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VOLUME Cn.— NO. 17.
Junius Powell Bowden Is
Arrested on Warrants
From the East
Complainants Allege That
Inventor Duped Them
Out of Money •
Refuses to Discuss Case and
at First Denies His
Junius Powell Bowden, the
original "Teddy Bear" man and
scion of an honored Detroit fam
ily, languishes in the city prison
with charges of embezzlement
and obtaining money under false
pretenses marked against him on
the prison register. Bowden is
accused of having swindled two
men of his home town out:: of
$2,250. He was arrested by De
tectives Bunner and Matheson as he
was strolling: along Flllmore street,
near Pajtr«\ yesterday afternoon.
Bowden, who Is said to be the In
ventor of the "Teddy bear." Is be
lieved to have accumulated consider
able wealth from the novelty. He was
known as a high liver In the «ast and
always mingled with the smart set
Since his arrival in this city Bowden
has attracted a great deal of attention
In Van Ness awnue and other thor
oughfares where he. was wont to prom
enade. During- his short stay here he
has gained his way Into the good
graces of persons prominent in the
financial and social world./; \
Some weeks ago the police of Detroit
notified the local officials that Bowden
was headed this way -and requested
that a sharp watch "be -kept for^hlm. It
was not until yesterday that he was
sighted. \u25a0'•
According to the information re
ceived from Detroit. Bowden is charge!
•with having: embezzled $1,000 from Ed
ward E. Rouech last April. The latter
avers that Bowden interested him In a
scheme to supply the country with
Teddy bears and that he advanced
11.000 to help finance the scheme. .Hs
further alleges that Bowden failed to
make any returns for the "money.
The other Detroit man with a griev
ance against the Teddy bear creator Is
Homer J. Johnson. According to John
son's story. Bowden tried a new scheme
on him and Induced him to invest % 1,250
In the Pexnberthy injection company, a
concern which Johnson alleges was
without financial becking.
' According to Johnson, he was hon
ored with the high sounding title of
•vice president and secretary of the new
company in return for his money. He
: says that the company went to the wall
a few days after he assumed his duties
! and with its collapse Bowden disap
When Bowden was tapped lightly on
the shoulder yesterday by the detec
tives and told to accompany them to
the police station he at once assumed
a haughty air and insisted that the
> officers had made a mistake. But, Eec
! ing that they were persistent and de
\u25a0 maaded the pleasure of his company,
: Bowden consented to make the trip
i dowir town, and on his way to the city
\u25a0 prison admitted his Identity.
But farther than this Bowden would
not proceed. Smilingly he announced
that he had nothing to say until after
he had consulted his lawyers. He was
cool end collected and did not appear
in the least disturbed when the jail
door clanged behind him.
Bowden is about 30 years old, hand
some, well bred and wears clothes that
would attract attention on any boule
vard. He refuses to say how long he
has been in this city.
Bowden has the distinction of being
the man who started the Teddy, bear
craze some time ago. He is believed
to have accumulated a vast amount of
money by. hit novel creation, and ig
said to have spent -it as freely, as Ihe
made it. According to the police, Bow
den is well known in . all . the * larger
cities throughout the cast and middle
Bowden is connected with a wealthy
and prominent family of Detroit," and
rumor has it, that he was once a very
popular social favorite there.
Authorities Believe Disaster Was
Caused by j Dismissed ,Workraen *
Who *. Sought . Revenge ."
LONDON,* June 17.7— A dispatch to. the
Standard ! f rom " Usbon : says that an ; ex-"
plosion'of dynamite^ at' Covihilo.a man
ufacturing town," kiHe*l~ 30 [person*. - It
is believed the explosion . was -caused
, by dismiss** f uorkoaen. -\u25a0\u25a0 who sought
The San Francisco Call.
