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Applicant for a Saloon Li
-. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. cense Insults Mem
."•;•\u25a0 . : ber of Board
Alameda's Legislative Body
: . Ends Matter by Deny-
V; ing Request
;' ALAMEDA. July 2. — Councilman Bert
L. .Fisher and Peter Clark engaged in,
ap exchange of words during the dis
cussion" in .the city council last night
of the application made by Clark and
"William 7.!npe for a license to conduct
a saloon at 14^1 Park street, and for a
Wrn* the controversy threatened to ter
minate in a fist fight. Clark was finally
Suppressed by President F. S. Loop of
rhe".councll,,who said that he considered
Clark's remarks Insulting to the city's
legislative body.
.; "When Zlngjr's and Clark's application
ft>r & llaaor license was read Council
yhsLtz Fisher moved that it be denied for
"fhe ; reason that the proposed location
r>f. the saloon was undesirable and that
there . were enough saloons in Park
; street.' \u25a0 -
. ' ;. Clark then accused Fisher of being
.Interested In a i.nanclal way in the
"Park -hotel bar and trave that as his
opinion why Fisher was opposed to
'•srantlnsr the license. Clark also re
•mHrked that Fisher had said that the
. t'Venticth liquor license In Alameda
would h«. worth $3,000. Fisher warmly
resented what he declared were reflec
tions cast upon him' by Clark and de
•rvied that hf was in any way interested
in the .Park hotel bar or that he had
<pver that" the twentieth liquor li
oerise in Alameda •would be worth $5,000
In the sense thnti Clark Implied — that
somebody would have to obtain some
jpraft money before the license was
jgranted. \u25a0_ \u25a0 •
o ln' renewing his motioti for denying
Zirvggr's and Clark's application Fisher
'" ;!I; !I move that this application "be de
. f.ied on two irrounds; first, that the lo- |
'cation is. undesirable, and, second, that |
one of the applicants. IJeter Clark, is an I
Vyndesir*ble person to conduct a saloon
in Alameda, as he has shown by his In- |
Ejjltir.K talk here tonight." ;
, ' Fisher's motion was carried by a vote j
\u25a0ot S to 1. Councilman W". H. N'oy voting i
.inc.- N'oy explained his vote bj* saying
that the new charter allowed twenty
•liqyox licenses, and he believed that the
first desirable person that asked for the
ttt-entieth license should receive it.
Being Hanged in Effigy
.•Doesn't Alarm Pastor
of Berkeley
: BERKELEY. July 2. — Dr. H. G. ""Xil
.kins. pastor of the "Westminster Pres
tyterran church, whose effigy was hung
•on the church door last week, made
known today the nature of the placard
-which he- found pinned-, thereon. The
liquor interests of West Berkeley have
<!isUked Rev. Mr. Wilkins since the
minister inspired the police and the
.town trustees to activity against the
F.aioons. This is the message which
the Uquormen's sympathizers left for
the' Presbyterian clergyman's edifica
This ' represents. G. 11. Wllkic*. the m«n
who Interferes in other people's affairs and a
tremble maker. will not tolerate yoor black
rcaiiin? any - lonrer in. onr tnM«t. If yon Co
there I* troabJe ahead for you.
-Dr. Tnikins says that he does not
propose to pursue the effigy subject
farther and he ignores the threats con
tained in the placard.
."Where .1 came from." said Dr. Wilkins
today, "such aji Incident - would be '
looked upon as a trifle, for men in that !
«x>untry thought a u-eek was hardly
complete unless a man had been killed.
The effigy business" is only Interesting
and of value because It indicates that j
somebody "regards me as worth while'
sufficiently to threaten me."
Three Vagrants Are Sentenced Pend-
ing a Search for Articles
Taken From Trunk
'. fcEDWOOD CITY, July 2.— The three
men giving the names of Shroder.
O'Connor' and Gehr, who were arrest
ed In Mcnlo Park recently by Sheriff
Chathan upon a suspicion that they
•were the burglars who ransacked the
trunk of Mrs. Oliver TV. Kehriein upon
ber return from a wedding Journey
and made off with the bride's trous
seau, were found jruilty of vagrancy
by Justice James Hanson this morn
ing *and sentenced to 25 days , in ' Jail.
Believing that the men know more
than' they, have told about the dis
appearance of the valuables from : the
trunk, the district will be searched,
and it Js expected clews will be un
earthed which will make possible a
charge of robbery against the trio be
fore they have completed the sentence
imposed this morning.
The three men were camping in the
vicinity of Menlo. and can give -no
lucid reason for their presence in the
county.- They had been observed by
ranchers, who notified the sheriff.
Shroder claims to b* a mute, but the
officials say he has been heard to con
verse- with his fellow prisoners. The
value of the goods stolen Is more
than $1,000. - \u25a0
• BERKELEY. July 2— Percy Palm
jrrqn. a Dane. 28 s*ears old, who began
work for a construction company near
Point t Richmond: yesterday, put. in
about -'eight hours' with his- new em :
ployen? and then : got in the way of a
!ot of debris dislodged by a dynamite
Charge. He was bit on the", head, by
flying rocks and* his skull was frac
tured. Surgeons treated Palmgren- at
the receiving hospital here, but he did
not recover consciousness, dying at
noon today. An , inquest will ?be >i held."
OAKLAND, July 2.— "-City Attorney
McElroy has given an' opinion: to the
city council that "Water street is "an
open thoroughfare^and that { encroach -
ments on the south, side of the street do
not determine its official .width. This is
preliminary to action by the city to re
move all obstrectlons. »
Hold ; faithf ulnesij arid . sincerity as
first principles; haVe- rip 'friends -not
equal to * youreelf.— Confucius. :
* * \u25a0 • - ' • - i \u25a0'
News of Counties Bordering the Bay
Oakland to Celebrate With
Parades, and Literary
Six Companies Promise to
Have, Splendid Floats
in Procession N
; OAKLAND, July ; 2.— Alameda county
Is to have one of the most elaborate
celebrations of Independence day
which has marked its history since the
county was established by the pioneers
who first built their homes on the east
ern, shore of the bay. Both on the bay
shore and in the interior of the county
elaborate programs have been prepared
for the celebration of , the fourth, which
will include literary exercises, athletic
sports and displays of fireworks in the
Already preparations are complete
for the " celebration in this city, the
streets having. been gayly decorated
with flags and many of the stores
being concealed beneath masses of red,
white and blue bunting. Arrangements
are complete for the parade, which,
eohtrary to the usual custom, will be
held In the evening, and will move
through streets ablaze with electric
lights, red fire arid fireworks. In the
various divisions of the parade, which
will be headed- by a long line of auto
mobiles,' will be many of the fraternal
organizations of the city, a large num
ber of floats and one division will be
given over entirely to the Chinese Six
Companies, that have promised some
thing unusual in the way of oriental
The parade will form in Clay street
and' will move south to Eighth street.
