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The San Francisco Wsdl
JOHN D. SPRECKELS:.....v.. i..... ..... Proprietor
CHARLES W: H0RN1CK . )... . . ... . . . . ... .General Manager
ERNEST S. 51MP50N .... . . ;., . ... . . ; .; .;;.. Managing; Editor ;
" Addre»» All Commnalcatta»« to.THB SAX FRAXCISCOICALL
—' - " ' . . . ' !
Telephone, "Temporary S«"— Ask for The Call. The Operator Will Connect .'
.Yoa .With the Department You Wish. ;. ' - U
BUSINESS OFFICE. . .:"... .Market and Third Streets,' San Fra'nclscoj
Open Until 11 O'clocjk Every Xight in thY Year.
EDITORIAL. R00M5. . . . . .'. . .... '.'.. .". .... .".'>*. .Market and * Third Streets^
' MAIN CITY BRANCH .1651 Fillmore Street. Near Past*
OAKLAND OFFICE — 1016 Broadway. ........^Telephone Oakland 10S3
ALAUEDA OFFICE— I43S Park Street :". .Telephone Alameda 559
BERKELEY OFFICE— SW. Cor. Center and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
CHICAGO OFFICE — Marquette Bldg..C. George Krd£ne*B, Representative
NEW YORK OFFICE— 3O Tribune Bid*.. Stephen B. Smith, Representative V
WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT. .J..... J . ... .Ira E. Bennett "
— — — — - -.. . . . \u25a0 - - ' -
. Delivered by Carrier, 20 Cents .Per -Week; - 75.Cents Per 'Month. ; Single
" ' 'Copies S- Cento." V* '' "; ""*'
- T>m3« by Malt Including 1 Postage- < Cash With Order):
DAILY CALL (including Sunday), T year. .'. JB.OO
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), 6 months. .... .*„ .!...... MOO
DAILY CALL— By Single, M0nth. . . . . .,'. .......... . .'....... . . . . 1. . . . 75u ;
EUNDAT CALL. 1 year. ... .'. .... .V.. .$2.50
WEEKLY CALL. 1 year. .... . . . . . . ... .............. ... . . . . . .'. .... ."\u25a0 1.00;
•PTiftrtrN ) -Daily ......V :........".. .SB.OO Per Year Extra
rottfciGiM f gunday... ./....1.... .........;. 4.15 Per Yea> Extra ;
POSTAGE. ) -weekly. '.'..:' .... 1.00 Per Year, Extra
Entered at the United State* Postofflce as Second Class Matter. \'~-'''^L
Sample Copies Will Be Forwarded /When 'Requested. ", \u25a0 - 'A:-/
Mail subscribers In ordering change of address should be particular to
give both NEW AND OLD ADDRESS In/ order to insure a prompt
and correct compliance with their request . - -
m mmm mmm tmt m mm^ m — m mmmm mmm mmmm mmmmm mmm mm m ' mmm^ l^ ii^ a^^^ M^^^^^^^^^j
NAVAL CONSTRUCTOR H. A. EVANS, stationed; at^the
Mare island navy yard, writes to complain that The Call
has done injustice to the men of his profession in '.government
employ. The strictures printed in these "columns were based
on the concurrent authority,, of such experts as Charles M. Schwab"
. and Receiver James Smith, whose connection and experience with
ship building will scarcely be' questioned. To such testimony we
can add t£at of eminent civil engineers who have been engaged
.on the work of warship construction' for years. It is riot necessary
to mention names of these" men, " because -they are no£ seeking
controversy. 'v^-.'lr -"\u25a0 '.'\u25a0".*
Constructor Evans appears to have misread or .misunderstood
the purport of the article printed in these columns. It was/not
stated that all constructors in employ of the navy department
were incompetent. That would be an absurd and foolish charge ;
but the trouble has been that,, the ; best men do not ; stay with the
• department. Mr. Evans in fiiijMett£ r supplies abundant and con
clusive proof of this fact irt^he<lS^t|kt } ; hejse~nds of'menrwho
have left government employ* because they could make more money
elsewhere. We quote from Mr. Evans' letter on this point:
Referring to the statement in ..which, you quote Mr. Smith -regarding
incompetent men, "not one *of whom could hold, a place for a- week in
the service of a well conducted commercial corporation," the inference -from
your article is that such men are naval constructors. J doubt if Mr. Smith
intended to refer to naval -'"constructor's,' -arfd if he did he could ; not have
been well informed on the subject. This is clearly shown from the- fact
the ship building trust offered Naval "Constructor Bowles the position
of president of the corporation, carrying with; it a. /very large salary, and that
• this offer was_ declined- Mr. Lcadi^ijixon,'- f ormerlj' .. a naval constructor;
was then appointed to this position.* Xaval "Constructor John G. : Tawresey^
: now on duty at the Union iron works, was offered the position of president
iof the Union iron works by the same-corporation. This would seem to
. clear-Iy dispose of the statement made.: in j-our~ editorial/. * .... 'V "
To bring this out further, however; it might be well to invite your
• attention to the positions 'held by former naval constructors inVprominent
ship building, concerns throughout the United States: •
> Naval Constructor Francis T. Bowles is now president of! the Fore
River ship building and engine company. *.;
Naval Constructor H V G. Smithjis general manager of the same concern.
