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Garden City's Celebration of
Fourth Promises to Be
>:":•• . Magnificent
SAX JOSE, July * 2.— Quarters have
been engaged for Governor Gillett and
etaft. at the « Hotel Vendoroe. Gillett
wilL arrive.here at 4:20 p. m. tomorrow.
The Governor and party will be met by
Mayor Mathews and escorted to the
hotel, where they will, remain until time
\u25a0for the auto parade tomorrow evening.
General Funston and District Attorney
Langdon of San Francisco are ex
pected to attend the celebration here.
Within the last 24 hours the city has
been putting on its gala dress as fast
as the hundreds of workmen arranging
decorations, and installing the street Il
lumination could rush their work.
With 2.500 red liberty bells swinging
over First and Santa Clara streets the
«l?ect both by day and by night will
be superb. . Placing the bulbs In their
sockets and covering them with the
tissue paper bells is tedious work, but is
Roing on rapidly under the direction of
V?. L. Prussia and other members of
the committee -on decoration.
The merchant^ are responding freely
to. the call for elaborate adornments of
store fronts and thousands of .yards
of" bunting,". interspersed with national
flags, are being put in place. Many
novel ' designs have been evolved to
lend- variety to the' displays and
scarcely a" store of ' any size can be
seen where some work on decorations
Is : not being done. < \/,v
: ; l£ariy applications are being received
by -General Tolman for enlistment in
his. Rough Ridex company, which will
take: part-in the parade on July 4, and
he has issued a general Invitation to
all horesemen interested to send their
applications to his home in Jones
street; San Jose.
Buffalo . Express Collides With a
Freight Train and Both Engines
Are Dismantled
SUNBURT, Pa.. July 2.—The Buffalo
express upon the Pennsylvania rail
iroati. which left Philadelphia about
TB^S a. m.. collided with a freight train
east of here this morning, killing Ex
press-Messenger Ayer, Fireman Mace
\u25a0ville and Baggageman Harter and In
juring several others.
Both engines were smashed to scrap
iron and the two baggage cars of the
passenger train telescoped each other.
Most of the passenger cars left the
tracks, but were not badly wrecked.
'. NEW -YORK, July 2. — The discomfort
caused by failure to reoelve Ice be
cause of a strike of the wagon drivers
of the American Ice company and by
the "presence of piles of rotting gar
bage in the cast stde streets caused
by tbe strike of drivers of the city
garbage wagons was practically ended
today. All the drivers of gar
bage wagons returned to work un
der • prdmise . from Mayor McClellan
that their " grievances -would be con
sidered. The strike of the ice wagon
drivers was broken by a large number
of the .strikers. lndividually returning
•to- work. :\u25a0:..-•."-.. „..-,. -7'.. ..
. NAIPA; J"uly 2. — Two young men were
sentenced : to state prison by Judge
. Gesford in the superior court here "to
day. Kate Chord, aged 24, a scion of a
good family, - pleaded guilty to grand
"larctny he committed several days ago,
and received six years in Folsom pen
itentiary . Albert Mitchell, aged 19,
pleaded guilty to burglary in the sec
ond degree and • was sentenced to 30
• months in Folsom prison.
* SACRAMENTO. July 2. — The board
of- supervisors of Sacramento county is
preparing to issue bonds aggregating
1500,000 to rebuild the roads and
bridges In this county. Sacramento
county boasts of some of the finest
highways In the state, but with this
half million dollars It is planned to
make" every road .in the county such
that easy transportation will be af
forded all travelers.
.• XOS ANGELES. July 2.— Mrs. Har
liett McLean Pattee, wife of Rev. Cal
•\'in R. Pattee, and a well known mis
sionary and temperance worker
. throughout the west, died at her home
here* today"..
..Wood Alcohol Made by
• JNew rrocess .
• -IT «7«
: \u25a0\u25a0]£ S the: subject of denatured alcohol
\u25a0•"•/%• is ' nGW attracting considerable
.^^ attention in the United States,
Consul. General Church Howe of
•Montreal believes it may be of interest
• to: mention that a Toronto company has
now. In operation at Cookshire and'at
\u25a0Montreal new ty^es of distilling recti
fying apparatus for the production of
•wood alcohol, which he thus describes:
•". This apparatus is- an adaptation of
• the Barbet system, whereby there ts
.produced directly in one continuous op
\u25a0eration, instead of the customary three
\u25a0or four redistillations, a 99.5 per cent
highly reflned wood alcohol," or methyl
•alcohol, from crude liquor (lime lees)
.containing; probably 65- per cent wood
alcohol, while at the same time- all the
1 rap uri ties 'are separated, and as one >f
the several by-products an acetone
ißp'irit- is obtained which contains 40 to
BO." per. cent acetone and can be used as
a -source of acetone for denaturing alco
hei. •' '
t. The Cookshire apparatus' is stated to
•prod'uce'about 400 gallons of methylal
, cohol-'in 24- hours, while the Montreal
apparatus can produce about- 2,000. gal
lons. Ln 24- hours and rectifies the crude
alcohol f rom, the various factories be
longing to the company at "Deseronto,
.South River, .Longford, etc. \ The' ap
. paratus was manufactured ia France.
