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Governor Again Gives Warning That Troops Will Be Called if Needed
Union Leaders Are Actively
; Counseling Peaceful
. . Measures
Company Complains of Vio-
lence in South of Mar
ket Section
The car strike, situation was charac
terized yesterday by, increased patron
age of the cars operated on the north
side of the city and more serious vio
lence and interruption of the service In
the Potrero and other outlying dis
tricts. The company «ent out 200 cars
and owing to the greater mileage In
operation the police were unable to
guard the entire system. In consequence
of which outbreaks occurred at several
points. v
! The striking* ; carmen displayed a
' commendable self-control for the most
[part, but there seems to be an influence
iat work to prevent the peaceable opera
jtlon* of the cans. The governor issued
\u25a0 another statement last night, In which
he repeated his threat to call In the
.'troops and take control of the situation
(at the Instant he felt that the rioting
jfcad gone to such 'an extent that he
1 would be Justified In such drastic ac
jtlon. It was pointed out last night that
I much 'depended on the union men. and
[their sympathizers. They must act with
'cool heads 4n the next few days or. a
{situation would result from which it
\u25a0would take the city years to recover.
I The union leaders continue to ex
press their confidence In peaceful meas
ures and In the boycott on the cars as
(effective to bring the company to terms.
,The"y hold that the United Railroads is
\u25a0losing money each day and that | Cal-
Jioun will be forced in the end to treat
'trith them. It is pointed out that these
.hopes of the union-would.be shattered
.\u25a0should the governor be persuaded that
•jit was necessary for him to- call "put
.'•the troops.
The United Railroads claims that it
• ; was compelled to discontinue the ser
* vice in Kentucky street yesterday on
account of disturbances there, and that
, the San Bruno cars were run into. the
barns for a time for the same reason.
k-Duringk -During one outbreak of stone throw
lag a nonunion motorman was serious
ly injured.
In the Western addition conditions
were almost . normal. The cars were
well patronized and in later hours of
f he afternoon It was hard to gain a
.foothold on the steps of the crowded
•• cars.
Garmen Describe Assault
Before Supervisors as
- Cowardly
' -The carmen's conference committee
Issued the following statements last
*ln T«ry truth, Mr. Calhoon'c drama i» a«T»lnp
inz- On Ttur*day tbe people of San Francisco
tot -a ßother t*»te of bis quality. A< citizen rt
rbis <;tj- was ucinf his coo»tiratlon*l rUrbt «f
'.'r-p spewb before a peblio body. He told the
plsin. nnrsmistaed troth about the Cnltsd Rall
roe<3e. Patrick Calbouo rose up like the trac<u><it
hullf that he is and smashed the face of Mi.
It'-j. a man not half IhU size.
I»«triclt Oalhotin «annot <3eny that Troy- h»« the
(c- pp ob the United Railroads. He can proVe sut
of Patrick Calhonn's own mouth now : Patrick
Calhoua lied. Doea Pat Calboan attempt a <le
ffr.se? Jet, be does, the defense of. the sU.t«
Arlrer — be K&'tes bis opponent on the mouth.
The public can new see what kind of a man it
'is teat is posing as the navlor of San Francisco.
Re la trying. to deal with us. as he dealt'wlth
Troy. If we dare question bis authority. If we
&*msnd ocr rights, we are to be shot down by bit
hired murderers.' . '
Pat Calboun is prudent In hi* personal encoun
ters. Be takes a man of slight physique, who
Is too 'much of a student to display the gross ani
tra!ism that carles Pat Calhoun. who is too much
of a eentJeman to encase in the vulsar brawls '
thnX Pat Calhonn considers take the place of ;ir
iratn'fnt— n* takes a man who is physically no
match for him aiifl ftrlkes him in the face. Like
•rerybnllr, Pat Calboan is a coward.
Richard' Cornelius, president of the
carmen's union, issued the following
Tfcere were no more car* running today . th\n
there baT« been; only a Uttle nwitchinp from
or.» line to the other. That Is the tray the United
"Railroads improves the eerrlce. The -cars are
jSatly getting more out of repair and will soon'
fall apart of their own weight because of the
la<-k of attention.
The 4bwn is beinr flooded with free tickets.
They are being RlTea out by agents of the eom
psty on the.fcrrr boats and along the principal
•tracts of thf city and also in Oakland, but, etill
the people refuse to 'ride.
I TTe highly appreciate, what the public of San
Tnndaco are doing for us In oar struggle for
better conditions.
NUMBERED 120,000
Calhoun Regards the Fight
: the Company as
. President Calhoun of the United
Railroads grave out the following state
nent Jast nighttl* „ .
.?" i * So far as' tbe United .. Railroads Is concerned
•^ the strike is orer. It Js the people's peace,' not
ours that " 1« broken.* \u25a0 Today • we \u25a0 operated orer
'.'2OO cars and. carried about 120.000. passengers.
B<?ff*re the ond of next week we will hare all
the lines within the city limits in operation.
