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THE firEt fortnight of June is
proving to be a continual whirl
of weddings and preparations for
the same, and unlucky, indeed, is
the family at the present time
that may not have some active interest
Sti these delightful excitements. There
is quite a bit of informal gayety and
little teas to display the trousseaus or
to permit glimpses of the presents are
furnishing much pleasure among the
feminine members of society who find
food for discussion galore therein. This
week there are to be four weddings of
especial interest, and society will be
represented " in all of its various
branches at one or another. On Tues-
day Mies Mabel W'atklns and Captain
Wolfe are to have a pretty wedding in
Sausalito. a combination of a military
affair and a June wedding fruthe coun
try, which certainly calls to mind end
less possibilities In the .way of attrac
tions. On the evening of that day vi
vacious, little Miss Lorraine de la Mod
tanya will* be married quite quietly at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Terbush,
to Edward A. Dauis, only about 60
guests being bidden to the affair. It Is
whispered that Miss de la Montanya's
wedding gown Is quite one of the most
exquisitely elaborate that ' has been
eeen here, and is particularly becoming
to her, being of rarest laces. The next
day Miss - Frances ; Coon and Oliver
Kehrlein will be married at the Church
of the Nativity,; at Menlo Park, and
this win be an elaborate occasion from
all standpoints,, .and' particularly ec
clesiastically, as there Is to bo ]. the I
celebration of . a nuptial mass. The!
breakfast and! reception to follow will'
• be out of doors ut ler the great .oak i
trees . of the attractive home. Miss |
Louise Reflington and Dr. A. W.'Hew- |
• lett' will celebrate/their 'marriage; that I
afternoon : at ; 3 * o'clock at Trinity
\u25a0: church. In this city, and *a ; throng of
guests, will fill "the church, ' as both
bride and groom are very popular.' 6w- :
ing to the death of Dr. Hewlett's uncle,
the reception, which was to have been
a large 'affair, has been> given up.; the \
Invitations 'being recalled., and only -the j
bridal > party and a - few of their* cloeef j
. friends will be^ present.
The" following Item from- the* Santa I
Barbara Independent of last Monday
will be read with great Interest here,
not only by those who know the host
esses but by every one who has an ap
preciation of the picturesque, delight
ful hospitality of. the Spanish Califor
nlans which was so charmingly- ex
emplified on this occasion. - There is. so
little of this left In California, unfor
tunately, that.lt Is seldom that such an
affair takes place and especially with
such distinguished hostesses, as these
members of the. famous De la Guerra
The reception at the old De la Guer
ra mansion from/ 4 -to 6 o'clock., this
afternoon was one of the most brilliant
affairs that Fant a Barbara society,: has
seen for a long time. Invitations; were
issued ten days, ago In the .names of
Mrs. Herminia Lee, Mrs. Franclsca de
la Guerra Dlbblee and Miss Delflna de
la Guerra, and the three sisters^re
ceived the guests /as they . arrived. 1
There must have been fully 200 present
and the .women .'- were . exquisitely
gowned. The magnificently ; propor
tioned drawing room", 40 feet wide by 50
feet long, with its ', fine old mahogany
furniture. Its rare^ old 'paintings and its
antique silver candlesticks, candelabra
and odd dishes that held .Spanish
sweets, ; was a gay scene, and; recalled
the days when /all - that was worth
while. ' !n'- California's social life cen
tered there. : A, unique article: that held
a place of honor by -the great \u25a0 fireplace
was • a , hammered " copper w'oodbox,'-' it»
cover < and Bides battered /with*; time's
blows.. Red was: the color/ used In the
drawing ' room and /even {the : embroid
ered hangings ;_ carried . ; out - the : scheme,
candles, Bohemian glass, sweets, every
thing being couleurde rose. . =
Yellow was the color -of /the \ great
dining room, Spanlßh bayonets/ stand
ing 'like • sentries \u25a0; about ;, the'..; room" and
yellow 'blossoms making sunshine- here
and - there on 'mahogany .; tablesV:; side
boards, etc., nearly black * with ". age?\ ! :
\u25a0';. The : immense T ' porch, : 'with its Ctiled
floor, '.that;: antedates "the 'Toldfmlssloni ;
was 'screened » with :ibamb"6o-and'pairns
and ' wag a . * fayoriteT^lace V: f orj'^ithe
-* hh _ r J? I nKS -^.'j°fK*ts? red ii a ' the j mansion*."
