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Remnant of Army of Con
federacy Treads Streets
of Wartime Capital
RICHMOND. Va., June 3.— Lnder a
perfect sky. with bands playing "Dixie
and "Maryland," the remnants of the
army of the confederacy passed through
the streets of Richmond today and outj
Monument avenue and unveiled a me
morial to Jefferson Davis. The event
came as the climax of- the reunion
of the United Confederate Veterans and
every man of that body who was able
to walk at all'took part.
That the great multitude had gath
ered for one purpose alone was evi
denced by the attitude of people toward
William J. Bryan, who was the guest
of the reunion. He was given a re
markable ovation as be drove through
the streets in the line of march aud
was cheered to the echo as he mounted
the stand lust before the program was
begun. At the conclusion of the cere
mony there were a number of calls for
him to address the people, but these
were Immediately drowned in a chorus
of "Xo. no. no,- many tlmea repeated.
The objections came from everywhere
and were led by the women of the
J&Cerson Davis monument association,
ajfo General Stephen Lee. grand master,
who presided at the stand and an
nounced In ringing tone*:
"There will be no politics - nere."
He turned to the crowd in every di
rection and Bhouted the warning and it
had the desired effect:
Daring the ceremony* Mr. and Mr*.
Bryan had occupied an inconspicuous
position in the rear of the speaker*3
stand out of sight of the people.; As
soon as his name was called Bryan
made a movement to withdraw from
the stand. He realized that If he ap
peared before the people a political
move would be attributed to him by
many and for that reason he had op
posed going on the stand at aIL
When the monument was unveiled,
I Mrs. J. A. Hayes of Colorado Springs,
daughter of Jefferson Davis, pulled th« >
cord that held the canvas ehroud which
covered the bronze statue. Her two .
young sons, the grandsons of the con
federate president, caught the two j
cords used to complete the unvelllny. j
The monument to Jefferson Davis »s j
the crowning feature of Richmond's
great Monument avenue. The memor
ial consists of a semicircular colonnade,
terminating at either end in a square
pier, with a large fcolumn or shaft aris- !
ing from the inclosed space. The semi- ,
circle Is about BO feet across, with a
depth of SO feet and stands 67 feet in
height. The monument typifies the vin
dication of Davis and the cause of the
confederacy for which iie stood before
the world, the leading inscription being
"Deo Vindice" <God will vindicate). -J
The colonnade, composed of 13 dorse
columns besides the two end pieces,
rises about 18 /eet above the walkway
and has its frieze decorated with bronze
seals of the 11 states th«t seceded and
the three others that sent representa
tives and troops.
In the center of the space Inclosed t>y\
the column 6tands a large doric column I
more than five feet in diameter. , The
.olumn forms- a background for the
bronze figure of Davis and also carries
on its top an allegorical bronze figure,
whose right hand points to heaven and
rvhose title, "Vindicatrlx." represents
the whole spirit of the monument. The
large column bears, the seal- of the
vronfederaey in bronze and has the in
scription. " Jefferson Davis, President of
ihe Confederate States of America^
IS6I-1565." !.--'<?\u25a0 .
The bronze figure of Davis stands. on
a great block of granite In front of the
column and about 12 feet above "the
Ge'noral Clement A. Evans In his ora
tion paid tribute to the women of the
south, through whose efforts the statue
had been erected. Speaking of;the-re
sults of the civil war and the criticism
directed at the defeated leader of -the
secession, he" said:
He m-.tlivctJ obloquy: be - k»w detraction d!f
fag Its own stir?: be eatr rlcloos censures " put
to <S::u!)»: be beheld resentments of south, and
north withering -In stem sod root, lea Tins .do
t-»p<l. He wag not f&nltfcos In judgment, bat
I.- w«» uprisbt. brave, fair end absolutely in
<-nrniptibse. • He is entitled to the \u25a0 glorious
American judgment of the present generation,
wUifh will be rendered in consideration \u25a0 of the
fai-jjs of his whole career. History- wilhturely
cive. him an honorable an<l distinguished place
»ni"cc the noble characters of past times. -
Old Pioneer Was Closely Associated
With the Early History, of
California and Nevada -
LOS ANGELES. * June - 3.—Joseph
Fteinart, a pioneer of two'states, died
at his home at-'Rivera today. * "'Unclo
Joe" .was, the name by. which-he.. was
widely and affectionately, known. He
was 86 years 01d... A native of-Hun
gary, he came to the .United' States in
JM7. 1n.1549 his came to^ California in
an <-mi(rrant* train,/"driving anoxteami
With, the early days-of both California
and Nevada Steinart was closely asso
oiated. , For many years:'he •was >*tti
business with C. C. Goodwin.- Later:he
was editor of the Virginia City (Ney.)
Knterprise and the Salt Lake" Tribune
Since 1576 he had been continuously
a resident of Los Angeles county.x'^He
was engaged as a merchant at,Conip-,
ton. Downey and afterward; Rivera{nn
til his retirement a few years ago.
PLACERVILLE, June 3.^-The second
fatal shooting affray- , within tfirpe
weeks in Eldorado county 'occurred to
day at Nashville, when Theodore Pen
der ebot and fatally wounded Henry
Daniels, a. half breed Indian. Pender
and Daniels had quarreled on % num
erous occasions. . About 9 o'clock last
evening Daniels came to. Fender's
home and b^gan calling him vile names/
A pistol fight ensued, during which
Daniels was wounded.
