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The San FfancisccyCall
JOHN D. 5PRECKEL5; .......... . ; \\ ;.:'. .Proprietor
CHARLES W. HORNICK .General Manager
ERNEST S. SIMPSON .'.. .'.....'. .'. . .'.- . \u25a0 Managing Editor
Addrft. AH CommußleaUoM to THE SAX FHAXCISCO CALL y; "
Tel«ptaoß«, «Temporarr Rft^— A«lc for The Call. The Operajgr WIU CMMet;
Y»n DTlth tkf Departmeat You Wl«h.- . \u25a0>- .
\u25a0 BUSIXESS OFFICE. Market and Third Streets. San Francisco
Open Until 11 O'clock Every Night In the Year.
EDITORIAL ROOMS. • .M&rket and Third Streets
MAIN CITY, BRANCH 1651 Fillmore Street. : Near Pott
OAKXAND OFFICE— 101« Broadway. .-.Telephone Oakland -; 1083 ;
• \u25a0. x . ' . \u25a0 -' .
ALAMEDA OFFICE— I43S Park Street .Telephone Alamcda 559
7 . — \u25a0- • "• . ' ; \u25a0 ".'• *
BERKELEY OFFICE— SW. Cor. Center and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
CHICAGO OFFICE — Marquette Bldar. .C Gebrga Krosrness.. Representative
NEW YORK OFFICE-4o Tribune Bid*. .Stephen R Smith. Representative
f DelJrered by Carrier, 20 Cents Per W>ek. 75 Cents Per Month. Single
\u25a0f " Copies S Cents. ,
r ':.' Terms by Mail. Including Postage (Cash With Order):
DAILY CALL (including Sunday). 1 year.... !!22
DAILT CALL (Including Eunday). 6 months '£
DAILY CALL— By Single Month --MS' 7 f c
SUNDAY CALL, 1 year ;; * 2 - 5 ?
.WEEKLY CALL. 1 year .-\u25a0• *•«<>
(Dally ...SB.OO Per Year Extra
Sunday .....4.15 Per Year Extra,
Weekly 1.00 Per Year Extra
Entered at th« United States Po«toffice as Second Class Matter.
Sample Copies Will Be Forwarded When Requested.
MaU subscribers in ordering change of : address should be particular to 1
give both NEW AND OLD ADDRESS In order .to insure a prompt
> and correct compliance with their request.
THE picture of Eugene Schmitz, mayor of San Francisco for
nearly six years, by the graft exposures, makes, a.
painful, even disgusting exhibition of degraded human nature.
Greedy,, rapacious, selfish, reaching out for the last dishonest
dollar, he stands exposed to public view."? Everything was for sale
and nothing sacred. He was as ready., to share the earnings of
unfortunate women as to sell for his own profir a franchise that
belonged to the people. The force of degradation could no
farther go. . . "
It is customary to speak with the last contempt of those miser-
; able creatures who live off the earnings of; fallen Women. The \
mayor of San Francisco differs from.these in nothing save in so fad
as he pocketed the same wages of shame on a wholesale scale. j
The details of the blackmailing, operation at the expense of
[the French restaurants offer a fair example of. Schmitz' cold
jblooded rapacity. To make the game .and lay the foundation he
J assumed an impressive attitude as' guardian of the morals of San
i Francisco. He started his hounds to run down the quarry, and at
the right moment Ruef intervened to allay, the mayor's uneasy
virtue at a price. AH that looked easy and simple and would have;
worked smoothly and profitably 'had-, the. 'mayor's ,packV Blanche, !
Tray and Sweetheart, proved answerable to the whip. Two of them
rebellious. The mayor called his police commission about
.him at his home to give the orders that* meant. money for him and
» Ruef. Two of the four refused obedience, but the ; mayor , was not
tto be balked of his price and removed Commissioner; Hutton.,; ln
; his message of dismissal the action was based oh Vcharges affect
ing Hutton's moral character. The true reason was. that Hutton
refused to join in the game of blackmail: The whole episode was
characterized by cold blooded rapacity, helped out with falsehood.
Compared with the overhead trolley deaf the French restaurant
.blackmail was mere petty larceny." But ; Schmitz let nothing
escape, big or little. He was a wolf out for his kill. Ruef ."was
his ready instrument, to do the dirty work. Schmitz supplied the
motive power and took the chief share of the spoils. He* even
suspected Ruef of holding, out more than his due reward; and
held him to strict account for every dishonest dollar. When
•'Schmitz had milked the cow dry he went to Europe, where his
! lavish' extravagances made a nine days' wonder. .