Miss Jlawley ; poured tea/: MrsJ^W.'/B. 1
Xiunnane : presided' atHhe:coffee^urn : and
• THEi" SAX;^^^
.which was delicious and, -lllce the, other
refreshments,; went -under .the ; Spanish
names. ' The ' salad \u25a0 was eecavechl, the
'sweets were conserva "t calalvaza, and
Mrs. Maria Taylor,; served* a delectable
bit. of,- pastry .-filled' with- preserves re
sembling the V American, turnover,.^ but
"rejoicing \. in the| musical title ;' : of '{em-,
panadas." Miss Ynexbrena 'and' Miss Ma
tilda "Arrellanes served punch. .';.'>/ ',• • •.\u25a0"•i- j
, vEach v guest was-/ presented '/with - a
postal' card \ bearing;- aTplctureV of the
old _De la GuQrra mansion, ' and .with \ the
date, written "on- the face'of thecaf<L : - i;
: /. ; The ;. Cotas i-played"^ Spanish ;aira :» on
mandolins and; guitars, V and there "was
not a discordant 'note' during the whole
afternoon, everything fitting, into the
picture'} of I; what £ ho^ltality^*was" tin rthe
days" -when ;.; peopled had ?; time J for the
'finer^g'racesV.v/: 'i; : 'V- j.Si,*:-/ f /v*>./':/ 5 //,fN ///--i
, .Acting as -: general » aids •; to { the v.hostr
esses /were", Mrs!;; Charles ? Ealand; - Miss
Acacia i Orena, Miss ? Margaret ;Hawley,'
Miss Eleanor; Colt,, Miss • Josefa de ;la
Guerra, Miss /x^art^is^Djifiiw^iMbf
blee. iMiss;/Elg^^am^rla|n^MiBs
MiHam Edwards; Mis* Eddy, and Miss
Guild. * ' " / .
, : EEha ° h blt o*/news "regarding Professor
Jerome" Barker' LandfleldTand|hls':Rus
sian \u25a0 bride : i^^.Vead^th^e'^greatest^n^
818 ™ M^™!^£^3^^ and
Paper ? of;recenydatej^fflf^o^N^^re*aT
jtgo j • n .i tDe x ßO "tb. l of f France, « haajbeen
*'•''':'-\u25a0'.\u25a0.\u25a0 \'- : r,--- \u25a0.:--•-.•\u25a0:•. : - • -vr, j\ ....-\u25a0\u25a0.. , -v.-. . -•"'
day when .they^called to get a passport
for Mrs.' Landfield. ; Mrs. Landfield, who
as Princess Lobanoff was maid of honor
to ; the ; tsaritsa, is' tiny ; and very '( pretty
andj speaks : English withoutv a trace of
accent * She ' was very :" nervous ' about
the passport and appealed tocher hus
band on . every point, while he was most
reassuring.- They .'went to /call.on
the ambassador, /.who gave .: a ; hearty
welcome to his new countrywoman, and
then . went'dbwn ; to see the Russian conl'
sul -: general; to get .the passport vised,
for, I uriderstand,*,they/ intend to' visit
relatives of > Mrs. Landfield in \u25a0> her/na
tive country.'* , . /: ... :/v . * \u25a0'\u25a0
\u25a0" .'j. v V \u25a0 '"';":'•'\u25a0\u25a0 .."'''•\u25a0-,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"•'•.\u25a0•.\u25a0,•\u25a0\u25a0,•
. From Del Monte comes the following
letter:^-',- \u25a0•' .^ /..,\u25a0, " : /' ' /" : /;// :\u25a0\u25a0})]
; The \ first competition of -. the ladles'
continuous \u25a0 handicap golf tournament,
to bY held every Saturday mornlng ? d'urr
ingrthe "months .of" June,'; July"; aiid /Au
gust "on, the Del Monte links, took "place
"on" June -1: X The winner was Miss E. .W.