Naval Constructor LawrencevSpearf is ;noW vice; president and general
manager of. the Holland submarine torpedo boat company.
Naval Constructor H. L. Ferguson' is superintendent of construction
01 the Newport News ship building, and drydock" company. ' >> '
Naval Constructor F. \\\ Hibbs is engineer of the Moran Brothers ship
; building company at Seattle. i* - . .V
,„. .^'»val Constructor j; W. Powell ; is: assistant to the president of .the
: Wxlham Cramps ship' building and "erfgine /company.' "
Naval Constructor D! H. Cox is a* member :6f the fil-m of Cox &
: Stevens, naval architects, New York. •.• - -".'*' '-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0> '-'- ". ;
Mr. Lewis Nixon, a prominent tiaval architect and ship builder, was
.formerly a naval constructor. .: \u25a0 ,
We ask no better proof thdn this interesting list in support of
jthe conclusion that the best men are picked out for private 1 service
jfronr the- government staff. It is a process of elimination that
jrejects the incompetent and leaves them in government employ
;to plod along or. make mischief for the -public service / Indeed,
; the testimony of Mr. Evans: goes far jlo explain and justify v MrV
.•Smith's chargfc that there- are many incompetent men lefty.in
-the service.
It seems needless to say that there are competent, men on
ithe present stafi', among whom we are \u25a0 sure that Mr. Evans may
jbe classed, but he will not pretend thati the process Vof -elimination,
•of which he has given us' a glimpse, makes ; for the^good of
ithe service.
We quote again from Mr.'. Evans Jon the subject of \ delays in
.ship building: ,
/ I think-it may be asserted without fear of contradiction that 'there: is
Jjiobrancn of engineenng.that has made more rapid* strides in the last
i years than that of warship design. At the battle^ of- Santiago the battleship
Oregon (which.^th^waV^s'designed byjthe^ry same-incompetent
naval constructors 'who form the subject of your articlVarid.has.in'spite of
| that fact, met with some measure of success) was considered to be > one
of the most powerful warships afloat' Today, this! vessel. is almost 1 obsolete
.This rapid advance in the : scien.ee makes --if' necessa ry at tim esito i hi rb 'ducc
I changes in the. plans whale, a war vessel is building in, order" to 'keep- it"a*
I closely as possible up to the- latest standard; r - . \u25a0 : >" '
. This amuses; The lpgical .conclusion of the argument is that
jwe should stop building ships until: the' final type is settled -by
(the constructors. The fact that; the science "of "makingT^arsliip^
iis progressive- did not prevent England from building the-Dread^
[nought in about a year. -Under our .system, it takes from diree to
ifive years to.build a battleship; >Britisli navaFconstruction 5 methods
jotter' an example worthy of imitation!- 'j- T v,r .S \u25a0 7 -."-:.\u25a0 :\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0;/; - v ; :^
: We feerceVtaih that Mr. Evans, on . recorisideVation /oi-iiis ovvi
[arguments, will agree that The Gall was right" -
i/^V' NGE m ° re the . law of gravitation: is repealed! Of course .that
jl lis nothing new. We are; doing^it e\-ery ciay; -The 'flying
V machine. people threaten to do it twice; a week* \u25a0• but this^most
* recent discoverer i is,notquiteso ambitious, i: He only proposes
to run:a .train; 10p;miles ? an'li6ur 6n ;; a rsingle'; rail, with 4he : Heljv
Conditions in Calif ßirriia^
The California PromoUo.^mmlttee wired the following to 7 It.
