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Wife Who Secures Divorce
• Says Daisy Grammer
Stole Her Husband
Property Is Divided and
Restraining Order Is
Rescinded by Court
OAKLAND, May 27. — Mrs. Emma M.
Brown was today granted an Inter
locutory decree of divorce on the
ground of cruelty from W. H. Brown,
manager of the Forum cafe. With the
granting of the decree the restraining
orders Issued at the time of the ap
plication to prevent Brown from dis
posing of his accounts at the Oakland
bank of savings and the Central bank
and his share In the cafe, were re
scinded. A division of property was
effected outside the courts.
In her complaint Mrs. Brown charged
cruel and humiliating treatment which
' only began after Brown's alleged fas
cination by Daisy Grammer, a cashier
.at the cafe. Mrs.' Brown stated that
sb* was ordered by her husband to
keep away from the cafe because her
presence was a source of annoyance 10
Daisy Grammer. Brown was accused
of buying diamonds for the young
woman at a time when attentions io
his wife were complained of as being
cruel and neglectful. The Browns were
married in. Butte, Mont.. 20 years ago.
ago. .
.John A. Shannon was granted an in
terlocutory decree of divorce from ,
pvelene G. Shannon today on the ground
of desertion. He was given the cus- ,
tody of their three minor children.
Maria A. Boettcher received an inter
locutory decree of divorce from Albert
K. W. *O. Boettcher on the ground of
Suits for divorce were filed today by
Henrletta M. Pronzini against E. P.
PronKinl. by William Gardner against
Rachel Gardner, and by Hattie Fristol
against James Fristol. Divorce pro
ceedings were also instituted by Mary
C. Jackson against Raymond Jackson.
J. W. Wilson received an interlocu
tory decree of divorce from Maud Wil
son on his representations that, though
his wife took all his salary and asked
for more, she refused to get him his
meals. They were married In San
Francisco in 1593.
Josephine Swain was granted an In
terlocutory decree of divorce from Her
sebell V. Swain on the ground of de
sertion. With the decree of separa
tion Judge Ogden gave Mrs. Swain en
tire possession of community property
owned by the couple in Berkeley, San
Francisco and in Shasta county. She
was also given Swain's Knight Tera
•-plar uniform with the sword and other
Pair r Arrested for Looting
Electrical Dealer of
Costly Supplies
OAKLAND, May 27. — John Emerson
and C L. Harrison were arrested this
morning on a charge of having stolen
a quantity of costly electrical supplies
from H. M. Kimball. who lives at 312
San Pablo avenue. Kimball reported
the theft and within a short* time Em
erson and Harrison were in jail charged
with the crime. Both men have conf
essed their guilt to the police.
Peter Randlow. proprietor of a store
"at 765 Castro etreet, reported this
morning that he had cashed a check
f6r $15 for a stranger who entered tho
store last night. The check was drawn
on the California bank In favor of
John Eldridge and was signed "E. D.
Walsh, Pacific Lumber Co." Randlow
cashed the check and gave "Eldridge*
J 13.60 in change, but when he presented
the check at the bank, it was returned
marked "no funds."
E. J. Belloll has asked the police to
help him find a gold ring, a nugget
pin, a silver watch and a fob, which
•were stolen from him yesterday while
he was at the Piedmont baths. The
thief: broke into the l#cker~in which
Belloll bad hung his clothes and stole
the valuables from the pockets.
Thieves entered the room of P. F.
Tingitore, at 814 Alice street last night,
and stole a guitar and a violin, the
two Instruments being valued at $223.
C. Parson, who lives at 674 Thlrty
elxth 1 street, reported the theft of a
bicycle from Seventh and Washington
William Perrine Thanks Judge After
Sentence of Four Years for
Horse Stealing Is Imposed
OAKLAND, . May \u25a0 27. — Four years in
the penitentiary at . San Quentln was
the sentence imposed on William Per
rine by Judge Ellsworth t&day -for the
theft of a horse and buggy. Following
the sentence Perrine thanked the court
for having consigned hlm'to San Quen
tin rather than to Folsom.
Perrine while. Intoxicated last fall
stole a horse and buggy belonging to
Frank Gomez and later settled the mat.
• ter with Gomez by. a money payment.
The attention of the grand Jury, how
ever, was called to the matter by Dis
trict Attorney Brown, and Perrine's In
dictment followed and subsequently his
conviction. The indictment of Perrine
has been the sole fruit cf the sessions
of the present grand Jury.
BERKELEY, May 27.— The studenU
.of "engineering at the university, who
- publish the Journal of Technology, have
secured an account of a balloon-trip for
their current number, contributed by
Colonel G. F. Postnikov, who was in
the Russian army during the late war
with Japan and is now* a political exile,
living in Berkeley. He has written for
the students a story of a "free" flight"
In a war balloon from Vladivostok on
April 25, 1905. The trip was undertaken
for the purpose of testing the value of
the balloon in spying out fortifications
and other military works.- Postnikov
. declares that the trip -was a success and
argues for the balloon as a valuable aid
to military operations. .
OAKLAND, May 27.^— The suit for di
vorce ; filed _ by Mrs;- Charlotte; Lynn
against Charles Lynn and the. cross
complaint which her action drew from
him have been. withdrawn. and the case
dropped from .\u25a0 Judge Ogden's. calendar.-
Lynn ]_ was ': accused by . bis "wife, of \u25a0. in
temperance and -failure; to provide and
io turn he charged her ;?ith- spending
most, of her. time . readlng'hovels,; with
the result" that * ; he': neverl had
meals.' ' The /couple have comoromised
their difficulties. ""
Landlady. Seizes Girl's ' Watch
Because Spiceman Is
Man's Rush to Aid of Fair
Demonstrator Causes '
OAKLAND, May 27.-r-Vlgorous meas
ures taken by B. Garrison, an agent of
Durkee & Sons, j wholesale spice deal
ers, for the suppression of the Califor
nia flea resulted in a tangle which,
ended in the police court this morning.
Because Garrison had upset a bowl of
water which had been placed near his
bed to entrap the fleas and thus spoiled
a carpet in the Astor house, at 860 Clay
street. * Mrs. E. Martin, ;\u25a0 who conducts
the hotel, seized a watch belonging to
Miss Ora Williams, a demonstrator for
the spice company, and the latter has
Instituted search warrant proceedings
for its recovery.