'K .I. Morgan, /whose V name VjWill ; be (the
first vengraved on the handsome silver
pitcher /to "be presented by the v Paclifl3
improvement company; to \ the lady, .who
wins the largest number of victories In
the-eerles of contests.' -.\u25a0"--' .
/:: /The 1 first : competition of the men's
continuous } handicap golf tournament
will .\u25a0 take i": place i/ on.' Saturday, afternoon,
June^B, founder ;.- similar "conditions -'and
the rules covering/ the . ladies' to'u'rn'a-.
ment ' \'\u25a0 \u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0. '\u25a0 •' \u25a0 \u25a0 - '\u25a0' \u25a0
Charles -E. \u25a0 Maud - of Monterey, who
won ' the men's , amateur,: championship
of the Pacific Coastgolf assoclationre
cently, made 'a round .of ;the Del Monte
golf course "p with Perry « Eyre rof ; Fair
Oaks on Saturday, ;- ; June ''L .: '". ; ' ; •"' ; «.
.'}•• Lindsay. Scruttonv a" well known mem
ber of the^Bohemian" club^of., San 'Fran
cisco, j'whav: has ~,been- staying } here H for
some ? time the -opportunities
afforded for golfing, and 'fishing, arrived
at this pleasant. resort on the 28th after
a* flshlnff I trip 1 down \u25a0 the : coast. / He-was
accompanied ,by, his friend, R. W. Davis
of San Francslco. ; ; -: •;.' ,\....- -.-, ;..;\u25a0'\u25a0
/ Mr. v and j Mrs. ..•Perry, .Eyre of ' Fair
Oaks ; motoredf down ' to Dclv Monte "on
Thursday, '•; bringing:. with' them- Mr. and
Mrs. i E. '\u25a0•' J. -\u25a0\u25a0 Pringle and child. < Perry
Eyre J. and E. 5 : J. Pringle took turns In
operating -the; car." On ' Saturday, Perry
Syre,'.. who \u25a0':, is -an ; enthusiastic 2 golfer,
made a* round of the. Del Monte linkx
The ' party: returned .-. to Fair/ Oaks , after
lunch: Sunday.?:" / //..;;; ;
I ;'\u25a0•; George i" Stone, / accompanied
by his daughters. Miss Leona M. - Stone
and Miss Louise G. Stone, with a chauf
feur, < toured : i recently from San: Fran
cisco ; In'* a" motor.'J ', They \u25a0' started 'on .the
return , trip, Sunday, morning." -,; ;
ZOn I Saturday .; Mr. i and ; - ; Mrs. George
Aimer,' Newhall of Burllngame /reached
Del : Monte * from ' Paso : Robles .In their
automobile.. J _' ,.K* ;=f '._
: :A.^:H. Snea'd:of. Bullfrog,; Nev., ac
companied 'by sD. \u25a0'• Bonney - of ; Bullfrog,
Miss £ Elolse- Hopkins and "> Miss ,G. i V.
Hopkins of San Francisco, 'reached -this
resort on Saturday in a big. touring car.
On * Sunday, /after.', a trip \u25a0 around the 17
mile drive j for, which nine persons I were
piled "t into : the! car,*; they; motored i back
to San Francisco by the: way oflSan
'Juan.v V '//C' / : \u25a0'\u25a0. :." : »'/\u25a0" . ; . .';:•;'/ / ' '
i -Mrß.-E. A. Judson and Mr. and Mrs. J.
A.l Levensaler/ of Menlo • Park were at
Del Mprite/ recently. ' - . r :
C; A*. D." Shepard,:' general manager of the
Pacific I improvement 'i company, arrived
'on. Friday and spent two or three-days
here. C H/-' s -: '£'"•<-.-"\u25a0'\u25a0 '- ' - "-[ :'.'\u25a0' ' *, - '\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0v^'A^t'-TT
*7 MraT Charles Hitchcock of San Rafael
>vyas; one rof \thie" week "end "visitors. '
\u25a0 /Charles 'S._*Alken .was at Dell Monte
for the jWeek"' end. ./ / .
