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District Attorney Announces That Graft Investigation Will Be Present Week
•l^uef Objects to Having the
*Bobdling Executive for
. . f.* \u0084 a Roommate ' ,' i
I Friends Fear That Jie Will
g Break Down When He
Faces the Jury.
feeing to the graft prosecutors, and
his rape over what he calls his be
trjiyaljby the boss. vents itself in tears
.nnd. Imprecations in turn,, '\u25a0
Senator George Keanc and other a<l
.ylser6..of had great" difficulty
5n repressing liis'emotional outbursts
yesterday and "getting him to conserve
his energy for the ordeal through
which he will have io pass today. His
appearance in court this morning is
being looked forward to, with trepidat
ion by Keane'and : the rest of his
friends. They, believe it will' be im
possible for him to ; bear, up much
longer against the stress attending
him since Ruel Mias unburdened him
self. " ' V k
• ,H is" stated that the supervisors are
inclined to take the view that the
mayor will, be unable to perform liis
duties if ordered into custody, and have
already given consideration to the" se
lection of James L. Gallagher'' as "act
ing mayor. . . . . V '
Jt is stated that Gallagher ' has no
taste for the job, but there are in
fluences at" work more potent than his
own inclinations. Placed in the" po
sition of acting mayor, Gallagher would
have all the power vested in the office 1 .
He could remove commissioners, ap
point new ones and otherwise change
the complexion of the administration.
The appointment^ of an elisor- is en
tirely dependent upon the trial judge.
There appears to be little doubt .that
the prosecution will ask for an elispr.
" Continued from Pase 1, Column 6
.examination of talesmen should be be- j
l?un before noon.' .
1 The list of. talesmen from which the
first najnesVLll be drawn for examina
tion, is the ."same that was cvdered 1n
th.c iluef .cage jjust prior to the comple
tion of the jury which was impqjieled :
to" try him. There are tiO names. on this
list and a start, at least,' should "be'
made toward- getting- "ine".jury before
ai?e li«t is" exhausted,-,.-,^ ' ~"J\~. .
-'fTtte,trial"will-gO" oa this morning in
Judge Dunne's Courtroom in "the: Te
mple Israel; butt .before the, taking of
evidence is begun "the. court, "w-ill -be
mbv«d to the hall at Scott: and Sacra
fnento^atfeet?- which :-wds • secured hy
Kliso/ Bigg^,for the _ Ruef trial.;, ;';f
.«• *\ . ' \u25a0 '
Accused of Promiscuous Sale
\u25a0 of Poisons and "Dope"
Used by Fiends #
IjOS ANGELES, May 59.— Thirty or
more druggists of this city, including
the proprietors of some of th*> largest
stores hero, are facing criminal proses
.'cutlon as a result of .sensational evi
dence secured against them by officers
of the state board of pharmacy. It has
,»>een discovered that little attention Is
paid to the law governing the sale .of
poisons, and that any person could se
cure sufficient deadly drugs to kill a
'"regiment if such quantity were needed.
/ The investigation has been in prog
.ress for some time, several arrests have
heen made, but by far a greater num-
J>«r are to follow, and the lines are to
'be drawn so closely that it.'.vill be dif
ficult even for known "dope fiends" to
.Xet their usual potions without an orj
*3er from a physician.
*^< The repeated sales of morphine and
• other drugs to children caused, the; in
\u25a0 .vestigatlon, and it was then discovered
,*uat so great was the sale -of poisons
: that many druggists had packages of
various prices prepared in advance, the
Fame as grocers make packages .of
sugar, and that any person who had
: the money could make purchases. -
';'Triere were a few" -except I cms, '*ome
'trtjggists being found who refused to
«ell except in exact compliance with
; .-the law, but this number was in such
:* minority that the others included
about 90 per cent of the whole number
jof drug stores here. . ..
i The investigations have been per*
sonally conducted by. President E. T.
Off .of the state board arid Secretary
; .Charles B. Whelden of San , Fgran^lsco^
•,*vho came here because nono- of the
-local druggists knew him. They found
Several stores where neither the pro
prietors nor any of the employe* were
..registered pharmacists, and at su^h
,;places the principal sales consisted of
'"dope" to persons addicted to the use*
4bf drugn.'SgSgjg
V^The district attorney ? has", bepn ap-^
-.pealed to and has. signified his \u25a0wllliiig;
• ness to issue against all
druggists who 'have been violating the!
.jjsw. . • .\u25a0 ,A
vP. H. McCarthy and the American
'J Federation of Labor Are Given
$ Drubbing by Orators
f= Orators in" the: service of the in
dustrial workers of the world 'addressed
'4k large mass meeting of union \u25a0 work*
>rs last', night ;.«t Walton's pavilion.
speakers were George Speed * Joi
aeph J. Ktton and .1. . W. Johnson*, the
latter being one of the" founders'of: the
organization. Craft, ynionlsni -and its
management by American federation of
labor leaders was treated; to a severe
- drubbing af tlie' hands . of each Speaker '-
; The. policy of the local labor. leaden
P. H. McCarthy, and of his * associates
was roundly crit!clsed.~and a, jrecent
prorlamation signed,, by McCarthy was
quoted to show that his views' on*, the
labbr. s ijue^tion • were In perfect accord
\ with- 'those ~bf " President ", George ' 'F.