MONDAY, JUNE 17, 1907
YESTERDAY — Clear; maximum temperature,
TC; minimum, M.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; continued
warm; light north wind,' changing to. west
erly. 3sga Pa «« lP
The trend toward the hilltops. Pajre 6
Must be met openly. : P««6
Dooble tracking Central Pacific. Page 6
Indicted Parkside capitalists will set up the
defense that they were Tictims of extortion on
the part of ,Ab« Enef. Page 1
No friends visit the county Jail on the Sabbath
to cheer Schmitz, who passes the day alone save
for the presence of guards and fellow pris
oners. \u25a0 ' Page 1
Scperrlsors may take action today toward ' re
organizing the municipal government. *\u25a0 Page 2
Striking carmen adopt a new and , elaborate
boycott system against the United Railroads. P. 1
John Ellard, teamster, who was shot during
battle at car barns early Sunday morning, is
in critical condition. Pag« 10
Originator of the "Teddy bear" languishes in
tlie city prison, charged with crooked financial
dealings. Page 1
Mystery shroud* the death of William Laiey
at the city and county hospital. Page 14
Clergymen precch sermons In which they lan J
the conviction of Schmitz as triumph of civic
decency. . Pag« 2
Mill Valley ordinance closing the Monnt Tam
alpals road to loving couples is enforced. Page 14
Lid mybteriouely clamped down along the red^
light district in Golden Gate avenue. Page 14
Rev. Charles It. Brown In 6ermon advocates
the direct primary and says Roosevelt will suc
ceed himself if the people have their way. P. 5
Oakland city council will sell . park bonds to
night worth nearly a million dollars. Page 4
Oakland man- Is beaten and robbed' by thug
near center of city, and borne of 'the .victim Is
entered by burglar the same night. . - Page S
Special eervicCT to mark the reopening of St.
Paul's" Episcopal church, which \u25a0 has been re
modeled and rehabilitated. j| Page ft
Funeral of Albert M.' Johnson, the attorney,
conducted by Oakland Elks. . Page S
Archbishop Biordan. Knights of Columbus and
many pastors and parishioners attend laying of
corner stone of new St. Joseph's church In Berke
ley. Page 4
Great assemblage attends alumni day - cele
bration at St. Mary's college, Oakland. Pags 14
Mrs. r lrene Clark Is victim of \u25a0 a mysterious
shooting affair at Tonopah. . Page 2
Haywood trial will be suspended^ for a day, as
Orchard,' J. flic •„ chief t witness for \u25a0 the state, will
be . taken ; Into another ; county * for < arraignment
on charge of murder. ; . \u0084 ; . . Page 1
. " Western federation of, miners threaten, to with-,
draw from Industrial .workers-'of the ; world , and
form;a;new;ors*iiiiitlon. . 'Pase-T
"One thousand -delegates from western . states
will' attend public lands' convention in Denver
tomorrow. . -'..., ..Pago 11 :
Toklo report declares that . the early f recall j. of
Viscount ""' Aokl : as ambassador \u25a0 to ' Washington ' Is
likely. Page 7
News of the dissolution of tbe.duma Is quietly
received |by the Russians, but the' government
fears that there will be trouble within the next
few days. Page 3
Golden Feather, a Los Angeles greyhound,
capture* the open stake at Ingleslde park. P. 8
Racing program for the closing week gives
promise of fine sport. - . Page 10
Stockton state leaguers win a alow game from
San Francisco. Page S
Automobile dealers and club will work jointly
for the Improvement of . highways. Page 5
Oakland takes baseball double header . from
San Francisco and • Portland > twice defeats Los
Angeles. Groom of Portland pitches both games,
shutting out the opposing team In the first with
out a hit or a run. Page E
Tennis expert* compete in handicap doubles
tournaments on the public courts and .at the
California club. "_ . Pago 10
Many ring enthusiasts visit the training quar
ters of Kelson and Britt in Marln county. P, 8
Millti&men of , the state make excellent scores