to Washington, up Washington • to
Fourteenth street, to Broadway, down
Broadway to Seventh street, counter
march In Broadway to Twelfth street
and east In Twelfth street to Lake Mer
ritt, where a" Venetian carnival will be
I held In conjunction with a display of
j fireworks. Heading the parade will be
Acting Chief of Police Petersen in an
automobile, and immediately behind the
j police auto will be four machines.fur
j nlshed by the Alameda County Auto-
I mobile association, which will be run
i abreast, reaching, from curb to' curb,
to clear the line of march for those in
the parade. The remainder of the first
division will be formed of the auto
mobiles of'-the members of the asso
ciation, those. of the Alameda County;
Automobile club and the machines of:
private owners. The exact formation
of the other, divisions of the parade
ha." not yet been made public
The celebration will begin with the
literary. . exercises In the morning:,
which will be held at the Macdonough
theater, and for which the following
program has been prepared:
lB«rum»nt«l mmlc Ban']
Vocal eolo, "Star Spaoj led Banner"...: -
Clement fiowlaixl
Voeil selection* Golden Gate qnart*t
Frank On*low. flm tenor: Carl E. Anderson,
*eeond teanr;.Jobn de P. Teller, first bass;
. . nenrj- I~ Perry. «e<"ond bass. • -?v.
Lincoln* Gettj-sbarg addiws
....Read by T. O. Crawford
Oration... A. H. Elliott, .president oily council
The first event of the afternoon will
be. the races at the Oakland race track,
which will be free to all. These will
include horse, bicycle, motor cycle and
automobile races, the contestants In
which have been divided into classes
1 for the purpose of rendering equal the
chances of all -to win a prize. Follow
ing Is the program of races and the list
of officers in charge of the meet:
First race — Rose Derby. W. Scatte; Lady
Irene. W. B. Pease; Fir, Charles Becker; Darby
Me. J. W. McTeirue.
S-coad race — Little \u25a0 Dick. Lnke Marlsch;
Clara L, A. fenwarti; Charley J, C. J. Lercari;
Ring -Rose. M. M. -Donnellr: George . Perry, . G.
Glanninl; Kittr I). A. Eloffman.
\u25a0 Third race — Toledo Boy E. Back; Teddy W,
L. Whlteman: Derby, f. Deschler; Tommy F,
I F: FrancescMnl: Don L. B. Green. '
j Foarthrace — Pripre. H. -H. Helbijfh: Sidney
B. F. L. Barton; Be«.!e H. Henry Uelbnsh;
Lady Falrose, T. H. Corcoran.
—Relay races. at- Emeryrille 'race track. Silrer
lOTins csp.
<If»a race,* one 'mile.- prizes value $20, $10
and »5. .
Novice, one mile; medal, ralae $20. .
Handicap, two mliea ;- prizes - ralue $20, $10
; and S3.' "
i - MaSden. one ml!e:-m«dal value. J2flt . .
The entries tor the relay" race are: Bay. City
wheelmen. Central City, wheelmen." Golden City
\u25a0prhee'.ra»n. New Century wheelmen. Oakland
wheelmen. The team* will consist "of fire men.
\u25a0 Five mile scratch; prizes to the ralne of $20.
$10 and W. • '
Ten . m il<«. scratch: prizes: to. the ralne of $20,
' $10 mnd Vi. '.\u25a0'.- - \u25a0' : -.'\u25a0 --"" -\u25a0 ' .
'Under anspfce* 'American federation. motor>y-.
. clem. -Where there are: less than four" entries
no i bird prize will be jri»en. - - - :\u25a0"
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 AUTOMOBILE RACES . -
\u25a0'*' Runabouti"',- fire miles — First prize, eearehlisiit
<vSered by E. ; B. Day & Co. ; second prize. *et
tire iron*, offered by Oakland automobile carafe.
-Toarinit ctrs. 15 miles — Flrnt prise, ebauffenr.
outfit, complete; secoDd ' prize," auto clock.- : --\u0084•,\u25a0
\u25a0 Free for all. ; 10 .» miles — First . prize, one ' tire
to fit. winning machine, offered by Diamond rub
ber . company, - same- to be selected by.- owner;
r pcond prize. - French dragoon horn. - offered '\u25a0 by
George -P. Moore & Ctf. -.•«*/ , : '
• Xo agency caw allowed in abore races.
.Officer* — Uanairer. A. B. Moffltt: referee sail
Ktaxter, E. J.. Belloll; Judges, .Pop Whitney.
W. G.- Sinclair, .Mr. Newmark and C. C. Hop
tics: timers. -J. M. Salajtar. C. Bullock -. and U.
H. Hammond; tscorew. W. Rristonand George
Lacier; announcer, Georjre Dixoa.
- The evening /entertainment, : which
follows the parade, will consist . of a
1 parade >of illuminated boats- on Lake
Merritt," v which ,wlll- be .under/ the, di
rection of, Admirals" AL> Rogers, Alex.
G.* Bell, Paul Carroll, Frefi Sinclair arid
Commodores R.,S. Kitchner, H.CCow
ard, ' Mr. Pembroke, Al Mbffatt.
: ""Following are the prizes^ which have
been" offered for the most beautiful dis
play on the water and other entries:
Most -beautiful', display, on water, boat or
float — First price, : $00; eecpnU prize, $25; . third
prize. $15.= \u25a0-.'» \u25a0..:\u25a0. • -. \u25a0\u25a0 ,;.<-- '-' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0'•\u25a0 \u25a0 .
Most oriz-inal display. •"• boat or.' float— First
prize. $40: second prize. $20; third prize, $10. \u25a0• \u25a0
Best histftrical float, boat or float — First , prize, 1
$30; second prize. $15 :> third prize, $0.
. -Special pnte — For best display, offered "by
: any dub. - \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0/,,- -,J \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 w .'\u25a0 ; • " ,
. Prizes In ' these , events \u25a0 (with \u25a0 the exception of
the / special prlae) ; will . be paM '\u25a0 ': with •; either
cash j or trophy, at the option :of i wlnaer.' - Only
oneprize will be given to any one fxhlblt. No
tblrd prize where there, are less ; than four • en
tries.; -. _-. . - : . \u25a0 \u25a0•; ;;.,.• .-'\u25a0\u25a0; v \u25a0;->-.