' Baer, the anthracite coal baron. Many
of the sentiments ; expressed "\u25a0>'*\u25a0 were
k»udly applauded _by those pre»«nL
Work of the Grand Jury
Is Nearly Finished
Evidieried in Hands; of the; Prosecutors
...^ , ts: Jls" "Complete in Every Detail ,
>52*:-i rsw •<\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 .. . «.'\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 ;•\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0.;'•• . ; . : • \u25a0".«. ~\u25a0\u25a0;" -\u25a0 • \u25a0''''\u25a0• \u25a0 ~' " -\u2666- '
y TlilV weekr^vfli 'se<» '".the' end 'of , the
crarid' jury's graft investigation, ex-
I cept for -.the picking up later of loose
j'ohds of testimony concerning' the "minor
I corruption :: deals and the' examination
j r ihtQ "the 'affairs 'of the municipal de
j partnlents. Evidence^concernine.every
; oni? of tlie big grafts which Langdon
I ahd Heney announced thoir intention'of
exposing is well lln hand and a batch
of Tndlctments resulting from the evi
"dence '"accunrulated ' during"" tlie' "past
months will be voted within the .next
few.aays." District Attorney." Langdon
-stated yesterday that~lhe : conclusion of
the gigantic work is now but a" matter
of a f<jw days. He said: , " -
- "The grand jury's work is practically
at ftn end; and so far as the investiga
tion of the Important^matters which we
have undertaken Is concerned shouid:be
concluded by the end of the week- Cer
tain matters 'must still be inquired
into, but the evidence against all those
men connected with the big; briberies
is about concluded. MnHency and my r '
self expect to be in % position to: Join
Mr. Johnson next week in the work in
"Will the indictments resulting from
this investigation be returned at once?"
Langdon was asked. ; v .-. \u25a0 ' . .'
"That is something I-. will^ not .dis
cuss," he answered. .5.
Site for Plant Is in
East Oakland by Big
Continued from Page I. Column 1
sirable manufacturing points along
the river and upper, bay. , ' \u25a0
That the Western power* company is
linked closely, with -Western' Pacific
Interests has been'kriown for months,
but that Its plans comprehended the
development of an enormous . inde
pendent power system is made public
now for the first time. It Is declared
that the investment represents a capi
tal running into the millions and that
active' work on the : power' plant and
the transmission, system will bo com
menced all along .the ?llne , very soon.
Rural Inventor ' Intercepts
Messages to and From
the Capital
.^WASHINGTON, May lg.-t-Government
officials are greatly disturbed by the
fact that official and personal mes
sages transmitted by wireless stations
along the Atlantic seaboard are being
intercepted by a Washington man, who
has- established a station In his 1 home.
By this private station he can receive
and transmit messages with the gov
ernment stations, and he claims to have
communicated with Point Lorria, CaL.
some weeks ago. Notwithstanding that
the. expert Is known to . the local au
thorities, they are powerless to act, be
cause there is no law to protect ,ot}'
ficlal* wireless stations during the ex
change of messages. , V;"
The owner of the station is a farmer.'
He has . perfected an apparatus ' that
compares: favorably ; with, any main
talnafl' by the government. "Not only
can he communicate with warships ai.
sea, but he can interpret; every official
message received or sent from the
tional' capital. Government messages
that probably wduldTdlsturb relations
between this and other, nations -were
they ; to .become known are to him, but
common communications. ••- . \u25a0'\u25a0.'
Captain E. H..,C T Leutze, . command
ant -'of the Washington' navy- yard; , who
has direct supervision'^ over, the, wire r
less station, /is -greatly; perturbed over
the situation. On one occasion, about
a week ago, ..when the operator' was
making 1 frantic* efforts to communicate
with Hampton" roads on a matter .'of
vital Importance,! he- was suddenly \u25a0 shut
off by the' operator of - a nearby sta^
tion. - .. Consternation^ reigned. : . Every
a* ailable apparatus In the 4 Btatlon wag
pressed Into service. It- belng,,belleved
at \u25a0 first that the failure to make ' con
nection with the distant . station: was
due to a defect in the apparatus.. When
the true situation dawned l upon the of
ficials, attempts 1 were 'made to cut oft
the* hostile intruder, but 'all efforts in
this direction proved futile.
For five 'hours; the operators, officials
and /others connected with the "c station
raved. V>'At the;explratlon of thl*!period
their apparatus. began suddenly to show
algn« of life and r the massagrewaa; then
Spring Rtin;of;Fish Small and Packers
TAref'Eagcrly^Awaiting* an ! '*:;
":'2 f y^_T^ : Imi>f oyemcrit . >-; /-. . :" ; .
*~*T}ie.*spririg^fttCh».of salipon has-been
Ilfefit 'all ;al&ng\*the< Pacific* coasC ac
cording: 4 to- B.nLiindenberger.ra Vsalrnoh"
packer, of Astoria. Or.V. who'also ' has in
terestsat Black in thls;state.
"There lls ,no ; estimating the * year's
pack." \u2666liindenberEerS said fat ; : the "^ St.
Francis s yesterday. \u25a0*: ''I j have : just? come
dowV"f f'om JJTffck * Diambnd^ ; wher§ ?,t he
fiß^f are-};i}o ( tXruni^Jnsr; very., Tyell.i 'It ; is
th^ worst; fcesion*-! ~ have"., seen. ;, but. /of
conif se, -we- iibpe jji'orTa* betteririin plater
on.-:si* A,«;«ghtr/r.un , lii ;>_ the *: spiring ma v
meana big catch. lii Juries on^theiColumi
W» jrlvfir-, ,but \ tli e s season on i the ' Sacra
mento is at best problematic." .
-Dick Jensen, a member: of ithe jWeat-"
«m i Pacific ; constructions crew, caraplnsr'
at Midway in Alameda'co'unty,' was shot
and probably ifatallyiinjured, by) an tun
identified assailant f.,who{e«caVed.?r Jen
sen .was shot Un% the? thigrhTuhe? nickel
plated i bullet /shattering >his l limb'-lear
sailant ; was; a 'member^ of ; tho'ibri'dse
bu ildingr cre w, ? at Midway, ; butldbes : hot
know, his; name' nor the reasonSforhhe
murderous. attack- '/:: . a \u25a0: ; '
THE SAN FRAMISCO : CALIi. f^IOKDA^r. iIAY 20, .1907.