in practice \u25a0at the range. ' i&*3s& ?*<* 9
Steamship Cape Breton brings coal and \u25a0\u25a0 coke
from- Newcastle.* ' , Pago 10
\u25a0 New copper region discovered west of ' Shasta
gives Indications of great wealth In Its . large
mineral deposits. ' l^^ago 9
Shocks Around Valparaiso
Are Accompanied by ah
Electric; Display
. VALPARAISO, June 16.— The latest
Valdivia dispatches report that 34 peo
ple In all were killed or wounded by
the recent earthquake. The - Catholic
church was one of the. buildings which
suffered -most. Telegraph, telephone
and railroad lines were also badly dam
aged and i trains were stopped, ; owing to
the , destruction of several bridges. The
earthquake came accompanied .by an
atmospheric and electrical display. The
region : affected by the shock leads" from
Valparaiso to Magellan straits and from
the Pacific coast to Nouquin 7 In Argen
WASHINGTON, , June - 16.— The ; , navy
department • received tonight a dispatch
from Admiral Evans,, in - command -ot
the .' fleet in. Hampton roads, • stating
that- the search , for/ the bo'dies'of
six I midshipmen and!- four sailors ,who.
with the fireman whose Obody .. has -- since*
been recovered, < were; drowned by the
sinking \ of i : the t Minnesota's \ launch \ last
Monday^* night; '.was ! .">'contlnued;:j* today
without :\u25a0 success. ".* .The J dragging, of tho
harbor, the said, . would i be ; re
sumed again i tomorrow. \u25a0 " 'J' •-\u25ba:-";"'<'.':
$75,000 SCHOOIitFIRK
• FORT ; DODGE. lowa, '.; June 16.— Fire
destroyed the. high school building at
a<a«a todax, Ibe loss la '.|75 t ofl.Q;*;';: .-\u25a0•_.,\u25a0
All • Members of the Union
to Go on Picket Duty
This Morning
Names of Those Patronizing
the JLJnited Railroads
Labor Leaders Assure Men
That Aid Is
Forthcoming ,
The carmen's union today, will
establish the most elaborate sys
tem of picketing and espionage
•on patrons of the United Rail
roads ever devised in a San Fran
cisco labor dispute. The plan was
decided upon at an executive
meeting of the carmen, held yes
terday afternoon in .Walton's pa
; vilion at Golden Gate avenue and
Buchanan street . It was the first
gathering of the carmen 'since the
beginning of the strike - and they
remained in session for three
hours. ;i The ; men ; were addressed
by Richard Cornelius,", president of : the
union; James" Bowling,;. secretary: Su
pervisor < Tvietmoe, ' secretary of \u25a0'.' the
state; building "trades ; council;; Andrew
FurusSth of- 'the .sailors', union and
other 'labor • leaders. l 'At the conclu
sion "the "offlcials^of 'the union: refused
to jinake a statement . .
The plan - for. picketing '-was outlined
'will r .be"undGrJth6 v^enerai;dire^ction of
John \u25a0* Keane,; Head^Jpi6k*et^"o^rtheTEallors',
union.; -. ,The carmen .will i report! at their
'respective * : car) barn s /at ,' 6Jo'clock this
mornings to"*- be^assigned^ to;- posts ;.cf
'duty along . the" 1 streets Voh'j which" they
formerly /operated - carsl.-iThej men' will
be "divided Into - squads. ;and 'each" squad
will . be' in charge, of a 'man in- uniform.
The squads , will be stationed \u25a0at trans
fer points and other centers: of . the
car; service. The number, of /each pass
ing car, the number of men constituting
the crew and the number of passengers
will' be taken. A strong efforts will, be
made also to learn , the names of every
man, woman and' child /who rides.' '/ The
list .of passengers will be compiled,
every day and a general 'boycott in
Fjiruseth expects trouble in carrying
out the : scheme. •" "You , may jbe ar-_
rested," he said -> to : the men, "and -if
you are we will \u25a0• bail : you . out IX ; we
can- — ifnot, you can stay in jail. But
it won't hurt a hell of a lot if youdo
stay in jaiL" / \u25a0 .. i, . !*
. "The city will board us. while, we're
in,"cried a voice frdm the hall. .-;
The meeting was only * fdr* carmen.
