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Wonderful Redwood canyon is at last
made accessible by a railroad. The new
line and what it means is the subject of
an illustrated article in
The Sunday Call;
Strike Conference Between Labor Men and Calhoun Comes to Naught
Boost of Harriman Costs Devol the Quartermaster Generalship
Aims to Control Republican
Convention and Name
the Mayor ,\
Scheme Is to Have Repre
sentation Based on Vote
. Before the Fire
Vigorous Opposition, Led by
Ryan, to Be Made in
By George A.. Van Smith
W. F. Henin, master politician
of the Harriman coast machine,
will endeavor to control the nomi
nation of the republican candidate
for mayor of San Francisco by
means of colonized delegates from
the burned districts. Incidentally
surface signs are that Herrin's
endeavors .will be crowned with
flattering success.
In the interest of fair play the
bricks "and -citoites **oFrSie^lo * dis
tricts burned wholly or in- part
are to be represented by 51 dele
gates in a convention of 143 dele
gates, charged with the nomina
tion of the republican municipal
The edict has gone forth. The
republican apportionment ' Is to be
made \u25a0pn the basis of one delegate for,
, <?a'ch 200 votes polled by Partridge two
years ago Instead of on any computa
tion of the votes polled for Gillett last
. .
:. It looks queer at first blush, but as
symes the dignity of a real political
philanthropy when It Is explained as a
jncyement In the Interest of the rank
a-nd file of the party. This charity is
"to be perpetrated at a meeting of the
republican city and county committee
bn v next Monday night, at Jefferson
Square hall. By way of expressing
their appreciation of what Is to be done
for them, the rank and file republicans
"will enter vigorous protest through
.their regularly and self-constituted
champions on the committee roster.
The pronouncement of the late" Eu
gene E. Schroitz, whose number has not
/yet been assigned him, smacks not half
so deliciously of subtle humor as do«M
the republican machine's solicitude .f or
•the downtrodden, common garden va
riety rank and file of the grand old par
' ty. Just to Insure the men with the
\u25a0 -votes a fair run for their , money the
machine proposes to relieve them of
Any worry about selecting the munici
pal ticket.
'. By close adherence to the machine
, program ths nominations can be very
-comfortably made by carefully selected
.delegates representing 10.200 votes that
do not exist In the burned districts, and
'later on the republican with the ballot
-.'will be called upon to do nothing mor«
"than ratify the good work.
• " There will be a fight when the com
mittee meets on Monday. The Inside
organization wiU probably win. The
.opposition is not prepared to show the
contrary by, anything like conclusive
evidence, but Its leaders insist that if
they are defeated they will drive 'the
IlerrJn machine into' the open, where
• it V.-IU be a spectacle most unpleasing.
Chairman W. H. Davis of the central
• .committee claims that if the republi
cans of San Francisco are to have fair,
play they must have a delegate conven
tion of 143 members, 68 of whom must
come from the burned districts. The op
" position, led by Daniel A. Ryan,. lnsists
that if all the republicans of San Fran
cisco are to have fair play the correct
apportionment of 1 for 200 votes would
/result in a convention strength of^63,^
with a total of 17 from the burned dis
There is a difference that only, the
philanthropic character of the machine
program could make tenable. In the
interest of the downtrodden rank and
file republican, the machine" apportion-"
ment provides for 11 delegates from
the forty-second district, which 'last
fall polled the splendid .total, of £52
votes of ail colors, parties and . kinds.
Contlaacd on I'age 4, Colojnaj a
The San Francisco Call.
telephone: tem poraby ss
THURSDAY. , JULY 4, 1907.
; . YESTERDAY— CIear; maximum " temperature,
I 66; minimum, '54. "**•- '.-'•
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; fresh Vest
wind. — . " Tag* 11
Have THE CALL mailed to your
VACATION address. Change the
address as often as you* wish.
If paper fails to arrive regularly,
and on time advise The Call's Cir
culation Department promptly.
.;.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - " .\u25a0 \u25a0 . : . • <» •\u25a0
An Impudent knare. P»«e 8
Disappointed brigadier*. ' Paare 8
From bay to silk stocking*. Paffj 8
To keep the peace." Page- 8
I-arrjer Oweßs, who obtained immunity'- for
boodlln? suprrrlsore, threatens to sue all but
Box ten for $100 fee that each promised. Page 2
IniSicted United Railroads officials hold . In
reserre the p>a that under- the terms vt the
original franchises the trolley permit w«« un
necessary and that the bribery of the [ super
! Tlsors was therefore not a crime. Page 1
Francis J. Hen*j facetiouslj suggests a mo
nldpal ticket to be beaded by rup>ne K.