The dJ«turban<"«?s south of Market street were
. 0t a cbarax-tpr ttat «-©mpeU«l us to' send in the
Hn on -one line earlier than nc expected. The
• f«olice are 6a\ng all tbey can and when the,clti
ctres us *d«Kjuatepolic* protection we will give
i. • th* city ' a complete »err!ce. The night serrice
cannot* be resumed rritbont additional police.
IJSS ANGELE?. May 24.— Abe Attell,
, feather weight champion'of.thejworld,
won fn;»O; rounds from 'VKld"; Solomon
tonight with -'.the 1 ease.'. Solo-
oon's face was^cut and pbunded;intoa
tnass of bruises." . Attell had hot.' a : mark
upon hihi- Solomon, landed scarcely'a
Wow throughout the fight. .Attell land
ed all over "Solomon*^ and JfromT every
tjuarter. . The champion V was = a master
of every blow, '"his "footwork ' was
f uperb, .'and his defense » at all tim«s
kwas absolutely perfect. : v
U. — Brigadier Oneral Hwxry TurrcJl, Unltwl
!t*t«« »mv. • rrtlred, ' of , N»»i MllTord, ' Conn.*,
il^d eadden! y . In : , U»l» city ; today r of ; htart
United Railroads May Invoke
the State Antitrust Law
Union Is Said t6 Be
Formed to Restrain Trade" ".
One, of the agencies which" the United Railroads "wiUVemploy^
to ,wipe out the carmen's union may be the enforcement of the
provisions of the I .Cartwright antitrust law. The ' measure?-, designed
U> crush monopolies; is, possibly/to be made ; a- weapon in the-haiTds
of the corporations. It is claimed that ;if the Cartwright law with- r
stands the tests \u25a0of the courts' it* will deprive * organizecl labor of its
strongest arm — thje boycott. " ~ • '\u0084 '•
Officials : of the United' Railroads freely admit that .-Moritz
Rosenthal, the Standard Gil ; counselor i mported , for the defense of
Calhoun, is at- work on the; Cartwright law. The purpose ''/of -his
labors is to- invoke^the law against the carmen's union. Sustained
in a test case based j^on '; the carmen's strike, the Cartwright law'
would ; render the -boycott ; a thing, of^California's \ past./ -The law ? is
probably the most sweep ingly- comprehensive measure of * itsMcind
written on an .American , statute book. It was not 'designed as a
weapon against "organized labor, but attorneys* content! that its
provisions are so broad .that labor unions fall within them.. ;
As to the constitutionalityjof the enactment 'there is : a ;di vision
of opinion. - Queerly enough, some : lawyers \ claim to .believe %that
if the law were tested in a suit against a corporation, ithe supreme
court would, sustain It, '\ but ; that .the*.- v " VI ' "' ' -"^"^ ;:^.; :^.
court would. liold the law untenable if
invoked' against organized labor. Other
! attorneys confess 'to a r , belief diame
trically opposed to this.; Both parties
seem to be agreed that organizations
such as labor unions fall within the
definition of trust as laid down by the
Cartwright law.. If this contention is
correct and the law^ is ; sustained; a
strike such as the carmen's present
movement would render all of its par
ticipants liable as conspirators against
. It the Cartwright law can be made
applicable to the striking. carmen every
member, of the union could be subjected
to fines of not less than $50 nor more
thin $5,000 for each day of the strike;
or at the option of the cburt could be
imprisoned for not less than six months
nor more than one year for any, viola
tion of the provisions of the act.' Each
day's violation is expressly, made; a
e'eparaXe offense. *_«.. If J the ; law is held
constitutional convictions ."will be ex
tremely easy, under the special rule of
evidence prescribed. Thel inclusion of
labor organizations- hinges upon .'the
court's construction of the definition
of ' a ; trust. '
The law defines a trust as a combi
nation of capital, skill or acts by two
or more persons, firms, partnerships,'
corporations pr associations of
sons or of any - two or ; more of them
for. a number of designated purposes.
The Resignation of- these purposes; is
comprehensive: in the extreme. v. .*,
First is the creation or carrying out
of restrictions in trade .or commerce.
The second purpose put under the ban
Is that of limiting or reducing the pro
duction or reducing or increasing the !
price of merchandise or " of ' any - com- I
modity. This provision is expected . to
raise the much mooted question T of \u25a0 la-_
bor as a commodity/ The 1 third fdesig-*
nated - purpose is- still < more compre
hensive. In that It- brings within; the
trust definition"' combinatons for the
purpose of preventing competition^ in
manufacturing 1 , making. ".transpQrta-
tion, sale or purchase of merchandise,
produce or of any commodity.
