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; "The Man With a G6untry f> --he Js %
Californian, and the patriotic method, by.
which he has distinguished himself makes,
an inspiring article in
The Sunday Oajl
Committee of Seven Ready to Take Action
New Company Enters Field
Against Bay Counties
Large Tract of Desirable
Land Is Secured in
East Oakland
Western Pacific Railway Is
Said to Be Interested
in Enterprise
OAKLAND, May 19— With
millions of capital behind it and in
close alliance with the Western
/power company, which it to give
battle to. the Bay Counties and
the Standard for the transmission
and sale of electrical energy, has
located a site in this city for a
power station, •which will be one
of * the main '\u0084 supply '- headquarters
on a line stretching from ; the
Sierras to the sea.
Quietly, and under-coyer _of indi
vidual name* the N Western power; com*
pany has purchased a large tract of
land In East- Oakland* on Brooklyn
basin, where the plant which Is to
mark one of the Important links. In
the chain of power stations which
this gigantic corporation has planned
is to be constructed. The site is on
what is known as Sessions basin, just
cast of the north arm of the estuary
into Lake Mcrrltt and adjoining the
holdings of the American magnesite
company at the foot of Sixth avenue. '_
The site has been selected as the/
main distributing point for Oakland.
The company Has extensive plans for
the development of . Its main sources
of. supply, which will be located In the
Sierra Nevada mountains not far from
where the main line of the Western
Pacific crosses the mountains through
Beckwlth pass.
The enterprise is closely Identified
with -the Western Pacific Interests in
New York city. At the head of the
new company Is Edwin Hawley' and
other representatives of capital which
are concerned directly In the Gould
railway development. .
It Is declared by those who are In
formed concerning the new company's
movef%ents in Oakland that the West
ern power company proposes to com
pete with the Standard and the Bay
Counties for business and to extend
and virtually parallel one . or -both of
the other lines. This means mat Oro
viiie, Marysvllle," Sacramento,. Stock
ton. Oakland and San Francisco will
be supplied with power by the new
So far as this city is concerned, _ the
invasion of the field by the new cor
poration means the farther cheapen
ing of electric power as well as the
assurance -of a tremendous Increase In
that form of energy, for all Industrial
and commercial purposes. It is a
noteworthy fact that' the site on Ses
sions * basin -which has been selected
is on the . line of the Western Pacific
into Oakland Just where the new. road
starts to cross from East' Oakland.
Tfils has given rise to a; repetition of
the rumor that the Western Pacific
proposes to use electricity for a great
part of Its motive power. With the
Western power, company) so; closely .'al
lied there is apparently; good grounds
for this current* talk In railway .cir
The purchase of the Oakland site,
\u25a0which covers several: acres, represents
an \u25a0 investment of a sum said to be
above $150,000 for the land bare of
improvements... ,The\ secrecy \u25a0 manl
\u25a0 fested ' as to that ' transaction is not
equal to the . efforts made .; to . conceal
the detailed plans as to the line of the
company : into this ,city. ; Itiis. confi
dently believed by engineers who have
been Informed generally; aslto the' new
move that the line will . come in ' by
way of Sacramento, feeding acrpsa the
country, and probably touch" at .de-
Z* fttlaacd oh rage 2, Middle „ Column * 2
The San Francisco Call.
