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Will Confer With Represen
tatives of Builders and
Realty Men
Penalty of $5 Is Exacted for
Riding on United
Roads Cars .^
The building trades
< TJ^sjtjfflffijtjliwcjrfr council received a
" '^^S>?fmi&^' communication
from the officers of
the builders* exchange Thursday night,
asking that It nsme a committee of five
to meet with a like committee from the
exchange' and the real estate board f6r
tB «*Porpose of conferring on means to
establish peace In the building industry
in San Francisco. The motion to "ap
point such a committee was carried
unanimously and the following were
named: President, P. H. McCarthy, ei
offlcio: Q. A. Tveltmoe, F. C. McDon
ald. Walter O'Connell, George Keely
and "William Simpson.
Thomas F. Parkinson, who was a
delegate to the recent convention of
the structural building alliance at Nor
folk. Vb~, presented a. report of the
wovk. He stated among other things
that the alliance was growing rapidly
and that in a short time it would be es
tablished all over the United States and
in Canada. *
Communications were received from
a number of organizations affiliated
with th* council to the effect that each
is making arrangements for the labor
day parade. Is raising funds by assess
ment for the strikers' fund and will im
pose fines upon members found guilty
of riding on nonunion cars.
• • '•
The cooks' association at its meeting
last Thursday night initiated five appli
cants. Several members who were
caught riding on the streetcars were
sent befora a trial committee, found
guilty and fined $5 each. The associa
tion has leceived a number of appli
cations for membership. Business is
reported as Improving.
The. helpers* union received 17 appli
cations for membership at its meeting
on Thursday night. They were re
ferred to the committee on investiga
tion and will b» voted on at the next
meeting. The union is receiving a
number of requests for men to work in
summer r«sorts.
• • •
W. E. Collins has announced himself
as an Independent candidate for the
office of president of the* waiters' union.
• • •
The laundry workers are to . hold a
special meeting tomorrow night for the
purpose of winding up the affairs of
the recent strike.
• • •
Following are the newly elected of
ficers of metal "polishers' union No.
158: M. Driscoll. president; Thomas
Brodie, vice president; Joseph Carroll,
recording secretary; H. J. Tlmmermanu,
financial secretary; W. Meredith, treas
urer; Charles Edwards, guardian; Wil
liam Greenberg, Thomas Cauldwell and
H. Barrett, trustees. The union voted
to assess each member 50 cents a week
in aid of the strikers' fund.
•-• • *
Pie bakers' local No. 274 has elected
the following officers for the ensuing;
term: J. Shewbrldge, president; M.
Gerbretk. vice president; A. Mecke, sec
retary: W. Burkeley, financial secre
tary; H. Schmidt, treasurer; C. Linn,
sergeant at arms; J. Shewbridge, dele
gate US the local labor council.
• • •
At the meeting of the labor council
last night it was announced that th 2
Journeymen butchers were given per
mission to work until B o'clock next
Tuesday, as on -the following day all
shops will close to enable the butchers
to attend the butchers' board of trade
picnic at Shell Mound park.
The cigar makers reported that they
have been called upon to assist 1,400
men of their craft In Boston and had
voted to assess the members 25 cents
each weekly, and in view of this had
levied but 25 cents per capita to help
the local strikers.
Miss Carrie Parmer, secretary of the :
steam laundry workers, reported that
all that were in this city had returned
Xo work. She Bald that while the laun
dries are short handed a number of the
carmen and telephone operators had
been jfiven work. The syrike, she said,
had cost the union $21,000, and that as
the union is 3600 in debt it will have to
levy an assessment, and for that reason
had sot as yet levied an assessment In
aid. of the carmen and other organiza
Tfie Eteatn fitters reported 60 men
out -of employment, and as these have
to be looked after no assessment in aid
of the unions on strike was levied.
The retail clerks reported a number
.of the stores, principally in the Mis
sion district, are keeping open after
S o'clock and on Sunday mornings.
The milk wagon drivers reported a
dairy against which it was proposed to
declare a boycott has announced that
It will be unionized during the week.