; The fourth designation is the fixing
at any standard or figure, whereby its
price to the public or consumer shall
be In any manner controlled,or.;estab
lished, any article,, or commodity ' of
merchandise, produce or commerce In
tended for sale, barter, use or con
sumption within the state. And finally,
any agreement to execute or carry out
a contract or agreement for the con
trol. of the price of any commodity,
article of trade, in any way brings the
parties to the agreement within the
definition of a trust that is. declared
unlawful and against public policjv
The provisions for the enforcement ;
of the act are simple In their; terms, |
but some of them mark radical . de
partures. The duty- of" invoking:- the
law is laid upon the attorney general
or 'the district, attorneys-t hrough "ac
tions for. the 1 forfeiture- of franchise,
charter or privileges '. and 'the • dissolu
tion of .the offending 'cor
poration or association/ under thexgen
eral statutes. ?^[email protected]|S^g^^^ '_
Foreign corporations or associations
exercising any; of : the powers of a cor
poratlon;which' may f violate any _of . the
provisions of the act are to be excluded
from doing •• business within the ' state.
The duty, of enforcing this provision is
laid upon the attorney general. 'Aiid
the secretary of state is authorized \ to
revoke ,the license *of i. any i such \u25a0\u25a0 ' cor
poration ; previously authorized by him
to operate •within the state.. ; '
Any violation? of any .provision .: of
the act is declared ] a" conspiracy, against
trade, punishable' by fine i or : Imprison
ment,; or both. The 4 minimum '; nne ;\u25a0 is
$50, ; the ' maximum $5,000," ; for each : of -
fense. minimum 'of
is six months, and the v maximum : one
year for each-. offense. J The; conspiracy
provisions are -very .comprehensive:
They bring within x the r dragnet r any
person who :.; may % become V engaged In
the transaction -or, who may aid or
advise in its commlsslonP-
This provision' is said -to be broad
enough to* entangle ; the* legal /adviser
of any violator of the * law, who ; had
acted on his attorney's advice! -/\u25a0 In , ad
dition to> advisers; the-, law-;holds> any
agent' or servant > of . the; offending com
bination ; who.' knowingly.- participates
in the forbidden ;to be "a
conspirator : and ' subject \ to* the > punish l
ments provided' for the" principals. > -
A radical departure and one on which
come attorneys" think Uhat the- statute
will, fall is thY, abrogatlon a of ;the = rule
"of * best evidence. -; The' Cartwright . law,
'expressly v provides- that Ithe;" unlawful
agreements or z combination ;; may be
proved ;. without i the a production > .of : any.
written' agreement.v The Y character/of
the trust; or,;comblnation" alleged may
be proved .by "evidence -of 'Its general
reputation* as such..; '_
Another/ radical "departure Is "the. re
moval of the -i protection /. formerly
thrown around ,an Junwillingi witness.
Under the provisions < of • thejCartwright
law ; no. witness i may refuse " to i produce
books/. or., papers L or, to;''answer.rqueS'
tions'on the ground .that , such < produo-"
tion or answers would' tend to incrimi
nate him. '• &B&s!!!BGßSz%%iE!§£&SKm
. ..All contracts and agreements^ made
iii violation of jthe'act are Tdeclared -hull
aud '\u25a0 -ybld and » worthless fas t the • basis fof
ah faction. ;fT And i inT- addition ;to ; the
criminal; prosecutionVof i'theT : offenders
the; rights sto-civir' action * in;, damages"
of any; citizen "injured 5 by; the* prohibited
combination \u25a0 are , expressly , saved.'; T
: There. were SS.nev, strike disturbance
cases on the poll c e court 'calendars y«s
.THE -SA^«JE^Al^g6|;G^||^|SJ!l^^
terdaymorning. . Klngsley A. Osborn. a
marine fireman, _was."cohvicted "of using
foul language tb;a' conductor and mot
orman ori:a;car' without 'passengers, in
Marßet street. - and - sentenced < to • pay c a 1a 1
fine of $25 ; by Police? Judge .Cabanlss;
with the alternative, of; 2s ?days in; jail.
William A. Jones, a'Jwaiterr- who; was
arrested at 1 Kearny and? Sutter_ streets
for 'abusing an .old; woman; after -step-,
ping from; a car,** was j sentenced • to * pay
a fine of $20..with.the;alternative'of, ; 20
days ; In. jail, by 1 Judge7,"Weller7f •:.- Gua
Sunstrom, a' sailor.ifor throwing^ lumps
of /clay at a car,viln;fEast streets A was
sent to. the county ; jail for^20 jdays by
Judge Shortall. ' ; Samuel £ McGrath, a
carpenter, who 'raised j a at
Market street 5 and - Grant ' avenue " and
abused the ' policed was " fined $ 1 0. .
Arthur ~ Hauckf; a {\u25a0\u25a0 teamster, arrested
at Fourteenth and 'Bryant streets I'dur
ing the riot -^on^Thursday/f evening,
when three" csirs; were" nearly -^wrecked
and a mocprman and;conductor. : lnjured,"
demanded a jury," trial > In \ Judge
Shor tail's . court and the - case was "\u25a0 con
tinued; till June ; 1. ./The "case .of James
McKerina, a . teamster, ~ arrested at \ the
same ', time • for : interfering, with a "po
liceman, \ was dismissed. ; -* Jury M trials
were demanded by Herman ' Lewis;; dis
turbing: the" peace," set for -trial oh i May.