MONDAY, MAT 20, 1907
TESTERDAr— CIear; m^mnm temperature,
62; minimum, ~C 2. - T* ' '" .-'
FORECAST FOB TODAT— Fair; fresh nortb
weat wind. - Pag* 10
What the committee . of seven can do—and
bow. p^, 6
The future of this metropolis. . Pago 6
Fight against Foraker • causes the senator! to
curl defiance. Page 6
A phase of official etiquette. . .. Page 6
Prosecutors believe that Judge Dunne will j
order Mayor Schmltz into custody when be up- i
pears for trial today on extortion charge. Pago 1
Mayor Schinitz will be placed on trial . today j
on extortion Indictment. His attorneys , plan to
| delay the proceedings If possible. * • Pago 1 1
Major's . adrisorx committee ol scrt a will
meet tins morning ito canrass the local situ
ation. No Immediate changes in the works
board or police department ' are contem
plated. * Pa*» 1
District Attorney - announce! that the - grand
Jury's lnrestlgatlon into graft trill be \u25a0 coo
dsded before end of the week. _ ?tgt 2
Mayor Schmltz mar continue • to \u25a0 direct city's ,
affairs from prison home . if . ordered - into - ens
tody. Pa»e 8
Letters of sympathy and advice continue to
poor in on Kuef from all sections. Page 2
Bomb found oa gutter street car deadly. In
construction, bat' railroad officials and* union
mea declare it was placed as a hoax.' Page 1
Sabbath day : passe* peacefully, not one serl
ons act of riolence being reported. ; Pag« 3
Police gather in a number.' of ; peace ; : dis
turbers in Mission district, but otherwise ..hare
a peaceful day. , Paga 3
President Oomelins of carmen's union charge*
that | United i Railroads placed the bomb "on . the
Sutter street- car 1 In aa effort to influence; public
sympathy.- '_ Pag-«"3
Z< Calhoan , declares *' that strike is broken and ; ]
that aIJ lloeis north ,«*-U»rW, street 'irtH: be- in
ceanpteuf '\u0084 bef6re"*th«' end I", of .>-' this
w«*k.~ ',.\u25a0/.;' \u25a0." •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•-\u25a0'\u25a0", 'Figa'a
' f- Striking ,_bre«rery; men declare they, are la tbe
fight to stay -and that owners will har*. to' grant
their demands.' /\u25a0 Page 14
.•\u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0" ' • \u25a0 ' ..*-\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0.
CITY.. '• : "\u25a0' • • '.;\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0
Longshoreman ' battle* - for - frogs and snails In
East street restaurant.' ; \ r - Page 14
Discharged ; bar - tender . shoots at - bis . former
employer. \u25a0\u25a0•.-' Pag« 14
3. H. Prlen . win erect - large apartment house
In \u25a0• Leaven worth street. ' '- Pag* 14
"* Princess Conrallnsky, . the ' eccentric cousin "of
the czar, causes a wild scare among tbe women
passengers on the steamship Umatilla. . £age 14
Western • power company, \u25a0 representing - mil
lions of dollars of | capital aad allied . with j the
Western \u25a0 Pacific railway, I purchases big , power
plant site In Oakland. Pago 1
JJ a tire * Daughters of ( Berkeley will - give • an
nual ball \u25a0 tomorrow; night. . /..Page 8
. Supply, of .houses for rent in' Alameda county,
Is not adequate, to meet \u0084 the . Increased ' de
mand. , 'A'- r, *'\u25a0« P**7» 8
Grand Ary men of . Oakland : prepare program
of exercises for Memorial day. Page 8
Methodist . churches „ of Oakland unite in a
great evangelistic campaign. >. Page 8
Plot of prisoners to escape from Oakland
Jail Is frustrated. ; Pago 8
. Salvation Army ' planning great "•• religious
demonstration . in Berkeley amphitheater on, Sun
day, June 2. ". . Paga t
- Some of the most prominent druggists, in Los
Angeles are threatened . with 7 prosecution \u25a0 for
promiscuously selling "dope." - Pag* 2
Two young men ' students 'of ' Stanford * uni
versity and girl \u2666 are drowned while canoeing
on lake - near Seattle. \u25a0 Pag* ! 14
. Quarrel •In the ; Vsilejo board of trustees ': In
creases in bitterness : and effort is : being ' made
to ougt. three of the members. . •.-. ; Page H
General ' Bell declares that transfer of Eay
wood-Mqyer-Pettlbone - case to . Idaho was farci
cal, un-American and not a square deal for the
defendants, , Page 2
. General Kurokl places . laurel wreath * on ' the
tomb" of General "Grant. ", . \u25a0 r Pago 2
Kansas City . grafters \u25a0 hasten •to confess * and