- \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0.•-\u25a0,.\u25a0 •: -r, \u25a0^^^H
the name i*Jj^&>^SM
Wfm\JtfP*^ genuine ti«
'Wgu^^ and the only Mis&k
I the guarantee of the KfrfMfcx&k
I French Government F-gjjflFjfop|
I Natural Alkaline
I 1 1 ciicr . §\^jSf^
I Uaed at meala prevents is^is^~S^
I DYSPEPSIA and cures . WtH'tiLa.
I . Ask yoarfphysician; :
Disappearance^ of Former
Mayor's Son Due to :;i
Heavy Losses;
Continued from I'lge 1, Colomn 1
this firm said yesterday that their part
ner^; liabilities not affect, it 'in" the
least. "His - accounts .with [ the ' firm » had
always been t kept accurately. * For sev
eral, years Pond had' beenvengagedi in
the cod fishery business '\u25a0•lndependently.
of the firm. ? He. owned three \u25a0vessels^-"'
the barkentine S. X. Castle, the'schoon
er J. D. Spreckels and .the' bark j Har
riet. G. The -outfitting ,~of". these l; in
volved great expense. The former two
were generally fitted ' f 6*r long cruises
in the Okhotsk sea for cod fishing.'. The
Harriet G. ..was used in ' the salmon
packing trade In Alaska. ' ; j \u25a0 ;
Nearly all of; Pcnd's liabilities were
contracted among "the ship
along the " water . front for^supplies
needed on the ships. The : creditors; it
is estimated, number about 25."^Several,
when requested to turn in their state
ment*»,nt*», > have* answered that ,. they * be-^
lleved that Pond: would tide over his
difficulties snd that they preferred
awaiting his return.
- Very," few"; persons know. Pond's
whereabouts. He was last"; heard from
In New ;York several ."days ago by , his
family, who live at 2611. Pacific" avenue.
He left San" Francisco two weeks- ago,'
saying; that he was going east on busi
ness. It Is believed that he will • re
turn, as" soon as. a settlement Is. ar
ranged. '".\u25a0 . ;
-Samuel F. Pond says that- at the
time of the fire last* year his brother
had on hand a large stock of fish In
his Front street warehouse, which - was
not Insured. \u25a0 His. loss wai nearly |25,
000.. -• ' : '\u25a0 •- . ; y '\u25a0\u25a0', . - - ;.; -./-\u25a0
"My. brother is not a strongyman."
said Pond. "He got into financial trou
ble from ".which he could see no relief
and' left for a time, until the "situation
could be -remedied. I believe that ev
erybody will be paid, although It may
take a little time. ' The vessels are
valuable and upon their return. we caa"
begin to realite. They - undoubtedly
will have full cargoes, which can be
disposed of at a -handsome figure." "We
shall soon call a meeting of. the credi
OAKLAND,- June 3.— "George \u25a0 S.
Whea ton, ' secretary and "„ treasurer, of
the corporation of Wheaton.'Pond &
Harrold, said tonight:
"Edward Pond disposed of his Inter
ests ' in our corporation nearly " two
nionths ago. and, his- accounts with. us
were perfectly, straight. : Since then. I
have not seen him. I havjr been asked
several times recently regarding his al
leged disappearance, but know nothing
about It. He had large personal Inter
ests of his own. He had ; two boats
running to 'Alaska and a creamery in
the northern part of the state; besides
a cannery at Hunters point," but I have
no information* about any! of them."
Gity^ Council Will^Take Pos
sessiqh^by Driving a
Line of Piles % : a
Continued from Page 1. Column 3
work: at once. Following is the reso
lution: \u25a0
Whereas, a recent decision of ' toe United
States circuit : court of. appeala bsa \u25a0 made ' it
possible for Oakland -to repossess herself of r her
water front: and whereas, It.' ls the sense rf
the citr council that delay in ' this matter *' is
dangerou* to the cltr's interest; therefore be < it
Resolved, that the cit.r enslneerbe instructed
immediately to proceed In the name of the city
of ' Oakland to drlre a line - of piles \u25a0 100 : feet
apart, - commencing at the : point •of Intersection
of the easterly . line of Peralta - street, " extending
southerly to the low water line, thence westerly
4,000 feet, more or less, thence at right angWs
northerly 1,525 feet, more or , less, thence vat
right angles easterly to the low water line; and
be it farther:...' - ; , . : • , <:.>,**>-'\u25a0
RegoWed, that ; all , money now In thewha:f
fund be made \u25a0 immediately arallable , for : this
purposse and- that all money ., receded into the.
said fund be -likewise made : available ' for 1 said
purpose until : a line? "of piles shall hare been
driren' around . this entire property; ' and be ,Jt
further. ."". - .•:." " ; , v- , - ••• ; *; ; '--•'\u25a0-
I'.psolved. that the city engineer commence
this : work immediately > upon - the : adoption cf
this resolution. . . P. P. JACKSON,
"- " - , ' H. T. BURNS,.-
The. signers are the members of. \u25a0 the
wharves . and water : front- committee of
the - council; -'-"\u25a0*.- ;..