Garrison, with Miss Williams and
another demonstrator, secured rooms at !
the Astor house last night and shortly :
afterward Garrison complained to Mrs.
Martin that he could not sleep on ac
count of ' fleas. The landlady. . advised
him to place a bowliof water^near- his
bed, Into which the- fleas r would jump,
and this he did. tater in the . night,
however. Mies Williams heard . -some j
one attempt to enter the room occupied ,
by herself and her fellow demonstrator, i
She called to Garrison, whose room was \
across the hall, and the latter, forget- |
ting the bowl of water on the floor,
leaped out of bed and striking the
bowl spilled the water over the floor.
According to Miss Williams, Mrs.
Martin demanded that she . pay for the
damage to the carpet. This the/dem
onstrator refused to do and . shortly ;
afterward went out for- breakfast,:
leaving her! watch under the pillow, of,
her bed. .On. returning she found .the
watch gone and on reporting the mat
ter to Mrs. Martin was informed that
her watch was in the hands of the lat
ter and would not be returned until
the damage done by Garrison had been
made good- Miss Williams at once
sought the aid of the authorities and
a search warrant was Issued v for the
recovery of the watch.. "
The case will be heard by Police
Judge Samuels tomorrow ,,morning.
OAKLAND, May 27.— Trinity Episco
pal church is to be -enlarged for the
accommodation of a vested choir. Rev.
Clifton Macon, the rector, has called
for $2,000 for, the work. The cTiurch
will establish a mission at Alden In
July in charge of Rev. Nelson Saunders,
assistant rector of Trinity parish.
Work on the improvements to the
church edifice will be begun July 1.
"Once a Week" Is Wrecked
: ;l by: Dishonesty of A. F.
-'\u25a0•. .-..' Ruhlman
OAKLAND, May. 27.— At the door; of
A. F. Ruhlman, former business man
ager, is laid the responsibility for the
suspension of "Once a Week," a society
weekly which has ceased publication.
Ruhlman decamped after swam'plng
the paper with a flood of debts,, leav
ing Mrs. Zoe Green Radcliffe, the edi
tor, in difficulties from which she could
not save' the wreck.- She was unable
after Ruhlrnan's disappearance to get
any idea of the actual condition of her
business affairs. .- - ..- .: ,
Ruhlman is charged with having'-col
lected money in considerable amount
and not accounting: for it. \u25a0 \u25a0 He is also
accused by his former landlady: in
Alameda -with having stolen several
hundred dollars' worth" of her personal
effects. Several merchants In this city
have complained that they trusted him
to the extent of supplying wearing- ap
parel and other articles. \u25a0 - V"
Since' Ruhlman's disappearance not a
trace of him : has been found cby \u25a0\u25a0 the
police. He lived in Alameda. with" his
wife. ' ' ' " ""r :\u25a0' ' \u25a0*•\u25a0 •\u25a0. •\u25a0-. ' :
Oakland Cotincilrnen < Favor
the Appointment of
Such a Body-
OAKLAND, May 27.— Should the
plans of several members : of ; the city,
council meet with the approval of that
body a permanent commission will be
appointed in this city, under, the con
trol, of .which !,will. be placed;; the open
ing of all* streets. It willbe , the duty
of the commission, to determine;wheth
er or not. a proposed street is a public
necessity and to appraise all' costs and
damages.- *
The commission, will be- appointed
under the law. passed at the last ses
sion of i the legislature, which ' greatly
simplifies -the,, opening.; of . new streets."
The old law was complicated^ and; per r
mltted: of >many delays, any,, objector,
even- though his objection might, be i ill
founded, .being able to Hie Up the' work
at will. Should the commission be* ap
pointed by. the. city council ltis expectr
ed City Clerk Frank. Thomson will be
appointed secretary of the' board, while
still retaining his present office.- •-'*\u25a0
LOS ANGELES, • May 27.— Jack' Cain,
a tramp, : while = being ejected from > the
plant of the ; Mat hie Brewing- company
by Ed Mathie, drew a reyolver^and
fired four shots I at** three- nien standing
near."- One bullet* lodged jn the knee
of Frank Linfeldt, a'contractor, and the
others; went wild. '. Cain , fied '\u25a0\u25a0: to ;/the
Southern Pacific \u25a0 shops I and sent a bul
let into his own head, dying. soon after
ward. Linfeldt's wound .is not "dan?
gerous.v \ :':.7-~/': ':.7-~/'^ <: ;-» ; 'k \u25a0\u25a0'''\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0a^
,". PETALUMA; ; May 27.— E; M. ; Corliss,
president*- of :' the -Corliss, gas"-' engine
company., of , San ; Francisco, , C. \u25a0T. { Clere,
secretary ianl manager, land :-f Emmet
Conneban, \ formerly^of Petaluma',^who
is connected* withV the company,' l were
here on Sunday. : They, may.'locateV a
factory, here.: T . / \u25a0' • ; -'"
KAPA, .May; 27.— Antorie.-Herzo/; forr2o
years the, night-watchman at j the jlocal
steamboat > landing,', died p ln , this' city
today * from ; h ear t fal lure. '^'>He ; was | a
member 'of : the Austrian 'benevolent :so
<dety, of * San r Francisco. ;' .
THE: ; SAJVT jffK^€lisCU -CAJjfi,-; fIIAY 28, 1907.
Oakland Council and Board
of ' Public Works to
Engineer Directed to Ascer-.
\u25a0 tain Cost lUnder Plans
Submitted \
OAKLAND. May 27.— Mayor Mot t has
called a conference of the'board of pub
lic works j and the city council for June
6 to discuss .the question of a municipal
wharf for this. city. -The^ effect' of -the
decision of the -United /States circuit
court of appeal' in; the -Western Pacific-
Southern Pacific : case r.wlll Gbe consid
ered in its bearings on the city's rights.
In committee of the whole tonight the
city council recommended" the passage
of Councilman Jackson's 1 resolutlon^dl
recting the city; engineer to prepare
estimates on . the cost : oorf r constructing
wharves on the west shore line of ,the
city between the north training; wall 1 of
Oakland harbor and • the Southern Pa
cific broad gauge : mole. Two plans
were submitted by Councilman' Jackson.
Both of them cover a part of the terri
tory .which was 'sought by the Western
Pacific and the Southern-Pacific' for the
construction of docks, piers and basins.