seek immunity when \u25a0 Governor Folk \u25a0 appears on
the scene. . \u0084 \u0084/"'.//'.. "'\u25a0'. \u25a0/\u25a0'*". .' >," £•*» 7
. Commissioner . of \u25a0 Corporations I Smith, .\u25a0; in ; a
report . to President! Roosevelt, makes \u25a0 thorough
expose of criminal methods of . the , Standard : oQ
company. ' . .. ' Page 2
Octoberlsts congratulate Czar .Nicholas on
frustration of regicide * plot. . Pag* 2
SPORTS V ;\u25a0..*,
AutomobUlsts , make, splendid Bhowingin^ the
endurance i run over \u25a0 mountain roads. • Pag* 5
": Tommy, Burns delays f'the posting of his $2,500
forfeit; for the match .with 6<juires. ' • Pago ; 10
v Charles; Foleyf andi Maurice '\u25a0 McLoughlln vic
torious in \u25a0 tennis/ tournaments r on - the park '\u25a0 and
California club courts. : . " Page 10
• Stockton ' state \u25a0 league team shuts . out | Sac
ramento." • ;\u25a0; \u25a0 . " \u0084"'.".-:'/.,'" s^*B"O;4
'; Los Angeles takes . both ." games of ; a double
header* from \u25a0 Oakland - and'- San : Francisco f loses
to* Portland. " ' Pago" ,4
." Curry, *, a z Stockton J greyhound, defeats Jocal
dogs at ; Ingleslde^ coursing i park.'/. ' J-- x Pag* \lO
,:; High : class horses -will :- compete : in ? Metro^
poll tan' handicap at Gravesend" todaj-. Page 4
/\u25a0\u25a0' Garden City .wheelmen : carry i off \u25a0 most 'of i the
honors at . the Sacramento race \ meet. 4 ;:!;! Pag* 10
: i^Sew California ' jockey telub's crusade against
buccaneers of' the "turf 'applauded' by : raca
."; Reorganized ( national gnard of ; California .Is
praised " by" experts". ; " 'V. Pag* 9
LABOR '\u25a0.\u25a0 -'.*'-•.-"'•\u25a0
V International President's McNultyi. declares his
support : of electrical . workers' < union \ 6.T 1 Pag* ' 7
..i;.Rlch i gold 5 itrlkes; arc i reported '/inVNerada;
I Mono/i, Trinity v and *>, Sierra ' countlesVy; l • 9
li , Companies Iwill deTelop \ large 'l coal .'deposits/to
Siskiyou and Orange counties.-.* "\u25a0 Pag* 9 [
[ MUtRIXE; ,'. __ \u25a0 t
.., Steamer V Indiana, which ; has : .;' been •: -,Vcoffee
tramping?! on Central Amertcaa coast "since v last
December. utmiwJ<trnl^^SSMßS^riftnu \
Detectives \Take Issue v With
Those Who Advance ;:
Hoax Theory ? .
Explosion of Ma
chine Would Have
? Dealt iDeath
Both Railroad / Officials^and
Carmen Pretend to Make
Light of /Affair .
a wanton^ conspiracy
to kill or a dangerous piotj to in
timidate prompted the placing of
a black • powder, bomb in car \ 1 507
of the; Sutter street^line^ near the
ferry^oop on / Saturday lafternpon
was ; not determined by the • police
department yesterday. : In} fact,
tHe ; policte swere sin^lopin^
ion; - said fso : are ?. the ; United } kail-
roalds\^d^e' F clume^Btwi!on^llM
from . a : different - point • of-/ view,
call the bomb affair a hoax. i-\
• If the.bomb.were set with "dead
ly intent, it^ 'would*, havelexploded
maimed not \u25a0•> only : passengers on
the car and the car crew; but ; persons in
wagonsand pedestrians hurrying"to or
from the ferry. \u25a0 Jt would have caused a
repetition of the bomb disaster of -the
Sutter street strike of 1887? The police
are-, working.' on 'the-, mystery, ibut no
arrests j have been : made, and i Bernard
P. . j Humphreys,^conductor/ of :. the- car, in
which the machine, was found, -'.has been
released from custody.
/ In construction ;the ' bomb appears
potent/ with death. InC. a , guileless
brown schpolbook case : was ; ; a/* heavy
wrought .iron mch \u25a0 and a quarter • pipe,
nine inches 4 long* and jammed with
black powder.; ; The pipe was closed /at
either end .with ..&} heavy ; screw cap,
through • one of which a hole ; had ;been
bored and a, fuse .was Inserted and at
tached to a' candle. This candle /had
been lighted and evidently had ; burned
within , the " case/ 0 * There was > llttleVven^
tllatlon; in the 'carrier "and the flame
of -the candle seemingly had been ex
tinguished by , lack of : oxygens The
pipe » was . encased in ; two - cans\ - and
around it were "bits of/ iron,
scraps of sewer pipe, spearllke Heads . of
iron paling /and /small;- boiler, 'rivets.
Had the "contrlvaneu. exploded .* these
missiles would; have torn through- flesh
and bone , with ! the deadly .; effectiveness;
though not* the grange, 'of ; rifle balls. -.