\u25a0e»»t»rii bureau la : >>sT.\Yorlc ye«terdaj-i'- ; -'. '"^BBiBB \u25a0"' '\u25a0' '' \u25a0''"\u25a0 f - \u25a0''"
California , trmprratnrea - ~f or the pa»i 24 hiumt
JinFrt8d^,....;.:.. ; ; .... . . . . . ; ; Minlmuni; 5i . Maximum, «l
Sall . Dir *°- * •;\u25a0•"• ' • ' ' •I*• >: • •;•-••• :-•'> vv • • -Mlnlmnin,- R2. . Maximum,'? ««
San TrßßfUro bulldinic permit n for MaY 24^ ";;-:"'?;' "* - '"
Permane.t v . .Value /aggggfo . jajLOoe
Altrratioaa :". . . . ..... :..:. , 1. . Valne ;...'! . .'..V. ; . C; J; . ;\";'"V. ' >^'*4b*
' The power plant now under eonatrnction oa^ the > Feather Wver, near
OrovHle. wUI be the largest Blnarle electrle plant In the world,' generat
ing: 100,000 kenrponrr. - ' I&SBSSBB&RBBIK^'r** -' '
of a^de\uce' that :/\vith?a sirigulaf^indifferen^e' ; tb;the v fate :bf, Greek
roots he has named: the "gyroscope. ''^;V-^A!iU^'.'':; ; ,'^:.'* ; ' ; '',^r' : 'l-V=-. ':':
This J gyroscope, . in; brief; is 'nothing \u25a0 m<sre : in"' essence :!thah the
schoolboy's top,- which, as we -know,, defies : the lavv V of gravity so
lohg.;^ itspins\ r This^^
ing.- machinery: ;\u25a0 "its ;:f unction ';.is a6 Jhold^ the;itraih^ rlevel it
speeds along ": the "single^ rail. :^t "!isTa -'tight 'rope ; per f6rihance ;^y
machinery. •/: It should be Explained uth^tVtfe
expected .to sit inside •the;^evolying^ea^^m
of ; the carVt6;inake it '} stand up^
We venture to tliink that- this discovery* exhibited ''in model
before the R6^
of the - charmed, boundaries * of/.toyland.- . li.;in -the- course of its];
revolving flight some. refractory; obstacle 'shouldtihit the
or its. machinery, -^
the gyroscope; might be: converted^
scop^ andKtjie^ pas^
without wings.-; That would -be -Vbiie sort fof/an^ervto^thelquestion^
"Where doiwe get off ?" • If ; one ;were: asked torturri-b^d^rcek into'
good l English }inniight be- fair to ; translate vgyroscope^as -a new
yaftety. of Quite possiblyv, this ?' interesting discovery 'i?
nothing "more tlVan another symptom; of _the " prevailing- epidemic^of
bu g n o u ?e science. V • ' -.:-...