The plans follow: •
Plan A— To reclaim by filling in tide lands «p^
proslmately 4,000x1,025 ; feet from - the westerly
extremity of which to build two wharves to deep
water, ad Istance -of approximately \u25a0 one • and ' a
quarter miles- paid wbarreti to be 200 -feet
w.jde and 300 feet apart. v The filled land is
bounded and \u25a0 described as follows: - * \u25a0
Commencing at a point 300 feet easterly of the
easterly line of Peralta street extended southerly
to high water line, thence^ westerly three-quar
ters of a mile, . thence at right angles . northerly
1,525 feet, -. thence at ; right • angles easterly • to
the shore line. •" . \ • \u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0-\u25a0•. --\u25a0
Plan B — To bnlM ; a wharf lon piles, approxi
mately two miles long and 100 feet wide, with
suitable terminal facilities . for docking deep 1 uea
ships, commencing at or near. the point of Inter
section of Peralta street c- ended southerly and
high -water lino. . • . .. -. . .-
Sunol Man Takes Up Cru
sade to Gain Mother's . \u25a0
Consent to* Suit ''i
OAKLAXD, May "27.— Behind the lone
protest , filed with the board of super
visors t»y John Trimmingham j against
the granting of a' saloon; license to M.'
Martin of Sunol is said to lie a romance
in which the heart interests of I the 17
year old daughter of "W.-W.; Chambers
and Trimmingham are Interwoven^ The
girl's parents,: like Trimmlnghamj' are
residents of. Sunol, and / the /young
woman's mother ;l is. reported !_ to*, be
strongly opposed* to the; establishment
of another saloon in the tidy. little set
She , has given 1 Trlmmlngham to un
derstand that. she. will J not .look with
favor ".upon his' suit for' her "daughter's
hand .unless . he' effects ;t; th enclosing gof
tKree • saloons ; nowidlspenslng '. drinks; to
the ihl> Suhbl. ¥r : That [Ha iV? why
Trimmingham iis'-fightlrig against' the
grantirigofa license to /Alartin; to; run
another* saloon 'in the" town; where Miss
Chambers 'lives. : ''".:. \u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0. -
, The supervisors today rescinded their,
action of last Monday denying J Martin
a license and; will give his: application
another ' hearing. ; Trimmingham- seems
to be conducting, his fight against; the
saloons single handed, but; those who
know the girl sayi that she could inspire
him or any other . man to engage in a
much more arduous task. ? \u25a0\u25a0_ '- >;Z \u25a0;..: '\u25a0
Deputy Sheriff in Role of
Peace Maker Barely..
Escapes Blow ,
OAKLAND, May. 27.— A v flght that
threatened serious consequences, among
the prisoners in the county jail vwas
quelled , today by Sheriff \u25a0" J.* J.
Sherry at-the risk of *his life. > Sherry
narrowly escaped '.'a, blqwi on ? the, head
with a piece of sheet Iron'? in ] the. hands
of John \u25a0 McWilliarris," who 'was fighting
with\ another" prisoner ' "named ;\u25a0 Louis
Willis. Before, the- interference; < of
Sherry. Willis had been badly battered
on the head by the pugnacious McWil-
Ilams. ; f - j . ' .. " ; - : . : "' : - \u25a0 '
The Iron wlelder >.was finally over
come ' by Sherry^: and ~ reduced ';, to ; sub
mission. -\ He is : serving a sentence; of
90 days for disturbing' the'* peace, and
but for " his actions '. would + have - been
released' tomorrow."" ' \u0084 -
Wants; County's Aid in^Pro
ject to Relieve Pleasant
; OAKLAND, May V 2 7.— A '{ conference
between* the ' board of public " works .and
the supervisors "was ' held ' today^. touch
ing co-operation -of city; and fcoiinty," in
the 'Construction^ of. a . drainagetsystem
to > relieve : Pleasant r valley^, of V storm
waters." " The\board"> purposes a expendf
ing v about^ (25,000 ? in at drainage ?\u25a0 sys
tem .; to!.' take ,\ care '£ of enlarge J: area'
wlthlnjtheVcitytlimlts, but4tTmust;en
list cthe' supervisors to 'provide .for. the
territory "outside. . *-~j:- ; : .". : - '\u25a0:] ; ;"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . •
;-"1|: It iis I estimated th at I the f outside {work
will*c6st \u25a0$12,000. - Vv To ."perfect | the/sys
tem;,will i require; sewer Jbe^
yond^thejeity's, Jurisdiction!: r.! District
Attorney"! Brown i- has ; been'j requested |to
give ithe^ 1 supervisors I an?bpihion 'i as *to
thelr^powers.f = The ]dißtrlctf affecte*d 'has"
become j ah ? impoftant** section;- in \u25a0 that
large £ residence f^ tracts *'• have *j recently^
been- opened' there. "... :" \u25a0 ; •'\u25a0>•'; (\ -y. ,C
LOVELOCK, ; Nev:; ; May.i27.^A- half
blockfof ; Main i street LwaslbarrTed:- at. 4
o*clo"cklthlsfrnorrijng. > (One[pers~on
tlty s uriklriownrjs7suppbisidito]h.aveibeen >
lbst.\jMrs.iM.^J4TorryJ* residence;! J^M- r
Hunter, r saloon'^ndirestauraht;fHender-^
son &McGlnty,'saloon;SLent|&|Hahsen?
harness ;T J.'iT.v Marker,*? statlonery.^wero
burned rout. 'The* tbtal|Joss*isi $75,000/
GOES TO NEW CHOlK— Berkeley, i M» y —
Prof.'Carli Sawtell- conducted v the^inn«lc;il service"
at * the -i rtrstSCtirlstlant church j" last i nisUt 1 ? and
then : e*td * goodbx." B 3 He fis• to | take charge s of , the
cboir,. of > tb e . Kirst' Oljristi.iu?cLiarcli ? i>t ? Oabinnd
on : . June.. 1.- \u25a0.:\u25a0_-\u25a0•- •'\u25a0\u25a0",*• ;- ;-:\u25a0-\u25a0*»*: •- \u25a0••:.:\u25a0--\u25a0 -.r-.i-^..-.
