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Elsie Ehardt, the Unhappy
Bride, Given Divorce
by Graham
Sailor Defeated in Court-
ship by Means' of a
Elide Ehsxdt, "who rejected a sailor
to become the 'bride of a soldier, suc
cessfully appealed to Judge Graham
yesterday for an Interlocutory decree
of divorce on the ground of cruelty.
Mrs. Mary Herting, mother of^ th«
plaintiff, testified that Joseph E. Ehardt
gave her daughter a love potion to
make her forget the sailor and that
after the marriage thought bo little of
her as to beat her with his fists. . ;.
As Miss Hertlng the plaintiff 'was
courted by a sailor named Rosenwinkel,
who seemed booked for a matrimonial
crolse until Ehardt came along with
his blue coat and brass buttons.
Trouble soon followed the wedding.
The bride was" subject to fits, "and
Ehardt, who professed a knowledge of
medicine, gave her numerous potions,'
all of which, according to her testi
mony, made her first dizzy and then
unconscious, but failed to effect a cure.
Next Ehardt tried blows and then came
separation and & suit for divorce.--.- /
Documentary evidence supported the
wife's plea. She produced . in court a
neatly written letter in v hlch Ehardt
admitted that he had done wrong,
begged forgiveness and signed himself
"Tour repentant husband." Further
testimony revealed that Ehardt, who is
now on detached duty In - the Quarter
master's department. Is possessed of
most unsoldlerly thrift. Besides the
historical $13 a month he makes $25 a
month on commutation of rations and
by acting as a book agent during his
spare hours swells his Income- to an
average total of |125 a month..
Attorneys Wrangle While Sailor Re-
lates How Andrew Kellner Was
Shot to Death
After several sessions devoted to the
reading of depositions the trial of Jo
seph B. Hubbard and George L. Ham
mar, charged with the murder of.An
drew Kellner during the sailors' strike
last year, has again reached an inter
esting stage. Henry Heisterman. .* a
union sailor who was with Kellner In
the launch Escort when he was killed
by a shot from the steamer National
City, took the stand yesterday and told
a dramatic story of the tragedy.
Heisterman recalled all the little de
tails of the Journey to the National
City, \u25a0which was then manned by a non
union crew. The portion of his, testi
mony telling of the death of Kellner
was as follows:
T was sitting In the cockpit. "We
were near the steamer. I heard shot*:
then I saw Kellner straighten. up and
grab his breast with' both hands. - He
cried, "Oh, Jesus. Fm shot,' and fell
back Into the cockpit and lay theie
groaning. When I looked up -I, saw
Hubbard shooting from the deck."
Several tilts between Henry Ach, at
torney for the defense, and Special
Prosecutor H. XT. Hutton, also between
Ach and Assistant District Attorney
James M. Hanley, occurred while Heis
terman was testifying. Ach charged
that Hutton was Indirectly telling the
witness what to say In response to
questions on cross examination. Hut
ton denied having any such Intention.
Hanley advised Ach "to keep cool and
not butt In so much."
At each outbreak Judge Cook rebuked
the attorneys and ordered them to cease
bickering ani proceed with the trial.
Newman Brothers Company's Meth
ods Are Proving a Boon to .
the Householder
. The popular Impression firmly held
by many is that purchases by install
ments are from necessity or custom
considerably higher than if cash is paid
\u25a0when the article is bought. This Im
pression has undoubtedly been well
founded from the experience of many
people in years gone by, but at the
present time, owing to the wonderful
advances made in the sdence'of-busi
ness firms have devised such perfect
methods of ascertaining the credit of a
purchaser that losses are reduced " to a
minimum. Most people are honest,* and
those who are not are easily located
and their, trade refused. , • •.
When a purchasers' credibility; .Is
once established there is no Aore
reason to place an excessive price upon
merchandise sold him under the install
ment plan than If he paid a substantial
amount down and was " given a lew
months . In which to pay the balance.
Increased sales through . the Installment
system result In greater profits .than
large profits on a smaller number Tor
cash sales. ,' \u25a0 ' " \
• Working upon this theory. Newman
Brothers company; of Eighteenth; and
Mission streets \u25a0 has built up . and "Is
constantly ' Increasing * a , buslvesi of
magnitude In * furniture, - carpets^ and
ready made clothing ' for .- men 'and
women. The method has proved 'a' boon,
especially- since the". fire,- to the house
holder, small merchant and profes
sional man,, who are^thus enabled 'to
acquire in ah easy way' the privileges
of a- comfortable existence that ; would
otherwise be \ denied them." \u25a0 Newman
Brothers carry everything -In house,
office and . personal furnishings In . spa
clous two story warerooms, 8 5x160 'feet.