So far as known no such apparatus is
ln use in the United States. \ -
Brief Local News
consul general of Niearajma. has notified acting
Customs Collector Hamilton ; that be hak\ re
crlTed a letter from Nicaragua stating that
there is do troth in the report that yellow ftrer
is raging la that place. . \
LABOEEE INJURED— A ntooe Bldello, a.-\a
borer, llriag at 23 Alrarado- street, was rm
iio*B at Setter and ilrde streets last erpnliK
br sn express vrapon driren by.B. J. McCaskeC
Ridello's "left \u25a0 foot was fractered - and . he w«X
bruised sbout the head and body. •, He - was re\
nioT«-d to tbe central emergency hospital:. : -\
El Pizmo* Beach
Fifteen dollars round trip rate. in ef
fect during summer season. via Southern
Pacific Tickets good 90 days.' * Finest
bathing beach, on Pacific coast.. ' Higrn
class hotel accommodations, .cottage,
tent, camp life.' •- •
Proprietors of Hotel Fail to
Take 'Out Liquor
SAN MATEO, July 2.— The gauntlet
has been thrown and a tight between
the town trustees of San Mateo and
the proprietors of the' Floral City hotel,
a well known *resort near here, is ex
pected. At the session of the town
officials last night the . owners of the
place failed to file an application for a
renewal of their permit to dispense
liquor to the patrons, and it ia under
stood an attempt will be made to con
tinue business without a permit.
The place has long been held in dis
repute by the town trustees, who have
complained of the noisy character of
the hotel. The proprietors, McMahon
and Jacobs, have retaliated by declar
ing that the disorders occurlng at the
resort have not been quieted by the
Following the policy of keeping
down the ntimber of roadhouses, the
petition of Mrs. Lee for a license , for
a resort upon the site of the Hotel
Mateo clubhouse, which was destroyed
recently by fire, was" denied by the,
Authorities Catch Him in the Act of
Making Spurious Coins in a
New Mexico Hotel
ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., July 2.—
A man giving the name of G. U. Hall
and claiming to be from St. Joseph,
Mo., but recently a practicing physi
cian at Lenox, la., was arrested here
today while in the very act, it is
charged, of making counterfeit money.
After a long watch the officers located
the counterfeiter in a room in the
Southern hotel. One officer boosted
another up to the transom of a locked
door and the counterfeiter was covered
with a six shooter. He unlocked the
door and surrendered. In the room
was a complete counterfeiting outfit
for manufacturing dollar coins. Some
20 counterfeit dollars were scattered
about the floor.
Hall, who has a wife and daughter
In Little Falls, Wash., begged the po
lice to shoot him, as he feared the dis
grace would kill his family. . -' ;C-
Arrangements Are Made to Entertain
Fifteen Thousand Guests on
the Nation's Natal Day
MARTSVILLE, July 2. — Marysville's
big three days 1 - fourth of July cele
bration commenced this evening with
a street carnival, concerts and dancing.
Hundreds of strangers are in town,
and the streets will be crowded to
morrow, when the excursion rates go
into effect. The principal event of the
fourth will be a boxing contest be
tween Joe Thomas, champion welter
weight, and Kid Detchell, champion of
Montana. It will take place : in the
open air In the afternoon.
Marysville expects to entertain
15,000 visitors on the. fourth unless to
night's clouds develop into a rain
NAP A, July 2.— News reached, here
late last evening" of : the drowning of
13-year-old , James McCauley in- the
lower Napa river during the afternoon.
In company with a dozen other ypuths
of the same age he was wading - and
frolicking in the water. An undercur
rent Buddenly caught him and dragged
him under. His companions wera
powerless to save him. Coroner Tread
way was notified and instituted a vain
search for the body. The boy's father
is an employee of the Migliavacca win
ery near Napal S
BERKELEY, July 2. — Tests of goats'
milk «are being made by Professor
M. E. Jaffa, 40 Jars of the fluid having
been sent to the laboratory by S. "H.
Bowman of Hayward. The testa are
to determine the relative food value of
the milk.
NAPA, July 2. — Henry Koepke of San
Francisco, aged 41,, a native; of Ger
many, was found dead on the floor ' of
a lodging house here this morning. ;A
coroner's jury found that death re
sulted from acute alcoholism. He had
money in a San Francisco bank.
The man who "straddles the fence",
on every,, political issue and awaits the
opportunity to Jump to the* winning
side merits the contempt he invariably
receives. He may flatter . himself that
he "won out," but he fools nobody else.
