" *\u25a0
On a. Tight' Wire 100 Feet Long, on Roller Skates
CI/(ATIMr i^ F ™ n » 10 "\u25a0>«*.' -to 12, m.'
IIVA I IIVII From 2p. m.- to 5 p.m .
i to Up. m.
of the old properties or this district
and is credited with a production ex
ceeding 13,000,000.
Ten Stamps Provided for Mines of the
Golden Arrow District
- The Goldfleld Bonanza says:
-George F. Pyler of Sao Jose, president fit the
Carlson .mining and milling company; Si H. .
Ourfee, vice president, and George • Carlson.
treasurer, from whom ther company derive* its
name, were in the city to superintend' the tran>»
misaJoa of the machinery for the new 10 stamp
mill to be erected la the Golden Arrow district.
: at the : month of Ham canyon. . It is designed
| for a custom mill and t* m> centrally located
; that -It will be able to handle .<!ie ores of
Golden Arrow, Bellehelen and Horseshoe * dis
i tricfs.:^Sk6wSBB^BEBBssMMBSBHHnB|
.MARKET and TTH STS. Phone Market", 33l.'"
Toe Biggeat Theatrical Bargain In t.V City.
The Gigantic Spectacular Play,
6 Months Academy of Mnslc. »w Tork.
5 Months McTlcker'* Theater. Chicago. " \u25a0
10 Superb Scenes — Powerful Caat — 30 People
SEE the Thrilling. Prize Fight Scene.
Colonial Theater
McAllister st. near Market. - Phono Market 920,
Martin F. Knrtzlg. President and Manager. \u25a0
- . 23c ' Earzsln Matlneo Wednesday.
David Eelasco's Re-rlsed Edition
Of His Girit Emotional Play.
In Four Chapters,
Xew Scenery — Snperb Effects— Strong Caat.
Price* — Evenings, "23<?. 50c. 73c, $1. Saturday
and Sunday Matlneea, 25c, 50c.
Branch ' Tloket Office— Kohler & Chase's,
Franklla and Sutter atreets.
Ellis St near Flllmore
PRICES-^EVENINGS. 10c. 25c. 5<V. 73c-
DAY). 10c, 28c. BOc. PHONE WEST 6000.
E A[f A7AR : Jm
===== nLvrULrlll w. west wu
•AbßOlutely "ClaM A" Bnildlnc.
Cor. Sntter and Stelner sts. - "
BELASCO Sc MAYER. Owners awl Manaxera.
; Cnrtain rises at S sharp.
J. M. BARRIE'3 Fantasy
PRICES — Nl?ht. 25c to $1. Mat. 20c. 33c. 50e. .
. - \u25a0 >-: NEXT WEEK— ZIRA.
* O'Farrell and Stelner. Phone We«t 3990.
- LoTtrlch &' Lnoel.sk L. Props, and Mjrn.
\u25a0 Farewell performances here of .THE ' -
Presenting a MagnUlcent ReTlVal if lie Kcveo
A. Smith* ; Greatest Soecesa,
Robin Hood
Splen4ldCaa\. Snperb SUge Effects.
SPECIAL PRICES— 3Oc. \u25a0 Tse and »1.
.- in "The - BERENADS."
. . Coming — Mrm. Leslie Carter. ' '
Direction . of Bishop A Greenbaam. :
: Children's May ': Day Matinee Wednesday.
"' In the ' Greatest of All War Dramas,
r ::- RESERVED' SKATS. 1 20c. 35c. V 50c. ]
Including admlaston to Chutes Grounds and Rink.
»,.-;....-. -.- --. :-;-v_ - '•--\u25a0*--;
g^Wfflfc \u25a0 JOCKEY XLOB
Bf?^' . Oakland RaicetraS:
Six or more rices each week rala or shine.
'"": 'Races* commence it l:*0 p. m. sharp. i.,
' For ' special . train* take "' S.*- PPr. r Ferry.': toot 'o»
Market at., at 12 o'clock ; " thereafter eT«cy 3O
minutes until 1:40 p.m. No smoking In last two
> - ReturaUs ;. tratas ; le«™T«ftsftnfcl»sgsst
races. ;-
/.THOMAS H. WILLIAMS. President.

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