Articles of Incorporation: Are Filed
by : the South \of \ Market •
Articles; of ;: Incorporation ? were filed
yesterday 'with* the county; clerk ' by the
South of Market ; Improvement'associa
tion. .It i» set forth in the articles that
the* purpose of. the 'corporation >, is; the
Improvemont, development and upbuild
ing of. the section known as south, of
Market . street I by.' inducing I citizens ;to
rebuild . their; homes l and merchants \u25a0 to
re-establish their places of . business ° in
that section. \ I3PfIMQHBBHOV9BHBB
The directors of .'.the association ar»:
Frank J. > Daunet, 715.; Minna,. street;
Joseph - P. " Kelleher, » ll^ Seventh- street;
M. C Mogensen, • 27. Seventh street ; \ Eu
gene G. . Fitigerald,*' northwest '• corner
Van Ness avenue'and;PineVstreet; H.f J.
Butler.* 148^Tenth^street;"i'W.**B. - Nash,
19 Seventh 'street;? James ;B.*McS^ieehy,
47 L<angton^street:,C; Li.*, Desmond,] s3s
Stevensen 'street,"; and > G.f AT Brone,-.* II
Seventh \u25a0
Your, Drnggint .Will TeU^Yon
\ Murine ' Eye E«ne4r Oartß * Eyes, i Makes We»k
} Sjw Strocy— SootLw Exe Pain— Doesn't Smart.*
Viola Allen and Her Company Give
"Twelfth Night" a Fine Production
THEATER.- - ; \u25a0 ; ' • . ..-: ." '\u25a0\u25a0:.:_\u25a0 - : - .; \u25a0 \u25a0. ~. \u25a0 ' >\u25a0 \u25a0' \u25a0;-.---^--;
Ja mes Crawf ord
There: are three Shakespearean dam
sels — Juliet,*".. Rosalind*., and Viola—
whom every- young actress : and - any
number of matured 'ones believe ' they
could successfully play. .\u25a0 .' '
Just as 90. per, cent of .the : male" his
trlons who undertake - the - role "i of Ham
let fail to express .Its psychological
meaning, so : it - is '- with .'the * ladles \u25a0 who
yearn to act -one or,all;'of . the.maldens
mentioned. ..The delightful 'sentiment
of the characters \ so : commends them
to the feminine 'imagination that they
are \u25a0 especially ; hungered ! for. -Yet there
is nothing more, difficult ; In :: the; en tire
range . Of dramatic * art ' than to " portray,
any one of .'the .trio.'"
Let ;us . • take Viola ": ; for example.
Neither Juliet nor Rosalind is so subtly
delineated. ' Shrewd v treatment : ls t re
quired to bring; out' her varying per
plexities ; and - tender*^- disposition >as
Shakespeare Intended she should be re
vealed. The woman, who is experienced
enough to express and | differentiate her
emotions must be. too old to completely
satlsfy ; the -eye and. yet; represent, the"
spirit of? peach' blossom youth." • But ' a
glittering ."exception to "this -: rule ; was
last evening shown to the folk -who at
tended . the Van Ness theater,'.; where
Viola Allen . Impersonated the lass t who
served as : love's ambassador . for the
man she loved.. : ; ,' ' 'J\ '\u25a0:>?**'
Miss Allen -.not .'only-' looks \u25a0 the) part,
but gives to it the finish that "comes of
time- and! technique. Her : fascination
extends beyond the" footlights— beyond
the haughty, Olivia and- the pinlng^Or-.
slno- : - : and 'reaches those: witnesses, who
are aware of sher. disgruise.'t . She ; makes
.Viola a "charmingly real girl.*: I i have
heard other .actresses; read -tender'
speeches of > the role with; happy, effect,
•but they," generally kept: the. tenderness
uppermost.' 1 This actress "can simulate
sauciness , : without - letting ,-, you -.forget
that a ; worm : I.; th' - bud is - feeding: on
her. damask cheek. She is the adoring
Ingenue : , incarnate. ; ; Her ; art '-£ reflects
more !! than ; Shakespeare's : mere '; text.%'*.^
Her ; secret yearning; Is .' mosti cleverly
introduced, while it* object, . loving; an- ;
other, "with l tears, \ c with \u25a0 groans * that
thunder love and^ sighs of fire," jis soul- ]
fully Indulging^ his ;' yearning.-'-. The ,
coquetryjandjroguishness - with \ which
she tells him of her, father's daughter's
love : are ;^delicious in ; ' ' their i womanly ;
humor/ and * appeal, i and ; ; her :\u25a0 embar-'
rassed' rejection' of Olivia' s all too plain
wooing is acting superb.'?; And": her. con'f
flict between' physical fear, arid' dread of
having: her.' sex j disclosed ' when i'sherJs
bullied jby^» the \u25a0 truculent Antohio\is^fine
histrionic r art." \u25a0> She \ has all I theWarying
feminine' moods" at* ready, command.