For six months past Eugene Schmitz has denounced the news
tpapers of San Francisco as engaged in a wicked conspiracy to
\u25a0slander an honest official and destroy his good 'name. He has
(engaged in the silly stage play of refusing to see representatives
i of the press in order to act up to the part: of injured innocent. ; But
PJ nothing the newspapers have ever said of him isasbad as the truth.
This is "honest Gene" Schmitz, big, bluff and hearty, who used
xo go around shaking- hands, hail fellow well^jnet. He is seen now
in his real colors, cold, grasping, covetous and vicious to the. point
cf degradation. W^^^^^^^ :
THE building trades council adopted this resolution on Thurs
day night: |
Resolved, That in our opinion the speediest and only settlement and |
supcessful termination of the streetcar men's strike can be best effected!
through strict maintenance of public peace and close observance of law 1
j and order, andby faithful obedience to union; principles by> all union >men; i
! women and children in refusing to ride'orin any manner -patronize {those :
i «*o- ride on cars of the United Railroads until such time, as -its "manage- :
jxnent* signs a satisfactory agreement with the duly" authorized representa-'
itives of the amalgamated association of Street railway employe,?, division. 205<J
The resolution is explicit recognition of » the fact that the
{carmen's strike cannot be won by violence, and,, further,, that the
jcommission of outrages is directly injurious to the cause : of the
, strikers.
San Francisco is^ determined to have'peace on the-streets, and '
ithose who engage, in violence or commit any overt act wiir be !
treated as public enemies. The police, as a whole, are doing their";
dutj'. The occasional exceptions: would quickly disappear had the
jforce at its head a man competent and willing to maintain disci
pline. Diriajri is both incompetent and disloj'al.
Under legal indictment for a felony, the moral charge hds been ]
jlodged against* Dinan— he is his own^chLef accuser— of a crime
far worse* than perjury.'.; There is bioVd -on Dinan's fat, useless »
hands— the blood of those slain in" thc^riot^ which he. should' have \
iprevented, which he admits he .' could^liaye prevented if he had beeni
Unformed that it was going-to happen.^ Against Dinan will be
\u25a0charged up ultimate moral responsibility* for every act of .;v ; iolence
|during this strike. The chief of police could end all the disorder if he
( were riot Djnan, the incompetent and unfit. *
JfTPIHERE is. to; be observed in many widely separated quarters
I a distinct and unmistakable movement or cult, if the term "is
J^ preferred," based on a safe, sane ' v ; and conservative philosophv
with purpose to discourage tlie usV!pf:the "guii" ; as \u25a0• an > article
(of clothnig^ .One learns.; for instance^ with i feelirigs, v fro"rn
an Austin (Texas) dispatch that- the .legislature;; has passed a law!
taxing all dealers in .firearms 4 who se[ly pistols; so per; cent on: their ;
gross receipts. This is intended as a;pr6riibitiye measure and|to
stop the practice of carrying pistols in Texas: •; ' /
; Thus the legendary Texan of; Captain Mayne ' Reid \ and \u25a0 Gustave' •
jAimard passes^ on his way^ to the J Great Beyond, with i Owen Wister^
as chief mourner. He was a creature of : chivalrous impulse, given j
jto "emptying"; his favdrite,weappn;in pure, gayety-of^soul: : Whether;
he shot up the town or put out the lights"^ or feyeh made; tKe tender
foot dance to th"c petulant pop of the pistol, he was a 'figure of
romance, cherished by the great American^novelist, .who had even
taken the trouble to invent a language for him.- Exit ;- he has gone
and is evanished.. A vulgar and .sordid legislature "/.presumes to
extinguish him with one fell blast. .. \ .- 1 |
. . It is nqtiin Texas alone that society and the law? frown on
the "gun M as an' article of personal adort
is. put: upon vthis trusty companion bt'vthe frontiersman when it
comes to^be classed .with the bar keepers; diamonds and other , stage
jewels/ So-we ;find Mr. John Hays 'Hamrnond.Vof mining, fame,
making introduction for 'the Rocky \u25a0Mountain- : , cliib"/ organized in
New York, 'with such- remarks as. these: \u25a0 • "-,
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0"- " .. No/ bars on the. family? escutcheon -or,the cut- v of : the / clothes ;niake< a
diamond} and thefwide^hat* of /the^ western^badj^ma*n : *|j4lt^is^av;cJubV t fpr.\thc'
furtherance 'of, friendly intercourse -and'the "means for*- good'fellowship"^ -- v
We 'drop a tear for ; the gun fighteiy He is out^qf fashion? > He
nursed Bret Harte* into fame: • Innumerable Americans boys" have
started out, with a lethal weapon in one* pocket /and a 7: pound* of |
cracTcers in the other,; inspired to eiftulate the. gurivfighters ,red
career, leaving behind ?him a trail of blood and^profa^nity.^.'What
matter if the ; boys .were rounded up .by --.the next ; country vcjbnstable
arid packed off home : with their great ideal ?r? r \u25a0 It'vAyas'spme
thing to be i touched r^with a noble •:• inspiration; now 'butcftere'd; to
make pedestrian uprose for after "dinner speakers .and^*rneat!for
the tax-gatherer.- • "'•*''- /: ; : 'Vj ; \.