Councilman Everhart, chairman . of
the street committee,* introduced a reso
lution - providing: for the condemnation
and. opening of Peralta; street. Jhe
street" as a ; thoroughfare ends : at; First
street," . the \ Southern . Pacific freight
yards .^blocking, it to . the i south. The
resolution „ recites that^it is',necessary
XorJthe city of Oakland 'to have Ingress
arid egresa to and from ' the* lands to ' be
ta&en. The resolution. was. referred: to
the street, committee: ; :
Action on ~_the v application: "of 'x the
Western Pacific, Santa-jFe and , Sari
Francisco, ' Oakland L and :-. San '-.'Jose
railroad companies \ for franchises >on
Wood street ; was - laid over until "June
10. Attorney :r: r McElroy .': submitted ;«) an
opinion .that ;the;councll; had not*the
Tight 'to- regulate switching
charges ' in = this 'city, this • being; in ; the
hands of the state railroad commission.
. SAN! JOSE, r "June"' 3^Whatr v wa8 v at
first .t hought to ;-be^aidellberate^at^
tempt ; to wreck trains >_ by t ; placing iU*?
on^ thel track \near j; Santa ,?Clara? was,*
after a, careful Investigation;by. Officers
P.' ILewin.^, P. . E. / Kelley r and \u25a0"\u25a0James
Horgari? of ' the : Southern -; Pacific, found
to be an accident". '? It" appears that; the
two ties ' discovered -.on' the .: track ;by
Engineer; Dlxon 'of jtf eight ; extra 684: at
an early-hour this morning^ fell : off < a
car^ loaded with ties " : for r South ,' San
Praricisco*.f;.V-''"" . "- '-t- 1 -!
:. '\u25a0 IMPERIAI^ '-. CaL, • "June \ 3 .^-Th c I Colo -
rado ! river > today .» stands lat f 29*10/ level
and la "still , rising 1 . } 1 1 1 Is > expected I the
rlverXwlll breach higher/
Officials .'.6t{t 1 the Southern 3 ' Pacific i are
anxious to see a severe test of the ' pro
tective works, 1 - and? the' Indications ; are
that- they! will, beTgratlned.'^Thefstream
lacks 2.9 feet of .being at: Its. highest
record." "^The ; breaks fin LtheTgovernment
leVee on r the/Arljtohaj side] tend ito Xi fe-;
lieve'the pressure^on this, side.
SAL.T ' LJVKB ; CITY;: JuneJ 3>^-Otto ; R;
Bah n,*. ;a =? cl gar Z niaker.'ii reicentlyii from'
San * Franciscor^corhmitted L ' suicide - to : ;
night in the-.wlneroom of f a Statestreet
Balbbn< by; shooting.^ He^was \u25a0 in\nnan-*
cial straits 'and J washout of \u25a0'• standing
with; his ; union;?- He : leaves; a', wife and
child. ."'-'- "\u25a0• v'jal l * mm "11 iii'iwwlißma«m
U. STAiIFORD, : > Conn. 1 , i June , 3.— General
Thomas H." Ruger.'U."' S." A-I " retired,: died
at 'kit home" here 1 todays
/Temperance Union i^tp/Fight
"Managers^ of ; National^ ?
• \u25a0 Veterans' Homes » \
\ LOSjANGELES; v June W/ C.
T. U.'f will 'wage a, vigorous on
the' plan" to - re-establish v thetcanteen iin
the > national ' soldiersr nomese through-^
out i the .';. country. . "-; Miss "V, Gabriella' 4 IT.
Stickney. state i' president -of tthe;TCalI r
f ornla* W. " C.';T.'iU.'.; said , today 'that *.thb
union ".-.would - make J" this \z contestV jt?
special "effort of {the; year. ;'-.?"-
« Vl ,>read -Ithe J- statement > of 1 Franklin
Murphy,,; president ;^ of yl the *'.- board Xof
managers \ of J'homes i for,
disabled volunteer 'soldiers." said ,' Misa
Stickney,' v'and •:; I can . \u25a0\u0084 say.vU notwith-.
standing ;; t he} fact ; that ; heiclaims~: that
every.?member'or the commission, Is. ;in
favor of the canteen's re-e'stabllshmeht,
;that'the W. C^T.*-U/C will • d6] all! lnjlte
power .to prevent such? a' calamity. ",.;
* "I ' know iV» that - the: "commissioners
blame the Vf.'C: T. 'U.^ for the abolish
ment of % the canteen. ? and t we . are . glad
to confess ; our. part • injthe matter.^ •; I-V'
rJ r ,*'The women: who \ oppose^'our/ efforts
against the- canteen, are \u25a0mostly' wives
of ;' military imeri, "who want^-the can
teen if or their own 'convenience."
Action of Nationalists invße
jecting; Measure Puts
aii End to It \u25a0,:-
-LONDON', -June 3.— ln the house, of
commons , Premier Campbell-Bannerman
announced that the government, in view,
of the rejection of, the Irish" bill* by ithe
nationalist- convention i In v Dublin, : has
decided ;to ldrop~ the 'matter. The, pre
mier said that the government intended
to introduce during the present session
an: '-'evicted tenants'.; restriction,"- with
powers ; of "compulsory^ purposes. '''J ".'