The man who has positive opinions arid
who is ready to take sides in, a fight
and let his position be known, even
though he stands a chance of losing, is
the man who merits and secures re
spect. If the whole world were made
up of *.'s.traddlers" what sorry progress
would be accomplished In any human
undertaking. The "straddler" \u25a0- laclis
either intelligence *or courage and in
either case he is of little use In anac
tlve world. — Portland Oregonlan. ,; C
A young married man wrote to, the
editor of the Jewell Monitor asking:
"Shall I tell my wife everything?*',
Hardly knowing what to advise,' the
editor asked a man who had been.mar
ried 50 years to .-explain and'hetsaid:
"Tell her: everything." But the ; editor
coi-cluded this old codger; was > hen
pecked. , Th.en he called on a; man! who
has had three! wives and is looking for
a fourth. . "Tell her Uhe truth and \u25a0 she
will think you are lying, andjif iyoii
lie- she will catch you.", 'Adopting » 'a
conservative " policy;, the editor/s aid:
"Look wise, say nothing arid avoid
trouble."— Kansas .City,- Journal. ,
John Duncan has^a: cow that is af ;
flicted in a peculiar; manner. \u25a0 When "she
lies down her, neck* bendsfdoubleland
the animal: is > unable : to arise., /.When
helped to her; feet "her headlwas' pulled
around straight. . .When .releasedUt* was
drawn ; around ; on • the [other" side ; in ; a
like position, andrall "subsequent; at
tempts to straighten . her head met with
tbe»same results. John' foundiit'neces
sary. to drive a row Tof \u25a0 stakes : on; eachT
side of the cow's body and neck. to hold
her • head "in a natural position^— Do
Witt (Mo.) Herald. '\u25a0'\u25a0-MEB&BBBBk -
N. V.. Juljr?2. — President : Roosevelt today ap
pointed General James B. \ Ayleshire to : be . qnar
tennaster . general >of t tbe \u25a0- army,- with < tbe' rank
of brlcsdier general,: to- succeed Charles F.
Humphreys, who ' Will, retire. • " ..:»-\u25a0..
• LAWTEK DEOPS " DEAD— EdwardßTille, : 111.,
July. 2.— Charles \u25a0 N.-^ Trarons, Rencral attorney
Ifcr the : Wabash :i railroad ; company .-i in". Illinois;
Viropp«»d drad \u25a0\u25a0 at , bis : lionie he-re , today- of ! heart
ctsease, act-d ' 50 \u25a0' rears: '^BWjßWi^BtlHHll
"liie Xew Vcrk b*uks hare bepun : the disburse
ment of ' July; diTldends and : Interest,- amount luc '
U more than $182,000,000. -- .... -
Bakersfield to Have
of; Festivity?
BAKERSFIELD, July 2.—lndepen
dence day Is; to be observed In Bakers
field this year, with "more splendor than,
ever before In " the j history of .the city.
For three weeks past the merchants of
the city, organized ;; Into _ a : fourth ,\ of
July celebration committee," have been
preparing? for. a grand., celebration.'
Nearly $4,000 has been' subscribed. .
Three of the city's fairest belles have
been elected to represent the Goddess
of Liberty, California and Kern! county,
and a program of \u25a0; sports, {patriotic ex
ercises i and _ fireworks has been • ! ar
ranged. Porterville will come en
masse and will contribute a band and
a flre department to -the day's sport.
The day's festivities ; will open with
the usual early morning^ guns. . ;At:9
o'clock a lengthy parade- will. K be
formed. Floats,- militia, fire depart-,
ments,.' race horses and-: automobiles
will be in line. At 11 o'clock patriotic
exercises will r be , held In ;• the \u25a0 opera
house. Samuel M.- Shortridge of San
Francisco will be the orator of the day.'
Horse, mule, motorcycle" and,auto
mobile - races? will be Held \ at) the'; race
track in the afternoon. A; water fight
between the fire departments of Ba
kersfleld and . Porterville and a . \ bal
loon -ascension will' be" .other featured
A concert by the San Francisco mu
sicians, a grand pyrotechni(ff;*display
and grand ball will be' the v closing
events of the celebration. \u25a0 .
: As the result of a lively balloting
contest- the honor "of .representing vthe
Goddess of Liberty f or > the- day fell-, to
Miss Mabel * Gfossland, brie of t ' the most
popular, the younger/ society yset.
Mrs. W. T. , Helm Jr. , was /secondhand
she will represent the 'state 6f Califor
nia; Mrs. A!" E. Silver will vreppeserit
Kern county. They will grace, beauti
fully decorated floats. '
The committee having the.celebra
tion in charge is composed -of the \u25a0 fol
lowing businessmen:-. Fred - Gunther,
Charles A. Lee," N. R.? Solomon. .William
G. Lutz, Elmore King," M. S. Plata,
Clarence Wilson,- Alfred Harrell. ' Ly
man Lowell, Ira ; Hochheimer, -^ J. A.