FORMER Senator Dorsey, who is now, a resident of * California,
was interviewed on ,the \ subj ect of ' 'American^ politics ;
while he was on a visit * to ; London, ? and delivered Jtfiirhselfi'df
\ . these -remarks:. '.\u25a0'"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0''';' "\u25a0 \u25a0" V -\u25a0-^.-\u25a0',^- \u25a0^^ i *^r.
.;/». *' Mr. Roosevelt . is \u25a0 a candidate^ for re-election and has * been. a^xan'did^^Ci
for' someV time. : y,Ths; impression*. is; growing (that ; ; he^is\th4 v t bhly>biiih?able.';
to handle, the ssitiiatioh- that has : developed •in the ;United>, States
Sn , the last ;few. years. I jam convinced that Jie is,the"ohly7.man;with\whom'
! the .republicans-canJbeatjMr^Bryan; %, \u25a0 ' v, *'.- , "-. ;.- :;\u25a0. "'"."', '.I- •.'\u25a0\u25a0"> .-. (
: . Though : I ; lanv a strong republican I believe . that Mr.-. Bryan" would make,
a good president,^ notwithstanding he^has "queer ideas occasionally.' • Hei is |
the strongest man : the .-. democrats have, - and, unlike Roosevelt," he \u25a0 does: not
goTaround.withjthe^bigJstick. • :t: t :v: v '' '" ;-:'; -:' -' \~ \u25a0"' -."'.- ' *' v<: \u25a0'' V :i '' \u25a0' ' '-
. >v Just before! I-^left jhome I '*ha'd -interviews'.. with several republican
leaders. Their chief, fear is: of; Mr. Bryan's growing strength: v" I {don't think j
Governor >Hughe* would \ make; any shoyPsagainst him.v.i IT don't" doubt - Mr:
Bry'ah; would be able to raise a larger ;campaign<fund than /Mr^- Roosevelt;. v !
i Mr. Dorsey'sV opinion about^o^s^yelt's : intentions' : is; no better j
| than; that- of !any ; other- man, except jthe^resident; himself: We; are!
! inclined to 'think Mr. Dorsey is ; mistaKen, but he /does know as
I much i aboutlthe handling of icampaign^fundsaslany man living; He
appears' to tie convinced thai success^is^pufely a question of the ;
r largest ;: campaign fund r . -T^
ithe man.; who handled: of five" in the Gar field campaign^
and carried the state of Indiana/,: : : /^ " .... £ x
Nevertheless, it Js certain that '; no : fund : of whatever
size 'could -have defeated Roosevelt r in the"- last '<i national election.;
I Nor is, there any; cause for alarm; about, tlieVsize of th
j lican/ campaign fu^
I poses, although it may i afford^mall -scope" for porsey^riiethojds. V
.'. .•Personal Meiitioh'/.
; ; .j J. W." Prest on/ a lawyer 'of ": Uklah,
lsrat the Haralin. " : . . \u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0'-:
['\u25a0\u25a0:. Mrs.v W/ M. j ; Giffafd of Honolulu, is
' gtayJng^at f the- Savoy. J ; ; "
; "Lieutenant Colonel; C. G.-Ayers. Is a
guest at the St.* Francis. - :...;'. ''-
r . : Jamea ; A. . Emery rand his . wife reg-
Ji*tered~atf the r Palace yesterday.,; : ]
j;> Al .' J. \u25a0* Crocker and- hi* -wife of -Tono
| pah Tare Bt«.ylng:at ; the Fairmont:; V *
\"J'. Rogrer. J.T Sherman : of .; Boston j> regrls-!