.. Following ; are -the , members >of the
committees : in : charge;of the arrange
ments for the celebration'of the fourth
In • this city: : . _\u25a0> * * /
\u25a0 George V W. Arper. chairman; A. Jo
ns*, Tiee chairman;- Wilber Walker,? secretary;,
Theodore Gler. \u25a0, treasurer; i F. '-•'• Sinclair, *\u25a0\u25a0 P. iM.
F!i«her.»W-. Hook, 11. NYGard.'J. F. Sobst, H. G. 1
WlHlama, E.A . Sherman. W." E. Dargie. G. B.
Daniels.' G. Davis, p. X.=- Hanrahan, E.f A.'
Heron., W. B. Tnomas. \u25a0\u25a0 Dr. . >V H. Chamberlain.
»Martln' Ryan. J. J. White, J. A. Wilds, G. S.
Meredith:,^.. v - _ .
• Afternoon and eTeninis coipmltteie-^F. Sinclair
H." C- Coward, L. XJ.' D. t lnskeep,\ Paul . Carroll.
A. G. Bell. W.iß. Fawcett, Al Kihn.' S. J. Pem
broke,' R.' S. v Kitchener, A. B. Moffltt.
-'.- Literary— P. M. .' Fisher, U.H. Pond,-D. J.
nallah»n. J. C. ; Dpwnej. Golden 8 Downing. \u25a0 Dr.
A. A.iKelij. OliTer Ellsworth. - - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •- : '.
Plnance J - I Theodore > Gier, H. G. Williams; Ay.'A v .'
Jonas.. A. U. .Schluter. W. ; J. \u25a0 Laymance, : Georse
Hoffman, E. A. Young, Wllbert Walker, 'F G
E[ben.^*PMMßßW^BWMHVian r^aaaMMߣs|[s
- - Press- and- 'sd^wtislng commit*? — W. P. • Hook \u25a0
; H.G..WUli«uns.. R-.M.. BrUre.-R-'H.' Adams, a'
G.-Taft. E.-. A. O'Brien, A. A. Denisoo.' - < r -'-.- , \u25a0
i " Decoration — A- Jonas, P. W. Belllngal],- S. J
| Taylor.; E. a: "Toonir,-' VV*ilb«r y Walker,' H.^ M."
Sanborn; A. E.Bredull. \u25a0-\u0084-\u25a0
.' Parade— H. «X.i Gird. 0. Crowley. W. : J.-" Pe
terson; 'H. C> Coward. Cralclei Sharp."*, S.'?M;*
Carr/. Dr.; J. • L."^ Mayon.^ C , F.- Carl, W. . H.'« Wa rd *
H. • K.^ Doacaa/t P. ?K. Haarnhan, Morris Isaacs,
U^;^A^;;hlJ'KA : iSOl»(JO/i(JAI^,v\^DyESDA-Y; JULY 3, 1907.
Asks Divorce on Ground of
""Cruelty Beginning With
Declares He Would Not
Provide \u25a0\u25a0 Milk ' for
: Their Infant
\u25a0.;OAKLAND, July 2.— Suit for dl
vorce; growing out of .the 1 recent shoot
ing;of; Oustave Young c by his : son :in
law,; Bernard Taylor,; and Cat long .list
of j alleged cruelties inflicted ]by Taylor
upon his . wife . was filed"; today by, Mrs. ;
Anna ,'G. ' Taylor. : : She 'alleges V that v he :
began beating her. shortly ' after their
marriage while living : , in San -: Fran
cisco,: and that hte once struck: her on
the face when she . was in ' a - critical
condition ; of health. : HeY Is \u25a0 said fto
have refused to purchase milk for 'their
infant daughter on? one occasion,* and,
because of this, air6.", Taylor claims, Bhe
was compelled ? to^go .toj the homo _of
her parents for. shelter arid food.
June 10, she 'alleges, she; went .back
to "Taylor's housa" to" get 'some cloth-
Ing : for the " baby and was accompanied
by; her | father. Taylor was home E and
asked them both _to •» come; \ into: the
house.: He then endeavored to per
suade her to remain-. with him, but she
said she could not do no because she
must remain' with; the ,baby overnight.
5 , Taylor was accused -of firing a re-"
volver several times at 'Young 1 , one
bullet; striking him In" the hip. '.. .:
Mrs. Taylor 'further accused him of
turning the weapon against, her, -\ but
owing. to. the failure of the \u25a0 weapon to
discharge she was uninjured.-.. Pre
vious to the shooting, \u25a0 she states, on
numerous occasions; he beat and
abused her -and remained away; from
.home until late at night. He' gave as
a reason for this that 'he .'must be in at- ;
tendance at important meetings of the j
waiters', union, to 'which he belonged.,'
' A restraining: order was secured at
the ;time the suit ' : was filed preventing
Taylor from disposing'of his household
furniture at \u25a0 466 -' Twent- fourths street
or from drawing his bank accounts. .
His- wife also -asks .for the. custody
of .their child and ' for ; alimony, as , she
claims Taylor.: makes $100 .a month
working as a waiter? • J . ,
Constance" Poritacq. was awaVded-an
interlocutory decree of divorce "j today
from August Pohtacq ; on "the ground:
of .infidelity. Mrs. Pontacq emphasized :
the charge against- him in her com- i
plaint by claiming. to have contributed
largely to his support and that, of [their
two children during the past six 'years
of their married* life.';",
- A similar '- decree '\u25a0'- was - granted j Mary
Puccie from Eugene Puccle ' on the
charge of extreme-cruelty. Mrs. Puccle
alleged In -her complaint that Puccie
threw chairs about the" house, broke
dishes and maltreated , her with articles
of furniture. He is also; accused of
having applied various ; names ' to her
\u25a0which caused her much mental pain and ;
disturbance. "*
; Maggie C. Teeple received an inter
locutory decree from * Harry -W. Teeple
for'extreme cruelty." She: charged' that
he wished she would 'die ."and ' told her
so, and : also struck her yin the face
with the. palm of his hajjd. .
I Divorce proceedings were' begun to
day by George-D.: Scott against Naomi
Scott and by Josephine W. . Fabella
against Joseph' Fabella on the ground
of desertion. Minnie ' L. Mahler filfed i
suit for divorce ; today against George
Mahler on the ground of cruelty. "She
also .-charged--' him 7 with selecting and
using vile epithets as descriptives of
her characteristics.