THERE: is * a proposition afopttoyiold^'a^pfiz^
the Nevada .'miiiing/camps' on Memorial: :< day. •: That Jis^riot 1 - 1
fit observance of van . occasion solemn, Vand 'the sentiments
of the J Sacramento -Union on ; this program' may _be f quoted
witlr approval : - ' * ' *'"' ' ' '. - * ' - v ...- ' \ ' ,'- : \u25a0 : \,' -\u0084 " \
.- Menioriallday/vvas ,not .set .. apart:; asVa? prizc'lnght carnival oK :a::dfinki
fest. : Itis'a'sacfedtdajvand' if -'it 'cannot btrsovregarided," in : some ; degree j
at least; itshoiild forever; be^drbpped^fromithe cataloguerof :qur r days;meh^r£l
able.: It was riotim^
ago, when • the ~ Potomac ".ran" red^\vith>i tlie ir .*lif eblbo'd*"' tpi the'^ea : f when-; tlie""
sides;,? of old^Lobk^ut -vyerescarhadined;l.wlieh^tlie *K6rfdf;'*O ! f \u25a0Cha'ttafibbga
m?ght :have made^guardian angels^ wdep;;when^ Pittsburg" 'tanking \u25a0'was i,the
desolation, \ and : the >: blood 'of? her "son's mingled; in .oiie-red? tide*:, with Uhe
blood of ithe^sbns^ofjtlie nortK;- : : .- : -~.: :\u25a0/. '\u25a0'\u25a0 .' — . > ,i:;, i : ; \u25a0. '••'".\u25a0 - ; tr \u25a0 • ,
T^'f. wasriot atime of joyancc,I j sajv and- thc ; persons. who would- devote
to , a .'\u25a0prjze];figHt':theiday;setjapartltb;«its.^m
arid _;. fiends -might, db:, a; thing VsoVunseenily,^ but; higher; beings ! would not^V'r
. There " ; ;ma^be someYsupe^^
sentiment^.is .sound. , Therej^should/^
forms off amuseiiientA 'permissible; oii ifemoriai day^lWe^are^aware
that ;it;|s useless 'ta^rbid^
sary, : but •..-the occasion -shoiiici/bej treated ;.with^
respect /asl^u'nday^^
do 'not -believe;\foj;iinstancer-that^pi^
pnze? figKr on^ Ghristmas 1 day^^Tlje^f-is^inHeed^a- proposition on
foot: thatj:Memorial^ay.;shan;;in-;future' be^ h^
in May;; and- this;^
IT/IS tthatlthe'eastecc rjob
bers-Intend,to call the.; attentions of
; the interstate (commerce •commission
;«to the rate:ondrU>d/fruit from' Cali
fornia in boxes ahd-saVks. " They /; allege
that the j differential "-"rate -should -:not
be" allowed\and;'.that';drie.df fruit should
take either jih" boxes or
i ri "sac k8.;"k 8.; " The . r a t e i n ; box e s i V i s, $ 1 -jp er
.100!pound8;ln^carl6adjlbts»andHn; sacks*
the^fruitJ?after f XarriyAl**in
ln^other^words;ihf Icoiild; takpfCallfor-'
*ni a i unpacked^f rij i t;j blend \ i t|wi tli|pther"
of the"-f ew^ t im^^whenJtlTelpaclcerJ'sus^
tainsl^thei'|raj|road J-jand Jis
Commissibnato|let-4a <t rdlfferentiais"';rate
fetand v \ ; ' -'. - ,;\u25a0 C \u25a0
In o,this 5 ? connection.:? a;, big. shipping- i
man } said: A^'lttisTour /opinion Jthatithe j
present fdi ff erential [ STrate \is { f airjf pr|the' I
coriVumeri 1 n |Buch"|cbri4l i tlonl th at] it \u25a0 w i i 11
sar y that] it ; bet manipulated Iby \u25a0 experi^
enced •hands.'jjandilonly^wherel-larg'e*
'"•uantitiesj are) packed {can^ such'eujeri
Confessions Jfr&iM
In . Railway Circles
ence*b«; gained. ;„ Enormous ?au"inV|have
been % Invested ,l in £ packing i houses % and
fcome I of itheyafge {establishments *diir-*"
Ing £th c \ season * have! mon thly a payrol I s
bf,'.fromSsS r ooo^t6\s6,ooo3 'Good .results
Gannot^b^'f obtained? withlrfruitlpacked
away 3 f roml'C^alif ornia^* no Jmatter-4 how
ber. ,».»\u25a0" ;?.\u25a0,- .-> : '. : '."\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0.'\u25a0'\u25a0>". ".'• \u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'> " • • \u25a0
"^"Taking .-dried .: fruit -rate, in 'boxes
as^Aj basis itheTratelisJl; 'j; Every j jobber
per:; 1005 pounds. 1 CThetp resent % rate Yon'
dried?| fruity in«bags|iis|slL2oj|per^ioOl
Poundsr.v;vA7.bag*weifhs^ approximately
.would |"be>* a' mere J dne.'SW© ! caff
a,mountsitojtipericent, <ss L shippedUn'aackß
rI f KatpPi «f feat;f M|lt]ls|Habl«* to i injury
f romi dampnessf and * caYele'sslhan'dUtff; i
•ftQUld^exlstsbetweeriTdrieaJfruit packed
lll ! bO3 F*s!andspacked£insbagßJ ! lnS6rder
to Senable^the railroads fto grelmburse 1
themselves 'for/thelrlsksytakenV'^ - '• •
*r.The;frelffht-omclalsj©f: the! Northern'
Pacific | deelar* Jthat ; they/ ar«|makiiig
about 4 thejb««t^tim«Vacroßs|,thoTcontl
'reig||t:in f San Franclfco'fromSti. Paul
in :> 1 2 ;?. days.i;^vTheV«ch«d«lrE tlra«t t rom
5 f ml» utaa,-| and |aceo«Un* ; to | u»*
THe'Smaft Set"
1,1% /\u25a0 ;' sent out cards announcing, the
. rV J' * carriage" of 1 her daughter, Miss
:l - t ;ir : ' SylvVa -Fowler -Harris, to Dr."
