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"The Gentle Grafter" is the general
title under which O. Henry, the famous'
humorist, will tell a series of tales, each
highly amusing, in . .
The Sunday Call
Disastrous Day for Mayor Schmitz
Harry r OrchsLrd fells of tmeMutder of Steiinenberg
Phelan Enlists Support of
Roosevelt and Garfield
for Water Supply
President Payson Addresses
Committee on Condition
of Spring Valley
Says That Hostility of the
City Officials Blocks Im
provc:~jnt Work
While the federated water com
mittee was in executive session in
the Merchants' exchange building
yesterday, discussing the pressing
need of an increased water sup
ply, messages were received in
this city from James D. Phelan at
Washington to the effect that he
had practically concluded negotia
tions .with the federal authorities
by which San Francisco would be
enabled to secure - possession of
the vast Hetch' Hetchy system.*
For several years Phelan has been
endeavoringTto obtain -the (valii;
able water rights ' for the ; city." of
San Francisco, and the messages
indicate that through the co-oper
ation of President Roosevelt and
Secretary Garfield of the Interior de
partment his efforts have been crowned
with success. According to Hetch
Hetchy enthusiasts experts have de
clared the Hetch Hetchy or Tuolumne
project one of the finest water sources
in the world. '\u25a0
At the meeting of the committee yes
terday, of which Phelan is a member.
It was urged that the city's Interests
called for the acquisition of the Tuo
lumne supply, if that were feasible.
This decision was reached after Captain
Payson, president of the Spring Valley
\u25a0water company, uad said that his cor
poration was financially unable to make
the improvements necessary to meet
the growing demands of the city. It
was brought out that the summer
months would find the city with an en
tirely inadequate supply, unless steps,
were taken at once to remedy matters.
Present at the meeting were Captain
Pay son, Colonel \Y. H. Heuer, . Walter
Macarthur. C H. Bentiey. Isidor Ja
cobs. A- H. Vail. Frank J. Symmes and
Michael Casey. The committee was
formed primarily to find some means
of improving the water supply of the
city cither through co-operation with
or the purchase of tho Spring Valley
plant, or the acquisition of some inde
pendent source.
Captain Payson said that the Spring
Valley company could do but little
more than meet the situation as it ex
isted at present. During the summer,
with a- decreased supply, the situation
will become more 6erious. Payson as
cribed the company's Inability to im
prove matters to "the hostility of the
supervisors," and urged that members
of the committee take up the question
with the city officials. Judge Cope,
"Walter Macarthur and Mr. Mclntosh
were appointed to interview the super
visors to learn if existing differences
could not be adjusted..
During: the meeting it was brought
out that the now residence districts
•were Inadequately supplied with water,
and that in some sections no pipes had
been laid. It was stated that, in some
©f the congested quarters -of \u25a0 the, city
the pipes were too email to carry the
amount of water needed. Captain Pay
eon complained that while the 'city
heretofore bad paid "jiOO.OOO a year for,
water for fire purposes, the latest ap
propriation'carried only $40,000 for this
PRICE OF f34,000,000
A special ' committee, _ composed * of
Colonel; Heuer. Walter Macarthur' and
James bi Phelan." had been appointed
to take up the : matter of . the . purchase
of the Spring: Valley plant,, but until
Phelan*« return this committee will
make no report.. It was said, that the
Spring Valley, company ; had offered to
Coatlmned on Fts« 3,Colaoui7
The San Francisco Call.