The delegate from the machinists re
ported that the machinists are becom
ing reconciled to conditions and are
patiently waiting for the eight-hour
•• • \u25a0
Captain Jame* F. Oyster, chairman of
the arbitration committee that was
called upon In Washington. D. C, re
cently to consider differences between
employers and employes, states in his
. report:
There are Mien in erery community — men who
br tbe mere chance of taberlted wealth or fay
f«rtnsate speculation are reliered from the need
of daily toll- Tber* are others wbo from sheer
lazl&eas refuse to work and become, la tbe mala,
tfea traaps and bobot of society. Bat these two
clauses together Mtmerically represent such an
infinitesimal fwtnl>er compared with tbe creat
clasc of wcrkinr men and women that It would
be practically impossible to state Jn figures the
minnte percentage they bear to the number of
•odety at Urpe.
Aod while I tare not by any means sought to
tnaoter the labor problem, ac it Is called, or to
deteraiae tbe Jost relations which should exist
between capital and labor. I am convinced that
tbe true solution of all tbetse difficulties will be
far more speedily reached when men eTerywher<!
recognize that continniag la dally pursuits and
tie rleid of an taonert day's, labor is the essen
tial foundation for both Individual and united
unco***; The labor of . every man. artisan or
«o>en«. In whatever line «r occupation they may
be trained or follow, earns for every individual
the respect of tbe entire community.
We are a nation of laborers, and daily toil
everywhere Is honored and respected- When,
then, differences arise between employer and
employe, and whether affecting numbers large or
Mnsil. the continuance of every Individual at the
post of duty, with a fair eUtement of grievances
Ktsted in temperate language to the public, 7 there
will be found a Btronx community influence, far
more quickly developed to command the lighten
ing of the burden and the correction of \u25a0 the
wroegs than by any other course of conduct.
Tbe inconvenience and loss which the commu
nity euffer* by any strike, large or small, , bas Its
natural result* in largely withdrawing tbe favor*
able - eendmeat of eucn a community from tbe
cause of tbe striking workmen, even though it
be bottomed upon the strongest grounds of Jus
tice. -'• f*in<in l jßjiTrT T tTi^fflijy' il p> i^»y'P i ' | 'ti> f Tn
I finaly believe that when all of us, laboring
In whatsoever field, coxae to tbe common recogni
tion of the duty of every man to render for the
support of blnwelf and family and the good of
society at larre an honest day'e - labor within
reasonable boon we 6hal! bare reached tbe prime
notation of all labor troubles. Peaceful arbltra
tloft caa the* be Invoked and every just cause of
complaint wblcb may come from any particular
part of the whole national field of laborers will
end 1U ererwbelmlnjr and controlling support in
public opinion and force thore wbo ' Inflict the
wrcsg to lit pttunpt correction. .' • -':- ' \u25a0. '-
A number of new furnaces have been
Aggregation of Brass Will
Render First Program '
This Evening
Pavilion Erected at Corner
of Sixteenth for .
A brass band .concert will .make Mis
sion and Sixteenth streets one of the
most attractive spots In the \u25a0 city, for
Saturday night shopping. Beginning
tonight, ! the .. merchants in that neigh
borhood have arranged for the musical
attraction, which will be repeated each
Saturday night during the summer. A
bandstand has been erected on the cor
ner and 20 musicians will ' discourse
classic and popular numbers tonight.
Since the car strike was declared the
merchants of the Mission have enjoyed
much of the patronage that formerly
went elsewhere. The, Mission has-be
come like a city by itself, they claim.
It was decided to encourage that state
of affairs and the businessmen con
cluded that band concerts would be the
most popular form of public entertain
ment. The funds to pay expenses wero
easily secured.. The bandstand was
built, and tonight will be the occasion
of the first concert.
"Whether you ride in a bus, or take a
car, or walk," say the merchants, "it
will be worth your while to gather with
the throng at Sixteenth and Mission
streets tonight and listen to the band.
All kinds of music, from the classics
of Beethoven to the "ragtime" numbers
of popular, up to date composers, will
be rendered, and the band has been
carefully selected from the best in
strumentalists in the city.
"The Intention is,** said one of ths
merchants responsible for the .innova
tion, "to make : the neighborhood of
Sixteenth and Mission streets the most
popular quarter in. the city, whether for
shopping or sightseeing."
Special attention will be paid to In
dividual request programs. It is pro
posed to make the concerts as informal
as pleasant, and the public Is Invited
to attend the opening event tonight
when the band plays its first program.
Students Enact Play During
Exercises Given in Van
Ness Theater
"The Amanuensis," an amusing com
edy In two acts, formed the main part
of the literary exercises held in Van
Xess theater yesterday afternoon in
connection with the forty-eighth com
mencement of SL Ignatius college.
