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After years of work among the Indian
tribes E.^S. Curtis has secured some won
derful pictures of a vanishing race. They
are reproduced in
/ The Sunday Call
VOLUME Cn — NO. 20.
Magnates to Agree on Grand Jury Matter Today
Forty Sticks of Dynamite in Mine That Orchard Laid for Judge
Jurist Tells of Digging Up
the Bomb That Orchard
Set at Gate
Destruction on Great Scale
Planned by Fiendish
Murderer •
Testifies as to "Barry's"
Stay in Her House in
San Francisco
By Oscar King Davis
BOISE, Idaho, June 19.— Further
corroboration of the stcry of Harry
Orchard was made today at the trial
of William D. Haywood for the mur
der of ex-Governor Steunenberg, and
the case of the prosecution was
cinched nearer home. In addition to
the testimony of living witnesses in
troduced by the state. Senator Borah
sought to introduce a number of ar
ticles from the miners* magazine, the
official publication of the western
federation, which, he argued, showed
the hatred of that organization for
the men thit Orchard testified had
been murdered at the behest of- the
"inner circle." There was ?a lively
argument over this offer, at the close
of which the matter was taken under
advisement by the court until the
afternoon session, when it was. an
nounced that some of the articles
•would be admitted and others would
be rejected, the decisions as to each to
be made tomorrow morning.
The witnesses who gave testimony
today Included Justice Luther M. GoG
dard of the supreme court of Colorado,
who Jz the careful phraseology of the
lawyer and the jurist told the dramatic
story of the finding of the bomb which
Orchard had buried at his gate. John
L. Steams, the Denver agent of the
Mutual life insurance company, from
w-hom Orchard obtained a contract to
act as agent, told how he came to make
that contract with the murder ma
chine, and submitted the letters of
recommendation which had been writ
ten to him In Orchard's behalf by
the men whose names Orchard had
given him for reference.
These Included Horace N. Hawkins,
law partner of E. F. Richardson, senior
counsel for Moyer, Haywood and Pet
tibone In the present and pending
trials, and Pettibone himself, as well as
J. C Sullivan, who was then president
of the federation of labor In Colorado.
They were a strong bunch of recom
mendations, and one hearing them
could understand how Steams would
say. as Orchard said he did, that they
could not have been better. . .
The reading of the Hawkins letter
afforded a good deal of amusement to
the audience, and especially to the law
yers, some of Richardson's colleagues
in this case apparently having diffi
culty to restrain their laughter. Or
chard had testified that he had only a
slight acquaintance under the name of
Orchard with Hawkins when he went
to the lawyer and asked for a recom
mendation as Thomas Hogan. The let
ter that Hawkins wrote In response to
the Inquiry of Steams was an. excel
lent specimen of the general recom
It assured the life insurance 'agent
tliat he had known Hogan for a "con
siderable period of time," and added,
happily, "I esteem him in every way ta
a man of integrity. , His habits are of
the best," continued Hawkins, enthu
siastically. But an element of caution
perhaps intruded itself at that point,
and he inserted the qualifying phrase,
•as far as I have had opportunity to
observe tbem." Then, however.
Lawyer Hawkins made up for^that
slight tempering of his. indorsement by
the generous addition • that . "in" general
I know nothing ..whatever detrimental
to h\s character.". He closed his letter
with an expression of his pleasure at
writing .It saying, "I am glad to , recom
mend him for a position."
Even Haywood smiled sardonically
when this letter was read. Richardson
glanced -around at the • newspaper men
with a sickly grin on his face and Nu
gent and Dafrow had trouble trying: to
hide their amusement. Pettibone took
a. different view of; the-/, request of
Steams from " that of Hawkins. Os
tensibly the dealer In general novelties
Continued on Face 5, Col tuna 1
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY.-^— Clear; maximum temperature,
CO; minimum, SO.