Hughes, W.J . V.'- y Matlock;, Professor
Charles A. 'Newman, T.-E." Burke and
H. G. Stuart, v \u25a0* . \u25a0 \u25a0 ,
Railway Operation in
Yukon Territory
of Dawson furnishes a: report on
the railways in the Yukon terri
tory from which the following
is taken:
The first railway, line in operation
i In- the Yukon territory was- that por
tion of the White pass/: and Yukon
route between a point on the boundary
between British Columbia arid ' ithis
territory, total length of the road
is 9 G 'miles, about .54 of which is ; in the
Yukon territory, 16 in" Alaska and 26
in. British* Columbia/ Its starting point
being Skagway.t: Alaska;',, at the [, head
of [ Lynn 'canal, arid 1 its - terminus at ' the
head; of navigation -of the; Yukon river;
lt'-has.beent the key' to the-door of the
Klondike? gold-fields. .'^The , line con-"
nects • at . "Whitehorse ;In J thV} : summer
months* with^' steamers . l running; on the
Yukon river, : and r duririg 1 the winter
season: with stages .to Dawson.. - :;;".-;
The ' Klondike mines : company, owned
by London capitalists,", is the^ first com-"
pariy \u25a0'• tovbilild and 1 ; operate a i, railroad
entirely .'within* the "Yukon territory.
About v 30, miles ' of ' the \u25a0 road \u0084w ere 1 fin
ished 'and' put iri> operation -on- October;
12, 1906. v ; lts" starting point" is" Dawson
and its V present - terminus is \i Sulphur.
Springs: ;; It k Is ;a 1 narrow : gauge ' line ;
its .steepest" grade Us- 3% Vper? cent ; arid
ltsgreatest curve 25 degrees.; >,The ele
vation-at Dawson'-j; is jl; 200 /feet; •; at
Grand v ; Forks, 1,770 -feet, and iat Cthe
highest point on the % road; ; : 3,668 ' : feet.
TentrestlesandTtwo^steer bridges were
built" on 'the Vsection:;.^ The
largest trestle 3130,000 feetlof
lumber. 5 The: steel Abridges i were ; fur
nished by. anjAmerlc'an- company.
\u25a0 . An? application?will*'beViriade ;tb> the
Canadian \u25a0parliament at itSinext session
for an 'act ; to « incorporate new < com
pany ; \ to ,,' construct-: af: railroad^ from;! a
point rati the 'termiriusTofUhe*. Klondike
mines ' railway \u25a0 to" Fort McLeod,"inlßrit
ish'Columbia: ;it\will: be -known* as the
Yukon> and^': Pacific ;. railway ,- company.
Another: company will /also ;*/ask-';the; */ask-';the
Canadian:' parliament tfof : a -"charter; to
build^what h: is;^ called Uhe ''Alsek: arid
Yukon iraiiroad. :iThis ;road is itoVstart
in; ; .Brltish . r ,Columbia;rori' the^interna-'
tlonal I at v.j the > Klihini V river,
and"iS;.to -extend; to the, boundary < be-"
tween t Yukon? territory,' and %f Alaska?
.where ittis to j connect' with a 1a 1 proposed
road whose , terriiinus; is i ; to" be ; on: Bering
strait at; a point at or near, Cape Prince
of ;Wales. : 'i\-'"-. : : . ':\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ;\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0- "]:~l% '\u25a0 \u25a0"'\u25a0\u25a0;.-\u25a0\u25a0:',
OAKLAND, : July:? 2.^c6laricilman*^H.'