- A strong, argument, against, the .hoax
theory is that *nonei but" a^: desperate
man : would ."\u25a0 have . such o a .ma
chine^ through : the" city. / Had its bearer
by any, chance fallen: into -the, handsTof
the \u25a0* police " he ", could \ not ; have 'escaped
a i long term*of:;imprisonment,»regard
less of attempts to demonstrate that
he /was only / j planning; a' causeless
fright. The hoax - is/: a conser
vative \u25a0 one td" take 'after , the " bomb has
been : soaked in cold • water % and ?='the
candle, fuse' and powder /uncoupled. ': •-\u25a0
v Detective v Tom iGlbsoniyi who.T; r 'is
famlUar.. with/ explosives, v asserts
the machine was especially 'deadly^ -and
that * if it ; had t been set\wlth! theiterri
fying purpose ;of wholesaled'assassina
tion; it -would I ; h'aye "accompllsh'ed-'l'ts'i ;end
but for lack of proper .ventilation in
the case,' because of " which/defect^ the
fuse could* not burn.' > ; . / '/ /- ' :•>.? "* '\u25a0J'i. 'T
y James -Bowling, secretary :^6f jthe: car
men's union, /eaid: yesterday that the
bomb , was merely a hoax,^ placed* in ; the
car by the streetirallway management
to .win sympathy and ' create sentiment
against |tS^|sUll^«^^^^^U2|^^
Manager Chapman's office "asserted with
equal candor lWat?the?machineVwas ?a
hoax, placed* onlthejcarsiby^thc strik
ers j f or^ the I p u '"P?^^S^;^^Sghtening
prospective passengers. A third hy
pothesls;oflia more visionary orderv fixes
to • glv^tfiS^^hTOnSmaftagenieTitfarr
66 * I "^^'
Developments of
Day in Graft
\ Mayor Schmitz may} be
/d^en^Tn/o :*custoyj&riy-the
strength of new indictments
or the; jorder of, court^placed
under • the charge of]} Elisor
Btggy 'diiringtthe progress (of
his iriaVand^quarteredias a
fellow; prisoner of j Ruef^s in
the Ftllmore street house,
which was h his
home. ' ,^w '"" *\u25a0
ceration ! the cour/s WtlU be
collect i iiponj ;to determine
whether he isWifd: position to
the' affairs foff/his
office from; prtsoh^dridXif a
negative decision is gwerithe
Iwardvf suorvisors wjll^urVi
derthe chqrtelr:^oyisiori^^ap^
point an acting mayor.
\u25a0'- -*;\u25a0'+ i U /;' '«.'(.'; \ : \u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:' 'J-'.:'. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/.- \u25a0/•- \u25a0\u0084\u25a0--; >;:-.'x// v , I
*! Mayor Schmitz's trial - on
the' charge ;of^extorting money \
from French restaurant pro- j
ing mifudgei;Dunnes^cdl^rti
every indication hems that \u25a0his
attorneys m)iu employ mthe
Ruef case U>i delay <* the trial
at every, turn.
L TJnc^conclusion oj nhe graft
v;;:--:-u, •;¥ \u25a0\u25a0 ; -;; i -!^'S i -""i^V-''' : :-' ; iY'-'^ftiS*:ife
investigation , in so far as the
S^snal/arwMinamrw|is icon
earned : uJiIL » be •\u25a0 i: 'btcicitccif lti
Chairman Praises
Work of Police
-::;' ' • - - \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 --y \u25a0\u25a0;'. \u25a0* -\u25a0-/\u25a0
\u25a0>j "".«'-•- .*\u25a0"\u25a0' - . , \u25a0^\u25a0• : V> •
*-;The [committee of seven mayoralrad
viser's will- meet at , 10 o'clock this morn
ings and. '\u25a0. begin :in- earnest '.trie "-work
"which Jit 'has so : -far L merely iCOtitem
\u25a0i j;- \u25a0\u25a0•.'„\u25a0' . , . \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0.. -'-k -'-:\u25a0•"•\u25a0.':\u25a0 \ J .-. ~» : '^* -*»'.•?•;
plated/ii The ! situation ; Is *so
and -.there are sso many,* interests
volved In the problem of . restoj£
Ing peace with the least, possible •tread-J
ingl'of \u0084toes that ' ; the '-members^ of > ; the
commlteee - : have -done fa. -good" deal'^of
'thinking and' talking am6ng' t thems"elves
without arriving at any definite plan^ of
action..'^- ••" '' ;/ ." .\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0,'; ~'""'.' > v^ v -
/The : absence , of /Judge CharlesJ'\\r.
