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"The Why and Wherefore" of B ffalo
Bill" is the subject of an inten^tinf arti
| cle, throwing some new lights uponj well
known character, in, 7
The Sunday- Gall I
Carmen Will Make New Appeal to Patrick Calhoun
Seven Thousand Iron Workers Will Be Idle Today
Telephone Girls Threaten to Tie Up All Lines
Big Strike Will Follow if
Company; Refuses to
Make Concess ions
Members of Union Declare
for Abolition of the
Sweating System
Time for Decisive Action
on the Reply Is Set'
for Tomorrow
_ _ . \u25a0 ... - \u25a0 • . .
San Francisco will have a big
telephone strike unless the Pa
cific States telephone and tele
graph company accedes today to
demands adopted at a meeting of
the operators* union last night.
These demands" include a flat
"tate lor^llf operators" aker they
have served an apprenticeship,
and the abolition of the "sweat
ing" to which the compsmy has
been subjecting the girls since
they have organized their union.
The company has been carry
ing on this sweating despite the
promise it made to a committee
of the girls that waited upon the
officers to protest against it two
weeks ago.
Officials of the company have been
Interviewing the girls separately and
giving them the alternative of signing
one of two papers. One of these papers
bir.fi* the signer to resign from, the
union under penalty of being dismissed
from the company. The oiher offers an
increase of wages to the signer pro
vided she remains with the company
amd abandons the union In the event
of a strike.
The vote by u-hich the demands were
adopted last night was unanimous, and
tljSs committee was selected to present
•them to the company today:
Secretary McCabe and "William Bell
*of the labor council; Miss Wheeler,
'business agent of the operators', union;
ililss Alice Lynch- and Mi6s Nellie
' The operators will meet again Thurs
day ' night to vote .on a : strike should
'the company refuse to accede to their
demands. \u25a0
(Dismissals Follow Effort of Tele
phone Operators to Form Union
OAKLAND, i April 30. — Efforts to or
tanize a union of telephone girls In this
city has led, according to charges made
i>y the central labor council, to the dis
charge by the Pacific State? telephone
Icompany of employes who attended a
meeting of 'girls that was_ held- last
Thursday nigrht under the direction of
Cliarles W. Petry of the labor council.
The telephone company officials deny,
that any of their operatives were dis
missed by "reason of activity In the pro
posed union, but that such; dismissals
as have occurred were incident to. the
ordinary routine of business. j
Resolutions were- adopted by the la- !
bor council last night in which the ac
cusation was made that the Pacific
States company had violated the consti
tution of the United States by "dismiss-
Ing employes in an effort "to suppress
•freedom of thought and speech." \ The
council demanded an investigation, by
the secretary of commerce and labor
«t Washington of its charges and re
vocation of the telephone company's
charter. Charles W. Petry, the council's
business representative, was directed tor
take such legal steps! as should be
'found necessary to carry out the coun
* ell's resolutions. <
Concerning the charges John jvecrns,
division manager of the telephene com
pany, said: \u25a0"! i' 'If
"It is true that 'girls pave' been- dis- <
r '««iim»d on I'dri- 1 Column 2 ,
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAr— CIear; . masimum temperatare,
C-t; minimom, 50. .
FORECAST FOR TODAY— rtir; light north
wind, changing to fresh west. \u25a0 . Pa«e 7
The real national game is politics, not base
ball. . Pa«e «
Railroad Commissioner Andrew Wilton
must so. ' . Page S
San Francisco has had rlsitlng dukes be
fore. . - . \ . \u25a0 . ..; . Pate 8
Good use for the Geary street fund. Paf« S
Carmen decide „to gelid committee back |to
Calboun jtfJtn another appeal for an eight hour
day and $3 trape schedule. ?i;t 1
Telephone opera tors* union draw up demands'
to be submitted to Pacific State* company and
will strike unless they be conceded. Pag« 1
Seven ' thousand Iron \u25a0workers in San Francisco,
and suburban cities will so on strike this morn
ing for an S-hour workday. Page 1
Illram Johnson scores Henry Ach in open
court. ' ' Pcjce 2
Keluctant I>os Angeles witnesses are charged
with contempt of grand Jury and must explain
Extensive buUdin; operations \u25a0in San ' Frail-.