T... Burns .has^lntroduced /in '{l the ¥city^
council vtwo j'prdiriancesS providing 'for
the regulation Vof . the"; automobile bus!-'
ness vln^the (clty^ of; Oakland.^ .The" first'
says : " that' no iperson^under.: the iageTof
.lß, years ? shall* drive TanT automobile If or
Tciire'.'l and second » that g any '\u25a0 person"
defrauding j the' driver .'t'of i any-: autorrio
bileishall ; -be /guilty; of |aTmis
demeanqr.'/^'; Violation k of - theA first fbrdi
nance^ia "punishable! byiatflrieTofi; HOP"
and -.of? the |by^ at fine Vof \ Jsoo*' 4
Henry G. .W. iDinkelsplel Wnd- Bert
Schlesinger;; attorneys s!at.law,Tare2now,
associated A together : as. Dinkelspiel^&'
Schlesinger; -s with- offices \u25a0 ; in" ; Glaus
Spreckelstbldg..'Tel. ; ;Temporary74l73ri*
APPOINTED.^ PEESSMAN— Washington! . Julr
2.— J.;?P.^ Kinneganl of? San B Francisco » has > been
appointed a : pressman; at'sl,2o2 in- tbe bureau of
engraring 'and printing.': -...•: «. v:" : ,-<«\u25a0\u25a0' .-•-;;"
Says .Regulating
• Sale /of Liquor " Must ;
>" ; "Be^Enforced *; > -
PALO "ALTO,- July :2.— "lt is generally,
known that there are -lon -file 'in rep
utable drug stores in, this town doctors'
prescriptions' calling for; liquor -'to '': ii<&
used ; medicinally,'; which > were written
five ;} years ,"ago J arid \ which ;. have ; been
fllledTevery day 'since Jtliey^were i filed,",
said \ J./ F. ; ; Parki nson,> mayor, "of J Palo
Alto,; at a imeeting of^ the town council
last /night.-, .This?; surprising"statement'
of I the .chairman i of >' the -board Jot •\u25a0trus
tees was 'made'v- to \u25a0 the need
of ,' a.';. more; strict* enforcement of .the^
present liquor ~of the*.* col-,
lege^.town. r, .-'^'A' : \v> ";.'•. '\u25a0.'\u25a0'"'•-\u25a0•'.\u25a0 V : "'- ;"*'.';
\ [• Coming so \ close '\u25a0- upon the announce
ment that the. newj ordinance' had failed
to pass the; trustees ;the : statement '.of
Parkinson ; that "the old - ordinances
wouldbe worked- over.. time :to \ meet, the
needs Vof the "occasion -1 served s to ;f dis
hearten the thirsty,' commuters who had
crowded -the council chambers * : to hear
the ' fate of -, the « few I thi rst ' parlors * left
in -the university.) town.";. V j \u25a0 ' - - : - >~ '-''£.s£?s
.'- Not only.; will « the prescrip
tions be shut "off, 'declares -Parkinson;
but" the 'council will see that- the Vice
wagon" which : has 1 been " plying ' at " rear
doors is \u25a0 stopped ; in "future.; " . . V ',
Slayer of John Lodge in Sacramento
'Two Years Ago Enters Upon
Ten Year; Term
.-SAN QUENTIN, July. 2.— The gates of
the ; state C prison, iopenedK yesterday
to- ; receive Philip "-James, convicted
of manslaughter '•' in:' Sacramento -arid
under;" sentence Vof 10 -years. ; James
two years ago was a deputy* mar
shal in ; the capital city, . and fol
lowing a disturbance - at- the fair
grounds shot and killed John Lodge.
Lodge * was . ; . shot In : the backi Ac
cording to the contentiori ; of the : pro*-'
ecution In the James trial he had taken
no part in "the \ affray 'which occurred
just prior to the tragedy. The trial at
tracted "wide interest. : ri • • . •;
\u25a0r I REDWOOD . ? CITY, . July :2. — Sari
Mateo county willihave. a new hosplta.l
of V first class (equipment "In every . de-"
tail for; the* care; of ; the indigent r poor
if the .plans of 'the board ".of 'super
visors,, as: outlined ?at the session" yes
terday, are 'realized. : : It is proposed to
dispose of the alirishouse*: and : poor,
farm at present .'^conducted ..by' the
county ; and with * the ?. proceeds ; as"? a
nucleus to build a ireceiying hospital to
serve; in ;\u25a0 place! or J the ; present institu^
tion. The action- of > the county officials
has .been.prompted iby the \u25a0 fact. that,
the j poor farm :; is ia^ white : elephant ion
the: tax. payers' \u25a0, hands. ' ;', The farm-is
located :in: an flnaccesslble : . portion
the county^ and : ha«; for,: years failed' to
pay i for . ita Y i«iainfe«arice in ' any> appre-'
ciable degree. '.•;,--' SS?/-_- "3.'^/ V v •
SAN.^MATEO. -July - 2.— Prominent
Irish < residents have !i receritly ;. effected
the organlzatjon-^of na^Gaelic fsoclety
herci; . Regular^sessloris^qf * th* -order
have \been v ; scheduled andVdances- and
socials i to; promote 'the decadent Celtic
tongue \u25a0, the 'native isl
and are: iniprogress./,;V ... J* 'f ; j.- '•>" . \
About the^Bay
EASTERN STAB^VISITOR--Berke>y July 2 "\u25a0
uortliy Grand Matron Mrs.^Anna S.Dudderar of
the Ordpr ; of Eastern Star paid an"; official • Tialt
tonlpht to : Berkeley > chapter 178, O. B. S., in
the Masonic . temple. . - y . - \u0084
July 2.— Sir I Knlpht* .; R.i L. neld. < Robert I Grelg
and ; Dr. Gray. - representingr ? Berkeley comraand
eryof Knights Templar, left today for Sara
toga. N.Y., to representithe local . eommandery
at ithe .triennial convention ' of Vthe : Knights. '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0< '.