• - As a -productlon^lihave.' never .iseen
"Twelfth Night better, treated. > A" .well
balanced supporting company .*; makes
the acting. well-worth' witnessingjwheu
the star f; lsVniot >lnVevldence,liandi the
staging and Incidental music contribute
to the perfect whole. .' : "- :',-.< i*
- Herbert 'casts :-no. new/ 1 light ?onftho
promptings of Malvolio'd fantastic^pre
sumption,.but.Sir^.Toby,^of Hellish, and'
the I Slr4 Andrew> of ?Hadfleld^: areVJoys
forever.:; That: roysteringj scene in the
. second • act -. .>\u25a0 is ~ : low ; / comedy I such \u25a0as
.\u25a0Weber^andjFleld^or-any. ofUheiriimi
tators never eclipsed.':-!. To ) merely I look*
at- Sir 1 Andrew Jis? to - laugh;c f or* such
spareness f of .' body/ and ; limb *is • seldom
seen s outslde|'a~ circus f side J show. ? *;{zZ
; Harcourt makes fof .-Orslno^asf mucn'
as ' any; manly \ actor ; could i be-; expected
toj make ; of ,ai' almost ;lmpossibly/'love£
slckf adult. V Miss? Skipworth's! Oliviajis
adequate. 5 : Hogarth^s •; singing s redeems
his clowning. ! If ' there" were j nof acting
:, nery \u25a0! at ; all,^the / music {would s be"
worth • the^prjeesi of r admittance.'! i'Most
of; it i : was. adapted j from v/old.t English"
songs \u25a0 f or"*the r Beerbohm iTree | producf
tlou ;in t London, and i the | two numbers
written - f or^ ! Miss * Allen ?~ by^Augustu3
Barratt \u25a0•; are">? equal ;? in 2 nielody/t to '\u25a0£ the*
best : In. the 'imported ! score."* T " \
> The oldfstoryjof ;therslh?6f ;'a r moment
brltiging t *'sorrow;4 through^; a r £ lifetime
was '* wells^fenactedVj last \ nlghti at *;the
AmericanHheater,"? when * the f large ; cast
of.' clever, players J under] Walter] Sahf ord 1
put f ; onV"East§Lynne.*'^? Its^power.s to
please young and: old alike never/seema
to'^wane, -[and J a vgoodj sized -i audience
came] to>weep (and 'enjoy.. ::-. y \u25a0:'.'\u25a0] \u25a0 '-.• "••-, V
: " As Isabel >Laurav Hudson i^was
equal'itb^theUemotlonaip enactions; of
herlpart-'flThej bitter^' at«flernent\whlch
wast. made ; immutable^ throughX^rbng.
done rln-.'a'*mbmentgof | JealbusJ passion]
was! pathetically rportrayeditThereTwere
very^ f ew,l dryp eyes \u0094 in\l the j audience ') as
the plot r, unfolded*: to I the|'de_nbuement."
.Walter^ Sanf 6rd'a^characterization .' of
lng.'i' He; looked> his . part and Tacted^ lt\to
theY llf c.': : : V. -,.T. T Hehdersbn/2 who^ has
made> hfmself ; one iot | the ' favorites jin
the .cast, jln';the impart "\u25a0\u25a0 of "Sir/, Francis
Levlson : added ; more 1 friends jto c. his ? al-'
ready long list of admirers.":".: ln. fact/, the
entire : ;cast% was ;* happily 7 placed;, i The
stage settings /were; attractive ; and- &de-\
quate. ..;..;"-.'•*•'- '. '\.<-,*K;/V '.'\u25a0 : -'.-
The story of "East Lynne". ls too,well
known to;need;reviewing.?\u25a0'N6;one,^ex
cept the new, generation; go"es;to seejthe
play, ; as r a , novelty,'; but' to * enjoyv a't-blt
of : frank '; melodrama,- with » lots =of treal
life in it," In^an'age of morbid-plays and
Incredulous,' sophistical "audiences. ; The
piece runs "one week.TßjygfS'f^ '.',.-. \ -v ~.