29;rJohn Clancy,. .obstructing; a street
car, set for trial on May 31. and- Joseph '
Connolly,; disturbing '\u25a0:, the .;"; peace, *'con-.
tinned ; till: June 'l ' to be set.' 'James : A.
Galbraith and Samuel ;Croniri,; arrested
in Mission street on Slay 19iforldisturb
ing, the' peace, were convicted' by -'Judge
Cabaniss and will appear, for sentence
this.morning. ;. \u25a0-;_ "
: Starling Harbour I- and : 'Carl i Stone,
charged with carrying concealed weap-1.
ons and ..discharging :a firearms^ within
the ; city; limits, : and - George - Williams,
charged '.with /disturbing L the .peace - on
the afternoon of May:7,*the;flr'st day.'on'
which cars -. were < r un, iwere : triedj-yes- |
terday before Judge Shortall. ''.The : evi^ |
dence : showed • that\the -;weaponsiwere
not concealed iand \u25a0 thatlthe'^ men;,- used
them in defense 'of their lives.; (-The
cases .were dismissed-*- The- three* de
fendants are 'strikebreakers! '; ,r
Merchants Say Clerks Are Not> FbVr
bidden to Ride' in Streetcars
The following ;; communication; gives
emphatic "denial ; to a] report '.that-Hhere
has been .any'" sympathetic;; effort:' on.
the par t of : San ', Francisco '[- merchants
to : assist the /striking carmen jin': their,
fightl against the -United \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Railroads iby
forbidding, their employes" to "ride jupon
the' streetcars:; - vv ";'',"\u25a0'.: \u25a0- 1 ../\u25a0";\u25a0
To the members of the Merchant*' association:
There ha-ve been various rumors that a number of
the leading: retail stores-bad prohibited their em
ployes -front* rldlnc on'- the streetcars ; during j the
present strike.. We could' not belleTe? that' any.
firm -of business \u25a0 men: would . attempt : to } dictate
to . Its . employes ;. what i their - actions ' sbould ?be
after btuinetts hours, and outside the firm's prem-
Jses.: In' order ito. ascertain -whether >tbcre ; » was
any : truth ' ; in ' sach " rumors <: the S association t has
recently >; made"a ;• personal i: lnrestigatlon - among
'most - of ' the ". largc\ retail > stores • and we ; have >to
report that - we . were : unable '; to : flnd Ca \u25a0* single
store that -\u25a0 has issued : auy : ., such ;\u25a0 notice- J.to s its
employes ' forbidding , them - to . ride : on \u25a0 the street
cars;-- \u25a0] ". ',-\u25a0:;. .; .-., • - - \u25a0:.,.'\u25a0• :•••:* ..;.\u25a0, -r?~;*rz. •-,i.-/ \u25a0-.\u25a0'
,ff« deem it proper to make.tbin report on this
inTestisation; public; for; the benefit of.our^mem
bers,*. many, of whom; might be ; injered ' by. such
false ' rumors. \u25a0 .--..,- ..^ / ..
FRANCISCO. ;v ' • \u25a0•.'\u25a0;\u25a0".
Pnsnloß Play,
" -(Last presentation Saturday afternoon
and evening:. * Trains -wlll^ leave r.Third
and Townsend streets at tll:So.a/ t m:' and
6 ;p.' m:- s Returning. HeavelSanta- Clara
immediately; after .the* performances."