I ' Whatever \u0084the, the trend .of inquiry -this
week ptho. results should- be of,a.start
ling nature, as they will hingo not only
on the;littlo that remains > to l>e' taken
vp (1 but will, consist in tluv indictment
of every, man ''.Incriminated by. the mass
"of : testimony coricerninß 'tlie half score
[ of I bribery deals, that have, been under
i investigatloiv for, many- woeks.j\_Those
connected ,• with the 'prosecution- have
stated! timefand again -that ;_tho' most
startling disclosures are still to come
: kna that' the extent of the corruption
\ has reached to men' higher, up in', the
1 business, ;-, commercial and political
than '.any 'who have yet 'fallen
'under the; ignominy of indictment.
Thls^-can .simrlly- mean; that*, when .* the
grand jury v next -reports, it %vill .b«
armed > with; a-imass -of,- indictments
against . men ' of prominence' and )' that
these'. lndictments will be'backed with
strong evidence. ' .
There.' is a probability that the grand
jury; will hold night sessions this week
in "order,' to "conclude. its : labors.',;! Honey,
and iLangdon will remain with this
phase; of • tho . investigation •until, the
indictments'; are 'completed;', and \u25a0will
then join ;' Special . ; Prosecutor ;; Hiram
Johnsoiti in the conduct'of ; the various
trials. Johnson,, however, .will take
charge alone of the preliminary work
"of impanelingia jury: in the?!Schmitz
extortion ckse.V *
Octoberists Hold Assembly
and Denounce Work of tr;
, ; the Terrorists - :
v ST. PETERSBURG. May'; 19.—A.tele
gram of congratulation onHhe frustra
tion of the recent reglcide'plot has been
sent to ; the : emperor; by the .Ootobrelsts,'
.whose second national converitloir was
opened" here ; today. ; -; The ,' announcement
that the telegram had been sent caused
a? scene of enthusiasm,'^ the '.delegates
rising and singing "God Save the ; Czar ,".'.
which of late has rarely been heard/." '
'.'The convention devoted the remaindi.-r
of the day to. spirited, debates concern
ing the terrorists and adoi)ted^a']reso-'
lution expressing j the; utmost; horror of
the delegates at the; unceasing *reign ; of j
terror, andtheir^sincere'disappointment |
at the ; failure *of ' the "duma -to \u25a0 firmly,;
condemn >i, ' although^ the duma"; was
the* -'supreme '-. council; in? which \ithe'j-na'£
'tion's .;, hopes Jforf constitutional liberty
\u25a0and'orderjSver'e'centerecl.'v .i...';»- "' : ' """.?'•.-.
'V 7:V 7 : The* truth *qf \u25a0'coricVrnin'g'j
1 the ' plot/ Is ' now> officially* admitted" and"
TeadyA been-f prepared 'fahd's only* awaits"
the ; emperor's 'approval? before' being
published. 1 .. It .may be gazettedltomor
row'.morning.'. . \u25a0'-.;\u25a0 -
' The* details 'of fihe conspiracy .'-'.yvera
eagerly canvassed by court and govern
ment officials, who were invited; to
Tsarskoe-Selb>: today to present ;: their
felicitations on the occasion of the!em
peror's, birthday. ~- "; -
\u25a0 .This event was celebrated with th>;
usual; ceremonies. The. imperial pef-
I spnages, cabinet", ministers : and higher
I functionaries, including .M. Golovin,
president, of the lower house; of parlia
ment.and the elective and appointive
members of, the ; council >\u25a0 of ,^he. empire
were entertained at a' state luncheon.
The emperor greeted M. Golovin with
out restraint. t
The president of the lower house
was- approached by Premier Stolypin
and other members, who desired to dis
cuss a number : of . features^ of : the work
of the duma. M. ; Golovin .apparently
was embarrassed- at tnej, criticism U>
both; the ''government .-.and; the? Radical
camps'of.his'.work: as; president,, and
particularly of * his : action 'in T rebuking
and i suspending ' JL \u25a0; Zuraboff,> socialist,
for his savdise attack on 'rtlie army f and
government \on April 29.".' M. Golovin
declared .that' he was heartily .',; sick \u25a0• of
his * position and ; had ; a mind to resign,i gn,
and that -he . would ,do--' so 'immediately
If : ' the constltutional^democrats ..failed
at ; any time to i command : ai; majority
in the! house.; M.VKokovskoff,,. minister
of .; finance^ reproachedrM.: Golovin 'for
the dumas delay Ih; arranging a" budget,
but ; M. .Golovin : replied neither
he: nor -the constitutional democrats
.were .responsible Jfor ,the': delay.' /:.-. ';\u25a0\u25a0
\ It; appears that;'"atfa meeting: of the
budget committee .Saturday the (consti
tutional'democrats made ;a\ motion -to
eubmlt the budget to the duma .in,in
stallments , as 1 fast.- as \they \u25a0.wereiTcom'
pleted. 'The committee Vrejected, this
proposal by a Bin'gle'vote; : the:conserva
tives . and • Poles 1 supporting i the \u25a0 propo
sition \u25a0' of the i radicals i'*>; to /submit •. the
budget: only.l.whe'n .discussion -of "it was
entirely. finished.!; :,This would delaytap
proyal of the.budget until ' August," when
the . dumaV: should * be i working^ on< the
1908 'estimates K and'; the > constitutional
democrats 'therefore "demand'a.vbteToin
the question. <. * <?
Five Women j Act as Judges
-of becorated V
. andy Novel Features ;
' SANTA. noSA, ; - May : 19.— Tlic; prizes
for., the * most (artistic 'floats;; and"? turn
out;,in^ the , ; juvenile < rose k carnival' here
yesterday; have '4 proved i highly ' accept
able to' the ."general ? publ ic as i well ; as *to
the \u25a0? con tes tari is~~ il.T h efVjUver e¥.a 'i large
.nurabW4 : *of_Cjitriklnpljr 1 i r noVelpff«a.t"ure8 t :
Aridltha committee Tofiwom'en'iwho" acted
Torm.*;.XThe f jifdgesSWere iSMrs." John P.
Ovartbhj : .6f [^thla fclty^MmaiJlarry N B.