E. F. 11-uller." E. Fritsch, L. H. Davison, F. G.
Elbea. George H. Mason. ;r v; f.r • .-- • •
The people of Ltvermore andlrving
ton .also have : made ; preparations "to
celebrate the- nation's natal ; day In a
fitting manner. The residents of Liver- i
more wilh be, aroused at sunrise by the
roar of. a salute"; fired -by George ;Pres
cott. The early part of theday will 4 be
spent In ' preparation x fpr; the - parade,
which will moveat 11 a. m." immediately
on -the arrival -of: the -special trains |
from Oakland and San Franctßco. : ' Fol- |
lowing the parade the, litera fy'exerclses ';
of the day will beheldat the Sweeney i
opera ; house, under ;. the -.' direction of i
James ;W. Clarke. 'Former, Governor i
George C. Pardee will deliver the fourth;
of:July"oratlon. ': \u25a0•'_', '\u25a0'?:\u25a0'> '.'.' -\u25a0-- *J
At^theiclose of -the' literary, program \
the athletic and field sports -.will -begin.;
[consisting of races.'contests'of strength;
and skill, a baseball. gameVand a -tug '
of --warr ; ; "Followlng Is the pro
gram and 'the list of faces -prepared by
the committee: y^^^aSJj^^WJßH \
"Star Spangled " Banner." orchestra ; Introduc- !
tory remarks.- James ,W., Clarke; reading declara
tion of . Independence, I MIs« Ora . Einn«-y ; ;"Colum
l>ia, the Gem ot tbe Oc*-an,V? orchestra;' oration,
George C. , Pardee :~ •'America,"* the.; audience. ?
i Potato race, open to all: first prize. 53.5U; sec- ;
ond prl*e,. s2.' Glrl*Brace, v - 50 yards ; first prjw, \
$2.50;~ second . prize, ; %\.--£ Boys', race, .-in. sacVs;
Cr«t . priie. $2.50; ' eec-uud priie, : 51., - > \u25a0\u25a0 m \u0084,. i
...The.lndy ;drlTing the largest number, of eight ;
penny -nails In- a plank in s plvcn time will 'be
awarded $3.so.'' with ' a second prize of $2..v-
The .grand marshal, ' aids and those
who" /will have j in \ charge ; the tvaribua
events of » the *celebration ; are : -' ' "~ r
; Grand \marshal— -K.' J. " Sweeney.^ - ...- : I^.
\u25a0"} Floor \u25a0 manager; of r ball— DaviU" McDonald.;
, A id* to grand \u25a0' marshal— Dayld ! McDonald,' *\v.*
J. Martin. George. Galway.iT.i H.Holley. Rod
Fallon. Jesse : Young. \u25a0 Jnles x.- Clerfayt,*"- C." L-'-.l
Powell. .W. .H.> Donahue, -.Lee .Wells. ;E. T. Ellis/:
Thomas Egan, -" Frank ' Gainor. : M. I H. \u25a0\u25a0 Slurray,", 0." ]
H.tAcVer.-. Chester, Jordan.% William \u25a0\u25a0 Mulqneeney, 1
John * Kiely." John , K?au, Thomns iGayiwr, \ Fred i
Schneider, . Joseph • Concannon,' M. i G. ; . Callaghan \u25a0
and A' L." Henrj'. ,\ » : , : - - . . .
'Manager of floats— Theodore. Gier. .', • ;
.-\u25a0' Goddess •of Liberty-f-Vlra^Datcher. :
EureUarrCJara -XWoliin. ' ;..,_-'.- :
" Manager t of ;race* — >R. j.W. 'A^ylward.' - . .: .
'_ Manager of s tug . of ! war— Henry : Burfiend. " •
\u25a0;\u25a0 Manager : of baseball — William 4 LowenthaU >.\u25a0.*' ;
~ ' Managers " of .' Goddess *of i Liberty " and Eureka
floats— Mrs. J.- O.f McKown, i'Mr#.--.T. fE- \u25a0 Knox
and -Mr».-;DaTid; McDonald. /. ; : <
Girl*'- to t ride; with ' Eureka.' representing it he
original 1.1 states— Xellle , McDonald, Merrill
Fiedler.'; Se!ma^McTlcar,-?Maryi Flanagan. -Katie
Flanagan,!; Kebeocay n.-=,Badworth,«: Hazel; Hor
ton, "•* Anna 1 Bowles, '; Mary ; Ornmu.-; Dora;?Ander
son. ETeiyn- Saxe I ' and; Marlon' Waaxoner.'.'^? .!.-."
-Marshal of : the- horseback^dlrlslon-^Colly ;Mc-
Kown." ' Aid^Era %"\u25a0 McDonald,*^ Carrie *.', Wente,
May " Wt-nte.-f Ella ' Concannon,' 'Annie I Waggoner, ,
CeclteJDuboise and Constance .'Jordan." •'- : j ;- ;
' ,"•, "• Reception Z committee-7-M bs . ' Catherine "- Swee-°
ney.- _;;.;;. V. •;:\u25a0".,;/-„. -' ; ;,. V^-' ; V: .;'- '.-; \u25a0 y^; :\u25a0'-./
At'vlrvington'-: Independence^ day rwlli
be h: celebrated f'wlth^ litera ry} 'exercises
in' the morning, *at/,wMch; Attorney W.
H.% Donahue, will fde,llvef; the * fourth]of
JulyJ oration. , i J.i E/>.Wams'ely",l will | act
as. president; of 'theTdayi'ahd^will have
the' direction' of ; the various ; events "_onl
the^program^ .At the* close ?of j the T exer- i
cises fa.''- barbecue/1 to 'which • all "(visitors ;
are] invited^.wlll*be ; held^aridf following !
this will rcoraVfthelracesjano:^ 'games; in |
the^af ternoon;"t Ofjthese | thej principal !
event : wir.be "a ibaseballfgarne i between J
,the?teamsgof . thepßeliance '"club of '
Oakland I andl the club. ; a: tug
bfiwar^wUl'also'be-held. 1 \u25a0 --.--.:. -v
;I; ln "'.the livening^therelwHl be a r grand
I ball. :The f members^of^thej; committee
I inlcha'rge^oflthelarrangementslfor^the
; celebration J are -.iThomas ? Powers,; John
; ScanlanrjFrahk^Leal^O.vX.fHlrsch'tT:
i Tierhey,- - : , Edward - ; M Roderick; v-.W. 1 . aw.'