-FORECAST FOR TODAT— Fair, with fog In
mornlns and night; fresh west winds. Face 11
Promotion on a liberal scale. . Pa»e 8
A far reaching measure of reform. Bags 8
Earthquakes and concrete. . Pa*e 8
Attorneys for defense in graft cases ask for
more delay, but mttst aeree or announce that
they cannot do'so at today's session.,. Base 1
Prosecution continues faying plans for reor
ganization •of city government and is confident
Schmitz cannot get bail. Page 1
Ruef sentence is delayed to keep him In line
for prosecution of graft cases. Page 1
Auditor Hortoa produces commission «s signed
by Langdon appointing Heney assistant district
attorney. > B»se 2
Removal of four of Elisor Blggy's men from
Ruef prison reported part of plan to take
Schmitz in charge. Page 2
Details of alleged conspiracy in health board
are disclosed to the graft prosecutors. Page 2
Hoodlums stone car in Fillmore street and
crowd belps them to escape the police. Pa^o 4
City attorney prepares voluminous answer to
Spring Valley water company's application for
an injunction. .„ '. Page 18
Mrs. Eva- Turner secures dlrorce because ban
bend went out to teke a smoke and never came
beck. "3?a*e 13
Detectives capture burglar who robbed Sutter
street store of silk goods worth $2,000. Page 16
Snip owners' guard testifies In contempt pro
ceedings against sailors', union that its pickets
indulged freely in threats and pointed to the
fact that no prosecution was instituted for the
murder of a nonunion man during the teamsters'
strike. P«o 9
Conciliation committee Issues call for national
Industrial conference to be held here In July. P.I
People of San Mateo county wage campaign
against the erection „ of proposed smelting
works. .'. ' Pas« 9
John • .Neppe, alleged, slayer, is liberated.' by.
Oakland j court on - ground that evidence . Was " not,
conclusive. . , > ... ' Paso-iO
§ Oakland police - d.«paf?nieflt to "be reorganized
and a bureau of detectives and Identification.t o
be Installed July If- \u25a0 * ~ Page 10
Ralph E. Parr, alleged forger, says that bis
sudden trip to Colorado. was due to an attack of
ptomaine -poisoning following a feast on' lobster,
salad. B«*e 10
Mrs. Don Luis Chang, white bride of Chinese,
hurls defiance at fashionable * neighbors In
Berkeley. Page 10
Both administration and ' antladmlnistration
forces in public lands convention- at Denver
charge, stuffing of roll of delegate* and lively
row Is precipitated. Page 12
-Judge Goddard tells Haywood jury of un
earthing bomb that Orchard set at his gate and
how cork In add bottles' saved life of himself,
and family. Pages 1-5
Twenty thousand union telegraphers will walk
out when strike order is sent over the
wires. • Page 4
Interstate commissltn to Investigate charge
that Hamburg- American packet company reaches
its coercive hand into this country to control
shipping. ' Page 3
French troops arrest leaders In wine growers'
revolt despite resistance of people In move
ment. Page 8
Seventy-flve men killed or wounded in the
fight at Kiev between Russian . mutineers and
loyal troops. . Page 5
Lally, an outsider, wins the royal plate at
Ascot brath. * Page 7
Good prices realized at the Burns & Water
house sale of yearlings. Page 7
New California -jockey ' club stewards suspend
Jockey E, Wilson because of his peculiar
handling of favorites. Page 7
Joe Coyne reduces the California record for
one and a sixteenth mile* to 1:45 In a race at
Emeryville. P*ff« 1
' Jockey Koerner, thrown ' during a race at
Gra vesend. "barely escapes death. . Page 7
Los' Angeles and . Portland win coast league
baseball games. Page 6
; Big field of high class thoroughbreds will
strive for the $20,000 prize in the suburban
handicap -at Sbeepshead bay today. Page 7
Kelson and Britt find the weight problem an
easy one to solve. Page 7
Walters' nnion will have home warming In
about two weeks \u25a0 at new quarters . In Eddy
street. ... Page 8
MARINE \u25a0<V^ -V^i-
Flve masted schooner Louis goes ashore on
Farallones . and may prove total loss. Page 16
Captain Olsen of ferry steamer James M.