Morse ?\u25a0 of- / Sebas topbl,^ llr's}^: Clarence
Growell: of Oakland,; Mrs vj." ; W^Scbttl6f
Oakland v and lairs.?- P. /V. Stofen-of^ So
noma;;- \u25a0 The \u25a0 list /of -awards'? was fas * fol
lows:' ; ;- : 'y. y '/'{.': \-':'~\: :j'--V": j'--V" v' : v":. / - :^T-.^-" < ,::;i. : '
-. notta— Cupids, ;Ml«B fAnnift ; Sralth.i Cloverdale
""t - ; OloTertla le - chamber^ of 5 coniinerce, i second.
-^Automobiles— Mm.s Charle*^Talinadge;" first :
Wil*9n Peterwn, second. .; - \u25a0 -,-* <-\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 '
fc. t>iitur^«— Holland, wludmill.l: first;" X/ V , r C
•PCond;' special. tuention,T flower.; basket.vMrs.^Tl-!
- (FouiPS— Sllsji Helen- Krarn». ; ' fim; X Master
Thomas < X earns , , irrfmfi
i ;. Horseback -. rlder»— Miaai Isnbf lie ; Boltoii,^ firit^
« Bicycles— Bertbold i Knlght.i first ; juniors 51 imi
Virginia Gregory.;, "..•,• .. l , J ;*"; *" , -' \u0084fi .
\u25a0\u25a0• Tricycles— Miss: I^orene: Johnson. ".ppl^
.».. Junior fea ( nres— Master John^ Hood"* 4rBt .i Mas?
*er '.Winie % RitttT?i!<if&gqsgt&!&%ge!^p}&Kß&£jmd
y, Doll '• carxlajte— -Mi»» ;, Hacel | fitandard^^p^M
Mayor Shows'; No "Disposition
V to -AccedeVtb- Requests
Doubt -a^. to Whether the :
Provisions -
Would Apply
:1 n \u25a0 view . of the . probability of Mayor
Scihmitz being'ordered Into custody dur :
ingf the v progress- of ;his v trial.'var" query
has arisen ;as ,to'\the' steps ' which! would
be taken^in, such event' toward conduct
i ngthe 'duties .of the : office. - ; The niay^
or's attl tiide as yet fails to betoken" any
Intention jon r his part of ; responding tc>
the? politely ; - expressed; requests that; he
resign,; and/^ to .have -the active" ; head
of v the?t:ity.' government
the. city'sraffairs from* a; cell in -jail, or
evenVwhile iiinder : the; custodyVof ,-'an
elisor,-. would create a unique' condition.
bo far.as. the Penal, Code is concerned,
the -incarceration of • the chief executive
would' .not * be lVqiilvalen t .'., to the;:Crea
tion^ of 'a> vacancy !in- l his dfflce. v; It! M
on Jy*<- r onyict ion . /°. r . a ' felony • that "would
have Hh l is ; effec i~. " and ; s ho ii ld * the % mayor
choosejto'iraove the, executive office witli
hi mX*to N ithe? place . of. his imprisonrneQt
pending.K-triar- he" might'- still remain
nomihally^in^offlce. V" ' '
'The'.onlyj'question'arislng under suoh
circumstances v '; would ~ be. whether'., the
mayor. Is still able toperform'his duties.
Article ;*lV,':' chapter, 1, section- 6: of the
charter^- provides.*, that ,' "When , and . io
long jasT; the* mayor is temporarily , un
able: to i perform his -duties, a member
of»fthe aboard : (of 'supervisors) 'shall {be
chosen president-pro tempore who shall
act as^suchv mayor. \u25a0 When aCvvacan.jy.
occurs[VlnSthejofnce;ofi mayor,; \t 'shall
be /filled for,' the" unexpired : term : by " the
supervisors." V . f"-- -
AThb* question- as; to whether Schmitz
in'custody^would' still be able. to per
formjthe : duties.! of ', his office ; would lie
one of \u25a0'. fact '-for.' a-, court to^determine.
•If .-> able "to; properly. "/attend to "^ these
duties, no" 'action could; be .taken .to
place .another; in ihis^stead.; bul should
the.'court'hbld that>tpyb'e. placed ;ln -jail
rendered-; him'iA'ternporarily- unable . to
perform ; his* du 'tles.*^;-i t '\u25a0) would \ devolve
Upon*the\board^of^'supervisors 1 tb choose
an actlng-xnaybr.x7 r -, "•:'\u25a0;.
Army; ; Officer >Says He" Will
'.'Not Permit by; ;
: " V: ; S;:EitnefeSi<ie ' -" r
; DENVER, May 19;— General Sherman
Bell, who commanded the 'state troops
In the .trouble .with « the Cripple Creek
miners' union under the administration
of Governor Peabody, ' has hot . been
called by either side in" the !; Hay wood
trial at Boise, though , he knows, much
of the- inside • history > of , the {western"
federation of miners.;.-; VI -ghalliriot^ap
pear; as;;a; witness,'.' said General. Bell
today, '.'except of; my own .volitlon.'lbut
if j any.; attempt ;\u25a0 to j job )the i prisoners • 191 9
made or i any /attempt I; to use i me •' as > a
tool ; : b y either the , western federation
of miners or . f the mine .owners, I give
notice i no w- that'J: shal 1 r take ' a f hand.^-C-,
"Why should theyTtry? these^men in
Idaho? During; the (troubles here and
before the murder of Steunenberg there
were 75; persoTis;kllled.Hn'.Col6rado:; anil
yet* they> take: men from > Colorado Ho
Idaho; totry. themif o*r crimes'committsd
in- Colorado. :Why ? don't- they [ try lthem
here? Is ';it :\u25a0 because j they are", afraid?