FRIDAY. JUNE 7, 1907
YESTERDAY — Clear; maximum temperature,
62; mini mom, 54. *v'-':7-v j
FORECAST FOB TODAY— Cloudy In morning;
fair .during day; fresh west .wlafl. P««e 0
A quarrelsome people. Page 8
Poet and Jurist Hebbard. Page 6
Outlaw corporations. Page 6
Robbers and relic hunters. P»ge 6
Calboun issues statement " correcting reports
about conference with peace body and declares
that there can be - no settlement' in negotia
tions. ' Page 3
Detectlres find clew at San Mateo as to iden
tity ;of ; men who shipped nltroglycerln to ; the
Glynn brothers. Page 3
Prosecutor piles up evidence against the city's
executiTe In the graft case. Pages 1-2
Disastrous day 'in court for Mayor
Schmitz. J :;';?/ Pages 1-2
CITY . •
Rejected suitor charges, that woman > who
spnrned him patronizes matrimonial bureaus
solely to get engagement presents. Page 14
"Spirited street scene. In which well known
attorney denounces Dr. O. N. Orlow, follows
hearing of litigation In court. Page 14
Testimony Is adduced that President Duffey
of the board of works ignored building laws
and aided* the construction of the Globe
theater. . ~ " Fag* 14
Striking linemen of San Rafael return to work
after conference with Grand Vice. President Sul
liran of the international brotherhood of electri
cal workers. \u25a0 Page 6
Judge Cook threatens jto fine Assistant - Dls- J
trlct Attorney HanJey- and Attorney Henry Aca
for wrangling in court. ' | Page 14
James D. . Pbelan | practically completes ' { ar
rangements with federal authorities by. which
San Francisco will seen re the Hetch . Hetcny
.water- rights. Page-1
Frawley stock company ; begins engagement; »t
Korelty theater, presenting' Leah Klfscbna.iP. :M
Skating teacher says that his wife threatened
to slay women pupils..' ,• '. • - Page 14.
suBtnBAX r i ;\u25a0\u25a0';: t '."\u25a0. '.^:-.":v-I \u25a0\u25a0: ;
' Berkeley girl . wins ; prize; of .' ssoo ) tor, drawing
besrj emblem for'" the -- Alacka-TukoaT* expo<J-*"
tioSty,"- '\u25a0'.", ?± \u25a0. . . jr-"' \u25a0-\u25a0;;\u25a0„.> if
% \ltt.~.' Luclla '.^Stockford*", swears'j; tuj'^consplalnt'
eh arging j thierlsg 'Till it 1 aican i wj th . bigamy .*? P. ' 4
"? Oakland v mediura v sends* to. Berkeley -Vpoll^p'
grapWclaccount of ;_^the murder *of |Dr7? Van .Tas
sellZ as, re wealed" to \u25a0 him, he ' claims,' '. by } tbe
spirit of ' the missing man.' .. \u25a0 Page 4
COAST \~-. \u25a0...'•;- .V. :.« \u25a0• •'. .\u25a0 ."• \u25a0' .
Recently created inland waterways commission
will •be represented .at • the : national j Irrigation
coDgreps In Sacramento. -, '. Page 7
State federation of realty men conrenes ; !n
San Joee and ! Secretary Bardette. In address says
that "good dogs" are 'needed , in state
lature. Fag* 3
DOMES'I'IC • - ,' :
Orchard continues remarkable story of crime
and gires . details of plot that encompassed
Steunenberg's death. Page* 1-5
' Mrs. Howard Gould charges that her fansband
left her for other women. - \u25a0 .Page 3
PresWent Rooserelt enjojs noTel -auto ride
while ~ risking Lansing, 'Michigan. Page 9
People .of Japan display , Ire orer the "out-,
rages", alleged : to bare been committed ag-ttDit
their countrymen in. San Francisco. '. 'Page 3
Flip -Flap wins the $10,000. Westminster handi
cap at ' Graresend. Page 9
Suspension of strong armed jockejs at Emery
rllle works narked improrement in the running
of eereral horses. ."«'\u25a0•' ' Page S
- Portland and Los Angeles win coast league
games, the latter defeating Oakland in an eler»n
teeing contest. Pag* 8
Housesmitbs* union No. 7S recelres report that
employers will , continue to maintain present
wages and -working hours. Pag« 7
. Harbor commission leases warehouse* to ; -he
bnllt at Central basin. . 1 1 Pag* 9
Ban Francisco stock and exchange board makes
public a list of 26 companies dropped from its
calL ;v ' > B*»e 13
Nevada shar** remain weak, but Goldfleld Con
solidated Mines are a trifle stronger. Pag« 13
" Captain ana Mrs. Malcolm Graham andt Lieu
tenant : and Mrs. Gilbert All»n will sal! * from
Manila • on ' June 9. lor this city. : Pare 6
Letter Is Left by Mining
[Broker to
His Suicide
"SALT '\u25a0LAKE, CITY, June 6.—Hay
ings exhausted, a- fortune "of t $80,000,
which he Inherited from' his/sister, a
victim of- the Windsor hotel fire in New
York, Richard M. Bourne, clubman ; and
mining broker, today ,.." wrote an. open
letter,' to the . world * and ' took his ' owrn
llfe.f > - ': ' \u25a0 '-''. -' ;'.-'"\u25a0". '•\u25a0'. - ; - :
His* body was found 'ln City' Creek
canyon this • afternoon jby two boys.