Students and friends of the college
filled the auditorium, the youthful con
tingent being especially noticeable, and
gales of laughter greeted the funny
conceits of the play. An essay on "Th<«
Drama" was. read.' by Robert S. Burns
of the class of '10. ; Peter L. O'Keefe,
*11, read a poem ' entitled* "From" the
Ashes of the Past," and the college
quartet sang Geibel's "The Boatman's
Song." All acquitted themselves cred
itably. ; '
Leading parts In the comedy were
enacted by Albert I. Wheelan. '10, who
made a great hit in the role of ths
amanuensis: Joseph H. L. Sweeney, '08;
Robert S. Burns. '10; "William E. Mc-
Cann, *08: John A. Lennon, '07. Minor
parts were played by John F. Duffy,
'09; James R. Kelley, '08; Edmund A.
Rossi, '08, and Raymond I. Butler.
The conferring of degrees will take
place at the Van Ness theater next
Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The
honorary degree of doctor of phil
osophy will be, bestowed upon James
•R. Kelley, president of the Hibernla
bank, who has been actively connected
with St. Ignatius church ever since Its
beginning. He also has been a prefect
of the sodality for 40 years. Degrees
will be given to a number of formor
students of the college. The candi
dates for the master's degree are
Thomas W. Hickey. Eustace Cullinan.
Edward F. O'Day, Francis! L' Barrett
and Michael F. Nakamara.
Owing to the. disturbed conditions of
last year the graduating class of St
Ignatius college was compelled to
oomplete the course of study at Santa
Clara college, but the diplomas were
not awarded. The foUowing members
of last year's class will therefor/re
ceive their diplomas ntxt Friday: i
Michael F. JCakamara. Thomas S.Man-;
gan. David O'Keefe, Leo J. Flannagan
and Richard , Flannagan. The degree
of bachelor of arts also will be con
ferred upon John A. Lennon of this
year's class.
The Fourth at Del Monte
Golf tonrnament, July 2 to 7; auto
mobile run, July 3 and 4; Gymkhana
races, fireworks and a gay week gener
ally. Secure accommodations early.
Round trip railway rate, $4.00. •
Robert Flynn, a hammam bath at
tendant, died of alcoholism at the Cen
tral emergency hospital yesterday
afternoon. Louis Cleveland, an aged
man, was found dead by his wife at
his home at 22« Liberty street.' Heart
disease is believed to have caused the
death of Cleveland.
established in the pig iron districts of
the United States and it Is. estimated
that by reason of thUs the product .thia
year will be increased by 2,000,000
An additional : branch office of the
Ontario bureau of labor has been v es-;
tabllshed, at London by John Arm
strong, secretary of the department, 1 in
accordance with the announcement
made some time ago. The new office
will be located- in the Masonic temple,
Richmond 3 street, in that city, and An
drew Ellis has been placed in charge.
This Is the; third branch of the labor
bureau which has been formed. The
others, at Ottawa and : Hamilton, > are
reported to be doing valuable^work.
From the reports of the labor census
bureau for 1 Canada it appears that of
the wage earners of both sexes in that
country the agricultural class * gives
employment^ to J 8.93 -per, cent, the ;do-i
mestic and personal class to 25.61 per
cent, the fisheries class to 0.81, the for
estry and ' lumbering class ; to 2.02 5 per
cent, the manufacturing class to 33.d3
per cent, the. mining class to 2.93 per
cent, the professional 'Class to 6.34 per
cent. .;w-'T ~ v ;. '\u25a0 . ;-*\u25a0"' \
The percentage of unemployed ,in
Great Britain during 1S06; was 4.l 'per
censor 1.3 per "cent less: than in' l9os
and 2.4 per cent lessthan in. 1904. ;:
Ernest Ayes.has :been delegated? by.
the' British* government ; to. investigrate
the working of; the ' Various labor, laws
of Australia. \u25a0.;-••;.'•/ V'z ; :'- \u25a0 —>^
THE SM FlffiN^
Would Prevent Municipality
From Raising. Money
for Geary Road '
Judge Seawell Will Hear
Arguments .in Case
at 9:30 O'clock;
- Horace G. Platt and' Edgar dePue
began suit- yesterday against the city,
the board Jot supervisors. • Auditor S:
TV. Hortom and Treasurer t Charles A.