I t«red at the. St :\ Francis yesterday/ ''X
| > Mr. : . and ] Mrs. -E. \u25a0 HarveyJof fßullman^v
I .Wash., registered ; at .the Savoy Jyester
day^vv-*;" \u25a0. ; '; ;. \u0084; M-'':' : -..' : "-'-, :^-: : ' "-yJA \u25a0 ;;
:F.'.; M.' Ilutchlnson.- ;a ; 'merchanti of
j Minneapolis, is 1 ; staying- at .the: Fair;'
I mont:^r. ;:_•\u25a0\u25a0*;.\u25a0 ; -,\u25a0;. ;:/>\u25a0; '"\u25a0"-\u25a0 ; -*"v;''-'"-^:; ! . r . ; ;^
;.. Albert rNugett, a v .wealthy, resident- of
'Australia, arrived at the Jefferson • yes-'.'
! terda'y.^"';;-*^; ;; '" * " sf " : ""\' \u25a0'"\u25a0'''•.^ '' ;•";['.:''\u25a0 ';"\u25a0?".'
I .Major' and ; Mrs.' Rowan, .who, have re-
I turned f roni - the/: Orient A' ar« i^. at the
I Robins.:' j;^'^: \.; ;*;\u25a0.'; v ? . ;;; ; "'"; \u25a0;'" \u25a0\u25a0-. ;^
i : :.E. Blenenfeld and Miss.Carrie Bienen'i*
j f eld -of \u25a0 New* Tork fare *' stayl ng \ at ? the
Falrmont- > : " ' *- • . X ,.' Jc
[ T:;Aral; and ! ;s/--Horl.--; travelers 4 fronvi
| the; land 'of 'the: mikado.T are 'at^the !
'\u25a0 Jefferson.'. ' r '. rf<'' ; ' ''''-.'\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 ' :r --. : \-\
i Mrs. E.tp.tTenhy; a [wealthy; resident]
jof Honolulu,: -accompanied* by ; " her |
daughter, : Miss -* 1 Tenny, V and son, \Ver- 1
It's Great to ;Be a Farmer
non,; together ;with t Mrs.: H. • G. Noonani
Is-stayingtatfthe* Jefferson. - "-\ *_. ?
: \u25a0 A. f - Moore, : '-•>' of T' Rangoon;
Burma, ; isajguest;at\trie«t:^Francis^; "
; Mr.' v and >Mrs. .-: John ; jMcDonbngh' of
Denver, were : amongr";the : arrivals at the
BaltlmoreVyesterday..'.;"" V \u0084' ':.," " :\u25a0' '/l\
s -H. H.;bweh of Vallecito.'an electrical
engineer, 1 ! lnTchargeyof a*; pow'erj plant! iii
tbat:town;'lis;'atUhe'> lmperial^' %
X \ Mr.jand^ Mrs.gW,^ B.HCooley of , Indian ,-\u25a0\u25a0
apolis," accqrnpanled|by| thelr ; ' daugfhterf
Mabel, j are freglstered \u25a0at Xthe Savoy, vf %
\ '\u25a0 ThVn3as|A*"DukeTand(wife^of r Pueblo;
ColO.;|ahd ; Mf.Vand !\u25a0 Mrs.': George !.H.\W|K'
Hams j of ,::^the \u25a0 returning
Shriners, ;are; guests*at' ther Hamlin:'v V
Answers to Queries
' i DBRMATOLOGTr-fb: ""• RJ.V \u25a0Ci ty£ The
Vlepartment^of ,; answers .-"and '\u25a0" queries
does % not | prescribe f medical "or f other
treatment. jsForjinformation'as you' de-'
«lre\c_o"hiiuitTiiderinatologrißt. : " ! -; r ' l * ", "
i< : PUGILISTS^-F^A: * M.;X cl ty'. Young*
Peter,' Jackson lands Jack iO'Brlen^met
In^alHmofe|March£24^l9os? ! ? and|l6Bt
onJasfOul«lh|thef|»«c6hdVround. : They
mctjafaln :year; when
O'BrleaVwontin-lOprbunds.v-" :' .' -.c v
1 4- •• /r;/ r ; . ,—.,;, — \u0084; s . .. ... . .;*
j In Railway/Circles j
HORACE ; JENKINS, • Frank Faben3
\u25a0. and-; Peter Kelley -decided that
' their "- health - demanded \u25a0\u25a0 a - brief
\u0084-stay. at: Byron -.'Springs. They
were, to drink the waters,. Idle away
the day' and: enjoy a',v,'ell earned! res
pite* v .from all.care; and "worry. ;On : the.