His jeft; wrist had been : slashed -with
a razor, and ' two revolver bullets '. hai
been: discharged Into .his brain.
Bourne iwas ; Utah agent f or .. the Ca.ll-.
fornla _ '\u25a0 powder; f company. ' until : 1903. 7
when he came Into possession of wealth
through '".. the /tragic ' fate of his ; only.
Bister. .. Ho 'then his
to ? dealing In mines - and i mining stock.'
He was a; bachelor 1 and : lived at ; the
exclusive, Alta. club' "His -fortune, he
says In the last letter/ is virtually, gone
aid', he' has \u25a0no further; Interest .. in; llf ei
Witness Asserts Happed
Directed Him to Lay Bomb
That Killed Ex-Governor
J^ARRY ORCHARD gave his story in the Boise court yesterday
*\u25a0 * of the f plot \that: encompassed the dcath]6fJdaho's :ex-i©v« \u25a0'
bomb. He concluded bis remarkable recital of the'- terrible crime
before the court adjourned for the day. '
Appalling Recital of ; ;^im^&id:;tb|Have
Been.Plotte^liby /the "Inner Circle' ''is
Gontinuedin the Boise Court
Oscar King Davis
vBUi&Ji, Idaho, June 6.-— Theionger Harry Orchardrernams on
the stand the stronger- he becomes asa witness. His direct examina
tion was concluded this afternoon,
the recital of horrors which he began yesterday.^^Theni for half an
hour Richardson went after. him four bells^ the whole crew, at • battle
quarters A with declreide^ed for actio^n^
tion served at every hoist, : and,' as a contemplative^deputy who heard
it all said as he stood on the courthouse steps ahdvwatch«d .Richard
son going down after adjournment, "he never rhade^a dent on' him.**
It was an enlivening attempt at impeaclunehtVthat" Richardson
made, and coming after a day full of the most somber and' grewsome
incidents it opened the laughter valves all o ver ~ the < courtroom for
two or three;feood;round laughs.t; ; \u0084 • ' :
v . Then in the very midst of his to\sh*ow:^ati'no7man'''who
has ; confessed to 20 or 30 cold 'blooded; brutal \ murders is^to be be
lieved if he has previously run away with another man's wife, or spiih
yarns to his murdering '.comrades* about \u25a0\u25a0hi9''yputHful;/«ploit^vßich--l
ardson - [opened a door, through ,which ; Senator'v/Bprah : promptly
walked, to clinch the earlier story; of. .intimacyibetween^Pettibone
and Ofchard/iwhicli.theMefense;m
"I • ma^ Have '^ ;I{ don't f emembe^
"Or - that i you had burned the eh eese factory'- after *i stealing 'all
the cheese ?" » ' .•*" :
V .--."l; may' have." . .•";. " ' -':'-, : "{r: : .-"'V^ 'V,. ,-V . ' "\u25a0\u25a0V..". >/.' \' : -\u0084.'': ' : 'l; :
".Or. that you\ pitchforked iyour; brother and- ran: away with an
other man's wife?" ; ' : -i : .:;...-
I :.'^ : "l"may have; I don't remember." '. .