Miss' : Smith .Arrives
' r to Hake, Post of -
• : Secretary
h GIRLS. \u25a0 . :.-, .-- ,:-\u25a0\u25a0-. " •",\u25a0.: *.-\u25a0.+.•\u25a0 "- - -
OAKLAND, May 27.— Miss Isabel
Smith has arrived from! St. Joseph,"": Mo 4
to ..take : the " secretaryship ' made j vacant
in "the Young; Woman's Christian : asso
ciation through ' the • resignation of j Miss
N.V Elizabeth" Evans^ Miss { Smith ;brlngs
the well wishes of a host of members
from her former home. - •. ; • -. \u25a0
CV She has been : active 'l or 'i IB years -in
social work : among, young womeni hav-.
Ingrgiyen. much "time ;and labor in'spe
cial branches of T. W."' C. A/ effort. r : :;
i Before \u25a0 going , , to r St. .. Joseph- '-; Miss
Smith , was engaged \u25a0\u25a0 In" the movement
at Toledo, O.,;;aad'at ; Kalamazoo, - Mich.
The;- establishment" of :\u25a0' the ' .working
girls' clubhouse in ; this city makes the
posltion'of secretary an important • one.
The committee of 300 club , women that
undertook \u25a0 to raise . the funds for ; the
purchase 'of ,tlve Playter home is meet
ing; '.with ?good ; success.V' The payments
have been- met promptly, the business
men 7 and society? folk responding gen
erously,: While there ; Is yet several
thousand .- dollars ,to '.be raised;* before
the .work jg may be definitely started,
the > officers have every hope of: its ac
complishment. -. \u25a0 : - ' 1 "}l_\
Society in Cities
Acrosslhe Da/
: OAKLAND, ".May > 27.— The h members
of thejMonday/whlst club were {enter
tained 2 this g af ternoojj '> at • the" . country
homeTof r Mrs.* t Horry^ ileek .'in! Hayward
at ;aVdellghtful! affair: \u25a0VAfter^theidis^
cussion : of fan'-f elaborate "rn^nu(a/game
of? cards ;}was ':!enj6yedr>*/Am6hg C those
who^acceptediMrs.'^ileek'a i
werelMrs. s ? MaftinlW.7.Kales.lMrs>:J.*R.
Burnham, I *.M rs.,- Robert f" Knight,"^ Mrs/
Charles"" Minor^ Goodall,*' Mrs. ;; Hayward
Thomas,* Mrs/-: Charles * Allen^' Mrs.' Frank
Brigham,^Mrs;i: Harry *jKnowles," -Mrs."
Charles i Hough ton, v i Mra. j Lillian j Brown
Everts,; Mrs." Egbert s Stone,- Mrs.'.rJohn
L.-; Howard, ; Mrs. • Frank", L. v Brown, • Mrs.
Thomas 'Crellin and Mrs. Frederick's. 1
Stratton. - - "• " :
r The marriage of ; John Buswell.'and
Miss Elizabeth v Jarvis will be cele
brated on '< the . evehlng. of
June 12; at ?the residence of the bride's
mother, in .East Oakland. "lOnlyll the
members .; of •'» the , Buswell - and ; Jarvis
families, will witness^^ the : ceremony.'
After a : short, honeymoon trip Buswell
and his "bride 'will \u25a0 make their; home ; in
this i city. ; \u25a0 The j bride -elect "Is , an* ex
ceedingly/attractive« girl, t ."With 7a- host
of, friends -to wish" her happiness;- Bus
well " is ' a prominent ~ young ibusiness
man of Oakland, being, associated with
his father in. the. manufacture of paint.
•Mrs. F. M. : Smith was a dinner -hos-^
tess Friday i evening,' »* entertaining v a
score >of 'friends/ at? Arbor -.Villa,; the.
Smith mansion, in East-Oakland,; at. an'
elaborate- affair.. vMr.- and? Mrs. 'Smith
will \u25a0 leave ;: shortly .f or their ; summer
home \i in;' Shelter; island, where they
will spend a- couple of , months. -""I-'
« Mr. and; Mrs." .William. Reese , will lbe
the . guests of ;; honor, on ' Saturday, even
ing, : June r I," 1 at 'an elaborate dinner
given by .Mr. '/and ; Mrs. Albert" H.; Eliot
at'the' Eliot'homein'.irelegraph'avenuel
Covers : will be "'\u25a0- laid : for , Mr. and j Mrs.
Reese, '.Mr.-; and i Mrs.v John ': W. V Stetson,
Mr. s and "-. •Mrs.",i Harry,,Gray, xMr,' r and
Mrs. ; Frederick Hoover,' Miss Katherine
Potter!": Jesse 1 L. "Dibert^ and "the host
and hostess.* \u25a0 '.; : V> \u25a0_. ' -;<
;\u25a0 The r Piedmont; home' of the R.-.W.
Gorrills-was \the scene ". of a delightful
affair ' today, .when" Mrs.'; John A.'. Brlt
tain entertained"^ atUunchebhVln- honor
of i Mrs.'' Florence V Sharon T 'Allen,'.' who
will . soon plight '? her s troth ; to * Herbert
Brown", of .'Alameda.* % Covers ;\u25a0 were'; laid
for -14 J intimate friends fof '\u25a0 the 4 hostess
and \ complimented ; guest/,; An *in formal
game i of . cards; 1 passed '. the later hours
of the. afternoon^: 'l, .'' '•' . V-?
' One 'of * the I affairs \, of thY week ito
which the youngerVset'lsilqoklngsfor
ward^is"; the', ; informal '{dance y.which % is
being \by * the* graduating class
of -7. the V Horton V; school for y k Saturday
evening." , .The'l commencement / exerf
ciseSiWlll!_be ? he_ld;ln*:Ebbirhall-onVPrll'
day .\u25a0evening,'; May 1 31^', 7;- fr- .\u25a0\u25a0' ..."./-
Miss^. Genevieve: Chambers ijhas. in
vited' the .members ;of one ; of the^ young
er^ Linda^yista'f ca'rd^'clubs v to f - her
guests r at \ the] Chambers' home ?In 5%. als
wor th i avenue • on" Monday;? afternoon i of
next £ week.'^'Af ter;'an'i informal ,' game
a 1 dainty* menu ;.will ; round out', the en
joyable hour. :^^^SSSSS^^:^''l : ''^'
Miss - Isabelle^Meyer.k daughter^6f< Mr:
and \u25a0 Mrs^George 1 H.l Meyer^bf j 112^ Park
avenue,': and |jWillls4Weldoni\Vins*oni"of
: Portland,'; Ore.?i.will \ be' cele bra tei ? in' the
: First U Christian*?^ church; . ii Wednesday-
; evening,! June < 5. i s The^brido-elect>t >' has
ibeen;the;"organlstVbf,the:First T ChrlstUm
the 'new.-hbußelofiWorshipi that! has Jjust
: beehTcbmpleted.'T'lThe '.% bride *,will| be 5 at
tended I by j Miss f Hel cii- Maef arlarie?? Mi ss
'\u25a0 Bessiet Qlf KJiiWrl^ht|of I Palo>AltoTand
:Miss|-Eyelyn « La rkiri.' . Edwin? bL'i Meyer,
is UolbebestTrhan^:? After ja^hoheymobn
trips through^ thef central^ part *of H the
state the; couple willjmakejth'elri home
ih'S Portland, 5 ! where |Mr. y Yin son Jis Ten
gaged tin|the!printingsbusihess:c^ './; -,-; ;\u25a0;'._,-
;\u25a0: V Much 1 in terestfisjsbeihg' manifested -.by.