Slack, who \u25a0• was compelled /to", go Z to
Santa CruV on personal^ bus lness Friday*,
was one 5 cause • of : delay. ;r; r He i returned
to .the 'city yesterday. ?? H Upon- Slack* will
devolve^ the itask'ofskeeplrigftheipublio
Informed of. the committee's doings and
of '. communicating ;•' to >- the >mayor *t the
wishes fof; that' body.T While >Chairman'
'Andersdhf will ' rule '-\u25a0 In ."session,/! Slack
will 1 execute the committee's orders. ' j
'\u25a0-'- Members .•'stated - yesterday » that ? the
first problem \u25a0;tojbeHolv*ed r was*theimore
thorough policing fof J the city,* but i that
no». Immediate >'* changes "« ln - the i person*
nel of : the' department and of . the^board
of ;*pubiloC works -were \u25a0contemplated.' _
': .In {the -matter /of - ending \u25a0 the ;street
'cair's strike ; the /committee i is} even < less
"decided ; what'; to '-."do-, than •'lir the restora
tion 'of * peace 'in i i'-thV."-" streets."; -Before*
other/ steps « are ' taken ; the ; , labor.* leadf
'irai'i President'/ Calhoun lot", the A United/
Railroads,' leading \u25a0 . clergymen,"; /xneri;
! consuited;
:? were / ; : made * Saturday to; find
"VValter Macarthur, O. A. f Tvei tmoe 'and
other i union officials/ but^the'y could not
be communicated with in .time to secure
[their; attendance fat the ' meeting -of;! the
'committee. '// It \is f expected • that '/today
a* general conf eren ce t,wl th ythes e ) leaders
will be held and' that later. Calhoun will
be seen." 'r : !\u25a0" ;.^ \u25a0':-] v " v : -f-;'"V* ' V ""ii -"" : '
'Chairman/Anderson stated yesterday.
\u25a0' not \ f orecas t > the -proceed j
irigs.'butvthat" there^ would' undoubtedly
bej important \u25a0 developments.*' He ; said : »-. •
; : said,*;- we / are
pledgedf^^^^wy^/Judge; Slack fhas
been/delegated 'to speak for/ ail?when
occasio*^^emands^SPers6naily, ] I " must
sayltnat kwere! 1 1 lnKfiargeTof fttelpo^
lice • of ; San Francisco at" this "time • I
[yoftldfteglS Pf pud jQf I the Iwork | tiorie jby
,t^Tf|^d^epartme'nt.%«sDuringMthe ?;( past
tlierejhave no
disturbances texceptfa^fewlmino'rjout^
ffrutlMntiLtt^Va&^Ciaamm I .*]
-^Rgine'sAWoraen had ; much to do with
"^wae^greatness. A clever article by a :
studentof Roman things, with some strik
ing- illustrations, appears in ...
The Sunday Gall
Attorneys Scheme
to Block the
: : v.When ': the \ case -of Mayor ) Eugene "E.
Sc^hmltz^ciiirgedtwlth the crime of et
torting,money from French \u25a0 restaurant
owners,.. is -called -'for trial 4in Judjre
Dunne's -'department of the superior
court 'tnis'-morhlng. it will open what
Promises ,tto,- : be r k one iof . the greatest
legal 3 battles "V in „ the -history of San
FranciscoTcrlminal*' Jurisprudence. .
:VTiis>nght v .will;hinge from the very
outset '^ on;* the' : question of the speed
,with \u25a0> 'which \u25a0. "the trial ' shall . progress.
Schmltz's; legal -advisers are primed for
an/exhaustive effort to delay the trial
; at '"eve ry _' turn, and . the indications are
.that : they .will duplicate •very dilatory
measure 4 ; employed Jin: behalf - O f Ru-jf
during >'the ; r preliminaries of his' trial
underjthe : same indictment on which
Schmitz is now called to answer to tha
"court *. f or > his .- past ; misdeeds. On the
other 5 hand, -tlje ' prosecution is deterr,
mined -that j there^ shall be no unneces
sary delay, that countering of a pure
ly, technical nature must be swept aside
and ' that t the 'actual taking of evidence
begin 5 at . earliest ' possible* moment."