-s ; "The Undertow" is apparently,, to* have
a run •at the Alcazar; :; 1 1 r opened ' its secf
ond {week I last 1 night \with t a \ large au
dience i and ; ..will', doubtless ? continue » to
draw-, for i some; time r to * co'me.-AjltsSre-"
markable prophetic descrlptloris'of !con£
ditions in! San, i Francisco,^ which *.were
not even ; hinted at » when ? the^ play, was
written is,- to say, the -least;! a .wonder-*
f ul * piece 'of r press :, agent' "workl: done
by 'Mr. Coincidence.^lThe; mayors of 14"
great city/, in the/ toils \ of vhis f 6wnfez^
posed villainy, the .corruptlngrcapitaHst
whose soiled' coin: debauches! municipal
officers, . the~ pursuing .spirit lot ibrie^who
would' cleanse the community, 'are* some
of t the" features : that \u25a0' make : San!i Fran^"
ciscans feel at home In the Alcazar this
week.- ' '\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0; ' ;>',*'. : V; - J '-"S : *"*-'.^i 'V'^'i-'
: -.The . Frawley. company,: opens its fsea-
Bonat ' the I [Novelty, theater \u25a0 ne*t % ,Thur3-*
day>night .with twhatj is' said i_to|beXan
especially * fine" production f* of ;' iiXeah
Kles'chria." '-j Frawley; has: secured* some
well ;known ! favorites \ for.- his ; company,
and Uhey^wlll ' be ] cast \to \ ad-|.
vantage*- Injall \ the"; plays of tthe r seasonr'
"Leah % Kleschna" '. will ? be r .: elaborately;
staged,Vand' Marie' Shotwell, : llh'the(title
role, i' ...will" be Y surrounded -;by Eugene
Reed, ; : Henry, v C.= Mortimer", i .a Christine
Hill.v Ethel t Clay ton,"' S George \u2666 i-Hassell.
Virginia Murray,' Louis i Thompson,* Wal
ter • Cravens I and •\u25a0 Lola May.' '-.' : ,.' - -',~ \ ':.
,"The -: Girl i From ;" Paris, "A 'aV.musle)ii
comedy/. witn'raVcast*. of eastern"; princl-*
pals "and; a'^supportlng^company/of ?40
people.i Is booked |for i next '.week ' at j the
American \ theater,"; openinglbh* Monday
night. '--I Richard^' J.*: Jose \is i featured ?as
an - extra' attraction, :.' and ; the >, list y of
principals 'includes v Sam \u25a0 Sidman, Dick
i.Temple, ' Maurice ; Darcy.V; . Elizabeth
Spencer, Doris J Goodwin ; and 'Kathryn'
Mlley.v,. \ .'•\u25a0;\u25a0"•";.. ./';;:• 7:\j W:-/^, 1 "-;;-''- -v
Stock , Holders T of \i. Olympic v Concern
\u25a0v-v Elect \ Old ; pirectprs • and^y^^
\u25a0 : - Plans for RehaWliUtion^/v^ '
The stock holders~ofjthel Olympic I salt
water/;- company,*^ which jKfurnishßd^tho
supply i of > ocean { water^ to |the 7 Olympic
club V and ? distributed? It * to jother.^ parts
of } the ;r cltyi prior ,^to I the t flre, r s met \ yes
\ terdayj "and \ re-elected Sthefold^ board Tof
directors ."of jtheTcompany.'namrhgT* John'
p. ; >Spreckels[aV* president.*/. ?:,,[ \u25a0\u25a0: "g y'.yt:';;
,ry, Plans t have been ",* made If1 ' f or
rehabilitating' the "f salt-water/; plants at
once \u25a0 and5 v one ?. the! first' improvements
to\ be I made i,will|be*i the i establishment
of I a'; tub j baThl house|with| 600| baths] in
Geary'', street ; between \, Scott -land*": De
'ylsadero:/ \u25a0''": '-\u25a0 r 'f: ,'~\''--'S''i-'-. 'sl'i-s'f* \ \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 i^'-l
tinf Rausmassen.V Pearl '-'j'-'Webber *. -' arid*
Florence^* Clave y y were %t I arrested %i % last
nighi*attl4l3yMas6n^streetf hylPollce^
man \t John >' Sullivan is- and g are g held 3;liT
detinue >• at '< the S^city.l prison,
off' hay ing S robbed § Frank $ Ferguson,^ a'
member^ of |ithe^engiheeringPcorpsf!la.f
the "Presidio;? 'Ferguson '^visited:: the
Bar b'ary.V coast ;.-£ night,
danced h al l.'Si took Vthem |td|~supper;l and !