Cisco bring . about scarcity of • lime- an J
brick. • Page 16
•*o Woman who shielded husband and received
bullet intended for him dies of wound. Page: 18
Board of public works will invoke law •to
punieh Boojler Davis for operating a deathtrap,
"theater." * . Pag« 9
Jessie • McNeil's \ lips f sealed to ' the : end - and ;
police have no Information as to wiio were re- j
sponslbK' for ' ber ; deitti. v >' "\u25a0 . ' ". PajoSi
Grand Jury, estimates, tbe expenditures of t. the ]
- cJ'.r-'j*« < I«>'t!nent» fi)r ' inporporaiienLlni'burtcftt !
to beT a doited by \u25a0 jroperrisors.' ' l*ag«. IC'
CoinedLj;| of. opera company qualifies In court
"as" a camel "erpert. ' ' / •..*Page/16
Larjre party, of "conprewmen departs * for
waii on the . transport Buford.. ; ' Pagi"7
Knights of Columbus of*n new hall with im
pressive ceremonies and" present- leader .".with
mapnl&rent gift. ,?'^*. , ! : /5/-Pag«B
Civic league appoints committee • to : consider
charter amendments - necessary to recalling 'of
old bends and issuing of new bonds. Page 2
Alameda's chief \u25a0of police the center of / a
lively political inixup. Page 6
Nine hundred business men to. participate* In
Oakland rbamber of commerce banquet. Page 6
Oakland labor council charges that .telephone
company discharged girls for ' attempting^ to 1
'form a union. Page G
- University professor, prepares a scientific
article dealing with great dlssster and year of
reconstruction work. | Page 6
Besides changing motive power of ferry* train
system from stram : to electricity, Sonthen I'a
cific will establish fast ' interurban system ' con-,
nectlng east shore cities. • Page 6
City officials of Oakland modify recent regu
lation of .traffic in Twelfth street. . Page 6
Mrs. I -aura Tcndleton, a .vaudeville,.B.tar, will
sue out a writ of habeas corpus to* recOTci\ner
daughter from the California \u25a0• girls' training
home. \u25a0' '• • , Pag* 6'
coast • \.. " :
Jealousy causes fight among San Jo*e
ostrichei. . •: - '; . Page : 3
Henry Grundel of San Francisco \u25a0 dies 'on •»
pasfirnger train at Santa Kosa. . Page 5
Carson river . farmers charge that government'
has not acted in good faith with them In' con
nection with irrigation project. : . Page 4
President Uoosevelt rebukes magazine editor
who* \u25a0 disagrees \u25a0 with \u25a0 his \u25a0 Tlews.. on . race,
suicide.' ~_ '.- .' \ P»t«.3
Four men arrested as a result of Inquiry into
recent election held ' by the ; New- Tork life In
surance company., .' :Vageiß
' Statement prepared .of i approprlatlo&a -by \u25a0 con
gress that - almost ' reach ' the \u25a0 billion dollar
mark.'- \u25a0\u25a0•'.\u25a0_' .^ ''',°,. i P«g« 4
Minrrs entombed In Pennsylvania coal mine
reachefl : by, rescnerg 7 and - f onnd to be : tn greatly
exhausted condition. •_• Page 3
President- Cabrera of;. Guatemala narrowly
escape* .'assassination ' when conspirators . explode
mine near Lis carriage. . V Page 3
Chancellor yon I Bulow explain* .that Germany
opposes discussion of disarmament at The Hague
because cause of " "peace l would 'be' Injured
thereby. . . Pare 5
Soclall«t member of , duma denounces military
budget and Is denied the floor. \u25a0 Page 's
SPORTS ;'. ' '"•V'fy
Sucarinaid wins ' the Victrlx handicap at ; Em- I
eryvllle in "an exciting finish. Page". 10
The Corona i stake at Jamaica 5 captured Vby
Juggler. -Page] 10
Entries for the Bay ; Counties > athletic , league
fleld,day are \u25a0 announced. ..' -L ' '•. ; Page ;lO
May Sutton plays marvelou»^ennls i at ' New
York and with ber partner,; T.-.R/ Pell,- wins the
final match "of " tbe mixed * doubles ; tourna*
nsent. Page 10
i San Francisco defeats Portland , in; a 12 inning
! baseball game and ; Los "Angeles wins from Oak
land. . . . : " i ;.;PageUl
- ' Manager Coflrotb .signs \u25a0 Al - Kaufman ; and \u25a0 Bob
Ward for a 20 round fight •at Colma ; on; the
evenlng;of May 20.;; . \u0084.:, V. ' \u25a0^^^'Page 10
.Aeronauts ascend In balloon America from; St, 1
Louis In attempt • to ' establish a new , long j flight
record../-. , .'ft -\'< . -^ ] j.- .'"..""• ", Page ' 10