Donahue has license suspended by government
Inspectors for unskillful handling of steamer
Sausallto.- Page 18
Steamship President sends wireless message
from the north ] Pacific describing weather condi
tions at sea. '£'*'- Page 11 j
Mining shares market, while prices decline,
Is still up to average and sales represent
$190,000 In' a day. Page 15
Subscriptions and ( Advertise-
ments will be received in San
Francisco at following offices:
Open until 10 o'clock . every night.
Parent's Stationery Store.
Jackson's \ Branch.
Christian's Branch.
International Stationery Store.
is3i ; church ! sTßisirr ; . .
George! Prewltt's Branch. [
Woodward's Branch. '.
Industrial Conference Is to
Be National in Its i
Will Send Cabinet Members
to Attend Sessions in
This City «'
Local Labor Leaders Attend
Meeting in the Ferry
A call for a national industrial
peace conference to meet jin .this | city,
in July has been issued by* the con
ciliation committee of San- Francisco
with the encouragement of President
Roosevelt. The committee expects
that this national conference will-ef
fect a condition of permanent indus
trial peace •in js this city, show to \ the
east that the labor conditions Here
are not entirely. hopeless and that the
rumors that the" "town-is to be tied* up'/
are false. The provisional dates' for
the meeting are July^lB, 19 and 20.7^1
At this gathering, it ; is proposed': to
organize a' branch of^thejnatlonal^ciYic
federation. /President' 'Benjamin^ Me
Wheeler ;of.theVunJver^ityJof',Califor-^; of.theVunJver^ityJof',Califor-^
niai'-.Who is now In: the'* east? 1 rwlir-brlng
to " the.-conference^V/authqrltyT.for^'the
establishment' of thft California 'branfth
of that ' organiiation. TheTgatherins
will be attended by three, and 'possibly
four, members of President 1 Roosevelt's
cabinet and by 1,200 delegates „. from
California and the' east. '"«• Many..; labor
leaders are expected, to be present,"in
cluding Samuel ' Gbmpers' aridv*John
Mitchell. | -.: , ' \u0084 . ;'
The cabinet members whose ?'attend
ance is assured are Secretary of -the
Navy , Metcalf, Secretary .of Commerce
and Labor Oscar' S. Straus and Sec
retary of the Interior Garfield. '. *
In' planning the conference the "con
ciliation committee will have the active
co-operation of the chamber of .com
merce of San Francisco, i the Califor
nia Promotion committee, the civic
league of. San Francisco, the San Fran
cisco church federation, the \u25a0 California
club and similar organizations. V
The conciliation' "committee decided
to issue the call'fat -a meeting 'held
yesterday afternoon*ln the ferry build
ing, which was "presided over by George
A. Tracy.' There were present at the
meeting, besides Tracy, Rev. George "A.
White, Rev. Frank . W._Gale, : Isadore
Jacobs, "W. A. Buelf, Rev. , H. H. v Bell,
Andrew Furuseth, B. I* Cadwala'der, F.
W. Marvin, . A. C. Holmes, W. : P. Me-.
Cabe, J. K. Jones, Walter Macarthur,
Rabbi Bernard Kaplan and \ Andrew
Gallagher. , . :
' Today Chairman Tracy will -issue, the
list of committees which' will have; the
affair In . charge. '•\u25a0 President ; Roosevelt
and former President Cleveland are to
be invited to attend.; While: they^wlll
not appear in person, messages will
come from them.