..-; As . the cabinet had decided v against
an autumn session, the, j premier \u25a0'\u25a0covir
tinued;' ; It r was -necessary/ to •\u25a0 drop^ the
licensing "bill.- .Trils; however,' would
be ' the" first. measure; to ;be' taken 1 up at
the next session. \u25a0 , \u25a0 * \u25a0\u25a0.'/'>\u25a0\u25a0"»'': ' i. .?
-"'; The measure designed , to relieve - the
"passive '\u25a0 registers'.'." from paying ' educa
tion I rates ] for. religious Instruction, 7 the
premier further announced, wpuld also
be crowded- out,*' but '-the V- government
was determined: to .Introduce^ at 't the
next session- a > comprehensive^educa- s
tion / bill, 'putting Vthe; "whole .'education
system of the country in order." '\u25a0\u25a0'•£\u0084'"
Government . ls Experimentihg "With
•Logs Shipped From^ Estates - a *
Near Santa Barbara
WASIIINGTON, : D. J C., '. June \u25a0 3.V^Ar :
rangements >-haveV been "-rmade -«by,-f the
government' to continue- the investlga-^.
tlon: upon." the "^'California" \u25a0; eucalyptus
trees - under (way,' at ; the : forest ? service
timber", testing^laboratory, :? at^ the
versity .of ,\ California. rA*Tshlpment;,'of
10.4 slogs {of different! species \of leuca
lyptusf?wtiichf.have -been 4?? ; introduced
into California, has bee ti secured. This
material Iwas^ cut; from 'the ; Cooper 'and
Bishop estates \*njpß,r ~ Santa Barbara.
The 4 ,, t wood ,i s/dens and^ v stronjr Qand
gives ? every",- Indication \u25a0. c f ? being J- suit-'
: able , f or rmahyjof Jth'e ,; uses "Wto : s which
eastern,' hardwoods; such iai; hickory,"
oak and maple, are now put. '..
State Department Will Hear, Com
plaint Made by/French Exporters ; \u25a0
. of Canned : Goods <
,' WASHINGTON, 1 "'Junet;^ S^-NegotiaV
tiohs; are i.under .ways;; '.between .the
United States i arid France '\u25a0- respecting
the v degree -of •; compliance - withi the
American ., national I'j pure ;•: -'; food " ,- , law,
whlch> shall \be; required:;; The Jhardi;
ship i in the law, of "i which . French jexf
porters {of 'canned goods complain "> is
the . seeming f necessity; ; of ;r; r the? change,
of ; their labels. :• It r is;, Indicated at * the
state department that the most liberal
views *of: which", the "situation; vrll\ :ad
mit "will' 1 be taken. "•l-'.'Jr'i'y?.:. "^ "\u25a0'",'
WASHINGTON. *Junef3.^Johi* A.' Ka?-'
son of ' lowa, '^famous *, as xaTdiplotnat and
lawyer, \u25a0'} fell",; here ;•. tonight /;and ,;': f rac-!
tured'. his • arm* and ! afteri bein g "carried
to : his r home '.was.ireported^ln^ai serious
condition!*? : Heels' Bo\years;of 'ag&£Ka* : '
eon .' Is , the|i f ornier ; ' special J reciprocity
commlsslorier/of , this { government, toe
mer^ memberrof .congress/i former; mem
ber of the- American-Canada' joint] high
commission and -has ' held' 1 ; many - other
high, offlces.'^;^ / : , r " '-'
: , PARIS, v June ;/ S.-^Detectlveo, ;> acting
underl orders \u25a0\u25a0 f roni ; M.v: Hamard;, chief
of the Paris _detectlvei service,^ arrested
Charles ": Qammon T *of * Sacramento, , Cal.V
on; a 4 charge '\u25a0 of 'swindling..^ Gammon
had established a bank at 4 Rue Salnte
Anne.r; where* he* made.*, as. specialty.--, of
western mining stocks. Most of these
stocks bore fancy. Indian-Spanish names'
and the. kiridjnotiusually, found
in" any .'"stock l exchange';year-booW* Gam
mon was released on ball. l' ;
._: PANAMAS June * S.^Greatl excitement
occurred at; a ".tiger; and bull fight fgiveri
here i Sunday /.when ; the J tiger 5 suddenly
broke out * of ; . the" iriclosure ? arid \u25a0' made
for; the ; grand 'stand \ln an endeavor \u25a0, to
escape.-? A*) fusillade ' of | shots) killed ithe
beast iaf ter.i he '. had ; got f . through % sev-'
eral ;P rows *of -jl sekts. ;lThree]s thousand
persons* were at the exhibition ' and on 1 y
the t quick 1. dispatch of >? the I tiger t pre
yented;a" panics .-'.- ; . - -\u0084 .".i.V, •
June m 8. — The \u25a0 aubtreamtry \u25a0 today M tramf erred
$500,000 to , San ' Francisco . by 4 telegraph. : \u25a0 <
ENDS -LITE .'WITH "- HOKtmX&sC j Louis,'
June 3.— Artbor R. Linda, a state 1 managtar. . was
found . dead iln ; bed ; today in - the > Hotel - HaVlln.
An empty -. morphine ' bottle , wai ; on ta < table ' near
Mm.v \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0'.\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '.•.\u25a0;-"r-'--"^v^'r;>'.vf- : , s ;.-^/.-.'-f ; -V-*-v JNJ N
'- APPOINTS ' ;. .- A ". '. BUPta VlSOß— Sacramento.