Bantel to prevent the "city from iralsing
the money necessary for the reconstruc
tion and m'unlcipalization ol the Geary
street road. ; Platt is? president of the
company/but both he and De Pue sue
in their individual capacities as tax
payers. I :; :'\u25a0; •\u25a0'\u25a0•"\u25a0-•\u25a0. ".-.- .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\ ' : \u25a0\u25a0 "\u25a0--* • '"-.
After reading their. complaint Judge
Sea-well ordered : the .defendants to ap
pear Monday morning atr 9:3o .o'clock
and show cause why : an injunction \u25a0re
straining the "city from levying ''the
tax recently approved by the super
visors and the mayor should not>4>e
issued.' \u25a0 ] .-'".'. '\u25a0 'V,*'.' : : ; ' '.--•'. \u25a0 -'-.
The complaint recites that "the super
visors threaten jto levy a . tax to raise
$8,836,700, the amount of the budget
for .the fiscal year which begins July
1, and objection is' made on J the* ground
that the proposed levy, exclusive of the
state tax and the tax to pay 'interest
and maintain sinking funds; -for :•:. the
bonded indebtedness of the . city . and
county and exclusive ot the tax for the
maintenance and improvement of parks,
squares and public parks, will exceed
the rate of Jl'on each $100 valuation
of property assessed and will be in vio
lation of section 11, chapter 1, article 3,
of the charter of : the city.
It will be v impossible, allege .the
plaintiffs, to segregate the items of: the
proposed levy in a way to protect tax
payerß ; , therefore, the , tax will - be / a
\u25a0lien on property arid a cloud upon~real
estate titles. The cost of the proposed
public utility, it Is declared," cannot be
paid out of the. annual revenues of the
city and county, and stress .is laid
upon the contention that the .voters
have never authorised the incurlng of
a bonded indebtedness for the purpose
of making the Geary street road a mu
nicipal property, but have twice refused
to authorize such indebtedness.
The' additional tax of 20 cents on the
$100 of valuation assessed, making a
total of $1.20, is directly attacked ori
the ground that as two members of the
board of supervisors were absent wheD
it was approved It did not receive the
unanimous vote required by section 13,
chapter 1, article 3, of the charter , relat
ing to provisions for emergency -or
great necessity. While James L. Gal
lagher is^ acting mayor, it: is alleged,
there can be no unanimous vote, and
therefore, the levy cannot be made
legal. , /
All the history of the various appro
priations for thb Geary street munici
pal road Is reviewed. In regard to the
estimate of cost of construction made
in May, 1905, when the board of works
presented figures totaling $667,595, it is
alleged that this estimate was based on
the erroneous assumption that the city
owned the tracks, rails and cable slots.
These things, contend the plaintiffs, be
long to the Geary Street, Park and
Ocean. railroad company, and are, worth
upward of $20,000. (i Incidentally, it; is
alleged that' changed f conditions: make
$1,200,000 a fair estimate of the cost of
constructing and completing the Geary
street road in accordance with the city's
The prayer of the complaint calls for,
not only a permanent injunction against
the defendants, but a decree, declaring '•
both the additional tax of 20 cents and
the budget appropriation of $720,000 for
the Geary street, road null . and. void.
George "W. Lane lis attorney for . the ;
plaintiffs. ;\u25a0.-• :' ... \u25a0 ' |
Secretary of Sailors' Union
Declines to Answer
Lawyer \u25a0
Andrew Furuseth, secretary of th»
sailors" union, sat mute on the witness
stand for nearly half an hour before
Referee Clement Bennett yesterday.
He steadfastly refused to answer any
questions put to him by J. W. Dorsey,
counsel for the Hammond lumber com:
pany. in- the contempt proceedings
brought against, the union in the United
States circuit court. .-— * ':'- .
Furuseth came'ln response to a-sub
pena j issued at the request of - Dorsey.
He made a brief-statement to the ef
fect that he did not believe -he, had
been summoned in good-faith.: So far
as' he was personally concerned, he said,
he had no objection to "'_ testifying, but
in his capacity as secretary .of the
sailors' union he would avail himself of
his constitutional right. and decline to
testify. ;
. "Is that your only reason for refusing
to testify?" asked Dorsey.- -r* ' ;
'.'l decline to answer," was ; the reply.
Then Dorsey tried to ascertains from
the witness the name of the person who
had given \ him | that advice, but '<\u25a0 Furu
seth still declined to.respond. v : ::.. r
"ls H. "W. Hutton your attorney?" de
manded Dorsey. ..*.,' . - ;\ ..\u25a0 .. v \u25a0. '•- ..:
Furuseth \u25a0 again refused to answer
and Dorsey finally gave up.