Sclimitz. - Paje 1
Schmltx appears la Jadge / Dunne' i^/wirt In
high spirit to plead to bribery Indictment*,' bnt
postponement is cra&ted to Tnesday. Face 2
striicje: situation . W^\ :^Hi
Labor leaders bold a second conference . with
Calhoun, but all efforts to end car strike fail
utterly. P«*« 1
CITY . , • - '
Many delesatei will attend conTention of
Tcun« :. Ladies' lastltuteV' In Stoclton - next
week.- .\u25a0-;, .- -. \u25a0 \u25a0 •-••:-•• .; - \u25a0 TtflS
Bos* ' Herrla " ploying to control republlcaa
municl^-ial " cosTentlon* and name " mayor •. by ' a
burned - district stuf Sag scheme. fi Pa»«_' X
-''Julius Kmttschnitt, " director of maintenance
and operation of the Harridan lin«>s, arrires in
City on iuspectlon tour and declares that be
has nerer found California so prosperous * be
fore. ' - "***+_}*,
Auto party; foils v attempt to wreck Southern
Pacific express at Laurel creek ; crossing by
placing, heary timber across track. . P«cr« 18
D»Tld Samuels, prominent In commercial * cir
cles, ; flies after " long Illness. \. ,; _ . . Pago 3
Police work on . theory .-that wound . on ? hand
of alleged * burglar, . William Burke, was caused
by shot fired by policeman. * , Pag* 16
Daughter's - suit for dlrorco; rereali \u25a0 for^ first
time ' to friends of James P.. Dunne the fact
that be has been married for 28 years. Page W
In the death of Mrs. Matson, who .wore male
attire, derelops a ' remarkable story f * In which
Is lnrolred* - Miss Helen Falrweather, a ' local
teacher. '. ' p ** c 16
Major Derol loses ,hlfh' post of " quartermaster
general because Ha rri man j tried to { boost him to
president. '.. " "" -\ '\u25a0\u25a0\u0084\u25a0 - pi * 88 _ l
Comely Chinese gltl see kg annulment of mar
riage performed in China to secure admission to
this I country. :'»• ' Page 10
Her.' G. H. - Wilidns,- who hes been conducting
a lirely campaign against liquor traffic in * West
Berkeley, . finds strong opposition to his work
among members ' of ' flock. \u25a0 iJ ' '. ' Pag» 10
' Oakland street superintendent to forcibly tear
out connections with ' a city : sewer -made by
owners of tract., * . "-Page 10
District Attorney Brown of Alameda county
finds much', laxity in • allowance 'of , expense ac-'
counts ! of .officials ' . and ' applies pruning . shears
energetically.' - \u0084 Page 10
Berkeley's S 100,000 city . hall will be erected
at' once .at Allston "way, : and Grore
street. ' ' v *.'v Page 10
-WatsocTille's f oar ds ys* fiesta wQI be opened
this morning . and all . Pajaro ralleyites " are [to
attend.-. [ \- • : • ."'_. : ""'.'-'.:"";' *\u25a0«•..*
Break ; in ; Bnena \ Vista - lere* floods 1 miles '\u25a0; of
rich ranch lands and ;' threatens Taluable - prop
ertj.:'" "..•'" :\u25a0 . \u25a0„ \u25a0.' '•«• 4
DOMESTIC ' \u0084
Depcty marshal - finds John -D. Bockef tiler,
head of th« Standard oil eompaay, and . terres
him 'with a cubpena iiroed by Jodge Landls of
Chicago. - Pag* 1
Moyer to take the stand tn the Boise trial
tomorrow, and Hay wood will follow him. Pag* 3
- Relsull, ' Moroccan bandit leader, captures Gen
eral - Sir -Henry Mac Lean, commander \u25a0 of - snl- I
tan's - bodyguard., _ , Pag* 8
:' ' Hague '. peace coof erenee delegates ' discuss pro
posed. changes : Jn , the rules of j war. \u0084 , Pag* 4
sports ;f
Amateur \ reinsmen . to \u25a0 meet -on Golden -Gate
park speedway; today. Pa»*.7
Freeth of Hawaii,* , the famous - aurf . rider,
coming to' the -"-States to gire * ' exhlbi- 1
tiocs. .'."\u25a0 '\u25a0-.v \u25a0 ::. " \u25a0 '. ' ..'.' < Pag* 6
bettors profit , hearily \u25a0 by rictorles -of
Orchan and : Badabek atj Seattle." | Pag v7. !