Other union men tried 'to ßenter,; the
hall, but were barred.^
More than 1,000 - f carmen were in :. the
pavilion when the meeting was called
to order. Cornelius : made a speech: of
encouragement : and called on the men
to continue the light. ' Tveitmoe : , fol
lowed. He assured .the :xnen 'that the
reports that there, had been . a theft of
the' funds of the union were f aJset j
money, he -.' said, was In ' the a&to- de
posit vault of a Mission bank and could
only be withdrawn In the - presence of
three members of the executive com-.
mittee of the union. Embezzlement was
Impossible. The speaker \u25a0 named \u25a0 . the
members ' of the committee \u25a0 and voiced
his -confidence .\u25a0 in -: their integrity. . ;,In
\u25a0closing he declared 'that . * the carmen
would : triumph and that \u25a0" organized * la
bor : would be t behind the 'union until
victory Is won. . \ ::^':T
Tveitmot spoke later in the afternoon
and attacked the United Railroads.
"The United Railroads," said he, "has
violated the terms of its franchise
every day for! a year.' What r you ; must
do is to elect a Union \u25a0 Labor board of
supervisors— men ' who will take ; away,
tho francnise of the road. \u25a0-. If the Geary,
street and the; California 'street Klines
were -in operation we 1 would 'win' this
strike in five months."' - , -
Andrew Fur usethiwasj the principal
speaker 5 of ..the r day. "After'; declaring
his faith in the ability of the carmen to"
win the ; stfike,' he assured them"; that
they/had {the strength . of organized
labor behind Ithem. He declared," how-;
ever, that/t hey * would ' have'- to~> work
themselves to co-operation
of other bodies. in^^^thestfuggle.^^-- : •
- "If you V aire? willing 'l to;jdo " : the^kind
of work we have ; mapped" out \u25a0 for/you.",
shouted the 'speaker,* '.'we'll win Y"V If •
not, you will be defeated. You will-re
port "tomorrow 'morning'; at \u25a0 your :car
barns,' 1 every one of you, and. bej'as-
Continued o»Pa»e 3r3 r Column, a
\u25a0'\u25a0y- Overflow, crowd[ ai^ Boise , courthouse ''during trial fof /Haywood: -Lower portraits, left to right, are
'those.o f Mrs; GeorgeiF*etlih6ne{and*MrsT Charles Moyer, wives of • two western federation . officials accused
of iinithcimurdero^
No Friends Visit County Jail
to Cheer Schmitz
Pisses Dty Alpn& S Presence -of
: Guards and iFellow: Prisoners j
a contemplated removal to some 'other- place, no matter from what
source^they { ;.- may have ; ? originated,-, are 'false and ' groundless.
SchmitZ; is a; prisoner .justas purely 'as j are ;^the' men .among: whom
he and ; will betreatedasone
Statement^of.^Super!ntendent;Kerwin.of j the County Jail.