, local| societyJiri I the! ice -cream £carh lval
«lob'sfa^Pr_osser i 'sJ; pharmacy g'/Wedries^
Say;: They Cannot Grant the
Scale Presented by '
Cooks and Waiters-
Will Close Down in Event
of Strike and Not Hire - f\
• Nonunion Help
OAKLAND. / I May , 37. — Restaurant
owners /organized > today i at "- Odd .'Pel-
Iowb*;; hall '] and, '; representing , all \of i the
large '{ cafes % arid ;-. restaurants, decided
not . to f ; grant "t the "/demands / 'of 1 -<the
cooks' and In
a schedule presented /to \u25a0 the ; employers
to*, be : effective > June * 3." / ! Twenty;-eight
firms ,wer« represented fat • the ; meeting,
over 'which ' Antone. Clecak /-/presided.'
The ?declslon^was unanimous. ' vlt /.was
based i on the ground : that- business -con
ditions 'did: nbtjwar rant, the/tproprletors
granting the ; advance'ldemanded. v-- \u25a0\u25a0;'• v ,
;i Though -decisive Pin; their : stand, ; tho
association's 1 ' paved .the r way
for . conference -.with >, the I union ; by v se
lecting .as committee "of ' four, , composed
of President * Clecak.7 J. = O'Donnell /and
Messrs. •< Hesse /and;.. Rudlger.'J to :\u25a0 meet
the i; union's 1 committee fthls' week in: an
effort to reach I a settlement without a
strike.': ' Some (of , the s proprietors " de
clared ') that \u25a0In t the "event ;of .a strike
they.: wour4 ; " not- attempt to ; operate
with nonunion help,' but would. close up
.thejr. >. places of '. business until '; the
trouble f had :,eridedi. - : % *
M.' Owens/ of Owens & Starr, said:
"We /have no "desire" to~" fight; "the
union." " The 'demands '"cannot be ' met
by j the /employers * under/ existing 'con-"
ditions of Whether, tho labor
disturbances \u25a0 In ; San Francisco : are re
sponsible \ or : not,' business: in the • Oak
land restaurants has fallen off and fur
ther increase in pay Is Impossible. If
a strike ; should -\ result ; next week Iwe
will I close up I and "\u25a0 wait. We shall ; not
try to operate while the strike is on."!
District 'Attorney Declares
Antitrust Law Is Be
y ing Violated
.- \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . -\u25a0'.- '\u25a0 •--•'-\u25a0•-\u25a0- / v-. / .
' ' \ ' \u25a0.•,"' "~"~~~ . , . •
OAKLAND, May. 27.— The Alameda
county butchers' exchange will : be
prosecuted under.:; the Cartwright anti
trust i law, , If I radical' changes are not
made : in its methods. District Attor
ney. Everett J. Brown announced today
he had conducted an investigation and
become convinced ; that the members of
the exchange could be .convicted of
maintaining "a combination in restraint
of trade and a monopoly to hold up
prices. •' ;\u25a0/ ., : •
..: "I shall not ask the assistance of the
grand : Juryln the] matter// said Jßrownr
"but^l- wlll¥ conduct i the j fight -on v the
butchers'Jexchange as an'illegal organ
ization? entirely]* by/myself.':? So^far,; the
exchange : has given- no indication ; of • its
intentionVtoVdlsband^ and? f romywhat c I
have "learned > its) member s twill make | a
determined' resistance."-* ;. , ; : VK !
Rivalry Between Telegraph
: Gompanies Will Result",
\u25a0:;'-.•: in More Lines
- r "> RENO, Nev., May \u25a0 - 27.— That the
Western Union : telegraph company ; does
hot Intend' to : relinquish the business it
has -built .up in- the -southern part of
the ; state .to the ' Postal lines a
struggle I: la •;.'. evidenced \u25a0; by- Its ; active"
plan j^of . extension and Improvement al
ready : started. : \u25a0 Engineers/ have been
placed " in :'\u25a0 the field to : survey ' a route
from'^TonopahTto 'Ely. to connect^ with
the; main v lines along the right. of way
of I the '; Southern" Pacific The < plan vof
improvement ; also * includes •• the. instal
lation of J heavier Swires ; between ; here
and :i the •i'sbuth'e'rn^ country/'.', This work
will ; jbe commenced ; to 7 meet the oppo
sitionithreatened; by i the active opera
tions * started , the' Postal \ telegraph
people -to 'i enter Nevada. ;
V CHICAGO, May 27.— General Kurokl
and party, I ; arrived" ln- Chicago, over the
Lake ;: Shore 'from i; the ; Michigan South
ern.,' railroad -tonight. >T.The . Japanese
military^ leader ,'willj.be' the! guest of the
Commercial -club.; next Friday night. '
SAN ; JOSE, : May_ 27.— The . br ewe ry men
at the Frederickab'urg breweryjaf ter.be-
IngVout or .'\u25a0 more % than •-& \u25a0 week i,went
back jto ; work I this morning, at -|24 ' a
.week, \u25a0; the '", wage',: offered ' N them before
they, struck.' s^^^te^^B^^Sg^B^^jß
-L \u25a0-, T TTT " rn j BY> TaAIN-^-Charles Murray, a r la
borer,*.- was *. Btrnck by i local ;: train ." Nor ; 31 -»t
Elkhorn station near the • county ! line > yesterday
morning i and : ; died ?on ; his i way > to ; the • city l and
county hospital. \u25a0.:•;•• *\. :--" \u25a0'-,' • '
phians in > the Alameda sanatorium. The
public ;, will *> be received 'by 'a; committee
of i prominent club t women' consisting, of