night! of ? their arrival '^Fabehs met
rome- gentlemen* from ,,Alameda- who
introduced ;to "hi 4 notice the game. of
"cyclone."- vFabens.woh '.'. all the- gam^j
And % incidentally all f^f dollars \u25a0< in
sigh t.'vjlntent" s upon ; passing, auday'.of
rest,: Kelley.i proposed Jatdrlye^ the ';, tol~
lowing jmoraing;- but fas: some
ence'^with I'\u25a0 Kelley's i^ driving -i < they"
promptly VdecJined^-r^'^t;^,;.*^:
" V.,*'Look £ here, - ; "you ; iellows,? - said . Fa
hens, £"we"'' have; corned to rest,;: and ,not
do;'anything;Tso > ; let us - rest." \u25a0 \ -
:'; Then -Jenkins :found, a; pistol, and
suggested that he, ! too; could do some*
thingi v He \ said; that he -was not good
at but" he ? would bet-any'r
body 'any sum of ;' money : that ; he .was
tße- best' pistol-shot in the crowd. v
'\u25a0\l A ; big :> barrel , was V 1V 1 brought out and
placed 25; feet i away. three blazed
away; at , the. barrel,?, and t the Vrecofd
stood : thus:'.-.'.; One .L pigeon; killed On the
wlng./a' rooster 'slaughtered, : one hog
wounded, a punctured: water i tank,; one
afnx.^of lithe '}, water..* mill'fdaniagedf and
a Chinese 7 almost: murdered ij *h '. the
kltche"n. V. The. -barrel-.-; escaped •'\u25a0\u25a0 un-
i touched..- ( VT ,. :^^^^^? 4 .' '\u25a0' '- \u25a0 -^^^
fLOnej of : 'the. guests . came . out and
4<fnianded; to iknow; if .everybody's life
wa» ; to *be;endangered\by- three South
erni Pacific, men \trying to hit ,a barrel
25 • feet 'away from t them. , : \u25a0 : • . "'\u25a0
*;•;;;:\u25a0:: :".-". :>-*.:*r .'...• -\u25a0•\u25a0-•-'- -.s . y^ t \u25a0
In gra'm.Vgeneral. 'superintendent
of the Southern ' Pacific for the southern
division; . has s ; concluded i his conference
with J *the V locomotive ..firemen; over, tfie
new-Chicago' schedule 'and returned to"
his headquarters In Los: Angeles .:;
;',';\u25a0•'[., \u25a0 - •--\u25a0,•-\u25a0';•-;. v •\u25a0\u25a0
% vW.V.J.. ; Bar tneft,; vice ] president and
general fcounsel-'of itheVWestern Pacific,
has left for the east.' ;Itis not known
how' long : he'.wiir^beHn^New' York."
| :-'\u25a0 :"- \u25a0 \u25a0 : "bV* ' \u25a0 *\u0084" '-,; *."-"•' \u25a0'\u25a0 '\u25a0 ':-• \u25a0 '
I^Wirgll.G.ißogue," chief engineer of the
I Western" Paciflc.'Tls in* Nevada, where
he, lsr ; making ah : Inspection ot " the
I work Hbelng idon'e on that part ot tlie
.-.\u25a0. v '\u25a0""'\u25a0'\u25a0' -\u25a0-•\u25a0' :• ''.*.' .:"'\u25a0'.
• E.;E. Calvin.', generaKmanager of the
Southern* Pacific^". returned* yesterday
from v the. southern .part of:, the 'state.
\u25a0';Y-;... \u25a0'.'\u25a0': ''.-'\u25a0' \u25a0,*--.'^ v * k •"•'-' ' \u25a0" • " • '"
"'The Southern Paciflo-has issued a
new/edltion^of V'A'Roadrof i'a'- Thousand
{Wonders"; I .';- whlchj is ! a [considerable im
pfoveinent | overithe /lastVissue,-"pub
lished in:Febfuary.;4'An edition of 100,
000 ;is 7 being' printed. ';'? The ; book
fs ; a .most 'elaborate; piece" of /icoloni work
and ! covers ; the : line jof '\u25a0 the 'Southern
Pacific between • Los : Angele s, and Port
land. ' •: : -: : ' '\u25a0\u25a0-"; .;.',.'\u25a0,\u25a0' ' '' — .'\u25a0
:,>: Members Tof.: the: camera club Jto ithe
number/ of '450. Intend- to spend !• two
weeks ; : In the '^Yosemlte ; .valley.T ,'; They
will /"take .; advantage ; of j the new r: road
runs from* Merced to* El \u25a0; Portal.