Hirsch,tM.:E/Mattos..S.:B. ; i ya.ndervoo"rt, c
E. N. ; Babb>"J.\ H.'spurham * and n M.iV.
Perry. ,' '- • : : ; ../ : }'\'\. \u25a0. _*.*.- . "
.; ;MARiiNf:: : ,
Contra cgsta
SoutMrnL Saafic Wreck to
Briiig^ General Shakjeup
Knittsehnitt' Is Arranging- the Transfers
\u25a0 TRACK.-. -;\u25a0•-- '-\u25a0 - •'.'- : ,d'\ \u0084 " \u25a0• ••- • >-> •-'-.-\u25a0 = •
\u25a0 Aonther wreck on the Southern : Pa
cific yesterday near San Mateo lent per
tinence to 1 the question being asked
by Director of- Maintenance ;and Opera
tion Julius Kruttschnitt of the , Har'rif
man . lines, "'Why : have many accidents
been occurring recently on x straight
away roads?"-':.": ;.• >, \u25a0\u25a0•:\u25a0:'\u25a0. . :\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0*\u25a0' \u25a0'".'-
"Are these .accidents "due :to careless
ness In operation or to -defective rails?*'
is ; the question being ; asked by \u25a0' Harri
man's representative. '*l?i'-.
Th» answer," it is declared, will not
prevent a wholesale, shaking up -.'of di
vision., superintendents " on • the .'.'Ha'rrl
man lines, many of whom have. already
received definite, intimations of their
transfer. t> . .. ",:"•''-";: .
The wreck near, San Mateo yesterday
morning derailed* two"' cars.- smashed a
third and } converted » a \u25a0 freight ..engine
Policed Arrest Alameda Lad
on Ghargej of .Being ; 1
ALAMEDA. July 2.— Cai re Monet, 1 3
years, of ; age, .was taken into 'custody
by the; police this . evening on a charge
of hayingvtampered '.with .'a- switch .on
the south side line of .the Southern ' P
acific last* Thursday] night-V" The ilad^'is
accused iof having 'thrown the (switch
In .'^Encinal ; avenue near;;- Broadway."
Had ilt not ' been' for keenness ; of • sight
of Engineer John. McCaufey, who. ob7
served'a girl waving, her | hand to warn
him .that something .was wrong, a local
train; might have been ditched. .The girl
hadinotlced'a -boy, tampering. with the
switch* and .realized : the danger 'oft the
"oncoming train, i *x \u25a0'.:' ;
j Monet 1 is also accused by Mrs.;Hitch
ens 0f' 1251; Pearl street- \u25a0; of 'having
"ordered '; bologna j sausage, .frankfurters
and salads, from the market: of) Combs
'& Fisher .-and ; of having . had the ' same
charged : to; her : account./ The 'boy. lives
\u25a0with relatives at^ 1254 Pearl street." vile
Is regarded 'as incorrigible, and -because
of ;' his :\u25a0 tender " years • efforts • , may: '.\u25a0"' be'
made to: have him placed -in a reform-f
atory^'"- *y ; ', % --: : -^" ' \u25a0\u25a0' ' '* V
' Bravery .of ' Baggie- Joseph ;; Saves i
;- Li ttle' Girls From Harm in
-"":.\u25a0 '. , Streets .-
ALAMEDA, July 2.— Baggie Joseph
of f 1649*, Everett ibravelyfstopped {
! a" runaway; oil tank wagon: last evening
in, Blanding- avenue," near .the; Fruitvale
avenue abridge. 7' Seated:; on the .wagon
were | Mabel. ;\u25a0 the f 2-jyea'r ' bid daughter
•of Mr.^and Mrs.;Cha~rles \u25a0Westalirof;2334
I Lincoln':; avenue/ - and\ ; Frances !-xSchar
schrrildt,sthe' l ii year "i old t-'aunt Jof .Jth'e
::baby. s i : Joseph; brought:; the 'frightened
standstill' by grasping' the
reins' as they 'were \u25a0''trailing f on the
I ground.'*: Y\< t .. \u25a0• . --..:': it,' -V.;; /;/.""\u25a0 " " ' ! r: V
;*;. Frances jScharschmidt grittily ; clung!
! to the seat of the- wagon and alsoHo \
I herVnlece^whllejthe^vehlcle ,was sway^;
: lng^ from : side 'to.; sideT -T; Theihorse' ran"'
: forvnearly'a^rnile; with; the children, i
I? ? Charles KWestallf rewarded' .'Joseph '^bVi
! presenting£himiwlth;. ss. ;' The ' runaway I
: startedjf rorri'Uhe ;back K J yard /of ithe ]
I Westali? premises' V in .Lincoln ' avenue.' i
.The?, childeen/. were 'e playing upon v the ;
seat at:, the;Uime and v were linable'.toi
get^off'Jof ith'e\vehicle iwhen "-:: the horse <
once got Sunder .way._^ ;^ ' ' l;."-^: ,'i.'.t2' : S. : rf !
, i ALAMEDA, '{ July % 2.-^An i.'ordinance
making * it /a' misdemeanor v to s erect* or
maintainUavblll board ;or advertising
slgn^lafgerithan flye 0 square "feet :ariyr
"where^ inithe" city south"of:Eagle*ave
'nue; has ib*ee"nj passed 'i by^thejcityJcouh?
cil. "All 'l owners Cot^ bill !; boards JwlthliT
the J prescribed i district^ and \u25a0* thel owners
of i property. '."on i : ? which "^bill \u25a0? boards sare
locatedtwlll ..' bejnotified : to y removej the
sarnefundei"; peimlty T of arrest."
Spend ":, your>; fourth \u25a0\u25a0:.\u25a0 o1o 1 .'^July , " vat..--.v at ..--. Del
Monte— fgolf/'.automobllingr vandal* sea
bathing.'- i Round ;trip: railway, rate.'i 54.^"
PALO;ALTO."July'2:^— The' "small ; boy
wlll\ run* rlot"^ iii X the^college Jtbwn i on
and ; nolsei producefs'lwil 1 \ be^handled^by,
young If America"^ withyexpreised*] intent'
to idSsturb*|the| peace; of Uhe f quiet %\inl"
jversityl suburb: r Af'fund to;provlde|a
display^ofJJ fireworks fforXi the^windup
and ":\u25a0; has^feceived?! the r iof | the
leading ; \u25a0merchants] and \u25a0 business meit?'