Tickets * on * sale \u25a0;. at f Kohler*,-&i Chase's
music store. • Fare,round';trip,i?l.2s.' ; »
- TOiXEIKSTfATE- REINACH— PariV; Slay' 24.—
War > Minister.;- Picqusrt goffered ; ; a ;• bill « in s toe
chamber .. today S,to*reinstate^C«ptaing;Relnacb,'
who ", was •' dismissed from ; the':" army ' for connec
tion iwithUhe : Dreyfns icase.': ? ..';,': - '; ":/'V j'S <i ',
; When past middle '\age7t^cre^comcsC|^j:^:^--\ v :.. ; :^:.iv;;.«>^:V----v^: - v:jq^nt;pas«ges,!sandy;or stringy. sedi-
a inoticcable" weakening; of J;; •'^; -£:Z : \ : '-},. '.; :;-v L.CV€I?^f .•; -V ;.: : : ; ;' ; ment in4he*uriae, scanty or. discolored
of the body, aiidithe;danger of : quick L: \j^_ £\u25a0;.: V^^TX ; : r^lCtUl*6 '• urine » "\u25a0\u25a0i or^ passages -at riight;;be : sure
declined It is quitej. necessary to give V ' " r ' i: lYz~g, ' HTIa 1 1 4 ? ZL l - ' y°MriH?^.?^i ne . e^X a * tcn !^{
prompt . help ' to any 'part' that first Z'.^rj ''y^-z&q^''-' : ' : "r Dqan's 1 ' Kidney: Pills is the best
shows signs of wear. . * • S^ol*^/ : medicine-.to use. It-has cured thou-^
; Healthy r kidneys mean^a.hale; old, \u25a0 \u25a0 S andsSn"d T win^cuVe;yo\j: "
age. Weak kidneys bring; 'constant ; -^-T^"" "^BSS^Lj f» v - : Vt^*-?^ ; ' '-'-•• '--.\u25a0: ' \u25a0"'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.-'-. '-.-'•-
backache, lame, back, stitches ; and ) J^^^^y : ; lV < ' All Oakland GuTC ; '
twinges of pain; .annoying -"rinary \u25a0 T^g^ ' J- J- Lawrence of 160 Seventh
troubles, 1 and. the "danger of diabetes ".-•. ,:\u25a0:, •" "ffAMf-i"' \u25a0.'"•• \u25a0; '<^JliC^>- ; -. '''"i-"*- l i-i y <-\'-t li-1 i-" :i j'S'r-'tV/^' 1 " r -i '\u25a0'-
I or-'Bright's 'disease. There is likely >T^& T\ Mfi£)/ ' ° "v ' '"^
to be a loss of albumcrvandia gainof ' - Bft^ "K-you wish j you may usc^my name
hSric^acid'and other; poisons^Avith: loss \ ' ; /la^ l — - recommendmgf f.l>OMj r ;jgdney^sills s
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I back^qtxick pains, when stooping- or 4 L? JNA' \ J\) '-W^^W^^SS^&
lifting; .if you arc hired and- nervous; ' -\\^or> ~\~ \ V iL~< box dld me SO^^^^^^M^^
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Graf t Prosecution Regards
" Action of, Adjutant as
I poyerripr ; Not Moved b y ; Cry
j of 'Alarrn^but Repeats
\''Vfi "Militia Threat- -
.v? Some % significance sis J being attached
by.-"the graft .prosecutors Tto; the';: cir-.
curnstances that.' In.; spite ; ot £th'ej?-facC
as^they^show, that i general J conditions
relatlvePto' the .'peaceful I , of
thY^ streetcars \u25a0) have jbeen \u25a0steadily,? im-^
proving and acts of yiolenceTdecreasing
in v ;;number, : and seriousness, ,; a {hurry,
call Swas^sent. •• to A Governor/ Gillett'by.
Adjutant . : General : i Lauck :• .yesterday^
morning, as^a \u25a0 result bf the 'gov
ernor at - once ; to ; this city.l3»lt
is -pointed "but :-by J the i prosecution 'that
this Is] in-line with; the ;claim|mada>by s
it * yesterday 'ithe active ." In
terest of |F4Herrln^and
dard ; oil forces " in the ; work;, of ' saving
Calhoun - from ', conviction f" under >-. the
graft "charges, and; it is further pointed
out'fthatV-A'djutant General! Lauck- was
for, years 'an employe, of ;the' t Southern
Pacific Jrailroad in a confidential
pacity. ' \u25a0:.-'-\u25a0--..' \.: ; '.' : \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'?\u25a0\u25a0 - '.-\u25a0.-\u25a0'•''\u25a0" '.'- : .
• Governor"; Gillett made, the following
statement ; last ; night: ; , ; , , .
"Cornelius and the other laborlead
ersscould,stop ' this ', violence \u25a0 at; once \u25a0 if
they 'would f act, and * if . any.J serious ; cbh-.
sequences?, follow they "'will J be -^ held
morally ; responsible. .; There .": should ;be
a* law making" it : a \; felony tor : any/one
to rethrow, a -missile into , "a -car. carrying"
passerigers-^-rstreet ; ! cars ... are v common
carriers.^ Tho .. ci tizehs'-l should > act X to
"stop'this violence. ; If a; bod y,, of ; leading
men* would j take such >a step; ittwould
have ; the r support of S5 : per cent : of ; the
people., of /San , Francisco; J and' of the
entire fstate -outsideV this ; city.'N. :>\u25a0; -.•^•'
.The. governor"', would:' not r say.; If;:, he
contemplated: ordering-^out the troops
at>ohcc; lie 1 prefers -that citizens or
ganize /and master the situation. > But
he r said:V'l-,.':V. •-':-."\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-'•: I-} .''.'"\u25a0'\u25a0'.• ;';-;. '" \u25a0;• - ; -''\u25a0-:'] . ..
V "The moment I : deem it my : duty un
der the law! to call \u25a0 in the ; troops I , shall
do; so immediately;' and should. I; do jso
I" would i take \u25a0'control 'ini such . a manner
as :to ;. suppress '\u25a0;• v riotlng;H ' crime ;•• and
violence. , /If the ' conditions > are 'such
that* the civil'' authorities? cannot' cope
with them 1 the : - state '; must i take ; control.;
'... ;"Martial law can' be applied 'without
setting; aside the fwo'sk' 1 of.^.the'^ courts."