Frayer-Miller automobile starts ' on ran vto
break the nonstop ' record. . - Page ' 10
California and Stanford university track teams
Invited to compete at "big eignt" western inter
collegla te field day in Chica go. . page 1 10
Mnou " : ;\u25a0* ,> . -. .'V \u25a0:*\u25a0
- Laundry workers' union .\u25a0 decides •\u25a0 to : place
pickets In front of: all laundries closed by the
strike'^ of the' employes. '?. Page 9 -
.... Liner Sierra, formerly, on , the Australian route,
start*! on ; first \u25a0 voyage on regular run ' between
here and Honolulu. Page 7
Nearly: every mine _ ! n . the \ Goldfleld V district
has resumed />Pf rat lon. '-^ L Page; 16
-Local, mining t^tcx.k market continues to- show ,
dull tone and prices sag. .' -",-.' ~ Page} 16 j
THE carmen decided at their mass meeting; whicHt adjourned dk3:3olb^ v)ith Rev. Peter
C. Yorfce at the head, to Patrick Calhoun to^rehewthe request, jofjan eight l hour day (anil a $3 wage, and to report bac\ to the carmen
next Tuesday^riighL: The co
Demand Eight Hours and
Present Scale of Wages
Meeting Called to Consider
'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0vßjejg vest for
';. Altriough delegates of the iron trades council] will: meet in the
afternoon to take under consideration the offer of for |
arbitration, . about ; 7,000 men ; a ffiliated with that r body will" strike |
this morning in cities surrounding the bay. ?;x?, '" .:
Four thousand of the strikers belong in San Francisco," where
the sentiment of the unions i is opposed to arbitration:-'
. ; - The executive board of the iron .trades council received* a letter
yesterday .afternoon from the California metal trades | association,
the members of which are. the employers of thef striking^- meh, : V in
which it was requested that the entire matter be \u25a0 submitted to " a
board of arbitration: It vvas too late' then to stopHhe^'strike^as the
18 local unions could not be advised of the letter inHime to ;take i
definite action before .the ..hour; for the strike. The; executive j board
deemed it best to, allow the strike to materialize as ; originally tyoted ;
upon by the separate unions" and to let. th"c- matter off arbitration^ be
settled 'later.. .<; . t ' \u25a0 - . -*'\u0084.* '-• „'-_ f-~f -~-
It was this decision the .executive board that; resulted in the j
cairfora^meeting; of, the council^
! cbhside'rimf -the; .proposed arbitration.. -The meeting^
[the-ilabor union temple;: Fourteenth and „ bci.we.en
\u25a0••.'"': ;. Among ilie.uuibhs 'that willjoin in theystrike^aretheMiia^hiriistsVl
including" Oaklahcl; unions ff assistant machinists,- blacksmiths, black
smiths' helpers, boiler makers, iron ship builders, -machine hands,
iron; mbldcrs,;- steam fitters, coppersmiths, electricians " and'; ship
builders.^ '..' - \u25a0 ' *-y oM!&xi.'' \u25a0"- '.'-- \u25a0"> • \u25a0 '. -\u25a0, • ' . *\u25a0 \u25a0
': "..The unions assert that they have been assured of the .-eight; hour
'concession by ; the Fulton iron works, Moore- &• Scott,- Van
Emmons elevator works .and the Keystone boiler works. /It -is
expected that the strike will not extend to the firms willing tqgrant
the eight hour day. -;
;. Among -the concerns that are expected to fight the strike to
| an end are the'Risdon iron! works," the Union* iron works and a:num
bej of smaller shops. -. : '
;; - v ' . ' 1 ••" ; : ''; .\u25a0PvVg>^:PßANCiscO.^ ; '\ ; . • \u25a0 :-\u25a0 •-. / I
'' JBfl BHHP . An adv«7tl««r-4rho recently returned from \B*n Francieco claim* ihat sotse prtroorincftd. chan«M a^^^gjSyß^i \u2666
-|*f!H ' have taken place in the newspaper situation of that city particularly wttli refeirenca to Tlis Call 0m rain*
\u25a0 ' liCiM wF' " and the Chronicle. A good many claim that from appearances The Call's circulation now exceeds |§yvj *
;'lb^^^ that of the Chronicle. Of;courie, at this' distance one :.cannc£ tell accurately Just what: changes ' ' WmjX
_ 2i«sWi;if ' have taken place. But inasmuch as the question has arisen as to the supreina.cy .between; the two «.