The whole '..'thing. 1 is"- a)farce.. . It Is; un
fair : and \u0084un: A merican.'";; , .l>. detest .";'. the
principles v of : Moyer -and ; Hay wood, ; ; but
I; think ;they;should: get a* squared deal,
and ? ; 1 f u : you ;• : take *:\u25a0 men V- from / a : . state
.where, the \ alleged^crimesS wereVcomi"
mitted;to ; a /place 1 supposedly;) liostUe
to^them :-\n \ another; state,"": I 'don't :ca!l.
it; ' a% square r" deal.'.'. ivi-ri'/'Vi:';-^:- "•.'\u25a0. - ; '-'I •
..BOISE. IdahbrMay 19.— Several of tho
moije; Important S vritnessesvt summohud
In vbehalf i 6ff.theistateilh;;the Urlal,46f
William \u25a0 D. -Haywood T; for i alleged par r
ticlpatioh In the assassination of former
Governor Steunenbergj arrived
.today. '\u25a0„; The iprosecutlon^had]. hoped |by
this, time^that: a^triaK* jury jwouldihave
been v impaneled,'; but« l l vls jnowi evident
.that -all; 12 P seats; in-, the*; Jury-box" will
not lbe} filled ', tori. several ;days: ft ' ix i, ;\u25a0
:V:.When*court \u25a0 adjourned Saturday'after^
noon the ; attorneys f for itheTprosecutibn
f cancyj/caused> by,; the| exercise the
state's [fifth; peremptory,; ch*alle < n|re.'?.Trie
def enseTstlir". has Jblx- of Mts 'lOi arbitrary
challenges [available :andHhe; stated un-.
' der.? the/; new* ldaho]' law,' i has f five f more
challenges 'to * Its }'credit.^FoYmerlyjtthc
proseeutionVw-aa'allowed-; only 'one ihe.lt
the of
: granted the defense.'?.? The work 'of Jury
selection f;wIU ?,be>. takeniuplasaiaito
morrow/vmorningr; at \u25a0\u25a0 10 /'o'clock.^ Only
,26, ; members? -ot ; the '^special? venire
of -J. 1 00 H remain, Vi and [? there mis *: \ wide
speculation ; as X to', whether i or'i. ! not i the
trf al y panel 'will, be'^, completed '^before
I th'e;talesmeh;are]exhausted.Tlf i itfiß:not
!there"'VwillSbe 'a*- delay Sof f several f'days
men; from^ the/county.^f,^;V..,: r
, : : Perhaps i the 'niostc Interestlngr of the
, stale's « witnesses Kwho^arrived \u25a0; "toddy
was 5 former.;; Sheriff g'AngtjgJ Sutherland
of ; Shdshbnej'county.vfA \ gcotchmariyby
: birthr.*,butTa4pioneer?^fs ! thef American
far Cwest.t Sutherland; is fqulet^uriassunir
ing,] modesty typical; of -the; steeli nerved
,n\an 5 of ; the * law/and* order ; daya"? of J thaf
: frontier. ::; He %is >: Intimate 'Jwith ?s;? s ; the'
Covier.",d'Aleno .-; trbubles-^-the '•% riesul t£ of
.many j exciting^ personal '% experiences-^
and ',) i s I the t man awhb"lidentifled? ; Harry
Orchardjwhilefthe (latter, was^held'asja
suspect^ after r ;;*Goverho"r 'iStaunenbex'jr
was killed:-:; '\u25a0 "-^ ?" '- \u25a0-\u25a0.-\u25a0 I -:.'-7->.-.^
Japanese •; Cieasel Services on Learning-
H ! \|That -; Body^ls -Hanging* in ."\u25a0 the n x
Basjsmentjof.. Temple' '-'"
I Sacramento, May \u25a0 id.— while wor
if^fPlyasibeihglcondOcleillinl that Jap?
ias^^lßuddhistUeniplesthl»(morhirig|ai a s^^l ßu ddhistUeniplesthl»(morhirig|a
!. Do yi r H?S e 4itnlahdrshb*ute;llthatlhejhad
found -'a. Japanese ; hanging <byl the! neck
' 1 5'iijhe|*jb'asement. t "^He't;J succeeded Jn
\u25a0.breaking $ up'^th c Smeeting.gj Headed |by
i 1i 1 ! 1 • * PJ^sit.Tfthe ifrdßgregatioin : 'f£et}ou rn ed'
ibqdjr|Vas¥stili g^waf mMTheTdeadf Jap
iauid^iTw^i^^en^ntfA^ RBffigg^«|
itiups gi| Departments
V 'May Made Latep.^
Coat ißued, f rom '; Page : 1, Column" 5
breaks^ in .-; the Mission.^', l realize .that
Chief ; Diiiari needs 1 more'. mehr but ;" to
my. mihtl-hej has demonstrated that ; he
is;: capable .:-- of 'discharging ~htsv*dutr<:3
if:hei.will.: : " >' -;- : ' "" \u25a0 .-f -..{\u25a0.: -^ . ->'-'.C-. " "
\ ,"We^have . riot - contemplated Vmakinir
any;- imniediate.'.changes iih : several
deparjtinenta.t ;•; Perhaps ,: tUere j has been
some |f iriisuhderstanding/^ias '; :*.• to-* the
powers \whichj ou r 'Committee s has been
given I by.^the "'.mayor, if We . •\u25a0 • are '. - not
authori2ed<to;actßindependently of : the'
executive?'^.Whenl the 5 original cqmrhlt
teeVqf \ flfty^was /appointed; it • soon de
velopecT' \u25a0 that 'vtlie?;i body,-; was ; too un
'.wieldy \u25a0 f ofjepneerted : action. ' The " gen
tlemen 3 summoned =by f * ; the 'mayor were
alli.'men'_of.;' positive:^' character, 1 ; reach
with '» his-, own ; opinion of .what should
be r x ;'donei : and'C' each .'cognizant : - of ;the
fact;, that tq ; crystallize \u25a0:• the '-' sentiment
a smaller 'boUyj should )be'C appointed: to
act.; :Thls,wa3;done.'-'- ::.\u25a0;. ' ''.'•.*.'\u25a0'
r -.'.'There not^oneTof \u25a0us wlio' sought
a L place" on - tlie committee, 'but.we? are
ready/ to ; do . bur , dutjv as. far- as possible.
We; are" dealing, with' th^6flice, of .mayor
of • San : Franclsco; : no;' personalities'^ will.