J "Didn't you tell iPettibone those things . while you and .he were
talking over your boyhood, exploits'; in'at friendly ; way ?". ;>.; >. % , \u25a0
"\Vhcn was that friendly •\u25a0\u25a0 conversation?" aslf Borah innocently/
"Just to fix tli e: date." \u25a0,;.- W^'ff,. ' ' .V : \u25a0 ' ' : :\u25a0 > S-^M'l
"It would have beeh^ih; 1904," said Orchard;
' \u25a0•\u25a0.'. • '; Richardson saw then .what •he \had \ led "up : to \u25a0;' so did every
body else, including \u25a0•the' :> jurors,-but"it''was too late to back out." The
cross-examination had^helped *to • establish; the ) mtimacy /.between:
Pettibone and Orchard 'that, it heeds^ "so earnestly; to disprove.- w
It was a tense and' never wearying day. : Orchard had been
taken back to the •penitentiary, last night i for- agood night's rest after
his exhausting day in court. He i was, as Afresh" and; fit asnf:he had
had ; no : : part -at s '- all ; -I in ' the t distressing r taleV of \u25a0 yesterday. ; 'He
walked^into the courtroom this, morning: with" a strong, : even' step;
preceded by j Deputy "Ras Beemer and V followed : by two or "£\u25a0 three
guards. His \u25a0, face was^ ruddy/ and' his^ eyes "; clear. ; His^vbice^^wKen
he spoke, was steady^ and t calm, and it was : plain that he -was ; quite
at ease.' __,-,,,,// '•„ • - \u25a0';-"•" .'"\u25a0 ; ' " '/'-"-\u25a0' ">*; v.- *:
There was a crowd in '."the room, that every 'seat* and 'left
a row standing along the back wall: , Hay wood Vas r far.;frbm ; showing
the composure of I Orchard. His face ; was sallow > and worn,'- and
both manner and appearance <be"trayed 'the? stfairi j tinder iwhichyhe
was'^laboring. He took his old seat; at -the -end of; his: lawyers* talile;
surrounded and half;; concealed by them.\ .'As soon as- Orchard "came
in Haywood bent'v forward; between V •Richardson and^ ; v Darrow =- and
began to : stare at the man whose testimony, will ' send : him ; to the Jgal>
lows if ; he 1 goes: Orchard glanced
then turned toward H awl ey, ready to go ? on: with* his story. '"."•\u25a0' ?