Sim'uel Percy" Hardy -on Saturday 'after
nbbn.yAiay-11, In this city;
\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0" i: ':.\i< \u25a0 * \u25a0.'.\u25a0\u25a0•;'.\u25a0' '•.\u25a0/\u25a0•.;\u25a0"/•:'-\u25a0•••\u25a0 .-":\u25a0.•"•
'Ah interesting eveln of ;\u25a0\u25a0 next;' month
Wilt i be 1 / the t wedding |of A Miss v Edna i
•Foote s arid s; Porterj Garnett, .which vis , to^ ]
be 'celebrated f onl Saturday, 'Juhe^li'a^
the; home" of the bride, ..Ca«stog"a:v Miss*
Foote "has^visitetltherejfreftiuently/and'
haß' \u25a0: many V friends f- in i San f ~ Francisco*
Mr.JGarnettf comes i of *a' distinguished
Virginian); family^ and -; one which J has
been v prominently 4 ; identified v with!- the"
earlyilife Toll Sani Francisco. "~i He is a
clever; writer and: critic -arid 'is f one of
the> .leading -members of > the > literary
eet;here..w v -; v^ '\u25a0' - \u25a0;."•:.- •\u25a0", :• -• \u25a0
)'\u25a0'\u25a0 ..-i-^i ''"'..', 'r '. \u25a0' • •• .. \u25a0'-\u25a0*\u25a0:'' \u25a0•':'\u25a0•': \u25a0'. ..- - .-'.»-
.Dr.-and J Mrs. Joseph .Marshall Flint}
the latteriof:,whom wasrformerly Miss
.Anne fj'Apperson.'j fwhp-Uf whp-U' have 7-been In
Europe forlthe "past year." have recently
t>een • the guests , of Mrs.' PhoebelHears t/
Mrs.'! Flint' s; aunt," at > thet latter's ' apart-:
nient ;ln "= Paris, f but ,- have now .'gone I for
several -weeks* . travel' through - the Brit- 4
ishr isles:;. . : • : • :.-.,' y ;'.-'\u25a0 \u25a0;\u25a0' '\u25a0
Mr."/and; r ; Mrs. Henry Foster : Dutton
and j Miv and"Mrs.' -Wakefield Baker, left
yesterday^ in? a: : motor >f or ' Monte
and jaf ter|a ;' stay, there of a day - pr : two
.wiHgodowntto Paso' Robles to* remain
'until "..the"' middle; of .l next' week."
_\u25a0 . :.-:V,"V-",'"-,v:-, : *-\u25a0-.'•-. \u25a0'\u25a0*•\u25a0 ' '\u25a0-\u25a0 -.-',\u25a0 .'.
j. Mr.; and ) Mrs .: Jr C.' Brown, v <he latter
bf-whoni; was': formerly. Miss ; Ruth Mc-
Nutt,\ write j that Rafter; a" three, months'
honeymoon ;:>, they >V have S ! \ returned to'
.Parta^The^^will^leave this month
for* New : York," coming west a little-
Jat.er/.y '-_\u25a0";\u25a0'\u25a0; " ' '\u25a0 - /.• . V" .'"^:;
. Miss v Eleanor Terry^ the /daughter .'-of
RearJ'Admiral Terry,; after having "spent
thejiWlnter,* in j: Washington; jIMC. 1 ;*. will
go> T tO; Germantown;'; Pa.'.* on June * 1
a* visit; to •friends, there.- '
*\u25a0 ; -;.--. '• '/; *'^y.f* '\u25a0-. • \u25a0''.'.'' '\u25a0!•'•_
yi/lisa \u25a0 Ethel Melbne has spent several
days 'this ;week ; >in - town : as th"c"'guest
of .fcomirig f rom v her" home in
Napa ; valley^.. \u25a0:•' :^'".v '" l " V ."*' ; ' • .'\u25a0-- \u25a0 "- ' ;"• *.