Dorsey will appeal- to United States
Circuit Judge v, Van ; Fleet > to. decide
whether or not Furuseth, shall give tes
timony. 1 -\u25a0 -\u25a0 \u25a0; ' '' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;.' :" : . ./ ::".\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' : • .
Arnold 'Wihs, aged 14, 'who acci
dentally \u0084"• shot :. and-J killed "little Max
Dillar. several days ago,", was,; censured
severely by a coroner's ; jury yesterday.
The ; verdict declared { that Wihs .was ". a
lad of ungovernable' temper, and ; recom
mended v; that ~ the Juvenile t . court take
drastic 'measures with him. V, v'
siege Mkmmi
1 . ."' , — i Positively cured by
! these JLittle FUls.
AinjULud k^^«*»J^«Ten^
t^|W ,__^_ _. tress from Cyspepsla, In-
4|^a|TTl.E , fllgeaUoaanlTooHeaxtgr
Wa EI/rD,' Eating. A perfect rem-
WM , I w•\u25a0Ealm *J edy tor Dlzzlneas, Nataea,
&} PILLS- Drowsiness. Bad Tieto
|^ ga in the* Moots. Coated
. Tongue, Pain In tiie Stde.
1 . \u25a0Jtorpid uvkr. Taey
regulate taia Bowels.: Purely VegetAblo.
IfADTTQ^I • fienuhie^ Must '\u25a0 Bear ' :
\ f^" Sirni!9 Signature
laril \u25a0\u25a0•-\u25a0•• imuMir SUBSTITUTES.:
Geary Street Road
•\u25a0;\u25a0; .\u25a0\u25a0. Condemned as Being
Most Unwise
Members Declare That the
Taxation Would Be a
Burden on City
Contending that the conations of th«
city at. present make it Inadvisable to
appropriate • $720,000 ; to V construct .the
municipal \u25a0-\u25a0 G^ary "'street^? railroad, *•'•;" the
associated savings'banksof ,San.Fran
cisco, the _ organization^ comprising: | all
local savings; banks,- at ; a" meeting held
Thursday, adopted -resolutions con
demning the; enterprise-; and 'asserting
that there • are other j : necessities \u25a0 : and
emergencies /which :call ifor • large?ex
penditures more needful than the street
railroad. The "resolutions follow:
V Whereas, the board ; of ' superrtoors ' In '\u25a0 making
up > the budget for * the iJßstal Cyear 1807-8 bu
appropriated $720,000 '• for ' the * purpose of recon
structing tlie . Geary s. street?, railroad and to
operate the same ; as -a \ municipal •'. street g rail
road, and in «r> doing has caused' en excess of
the so called dollar limit of the charter, which.
In our opinion, should only^ be done, in casea of
great emergency or . newest ty : < and whereas, the
amoclated sarlnps banks of San Francisco repre
sent the interests , of cter - 150,000 depositors, a
large part of \u25a0 whom \u25a0 »r* . tax ; payers \u25a0 within th«
city and .coanty or.;- San 'Francisco,', state" "t
California, : whose -' dlrldends ; ; are ; . decreased by
any addition to. the-.; tax; rate, anfl will in fact
pay about $200,000 . of \u25a0 said additional taxes If
tile time he levied ; and whereas. It is the first
duty of the saTings ' lwnks - of; this city to pro
tect the interests of,: their, depositors; ' and
whereas, the members 1 of -the said associated
saTlnga banks . of -. San ; Francisco firmly beliere
that the reconstruction of the said Geary street
railroad \u25a0Is not "of ! such g^eat i necessity - or
emergency at this time >as to require the . imme
diate.levy of a ' tax ' to raise ' such a : large sum
of money, and farther that tbe said sum could
not be . in any ;.way ¥ expended . during the : said
fiscal year;: now- therefore: be'iit • > \u0084 - :;
"Resolred, that -said,, associated sayings ' banks
of San ' Francisco :} (regardless "\u25a0\u25a0 of .-any . question
of mnniclpal owneitrhlp) : do hereby express their
entire disapproTal of the abore addition to the
tax rate for such purpose and in part for the
following 'reasons: ..".x, . ;' ; \u25a0- ' -; ;'>
First — That | the | aboTe ' contemplated I Sppro
prlatlon is not for » a ' purpose of snch great
necessity or emergency as is . contempl^ed by
tbe. r charter and that; litigation .-would result If
the same be attempted to be . enforced, im
posing an expense ,\u25a0 upon . the ' city with tUe
dancT of lnvalida tins the wbolo hudfret.
