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The Smithsonian institution is unearth- '
j ing a city built by prehistoric Americans, j
| The remarkable things they are finding,
are pictured and described in"
the Sunday Call
Indications That He Will Make Immediate Appeal for Military Intervention
Prepares Affidavits to Show
That Police Protection
Is Inadequate *
Dinan Will Guard Few Cars
for Only Two Hours
a Day
United Railroads President
Says He Can't Resume
Without Them
The acts of the United Rail
roads and the utterances of its
officials yesterday all pointed
strongly to the conclusion that
President Patrick Calhoun will
present to Governor Gillett im
mediately upon his arrival at
Sacramento a request for military
control in San Francisco as the
only means of assuring a peace
ful resumption of the city's street
car service. Advices from Los
Angeles last night stated that the
Ooverjior^liad abandoned 'bfs--'«con-i
leinplated-trip to San Diego and would
return to the . capital immediately.
Calhoun stated to a ' Call reporter
yesterday that he was absolutely lim
ited in running his cars to two hours
in the day under the present protection
offered by the police.
"I am going^to run my cars to the
full extent that I am given protection,"
he said. "If the police tell me that they
cannot protect the cars until 1 o'clock
In the afternoon I cannot start them
out before that hour. If they tell me
that I cannot have their protection
after 3 o'clock in the afternoon I am
limited to that hour."
• This describes the situation of yes
terday. Under the arrangement with
Uinan the arms have been taken from
the men operating the streetcars. The
United Railroads officials claim It
would be no less than murder to # send
them out without arms and without
the full and adequate protection of the
police against the mobs -which have
rioted in the streets for the last three
days. Police protection for a two hour
trip through the "Western addition,
where the cars are cheered by women,
d&es not go far toward the resumption
of a complete service. President Cal
lioun said his company was absolutely
at the mercy of the police and restrict
ed in running cars to their dictatlon. v
Confronted by this situation the
United Railroads is preparing affida
vits setting forth the inadequacy ''of
the protection offered by Dinan^ These
affidavits wiU cover the action of the
police on Tuesday, when they refused
to arrest men In the crowd who threw
rocks, and the fact that after the men
employed by the company had been
disarmed the police limited the hours
during which they would protect the
cars. ".'.\u25a0*'-'\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
This showing will be placed before
the governor, who has already an
nounced his intention or ordering out
the troops when he is convinced A that
they are needed without waiting for
the request of the present city admin
istration, and it Is expected that within
a few days there will be state troops
In the city in sufficient numbers to
ufford complete protection * for • more
than two cars on an afternoon excur
sion through the residence district.
It was, pointed out by one of the su
perior judges last night that the crimes
which had been committed in the city
this week were not merely offenses
against cy.y ordinances, but that they
were crimes defined by the Penal Code
of the state of California. -The moment
that it becomes' evident to . the state
executive that the laws of California
are being broken and that the- police
are inefficient to cope with the situ-,
ation it is within his; power to order
out the militia without further process/
The governor can intervene in the
present situation exactly as r the attor
ney general can Intervene, in'a suit, in
the courts on his own lnltiatlve_,when
he concludes that the circumstances
warrant it.
Section 1917 of the Political Code
Proclamation of State- of, Insurf
rectlon: When the governor Is: sat- _ '
Continued en Page 5, Col urn a 6
The San Francisco Call.