Mrs. E. j J.li Dodge, r 7 Mrs.'^ C : L: Tisdale,*
Mrs. ..P.; b. * Teller,! Mrs. ?A- J. ; Samuels,'
Mrs: \u25a0 1." N.- Chapman* Mrs.": J.'.N. Young,
Mrs. 'I Go E. Plummer,' Mrs.'; S.;B. r Connor,'-
Mfs.^ B. r " F.* Clark," Mrs/Charlea Philpott,
Mrs.i Duncan v Wright, '{ Mrs. 12- M.^ Slos
sJfti,' Mrs. • Green^ Majors,*' Mrs. "Augusta
Fowler.^ 'J Mrs. '/ Nettie V; Rogers*-; Mrs. 1
Charles v Miss \ i Haworth,v ; Miss
Soule) and -,Mrs.rNettie" Rogers.- ,H S. *
ij TChe s girls ! of rAlpha" Sigma sorority
will t be i hostesses 1- att- a* charity.?; ball : to
:be ? given 'Saturday ; nights in*; Harmonia
hall'SforitheJbeneflt of 5 the : . free bed in
theTAlameda; sanatorium., 1
*£i Mr.i ; and | Mrs^ Herbert^ RawlinsonTof
1509;NlnthTstreetrentertained:last : J?jl
Miss JMargaretl Schnelder,\whb i Is v sooa
;tb"ibecome;the\brlde l of i yincent;Hbiland/'
Twenty •rfourjguests participated.:'- ' l -
S| Miss {LaurillaiMurdbck y has
ffbmJPortland;™ of eTT^whereV ahel spent
twbimonths as' the"Tguest' i bf. friends. r ! "'"
;V:;Mrs." .ll -.- Snow^wiirrentertainjat a
[ farewell' luncheon : to '\u25a0 be ; given IThuradayi
at SherJ home 1 in^Uhion^ street! in fcom-'
pllment' to Mrs. 6 ; J.* J;;Crawf ord," who will
; soon' leave' Alameda.. •
;^-The j of ; BalTawalpur, ; tlic prlnV
clpal ;: Moharar.ie"da'n '„ ruler fof 'Northern"
•IndiaSißpirdings6n^aC;pllgrimage;.= LtO
'MecCrtV?v.-lth';> Jill-'^the Qot } his
family.^bf,; both-; sexeaf "and Va i majestic
.fetmiicvcj C -inside rable -political j'signifl-*
cancel at tticlic s.; to 6 this j pilgrimage. > :
*; \| Steps j ? a" ;, -s ;«. be tngf- taken* to; organized a'
j general 'fasiociat ion r of Jail 'the "employes
of jt hoi se\'e::*linii. vy.iyardSi'.-ln'" the; Unit cl
Stated-.'-.:,.':' " : 7-;l /;, --'/^'"l '-' '....-' : ' ; -";
Begin- the! Registration of
2the^ Animals in; County
"Clerk^ Office *
Legislative Enactment Due
to Society for
tion of Cruelty
. OAKLAND, .May 27.— -The first regis
tration An Alameda county of a horse
with a docked tall under the provisions
of • the act of " the leglslatui c providing
for the * registration of animals ;-;ro
treated ; .was '; entered at .the county
clerk's office today. The. horse be
longs to : Stephenson & Steffens of 1 612
Telegraph avenue and .the certificate of
regfstr«* iJ «h was issued 'by Deputy
County . Clerk Browning. The fee" is
50 cents. ;< . '.'. \u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0.
Officers -of the \u25a0: Society for tha Pre
; ventlorii'df cruelty to Animals, who
/drafted the act in the^ form 'In .which It
' was adopted;*, have I Issued ' leaflets con
taining .sectlonspof /the .law. A full
"description of the horse . regis£ered as
having a.: docked tall is required, in
cluding an outline of Its antecedents
and present and past conditions of
! servltudo. ,
Will Presented by William Savage
for Disposition of Big Estate
Opposed by Widow -
:.. OAKLAND.- May 27.—Mrs. Blanche
Boardman. has filed her: objections 'to
the admission to probate as the will of
her late husband, Joseph Boardman. the
millionaire,/ of the 'document- presented
by William Savage. The will that Sav
age has proposed provides for the erec
tion of an astronomical observatory and
cuts Mrs. • Boardman off -with an,allow
ance of $150 a month. -
MARTINEZ, May 27.— Martin ex aerie
No. ,725 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles
gave, a; basket- picnic Sunday to. the
members of the order and their friends.
There \u25a0 were upward /of 1,000 Eagles
from Black; Diamond aerie 1021, Pinole
aerie/;l49s,Suisun city: 1467, San Fran
cisco 5. Oakland 7, PoinT ßichmond 354,
Antloch 755 and Crockett'774. The pic
nic; was held in Martinez at Bay View
park, a beautiful spot, and was enjoyed
by aIL / . . „
About the Bay |
F. C. ; Hempstead has been appointed ' druggist
at" the* county infirmary.
May 27.— John J. Travers has been appointed at
tendant In the : receiving hospital at a (alary
of $1W) a month.
27. — George i Sanders, a laborer, has been ar- '
rested on \u25a0 a charjre of having *tol*a a number
oftoola from William Greenfield, a roofing con
tractor, ; of , 412 Fifteenth ; street. * \u25a0 * • \u25a0
27.- r -Cbarles Borromeo, charged .wltb. . burglary,
was given his preliminary hearing before Justice
of : the .Peace 'E.~E. Johnson; today and was held
to ; ; answer, to ; the '- superior court.
27. — Judge : :Henry,A."MelTln and Judge E. 11.
Heaeock ... will be '. the guests '«, of -s the . Uni tarlan
dab*, a t «n '. "at '• home" '- In the , clnb's quarters \u25a0 In
the j Unitarian 'church -Wednesday night.- '\u25a0\u25a0•""
Iand, May; 27, — Articles of Incorporation OX • the
Leckte-Abraham title company were, filed today.:
R.~ SSt. t I>ckie. v lra Abraham. Nathan M." Moran.
Walter P. \ Woolsey * and : Harrison -8. Robinson
May 27. — Motion for a new trial to collect |7.