after ward .-, jo in ed *£. three
they rf {said l-^were T;4friends7^ Ferguson'
shortly,** afterward '& nilssed^l a
containing^ oyer.^f 700 land S to
the*police|that|hejhadlbeen-3 robbed. *'¥i
j ;j Charles| McCann^ wasTarrested CearlV
yesterday V' evening I in"! Fiirmorew! street,*
near*Gr^eenwich, i |by|Patrblnian|ReaViß
; in g|a| fevo lverTan'd 3 firm g | in to'| this 5 air. 5
He ! assignedSnolreasohTfor2his(celebra'
tion.'%He^wa^booked|atfthef central
within;the<cityflimits;. -.; .-' . .--
- , Sn£;Rl.e^L«u«dry7 ;r ; '
Will-call and deliveirl laundry IfaithrM
days;;- 1555 > Web«ter;«tr««t. l te&aj^*»
Out of Dollar '*'
S> : .vV :^. \u25a0••'\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 .'.;,'\u25a0 Limit V;-. . " : ' ' f ' * >.' : ' *
Resttictipn: as Jto^Purchase of
F^ ? Voting^Machines^ Is \u25a0 %
y, ,;\u25a0 .. ''•^\u25a0l^RenipvedV- }'\u25a0[ ± ;\ ,.-.
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 The board •' of^ supefvisbrs amended
eral? Important" items i in /order/ tp; pre
ventf a :{ possible ''\ attack -thereon I asj^to
the | legality of the', special I tax: levy <of
street: rqa'd, as'la? muhiclpalf system."!-' .-•\u25a0*_,
f tjThe * finance '% committee f changed V; the
wording of the' budget so" that 'the; $7^0,-"
000*; for.-? the % Geary 3 street % road %would
'come'f out r of- the* dollar^ liinitf of taxation
ahds $72O,opo\wili;be iraißed! instead; for,
thht sprinkling. -' sweeping^ahd^ repair,
oflstreets'andiJlOO.OOO t-oipayJaflOtper
cent^ Increased ins thej salaries* of fprW
mar y : and 5 grammar • school v teachers ', by
the^ 20 f cent 'special Uax; - ; :" \u25a0-' -* X i: \u25a0',- '\u25a0 .\u25a0? '?r '<
'\u25a0S* The; s fund s for \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 public & improvements
and> rehabilitatlbni of departments r was
.reduced ; from . J1.246,580 Ho Js2o,oBo|and
$41500j wasltaken|« rqm? the ! |200,000jf or.
the]; purchase of . suppli es; by? the V com-.
missary department *to • pay ' f orl^ team-^
ing.;:; ' : 'J:;, : .~ : ; -: ; ; ; \u0084v ,;' \u25a0-;.:.\u25a0 - ;, \u25a0 ' \:£ v«, v :'S^
r The : district 'attorney; was ; * allowed
|l;6oo^fbr". a' ; : messenger;^' and; \when
Chairman > Gallagher -stated >that i. the
'employ e"^ was 5 required •; in l view r of I the
"hecessaryl enlargements' of j business ,* :n
yoked t a? smile:-'i As- any evidence iof^the
ehlargedHbuslness? the - district 'attorney,
has <aIBO \u25a0 been.t allowed l ;$6,000; for: two
additibhaij deputies >nd 15,000 for; conY
tlhgentf expenses... , • '-"-.\u25a0 j:, : ; \u25a0
T-Vlnlexplaining -changes ;. In'^ the , budget
Gallagher, said: .'". ; . A f v .; :. > ' '\u25a0 '-." .\u25a0 $
belief ; that; the ?con r
struetloh^of \u25a0;- the f. Gearyj street | road is
not*{ such { an ;emergehcy^. as I; might 5. oe
the subject of a. special .tax and; in order,
to >\ avoid .possible; litigatlon^lti.was?de^
elded to - leyy t ' the tax f or v thel improve-"
ment ; of i the J streets^ '. which"; all ', will , ad^
mit^ ls "a^ necessity."^;: ?- '>" .. ,\u25a0".,:
£\ Gallagher:? also V explained « that the
restrictive ;>. clause i ; contained . : In '.: X tho
budget* that no "part %of ,--jthe*^ 1100,000
appropriated ' for/ the :f?department^of
elections f should v b^e ; used h tor, l the'; pur£
cha.se of Avotl^ng j machines ),waa \ stricken
ou t,>as; there" , appeared ' to I beTt aY misun^
derstanding^as^tqvthei'power,f of lithe
election commission to purchase voting
machines alneady, contracted for and
that J the 'misunderstanding •' had been
'settled.'- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0/-.;.\u25a0':>:\u25a0 \u25a0;:r ; - 1 - •-\u25a0 - \u25a0%;?-\u25a0-\u25a0;. --;.v
?% Supervlsors^Nicholas and Coffey, mad)'
a^stroriggappeal'vthat;i the F* salaries^ of
firemen r and \ policemen be Increased as
those of . the j school teachers i had ;\u25a0 been;
Gallagher, ho we ver, explained 'that \u25a0 tho
'salariesfTof^the^ first? named '.were Jflxod
;byi-'th*e rcharter.V^whichYwould f>have •« to
be 'J. for; the £ purposed :
'^ThVfi budget $ 'toi i amended Z was Vagaih
passed ; to j: print H and 'xwiir^be:; finally
passed ; next -.Mon^^jr. 1» Iticarries iwith'i it
total estimated expenditures ' of j $8,636.