/Among^the foreigners who have, been
"enjoying j the ",: beauties ;of Del * Monte
during, the ; last ..week are : ' .* G. [ Richard
Russeli of . Gravesend, England ;; Ernest
Niggele'r of Italy; J. A. . M. Johnston,
W. ;_W. Simpson, - Colonel ; and Mrs. ,Wat
son-Kennedy,'. and .Miss ...Watson -: of
England ; ' Dr.V E. Marding and Dr. r E.
Hilling "of 'Strassburg.v* Germany; ;Mr. ;
and Mrs.* Martin Labritz and Miss Char-
lotta" Cremer of . Berlin, : Germany ;• Mr.
Australia • . Mrs. l 8.7 J* - Lane of j Owen
sound,' j Canada; fJ; -W. i and Mlsa . Blount
of London, England.
'* ° The 1 following- Oaklanders = have ; been
sojourning a'i - Del : Monte . . during ''"the
last '• week: T Dr." and ; Mrs. . Edward : , yon
Adeline; Dr.: and Mrs. Shannon, Mr. and
Mrs. R.>S.*Phelps.~Mr. and Mrs. D. M.
McLaughlin,' W.~ ; 0. . and Mrs. > Rarig. . G.
liar Is and ' S. Rarig, who 1 made i the trip
in , a : motor; Albert Capewell, Mr.' and
Mrs/.: Herbert , H. Brown.
,-•.< Mrs. „ ErA. Alayhe w ;of '• Niles enter-,
tained.Veryr pleasantly on Saturday af
ternoon,'.-May' 25.;- Over 60 "invitations
were issued, ;. the - hour/, named ( being : 2
p. \_m. x.. The 1 rooms • were .- decorated for
the occasion' in i St. Joseph "UliesV'carna
tlons and sweet peas. After the guests
had assembled - Miss Julia McKlnne *of
San' Francisco/ gave", an -account of a
portion of her travels in Europe during
the past year,! dwelling, in detail on th a
Journey \ from Munich « to ; Bay reuth and
the/ presentation :] in the J latter ."\u25a0 city ;.of
"Parsifal.",; ; During the \u25a0 telling of the
story .; Mlsalv Helen ; PruUman of " San
Francisco illustrated it at the piano by
selections • from the opera, which added
much to the Interest of the subject. At
the , close " of the . lecture small . tables
were distributed through the rooms and
refreshments served.* Mrs. Mayhew
was assisted by a group of young ladles,
who assisted in receiving the guests.
Friends were present from San Fran
cisco, Oakland, Alvarado, Centervllle,
Irvlngton and Niles.
r; A? portrait is shown- today of hand
some Mrs. Theodore Tomlinson, who was
formerly such •a% belle here as \u2666 Miss
Ethel Keeney, and who has been so de
lightedly welcomed back to California
on the occasions of her visits here since
her marriage ' to « a- wealthy New York
man ; a few < years since. She Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Keeney
and - has recently arrived \u25a0 here, coming
hurriedly west •on account of the se
rious* illness of her father. She will re
main in California but "a short- time
longer, • however, as Mr. Tomlinson will
Join her, here within a month and they
will leave ; for their eastern home/
A photograph appears today of Miss
Sophie .Wood, the pretty maid of honor
at the wedding of her cousin. Miss Lucy
Mlghell, and ' Thomas , : Churchill, last
week. She "is a granddaughter of Mrs.
Kashbw^ and, makes lher home , with her
at :•: 2500 \ California ;: street. '\u25a0-[ She lls : a
charmingly attractive girl.' being pretty
and ', having ' great .charm of manner. :
The Outsider.