The : llquormen ,' under r arrest here : on aya v charre
of illicit saloon operations have decided to mako
a t- test, case! of Charles, Hadlen's arrest and i will
center • their ? enerpies '; on -' the task of clearing
him. . Hadlen : pleaded not Rullty today* and his
trial .was, set fori 1 Aujrust 'l.:.' \u25a0' '•-, \u25a0. :• ,
ley. July 2.— Prof essor .John Adams ot{ London,'
a | member j of: the | summer : school j faculty at ihe
: unlTerslty. w!ll;deliTer a lecture in; Hearst hall
; Friday tnieht on ; the -^'Art- of- Llstenlnp." The
lecture will | be , open . to | the student* of the' ses
sion and to the general public.
: FRANCHISE ; AWAHDED-^Oakland, July i2^
The city , has \u25a0 granted ?. to . the \u25a0 Oakland
traction . company -a X franchise '\u25a0 t or \ a slntrle -or
double ; track street railway line •in Lake ; Shore
and Lake ' Park ; avennes. connecting: with the
Grand - avenue llne.-> : The ' franchise was awarded
to ithe, traction company on a bid of $1,000. :•":\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0:
r-; ACCITSED : : t . OF, \u25a0" EMBEZZLEMENT— Oakland
July 2.— Walter Gallajther, : an , employe of the
Sonthern 'Pacific company, swore to a, complaint
this morning chairing J. D.^ Matthews with mis
demeanor, embezzlement, f Gallagher alleges I that
he left ai watch \with \ Matthews, \ who conducts a
Jewelry I shop yin Elphth street, r and that -: Mat
thews; refuses? to: return it. \u25a0• . . ';\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0'<- \u25a0 <
X CHINESE 'f.'BOSS 1 ! : DECAMPS— Oakland. Julr
2.— The : police i are looking for ; Yep Soon, ; a Chi
nese ' formerly I employed at ; the ; Saddle I Rock I Tfa
taurant.lwho is accused, of having collected $103
dve • to nine* Chinese ': dish '\u25a0 washers • In the,restan
rantiandt made <. away >. with ' it/ ; Yep Soon < was
employed as ran overseer of < his • fellow '\u25a0 country
meniand'acted^aß^payniaster.',*-.* •• < .-\u25a0-. ,-s. .
July j 2.— Trouble 1 is ; in store for J the , Tarsi ty \u25a0 stn
dent \u25a0 who loves ;to ) masticate the fragrant - weed
and deposit tobacco \u25a0 upon i the [ pavements of : Palo
Alto.: Thel trustees "at a meeting- last;evenln*
passed a " strlngpnt : ordinance |at I the I request lof
the i Palo". Alto I Woman's j club. I which "\u25a0 makes I ex
pectorating i on ', sidewalks a = misdemeanor. :\u25a0-; .-* \u25a0' ;
Z" PLEADS '-NOT O'OTLTY— Berkeley,'". July EJT—
Nels | Pederson |of > 1607 Fifth street i pleaded not
guilty today In Justice Edgar's court to a charge
of battery brought by ; Sarah ; Mulholland of West
Berkeley, r: j The : girl ; said { that Pederson ; twisted
her r arm. \u25a0' \u0084 Pederson ,. declared * that ; , the * maiden
abused^ his \ children ; and 1 that \u25a0 he ? had ; corrected
her."*. He wtlPhare a'jury, trial on July 18.*"'
July :- 2,-i^The > city * council S has s decided •to ac
cept * the.« plans > of , Street \u25a0 Superintendent \ V.> MJ
Frodden I and 1 City V Engineer .t. W. \u25a0 R/c Poy ser I for
the Improvement of the Webster. street roadway.
It, is estimated that the work and -material will
cost J $8,000 f. and »f the J city .'clerk S has »been au
thorized ;to advertise , for , bids v for, the \u25a0 work. -- : -rf
'\u25a0' MRSH ?1 CHESSMAN iV. IMPROVINO^-Oaklarid
JulyJ 2.-rThe f ! condition -l of .' Mrs. ' , Urania *• Chess
man,'** the * aged % woman } whose c left ; cheek 'i was
torn >i from; her 'face -c yesterday .'.byi a :t: t runaway
team,'!* had s improved i; today.i ".She i «v s removed
Irora | the = receivings hospital ) to Fabiola i hospital,
where a special nurse waa provided for her. She
is , not \u25a0 so ; seriously injured >as wag \u25a0 snpposed. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
land,-: July >2.— The % reports s for /the? last fiscal
year of departments /land 2 "of,; the Oakland
police J court - show! that : the * two courts f collected
more A than | $30,000 i above I all | running - expenses.'