700; ? ;hecessitatihg«^a*ttax l fof;Hl4ls)%)ri
everyjf 100,forJclt# purposes.: -; .• Tt P'.V
a Supervisor^ Fur.ey^. stated^ that ?rther9
appeared flto "* be *\u2666«; tendency^ to| reduce
salaries \u25a0of "city [employes * and •he urged
2 that £ the rworkipg " people :-be i paid \u25a0 th«
"same^ wages '*.. as-i- paid *by ;r; r private !: con
cerns.-:i',:;^^" > ;^v.^i-;:':i^ f ;:,.;;-v' *; k-[
.will^ continue '•to* pay-, the rates
of i wages,"? said j Gallagher"-; . "Any . cuts
must 'be of the ; high salaried officials
of fthe?city>- government."-^ ? . .
'-:'; The I petition < of/ the 1 war department
that * ai'fsmair^tract *• of '.-land 5 on *^ the
Oceah^j boulevard i nearj Hf street '; beicbri £
fire^patrol^ system it orr.theVdefense ;f; f of
San'^ Frahoisco;: harbor -was i> referred -tto
.the judiciary* commlttee7S lt , is proposed
to i erect \ a"| stucco I cottage,^ two % stories
: lhltielght;and!a7h!gh! concrete 1 wall, will
beibuilt aroundUt ' * v- ; ;^
'\u25a0'•(\u25a0• The"; resignation :of Martin'tFiedeman
as assistant-: clerk 'was accepted. Fiedo
man^willfgbllrito^buslness^^/r^v ' ; t
'|?Th*e|f salaries f'ofvlaundrymen^Jn the
cqurity t * hospital;' was 'iraised? from' $60
to:$80 and s those ; of irbner and washer
f rbm ) s3s to $50. 5 .•"-..•\u25a0"'; \u25a0\u25a0>". ~:p'.' -Sj \u25a0"\u25a0' .' : '~ vr" ' X
! :.W;' EmmbrisVwenti to; trlaltyestef
day^ for^ the'Jsecqnd time 4on> a ? charge^
ing rdeal.-4".The|case ; is * being I heard ?in
Judge Lawlor^s cdurt/;'.Mrs.* M.i E.I Hurst
accuses : Emm'ona of '- having defrauded
her 1 of .. $500 » through i false \u25a0.'. representa
tions that :j induced'-A herj"- t0' ..." purchase
stock :•* In £ the £ Drummer,^ Boy ~ mine gin
Siskiyou county. ?; On r the j first • trial the
Jury;-disagreed.;>r';y{ : ;".'" : -'C!;\v :'\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0' .--" " '1
v ~ GOES \u25a0;•'-: EAST ?; FOR PRISONER
t'i-' Detective v ; Harry,* Braig \ left Kor;- Salt
Lake¥ Clty^ last 'it night *i to isbrlnar.j back
Samuel 7fL.^Mallsr4 who ?i Is yl,y 1 , wanted f: in
thls'clty 4 'ori'a*charjKet;of i f orgeryO Mails
is "accused- of /having signed '. the -name
of j Ob) N.\ Orlow^ tol«.l check Khe] CalU"
, f ofnia . saf e , deposit - and * trust ' company:
. : " <". 11l \u25a0\u25a0 ; Mm - •"• ' - ' " "- !* • \u25a0"--' \u25a0* - ' "' " \ "-\u25a0" \u25a0 ' '\u25a0\u25a0£?&&&& fi^ra^H BBk^A bi^VHB^H
v;;>'.- ;",'"* :^:^ :^:";: ! ; giants;.: of the : \u25a0 \u25a0 ..r \u0084 \u25a0:"'^T^Sfc'^'^^H
ri -i*.> these j and $at * tne{saroeluroe|ni(^tfe* | HH J^U
economical. When made with
\u25a0\u25a0'"-' "\u25a0"'-\u25a0'\u25a0 V"- '\u25a0 ; '.-'"- .. ' - . i^H^HNß WmWvlr^S^^''' "^ H
StateVCoufts^Resist^ All Atr
vtempts^toj Break [ Tes
tament' 'of { Davis
Contesting UHeifs t Planning
to Take f Appeal to^XJ;S.
?; Supreme Court /
i/Thi /The /contest"' over- the "will '; of -the.latQ,
: JacobfrZ.i Davis,:, who'- left -an Restate
worth^ $2,000,000, ,; will \u25a0 probably ;' end? in
!thersupreme" v court^6f;the^nite_d].Stotes.