Jbne [ ~i S.-^-Oorernor «? Oillett ''-; today '->; appointed
Charles ! J3 Rlhn ' of s Richmond aoperrlsor for the
First I district lof Contra I Coita ; county,' : to I take
the place of P.*iTDmey,;de<reaBed., - ';,-.;. • :
June \u25a0 8. — Tbe : treasury \u25a0 department ' porebasel : to
day 100.000 . fine ounces |of silTer • for , dellrery at
Philadelphia* at : 67.727 cents - per fine. ' ounce, * and
106.000 ounces ?at >. 67.60 i cents to be dellrered *at
San Franclsro." :-'\u25a0' ",'.*" '"" -.-*--''" -• ">-- — : -t*" ;
phia, Jan».v 3.- — Captain ft Edwlo .7 N. Pendleton,'
until recently .^ In • \u25a0 com m arid sof I: the battleship
Missouri, s: entered I today on r, bit | duties ?U 5 com
mandant of .' the '• League i island 1 nary j y ard.'^ H«
•uceeeds ' Rear Admiral >Tilley,*'' who « died •* In
March.^.-': -y' : : ".•-§\u25a0;•", '\u25a0; : ;/•;:* v- :\u25a0 ~ )*'':'Xr'-y'!~."',:J" ?\u25a0
':"! LETS I TBAlir; DEOAMTATE kTM-^Soperior^
Wls.. \u25a0> Jane £ 3.— WUllam % Watr*,-ffl seed $ 40,^ a
woodmnan, committed \u25a0 suicide - In ,: a \u25a0.-. apeetacuiar
manner -at i Sannder* 3 last T eTCßtnc -!n . tins pres
ence of , a crowd of : people.*' Juat before 1 a Oreat
Northern i train | cam* . along " Walt* t knelt beside
the tracks placed hf« neck |on t the I mill aad I bang
m "! until 1 struck *' ud ; decapiuted. " ' : '\u25a0'\u25a0 '"V-^!JSHw
K^Has a Clean Score
'- /for the^Trip:
By|R^;; F3». ; > l»Horrim©dleu
:: President J.:W." Leavitt arrived In the
(Tosemite : ; valley.; yesterday; In 1 his -\ Reo
car;£i; He i sent ~° a% message > to j his 'office
in vthis^cityJitotthei effect" that! he j had
mad e^ the J trip ,'ffom^; Stockton iwlth^ a
perfect >j score ; '!* that ?'. the J'.roads ijwere
ro|jighi;and^ steep "• and 3 afforded < a\hard
testt for] a* car. i(^Withl President , Leavitt
waslWalter jHansel 'of ! St6cktbn.tsFrom
the]tonelof[Leayitt'sJdispatch]it«ls cer-"
tain \u25a0 , that P he ; will -> the '#To-
Bemite ' route v for Tan, automobile -run .on
his 1 return ',toj this Vcity.l; From-'allthat
can ; be a 3ce rt ai ned : ; o£ ; the J trip*; It iis [one
of Uhet hardest that has even -been at-:
tempted in "California. >\u25a0 \u25a0 :
5 .The I Studebaker Brothers -. report I the
sale "of . ! a Studebaker} automobile lau
daulette! to~. C.^ "X.' Beaiichamp. •'",! -y
• Howard automobile company \u0084un-'
loaded : f r om -: 1 the / f rel ght ''; cars;' set 'up
andTdellvered" to; customers 24. Buicks
last^week. " ''\u25a0."\u25a0• '. : '.'J;. ; \u25a0':' ;.- . \u25a0'\u25a0 '"'\u25a0\u25a0'
7 Two -Wayne cars, one the 'new \ 1907
runabout,'] have arrived? for ;the Motor
Car 'tAKencles \ company. ~h They^wlll ibe
on s the ' floor, of ' the • salesroom \u25a0 today. :.",-;
J. A. jLeonard^of jthe
EnciriaH yacht rclub.tookanUnterestlng
trip last Sunday in his new Buickauto
mobUe^Heflert^the^city by: theiMls-,
sion road, going as far as Colma,',where
he'lbVanched'off toward Half, Moon;bay,'
passing fithrbuglv Brighton ; Beach. He
continued Von 1 ; to.'Spanishtown.^where a
a top 1 was ; made; and \u25a0. theh^retraced \u25a0: his
course ; as I , far as r Colma'and -.went i down
the (county' road Xo \ San; Josel i .He
turned ':. homer \> by « way : of '\ Oakland.
Leonard's * family made the trip with
him; \u25a0::"'. ' \u25a0:' \u25a0'": \. ryi '\ : -- : : ; 10 ;*/-'•:
Forty/ has been; doing
stunts in ; Denver, i- having "captured V.a. a
track record:; The -following; telegram
was Received by. the, Pioneer automobile
companylyesterday:-,-- \u0084 \u25a0 . ' '.:
>-? Lowered Cworldt 'stock Ye*r , 60 ; mile ri»eord«clr
cularr track .yesterday with , 'Xhoma« .40. iime,
o t.^?nUt^4S^"sB-? nUt^ 4S^" 58 -° n< i*iNN,NrATHEW SON.-,;S ON.-,;
'^A.-Alpers'and family toured to Sah
Joie^and'Alum Rock Sunday in Alper's
Moori" car. '\u25a0 • , ' '
\u25a0 '\u25a0'.', The ': owners ; of Mitchell "cars ;are pre
paring': for 'three 'days' of :sport at the
end f. f of T : this ; week. - :< On ; Friday^ they
are I to : have ! a hill « climbing contest; for
tourlngfcars v arid runabouts ;on ? the hill
at ;;Alurri i Rock'^beginning;, at -2_ p. -m.