Second — That so many crying; necessities .and
emergencies as contemplated by the "charter do
now exist and call for the expenditure of large
sums of money far y more than the construction
of. a municipal . railroad, ; howeter desirable : that
might be hi other \u25a0 circumstances, that: the inex
pediency of expending this great sum ! for the
lesser need Is apparent..- •These necessities and
emergencies - ran y be - specified -as follows : The
purchase and operation of flreboa ts ; the repair
of cisterns damaged; by the fire and the 'crea
tion .of new cisterns;, the taking of the first
steps looking to the- establishment of an
auxiliary water supply."' for the • protection of
the city; the Immediate need, recognized by
all, of ImproTlng the \u25a0 conditions \u25a0of the streets;
the absolute necessity .- of • fire engine houses In
newer parts of the city ; the Important need of
more scboolhouses^ the . necessity of immediate
repair of Important; public •\u25a0building*, .instead of
the payment of ] present hljth a rentals for tem
porary quarters : the : necessity of great outlay*
in the construction and, reconstruction of sewers.
Many other demands of more importance than
the establishment < of *\u25a0 a" street '•: railroad might
be mentioned, and it seems would immediately
occur to most -citizen*-, of --..tnls --city. The tax
payers here are expending orer a million. dollars
per annum iir fire insurance premiums In . excess
of what other cities similarly situated pay, and
In excess of what they. would haTe to pay wltb
proper'flre protection. '.\u25a0;*\u25a0\u25a0 .', • '.' ' "' .' '"" " '..'
\u25a0 The associated ' saTlnps - banks of San , Fran
cisco ; haTe -no objection Eto \u25a0* necessary : taxatiort
to rehabilitate the, city, .but they, feel that it
is lamentable that '! sue U . a \u25a0 laTgc sum | should lie
spent for the purpose :of .constructing -a - street
railway.- when by* effectins,' some of j the- thincs
abOTe outlined 'the confldenee •of & the V financial
renters of the world might be .restored; to San
Francisco with * the •: result < that'= still further
improTementß could readily.be made by the sale
of municipal bonds." which sale wonld become
possible upon a restoration of confidence. :
For the Fonrth
Cannon ' and firecracker candy boxes
for the glorious: fourth— -Haas' Candy
Stores, Fillmore at Ellis, Van Ness at
Sutter and 28 Market at. near ferry ;*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0]
- On complaint of United States^. Im
migrant Inspector' D. v J. Griffiths war-
Jrants were / issued- by Commissioner
'Heacock yesterday for the arrest of
Captain H. Z. Howard and J. H. Trask
of the Oceanic steamship company > for
allowing "Albert E. "Lattlmore . and
Masawa Makawa,;> aliens, :. to : land
illegally on March 6. The preliminary
examination of Trask was set for; June
2S and that of.Hdward for the 29th. i \
' Thomas Clark, a negro -laborer, was
caught in the \ act ! of robbing the home
of Special Officer Hellbush at 2673 Clay
street yesterday^ afternoon.,-; Hellbush
took Clark to the city prison, where he
was locked tfp on; a charge of»burglary.
This remedy can always be depended upon and
is pleasant to take. It contains no opium or
other harmful drag and may be givtn as confi-
dently to a baby as toTan ednlL \u25a0•\u25a0 - v :
: Price 25 cents, ; large size 50 ceats, ;•:
(Organised 1802) . ' •
' : PROMOTION : ' : Tbe ." «ct of , promoting ; 'ad-
rancement; ENCOURAQEMENT.^-Century : Dlc-
Uooary.^ .'<:,'[-/-- .... r .";''.';,--. ..^,' '. *' .
-•VThe * California " Promotion , committee ; has \u25a0\u25a0 for
Its object the PROMOTING of California an a
whole. „"'\u25a0• : . : ;•'•.-..' .>-•\u25a0 •'-.-•. \u25a0\u25a0•:.- •\u25a0" ;.;\u25a0-\u25a0 :\u25a0• ...;.>-y\^
ylt has nothlnir to s«U. v - -" ' .