287 from the estate of F. Nigro by means of an
alleged promlsory note which a Jury decided
was fraudulent was denied K. de Rago by Judge
Ogden today.
RAIDS CRAPS GAKE— Berkeley, " May 27.—
A craps game. ln the rear of . J. - Well's cigar
store In v Center street was raided by Sergeant
Woods last : night and \u25a0 two \u25a0• youmr»»ers, Kobert
McJenkln and Robert Webb, - w*r« arrested.
Each gave $10 ball.
-CRIPPLED BOY MlSSlNG— Oakland. May 27.
Mrs. Mary Thumbra, who lives at 1633 Pacific
street, has reported to the police that her 1C
year old \u25a0 son. \u25a0 Frank Thombra. disappeared from
home yesterday morning. . • When • last seen the
boy wore a rad sweater and a bGtcfc cap.- One
of ; his . arms Is crippled." \u0084
land. . May 27. — Mrs. Belsa • Seraslo has sworn
to :a t complaint charging her husband, - Calla
Seraslo, with failure to provide for his minor
daughter. . ; The : couple have been separated - foe
some time * and s the : woman declares ' that the
father has refused to support the child.
May 27.— -Articles of | incorporation of ' the East
Oakland free kindergarten were filed today. One
or more free kindergarten* will be * established
by * the . association. Mrs. James Vane, Mary -X.
Marsh, Mrs. Lewis P. Harrey, Mrs. Harry E.
Frtok and' Mrs.. C. N. Brewster are directors.
27. — Mrs. • Ellen Dennlaon ' declares that - beennse
she attempted to take a bottle of .whisky from
her husband, . John Dennlson," after he - was al
most crazed . with liquor. \u25a0he knocked her down
and . beat her. She - was treated for a serere
injury to her side by tf>r. Bell In Use tecelTlng.
hospitaL - ;^9BHRsMMHs9HOEs|BBBn||
"-'- COLLISION. WITH CAR— Oakland. May 27.—
Two Italians narrowly escaped death thld morn
ing in a coUUlon between the wagon In - wbk'h
they r were, riding, and a Hay ward electric car
at Twelfth and Jackson streets. The car strnek
the wagon from behind and both occupants were
thrown to :\u25a0 the , ground, \u25a0 but they \u25a0 escaped ' wltli
painful bruises. -' -"\u25a0':
•, RALLY ' AROUND " BONTlRE— Alameda, May
27.— The students \u25a0\u25a0 of the • Alameda high school
held > a \u25a0 bonfire rally la , the city park - this eren
lng In honor of the baseball team of the school,
which : captured . the Academic league champion
ship last Saturday by defeating the WllmerJtng
high i school : nine. -The. cup won by the cham
pions was. exhibited. :-\u25a0 , "-
May ;-, 27. — At charge \u25a0• of grand . larceny/ against
Miss ' Emma : NiUoa was " dismissed this morning
In the police court on motion of ; tht prosecuting
attorney.:- L.* F.'Ewlag; the accuser of the gtrl,
had accused her of the theft of a diamond ring,
but j after -the .'police > had '; recorered the jewel
he; refused. to, prosecute.; , . •
£ MAGEE ' TURNS ..' TO FARMlNG— Berkeley.
May ', 27.— Prof. Walter Magee, head of tbu
physical , cultrfre ': department of . the ; >mlT»r»lty,
has \u25a0: purchased -> i 40 - acre , ranch • at Walnut
creek . and is ; now; llyin?: In a tent on tbe prop
erty.- Part of \u25a0 his vacation will be. spent super-
Intending - the '\u25a0 erection of farm buildings on \u25a0\u25a0 »h*»
ranch, : ;whica " la about two miles beyond La
fayette."> :.-.*•' »-V" '". \u25a0' ' I," -'\u25a0 . ''
\u25a0*.-*" ACftUITTED'' .OF CRUELTY— Berkeley. May
27.— Mrs. .;\u25a0 -: Frances ', - Schlueter. \u25a0 % charged » with
cruelty to ia ' neighbor's . chickens, was acquitted
ln^Justlce Edgar's ) court i this -, afternoon." Mrs.
Schlueter. '_- who - lives -\u25a0 at • Mabel and , EUlzabeth
streets,"- was said to hare cut the., crop from -one
of .Mrs. '<M. .Stanley's chickens and then thrown
the -'mutilated "fowl over j: the fence 'Into Mrs.
Stanley's; premises. \u0084'.,-;; .~'\± , . . : - :-'
27. — According 'to\u25a0 a - story told ; by,» him to Jhe
police this -'afternoon T John Strobebl, .a. *nnn
garlan,;.; who »- recently - arrived 'in the . United
States,"^ was '. the victim of . a ; bold robbery today
In \u25a0: a r saloon <In : . Fourth street r near • Broadway.
Strobebl' "\u25a0 said \ that while . he -i was drinking 'at
the j bar ; he ' was : attacked •. by •- two m«n who . took :
$35 I roni his \u25a0 pocket*. . Although . tbe \u25a0 bar 1 tender
and^ several 5 others i witnessed -the j robbery - they
ma.de.no attempt prevent^H. '*---, \ • \u25a0'.
& CAF-RY \ FIGHT HlGKEB— Berkeley.- May 27.
Two's llqnonnen, .'Aojrost -;\u25a0 Hulllade v and W alter
S weetmau,'* who were • conrlcted or tlleral Uqnor
selllns ! end J fined 1 1300 ? by ; Justice R.t S.' Ed?ar,
areJ to < carry i tbeir .• c*«es . to - the sopreme coort.
The i superior \u25a0\u25a0 court and the \u25a0 district court of ap.
peala ;: recently^ sustained » Justice . Edgar's J ruJine,'
J&e i snprenie . court ;. will ' be.i «»ked 'to i pass • npoa
tlie '. saloonmen'B - ; contention I that ' Jostle« Edzsr
exceeded • his J powers : by- ltop«laa» a : fine "pro
rliifd: by nhe state law Instead of tn»ias hi» df" '
cree> and ; wnount •a? paoishment upon \u25a0 the mu
nicipal; ordinance. V '""' ,'
;'-- NAPA, May ; 27.— John Glau33en, for.
20 years a resident of this city, ; died
suddenly {last - n^ght: gj«Hls death V, was
Caused '•by':; peri tonitis.^ resulting^, from
Judge O. Cless Appeals to
Police to Suppress.