The • running '\u25a0 expenses t of ? the * two r departments
for ; the year, did not exceed $13,000,' and the lines
lpft a: balance of $30,137.50 'to. the credit 'of \u25a0 the
city:.: :\u25a0;•.:. ? : - : ::~W~- ' :.7-K,vv\V't' r/;, .;.:•: •\u25a0.•-•.\u25a0•= {\u25a0\u25a0: ,
\u25a0X' DIES .WITHOTTT ATTENTlON— Alam'edaVjnly
2.- : -Charles ".Wambeck ' died : last evening ; in \u25a0 a" hut
at i the ' south . end | of . Mound 1 street,* where he had
lived' with f Charles Berry,, the latter being known
as yDeaf .' Charley.'.'^ Wambeck I had ; been J drink-"
; Ing •\u25a0; heavily, Ti and sas<he -= had J not ; been ' attended
,by;a' physician priori to bis death, an Inquest will
beiheld ,in 'ithe ; case.' 'Wambeck * was about ?85
years'.ofiage._;:-.-;vvr,'-. ; : 1 \u25a0\u25a0'.. ...\u25a0;;.-,: .. . -:, : :">;'.• .'-,-SiV
,fl DEFECT , IN ! CHARTER— AIameda, ? July] 2.— :
City^ Attorney * M.> W. ;: Simpson i has < discorere't
that,there;is no iprovliioniini the new/charter :for
; the | naming of i any, aettnc: mayor should the chief
executive aof the s city % become ' Incapacitated uor
desire &to * take ?a * vacation. ;s This t; defect. ,-; with
several I others \ that I have s been I found • in the new
• organic j government;* will i probably % be t, remedied
at a» Bpecial? election.; '.: •>•.:". , • '\u0084 ,v , '":
f| HELD ?AS S DIAMOND^ THIEF— BerkeIey^ July!
2.— Mary 5 Foley iwas I held Jin \ bonds ' of $2,000 by
Justice i Edgarj today ito '. answer;: to : the' charge : of
ha ving 1 stolen *a 5 diamond / ring ; from 1 Mrs." 1 'A.^ &:•
PUlsbury Sj'of a North H. Berkeley, 3l^ for M whoin n she '\u25a0\u25a0
worked : as a \u25a0 domestic. % Mrs." Foley^was \u25a0 identified
'at ? the) county .* ja 11? recently sas % the I Woman ! who
shot ! Senator * Foley- : of -Jf evada ; several <yeajas- a(fo, .
but * she ! denied i that s tbe - Identification .was } cor
rect.•\u25a0-.-\u25a0;:^ajlflB.IMBIUMBg;: •"\u25a0" \u25a0 "\u25a0 \u25a0" - v--^;,
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.that -vacation "is '\u25a0<\u25a0-\u25a0& * •*** VVM&HCy *****' . Everybody •' know 9 . the S
\u25a0here' the-. r - Buster -" Brown -.-Two important reductions will be made in the Liquor quality of- the famous Old \u25a0
Hose for children, In'elther Department itoday. • Onr reicular. 25c Port, Sherry, Ansel- Virginia Cheroots.*- and X
single 1 , or "doublet, rib: and lea and Muscatel will be sold for, bottle. ..lac everybody knows . ."what S
guaranteed fast black, will Six bottles ... . . . ..... ... .:.........:..... ........ .$l.OO they sell for regularly. With \u25a0
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Taffeta, Ribbon. No. 1 ' iMk: . -Ladles 1 ' Patent Calf Blucher Dress ful display of pretty Flower |
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" HEXRIETTA 15c YD. '^^^^ \~ ~~ *" aa *""""^""' 1l »| |:.W UWSW.USTS «.(,', |
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"' olease The trimmings are most elaborate and the colorings the most desirable." C£^S fi? #I^9 * E
J Each jacket is : Knedwith^^e^^ m.%9%MM%M \, |
Realty Man Inyolyed in
1 Case Said to ' \
\u25a0 Bellncbmpeteht ;
• OAKLAND, July; 2.— A petition' has
beeriVflledbyjMrs.lda^ Hofswlll asking
to- have^a guardian appointed ;to ; man
age"-theVestate ; of her; husband,
HoTSwIIU on '; : the i: 'ground | that" ill; healtn
and increasing defective \u25a0 eyesight^haVe
f enderedj him v incompetent .She fcbe»
lieves 2 that "iher /. husband .-. is "\u25a0 subject .to
epileptic 5 fits I also.; Judge ;'J Ogden 0] set
July ; 6 as i theldate for j the : hearing. :;
t- Horswill > w.as J recently;, arrested for
forgery.: as a? result fof ttestimony , given
by *; Robert *'tßousefleldt,when ~ the \u25a0 latter
was - being t tried ? for; an ' attempt jto; sell
real 'estate <by I means t. of * forged .. deeds.'
Bousefleld; - who i, was . sefttenced.i toi five
y "ea rs \ at " San v ; Quenthv v declares t that { in
committing^the'Ccriihe;- he was acting
urideriHorswill's; orders. , - , .