Whenv Ben Butler\was; in: command ; of
"New: Orleans the courts contlnuedrThe
writ ? of; habeas corpus cah ? . still ."apply
to ,usualVcases.; but^thejstate" can? take
persons ; into ; custody? and'Jhold i : them.
That 1 has .been 'decided tby- the 'supreme
court of ' Colorado and of : Pennsylvania
in /many 1 flrrh^s decisions.. ''/\u25a0''; \u25a0;•:\u25a0••,'\u25a0". V \u25a0\u25a0'<-\u25a0> 0
;*Mt; is intolerable .that a man ; cannot
follow '---' aN lawful : occupation
beinsr, attacked; and* thatiWomen: cannot
ride ;on cars \u25a0without'; being -struck^ In
the?face andibody with' stones." i;^^^
\'l Governor, 1 Glllett ',w^nt|to} Sacramento
on Wednesday \ to. at tendj tlie fstate busi^
ness.Vand \ when the ."returned f suddenly,
he i brought^ with j him "* thV^hew^ state
coin mission)'' on It revenudTand;. taxation
and ? held ? : at session r with \ 1 tT»tl the i ferry"
building: yesterday.^Adjutant? General
Lauck^hadh ; .telephoned?! to¥the" (capltol
ifrom^here >that r theY conditions i? in^tha
city, Thursday night-were suchsthat:the
govej : n6r'BjpreVenc"e7.was^nTse(ied."v^lAst
night Glllett: would;; nd^admit'; that : he
cpnslderedSthe^sltuatiorrcriticar to' the
extent fsuggested'*by^that;Tjep6rt.^j f \u25a0
'-.The governor^ is ;«tillt -a: believer^ in
theplan^ofthe now deturict';"cornmittee
of -seven." ; : He . thinks; that J. business
nien : ; should ;; get-together - immediately,
and i work! to = secure peace.*:^ •\u25a0_ _'\u25a0;,> »\>". V .
-;•." Yoiiv noticed," i hej said -last; evening;
"that when V the y, t of -; seven
withdrew; thefeVwas* an ; . increase! la .vlof
lence 7 lmmediately.''.;^ -; .' •\u25a0 ; : *.p \-' '
Ladles* and " Men's - Suits V'siashed
:/', Next - r Monday • the \ greatest ;, sale V of
ladiesV and si men's v suits ' ever v held * in
this ' city 'Will 'begin . atithe tßoston.wDo
not -buy tbdayV'.but; wait/i.This \u25a0 is friend
ly advice from the! Boston (your, money
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forj s2s to n s3s.": can jbe ; had; for ysl2.9s.
Men's 1 $15 i' shits .\u25a0for';; $7.95, .and; $20.-. to
$30 f suits Sfori' $12.95;u*.This ' announce
ment'doeft not' appears In; a whole sheet
display, ad S f or Hhe .• simple reason -, that
it ; costs i too much\money; and # theVcus
tomcr mus t < pay^ f ori the ; same.v^Reason
with!Tyourself.'tsjJ< Little'*^ money;? spent
saves the onerchant3. The t Boston ' takes
this means* to ; notify]the public of: their
greatssale'and: 1 the- wise joneswilMake
no tice • and | attend » the * sale |on I Monday
at* the fißoston'- (your '-moneys saver),
1162 ?Market^st.?ibetA7th»and. 8th."* ; ;*ra
.';' NEW? YORK,!\May v24:^Thep; 3,ooo
machinists \ and ?tielpenjTal6ngr j tha - Erie
railroad ?; New^York i ahdt Cht-"
cagq; were ;; called rout t' on v a trlke \. today
tor^xn !' Increase / in :S pay "'and {; for the
abolition ."of itherpiece; work ;'system. ,•
%: HABPEE'PKOMOTED-^Xcw -York; • May; 24.—
George/ W. :: Harper.'i who I for s nearly .*, ten * years
has i been ' treasurer ; of .« thef.Mntnal 5 Reserre i Ufo
insuraticeT company .' £ was ; elected .vice j president
of that company ?tod«r.¥i!yi .' - v.::.. > •'\u25a0 ; . ;:
i^ewyr Arrests Are JMadepby.