\u25a0 ' "-, f " - '" \u25a0-" - "' ' l .' " ' \u25a0 \u25a0 <"f -\u25a0- \u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0 ' * ..'\u25a0\u25a0;
Scathing Report VSubmitted
to President by Com- / •--:
WASHINGTON,' May' \u25a0 19.— That the
history > of '(the Standard oil interests
"shows that throughout the •' past 35
years, a^ substantial iroonopoilzation of
the petroleum industry of the" country
and: a. course of deliberate destruction
of .competition .-giving control of that
industry^ topless than a dozen^men, who
have v, reaped "enormous '". profits there^
iforri.'lJ- have - been maintained * largely
through' abuse,' of - transportation
ties, is;, charged in. a" report just sub
mitted .'to ' President Koosevelt-^by Cora
rhiSPlpner^ of Corporations Herbert Knox
\u25a0Smith.'-\"Viv-M:"'V:,."": -^^' i " '"-,'-?\u25a0 ": : ::': :\:-' : -
-> Part -of the.r.report .was -made -'public
today"arid , the Mother parts wMI follow.
Certain-; lnformation acquired: is with
held'for.the present,; in accordance with
instructions \ f rorri r , the ; president, f who
feels .that might/ interfere
with i thev'proseeution' ; of -Ahet govern
ment's suits pending againstthe Stand£
ard-oll"comtjanyjandits:subsidlary ( com*
panics.' l ":"i The 14 report-i contain* : ; ". the v net
results^ of Ta',* study.: of-/" the' ? petroleum
business '. during |the : year; 1904. J '
;^The f operations •' and Jfnethods of j the
Standard oil company, 1 the. report states,
are /repletei "with^''scandalous railway
discriminations" ; and '• other • unlawful
devices/riwh^reby .^itl; has .secured and
maintained an ''.'exclusive domination; of
the* petroleum, industry.". : .\u25a0,.•'\u25a0 : \u25a0 yz.
\vlt •is stated -that in 1904 \ the Standard
and' affiliated -concerns "refined over;B4
per cent' of .the [crude, oil-: run-through
reflnerles; 1 , produced v more than*; 86 ; per
cent .of s,the , country's , totals output ;.of
illuminating ;;• oil, 1 'and. ''transported
throiighr pipe lines nearly -nine-tenths
of ; ,the ' qrude oil ;of . the : older • fields . and
98 pertceht of the crude ' oil* of{the:'mld
contineut" fields." ; .
HThe 'report'; point's .rout that /the
monopoly, enjoyed ' by - the ! company "does
not -rest *upon Jthe j ownership;- of ;; the
source of the Oil supply, .which amounts
to 2 only,' about'one-slxth' of ' the . total,
butithat "its growth and present power
resist primarily/on the control -of the
transportation ;: i
}"; After ithe; railroad •rebate was.aban
donedithe company; the report continues,
was'^; able"' to ';; a *.' system 'of
secret \u25a0 or: open discriminations of rates
in .'its • f avtf r , throughout \ practically; the
entire; country. ,- . Having established its'
monopoly, of i the -pipe, line : business, » the
company '; substantially T ' : refuses " to • act
as. a common 1 carrier." . - :
it It vis V shown I that ; the /Standard con
trols>hot'\u25a0- only- 1 the .wholesale but also
the > retail^ trade Un" oil. ';' . \u25a0\u25a0??; _,''.' •V : . '- " : r v :
;; In* conclusion the ; report • says \ that \u25a0 it
ia> apparent jthat; r the.;? position of V the
Standard^ oil company V ins the i oil : dis
tricts^ has ; largely „ been s ecu red :\u25a0 by.,; the
abuse'.; of l transportation } facilities, first,
by Ji flagrant g obtained
from I railroads ; 'second. 1 ; by, a refusal ; to
operate its pipe line system so as to ex
tend:, .to I.; independent ' . interests the
benefits o to; .'which' "they \u25a0 were Cboth
morally ; and .legally L "entitled. ". At othe
Bame^time\ the \ Standard I has ; prevented
such^independentaintereats ifromV. con
structingvlines of their own.' -.
\u25a0";;\u25a0'•" : ;-- '\u25a0-;"\u25a0:— : :" s .-.' ; ' '•;• "
Who ; Got Away in
This City Is Discovered
Yin \Lbs Arigeles*"Jail c
>*LOSx ANGELES, ;Mayil9.- r James : jG.'
centlyjesjpapedjf rom harbor f police
statlonjin* Sah-Ffanclsco VwhlleVn" -route
to *SanlQuent!nl penitentiary r to- senre^a
Msh terice L . of jl 5 \ years' { imprisdnraen t.* has
been^captured.' : ;4 He. was i found 'tonight
Improbably] the, last place^on iearthUhe
police^ would- think v to? l6ok';fof|^hlm;
namelyV|in;the|L.os:Aniele'BTcltyJjall. h^;
"£^ X\u25a0»ne w | pol ie« man % saw •a ; lar ke'i negro '\u25a0
carrying . a ;bundle '\u25a0 of jb\aiikets \u25a0 late, Sat- ;
.uradyj- night';: arid ,% him^ThV
,ToniErhtWJailerj|Gllpln iflentined him.
Taklng I }l^ecnoQtojth"ejjall(o^race;iGllpio'
seized sa f chairj and j tried ~to ? brain , ; the
\u25a0StP'Ieenor.f thenv admitted'! his * identity."
He " sald\ h ef escaped. { trqnil the" San ,\ Frnn -
cl«co Jail :by prying the bars loose with
' a^behch^whlch % be 1 had | tornYf roxat ? I ta
' fas tenih ga f a hd ?*w al ked fo ut lv n mo 1 c"a it cd.
al patrol •-.wag-on sand /chatted fwlth^hfra
\u25a0 leasedron] bond;lt Hel "then [made; his Iway"
tOithe^S6uthern]Paclflc 1 y : ards;an'J within
it»»tn^ He] returned \ to \ la* FAnseles fee-
|wanted [to^se© ' 1 , to) *«- *
c'uire/seyeral thousand dollars rhe had
Jm»x r ber e.