"bAKLAND,' July 2.— Habeas I . corpus
proceedings J.have been* instltuedj by i Ah
Quen s to * secure V theYreTfease.'of Chung
CumMJgh;? a" Chinese 'girl, f who. "jhe lal-:
leges, t is ' being [detained Shy ; Miss l D> f (X
Cameron lat ithe' ? rescue) mission. *V Quen7
mindful ' of \the \ outcomej of |si mllar s pe-{
tltions I recently,'? hasS added \u25a0;-, that .- he
wiahenfto make the. girl his; wife, r--*
% BERKELEY^; July; 2.^Jacob Humanh,
arrested f orjdrunkeririess/jtold "Justice
EdgaTitodayf atniovins|tale V of ? how>ho
took fe| bi gI d rink \ 'of | brandy *to j cura ] •
raging |tooth achej,and % how 4 theTT? dose
tion.^<Thei*court,-» with|ipersonal^recol
lections" of J. the \ agonies .;.; of y- toothache^
released 1 HumanriJ' ; :"' : i; r ' i§%£&£i'-l
; OAKLAND;;" JuIy: 2^-J.;H,; Srnith. 50
years of \ age ; and a : messenger who j has
beerii lnHhe 'employed* (the] Southern \ Pa£
ciflct railroad! fbrj-Cmany:li years.
knocked > down %by j af switch!; engine fat
the Oakland mole today and ; his right
necessary^ to 'V. amputate * * it.*- * Smith 1 - Is
'slightly" ! deaf.^:':^:-V"^""" : ;V-''.." \u25a0 :" :•*- V*
f^OAKLAND^ July 1 2^W4O^iElg1ri i has
; pointed £ guardian i'overl the Restate | of,
• his J grandson, August % Rodewald, > who
has ibeen' missing ' since ' March " S3. The
False-Names Used by Yomig People
and : i Parents'; Have .No Informa
.v tion "About -Wedding
.': OAKLAND, July 2.— A marriage li
cense-" was": issued \u25a0-- in this county • re
cently .to Miss Florence , Jackson, who
gave -her name as Gertrude - Jackson,
.while >her.flance,l Sterling. Price, waited
in-theicorridor of the hall of records.
His .name'* was " given • incorrectly- as
Leonard - Price.' r : V •\u0084"\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0
Jackson's ' mother, . who. lives at
916* Center,; street* says;that she. knows
Sterling » Price. She . had thought ' that
on 'i the 'day ;*. the .. license was j issued her
"daughter*^ was 1 ; attending; a. picnic. She
has no: knowledge of a wedding 1 . • ; Be
fore ] meeting iPrice^theiyoung; lady was
employed ias? a~: telephone operator".
Price's 'father,"- Wallace •B. Price, Is
a commission merchant, with a store In
i Eleventh i street,/- and ' the family *is
camping In \u25a0• the ; country." ., Young Price
-has • ; been : *.-< takin g : : his ;- father \u25a0 to ' and
fromlwork:in.'an'automoblle.t :
1- i The * production .'.of _;Indian "corn !n
, Portugal: 'possessions in 190S
amounted Uo" about * 20,000,000 -bushels,
'whlchillarge^."crop r restricted - the de
mand- 1 for* foreign : corn. \
• \u25a0^''•'--\u2666'vt ?\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0••\u25a0'. \u25a0*\u25a0 - -\u25a0« ;\u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0--.-•• -*. -•\u25a0
This reratdy an always be depended open and
t U pleasant t* take?>| It contains nooplamor
• «ther harmftil itat md oay be ' jhrea as csufi-
; 'icady't^sVs^^'ttlTs^L"^
? 'js^»;«^igtfii» aregtt^j
S>^ S^^ — I— SS I
8 ft. Double
Standing Desk
i ' .1^ nft " MB---.
821-823 Mission Street
We Carrx » Large Vsirlety at Rlgbt
I PTice«. '•\u25a0
II • Wltlla ~i£*T ienu of : Enrj Polat ot g
H iflterett.Hilf Block froa Wtaaioaicr's. X
« -.-... 6 BUQctes' walk of Sboppios District. pi
9 trOTBO TOR: Kxcellesca of Cuisine. Com. |
3 ~" fortahl* ApMiatmrau. Coorteoos So
SS - Tics sad H»m«ilk* Sarroca<l!nss. M
I ROOMS 51. 50 m DAY AND UP f
H Table d* Hote Breakfast 30c; ®
1 WM.TAYLOR o «t BONi Inc, 1
f|^ ..;\u25a0/.. Brotdw«y,A 33rt Strtt.' _ M
i C^ill Want* Ads^ Bring T Results :
BENICIA Arsenal," Beaicia. Cal.. July 2. 1907.— ;*.
. Scaled ! proposals, in duplicate. will b« «- t :
:-, cc 1 ved .' here natll "• 12 m. Aocust 5. 1907. foe \u25a0£
;sal« of. condemned ordnance property. -Kor cat* In
. \u25a0\u25a0; alog applj .to < com manfi lt * offlcer, Beoicla «*>
ieaal. -roSR •. >\u25a0 \u25a0 ,«

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