FRIDAY, MAT 10. 1907
XESTEEDAT— Clear; maximum temperature,
60; minimum, 50. v
FOBECAST FOR TODAY— Cloudy, probably
ehowers; fresh southwest wind.', Page 9
EDITORIAL, .'-\u25a0
Imperial valley settlers and the govern
ment. r Pafe 6
BooßeTelfjs estimate, of himself. Page 6
The Cincinnati bow begs for merfy. Pa*« 6
Ko compromise ; 1» Calboun's attitude, :'and the
Indications are that he will immediately appeal
for military lnterrentlon ta carmen's strike. P. 1
President Ctllioun preparing to . make a call
on Governor Gillett toe aid of state soldiers. P. 1
Committee of ;citben«, meets \u25a0with mayor to
consider strike and appoints an executlre board
to derise a general plan of action. Page 3
Girls with gifts «f, flowers Tary the monotony
of dodging bricks for crews on, two cars tent
through the western section of j the city. Page 2
Governor Gillett cancels southern engagements
and will hasten northward -to keep in touch
with the strike situatioa. : Page 6
Chief Dinan dues cot expect any farther dis
orders of a ' serious ; nature. \u25a0'\u25a0- Pag« 2
Building trades council calls upon affiliated
unions to aid the authorities in maintaining law
and order. . ' \u25a0 Page, 2
Twelve strike breakers Jailed Tuesday, make
affidavit that policemen beat 'them and sub
jected tsem to many indignities. Page 2
Telephone linemen defer vote on question of a
sympathetic strike with the operators. Page 5
Grand. Jury will meet today to determine
right' of • United Railroads witnesses to refuse
to testify. - Page 14,
CTTY;; >.
Immigration bureau disagrees .as to landing
of pretty Japanese girl and appeal is made to
Washington officials. . Page 14
Western Pacific engineers make plans for ferry
mole and work 'on road la rushed../ Page 14
Walter C. Davis, insane murderer of air per
sons, attempts to commit suicide in cell at
hospital. Page 14
Application to be made before the lunacy
comxaUcioa.for the. removal of Judge iHebbkft),
from . the . superior bench If 'the bar association
does not '.v take/", action ; . at" ita • j meeting i.^iAv
> Mayor. Mott and Rev. Father Bunm apeak' at
graduation of ten' nurses at Providence ' training
school In Oakland.' . Page 4
Wealthy faction of the First Presbyterian
church of Berkeley secedes over retention .of
P-er. a. L. McAfee and will organise a new
church. ".'\u25a0'V < Page 4
Two men arrested in disturbances near laun
dry In Oakland- which is being operated by non
union help. - - -• Page, 4
Judge Ogden Informs William J. Prosser that
bis business methods are perilously near em
bezzlement. Page 4
.; Oakland building, trades council denies rumors
of 'contemplated strikes.' Page 7
Examination of talesmen in* trial of William
D. /-Haywood shows that socialists made . •at
tempts to Influence prospective jurors. Page 1
Government wins \u25a0 sweeping victory over drug
trust, which is perpetually enjoined from fixing
retail' prices "... or blacklisting cnt 'rate
dealers. Page 7
Calif ornians organize _ new club ' In New York,
being . dissatisfied ; with' the „ conduct of 'affairs
by Mrs. . T. J. '-Vivian, \\ president of the original
society, who Is accused of many unfair acts. ' P. 7
' Injury of Miss Alexandra Blumberg, an artist,
in Kansas City fire reveals sad story of Russian
oppression. . ', ' \u25a0 ; Page 7
Senator. Platt expresses. deep regret for hav
ing! made it possible for fioosevelt to become
president. . ' Page 7
San -. Francisco shuts out Los 'Angeles and
Oakland defeats Portland in' coast league base
ball games. ' .. Page 8
Glorifltr, a 20 to 1 outsider, wins the Metro
politan \u25a0; handicap. Par* 9
New California Jockey \u25a0 club stewards suspend
two trainers ' and their horses because of recent
form reversals. Paga 8
- Series of promising boats carded for tonight's
boxing show. ln Dreamland pavilion. Page 8
Tommy Burns admits that he "double crossed"
Jack O'Brien by outpointing him after I having
agreed to let the-Philadelphian win. . Page «
Coffroth matches . Squires " and Burns ' for . a
fight on May 30. Page 8
Employes , of - Hercules powder mill at - Pinole
walk out. -. They refuse to work with nonunion
men who took places of striking machinists. P. 7
Harbor Commissioner Dennison roasts . man
agement of, belt railroad and appoints a ! new
superintendent. '.' .. Page 9
' General . Improvement takes place in the prices
of mining shares of. Nevada concerns... • Page 13
Mrs. '- John : Metcalf c and daughter - organize ', a
skating club of sixty members. /.'- \u25a0" ' _ Page 6
Subscriptions and Advertbe-
Francisco at following offices:*
\u25a0 Open until/ 10 • o'clock' every, night.