Fr6m:-that;place on' Saturday, they will
make'a/runUo Dei; Monte 'tor luncheon.
The . afternoon f will l>e : given ; over [to | a
rlde'v. over fthel IT ' mile drive?; ; Some |of
the* owners will- return home : on ; Satur
day,^ while Mothers -\Wlll come -home ion
SundayJ' night 1' and y Monday • morning.
The!TcontestB ; at ; Alum ; Rock ! :hliry.will
be -f orlcups offered^ by.; the ; home {com-;
pany}; through z the local - agents, Osen
&"j Hunter,''! who- have/ charge «of the
conies L'?u. ; .' -.---' ; ' '-'..'\u25a0 \u25a0--'\u25a0\u25a0r -\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0'
;l:;D'Arcy, .'Scott -&'_ Co.^wlll _ deliver! a
Dragon ;' touring 'car to .. T. E.^Bailey of
Llvermore ; today. - :
}.'\u25a0 The^Carmlchael-Bray ; company \u25a0 .has
received i kri) Elmore runabout.' ; , The ; car
is nowibeing exhibited by^thelcompaiiy?
It Us ja? three [ cyllnder,\twb Tcycle ! car*" of
moderate v pbwer;^ being \u25a0" good ;-> f or.^ so
miles"bntthe' ? roadL:V' . ? v '
;i Nat < Goodwin, theVcomedian,;' is hav
ing? a rbig -Welch j'car.?: shipped! to ; the
coast -by 'express.' -He expects : to " give
some Ji of -[the j' f ast v cars a f little^ dust
along- the roads.-'.'. : .;
'\u25a0..: J. JW. Leavitt and company report
the I following sales , Reo -cars ;, during
the laBtsyven N daj's:'Runabouts,fAlback
& ; 'Mayer,";' Joseph iSteiger/of * Napat' and
an "automobile ' company] at , Sant a. Rosa;
touring i cars,"; Rober t * Barcrof t f ofj Mer
ced,' 3 ? Robert'^ Corbettf and J the iautqnio^
bile company, at Santa"Rosa:7.The com
pany j received nine mewl runabouts Ithls
week.^s They - came * dressed:; in^. black;
with" bright fried v running gear.
colors 'are aXbig'lmprovemeritover the
carsjofi: greenly* 7 v/-^; ; •'['. ,/\u25a0\u25a0,'^/. f -'.. >- :
i;The 'E;* R." Thomas^company\bf i.Buf-"
falo has' wired [to the'ijcoasttthe follow
ing J5 telegram : \5; . ." ; ;^* **,- -. ;: 'v >.- \u25a0 '\u25a0 .:\u25a0!.- •.• •
:*\u25a0 W.- C. 'l Hood, r with t a ; Thomas \ Flyer, ; bn't the
Benning* -tracks on ? May :> 30 1 broke .-the 'world's
record *\u25a0 for 1 100 h miles.'— Time,"* 2 * boura -J 12 1 min
utes and 53 seconds, 'r. He defeated «lx other-cars.
Prerious record,; 2 hours 18 -1111011168. , - :
\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0-.:- \u25a0•"--"...- -':•-". \u25a0- ,•-:\u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•.,-\u25a0•,"\u25a0 /" .-
; thel Mauyais s ; motor
car j company returned* yesterday^ from
a itrip" to jhls; mother's £summerihome7at
Glen * Bllen.V;He S had fafdelightf ul Jtime
and; 1 reported -, the ' roads \to \ be I In'i splen-"
did condition:^ He f start ithls ,after- w
noonijforT his iranchV at : JPresnd,~ ; ; to 'i be
his^ return ; , to' this. city; he will. make; a
trip :; through:, Lake: county. ;
.\u25a0•'.- .-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 .---\u25a0-"•'•\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0- • \u25a0...'_\u25a0, :*-..-. .-. y-';-.: - ;
. G. < V. ;-,. R&ears. .« secretary^ of the
Mitchell , mbt^r > oar^company i\ of V:Ra- c
clner VWis.V' arrived] last » night; from : Sah
Jose :, withr Mr. \ ; Hunter? of ;!f Osen; &
Hunter,- j who ; are '•\u25a0\u25a0 the i local agents ? for
the^ MitcheU He wlll^ attend ;Uhe
hill ; i: climbing \u25a0 .contest ; fon $Friday,v"at
Alum I said' last^ night: "tf- ''\u25a0"\u25a0]
'I baTe made a'sort of vacation run west to at
tend the first : event - for I Mitchell ' cars to be held
.west ; of ICh lcago. , I ; hare \u25a0 had Ia : delightful 1 1 lm«
<^ Gash .payment--- today! A time ago we built, a ' feW\
on our . splendid v Key Rbu^^^^^^^^De^e^^^TThe^purpose ifor.