-\u25a0: \u25a0/"\u25a0'."-.•'\u25a0•, \u25a0'•\u25a0\u25a0^y:-.- -':\u25a0'\u25a0' •'M/''' : -:^. : \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0. •
enter Into- our. c6nd}icti...T y he mayor^haf
asked us ito, ; advise'^him : what/ to " do ; in
his executive. capacity, and' beyond that
.wef are cnot> empowered \u25a0[ to go. It has
l)ieeh L susgies,ted;;thatj«v^.;are;,uph,Qldins
"an ""mdie ted Vmay or.; by accepting this
trust. from hint, but w^ have all. tried
to ;, nml«e it; plain ; that we are dealing,
not.'withjKugene'Sehmlta^trut with the
mayor's office. ; It remains for.'develpp
ments to show, ; whether there iis'any
!,use»vinv our. giving^ ; advice. 1 ;We * may
make *a .suggestion ami-he may; see fit
tojtgnore"it.,'"That' ends lt.so far>as
we % are; concerned. \u25a0J4^Bo9mSßSK9S&Ki
;. ; VAsjto .th^. charge, that William F.
Herrin's ; and j other •; corporate interests
were_resppnslble > for. 'the creation of the
'committee. * Herrin' ha»;yno- * more " in
flunce\wtth';us!than'any otherman and
•it'ia ; ' ridiculous r td; make such" tux insin-.
uation.' An; afternoon paper which has
been publiahing.^ncendiary a rticlea will
not\ only; harm 4 itself...' but wl]\ ,do In
calcula.ble;ha.Vm^o tthe community be
cayse • of ;t*he ; peculiar, conditions . now
existing.. : l;The;lman,'wha -writes .such
Stuff *in .the: public prints Is; as ranch
an incendiary -as- the one who heaves
albrlcte."- -','. *.v, 5 \u25a0: %-.'«. ..'•; :j- <*« ;
Japanese Warrior Pays His
Respects to Memory of »
-Great General .
\u25a0 - -\u25a0• . .-\
NEW YORK, 'May 19.— When General
U. S.; Grant, in; his tour of « the world
2S years, ago "was * the sruest of the
emperor of Japan one of the officers
assigned; to: attend him was a young
colonel, wh^tbday as General Kuroki of
worldwide "renown v visited Riverside
drive _ and there, with Impressive ori
ental "ceremony, -placed a laurel wreath
upon the famous American's , tomb. He
visited General Grant's tomb a» a part
of the program which he had repeat
edly said must be carried out.
Accompanied by General and Jdx». F.
D." Grant, General -Kurokl'a party pro
ceeded In automobiles to; the tomb late
this: afternoon. Reaching the vicinity,
General 'Kuroki was the first to alight.
In- his hand he carried the wreath.
As^the party" entered- the tomb alt
removed- their hats,? and- General Ku
roki advanced toward the sarcophagus,
.When:about 1 5 ; feet . away he bowed,
and then as, he proceeded, step by step,
-he^cojitinuedlto vbow ; low. -When he
reached ,;the | bier. '- he *- stopped Mand -an
alde.v descending J: the.' -\u25a0; several ; v st«ps» !
placed the.iwreath ln;positron. •*;. For sev
eral minutes.; the party ; stood in •' si
lence,! and then .retired.' entering- -.the
automobiles, and drivfng back to. the
Hotel Astor. . . •. ..- ~T:
in the ,day General : Kuroki
gave a reception and luncheon at - the
Hotel Astor; to several of those who
had helped to make his stay here pleas
ant.. At}.one' end of the banquet hall,
where was stationed an orchestra, was
a -low^ stage set to represent a Jap
anese garden. General Kuroki's only
decoration was a medal presented him
by the emperor... At ,bl» right *at Mrs
Grant, wife of General F. p.v Grant
Others present were: General Stewart
Woodford. Cornelius N. BH»». General
I lUgoshl.- General Grant. Mr. and Mrs,
Jacob Schiff.v General R . F. Tracy and
the Japanese consul,. Mr. Koike.
..The rear object or the luncheon it
was announced by- thoae In chares' of
; the. arrangements, was to Jaunch the
i recently -formed Japan society of New
S?' 'ul b^' pT u lect ' lt > as saw- had
met with the hearty approval; of Gen
eral Kuroki and all of the American.
• present. 'When the time - for toasts
cara ,e- G , e n«al : Grant propped the
health of, General Kuroki, which waS
drunk standing/ Lindsay Russ then
made following address
society; of Xew 5 York haying i for its «hw» fX
cultivation^ of ; friendly . relations {StSew 1 M,
: country and your* . We »haU always chwteb th*
, will no donbt become • p«rt of our history eyes
; its the : Tisit or . Commodore Perry !s memorable
lin J*p*u fot more ,tha», haOf. a ctntnryT ™
•\u25a0> jThe^speaker. then announced that the
Japanese i society of New York, , found
ed May 17,; 1907. had elected the fol
lowing : officers:, "•
'1 Honorary president,- VUcoont Aokl; \u25a0 pruident.
Dr. 1 John H. Finley, president of the coilere of
the city of New Torlt; honorary yfce presidents-
General :Fred D. ( Gr»nt.' Dr.: Ttkaalne. Admiral
Dewey : secretary, E. •A. \u25a0\u25a0 Delima : treasurer, X.
Ono; committee— Stewart L; Woodfwd. Jacob
Schlff. ' Cornelius "N. Bits*.' August • B*lmon t E.
A. Delima, Hamilton . Holt.' . Lindsay • Roaeell JT
Takamine. r; V. . Mural, Ye Eljlro Oao. Choxa
Koike, It. Aral, \H. Oknra, B. Fukul and R.