' ; Haywood's wife and mother - were 'both -in court, 1 seated near
him." Both were worn and nervous; and } with .tense, wearied": faces
looked: first at onerand then-ati the other ofUh^^two:men^th^/cen
tral figures of the seene v -Neither, of the Hay wood •; children ? was \u25a0in
court this morningvibut ; both\came fat' th^ s aftenwon (session^; MrW
Steve' AdamsVand^ Mrs.' Pettibone apparently :/:hearll| enough, of -the
drunkenness and murderingfexpioits of '; their; husbands ;y
for neither came to get the completion. of the tale. today. •
\u25a0;-\u25a0 . Immediately vaßer;;alli;cbnnected;witl^
places the marvelous} story Vwast resumed.* As, on i^yesterdayi': Orchard
sat easily ; in the j high (witness ! chair; and kreeled/off^ the ; narrative of
his-;murder6us:deeds^ unmoved^ alnd ; see^
the same sort of? tale Exactly; in its cohtin^
with more variation i of incident- and a • difference,- now and then, of
dramatic . quality. But that never affected the teller. He f recounted the
humdrum arid the ' most extraordinary ; in, the same ; soft, even - ; voice,
without^excitemeht,iwithout? emotion; There ii^was? no'pbsirig^no-at
tempt at -the theatricaU^^ust a . simple, 1 , plain recital ro| the .most
asto^rnng^tor^^ver^laieafih < a courtroom:-^ \\- .• ; .' ' ">-." > -. '. .\
Y.?as a dajf of
**\u25a0 [\u25a0/ disaster for Mayor Schmitz.
\u25a0'. Point , after pomt ', was scored by
1: the. prosecution, whose witnesses
\u25a0feycaled,; new \u0084 details of - the
restaurant graft. Rigid
examination • by Schmitz's
counsel, instead of weakening the
''[testimony^ brought out additional
disclosures.; A.'B.'Blanco of the
Poodle"' Dog restaurant, one -of
the men held up, was the star wit
"'.hess;--'/',^ .\u25a0\u25a0_ .\;:Y : : ..\u25a0"'\u25a0.• -"-'-'
Attorney J. C. Campbell, chief coumae! for Mayor Schtniti, as he appeared In court yesterday during the trial of
\u25a0 the vlty'H indicted chief execatlve. Sketched by a Call artist. 59858998
Prosecution Riles Up Evidence
Against the City's Executive
Witnesses Firnr Under- Gross Examination
I i Despite- theistrenuous efforts of J. C: Gampbell, for the defense, the
i ju^jtryinguMayor^Eugirae^E;' Schmitz" 4 for extortion was told yesterday by Antonio
B^Blahco of the : New- [Poodle J>og that the* French > restaurant men raised the boodle
fund not lor the purpose of employing a legal adviser, but for the purpose of placating
Ruef and the • mayor, and, through purchased official influence, procuring the renewal
lof their licenses.; : \.:'^r\ }'}: ; ? l vjirt'*. \u25a0''\u25a0 : r '\u25a0\u25a0 '-'
: Again, as the result^'of 'CampbeU*s unfortunate cross ' examination of former
"Police Commissioner Thomas Reagan,. it was conclusively developed that the mayor,
f ully fcognizant of f the character of the French restaurants \u25a0? and advised of the boodle
fund; insisted !\u25a0 the^^ licenses being [granted, and wh by defeat reor
ganized :tlie;.]3oliceVc^ earn' the fee which the curly boss
|has^confessed k he [divided with ; Schrm^ v [[ ? /.
'.;\u25a0 The day of [the Schmite.trial, while of sensational developments,
was full orillc^en for tn^ scored^ point after point:; The
defense failed utterly in its; attempts ti>\discredit the prosecution's witnesses. In fact,
in [ the ycase^of former Commissjoner^Jßeagan/ Campbell succeeded in [strength-
I enirig immeasurably the testimony .elicitejd. : by Heney. .v. v The attack *of > the defense
j seemed ; uncertain-— impotent. At times \u25a0Gampbell appeared to , be trying j* : .to^sH6w
that the evvhole [crusade against ; the Frencfrrestau^
again, that [the mayor insisted upon:^^airenewalfof ,the. licenses to save- the union- labor
partyJfrom; annihilation: at[the[polls. (^ ; : y :
..'Quite regardless of. what the purposes? of the defense were, its tactics either
failed' to •prevent [or materially assisted^inVbririgin^before^the jury,, in the shape of evi
dence,'..'the most convincing features of ?'a* sorry story of -an- administratiori' degraded
to^trie' levying of "blacionaU: on pron^ters;of -'social .vice. T :
\u25a0 ; The examination; of witnesses at ho 'time assumed the air of a legalibattle. There
were no sharp /passages at arms between: Heney fatid Campbell. Save for suggestions
wKispered; across [the table, the "[pthen attprneys[did;notiparticipate ; either in the exam- «
iniCtion bf^witnesses or in [the remarkabl^:few;arguments on 'of law or rules \
of Evidence that^arbse. \u25a0' *
; 'Heney's examination of ftHer four: witnesses who occupied the stand during -the "
''day£was?dew of the habitual \
cburtroprh' lounger: His methods were !those of [the careful builder. He piled 4tone^
aiteristonetonjjthe^ I
between scorn , and [ animated as the; wretched story of one phase
of ihisii administration: was unfolded.
; Campbell, for the defense,^interjected •innumerable^objections -touching the ad
mi ssibilitj^fof^ evidence, but :- always ; quietly;.: Some of- h
argument:in support of J his contentions. His objections overruled, the chief counsel for :
the ;<fefensej noted an^-exception, unostentatiously; courteously/
and^MetspnVJ grouped * around Schmit^;preserved[a t siience as grateful as it was
prising. ' . \ ,- '
The cross examinations :conducted by. Campbell were fnodels;of stereotypeS;con
ciseHessv They; t^ which the skilled trial lawyer
may /treat witness, courtfanaf opposing counsel ; but the\ r were barren or profit to his
Best -articles and best illustrations 'de
i scribing^ hunting/ fishing, autoing, sailing,.
I rowing and outdoor, sports in California,
" in the Outing Number of .
The Sunday Call

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