-Eugene ;'E:-Schmitz,mayorjbf^SaniErancisco, spent his" first 1 Sun
day/behind ip risen bars— -a. convicted Jf eloril';- In '- the - dim, v - narrow- cells
adj acent : to: his room in the branch county^ j ail ; off \u25a0 the>lngleside \u25a0 road
from £ 'the^scum s ofj;the' city's « populace ;*inithe;C^rridc^s;about ? ; him
the .prisoii-f grounds Spaced ; 'armed '-guards ;' and,: alone iri: his confine
meritjttliejmayor,of San '-Francisco -tasted^for. trie. first- time T thelbitter-
ness\of iine'.penalty he : must-.pay( for'tlie^betrayal \u25a0\u25a0 of f his. city.^;
. .;;BJ%once^
that ;visitor -,was ; a i member of • his ''> legal '- staff /vwhb spent* a fshort^time
with • himrun ;discussioiiubf steps to be taken'Hn * his \u25a0 behalf this
week." •Nofmember, of '•his;family^visi^d*him^dujring\the.day,*and
nojf riehd > found: it worth 1 while .'to; carryj a word 1 offcheer Jrto? the^dis-,
graced* official.'^* Friday •• 'and ?Saturday,.the - conduct'of -his; casefin^the
courts \u25a0 and-; tHel partial ; f reedom Iwhichi tHis \u25a0 entailed ibroughttSchmitz
into rco^tacjblwith \ the ; outside 1 world, >.but * yesterday ;. Lhe\wasYalone^
aibrieiahdlaVprisbner; : '.' [\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0).\u25a0- , '^;; -. : ,v. /t/ t \u25a0• : ... r. '>--
";The^branch* couny^ jail • vWas : a 2 cehtc^6 {••interest ? yesterdaj^'for
tHe: curious ieyej£o^
theirv gla^ces^fo^
to I indicate'- inlwhat s quarter* of < thei prison :Scnmit*z Cwas «: lodged. : - It
place ',was*largeri»than?usuat\and ,• that*
the -occupants ; alli'dlsplayed *a C greater
interest i In--^ scrutinizing*; the {jail.
nu mb i eiv of ; Sun^ay^yisl tor sTwa s g r eat e r,
also",:'- but t tor* the )flrst;tirne * in ''• years \ It
took ? more : than « an * ordinary : permit 1* to
gain^ -j .;.!;';. ,' c\.../c \. . ./ ,
v Sheriiffj O'Neilihas; in arked-tHe arrival
of hiV.friend i^hmlS^at^tn^JaU I tyTissu-"i
, ing ; . ; an J,. order r s forbidding w ; guards j'-. or
others^ connected^.with; lt -to callow ; ad-,
missionjto-any. person without a writ
ten ; order:, from* himself "and 1 - has : an
nounced . ; that '< permits -' to yisit ', the '\u25a0 jail
or i any * prisoners 'Conflnedi therein will
be- issued ;herea.fter.Tonly in \ rar^ejyn-?
stahces."' 5 . He \: has Fdonet this"> to 'protect
-,-*.>- -*-» V.---. _^; -^.^^r.-.i -** \u25a0\u25a0llillifc»lii " ;
Schraltz:fromithe intrusiop of the "great
number ( of % persons ; who i'might '-\u25a0; find ;: i t
convenient j to visit : him 'on one pretext
or another, « r"ather, : than > because of '\u25a0 any
desire ito .throw; an'addltional; safeguard
around -the -prisoner. "
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0\u25a0• v; \u25a0'*. '-t \^>.-'-.v t^'ii, 1 - \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
-^Guards :atj*thel;prison > were^loth; to
discuss "the,. matter,. of .Schmitz'., prel-'
ence > yesterday, v \but - admitted -.that ;or
, ders ! iabre i positive 'tbAn I wtUcbStiad
heretofore been '": made > had y been \u25a0 put
intcT. f eff ec't \u25a0\u25a0-_ by/ Sheriff j O'Nell,"^ arid - that
"they.^wereV prohibited i-'/ from
permission' 1 to *any • one 'l not
•VanctionedjbyJO'Neil.^ ' ':' V. If .*.' ; [
J'J.Wh'lief Schmitz ;\is;,to}alll intents'; held
jiinder ; the i same '- durance ; impoaed^upon
thefothercinmates^of -the •jail.Thef is 'in
fact .allowed- : far --more r liberty and
'given* much ibetter V treatment ?tKan -Ihis