Ishtnemlya." '^B&i^^^BiHßflnißMlHttMnMß
To i this ' General 'Kuroki, through an
interpreter,* responded:, '
; I am ' Tery ', innch pleased with the reception
of ; the : - people ,of ,• N* w ' York and * drtnk to the
health of , the asMctatton with til my : heart. "
*I r The* 1 uncheon came •to an • end : when
Kurbki; arose and, giving- hi 9 ftrxa 'to
Mrs. Grant, led ; her back ,to th« recep
tion hall. '\u25a0':
*.: Later? Russell "explained further th»
objects iof i.the \u25a0 new society. He said
that '-its' .purpose > was 'j similar to that
of the. Pilgrims. society.^ffggg^aCTßßm
I Jan os , I
V Best Natural M-;
- A C 5 Laxative fi
ffl Hi M^ n « ra l Water hj
If §?^M Take half • 1 1
If KySS tf lo «»'a.» in W
a P«^^ the morninrf \u25a0
Ml H^^^' I or headncli*, \u25a0 j5
:' \u25a0 aa \u25a0' |'I^^^ torpid liver, 'mJ
•mI yßßSniw^l 'aod especially BJ
:\u25a0'";- >' -. - '. :; -\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0'. .:->\u25a0'- ---'-.": \u25a0:-\u25a0,\u25a0-.- ...: . ,-,-t --\u25a0• - . -:--- -
the fruit season keep a bottla
Qf^^ambefiafn's'. CoJlc,' CtTolera and
D l la rr h o^^A^^^y^Vypi^^fflljfwar'
Missives Appear to Have
Given Him Strength
and Courage
Prisoner Says That a Great
Load Has Been Lifted
From His Mind
Between dictating scores of letters
and at the same time keeping his baby
niece amused. Abe Ruet spent a busy
afternoon .'yesterday in his prison rooia
at Mayor ! SchmiU' ol& -• Flllmore street
residence. The letters, which he dic
tated to his sister, were in ansjver to
the- 600 or more notes of sympathy, ad
vice and friendship which he has re
ceived since last Wednesday, when.ua
entered the plea of guilty, in Judge
Junnt's court.
These .letters continue; to,, pour in.
and sprinkled among .them tare numer
ous telegrams from all . parts of the
United States. Ruef has devoured them
eagerly. ; a.nd they seem to have been
as great a : factor in restoring him to -v
semblance of his old health and spirit*
as any other one thing. There was a
great, difference between Ruef yester
day and the . Ruef who sat in Judse
Dunne's court a week ago. and Ruef
himself candiuly attributes this change
to his confession. - *
"I "feel 100 per cent better." he said
yesterday. "In fact,. l feel like a new
man. . There's ' been a great load lifteil
from my mind and that makes all tha
difference in t-e world. Of course,
everything isn't as pleasant as it might
be yet. but then * *1 hope for the best."
Ruef was taken for a long walk
through the Presidio yesterday morning:
by.Eliaor Blggy. Later, Attorneys A-|i
and Falrall called upon him and dis
cussed the general situation for a con
siderable time,* the conversation turning
particularly to the Schmitz trial. • The
first threat" of hostility Jbetween Ruef
and Ach, which was noticeable On the
day the boss confessed, has blown over,
and the two continue to he friends,
though Ach has repeated the statement
that he , blames Ruef for not having
taken hU counsel into, bis confidence.
"; During the afternoon '\u25a0 and evening
Buef receiv«d members of • his family
and others who called upon him.
MADRID, May 19.— Owing 'to the
many, duties requiring her attention.
Queen ' Victoria has given up the idea
of nursing the prince of the Asturias.
and a nurse has been obtained for him
from the . province of Santander.
.f.The.,bad.lj% decomposed, body of J. M.
Carter." who had been a* porter,.*w a » dis
covered, in a hut yesterday s by residents
Qf :a * refugee settlement In ' Chestnut
street near Franklin; He had evidently
been dead for three months.
AfT- Nothing less than
s^l the finest quality
keep a cigar
continuously in
popular favor x for
orer thirty years.
i ' Cigar
"Oldest and Best"
CEvery box of
Chancellor Cigars is v
now stamped with
the "Triangle A"
merit mark as well
deserving this dis-
tinction of high and
consistent quality.
Made in various
sizes, sold at 3-for-
25c, 2-for-25c and
10c. straight.
COMPANY • "v^^
\ Manufacturer ,
Poor coffee is .commonly
sold in bulk/ not in pack-
ages; no good coffee;
should be sold ifx bulk.
Your grocer return* yaor ir.oaey If jou doa'k
. like Schaiing's Be«t; wp»i him. .' - v ,
I' _(ni»i County Assesisr
' i^ m^s °f an Joaquin Co..
! - ' P^«- ! "~^ Stockton, Cal.. May
' £€gSSM 26 ' 1907.— T0 whom
i '*3r«i )l tn^y concern: I
i S^Px'l^la have been in poor
: '\u25a0" vPi&HHP health for the -last
I . t - - fly« years, and have
i \u25a0"\u25a0£f!!^K been treated by
I . *"^*&&&sB&Bt^ seven different dnc-
-\u25a0^^W IbmH tors, but received
no ben^nt from any
af,U*^- Aa * last r«»ort X ««ot-to Dr.
Chow Juyan and after,' treating with him
three months I feel that 1 am perma-
nently cured. I think it is wonderful
what he has done fo* me. — JOB MUR-
RAY, 531 East Sonoma st.. Steckton.
, ' OR. CHOW JUYAX. Chinese T«a an.l
1 Herb Saal tartnm, 780 Clay !» *-. £. T. y. Dr.
Chow Juyan. is the . only J«ffitimata
graduate of ' a Chinese Medical Colloge
m r San Francisco.* . Hla credential* ' ara .
tttuted by Chinese * EmbasiaUor at
.Wa«blnston, \u25a0 'Dr.- Chow Jay an willi be '
tiH Stobkto'a . Friday and -Saturday ., of
«ACti wqek. at 152 Korth Hunter street.
-V:-- .vwij^kx'.Txmiic. /;-\u25a0--. ;. ,
09«cjal Car* Taken TVltk 9 o«ittoM ;
. ****** A!******; \u25a0 . ;

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