The^yarlbusVattempts <that ; have "been
made^by^ thelhelrs;' of iDavls Uo (break
.the;hblographlc^will;.by7which;the{. es- :
"taterwent'i to" 1 the : two r nieces >of * Davis'.
,wif el have 'all ; failed.? -The r last, »an^ap£
peal* by.- Laura i E_. - Tracy 7 : f fbmV a J ]udg z
nient i givenT. in 1' favor .jbf ; the ; proponents
of (thelwill^lrt.the/superior,; court.; : "was
denied .by^the; state 'supreme. '.'court >yesf
have ; come "\u25a0 to ; the 1 ? cbnclusionT, that . there
Is -little sniore <~f to? bergalned>. f rbm
California 1 courts;, and say }. theyji will
now: attempt - to get ; the suit in to ; the su
pteme/: court f of ; the » States. l\i?-J
Laura^E.-Tracy.V'ts'hib .was > In -Honolulu
atSthe^tim^bf^Davis^ death thvi
probate e of ? the j^will yon." November :, 3o.
ISSC^ and -wljoihas' been ; attempting j to
have ! the \u25a0wiir'set 1 aside bn^ the f grounds
of i collusion J. and £ fraud • ever J since "'Au^
gust;lB,' i 1900,1 has not • been v able » to ."get
a •hearing. ; ; She; did? not : commence rac-^
"tioh'!until i .more;.than" ? a''| year /after. '..the"
probate I of? the ; will. She \u25a0 hopes , to ; ob
tain ;aihearingankhe United* States
preme ;courtf on -account tofjher^ absence
f rbm"; the J state: ': The i supreme fcou rt , of
the "; state * refused •to ;go . into '] the » ques-f.
tiorisfofifraud in. obtaining Uhe'i probate
of ;the;will;twhlch . is ;also, declared iby
the{helrsUo*bbya : forgery,>asUt* could
not ; get [b'yefi the^o.bjection*. that ' she had
allowed*^ more than a -year to elapse be
fore s she; commenced [suit. , ;^ .
-"-. "We 1 will I probably] not '\u25a0 be^ able !% to^ go
further i#n|/ the s state?courts,"? courts," i said : H.
the'>heirs, "so >we '• are 1 ; preparing -to v'get
the case: before ;;the supreme court f of
the 1 United* States." .. A :
ii.The % 'particular ' anxiety "of ; the ;• heirs
nowMsj that <~" Elizabeth- Muir, | who ihas
sinee i married jtheJMugan who i'flgured
In^theDqlbeer^case.^andilsabelleVj Cur
tis/vthe' recipients "of ::the *. estate";- under
the 1 "will/J; borrowed \u25a0« $235, 000f fromv the
' trustees ;I of i; the \' r ot "• Califor
nia^ on- .'so'ni'e:. of ? the :; property. They
wished^to 'have^ the \cburt '^appoint? them
trustees j forj this ; amount ' and the -rest
of ; the V estate,^ so* .that %it \ cannot \ escape
them- infeasevtheyj later;Obtain«a' : Judg
ment, annulling ithV' will" on -grounds of
"forgery, '\ fraud f and"' collusion. • ' " ; . " " r
is An T l interesting,- point ;in r Uhe! case ,'is
that -the .will Jin' dispute : Is "supposed
have beeh'found'in'the urn in. which the
ashes *of \u25a0 Davis*. ; wife i kept.'! \u25a0
Abused of Having Broken
Into and liootedf Store of -
;; C. H. Brown & Cb:
; -": Since ; the .; night • of --May \ 20, * when .;the
store^of ; C.}H. vßrowni& .-C0.," Sixteenth
and v Mission^ streets, ijwasj entered^ by,
burglars and stock; yalued-at more' than
$2,000 * ; carried \ away ' in V a "- wagon.v the
police 11 , have ; been ] actively' at Iwork ; en
"deavoringito^trace > the ;;' thieves.: : . De
tecttvesvßurkeJ and 1 Smith? and x Police
man Feeneyj' arrested f two "<of '. the] gang
on Sunday*. arid- they^ .were booked at jthe
Clty4prisoh "'< yesterday^ oh^'a; charge {"of
\u25a0burglary.^Th'ey tare .; Harry.y Eastman
andjMyles ; Jones,iwho< live at 84lTwenr
ty-nlnthS street. "J.The - policemen f. have
recovered;" part Vbf ~ the.; stolen -^property
and 1 * say J theyj; have i am^Jle , evidence" to
convict j the "two : ; prisoners.;; \u25a0
;. Jlinel men :^were ; ;. connected ).wlth ; the
Brown -burglary/, all members' of a- gang
ofiyoungf crooks ;Vwho;cairi themselves
>'*The? Forty ;, Thieves" / and y have* J their
headquarters '-\u25a0 in * a f cave ; in -the'; n^elgh-.