[unfortunate and less com-*
pariions. ." Schiriitz' does not^march .with
'.the pother <, prisoners fto'vthe; mess hall
, for. his? meals v and ; Schmitz - is '] not
; fined ? in'- a_V narrow -V cell in the :- regular
prison ;\u25a0 corridors. >'\u25a0 Instead; he has ;been
; given • thel; room lot : one 'of theVguards_
on :^he second .flbor,^ which, 'though it
hasVthe- heavy; prison bars v' over.-' the
.window,, is^far. more * than
, the.;, small-, cells, _and -: his • meals; are
JservejJ^to • him ;in^thla^.ropm ,and?,coi»
sist Jof more . claborsiteljv* prepared \ and
better.'served-fare than is given :tb';the
| ordinary convict." fi^--: s '/^ '\u25a0-' \u25a0"'\u25a0''";:; ;
1 Continued «a: P«*e^ 3r Middle ColumnT 1
There is a small revolution at Orleans
because France officially denies sainthood
to Joan of Arc. Read the interesting ar
ticle to appear. in .•:
Parkside Men
Pass It Up to
Former Boss
Advance Claim That
They Were Victinis
of Extortion
The testimony or the officials of .the
Parkside realty company before the
grand jury in : connection with /the
inquiry -into the details of the bribery
of the 'board of supervisors by this
company shows that the defense to be
made vby the 'mdicted;. officials when
they, are brought to trial will be based
on • the contention \u25a0 that they were not
guilty of ; passing bribe money, but
that \ Ruef i extorted funds » from Tthem.
v When f acc^ to face with the
-necessity : of : telling all the details „of
the Parkside transactions to the grand
jury? in'] ord«V; t o ihay e^ their; ! ye'rsions
; placed' on "record ; bef ore^Ruef "could .give
" Ms^thV' Parkside .-- officials; passed - the
matter <up %to- the . boss. >
';'; There! Is .no:. no : attempt ' on Cthe ; part of
! the 'r Pa*rk*side t promoters :-. to \u25a0 deny the
paymenti of \u25a0 $15,000,-, to ; Ruef :and<the
promise ? of ; J25.0Q0 more. The jclainV
j they : set. up before" the, grand jury j and
the - one \u25a0\u25a0 on which - their legal battles
will be based Is that they were the vic
tims';of RueCs extortion, and not bribe
givers. . '
- According to - the . penal code, ,*^the
•word 'bribe' signifies anything of value
or advantage, present, or- prospective,
or any - promise or undertaking to give
any, ; asked,; given, -qr/accepted, with* a
corrupt, intent to, influence, unlawfully,
the person to whom It is given, in his
action, vote, ; or opinion, -in any public
or official capacity." '
• :,. This is -what the prosecution, by the
returning -of ;.the< Indictments against
the ' Parkside officials, : labels the pay
ment of the money by them to" Ruef.
The ; case, of 1 the* prosecution will be
that, , knowing this money was to be
paid* into the hands of the supervisors
for ",the purpose of purchasing a fran
chise,-the were., cuilty of
bribery. -'-The 'contention of- the defend
ants,* \u25a0as : made . evident • by ; their : tes'tl
mony/ will *be -based , on t the section . of
the ;pen*l code. reading:
.^, "Extortion | Is 'the -obtaining .of prop
erty •froiriWqbther, tt | wlth his consent,' In
duced .by $ a iwropgful *use* of « force, or
\u25a0 feaT.'for I under color ofi official "right."-.:
•^'Ruef,- they* will- cla^m, 4 forced; them
: into payment Jof^money!, to, protect
-an i extortion*? and i absolving,' them , from
'criminal convlctidn,7regiELrdless of , what
,degree ; of .moral turpitude>on' their part
thelr^ actsjmlght I involve. ..