- The objects of'the conference, .as
stated by Isadore Jacobs at the con
clusion of the meeting yesterday, will
be to bring about a condition of perma
nent peace in this city. ."It wlll,"i sard
he, ."bring . all • classes * together, estab
lish a mutual understanding 'and; set: at
rest all this, idiotic talk of 'tying" up'
the town." ' ' -J
Regarding the meeting,, Tracy. Issued
the statement: * J'
; "Governor Gillett \u25a0 .will be ' Invited 'i to
call the conference to order landj.lt** Is
expected that the railroads'; will Tmake
special ' rates . for ? delegates.' ... Leading
educators, ; employers j and* labor; leaders
of California will -v be -invited Tas "dele
gates to the said conference,"; it^bekif?
the intention to; bring • together^ f 'or i the
best interests of all concerned the lead
ing capitalists and- laboring /men -of
the . state to discuss the * necessary : or
ganization ;to be "formed on ! this coast
whereby ' permanent - industrial -j peace
may:.be" assuredJ- \u25a0-;-.-.{ \u25a0'-'-;.- ".-:A "^^'C^:T"-:-':
"At this conference ~ s it Is . thei inten
tion ato discuss the; organization -'of *a
California branch : of the, national civic
federation.' v- President £ Benjamin: •] Ido'
Wheeler of the'Unlyersity" of
will return' shortly"from'the ; east; with
authority to ; bring. / into existence ;a
Calif ornia '\u25a0: branch.^/-^ \u25a0\u25a0'[•'" J^f : :\u25a0: ;V- '
"It, is ' expected; "that /.the conference
will be the most ; important • gathering
that has ever ibeen^ held : \u25a0on ' -the r Pacific
coast, Vas U° twill^beTfra^gjit^withfmat^
ters -of Tsuch ' vitalT importance Jas {will
Continued ©a Fflfe 2, Bottom 5 CoL 4
.- - Contrast rt
in \ his \ auto on the way to visit his [counsel,* arid} a prisoner of less notoriety jeceiving'his 'legal adviser while con'
fined hehirid'thc : bars. ; , " U . \ . \u25a0 ';'"•;- V
Ruef's Sentence
Delayed to Keep
Him in Harness
Be Repeatedly
\X AskeiFor /:; r
Abe'Ruef will not be >: sentenced for
the crime of extortion to which he has
entered a plea of guilty until the grraft
cases in I which . he y. will , : be ; required •to
testify have been tried. ;', . \\ .; / V
r Ruef In i court* yesterday jmorn
ing-, f , and^on^ motion'^of /attorney,'
George Keane. the date "of sentence was
postponed until June. 26, ostensibly; be-
cause of; the; absence 'of' Judge VDunne,
before'iWhom^ heVpleadedguilty^ T,V i t : :
The /postponement) of; seritence^was,"
In fact/a mere ; form'ality/whichfwilljbe:
"repeated] many ; times before\t.he';fprrner,
boss./ actually^ goes^; across : the^bay
don;. the i prison .'uniform. ,", Ruef-; uhderj
stands I the ; .situatlbn.'-'. VAside^ic r roni ?tho
fact'thatj his; present .quartVrs.^provided'
by: Ellsbr;;Biggy, ;are ! j vastly^preferable
San fQue'ntin^ Ruef lisrnot.in' f posiitfbnfto'
quarreli wif n'pVstpb'nement'of the \u25a0 impor : .