; Mr. and I Mrs.^Bourke Cockran ; <Miss
Arine^i lde),*^Vho-: have been abroad -on
their/"honeytrioon ; l journey,., are j'now* in
New -York.';* - ; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0"-.•-" \u25a0;: -•\u25a0\u25a0'-:<."" ---,\\i.~.
;;: : Mrs.",M.;.S.,Hannlgan. arid- Mi.isVjose
phine Ha.nnigan.*who,,wentUo",Los,'An-.
geles'rlast^morith^are' enjoying -\u25a0their
stay,?; in Vj the^f south ;;| greatly -± and r have
taken ;S apartments j,*in^; West'; "Adams
street !fbr*:'sbmer weeks longer.. ' \u25a0
• >;" V; '"- * -.'"\u25a0"\u25a0'\u25a0'* '-•'\u25a0 "-':\u25a0 *':--' '\u25a0 ;.• - \u25a0\u25a0 . - .
r Mr., and : Mrs. '.\u25a0 Robert .'Bolton . will
I close & their ?Broadway\ home, on July U
! and3.wiliygb_\toißlythdale -for the rest
of the season. \u25a0'.';\u25a0 ,'.. .. r ' *T" .\ "
, Mr. v ana -Mrj. -^Lawrence 'Foster, tthe
I latter.^ of '.iformerly^Miss
: Violet < Fife/- are"- building 'an attractive
j 6ottage • near ; the -Fife" hofrie" at . Menlp
[park.,* \u25a0 ':\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0:-'* :- -•.-".\u25a0\u25a0<•-.\u25a0•-; :'{ =- -~. \u25a0;"."-, -..-\u25a0.-\u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0-v
\!plo iVlr.-. X * -> \u25a0::,• \u25a0,'. \u25a0 \u0084[
|.^Mr.*and!Mrs.VNorman^D."Rideout went
! to|Maryaville>fbrJa\vislt!'recently. 1
j"\u25a0 - "*:"._ '•-'\u25a0:.\u25a0 \. \u25a0>,\u25a0'* '. ? -« : \u25a0.-%\u25a0•_,-•.\u25a0,;.»,-•\u25a0 ;\u25a0/ - \u25a0
1 ;,./; Mr.l and ; Mra.-^ Saffo'fd ? Colby have re
. turned |to H Calif orttla^ af terT: a*; trip Yeast
!of.i six \weeksV: duration?. and 2are; now,
; at"% Bly thdal cVi where ,'th ey: will V remain
i for; the "season;' *: ; ; V' ; '.'^'' ; ' '.. "'-''\u25a0 V \u25a0\u25a0*
"'\u25a0 : \u25a0'„'\u25a0'.'\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 .•\u25a0;;-.•\u25a0-•';• \u25a0•':,- * -"..«i. \u25a0'
;>? Mr/: arid \ Mrs. \ Hiram. Smith,'- who left
early.i; in> the % spring 1 j- for r Europe' \u25a0 and
td"v Norway,^* have 'gone £ recently! from
Rome "'itolNaples'iforra 1 ; brief Fstay.