.Alts energies are devoted to fostering all things
that hare the ADVANCEMENT, of \u25a0 California as
their; object- V^" ; ;-'* ''.\u25a0i. \u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0•--; - ; ' ':.-Z-:r:^ :'';\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0':
S* It j glre« reliable Infonnatlon on \u25a0 erery subject
connected i with the industries of California.^!
%It gtres ENCOD RAGEMENT to the r establluh-
ment eof lew;. Industrie* . and invites . desirable
immiiratlon.v ';\u25a0.? "?:\u25a0::'&"*; \u25a0 V-~ •";•.\u25a0 \u25a0•- '.-.-" :- ,?~ -^
01 It » la not ; an > emploxment I agency, I altboueb \u25a0\u25a0 It
givea information regarding \u25a0 labor \u25a0 conditions. .--.
- It present* "tbe ; opportunities and • needs in all
fields o* i business ' and ; professional activity.' " >
;-H *ne • committee « ls. f supported . by 'popular : sub-'
scrip tion • and xn^kes no charge \ for ; any j service
rendered..' '„'-.' - ..- \u25a0".?.' "'"^"-.X-" '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--?. ..'\u25a0.; •- v : -.\;
r?. Affiliated \u25a0 with • th« ; committee are ,: 160 ; com-
mercial v organizations of ".the;; state, ;•" with a
memberahip >. of » over 20.600. '*? . '" V.V . -. - ; . . y
, \u25a0. Meetings I are X held '• swniannaaUy ; in V different
parts - of « California ;' where ' matters :' of ' stu te t la-
teresU are. discossed.',v^';»-'^',' i.;- '.\u25a0 j ;'.;r •/\u25a0..* ; <\u25a0\u25a0
I\u25a0\u25a0 v Headquarters [of tbe committee are maintained-
In \u25a0 San Francisco *In California . bniidlug, Union
Square, v'-- . •\u25a0>'.«" l-~\' : ::'~>:ZSa- * ~-;;V°. '. _'."\u25a0 .;\u25a0 --\u25a0 : ",---~- •/ \u25a0•'
(\u25a0-_:\u25a0 '^t '<\u25a0 CORRESPONDENCE i IKVirED;*;: ' -
j A Bit of Good News g
j We have had* a surprise in slore for you for
I several weeks-fa sale that in point of value ex- I
L»: ceeds anything we have ever offered — a sale *3
y that will interest every woman who admires 1
I and appreciates fine apparel, the particulars of j
which will appear in tomorrow*s Examiner and |
j Call By all means read of that j
h Our Heartiest Thanks
o We wish to express to the ladies of San Francisco c
and Oakland our most hearty thanks for the tre-
0 mendous response to the Waist Carnival which ends to- Q
| night We had intended to run the carnival at least g
I three weeks and purchased a quantity of waists which \u25a0
we thought would surely be sufficient for that length of
• f time. So great has been your response, however, that . «
1 we are compelled to withdraw the sale tonight. I
I The many expressions of delight, satisfaction and I
L^ surprise at our tremendous values were most gratifying, gJ$
f^v not only demonstrating the confidence the public have
I - in our announcements, but it clearly shows how our g
I values are appreciated. Great as have been the values |
! during this waist : carnival they fade into insignificance |
when compared with what we are announcing in to-^ j
• ; monow's papers;
j San Francisco and Oakland |
a<^^BßegayaßK»e»^Bß9iMEieHS? » P)KMHMma^ '.rr \u25a0.\u25a0iv eg
m£T£ee today j^ AUDE ADAMS IN "PETER PAN"
Monday, j Tuesday . and Wednesday Nights T^gZTnPCZ?!"^ ¥**> \ l^T
Wednesday Matinee . , Jr^l—Vl H-iJTC r^J-\L^
Also Friday and Saturday Nights and Saturday Matinee .
First and Only Appearances In the "West of Maude Adams as Phoebe
Throssell, In the Second "Little Minister."
>-»._- AyA v Comedy by the Author of "'Peter Pan."
>: C- , ,' . J«Iy .\u25a0 I— Last Week - Maude . Adama. "I.'AIGLOX."
SrOpiERA House.
• .':. DIRECTION -H. W. :. BISHOP. .
WILL .L. GBEENBAUM. -- Acting Manager."