sitlon'.of^s'entenceT 1 ,?. ;,-•-: '--:.• T; ': ;,* ; '?|'* •'"'\u25a0 f '
\u25a0 y . WhVn '.j Ruef tj pleaded ;* guilty ;^he' J an
on the witness stand^ that iwhliefhV hah*
no" promise lot\lmjmunlty £ he* ("expected
the .'prosecution !|to j exercise* its 'influence
in securinf* thVleniencyT of"the*court/^ '
; -The aprosecutlon *s has .;' not! 1 , filed :{ any
aware 1 , that <• the : quality; of I suchf recbm- ;
mendatlons [depends entirely on ; hl« bon-":
duct '^touching •??£; pending r vcases/'-t'He'
"showed f; a*4lspbsitlon 4to j^trirriV for; the
protection^' ; of X ! ; his . ,R.I former'?^ partner/
Schmitz, and he might assume the same
atUtude*,tbward Calhqunj' Mullaily^^Fbrd,**
Halsey/De SabW Martin'and' Drum^'lm-^
plicated^ and] indicted -aßTthe 'result f<Tf;
his 'confessions.'/' \u25a0[ \ s " '\u25a0-- -.-.v*f- i '^'
: S-'-i
Klaw,»- andiErlahgcr^ Not of
4 V Conspiracy r in : Restraint^ *\u25a0' : ;
'I- NETv^YORK,^ June J l 9^r-TheTlndict-:
men t (t bund * agaljns t| Kla-wy & > E rlangor, 1
charglng/ithem'i witli i?^conspiracy ; -\ws tn
other^^theatrical {owners | and J managers
to * maintain .a % mbnopoiy ; so ; as I toi f cx T
elude (_Lee^ ishutfert|and li D^liH Belascb 4
from ' ijooklngl; piays^ lj^c c^rt^n^ thea-^
Rosalskl. - . f .-\u25a0*.' '. '''. i ;'»,. *;/•>>..' % \ -'\u25a0:'• ; : "."-'.-.-I: *•.'{-{
-> The C court j. f bund >»thlit ; plays /are not
artlcles.>bf|^t^deilng common Vuse\and
that'; Klaw-.T&^Erianger;; tl^ref oreri d(d
not : restrain'! trade,'| as was Tall eg'ed?| Trie 1
court ;.also •; declared?* that]i Bela'sco c and
Shubeft'.hlici [[notjheenf prevented^cafry
ijag/'9.n^hglr^bu^lnWs^;': \u25a0.;' ; S-..-.-:. \u25a0-
|?lSili|Be!Unffi ; ib.GamM^
X;y;j Although /it vwas\ announced: by : District • Attorney; Langdon
that/lid tfurtKerJ; steps '.-.would? be 'taken in the: 1 reorganization of the
ci^govertmeht; until [th*e' application 'which c Schhiitz -will make for
bail|shall;";have"vbeeht determined,'; 'the '"-' graft ;. prosecutors *are > actinz
request/ wjlUbeii •denied, and are
eoinff "fahWdTwithVtheir piansi' for
a7new^admini^rationl* : *fln^th'ein
belief .^tHatl the*| mayor's \u25a0;applica-'
r tion r !.'for^bail^w,ill» K-rdenie^the;
prosecutors} are; not\alpne/>' : ; Even;
tHe^'cidse? friends? of v'Schmitz ad
feY.'**** '&"'\u25a0%*\u25a0/ f&'A? »**s'£*\u25a0 - 4t - ' ;: \u25a0' : " -'•> i >'"--' " !"'
mitted> yesterday; that ;4 he c stood
small/chancei : of j gainingJtheffree
domjhe)desiredri i lt^was ; pointed
but;thatU?Had^be*en k t^
rule \u25a0<r i 6f £^ the S > J Galifofriia Vcpurts
to'ldenjr.bail^ t<>; xoiiyicted; persons;
unless] it ; could^^eTshown^tHatJth'e
the • of Lthe Vapplicant.-i-rf As
tte^h^ift^^of^Sc^itz^isJ in ;no
way ;? .impjured ? it.^- stated -that
the .court \u25a0 [\ following*^ its
piy ri tr precedent,^ would i naturally',
declined t6;ihterfere- in >his ; \u25a0behalf;-
J. : . 'An \u25a0impbrtantV conference Vvvas
heid-?yesterday /.'afternoon " by. the
prpsecution, :.--_ {at. € -..\yhich » Awere
present-- ' c ; Rudolph; \u25a0 ;^ Spreckels^
Francis £ Heney, > IMstr ict j i >A*|
torriey \u25a0'. ":• liahgdcni ' Vybtfiefs
associated^ v>with^< i them;
1 ~i ' ]£?\u25a0*!\u25a0!!?* ' •\u25a0 ' Pus* -3> Column 1' ?' 'J '
J^The"£a^eis which jFilipino children tell
retcfc other prpve>ftifc existence of a folklore
Uvhich -is intensely interesting:. Some of
>iaese*taTe^appear in — "
~~"~" % The Sunday CaUT
Impertinent Question No. 4
V^lShoiild'You Have a Vacation ?