Into scrap Iron. tThe local - morning
freight, train was 'pulling on to a* sid
ing .; at ; : the 'Leslie salt ;,works, a short
distance from: San Mateo.'at .11 .o'clock,
when '"\u25a0- arriorthbcTund : gravel train ran
into the, switch and' telescoped the
local.; ; \u0084 : ."\u25a0". _ r \. \u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0.. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 :.._:. '\u25a0'*
The crew". of the ""\u25a0.' gravel -train real
ized V; the .danger tin -time to Jump \u25a0 and
escape.T ;The \u25a0 caboose "of the "'local
freight; was struck '\u25a0 by i the onrushing
engine and derailed with. the car ad
joining ' it. . .The third car .' was; struck
squarely,? and demolished. 7 The impact
completely dismantled: the engine of the
gravel train. : . : -
. r . Blame for the accident .has ,; not ; yet
been; fixed.,'; .. The place (where .the wreck
occurred ia~ c one "of constant - anxiety/ to
passing;' freight Screws,; accidents "hay-
Ing.^occurred : ; there recently.- with un
usual; frequency. ' ' : ?-:
Neiiice i O'Neil and Company
to; Be Supported by
Many "Supers" \u25a0
, BERKELEY, July '2.— The university
authorities" have virtually completed
preparations for the production of "in
gomar," to be given inHhe. Greek thea
ter on the night of July 4," when Nance
O'Nell.^Franklyn Underwood and a'com
pany : of 'players '\. will \ be -seen" in -the
classic drama.'-*'. -
-The action -of the play is laid in out
door^scenes in Greece. Thestagre. is to
be 'arranged with' tropical plants ] under,
the* supervision . of ;the .university 'gar
dener. Especial pains have been taken
with the costuming. of the drama, which
will r be" carried ;\u25a0 out .wlthTevery ; regard
for' beauty ; and * historical accuracy. ; A
large : body Sof ; students ' have, beep 'se
cured to fill ; the~mobs scenes of the play.
The] company*] supporting: Miss O'Neil 'is
one that has been ; especially, engaged
for this performance. "\u25a0\u25a0/; - - .'
..The" play .Itself is one :peculiarly
adapted-; to j- outdoor..: presentation,; and
'was; : indeed, ; • first made : famous by Mary
AndersonXlril outdoor. 1 presentations i? ln
Great ;Britaln.'/ v It is practically certain
that : the] weathefronUhe' fourth ;6f : July
will .-be -agreeable, Jand- arrangements
have been; made with' the streetcar com
pany whereby '"access" tojand departure
from the /"university: grounds v' will be
facilitated. :;;-,The; perf ormance Twill} be
gin^at- 8:15 / o'clock., -Visitors 'fronifSaif
Francisco should; take. the' 7:2o Berkeley
ferry f rom\ the foot of .Market streeti"--
Young Men in ':- Search "of Gold? to
Keep Memories -oi College
f•? v Days "Alive
I; 'BERKELET, July2.^-Out in the land
of Jack: rabbits. 7 and 'gold,"' sage ; brush
and :• faroUayouts,*; a,\ number, of ;Univer
sityVof California -.njen'have organized
a '! "varsity" V; club/ jwith -Tonopah t, as ; the
headquarters.*"^ Earl, Vi 1 : Daveler,'; piresi
dent. of Cth'e^class: of written
of *•' the to' college men
. hereof :\There~.were : 23 -'members • present
at i theY first c meeting,' held i a -few ' days
agbl';*',l Sunny> ;'Jim" -v Force, v: a> \u25a0 former
football. "captain, :J ls .'among,- the'grad
uateS' .whoi are organizing the-..:new
club.\'. r '\u25a0".'"-; '.-, . \u25a0 ?';' .'";\u25a0*' l-r" "''.'. '. '". -..::.. ;.
I . \u25a0 Officers ' are .to .be ' chosen •, soon arid a
'working; plan - provided. ; , The 'club ros
ter ,*" includes, the; following-: names:
i;E.>E. Carpenter. :.'0fl;" C. J Osgood. , '06-i E
Dodge;* '05 ; 1 3. i C.; Browne. -'0G :»W. - Russell." '98 ;
J.'-W. > »Gray.J.*os;tE.~J.sßnrges*,a.*o6: v. Back-?
U*o7: I C."'"Stuart.}'o7;: J. 1 Schwelt«er,'»*o7: R./reini>
reanz.".."o7; • R. King. Vo7:fJames.Force,'v'o7:.vH. i
i Voorhies."; '07;<.T.*JRerve»,'. '07; _TV*."« C. - Hant^r"
*>04 : j D.-* Lessender l* '06 ; : S. : Bimm. i ,'07 ; ; W v ilc
: Intosh;.''97:i J.'iCampbell.-'Ofl;; W. - V. Richard
i nira, 'Olj'EarlDaTeler.VOT.'.'- ' -
July Oakland
bank; of ; savings - five: contracts 1 to
daylfor.'the";completiohjof. the^newtslx
stofy^bui jding.; at ilTwelf th" c street : and
Broadway/^Contracts J" f 6 r,i thelj granite
and I stone Iwork * were : H let < to:* the -Ray
mbridS granite "company; forj 128,500 rand
for J the \ electrical > equipment 'jttofi-the
Century'lejectrlcali'co'nipa'riy^fof^ 55,949/
liFireprboflriglinUhe, .building Twill ?be
dbhe;byUne*Roebling:cohstruction com
• pahyifor^lSO^sO.lP.tJ.^Walkerjisitoifurl
nish ?all '\u25a0\u25a0* .the*' brick vandi' granite Jwork
f0r>|536.2503 Plumbing,^ gas j fitting /and
all*, piping j will ?be Jdone ;by the Robert
; DalzielfJr."'fcornpariy*for'f 19,878.' -— "-'
Paio 1 Robles [Hot ; Sprinafa
• On a Southern s Pacific « coast \u25a0• line,- mfd
,way I" between^ San 'i and Los
r Angeles.'t^ Excellent I hotel *: accommoda-'
tions-liSLatestfequipments; for remedial
uses [of ; mineral '.waters; r ~ .\u25a0'"". *-> : S&BS&M£Mi
Baggage Master Saves Mrs.
From Death
Under Wheels .
Bridal Party Drives Up in
Autos Just as- Cars
V Pull Out
, . SAN : MATEO, July ', 2.— Dragged f»T
yards by.. a, train* gathering headway at
every*, turn :^ of "the wheels 'and saved
from ; being , ground to pieces only by
the quick and fearless action of a clear
headed : baggage master, was the expe
rience of Mrs. Edwin H. Hyatt of San
Francisco last night when she attempt
ed to board a' south bound train at th«
outset of her honeymoon. ' Men shouted
and women screamed, whD« the groom,
a prominent businessman: of San Fran
cisco,; stood transfixed with horror, ex
pecting to .see his wife of an h^ur
ground to pieces/ Baggage Master; B»
Kllma 'took in the situation, and aa the
woman iwas : swept • past him by the
speeding train threw both arms about
heri and / her hold from the
stanchion. The I impact was so . great
that both 'were; rolled over and over In
the dust of the depot platform.