818 VAN NESS AVEVDi: ' '
; Parent's Stationery Store.
Jackson's ; Branch.
Christian's; Branch.
. 1 nternatlonal Stationery , Store.
v "\u25a0' ; Qeorg-e Prewltt's Branch. .
' 2200 FILLMORE STREET "'\u25a0 ' ;
"Woodward's Branch.; \u2666-• - \u25a0
San \u25a0\u25a0iYM™4Y;^^Yiio;^?pi:-
Yesterday's Developments in
Strike of the Street Car Company Employes
On the ground that protection gwen^ police is in-^
adequate, r Calhoun prepares to {appeal for
troops?* \ : - »*'•"'•_, :
Calhoun announces [-.that he will make no conces
sions to the carmen and that it As now a fights,
to a finish. ' :'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0. ;:'--: •;.'\u25a0; ' v -vy;; /- :; '.'.- . N ';.^,V' ; '
Strike 'breakers .returnlns In police Kiinnlod v.tiin> to Turk street bnrrncks
,' \u25a0 after taking cars throash \u25a0western addition^ ?rf/\? r f/\ ."'. '. "; j \u25a0' ' ; '
Socialists Try to Sway the
Haywood-Moyer Talesmen
Beginning^of Examinatiori^pf ProspectivevJurors
Reveals the \V6rkrporieto^G
THE examination of talesmeiij inUhe f trial^ofg William
D^ •: Haywood at Boise yesterday- showed] that socialists
• throughout the country had sent considerable literature
to , prospective jurors in efforts;to ' gain; sympathy^ for the pris
briers, Haywood; Moyer and Pettiborie. ' >
Oscar King Davis
BOISE, Idaho, May' 9>^Examiriati6nV6f^talesmen for
jvvood, secretary- treasurer of the -western -'federation of
mingrs^wHoHs xharged^vvith;corii^icity^inithejassassina-
tibnf of < former - Governor ; Frank Steunenbefg/ . was ; begun
promptly on', the^opening of /the^district; court' here^tKis
morning. Almost . there|wasVdisclose"d; an ; 'ef-"
fort onrthe part <ofVthe socialist" s3rn^atHiz^s^of,'the; de- ;
fendant to; reach :menvinthelcourt.^Ho : miglit .be vsmnr
moneH^tb; serve ;as-^
educatipniby means of socialist
that Jthe' attempt was'made. ' -
. T
ceiyeH^riumerous copies 'of? the" Af^ay^Rea^n;Ja^radical
socialist prgan^editeo^
of the. --Idaho Unionist, the local r t paper 4^ establish ecUa::few
days";agbi and? e'diteclV in Vpart
thetdefense. These >paj)ersV had^emse3^to4ii^h^ai9^
throijglTptliei mails ;';an T d;.ais^
men who > packed?; them' about .thelcpuntr.y -on -horseback
and -distributed? them -gratis. •; The ftalesmant affirmed that
the literature hach begun to conieL to. Uiinv. after .heihwas
sumrnoned^for;'jury "d u fy?at \u25a0: tliis rierm^ of: court, and > that
he had rio\< subscribe^ for, any of the|pjTpers: said , that
\\ l _rs r '^'"T^~j" r>< '^yT~.^ *"*\u25a0* lfcv "'". -' *» '\u25a0- '.' -*" "-1 7".' 7'- ".-"*""•"' — " \u25a0'-''T.'^*'':",l': i -
Two :c<HS\opcrdtedib\) the United 'Railroads \
' * through the Richmond district: encounter; less
, I violence f than previous da^^-;
Committee of fifty meets with Mayor Schmiiz-and?