;.'r Tke Blgr Opera Company to ; '..;.. y\
• -'- /victor Herbert'B Brilliant Opera, - • •
; ; ; Next > Opera— "THE / HIGHWAYMAN.^ r ; ;
DlrtcUon i H.W. BISHOP^" ':
-NANCE O'NKIL and Bishop's Players la '\u25a0'/\u25a0\u25a0
Next" JVeek— "THE ; FIRgS OF ST. ' JOHN.';;
=S -Hi. Vfu-fll 1 - Tel West 6Q3S-
'•-\u25a0 Of .Richard r Manafleld'a , Success, : -
'.:i---<-"~ •;'-.- ->' :•:.-".-.\u25a0!.*..-.'"'•*,-.--' .-TV' ••' ?"-,:"
Price*— Night, 25c tto SI ; matinee, 25c,' 35c, 50c.
;'---^; '---^ v^'-l-'-vVsEKT 1 MONDAY" -. ' '.:'O.
Loverlcb & Lut*l»fcl. Proprietora «nd Ua&agers.
" Telephone West 3890.
;,'. ; -. ' company .
In George Bernard Shaw's Greatest Comedy,
' Beslnnins Sunday. Xlatlbec. FRAWXXY CO. .
In the Dramatic Romance, . ' , .";
M LADY OF <jUALnY \u25a0
- v - . Absolately Class "A" Theater Iloildte*.
, DAIHTT VATOjrmXE \u0084- \
"During ; tbe % Performance;", IT. ONCE BROS. ;
rESRY,- the Unman Prog: 8 -ABDULLAH
BRCS. ; > Last 1 Tim* * • tit IBAYXS1 BAYXS * S JOHNSOJf :
snowing I BILL SUUIHE3, Australian ' Champion.
and TOMMY BURITS, at * TH-CXXXO \u25a0 QUA -
TERS, «ad aof 3-- ARTHUR f DUNN * ft - MARIE
GLAZIER In '.The ' Messenger Boy." .- \. . - ...
•\u25a0it Prlc**^ — Evenlnga. \u25a0 lOe. . SS?. - 50c and Tsc." \u25a0 Box
Seats,-? $1.00.' Katineea \u25a0 (except ; Sundays - . and
hoUflays)— loc. -25c and BOc. Pbone W»»t 6000.
Recreation I*ark, Valencia at. l»«t. 14th
X 13th. Son FrancUro vs. Las Amareles
; "Reserved Seats at Grounds and H. HARRIS ft
CO. "8. IMS nilmore street
II theatre:
Market and Seventh «ts. Phone Market 3SI.
MATINKR TODAT. -3c «nrt sOp.
With a Galaxy of Headltaera Direct from New
York City.
No tronbl* about getting home. Any number of
conveyances going in all directions after evening
Special Scunner Price* — 25c. 50c and 73c.
ERNEST E. HOWELL, Proprietor and Manaser.
' Market And Bta sta, , Pnon« Market TT7.
Of the Thrilling Melodramatic Success.
Secrets of the Police
Beginning TOMORROW M*t!ne« and Every
Jllght ->ext Week.
"A Woman of Fire"
Prle« 13c. 2Sc and sOe.
Free Bases To and -From Central aad Aacr-
Jean Theaters.
wr^ Oakland Racetrack
Six or more race* each weekday, rala or «htn?.
"' Races commence at 1:40 p. m. abarp.
' ' F«r •pedal trains tak« S. P. Ferry, foot *t
Market at..' at 12 o'clock; thereafter «T«ry-2»
minutM until 1:40 p. m. No amoitlng in last twt>
can.. - . .: :
Rttaralnt tralas lean after ttVi and la»c
races. ' "•.\u25a0.'
PERCY ..It., TREAT. Secretary. t
\u25a0\u25a0 PROPOSALS for Traoaportation of Hay-
Depot Quartermaster's Office. lOStt North Point
\u25a0trc*t. ' 8«n Fraaetaen. Oil.. • Inar- 21. - llmt.
Sealed proposal* in triplicate will -be received
at . this office . until 11 . a. ,. m. Friday, June '£i, i
1907. - for tranfporta tion from S*n Franci*ct>.
Cal.. to Maaila. P. L..of approximately 4.300
toon* welfrht of bfttod hay. compresMed to -• •
density Of SJ cubic fret P'-r ton. übipmonts tr»
be made approximateiy 2.2Z0 tons" " weight a*
•oon -after July -1, li>o7, as practicaMe, ami
2.250 tons* weight as *oon after < Ansnst I,"
1907. as pnetleable. Full information will be '
fnrnished •on ' application to LT. - Ct»l^. J. a. "
BELLINGER. D. Q. M. G., U.S. Army. Dea*

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