the^ Police r for Strike f
: ' \u25a0 ; ~ '
Strike Breaker Is Probably
Fatallyi Injured by Fly
;x; x :{ifig- Brick ;
A -There \ .were ; notably fewer; arrests* in
connectioni.with j the ; carj strike • yester£
day.^TheTpnlyi scenes^ of jdlsorder^ were
enacted tin^ the • remote 'I sections ~, of /the
city.? and ; the i last * cars| were^turned iin
at^l the^barnsW afterr^aV comparatively
peaceful; day: ''• — ;" : J;^'\ v^" \u25a0•\u25a0" /\u25a0""/
A- "What ; might have been a sensational"
incldentVoccurred' '\u0084 in \ the \ forenoon : ;on
"whenl Sergeant JPolice'/ Blank: of ithe
Potrero; station; discoyeredvaf cartridge
loaded; with ; gun Jcotton \ lying on \u25a0 a' rail
before^an approaching car.;; Blank '.was
standing. a block' away whenihe noticed
a^'man *; run .'4J intoi,-"";. 'the l s i middle 7l of
Eighteenth street^ place ! ;sbmethingi on
the £ track "aind'.riin^ rapidly,' away.'; Thts,
sergeant i immediately A: started? in ? pur-^
suit.'. he '< reached spot ;where
he had ( seen. the man stop sßlank noticed
an ;package\6n the -rail. He
picked > it \u25a0? up}: and \u25a0\u25a0 resumed ' his V pursuit
of »tha ; man," who, > however, made '; good
hiSiescape?- "I . ;V ".'\u25a0':. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'"'-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'.
>; Blank v carefully \u25a0; examined ;. his .> dis-^
covery, and came -, tb^ the" conclusion] that
it * was"; an^ infernal?: machine.'* s He'? took
it station, iwhere' an
exarriinatipn\dißclosed,the fact that .the
peculiar^ looking '.package ?was"~loa.ded
withi; guncptton," with i strength', enough
toiiblow ai dozen Tears : to": atom s. .' ;
.'*f. The S police ,; Immediately^- started '•£ to
work fon i the" case,' but \u25a0 up; to; a; late hour
last might! no " j arrests' had I been^made."
The J rnan^.whomCßlank =• sawj deposit ; the
infernal \u25a0\u25a0; machiriei i onHhe^track^was - too
far I. away f; to ;be 4 recognizable; and r'the
policeman ' is t unable to . give - a'^descrip
tion of'hihi^? •'."P .:'•'*\u25a0 :
' : leadore 'Jacob3,\\vho : was a passenger
on thejcaiy; went? at V once ito; the "office
of/srovernor : and reported -ithe^incident.
;- A crowd attacked- a catvnear, the Ken
tucky -street (car.; house [ in': the* afternoon
and before -the police reached the scene
MotofinanbEdward :5: 5 Glenn -iwas *\u0084 s truck
on^ the head I by,? a'?, brick ,>\u25a0 hurled ;: by ;, a
strike' sympathizer. £He % . was; taken t^to
the . Potrero 'hospital * and } is ' reported 'to
be \u25a0 in , a '/critical \u25a0 condition. ' ;. It was 'also
reported l^' that : two -; women 'who - were
passengers on- this ; car,' were- struck by
flying? "missiles,* but'nbTconflrmatioh of
the'riimor, waslobtalhable. r i? Daniel Me-.
Carthy/iallaborer, A and ; Manuel 1 Silva,( a
striker,^wereTarre«ted as •; a . result . of
this ? disturbance;- but^ both ; r of }; them
claim sth'atithey had nothing ; to do with
the] stone throwing 1 ." ,f r - ; ; I;
f The 'company reported: that the; crew
-of i ; N car^No.'-;1074 r < was' shot: at twice ; in
Bryant? street. ,*. '••.>•' ;; "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: "<. , .
eDr/-.Fraricis • Williams ot : 1392^Haight
street . to 4 the j police rthat : he
was .the^victlra; of iaVcflwardlyJ attack
by.; a>man",who; claimed lto belong : to the
carmen's tunlon; ?: ; l>r^ Williams saidtthat
kWhlle|heJwas>on -hisV way toTthe^city
and Vcounty[' ; hospital-' he \wa's ,, followed
f rom' Mission^ and Twenty-second streets
afterjhelhad* alighted* fromt at car. 'JcHis
assailant ~i struckj> hinl"^ all vicious blow
over vthe7ear.*(No^policeinan a was; near.;;;
\u25a0•;"I have; to 'travel long. distances.'.'.: said
Dr.%-,Williams, j : "and cannot f always
walkr Ti Sueh 7 ; acts' of , violence^ by/seem^
ingly£soberiand intelligent^ union, men
will. surely, do harm\tq! their 'cause."
V.Morris it J : PepermanV ' a '\u25a0'." ;, strike*!
breaker.'uwas j arrested tin' Bryant " street !
for M " displaying .a -weapon i and -j taken* to
the jMlssibn'tStatlbn.p His « story,; Is <that
he: was. assaulted at Tenth and Bryant
streets .^byi a£. crowd tof me h," - \who >*? had
concealed^themselves /behind ,%piles r :df
lumber,^ and . had thrown* bricks at* him.