; , : The ; Intention of ,- the "'defense : to hln
der? matters s is ; not due \u25a0 alone i to a de
siria; to j put* off • the critical test >to \ the
last ; possible A. belief that
public sentiinentrhas reached a strong
er ; pi tch ?of '*, resentment / against >" the*
mayor than ever.before has led his coun
sel itcMlay, plans.for^ delay. 'The effect of
Ruef'S; changejof 'heart fand ; his confea
sloa'in, court and before : the grand jury
of the ' corruption in 'which : he wai : im-
i plicated; with' Schmitz has swept' away
ithe'.. last/.. remaining jprops : on which
Schmitz/'placed - reliance, arid ;, his at
torneys j are "fearful that ' to ; allow * "his
• trial -to \u25a0 proceed' at this . time ". would be
fatal v to; whatever • hopes may" '.'still
entertain.*- ';*' • -\u25a0''
; . The * first ; indication -of > the"f adoption
of . methods Tof hindrance .'used \ by >Raera
attorneys is > contained -Jn "the " notice
served "oh v District "Attorney Langdon
Saturday/, night - that ; a motion " for the
'disqualification ; of /Judge ; Dunne on. the
"grounds of j pre J udlcej and i bias ; will be
flled '^ this •; morning jand^'wiiU; be i^sup
"portediby, several affidavits. To combat
this : move,'' an- answer": and 'counter affl
davits ; were /drawn^ yesterday "in v the
"districtlattorney's office ; and "will ; be
filed with ; the "court as soon" as the' mo-
is presented.
.^^h^tm|tak ce i bb u t a short time for the
!c^nrt|tojpas3 >on tho motion, and the
Judge Dunne, It. Is Thought,
Will Order Schmitz v
] .Into Custody
Declares .That He Does Not
[' ; Want Mayor Placed in
-His Rooms
Fears That Boodling Execu
tive Will Break Down
in Courtroom
Eugene ; Schmitz, listlessly pac
ing another room in the same
prison house as Abe Ruef, and
having the same elisor and guards
>"*9HXcß9"^l^^^fßMWi^p^^v^DisVB E *jBWSJ^9H
to remind him of their mutual ig
nomy ;as - boodlers,'; is
among the pictures ;of possible
discomforts attending the mayor
fonovrag'^e-;'beginhing of his
As the codeferidaht;with :Rue£
in^the'' indictments charging them
with extortion in the '- French res
taurant cases, Schmitz can be or
dered into the custody of Elisor
Biggy .at ' the discretion of Judge
It is believed, however, that the graft
prosecutors will not rely on this fact
in asking for the appointment of an
ellsoV for Schmitz, but will base their,
application to the "court; on the ina
bility of the mayor to furnish batl
on the new batch of indictments which
are expected to, be returned against
him today.
These new Indictments are said to -
be the result both of the revelations
made by Ruef in his testimony before
the grand jury last week and the testi
mony of other witnesses .earlier in tho
investigation. The Jury has bean de
laying 1 some .of these indictments for
corroborative testimony similar to. that- :
contributed by Ruef, but the revela
tions of the latter make it posslbla
to • return a much greater number of?..
true bills than was at first counted
upon.by^Heney and Langdon.
Ruefs prison house will be used to
detain Schmitz for the reason- that the
graft prosecutors do not believe the
municipality should be put to greater
expense than . Is necessary pending his
trial. The house, which is at Fillmor a
and Green streets, was the home of tho
mayor before 'he 'affected' a v taste for,
the much; talked- of Levantine rugs and.
other elegancies of ; his -present real-,
dence at Vallejo and Pierce streets. It
was in this house that Schmltx built tha
plush lined cheat, the di3cov
e'rjr of .which led Ruef to call him a fool.
. Ruef declared yesterday that tv*
would not consent to share the same
apartments with > Schmltz.'*
_\u25a0 '-•"They'll have to keep him out of my
sight /if they, "bring him here," ' »aid
Ruef. "I've got quite "enough of
Schmitz and< his kind."
-^. Sohmitz, on the' other . hand, is dis
play in 5 quite as positive an avenlon'
of Ruef. pIH
, ."Ruef , ; was responsible for all the
gross things of my 'administration." ?
he ; declared ; yesterday. , "His weak
mentality and sordid ambitions are so>«~
well understood by .every one Who
knows him that: hi3 ,' present - preten
sions : are absurd. No one realizes
this better than I do, unless it is Ruef
Schmltz,: who Is declared by hia con
fidants to be on the* verge of nervous
breakdown, will have need for all his
reserve fortitude when his trial be- c
glns^ today on the Indictments charging
him with extortion with.' Ruef in the _;
French \estaurants cases. .
Schmitz passed a restless __ day of
preparation yesterday for the ordeal^
he is. to undergo and gave every indi
cation of a man racked by doubt and
conflicting emotions. :
- Schmitz*, greatest distress .. is cauaeil/
apparently .' by > the fact that •he allowed
Iliiit to steal a march on him la cos

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