' General Mclyor
EpiTORjCALLr— Sir: The/author lot
Jan " article ; published in The ': Call
; ; .May,--?4;>; stating: -that the" late
„., General Mclyor ;had never visited
San^Franelsco, "; has > evidently" TBeeii ; un
fortunate ?inVnbt '/finding anybody », who
remembem^General ' Mclvor's ...visiting
San j Franc! sco. ; ;:; \£y~- ','-. ''JT. '•.' " '«
state': that
In the; spring -of ;18»9gtheVgeneral was
byithe^spirlt|of:[adventure^he : iwent " to
Alaßka^and - was " jthef c ;>\u25a0 employed by
C/|p. ;/of his
cbramlsßa"ry.store'at' the: mouth *of (Nome
river, : Ifour;mileßreastJ6f(Nome|clty." : lt
.was, there ;l: made ' his; iacquainfance. r r - ; >
K- Both -'of ' us ! returned Ho} San'FranciscS
that^fall/'.U "him rat Shis? resi
dence r :Bush^street^f where: he fex
swords^presentedito^him *by>Vvarlo~ußi
crowned ;| headß |jof g f qrei gn '% lands!*; for ;
.valor?^dlßplayed while flghtihg^undef I
thelr4Aekgß>i?'./.rr-r:";^* : '-y -•;-;\u25a0- -.^ \u25a0'/. .- ]
$$• He 2 visl ted ? m e ; a t ; my ". ho m e. .. t hen in"-!
San||FranclßCo,:JjdSned^wlth: ius and j
amusedKof f>wlthftlnterestingAtales f of '
his | participation in j many^wars.- A ; sol- |
dler.*; in $b"eartn#,s intelligent* and s amus-i
inJß.twe j werel greatly i pleased Iwi t h -•\u25a0 hi s I
visit to us.-i-. . .' >D."'B. LIBBY. : i
j^Fruitvale, May/15.^ •\u25a0'.';-;"• C--'r--:-. \u25a0 :': '
The milder
Tells -how ;tße garrulity of Papa Gilman helped
actress to Jgain> the limelight and recites
somfc : grim humor^from- deserts of Nevada
r~ »^ d Tt/«^ i.TT scarcely surprised tlxe local press repre-
MtS. Corey S Paf^as ' seatatives that Millionaira CawV.Wd*
"?r. Press 'TAgent J- repudiated ber persistent Vpa." Pere Gil
man 1 has been regarded aVthe bonne bouche of the seekers after amusing in
terviewß ever since the new Mrs. Corey 'was. first press "dispatched as in ttaln
ing'forthat'honor. The poor despised parent may really thank his own bab
blings for his 7 daughter's seemingly cruel action. If it hadn't been for Pa Gil
man nobody would ever haye 7 known mnch about the Corey affair, at least that
chapter of it dealing with Mias Gilman In Europe. JThe public would still hare
been in the 'dark about Jlabelle's little affaire de coeur with the adolescent
crown prince of Siam had not been so garrulous. Nor would' the press
have been permitted peeps at the letters that the dove eyed prima donna wrote
home, telling how .she was deriving . pleasure from the attentions of million
aires, expensive dinners and such things, one of the mil Honed admirers being
the one she has Just married. [:{'.
't The news of those dinners and attentions reached the papers^ via M Pa"
Gilman. It was pa, too, who told the reporters how a local millionaire bachelor
called frequently on his daughter in London, and winked slyly as he hinted at
a prospective Caiifornlan son in. law. But pa will henceforth be weak material
for searchers after sensational items," as it is not likely that Mrs. Corey, will.
write him any more of those 'old time, gay, chatty; letters. Perhaps, hbwerer^,
she may communicate with him through the medium . of • dictated typewritten
epistles, hard and cold as the steel from which her bridegroom derives his
Income. ! - s
ixr; • r Mf w This' ls probably a distinctively Goldfleldlan
Wit in UOJaiiela ~ Idea of wlt , and humor. It appears on the
Hotel Directions papeterie of the St.; Nicholas hotel of Gold
fleld, of which Mrs. A; L. Miller Is the "prop." The "rules and regulations"
run in red ink 'down the left side of the sheet:
1 Travelers without trunks "will be fastened i^ the bedpost with a chain
and chain.will be locked. vThe key will be placed In the safe o^er night. Any
one caught filing the chain will be charged $2 extra.
•' - 2. We. hereby give warning that letters written on the stationary wash
tub willnot go. " " . —
3. There arcfthree departments— upstairs, downstairs 'and outdoors. Out
doorses the cheapest., . , , „'
4, If .the bellin your, room is broken, wring the towel..
. 5. The v proprietor absolutely refuses to furnish alarm clocks.' They
might go off .without settling up.