: .iThe| f ollpwingi arrests Lwere \u25a0 rsade i in
Mission .'; and "rfstreets ' for^dis^
turbingi tHe.5 peace 'i and ; the
sidewalkfv James^ Jerome." John • Mullen,*
James_^< liinehan,* ;\u25a0 i Espital ler,
George vW.VMiller,' Henry Richards. ; ." ,
pFrapk^J.^QueriHo/sarteainster,; 1 was
arregted^at v-the : ferry.: by - Policeman
Thompson .for ! addressing the.nonunlon
cohductor^of^ a *.Un i ted • Railroads car " in*
terms .t abusive :^ arid t: ;';;; Qu erillo
wasilocfced-up ;at . the harbor; station on
aichargeiof. distufblngjthe peace. ,
Captain Davis Named
; for .Artillery Board :
.\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0'-\u25a0'\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'' •'-. '['. "'"'\u25a0 " : - •;:. - '- \u25a0 '- 'V^
"« -Jf^TASHINGTOX, \u25a0-? May 24.!—
. y^T vArmy \u25a0 ordert . Captain
"' • "William C. Davis, Coast ar
'.' tllleTy, In designated as a member
Jofrthe" artillery board," to take'ef
fect upon the completion ' of • the
: Joint .army - aad : militia , coast ' de
•fense exercise In the artillery dis
trict hof ; San ,[ Francisco, . and ttIH
": then "i proceed •to •: Fort \u25a0\u25a0 Monroe for
dntr. ' ' -\u0084 '.;' \u25a0 \u25a0 .
I "Store .Open« B:3ora.rn.V-Cloaes During Car' Strike 5:30 "p. m.
r^" ' - '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0'- '^ISBBBESS^BfIBHfIHBBSEBBHBBSH ' '' \u25a0• * *"--"' '
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prepare your whole trip. f§
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Fidelity Rupture Ciire,
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-'\u0084 PROMOTION: '.The'; act of promoting: ail»aace-
men:; EKCOORAGEJIENT.— Century Dlctioaary.
r.-> The y California * Promotion '.. eommltt«* bas - far
Its \u25a0 object .the : PROIIOTIXU : of . Calif ornU' v \u25a0 a
whole.vi.>»siss "\u25a0\u25a0- ' i'\ \u25a0\u25a0''< -" '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0-'''-
It has nothing" to, r»ll..-^a*CTHHP > r
\u25a0"::itB enerries are deroted \u25a0to "fostering all thln^i
ttat hare; the 'ADVANCEMENT of California as
i their object.^i; - v \u25a0"\u25a0"• \u25a0\u25a0^\u25a0'^\u25a0- '•' '. ': f:\.-~ ' •
I 'ft? It * Eire* < reliable \ Information •on erery i subject
connected \ with - : the : indnstries -of -' California.-^
h.t» It : cf res ' ENCOD RAG EMEXT , to the : es tobU*h-
i tnent %ot j nrw ; i industries f and - ißTltes desirable
immlxratlon. "•r^r-.'i-'«EI9SS¥«SSIsJ : -^°_. : "J > -^ r :i \u25a0 —
It. ls not an employment agency, although it
! gives information regarding labor conditions.
i " It I presents tne opportunities - aad I needs In all
j fields s ofr business; and professional-. aetlTlty.^-?
i The Ss> committee ;l Is .- supported . by .< popular : sub-
scription ti and % makes : no : charge , for any ' serrtc«
;\u25a0 rendered."^-;';'. i - r - .«\u25a0";;-; T; -'.;-r-'-- \u0084- . - :
!fV; Affiliated i with -the committed : are - 16O : coni-
; merclsl \u25a0 orsanizatloos of . the, state.* with; a , meia-
! bership of • over : SO.ooo.';; \ ,<i- ?"><>"- \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 MM
! :v- Meetinss "/\u25a0 are s 1 held : ieralananally - la ' different
\ parts of • Calif ortil*. • wher« ' matters , of • state ;n-
I terests; are: discussed. r.T ,i~- -u .'-,:,\u25a0\u25a0. * j- ';n«^
Headquartert! of the committee are miiataia**]
In i San ; , Francisco' t la ; California :. balldtng. i Union
i'S<iuai».'T IB **' a|B ** IB *^' : '-' ; " fV ' v-^'-''"v -^'-''" - ' \u25a0'*' '-'•\u25a0 *"\u25a0'\u25a0" * "
j iiHiliDEiiii
SpeelaJ Car*. Take-a Witl» ">»poaitloaa
l ' ! -." ':;m»d.AU:-I^sflsl|l>ieMn«irtiu^g^
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-, : ;\u25a0.;..-•• ':r^:^tmhtmw\Mtn*tm: \u25a0 ::\u25a0•\u25a0 '- \u25a0
_e«sjMHnDßß^}ait7>j£4r*^ <^s^j^Fii4^aaayiiitba^SßSß^Mtt>awkiMVVHVßWMHt*wt;3 ,-«,
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f Duded. '^tJSfIfeBMMaSaMHVHMBkffi
Madlsw ' Placg. 'PhlUdelphto, F«.
IWElild^G^ $1 A.YEAR;

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