V The frightened friends helped the res
cued and the rescuer to their feet. By
the merest good fortune neither was
hurt, ibut both were badly disheveled.
The .weddtngr finery, of the bride was
sadly disarranged. The party made
much of KJlraa after the accident, which
occurred as j the evening: train for
San Jose was ; pulling but of -~e sta
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt and a num
ber of friends -who "were to see the
young >couple> on their way arrived In
automobiles just, as the signal' for a
start had been given. Mrs. Hyatt, who
Is an - athletic young woman, sprang
from the machine, with the groom close
at her heels. Grasping: the rods of the
moving, train the young woman at
tempted ' to swing- aboard. \u25a0 when her
footing failed and < she was left dang
ling. --Hyatt was too far in the rear to
act" in time, and the ' woman was swept
from * his reach in a' twinkling. ; and -It
was left for Kllma to pull her from the
precarious 'position in th« nick of time.
—.After ; much ruffled nerves and gown
were 'smoothed' out. by her friends Mrs.
Hyatt took the next train to San "Jose.
\u25a0Hyatt and his wife are well known in
San . Francisco; of which 'place they are
both residents. . Hyatt is a young busi
nessman, and the bride, formerly Miss
Alice S. Shanabrook, is the sister in law
of Attorney Rlx, at; whoso home the
wedding took place. " .
Society in CiKes
Across iKe Bay
. OAKLAND, July 2.— Mr. and Mrs
Lewis '.'-'Morrison*.-.' Cutting celebrated
their -golden >.w'edding. anniversary or
Monday of this week at the residence ol
theirj son, "Lewis Howland Cutting, -ir
Valdeis street. V.The affair took the fora
of ah "' elaborate wedding supper, i coven
being laid for a score of the relatives.
A 'half , century," ago ;MIBS Katherlne
Sophia Howland left her home in Ver
mont to meet her lover, Lewis Morrison
Cutting, who had ' preceded ' her «\u25a0_" and
established { himself in ' business . an this
coast. They were married in San Fran
cisco Immediately upon "her arrival.
Cutting was born in Lowell. Mass. For
the past 50 years he has been engaged
in, real estate and insuranca business In
'Their, four "children. Lewis Howland
Cutting. Mrs. Frank A:. Stewart. Francis
Cutting, .with 'their .families,- and Misa
Marie* Cutting of Stockton, were pres
ent at the celebration. : Mr. and Mrs.
Cutting are . spending the summer' in
San Francisco/
~ \u25a0„-.-. " • « • - . •
- jMrs. Susan L. Mills, -the "beloved
founder : and' president of Mills \u25a0 college.
Is spending her summer in the Hawai
ian . Islands.*, where she is ' being -"exten
sively, entertained by her former, pupils
and" friends. /.Word comes of fan elab
orate: reception given" Ini her honor by
the • trustees .of . Oahu -' college, with
which she was identified 10 years ago.
In the "receiving" party.- were Professor
and Mrs. Alexander. Judge and Mrs.
Dole. and>Presldent "and Mrs. Griffiths.
The gisests Included former students ot
the college,- many; of ' whom, are \u25a0 prom
inent! in the Industrial and political 'life
of the islands. Responses were made
during' >>the^ evening <by : W; R. J Castle.
Judge Dole* and ; Mrs. ' Mills,* who- spoke
of sPunahou when she. was a teacher
\u25a0• , • \u25a0 • s ' • -•_
Mr. and Mrs. "nrilliamMoller. Miss
Gertrude Moller and Mies Eleanor Mol
ler returned .this week to their home. ln
Prospect,; avenue ;. after/ an .'extended
tour ; the .north and Alaska. Later
in : the, week the * family j.will - leave : for
the I southern • part of ' the state, ; where
the" summer. wilL : be spent. '.
>. Mrs.'/ James \ 8. , Hume. J president , of
Ebell,\with ; her ; sister," who, is \u25a0 a visitor
In-< California^ from "the east, '\u25a0-'- are at
Shasta»for. the "July "days.
' \u25a0 \u25a0. .\u25a0 : .-• j'y • -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0* • • \u25a0'- : .
- Interesting, accounts «ome X.Q ' her
friends in" 'Oakland of the,^delightful
trip )Mlss Henrietta* Simpson -ia t enjoy -
ing;' : on the ;i continent. :\u25a0\u25a0{! She/ has just
completed a 7 tourj»«f =/ Spain. ."\u25a0/ After . a
trip. on the Mediterranean she was Ex
pecting'to go ; to\Venice for; a short stay.
Mlbsi Simpson; ls a": sister- of Mrs. T. L.
Barker of :this""cUy.": .
.* . ~;i": ' \u25a0-.- ''•.\u25a0-".\u25a0• : - j ":•'\u25a0
>/ A marriage .'of interest to many in the
bay '"cities "was ,- celebrated on"". Mon
day 3 at .;the -home "of : the bride in
Portland, f Orel;,'; when [Captain •M.
'Hunter --'claimed 'Miss ':„- Alice"- Hought
as^'hls-^.wife.W . "After a tour- of
British ~"Columbia\: and the north
Captain m and r j Mrs." Hunter will come' to
Oakland I ; to } reside -permanently. 'ij^SH
\ *The a bride - is'Csaid ; to j be ) an > accom
plished]'andjCharmingf.woman. ~. Hunter
is'jWell : known. in'advertising 'and news
paper'"circles^; He" is In 'charget.of -Wang
Hb.i'the I Chinese /war?; junk.Xwhich . was
brought^? over - from .China >\u25a0 several
months ago for exhibition .purposes.
\u25a0; ->:'<- .."-..-_\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0*\u25a0• »'•\u25a0• "• ':'\ ";•'
, Miss Ann , Brown, \u25a0; Mis's"- Susan - Culver
and Miss Mamie Sutherland' made up a
congenial 1 party 3 that -la k spending the
summer.in \u25a0 Lake| county. :' They^ left
Oakland Con' Monday." _; Miss = Matilda
Brownl will' join; them' iiT a" week's time,
. \u25a0/ -. :i :>: > \u25a0\u25a0 ,";«>.- ', • •_,-\u25a0 » -- \u25a0. — j. \u25a0 .
, Dr.. and Mrs. .Erwin IBrinkerhofl
haye;;taken ; one ithe^attractive cot
tages: at .i Ben - Lomond ; for. 5 tne \ summer.
Captain* and fMrs.'(Ciose,; Mrs. ? Brinker
hofTs 5 parents. I . have r been s, their> guests
recently *but have returned*. to Oakland.