A 6. If you get Uhlrsty during the night, take a drink out of- the- spring
under the. mattress. \. -_.'.\u25a0\u25a0
7. Whena bride and groom appear for the first time, nobody.must refer
to them as tablespoons, under a penalty of 60 cents and 10 years ln*3all.
8. Guests/afflicted with hay fever will please not sneeze. when, passing
grass >
, 9. Any guest who thinks his bill exorbitant may argue the matter; with
the bull terrier in the back yard, who is kept hungry for that purpose.
10. "Guests wishing, to kick /will, find spurs on the gasjet. .:
- li. v ; Guests' wishing to get up without being called may have self rising
flpur'for supper. . . . . ." .
.12. ilf your room gets too dark, take a feather out of the pillow. That Is
light enough for any. room. ; .
r-K" 13. -Guests who would invite .the proprietor to have a dr|nk with themare
reminded that he drinks but three times a day—before meals, after meals 'anil
between", meals. ' . v • :
\u25a0:\u25a0'-> jv . '\u25a0\u25a0 'v- - ' -w *v ~^- What.- Is ;the*red. badge, of courage,, anyway?
A ; mining man, recently back from Nevada,
- - e^^£tis?.^f«i?i?' 0 / > tells me thaV^wasyeariy "hit '\u25a0}» & brickjob
the first '-'dayUhat the cars were run during" the strike. It'was^t Turk and
Mason: streets) and he was an inoffensive pedestrian who just. happened to be
in.the vicinity when the riot was In progress. 'T don't' think I am* a coward,"
he'isaid; "but'l crawled' under a wagon. It ; seemed to" me one of ; those time 3
when" discretion was the better' part of ralor." .•\u25a0-••-"
The Smart Set
\u25a0 | \u25a0 he" wedding of Miss Lucy Mlghell
:' I ;?and%Thomas will be
"c|i:' celebrated at high noon Saturday,
-June 1, at the home of. the bride's
grandmother,; Mrs. Israel Kashow, ; in
California street. Rev. Cecil Marrack
of St. Stephen's church will officiate.
It will be. the quietest of ceremonies, as
neither, bride nor groom. will have at
tendants,'and only -members of the. two
families wjllfHje . present ; At ,12:30
o'clock, however,; a^receptlon will 'take
"place, to -which' 250 Tguestsjhave^been
invited. 'After a -wedding Journey of
two weeks' duration * Mr. Churchill and
his brldeT will make their home for a
time - with"' his * parents, Mr. : and Mrs.
Samuel, J/ Churchill, in Post street. *.'
..* Mrs. Charlemagne Tower has entire
ly recovered-from her. recent serious Ill
ness while in r Xew York. % With Mr.
Tower and their three rsons.i who: have
been jln ; school iin . New England, she
sailed last Tuesday ffor Europe./ r Europe. The
two little daughters of the: family, who
were -left in. Germany -during the ab
sence : of: Mr: and : Mrs. Tower, .will join
them iniFrance, where they will spend
the summer. : . . . ,
Many.charming social attentions were
bestowed upon Miss :Maren Froelich' be
fore r she: left for^ Europe^ '\u25a0* In her honor
Dr. 1 and Mrs. RussellHopklns Cool gave a
week fend 'party at their/country place,
"Dotswood.'V near" Los Gatos.-entertaln
fng.Jbesldes Miss Froelich. iMr.and Mrs.
Charles • Crocker/ Richard '"M.v Hotallng,
Charles : Field, ,'Johh Housman 'and Mr.
and : Mrs. : Charles Among
other; handsome compliments - to': . this
talented 'artist^ was*a- dinner given by
Mr.iandiMrs^.Conllsk at their, new^resi
dence*:: at ' :Vallejo " and Steiner streets.
Miss-. Froellch will r sail , from.' New York
May, 25," ; en \u25a0 route : for": a i Mediterranean
trip. \' She-expects -to arrive inj.Paris
about- August^BBBHttBBBBB
Charles Stewart-^and ;Mlss
trude; Mills will be'-the; hostesses: at ah
informal J-tea^at^ Ye ' Tea > Cup '".ln no on
Tuesday,' afiexnoon; . May f . 2 8, ; at j.which
Miss : Mae.Sadler.'lwhose^enga'gement to
Lewis' Risdoh Mead^waslannounced^fe
cently, r will ! jbe s the guest of honor. There
will-be nojrecelvlng-party.ibut about: 4o
of the young 'friends; of -hostesses
andihondredguest.wilKbe present. *
\u25a0./\u25a0 ---• • • :."_• • •_."-• - \u25a0 .'," ".-....
t "^Mlss Carrie Gwin. f who : was danger
oiisly^ Illvwlth.pneumonia- and life
was or ;aj time," ; is - con-
Valescirig^ rapidly. has/'ehgaged
apartments at»the?H6telßaf«el for.July
and ' August .;,;', "; "-f '
Mr.' and Mrs. A. S.: Lilley,, will- leave
in a^day. or Uwolfor : the^east,- where
they--wlll"; spend' six weeks
and iwill . visit ;New- York.r Washington
and othei*-"; cities. ,; \- ,\\ ; - -.