Othier t Social
; Mr. and Mrs. 'Arnold Pollak of 1760
Bush j street announce the engagement
of their daughter, I : Miss Aimee A?*plol- V
v lak^ to j Gates J. 1 Waxelbaum, : a promi
nent young" business" man of Macon,'Ga.',
and. will *be at horae : to their l friend*
Wednesday, June 12, and 'Sunday",
\u25a0 J Juneil6.">.':-Vv 3 't - \ v - \u25a0 - :T: T - -
?/.'Mr. ; and i Mrs. M. Goldstein of * 1630
"Webster,.; street f announce ' the \ engago-'
ment'of jtheir/daughter," Fannie, to Max
i.Webster, v of 'this city. "' \u25a0\u25a0;
:"-;-' : -;'- \u25a0>*"';\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0,*/• V*> \u25a0'"\u25a0• r--: -• - '\u25a0 \
/.VThelwedding ; ceremony; of Nathaniel
Miss Sadie
;Silver^of San iwlll ; be.per-,
; formed : % at]l3B3 street.^San" Frah
cisco.l t'odayi atl If o'cl bck,^ the ;Re v. v j dX
M^S-tLevy^offlclatlng^The young couple" :
j intend fleaylhgyon *,the ? afternoon Strain ]
'for ;;as;few./weeks*: ;trlp through \u25a0; tho
sbuthern v part fof* the"; state. \
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*\u25a0 ' ': ' •->\u25a0"\u25a0'••\u25a0 V-'. ' '••?V ; ."•\u25a0'"\u25a0
'^iThe; wedding -'.of-Mlss^porbthy Gold^
stein ; and^Gustav Lecker ,will , take place
.;today£at^high"*noon 'at /a' /downtown j
\t; : \u25a0- ": . •\u25a0 ;/-,;.\u25a0•, . •:. *,~ , .-\u25a0 - ' •\u25a0'
- The',weddlhg r o'f v Mlss Elsa SchoenfeM I
fan d - ; Samuel I*Rri1 * Rri Leon '^wlll : take ' place at
'high" noon >today: ; *.-/ : ' . . :\u25a0;;
?:"';-".'\ l vV?""'.'"'"'* : '\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0•.* '\u25a0-\u25a0" ':\u25a0•/'"*• \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'* '
l^iMissi Nellie /Agnes Leahyj and ; Benja
min f AmbjefrwiH^-bei married *on June
jlOl at lthe 'residence/of [the 1 ! bride's par
[ents,i27oB|Twenty-seventhr street.
v*;^/-"' 'i*/i-;' :^-* "*\u25a0-\u25a0"\u25a0'- •?/".'.'\u25a0 ?. "- r^: f-v-: 1 "",; .'•'•'
fPMr^andll^.lfFrea*llJ-\Thamiiwlll be
pleased /.to ,'i see I'thelr^frelatives^'and
' frlerids^Monday - evenlhg./'June / 10. a*t
their J; residence, ;<f^l266 Tenth 'Javeniie;
j Sunset "diatrlc t," In \ honor] of > the "twenty-"
first; anniversary of the birth of their
eldest son, Herbert. - -,v, v : s ; I
' '. '•\u25a0\u25a0'• .-,* "> - '
•- Last Saturday evening at . the. home
of Mr,' and Mrs. G. Alexander .Wrlgnt
of Palo Alto, a number ot. guests were
.bidden Informally to a most ;d£llghtf ul
\u25a0 evening.
•• \u25a0 •
, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Peck celebrated
their twenty-fifth .wedding anniversary
at their residence. 2347 Bryant street,
on* Saturday ' evening. "May »3. They
were - assisted : in receiving the guests
by their daughter and son. Miss Ella
Peck and Walter Peckr The entertain
ment of the/evenlns' was i very enjoy
able,'many of those present. being, tal
ented elocutionists or musicians. ; Spe
ciar mention is due Thomas Henry, .who
proved an "adept at "specialties." .The
host -and, hostess were the recipients
of many beautiful gif t 3 commemorative
of the occasion. . which were displayed
In the' library. "At * midnight. ,to the
strains of the "Lohengrin" wedding
march, all repaired to the banquet
room, where, a sumptuous .repast, was
served.<v-Many -congratulatory toasts
were offered,* the 'most unique one be
ing rendered In song by the sextet com
posed of Messrs.- KellyvMack. Dunhelm.
Waack. Hons and'Maaas. Dancing waa
indulged In until a late hour. ;
• ;\u25a0-« -\u25a0• -\u25a0•-•\u25a0-•\u25a0• • - .
- Four- boxes have _been taken . at^ the
Orpheum on Monday afternoon by^ the
Webster euchre club and the Hotel Jef
fefson bridge club," when the 34 mem
bers will, finish' the season., with a
theater. •- party. ! " Among the members
are Mrs. Young. Mrs. Elan£ Mrs. Pisto
lesi, Mrs. Boccarde. Mrs.-Crowley. Mrs.