Forjthe most original or wittiest answer, to this ques
.; tion— and the ' briefer the Better— The Call will
pay FIVE DpLLARS. For the next five
answers The Gall will pay ONE DOLLAR each.
/Prize winning, answers will be printed next Wednes-
' v , day . and -checks mailed to the winners~at once.
Make your answers short and address them to
; . ' . " ' THE GALL.
' " - ;.. • J . "Prtxe AnsTTers to "WTty, Arent .Wive* Happy T"
•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0- « -\u25a0-••--\u0084\u25a0'-, \u0084 . \u25a0\f ' \u25a0 i dim\mf\WfxsS^
, V ', F"l2e,to^ Mrs.,Myrtne Harrison. Orland. I Cai.
r;*-X. }My husband -gave me $ 5 not to tell. , -.
' $1 : p'r!ts* to Edy the nobcrts,, 1657 Sutter street.-San Fraaclsco.
\u25a0. . :l'm a lady and can't: express my sentiments.
- . fl prize . to Mrs. , P. Bennett, 901 Sunny. Dale avenue. Sun Francisco.
Few. cars;- plenty bafrain , sales.
. Vsl prlie^toEdlLi C. ' Peters.' 2250J Bryant street. San Francisco.
j t . \u0084^.They'arei, .^.They'arei but. it is thV wise ones who >ay they are not.
\u25a0-) • ?$i prize to Mrs. J.N. Turner, box 291. Sterllnc City, Dutte county, Cal.
~':<-.\s Because the cook gets the most tips. "
- Jw ~_ ,?l;prU:e to Mlss'.Elvle r Dlckson,- Sulscn. C»\
•'Look at that face across, the table.
Judge Lawlor Is Impatient
Because Attorneys Do
Not Agree
Must Be Prepared to State
Positions Definitely
.This Morning
S*plit Is on Eligibility of
Grand Juror Gordon
to Serve
Members of counsel .for Louis
Glass and the indicted officials of the
United Railroads . were ordered yes
terday to come into court this morn
ing Uap a final attempt at reaching
an agreement on stipulation of mat
ters of fact, prior to beginning the
examination of Jiie grand jurors to
Owing to unfavorable delays in the
preparation of the draft of a proposed
stipulation it could not be delivered
to counsel for. the defendants on Tues
day evening, and when the parties ami
counsel gathered In Judge Lawlor's
: court yesterday morning it was but to
report' that no 'progress had been made.
The court * expressed his . annoyance
and ,QrdeFed~ih**a.ttorneys to get to
gether prior 'to 2:30 o'clock; when he
met .them* again. An hour before the
arrival of -the court the 'prosecution
submitted copies of the proposed,stip
ulation, to Attorneys T. C. Coogan, for
Glass; Stanley Moore, for the United
Railroads officials, and Louis Hoefier
for the Parkside officials.
The arrival of the judge found the
defendants not ready to agree to tha
stipulation and demanding further de
lay. Coogan told the court he would
consult immediately with Delmas, hi*
associate, and endeavor to notify the
court of his decision in the morning. Ho
said he had arranged for a consulta
tion with Assistant District Attorney
Harrison and Invited the attorney for
Calhoun, Mullally, Ford Abbott
to attend. Moore urged another impor
tant engagement, and the court closed
the fruitless proceedings by directing
interested counsel to appear in . his •;
court this morning prepared to agree
or. definitely disagree.
.. The draft of stipulation presented by
the prosecution embraces all the facts
of, record-in connection with th« draw
ing of the grand Jury list for 1906.
The defendants are asked to agree that
a list of 144 names was regularly
drawn by the court in 1906; that a
grand Jury was impaneled in April.
1906; that the box containing the list
was burned In the April fire and that
the box was created anew by the order
of court directing the rewriting of the
names. '
The rock upon which the opposing
counsel splits .is the eligibility of
Grand Juror Gordon. When the Bren
nan'grand Jury' was- drawn 30 names
were taken from the box and from; them

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