p>Mrsy'f Jbhn'^Galeh * Howard - of ; : Berke
ley^is^iri^ Santa for -a stay of
several7weeks.^" r ' ; -3^^a^ri-. ; ''r ?••*•'--;'\u25a0•
reports^for the^;last : lO'daya -these
tr§in«^have 'J hot been more? than^ 12
hours jil^sr V: Freight ) for; this s city? is
shipped^JeresbyJ steamer from s Seattle"
which Stakes ;three|fdays^|and as 3 th«
Bteamerjleaves \u25a0? once ? in " >fi ve^ days ?the
about *12 \u25a0 daysltoi SanrFranciscb: ' " '
C.,Hoß«^lngrt6niwaß^theVrecipient f of
treasurer? of (the | Southern i Pacifle. ' He'
had r ibeenlfor^mahyiyeajs]wittf the cprri;
Wnrl** lQrtt *«*lstant i to' the ; late' C4pi"
The lnsider
Recalls the^Villbws and Wood ward spleasure
resorts and lingers ov^r memories of famous
ni^n who lived in the "olden, golden days v
ci^«* jv.; CiAo^ TVTOTHING is so dear to the heart of the
Ifl s a^ §!*H? S ' of other "days, .The Willow 3
wasione of these^ The same flood that destroyed tbat famous resort made
Woodward's garden. Woodward, after wlibm the gardens were • named, was a
pioneer who kept the : What Cheer , house, corner of Sacramento and Leides
dorff streets^ Travelers used to present him with curios of one kind or an
otherrunUl his^'cbllectVbri became famous and people used to ask, per
mission to- examine ft •at : close Quarters. •. - The gardens^ site was the old
; fftmily; homeland the bid house which was turned into the museum was tha
Woodward residence. It got to be quite^the fashion to .ask the privilege of
giving^ fetes there, the same sort of an Imposition later practiced upon Adolph
Sutrb, I have heard." ;
"In the floods. of the early sixties both the Willows and Woodward's wers
under, water, but .Woodward turned his -place 'lnto a pleasure garden and the
Willows was "abandoned.. There must be quite a few of us left who recall the
old fgarderis.vthe animals in the zoo, the circular boats, the circus in the
pavilion^ and the art galiery, in "which the famous "Beatrice Cenci" head was
hung^ \u25a0 There was a^ haunted room in the gallery building," it was reporteil.
and many a time I remember myseif standing staring, affrighted but fas
cinated/at the terrible window upon whose pane was thought to be imprinted
the 4 spirit face of a woman who had been murder.cd. /
; The "gardens were 'used 6y -the Sunday, schools of the dty at .a ••union
picnic every year. Little ones of all religious sects romped and laughed and
"played in harmony. On one occasion the public schools went en masse to
thV pavilion to greet' and shower flowers upon -President Grant, who made a
fipeechto them. The last relic of Woodward's was the pavilion in Fourteenth
street used for prize flghtfl. ' . .
There. was an' old resort in Nortji beach that I faintly remember, where
there jwas a fine collection of birds- and animais. It was In the rear of the
famous "Cobweb palace,": which succumbed to the" march of progress a good
many: years .before the^ fire. , -V .'^
oj^-.-,!-. d^«-^— j-. ; Another of the oldtime Bohemian club men
PICHWt Bohemian. passed away thls Week in John F. Pope, who,
jPassestOnisJ<est though, he had been off the'ron "for some
years, was one of its earliest members. He was 84 years old and had lived
in this city since 1849. H& had a home in Mason street, near North beach, up
to about 15 years ago, when he built a more modern residence in Pine street.
He, belonged ;to 'the. Society of California Pioneers and was th© first member
of the First Baptist church i which was establlshed-ln 1849.
Golden liny* Dtch '* "'.sThe'ploneew are .passing away very rapidly
'\u25a0 \x/i*i?ri 1 "i* '•" now » and it seems as If one should' make at
With Lively {fates ; ieast an attempt to gather from those who
are lef t some Mata . of \u25a0 early days in • San - Francisco, since so s mucli of that
history .as written and i published was lost in the fire, "I could teilyou some
stories" .about. the' 4arly! legislatiYe sessions,'*^ said an old pioneer to me the
others day, "and they'd .make more amusing reading than these grafting tales
that fill : the papers nowadays." f^l. remember one of our sergeants at arms, Billy
Williamson; who came here in '49.: : He ,was a celebrated horseman, and there
wasn't; a! tiofse^ i^We^brld/rbeiieve, whose pedigree didn't come trippingly
off his-tongue.j;He had^a racetrack in this city once, but I don't just remem
ber^when.^ln '54 Billy was told' off to [accompany Bailey Peyton In a stump
ing: tour/ for/ the' flEaownbthing^ or ' American party candidate for governor.
Johnston.; One of the towns "'-they visited was Sonora, which had mostly a
Spanish population then, and as" they ; passed up a street where the women
of .the.half world "many of J^e.farr Jones' appeared at the windows and
called^but,^Henor^iy';' l H Williamson?* • '
\u25a0j-.;Peyt9n,:not-. 'knowing the character of tine : quarter, remarked, "Why,- how
popular you ; .are, a hereabouts, Mr.^illiamsottjeverybodyseemsto know you.'