Noisy Canines
Distinguished SojournerSays
Warnings to Neighbors
Are Ignored
BERKELEY. May 27. — Spurred by an-
ger which Berkeley dogs had inspired.
Judge O. Cless, a distinguished savant
from Europe, who Is temporarily so
journing In Berkeley, has appealed to
the police. department to rtd the town
of the animals which hay© disturbed
his sleep, spoiled his peace of mind
and finally hava moved aim to ; epistol
ary, efforts calculated to work tha da
struction of the offending canines.
Judge Clesa la a jurist whose career
in Germany was marked by noteworthy
achievements. Ha la now compiling 1
various literary works and is using the
treasures of the university library for
his : purposes. His picturesque flcuYe
often 'attracts the attention of visitors,
and he is ranked as one of the town's
claims to distinction. ,'
Great ". trials or unusual misfortunes
do not greatly disturb Judge Cless, but
the howl of tha "bowwow" offends him
mightily and moves him to wrath. Inci
dentally inducing him to take his pen
in hand and plead with the polfca to
execute vengeance upon tho pups and
other impedimenta to his peace. Judgs
Cless is a German scholar, but pretends
to •no especial skill in threading the
maze of English idiom and parts of
speech. His complaints and appeals to
theroliee are in part as follows:' .
I am much obliged to 700 that once 70a bad
the kindness to stop the , mischief of a lady
nHgbbor, as proprietor of a dogr. wbo was-ned
to walk and bark on the streets . at niffht. I
bad written to 70a that. there are f«w of this
kind. Already, . about . two weeks ago I fonod
the second who la even mad. ' He belongs to a
Mrs. Powerly, 1958 Delaware. Powerly feed
him and :he la lrrtns? ' 00 - the atre«t walkinz
arouaJ dally and night. - B* haa a rote* a* a
lion and \u25a0 nse this roice altrays. with intertQ?
tfons. dallr and night. It U terrlbl* or«r de
scription. He la a red, brows, large, old dog.
a little lame.
Judge Cless* latest complaint to the
police concerns a dog in Grant street.
an animal which completely- falls to
gain any part of his approval or es
teem. Concerning the situation in
Grant street Judge Cless -writes to
Chief Vollmer as follows:
I lire la Grant street. Sir. ' (or Mrs.) role?
corner of Grant and Bancroft keep two n;ty
dors which (eapeclauy one) disturb the neigh
bors at night In an awfol manner. Once. I wrote
him asking him to do hla dntr to his cltlxea
fellows. Afterward It was all right for a short
while. I beg respeetfnll7 to canae the people
yet - this erenlng to keep his dogs, v» soon as
the daylight Is past, la a barn or la their honse
If they not wanted to be arreated Immediately
after ay next complaint.
Leaves Letters Explaining That Un
requited Love Spurred Him to
the; Double Tragedy
CHICAGO. May 27.' — T. J. Eckmaa of
La Grange, 111., jshot and killed Leah
Boyer at.a resort In Carpenter street
and -then shot (himself dead last night.
Tha -bodies were not, found until today.
The girl was. the daughter of a former
clergyman : and her home was in Grand
Rapids. Mich. -^MBfISSS "-'-\u25a0\u25a0'
- According s to , letters , in \u25a0 Eckman's
pocket; - the • murder and suicide were
due to . unrequited affections.
Telegraph News
Wls.. May 27.— A. M. Gilbert, a 'millionaire
paper manufacturer, wa* found dead in bed
today. - , ;i \
Springs, Cola. Mar 27. — The Iron Sprlnirs hotel,
one of the largest summer hotel* at" lTanlton.
was destro7ed b7 flre today. The loea Is $75,000.
27.— Ithaa been ascertained that the fl?htla«
negro who. was captured by the police on frlday
nisht after a desperate encounter Is. not Jesse
Coe, - the Indianapolis murderer. •' .
- CHIEF TEOaCAK DIES— Saa XMeyo. May 27.—
Joe Sheehan. chief yeoman on the cnli^r Chl
csfxo. died last nicht after a short UXaesx -Be
bad been In the service nearly thirty \u25a0 jwn and
would . have been retired In eleven months. -
Ma? 2T. — John Oaassen. a rancher of Cameron
creek, west of here, ate a handful of cherrl<*n
and drank general enpa of milk last Tharwlsr.
He became 111 ami died Saturday errata*, lie
was CO years old and a native of Germany.
•" LO3TOO2T JOBBE2S FAIl^-London, May 27.—
An Important flrm .of stock Jobbers, Hobert.
Brnnton . A Co.. announced Its failure upon the
stock eiohange this afternoon. ' The flrai was
established la 1573. It . dealt principal!; In
copper shares. Including Americans aad Rio
Tlnto. The failure tended to weaken the Ameri
can market. 1 '
- WASHINGTON, , May 27.~1n the case
of the Copper Queen consolidated min
ing company \vs. , the territorial board
of equalization of Arizona, the supreme
court of. the United States today up
held the right of the board to -increase
taxes. . \u25a0• \u25a0• .."\u25a0\u25a0:.
'."'• '" '» iPoritiTelTcqred bj
AAnhrrrYQ these Little Fills.
JunrXlLftd Ti^j&lsorellenjDto.
SS"S .»b| mm tTCSS fTCSI DTspepsl*. LU-
Qppi ITT LE fllSßStlon azd'Too Hearty
WM B\fC" 55 S* o2^ A P«rtect ran-
a Is tii edyforDtzztseas^sioßeak
fl PSLLS. Dnrmtiztsa. Rid Tiato
J^^^ra \ia tea McnQ. CooteA
l^^^T^^^ '1 ITORFID LIVXR. Tiey
regnlatd tie Bottels. \u25a0 Purely VegttaMe.
InAimrp'cj fienama Must Bear
JirrTiE I FiC - s » mile Signature
I^^LJrefuse substitutes^
A 200 Per Cent
la 'land In Oakland tonnahlp. .in as-
usual opportunity tor capltallnta to set
somtthlß? soed. A tew •hare* only to
be wold at f 125.00 per ihart to realtie
cash. Stock: wort 1» now (:00.00 * p«r
ihare; lacrcn^lnx r«pldlr.~~ Investljate
promptly. Box 11 IS, Call office, Oai-
-tea and: hem doctor
S§ra^m£j «5 TISTH ST., OAXtJUTO.
*"*<SS"'S«l* " Dl*«**«t Curad EzeZuiirsi/

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