borhood of " Bryant ,' : --; and', y Fifteenth
streets. <*;v Burke t and -0 Smith expect [, to
land pothers the ,tbil9
soon:/ : r Jones Iwas ;? head u usher -. in the
Lyceum I ', and 'he is suspected
of ;•> stolen -''\u25a0 numerous^ articles
from ithe 1 women's \u25a0'dressing] rooms.^'V '{;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
';j Eastman \ arid % : Jones were i!j in -, Police
Judge fWeller's 3court : /.yesterday j on"> a
charge^of," grand =;» larceny ithe
"names -| of »^ George fMcQuald 3 and ? John
Brown.\i.They j stole (a"* horse j arid -: buggy
belonging {to^the Wan! Ness 'stables, j.410
Franklin * street.' -from': the i Potrero * on
Sundays arid*f,were^ arrested ? by/, ; Burke, s
Smith : a'ndv Feehey. -I The case ;was Con
tinued "until ' Friday. ;,^ '..V; "\u25a0.'.\u25a0'••.-'
Dental Examination
An- examination, of .applicants for-li
censes to practice j dentistry/ will "begin
at the Affiliated Coleges," San Francisco,
onV June »17i*"*' For^ further .'information
apply itosDr.tFred'G."*Balrd," 1914 jSutter
street,| San i Francisco, ; or * Dr. s J.t Loran
Pease^Oakland.^ v ' - ..-. \u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
; TKejSinger Stored formerly lbcated'at
17 -Jones Street
1156 Market Street V
:^.":\jH^dquAcOTVforXfemijy and manufacturing ma-
N chines, where our patrons will "recive careful'
and all are ; invited to cail. %*% *
\d4^^^l you rnav know /Wct4tov\\
.jV , \u25a0 -These machines - are never . sold to
j ._ . . dealers— -only, from Maker to User. i:
They^are now sold at lower, prices, :
-7-- .quality considered, than any other.
Needles and Repairs for/ all Makes
of Serving Machines
Sewing Machines Rented and , Exchanged
Dr. Ernest Van Someren, J£*^K
the celebrated Italian authority, says T^|
food should be chewed iintil it is prac- L^i^i
tically^ in liquid form before it is ' Ujjj S^
swallowed. Dr.- Liebig, the great Ger- I wS
man chemist, says that beer is "liquid KSS
bread" — a genuine food in liquid form. n§s
The Pabst Eight-Day Malting §S§ \u25a0
Process does the extraordi- S&x
nary work of changing tiie-BBlS£^^^)WW|te
nutriment in, the barley-grain t^^^P^Sl^jß
into palatable and easily di- E
gestible liquid food. RpllS^F^B
W Pabst
- ' - . j [\u25a0fIfST/fITRI UJHHh''*!]
A l^* 'Mr^r. JL^JL JLJKJ \Jm»M> '9ft i\\ vT^ GltOi
made from Pabst Perfect Eight' EI.f^LMjSBB
Day Malt, is a pure, wholesome \S& f~'^l UttHlfißSl
food, rich in nutritious, strength- "^~~~
ening properties that build muscle I ~^SS^>v "^1 ~/y*^
and make good blood. . \ Swl
The flavor is, delicious— you have never 5§K3
tasted a richer, more mellow beer. It strength- a'^S
ens you and at the same time lessens the work iSssX '
-When ordering {>eer, ask for Pabst Blue Ribbon. " ; : '^_W"
Made by Pabst at Milwaukee 7^©MA
And bottled only at the Brewery. 1^ >uSc«^^
Thos. W. Colltns & Co..
'ff&Mb a\Jnp\
Hb^ &&<\u25a0£*&&& J*£<^ <*11 JCrOOCII Llcll \u25a0
H^^^^^^W It finds its way to the family I
n j\i : y^^^tM) tablewhere itis more highly h
B"^ *2r§§^7 >'•\u25a0 ' a PP* eciat ?d ; than any other * " I
H - You may b« one who needs to "jet the first bottle— Do I
H it. You'flb* thankful for the sajx^tioo.' \u25a0
: mm \u25a0'- .' •''-': •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 ' . . '' * \u25a0 '"';'\u25a0''\u25a0 '. • '
'"\u25a0,.. \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0', - \u25a0 Succeeds oa June : First
Capital and Undivided Pr0fit5. . . . . . .......-: $220^000.00 <
Affiliated V witlv^tH©^ Crocker/ National Banlc.'^
> - • 'x—yi DIRECTORS! > ' *
'Dr. f Al H. Glaßidßl, 4 Tho*. W. Hnnttastoa, K. E. Johnaon,
Safe Deposit and Vaults, |r

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