Dr. s .".Brinkerlibff"\wiir' divide"; his* time
between- the city "and Ben Lomond.' •" :\u25a0
\ Mrs. John tßeckwith and Miss Helen
Alleged Assailant of Mrs,
Wdpe Claims He Can J
Prove Alibi /M
AJjAJOETDA. July. I— -Ttva eoaMtttWa
of Mz«. F. VTtdx* of Utvmrmov; n pos
whom a brutal attack weui made "last
"Wednesday alghtas sh* wiu retarnln*
borne alone In a road cart, was re
garded as nrach tajvroved today,
though she Is still under tfca care of a
physician and -Is guff artng mentally
from the effects ot the «ho<dr.
\u25a0 Tha fiend Whs drags«d Mn."W«ls«
rrom the oart first thrrr dust In h«r
eyes to ; blind her and It wma fear«d
she would lose her syectg&t. but It is
now thought aha will r«gain her
vlaion. -"
Fred Mll««. & blaeksmltii. discharged
from tha ranch by Mrs. Walpe's hus
band oa the day the crime was com
mitted, is In th« county Jail charged,
with the crime- H© wa» arrested in
San Francisco by X>ej>uty Sheriff Ed
ward M. Sween«y on a warrant sworn
©« by Welpe. Mtlea claims he will b*
able to prove that ha -jraa in San Fran*
Cisco at the time of the attack.
BERKEI*EY. July 2.— J. C RUey.*»
; clerk.. of 1040 Alcatraz avenue walked
in his sleep. last night and clambered
through a window In his bedroom^ th«
glass cutting: an artery In his leg as ha
fell to the ground. He was treated by
physicians In his room and will recover.
Professor Otto Fick has- come to this
country from Germany" to .give qs a
point or two about solving the problem
of city 'living for people of moderate*
means. He would have New Tprk In
troduce fiats conducted on the. cd-oper
atlve plaji, such as he' has been instru
mental in establishing in this city and
Stockholm. His ideal co-operative , Cat
would be not less than five storles.high
and to contain not less than 25 Jarni
lies. Most of the flats he would havn
three, room affairs, all |he cooking to
.be done in a big central kitchen. Ho
would have the company owning tics
building keep a corps of servants to
supply all' the service required by tha
tenants.. Meals wo>uld be sent to each,
family by a dumb waiter. He 'would
have th» required capital provided by
the subscription of the tenants to a
certain amount of .the company's stock
—about as much as , the rent would
amount to.- In each., building he would
have a kindergarten #1 which children
may be left while the parents go out.
Professor Frick claims that under this
plan the jcost Of living can be made 20
"per cent lower than at present."—
Springfield, Mass., Republican.
Beckwrtfi are spending the summer .
months at Redlands. They will , visit !
all of the places of interest in tha
southern part of the state before re
turning home.
fffiß*BßwiH( • • •
Among the . Oaklanders who har *
been enjoying the early summer Is tha
south . are Mrs. Van Slyck and Miss
Helen Van Slyck. who are in. Los Ange
les, the guest of friends.'
Feed Baby's Furnace ;
**Th» iafapt. 10» all amaQ antnja?*.
has a larsr* extent of surface in propor-
tion to If* bulk; tlms It tends to lose
beat rapidly and requires aa abundant -- •
•npply of the chief body fuel— fat. It
. the different ( food) feijredienrs be not sop>
. plied in due proportion, disorder of
bealtb Inevitably (oQows."
< So says Dr. Hhtehia&m of the Londoa .<>
Hospital— * world-wide authority. L
* : He shows, ta- his book about infant t
foods, that most of them contain too little ;
fat—which should ierve as feel for pro- '\u25a0
tection against catarrh of lungs and • "
bowels, keeping baby ctwy and rosy. \ •
. There -most not be too much fat, or
dlazrhcea wflJ resnlL c • ' *\u25a0 %
'. Mother's milk is the perfectly balanced !
baby food.. . V. ,"
Next best— nearest like mother's— !• •"
Sanipure Milk. . The formula is oa etei ? ;
can. Onr valuable booklet, "Baby*» Pirsti
Days" tells all about it. c,
Bmy it from Druggist
• . or Croctr — TODA V °
A Day's Time Means Mock to Baby.
I! your dealers havea't Saafpnrs Mfli. send as ; .
their names and we win send you fee*, a » aaj .
pie can and ocr booklet. "Baby's First Days." "
I^-^"^^S»jD&^£^^Oov*fi«^*^ --^T^*****ffrTp~ \u25a0mZmii"^""'
The ConneUey Liquor Cure j
Has restored many a bright mind— made dn !l
and sodden from tbe «Cect9 ot liquor— to It* '
former actrrlty " and terror. Effects *. p*r- t
manen: core la. three weeks. Write for tw- ,
tlmcniaU ' and » lbt of references. , All eor-
respondrace coaACe a rial. '
.34th aod .Telesrapb aV., Oakland,' CaL'
<Or߻nUed 19O2) '
. PROMOTION: "Tbe -' act of pcemotlna:; ."• a*.' '
raacement; ENCOCRAGEMXNT.— Centxuy Die- "
- The California • Promotion commltt** ' its ' tot '
its object tne PROMOTING of California m 1 •
w^ ( -*nHMM|
It has not hing to wIL
'Its eaerzies are dsvoud to fovtorlßK all thlozs *
that haxe the ADVANCEMENT ot California a* \u25a0
th*ir, object. '^^QMWKSV«SiaBBaMB9MwM| m
".' It. yl-res. reliable. lnformatJoa on erery cabj««t
connected with the Industrie* at California. >
It gIres; ENCOURAGEMENT to th« esubllah- ;
ment . of - new " ladua tr*n and . la tlte* ; deatrmUe .
lmmlrraHon. j 39MHMplM0BHMPBMP^M M
It i» not a a employment aroacj. althwj^ii It ;
givts lntonnation resardlotr labor . condition*.
x It 'presents the opportunities and needs la all {
fields of , business and profeaalonal actlvltr.
, The committee " Is , supported by . popular rab- \
acrlptlon : and makes no charge for anjr - serrlc* '
reniierM. nBBHMMtMnwIIIMn '
Affiliated • with the commttte* «re 160 coo- :
merclal \u25a0» organizations of the state, ' wita \u25a0 a !
membership of over 20.C00. . -€VBIOWW*bM IS
Meetinsi are held semiannual!? .In ' different '\u25a0
parw of California, where matters of state la- !
tereats are <U«<n»s«d.IjBnBPWHHMBN>IV>IV*I IS
: .. Headquarters of the committee ar? mamtahxri ,
b) , San Francisco In California bnUJlnc Uaic* f
Square. - BBBH*9*BHBBBB9*SBK

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