'Yes/r&ssented « Billy^without a « blush, * *I ". used "to live here; was" engaged :n
I the stationery" business.* , . """.. IT r?3*; •\u25a0'. . V * •
"When ; they reached the' hotel, Peyton stbpped ; for a chat with^the pro^
prietor, lwhjje his companion moved, on to theiban .'Mr. Williamson. is well
known ;here,' observed Peyon; 'he told me he was a statlonen Must be quite
a : popular .business.! y/StaUpner ?' gasped" the*' proprietor of the inn. *he dealt
in 'cards fand . ivory^-dealt jfarb.'; After that Billy's stump companion did not
so much .wonder at his large .acquaintanceship in the towns that they visited.
Court Held Sundays One tlme wben Bllly waa 1M * S
! "'-riv D^r~ /,;cf/^ 9! l 7l 7v he wa ? a -iustlce of the peace and at the
-Yoy- reave justice same time ran a gambling" house. Among thel
mining cases that came before him oneVwas later carried before the supreinfj*
??y£h Jud ?es Murray, .Wells and Heydenfeldt forming the court. Murray* tha
chief 'justice, rendered a decision in which , he did not dispute the legality &
the decision, but. said that the judgment would not hold because the justice**
court had _been held on Sunday. ' Billy;^did not question the decision, but, prob
ably thinking faro dealing was more profitable than law giving, resigned hU
office." |9HHBHBBHHH|Hhh|
Wife Drags Solon ; ./The pioneer, drew.'a long breath^ and I asked
\u25a0Fromaaminrthhre hlm for ' anoth ! r reminiscence. saitl
:£&J n ;£W/Z*J-$° I & be. "perhaps you've heard of Colonel Jack
Gamble, who died.a^few.years ago out in the Mission, where he lived after he
"^ Sacramento: - He used to keep a saloon in Sacramento, his' partner beins
T r an? Jones, 'j and.^ I've heard them both tell some good stories about the
senators and representatives orthe fifties and sixties. 1 remember one about
Remember from the 'cbw^ counties,' Colusaxand Tehama, a man named' Dun
lap. : Dunlap : had just • received f 500 and proceeded -to blow it in bn a f aor
a - m *i l ?,9 amb z le ' 8 T Hm ne y was all laid out, in chips and the;game
was in; full blast,- when lo and behold a vision appeared at the door .
was -Mrs^Dnnlap^af big/ raw boned six footer. She paid no' attention
t( ? 8 . remaining on the tabler.but yanked . . the legislator by his collar
awa3r v? r ° m . > the.tempting. game, downstairs Into the . street and home Then
back she came and demanded. her husband's | money, which was given' her' with
out^ protest The.next day Dunlap^ appeared in-the assembly^ socks and
woolen slippers, for he had : lost : his shoes in the street during his transit
under, his wife's' chaperonage.": /^s nis transit
f ersonal Mention
:.n.;H.;R<.y,,.lumbVtmi nof.S aKlniw.
Baba.tQpol.ris at the, Savoy. >
;:^f^ A: -p'^r. aVfumUure man of
LosrAnseles, la.at theHamlin. r\,
well of Spokane:are at the' Fairmont- :
; I>.-F.;Sheehan;:a,weU,known-min^ s
<3reat Story arid Photo^pihs of
o\u25a0i g . \u25a0\u25a0:-,: -:\u25a0: : , - the Civil War
i article : of torpMwn, ; i»t.mt iu >V^ ; w.iia ,f ' £l oirll .L f ; ~
i t« \*y} XiSi M:\ TukaUri <h* f iSiou. • wtaor of ' "Th. Ti#*> >t^ : - -**
MAY 25, 1967
Pran/l" ot st- Paul- ".« the St.
and *la brid^ wh; D«tro^ M'ch..
.^ s;, XnV Jr :-i!"^!?.:-i!"^!?.? 1"
and his wife \ capitalist.
at Vhe^£^llVF o ™^* iom »*ny> **
c»ty '?o estabU^h Vh "' C.° mes"to thls
paAm^t Tk^coS;^ 01"o^* *-

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