Vappoints: executive body to prepare plan of
''} action. .
OTthout Serious (Slash
£§££ With}tne, exception that- less violence attended -the running of cars, the prospect
for v a; settlement of ; the strike * was no j better; yesterday than on \ the day before/ in spite
of "determined efforts made; by, coriciHationcon^ittees .to restore peace. \u25a0;
pifi~'^ :?l#eadirig (citizens f representing f*the).c appointed? by the; body
assembled by the mayor endeavored \to briri g together the : warring factions , but failed
utterly.: President Calhoun of the United -Railroads again declared that he would notj
treat with the union and wo
board;; making, evenjm
atethe icars with" men ,of his oj^ choosing. ;^ • ' i
President ICornelius; of the carmen*s :imiohs ; eJso:slated^that cbmproinise was out of the question*;'
He I took the "officials of; the \u25a0 company; to t task f or ., their, methods . in dealing - with 'the strikers and reiter-;;
ated 'that ;- the carmen -were ; endeavoring to r assist : the city: authorities ; to rioting and prevent
bloodshed. of . .'.. :.\'/.,/^ :.Y: .V :'. ,"..-.'•\u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0 :.._ . ,/_ _ ... ;, \u0084 .;
> The : -officials {of | the strikmg!union^wereibesieged ;diiririg^ the day by otherileaders of labor to
endeavor* to \u25a0reach ;a- peaceful .'; conclusion; to the controversy; with thecompany. Although there were
no\ indications that either V side , would make'; any overtures for peace or any offers of compromise the
\u25a0 Representations j: made ; by/ the^ conciliatory ; ,
At ;av meeting held^ last higKt j.the building ; trades council; adopted] a resolution callirig ; upon i the
j 35,000 men* affiliated I with; that^^ all
inVtheir ; power : to \ prevent , further ; complications^ It 'was stated \ that ; the reports that the brick jayers,
[^structural '"- iron ; workers arid '\u25a0• otrier^unions '? were (- preparing ; to strike June .-,; 1 : were without foundation.
? concluded .with i the / statement • that x the • building • trades council ibelieyed that only munici
pal- ownership} of j putlic^ utilities ; cbiild; remedy < theTpresent situation ) as between the carmen and the* tcle^
phone operators and the. two companies. .<-•. .<\u25a0; -• .^ = - ... . . ' , , "\u25a0•\u25a0"
; ? Ihlresp£ra^^
sembled iin *;Uie i executive .office and - appointee! ; a i committee of seven to devise a \ plan for < the settlement
V>f.^the lstrik'e^ v This^body was uistructed itoswork -iniharmony -with -the 'committee already appointed*
I tyi j cmc^league.';> For 1 thi^
and; Albert E: Castle. They will report : to
I 'fe^neral fco^^
W v^ilh^tlw^h^njiling-^f^the; cro\^ two; cars; from the sheds at Oalc
[ "and B ro^erick I; streets r
I days Jpreyious^ but : the ; cause; was; evident. : Instead of a -handful of men
itv^trurpslbf • was Employed J in! escorting^tHe cars ; and in keeping ; the" crowds moving along'
\u25a0tfae'.route.'..', . ' , , . ' - .-' --''\u25a0. \u25a0>.- " . " ' ' .
\u25a0'^^ NewVjjh^tas^6f winners of "the first'
M^ftej^i>eg^tg^prizes - and photos of win-r \
• i B^rTthe* additional * 25 - prizes will ap
pear in . . •* #
The Sunday Gall V
W . D..Mahon t president of the international car
& men's union; due in San Francisco to taf^e
hand in stride. <
/r*K \u25a0' * * * * \u2666
Building trades council declares for industrial
{peace and warns its members _ to keep their
heads cool.

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