Grundel. Mrs.' John, "Mrs. ~ Hadenfelt.
Mrs. Revalk. Mrs. Webster, Airs. Flsk,
Mrs. Little. Mrs. Klnne. Mrs. Prechtel.
Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Washburn. Mrs. Wol
tege, Mrs. Worthlngton, Mrs. Luhrs,
Mrs.^Friel," Mrs.^ Ostroski and Mrs. W.
B. Webster. The next season will open
the first week m September.
Dr. and -Mrs. J. Henry Bartaat and
Miss Barbat .have returned from the
east after a pleasant sojourn there of
two 'months" duration. -.-, .
"-. • "•"-,-\u25a0•"-\u25a0'\u25a0
Dr. ; and Mrs. J. B. Tufts are In Santa
Barbara, on their -way home •' from an
extended tour of the southern, part of
the state.
\u25a0•\u25a0. • • •
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dennison left last
Saturday for the Yosemite valley. They
will \ remain '\u25a0 thet c some •time.'; *
Mr. and Mrs. Clrarlesiß. Tldball leave
todays for :an ; pleasure trip
throughout tho' east.'*-'^' -"->/- . "^sS^
\u25a0 "-' \u25a0 .' . "..' •\u0084 . •-" • \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-;
Miss : Trance* : Pcnroaie^ of Winnipeg.
Can.,,is the guest of Mrs. J. D. Jackson.
2202 : Stelner street.' for, a few weeks.
~rMlss E.D./Coiton will leave on June
15.: for, Mlssoula, Mont, on an extended
visit jto relatives. . - f ~
/>/'*// -"•\u25a0•- ;: *^- •, : '\u25a0• '' " **
a 'Miss ->Lenora^ Goodman- will leave on
June ilS^jfor^ Portland en an* extended
vlsitF to friends. r'-i
AMRg^r. > ; •". .• '•/
Mr. and rMrs. Arthur* B.Sanborn are
settled in their, lovely n^whome'at 650
Second avenue, -Richmond .district, j Dr.
Blanche Sanborn -j has : changed' her
day t at,home to. the second Wednesdays.
Th© " Sahborns'.i'new -;, home *\u25a0 Is * : so\well
adaptedftoV entertaining that. their
friends 1 , are anticipating they wiir en
tertain more - than ever."*SßfeK£lHßMfl
V^-^i'.'.'' ' .*r*":"..'.*^ , ; •/*,• •\u25a0" r -i'fi^
Mr. and Mrs. -Leonce Payot left town
for a few - weeks' outing In " the : north
ern, part, of- th'e state. *"
.• A cablegram \ from Lcndoc has , ia£i
; been J receivc-0 ;by Mri. C'iC. (Newhall
from g her., .nephew, Augustla Carter
KeaneAwho,"« with Paul; Ha vena, son oC
Frank ; Havens of Oakland. 1 Is making a
tour tof/the'.workLvvTheywillibe ron*
from, two"' to five years.
:';//>,\u25a0"\u25a0 :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• •_-*»; -•'--•\u25a0;/ .
vi Mr.t and [ Mrs.-. Frederick Z?ch Jr and
i th e;Mlsse3, r Zecb.la"re < tTiveHng:throu-h
the large 'cities ;bfEuropa after" he vine
fPen^a" most, enjoyable , winter..* tn ißer
lln.,vTheyJ expect 1 . to i return* to BerMn In
.'August; where. Mr. iZech -Intend* to pub
lish some of < his composition*.^ \u25a0*
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0 -. -'.•,•'- \u25a0.*.•\u25a0«:.-•• w .:.-J-l # . \u25a0 ,
: x ? Mi-:> and : Mrs? { M. f ii WascerwUa '< and
famllyf will: leave Shortly : for '^eVal
weekrt,t»yfat;Hotel del C6ronk<£%£
.on.their.returnwlU apend!the^rem«ln-^
d«r^ of ithe. summer. at \ the Hayw»rd?hi»^
tel at Hay ward. l 5.."s .."* jr .*'.**'• ,*•".

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