' -^ 4: >- ;,;» papers,: it "^ ls^butf fair ;to|^ \u2666
J' v " settle this iquestlon' .by inviting :-a thorough \u25a0examination- of theirTre^ «
P<'M < : : lm6wn"audU:TOmpany.ViThe^;!letf^^ t
'I- '" or.the-paperß^willf^ 4;
<!:;,. v bnielof these p^ \u2666
y'^-': >it quite; naturally^^intcarry/TOh^ction home to advertisers w - *"
\u2666 \u2666\u2666\u2666'\u2666» \u2666'\u2666•.\u2666 \u2666 •\u25a0\u2666'»*•\u2666 \u2666_»'\u2666\u2666'»\u2666 e'e '\u2666 \u2666 » ««.» »> \u2666 "» e'e'Ve c \u2666'»".• j»V» \u2666»,»»» *.\u2666\u2666 * *.*-* ****.**** *** ** ***************** ** *.*«*'**\u25a0** *** **.***
guarantee^^ advertisers i that ; it has a larger ** v ready^giyen formal permission to the Assp-
".\u25a0: pai3 eireuiiatibn t ciatiori of American Advertisers to make
\u2666 THE SAN FRANCISCO CALL'S a public examination of its circulation.
establishmenti 'an§ all} fits recMs; are f
opjn=lt(^ public circulation ejiamination at. lenges the "Ghronicle<t|pj7'a;--jbint4public ex-
any time— -without previous notice. • amination of the circulations of both^papers,
Father Yorke to Head the Committee to
Present Claims of the Platform Men
Mmplmres of the united Railroads Decide
tb Delay: Action Another Week
The meeting adjourned at 3 :3o"o'clock this' morning after ,a decision had been
arrived ;at to^ make another attempt to reach a basis of agreement with the company.
In accordance with tliis decision a committee was na'medto "wait upon Patrick Calhoun
an<d'>again ask ; for .-an:eight'.hpur day^with a flat wage of $3. At the head of this com
mittee: is^ Rev/Peter GXYorke; An ; amendment to< the original motion instructing the
committee to -hold .out: for 31 cents for the new. men was favored, but finally it was
decided";to :leave all, details ?to the committee^ V
...\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 v / This b6d}^as';iristructedto"report back to the carmen on next Tuesday night.
In tjie^ ; - meantime""' the committee will confer with Calhoun' to ascertainthe best terms
he will- offer. ""- - '-• ,' r
to be possible 'with the Oakland sliding, scale asTa
basis; Calhoun is not disposed 1 to grant a sliding scale which begins at 31 cents. The
Oakland :scale?begiris at 30 cents; -
• * V : "«;lt;:appea^d^that.\the leaders did not /desire to precipitate a strike before the
matter^had- been- tlioroughly discussed to the; lateness 'of the hour it was
fihally ?^agreedr^th^t^tlie^ote^ time. By
;^as for a' day or
twiV-.-than' to reach, a nlecision in haste which they r miglit later- repent.
: :U has 'bccn-appaitiit
for (the. last -few days. A large conservative element spoke strongly against a strike.
Midnight Mass Meeting Galled to Decide Problem
Attracts Great throng of Platform Men
: .The mass meeting of the .members of i
street 'carmen's union, local 208, at; the
Central theater called out one" of the
largest gatherings, of platform men
that; has ever .been held?by the union
irrthis clty.v Over 1,500, men were pres
enC at 1 o'clock "tliis morning when \ the
. theannouncerneht}
v^K\XJpne"rs : in vthe grea^/stat/ beauty con- 4
t^^^^^ex^jihiierffC^Jll^J^ named arrd-i
- pirTtfrWi iri . maovT"pQSg^in
The 'Sunday Call
meeting was called 1 to' order by Presi
dent Cornelius.
*A' little over an hour before the ex
ecutive committee of the union had met
at the 'sanie- place,* just after the even
, ing audience had left* the playhouse,
and, while the scene shifters were busy
in arranging the stage for the offlc*r»
and speakers of the larger mcetia jj
which was to follow.
As the men left their cars between
,11 and 1 o'clock they began to "con
gregate in little groups in front of
Continued on Pace 5, Column 1

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