3 Ismly^
V iKemf(^lCX^»^'forith»]re^S|HaveTa^
y our chancel t^o tget | youri f amily i out{of I the I San ? Franciscojmix-up. X"> '•
; can < moye^i mi uus i, week 1 0: |r lyej rooms] and homey modern |
act 'q|nckly.\ tomorrow, every one of these may be sold.
t^^^l^l', \u25a0 ( . WICKHAM j HAV^^ IP^RPORATED. OAKLAND^
{\u25a0::.-- : >"V^f^'|n»WWt-BROCK;COMPANY^EIUaLEY^
Historic Sieges (Attend
Lievee"^at St^. James
i •' : " "-» ; '' '\u25a0'-.\u25a0 ',\u25a0••\u25a0 v "-'\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0**. *
» ; LONDON/ June 3 third levee of
the \u25a0 season • was s held t by ";Kihg^Edward
at? St.'^ James [palace .this' afternoon -and
\u25a0was | more I than interesting \ be-^
cause; of % the J presence iOf ] a/large, con-x
; tlhgenti of j officers v who? served 1 during
,the* mutiny i in' i India v ; half r a~* century. ago
an.dj, whose ; exploits : constitute ', the ; most
evehtf ul^'chapter ' of I the J great 1 ; slegeCof
Delhl^and^.th6j;defenseVarid?i'ellef of
Lucknow. 1C Some" fifty ivetefans.'^headed
by i Field. Marshal v Lord i Roberts, j about
a' dozen [of ,wh6m;wore the coveted >Vlc^
\u25a0torlafcross,-" formed '- ;the Interest f
ing; group if of /the I function, with > thenT
being a^haridf ul,*6f rclvllians.'fwhose ' gal-"
lant deeds in 1857 ' led thV first bestowal
of the cross Yon ; rionmllitary*
\u25a0men:"^'^? ; - z~ ';\u25a0!:\u25a0.'.\u25a0:..'\u25a0';..'>\u25a0\u25a0','\u25a0\u25a0 .'\u25a0:'\u25a0 .-\u25a0-' '..-\u25a0 \u25a0."'k.-
: ",The*king_ : dr6ve, to St. - James, palace
from Buckingham in state,^escorted -by.
a detachment of Life guards. The throne
room formed Va brilliant 'scene/being
filled with members of f the^ royal • fam
ily, diplomats," the great officers of . state
and military.' and" naval men, all ; In" uni
form 4 ." and % wearing;; their "orders '/and
other .'decorations, 'and a host -of 'peers,
cabinet members ? and members of I the
headquarters.^ l' r ,? r ; ; v" ' c
•^ Embassador Reid, \u25a0;'; who" was ; accom
panied :^by^ ex-Embassador." Joseph '; F.
Chbate.? presented r Eugene Parsons of
Denver. -V \u25a0" ' . " ' ":\u25a0 \u25a0
Senator Cullom Declares
All Harrirhans Will Be
; Held inXHeck:
}\u25a0 .WASHINGTON,; June . 3— '.'Why, ; of
course ,? the- president: will ;get • the.ad
di.tional "railroad that he
.wants: 'why^': shouldn't he? ~}j-[ .".' '••"•'" '.
.. "With] men like; HarrimaTT;con3tanUy
raising; promiscuous h—-- and blazes . U
will"^ be".;, no " trouble . for~{ the .. president
to get any legislation withln : reason to
keepH;thern^in";Check." ' .; ; V
'/.; This : ,"statement was < made \u25a0;today.-'; today.-' by-
Senator ••Shelby ;. : M.Cullom. of ' Illinois
af ter^ a call- at i the^Whlte House. l Cullom
belieyes^that E. 1 ' H. : Harriman's; business
operations ; are^ a -menace" to ; the public;
: "The \u25a0 Indianapolis "speech was the
best one that . Roosevelt has \u25a0 made,','
adde>l Senator Cullom:!;
- : : COPENHAGEN,; June 3.-— Cerda' Krura
Nathan3on;^the3celebrated. Danish act^:
ress. was shot and mortally \u25a0wounded by
her * husband -^yesterday at ' the. Hotel
Aalberg.VJutland. CThe« husband, after
shooting !~ his -wife^ Immediately com
mltted'suicided '- Jealousy. was the cause
oflthe .tragedy. \u25a0"_ ? - -. .•:\u25a0 \u25a0 .." . ."\u25a0•*,
•since 1 have be^n In the state, having first co-
JournM '- in i the •, southern . section. -« : I\ w ill be in
San * Jose " until 'after the festiTitiei . and .then
return: to San .Francisco for, a few day*.
5: In J speaking- about .the : outlook for
1908 ;t Rogers:; said:; v !? .- 1 ."%.., \u25a0 -•- -,
'--'\u25a0 I ; can "- only.- answer •. for; our- own , ftctoiy .and
II that . is an 'example ' of -the i others the . coming
year r will i be ". a , record '• breaker." >We : are -. now
working i on ; onr ; 1908 oatpnt * and ? tope *to < ha*e
cars ; of the ; new 1 model • ready for •\u25a0 sniptacnt *by
the first of October. \u25a0 . v • 3 : '/
- i . C. ; F. . Holman, the Stockton ; agent "of
thej Dragon car,; has come to this .city
and \u25a0 taken J away : ' another ;of -Ihe last
shipment.*. .." v> -.\u25a0 ..