' . MANIIiAV^-'June >C; 15.-^The ! charges
'against ' Captain }. Fred %Q/ Cole ' of ; tho
quartermaster's [* department were dis
missed courtl '.'-' It Is
stated jthatvColeJwlll^'nbt'' be tried {by
courtmartiai,' th'ej statute of , limitations
hayingllescpjred.'^ Captain; Cole was . ac
cused'of having 1 padded -payrolls."-.
Impertinent Question No. 3
Why Aren't Wives Happy?
-I^or the rilost (original 'or wittiest answer to this ques
tion-^-and"^jie briefer the better— The Gall will
- pay HVE^ DOLLARS. For the next five
answers The Gall {vvillpajr-ONE 'DOLLAR each.
" . Prize Avinning answers^will be printed next Wednes
day and checks mailed to the winners at once.
Make your answers short and address them to
'"\u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0 /
Trial Is Suspended for Day,
as Orchard Is Called to
Another Court
Defense Expects to Shcv/
Falsity of Story Tol^d
by Assassin ,
State Will Make an Effort
to Introduce It in
BOISE, Idaho, June 16.—
While the trial of Willfcim D.
Haywood, charged with conspir
ing to secure the murder of for
mer Governor Frank Steunen
berg, stands suspended for a day,
'Harry Orchard, the chief witness
in the case, will be taken to Cald
well in Oanyon county, wtere the
case against him for the actual
murder of Stcuncnbcrg will be
called and postponed until the
next term of court. Judge - Fre
mont Wood, who is presiding in
the Haywood case, will hold
court in Canyon county tomor
row, acting for Judge Bryan, who
is disqualified in the Orchard
case because his partner is or was
of counsel for Orchard at the time
of, his arrest.
.Orchard will be taken to Caldwell on
the local train leaving here at ? o'cloc'.c y
tomorrow morning- H«^, wiil IM .br > . in
charge, of ; Warden .Whitney of the
Idaho, penitentiary and a* force of
guards. The adjournment of h!< case
will be : merely -a perfunctory, matter,;
not taking more 'than -a few minutes.
The prisoner will at once be brought -lo'--
Boise. ':. : ,
The Hajrwood " trial, •will . b« : . resum^tt''
at 1 9:30 o'clock oh Tuesday mornlnsr.
when the state will continue the intro
duction of evidence in support of the
Orchard story and endeavor further to
link the defendant with the conspiracy
to. murder Steunenberg: as outUned by
Orchard In his confession. So far tin
evidence has been corroborative of
Orchard's story of his many crimes in
major, and minor details. The , direct
connection of Haywood has yet to come
out In the evidence. Certain evldeiic*
has linked him with Adams, whom
Orchard says was his partner to a num-.
ber" of crime*. Documentary evidence
has shown Hajwood's connection with
Jack Simpklns, but as Slmpklns vasa
member of the executive board of the
western federation of miners, of "whfcli
Haywood Is still the secretary and
treasurer, counsel for the defense claim
that the drafts were drawn In the reg
ular course of the federation business
and that the production of drafts from
Haywood to Slmpkins have no connec
tion with a conspiracy, being, In- fact,
on the "records of the federation.
Simpkins Is named in the Indictment
•with Haywood. - Moyer "\u25a0 and Pettlbone,
but he has not been arrested. One of
the drafts In" his favor was drawn after
the murder of Steunenber?^ The .state
has shown by some witnesses Jthat -
Slmpkins wa3 with Orchard In Caldwell
prior to but not at the .time of th«
murder. The last draft produced' t ln"
evidence and Identified by the cashlsc
of the Denver bank was drawn in
January, 1906. It was indorsed, by
Slmpkins' wife and paid to her by rv
bank In Spokane. Steunenbergr \u25a0'•wzi.-.
killed on December 30, 1903. The dr&.'t
In favor of Simpklns : was drawn prlt r
to the time Orchard made his confes
sion and about three weeks befo*/5
Haywood . was arrested in \u25a0 Denver. 1 1
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