Mr. and Mrs., Frank 'H.TJohnson (for
meflyj:. Miss V^Selby),' who are
ehthuslastic)imbt6ristßVi have; "left In
their; automobile 'fof'.Yosemite: and will
be 'gone'aboutri'fortnight." '
;Mn.,H.', P.-v Gregory rand \u25a0 her .daugh
ter.y Mrs. NlchotaSl^Rtchardson (for-"
merlyJ^Mlss : ;El|se^;l3regory).;:'afe :it
th*eir{ranch^hea.r .' Soquel and wj.ll spend
the' summeri there.; j- ";."- ('">.-'
'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0> \u25a0"-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:-:'-•;\u25a0'\u25a0 siiVii!: '-. • '..
Mrs." , Emma Shatter ' Howard and ; MUs
MAY 18, I^)7
Maud -Howard, who were at Del Monte
for. the last fortnight, returned to towi
th« early, part of the week. Their stay.
boweyer,>was short, as Mrs. Howard
has left^for the country and Miss How-,.
ard has'gone to San Rafael. She ex-*
pects-to be there for about two weeks, :
during which time she will be the gue;>t
of her. brother. Frederick Paxton How
ard and his family. Later on Mrs. How
ard: will open her bungalow at Inver
ness, but~Miss Howard's - plans so far
for the summer are indefinite.
Mr. and Mrs. "Warren, r>. Clark ami
family went to San Rafael this week;
where they have taken a house for
the summer months.
Dr. 'and Mrs: Grant Selfrldge wri»e
enthusiastically of 4he delightful vi3it
they: are haying ' in New 'York an 1
Washington and where they will re
main until about -June 1, . when they
will return here.
Mrs. Thomas Magee Sr. is i domiciled
at the attractive cottage which she has
taken in Mill Valley, and where she
will spend the summer. Miss Sallie
Maynard is wlth.-her and will be her
guest during most of the season.
MJss Clara Allen, who had been at
Santa Barbara at school all winter, has
returned ito San Francisco for the sum
mer. Miss Clara Is the youngest 'sister
of n Mrs. Otis Burrage and . Mrs. LuclusT
Allen and Is very much like Mrs. Allen
In. appearance. She, will' be one of San
Francisco's debutantes the season aftot
next. ~
Mrs. Frederick Hewlett has returned
to her country: place In Sonoma county
after, a brief, stay in town. "
Miss : ? Betsy was the guest ot
friends ,in St. Helena recently.
->Mr. and Mrs.: Thomas H. Palache
have returned to this city after a visit
to Marysville. where they were' th»
guests of, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckart."
Mrs. ; Mayna'rdvMcPherson. who "hail
beenToccupylng a~ Cat , in Jackson street
alU winter, has, given up the place and
will leave for Mare Island In a day or
two. where, she will spend the summer
as_ the guest of her daughter. Mm.
Alexander. McCracken. at her attractive
navy yard . home.
In the Joke World !
\u25a0: \u25a0:'\u25a0.-„ ----- .-- r : • ~ — v
-."Say. paw. what does It mean to live
.to ; a ripe old age?" ;
""When a>lch man "srets to be SO, my
son. he is at a. ripe old age. A poor mart
is -merely old and decrepit." — Milwau
kee Sentln-l. --*-\u25a0 *--•\u25a0 •
Gunner—But , why are you fellows so
anxious -to have ' that " writer of fiction
Join your- club; He --doesn't smoke,
drink » or play; poker?,-'
Guver — Xo; but fwe "neea a writer of
fiction to> frame lip "stories for' those
who; do. , He cah'create a clever \u25a0 yarn
th*t. any^ wife! will> swallow.— Chicago
Datiy^News. •
Instructor, in r socloloary— What two
men , in the' last century have done most
:to r >elieve\the; troubles of "mankind? \u25a0
\u25a0;,'«„ '(abaentV:. mUidedly)— Tom and
Jerry.— Harvard -Lampoon.'; -\u25a0'

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