; "Word has . been .received that .Howard
"W. Davis (won "a match three mile .race
with", an] Oldsniobile over, a ] Mitchell at
Sacramento. v : .'_ ; \u25a0' •"
made a .trip to San
Jose : Saturday Jnight'afterithe :theater.
Sunday/ was speh t . i« *' the '• Garden •-. city
and'j,the V return^ home ~ was \u25a0 made">,late"
that , night. f? ; : He reports ; the ; roads ; good
except -through: San Mateo/ ":'
„ -.; Dr. - S.V O. '\u25a0'.- Bansf ord of ' Siils un : came,
down . Saturday . and ;\u25a0 bought a" Buick,
which he : drove home, that" day.
J-.E.*tP., Brlnegar- of 'the^ Pioneer :»uto£
mobile : company ; has -returned J from ;his
trip -to t tos yAngeles.'Jv He found r the
trade In automobiles to 1 be poms along
at i V-: merry, j pace.; \u25a0' Most of "the • sales
.wer« -of j moderate ! priced j'cafs.,' He t re£
ports that S. G. Sackett has some splen
did f prospects 'f.. with ?i his-" foreign % cars,
which are being handled by . the Pioneer
automobile g company. 1 ; Brinegar lt, says
the'ears^that were sent south: are beau
tiful \u25a0 machines.* - 'J. v \u25a0.:';:;\u25a0;.• -i-r, V :.'V'*.-:'
..'-Walter Wood '. and > family^ went *-. to
San ta' Cruz the first of . the iweek.V Th ey
also \yisited • \u25a0Watsonvllle7: San \ Jose and
Alum' Rock! in itheirlThomas' 40/ ':\u25a0»-
%f George : Brand -.was l> another \\ enthu
siast ; who took < in the Santa ' Cruz 'trip.*
He 'went 'ln his '4o; horsepower Wlnton:
k J. it H/Kendalj of Iwhbirhaa
mining Interests in Amador county, has
purchased a Buick to use between the
railroad! station at lone and > his \u25a0 hold
ings at Plymouth. ;:,*.'#'.\u25a0!.' * " \u25a0•
Just Receiving New Stock of Fine
- Carriage: Dept. I Automobile Dept.
MARKET^ and 10th STS. | 465 GOLDEN GATE AY.
Two more carloads Automobiles
just received. Immediate deliv-
erizs of the best car * built.
t Vv. . . . . . ,V; ;,'. ... . \u25a0 . ; . ......... T. . . . . . . ... . . ... . .
L" '" 7 * . \u25a0 . ''-'\u25a0\u25a0 * " \u25a0"' •\u25a0 - ' \u25a0•'--.\u25a0\u25a0- v \- , • * -\u25a0\u25a0-.'• -A
Zk V July !, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 3!
*^ L * August 8, 9, 10, 19, 29
September 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, \i
WAY imaS
r thereandbXck-
'jiemphU.'.Tenn: ................ «7«50
f \ew.OTlf«B«,;La.... K7.50
- Kannan : Citr. ' M0 ...%:."........;. * 40.00 '
- • . Atchlnon. Kan.". .'"..\u25a0.".'..... ."".:f. fui.nn \
- • st. - J0aepn. 0ie ~. ..:*....:... .: «iuto
I.*avenvrorth,«Kaa.. \u25a0'..:.'; I..V. '.\u25a0•..;' 4W.00
P4 w.v Omaha. Xeh....... ............. saoo -
A m^# Couaeil . Blnff*,' 1a .... . • ... . . . . . . - fiO.fm
#» '~W-' \u25a0\u25a0 ''Paelflc: Junction,; 1a... .*.... «0.00
M\ 9 Sioux City. la U2JW
"".«*-*»> '<<*- St." Paul. Minn.". ?IK«O
-Miaeola, ;Tex..... 6A.00 \u25a0
-' nalnth.Sllnn.'..;.. V. .:. . V. *......- 72JM» .
W"aiihina:to», D. ! C .'...........".\u25a0.. 107.0* '
\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . Norfolk. .Va — : ....'\u25a0 57.7S
• Saratoga, .X.^.Y.":;'; "......'........". 90.50 .
We don't ;sell every date to all . these
'points, but we can fit you far al-
\u25a0\u25a0\ --w- \u25a0• , . ,->.-\u25a0 most any dale.
O rr 1 A m \t at : the Grand Canyon on
phone me and we will
*\u25a0: - r : prepareyourwlroletfip. :
F. WVPRIJICB, 673 Market' St^San FraacisciK '
.. J. J. WARSER," III3 Broadway, Oakland.
-fsN^g) Folgei-'s Qoldeh; date
@ Infallible!!
iS^lVn^wnl^R No prizes— -no coupons— -no crockery
Cos Qatoa, Cal.
Fine Autpmobiling
•• Special 'Cmim. TaJtiai .WtUk —j^; Jill ' 11"
gpyt— fJUl|| —alSl>i iiaa, na >iT^ag
\u25a0 mt^m^mf •Hi«a*k?fcjßK** : " - * -

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