Only - Are pbista .separate . Chicago and i Clere-'
land in the American league race." - Pag*' 6
. San Francisco and - Los Angeles - win ; coast
league baseball games, ' the ; former ' scoring over
Oakland in the thirteenth Inning. Page 6
Challenge . matches ; for state tennis : champion
ships . will be played ' on ; the \ Golden : Gate park
courts today.' .; « "~' t : . ' \u25a0• •. • Page's
Prof. B. E. Allardice ': of ' Stanford wins ; the
Del Monte, golf ; cup: ," \u25a0/> ... Pag*. 7
.:. Bill " Squires ; and Tommy ; Burns will ; flgbt \u25a0 for
the hi«Ty weight : , • championship V today *'; at
Colm*.f,: /' . . "~ ' : ' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0y-• ; \u25a0 ' \u25a0".'\u25a0-• \u25a0* _ v pa^'e y
"^ Three \u25a0 automobiles ', tie ; for; first t honors in . the
endurance run to Del Monte. ' ' Page 6
Members - ot ; electrical t workersV union . HoJ* 151
f ormi new.: local \ and \u25a0 elect .officers.' .• ''-.- "t- Peg* P
\u25a0 Ixmgsbore ? lumbermen - donate - $1,000 i to , aid
unions on f striW. \u25a0 Page- 8
MARINE '/ ' •' \u25a0"'->'^;
Sherman at'; transport .wharf ; gets into wlrelesa
commnnlcation -with" the Tatoosh." station, fSOO
milw'awajv, „ ' "' Page 11
MIIVIXG -v HHsi^B^''*.'------.''--;
:' Goldfleld .Consolidated'; shares cell at.SS In New,
York and^ local - asking; price is $7.95. . Pag* ils
social ;"j ';;-/-;\u25a0 ; "\u25a0• "' " '\u25a0\u25a0:
t Society," f olk 7of *. this f city ? enjoy outinss ,ut
joonßUla \u25a0 ~u4 l auitat * raerta, - : ; _'_ ' fut ', • j
On the right of the photographs published', below isc a portrait^ of. Major Devol, who was slated > for:, the
position of quartermaster. general, and^on the left is a picture of E: H.] Harriman; :v>hose support "of : Devcl
caused President Roosevelt to; sidetracks the' army ) officer. ; -. , : . , . .7 ,'
Rockefeller Is
Found on His
Taoonic Farm
Served: "With Order
to Testify in ||j
•OilGase. v
PITTSFIELD,- Mass., ( July ; 3.-f Af terj a
search lasting .-nearly two. \u25a0 weeks,^ In
which -.representatives jOf" the/ United
States marshals" of Chicago, Cleveland,
New York arid - Boston ,'have '"-, been \u25a0 en-.
deavoring to serve .' John D.. Rockefeller,
head of the > Standard -oiK company, a
s'ubperia- 'Issued* by /Judge Landls of | the
federal .court of. Chicago, Rockefeller
was located in'thistclty, today and per
sonal service made upon him.; by JDeputy.
United States Marshal ' Charles L.'Frarik
of North Adams. - * '
After accepting^ service r Rockefeller,
explained that hVhad 'riot' been endeaV;
oring'to dodge service, but that he did
not , know, exactly "What was - wanted . of
him.-. *\u25a0_' -.-\u25a0';•*.. "'...- \u25a0'. J'/-"*.V '.'
:. .Early In the V-^day^Deputy; Marshals
Frank and - James ' »Ru hi, : the latter of
the Boston ? offlce,\vletlted .Taconlc • farm,
but E. ParmaJee Prentice told them, that
his" taJthw in- law vra» ; not '> there. The
officers \u25a0 professed { to».b«\ satisfied with
tfai* statement ' arid departed, . remarking
I that * they had no search warrarit 'wlilch '\u25a0
would permit 'them; to-' go ; through the
house. . \u25a0';'\u25a0•'.\u25a0 •';• ;\u25a0 ;'\u25a0 ' ";\u25a0' ] ''" ' i-.^""' .s' '\u25a0')'. ,.
\u25a0I , Deputy,' Ruhl .boarded ; , the, train tor
Boston and • Deputy Frank went to ? his*
home In North Adams, about 25 mfles
from this* city. > Later". Deputy Frank
decided to pay another -visit . to^.the.
farm/ and he '; returned .to Pittsfield arid
secretly drove out \u25a0 there in the after
noon. He proceeded through 1 the wood
ed driveway • into - the open / space in
front of the house and. recognized
Rockefeller; sitting on -the piazza.- .-'The
deputy : passed , the '-subpena to , the ; oil'
man," explaining- at the same time '.that
Rockefeller's ; presence 'in the ; federal
court at Chicago Jon -July, 6 was : needed.'
\u25a0 Rockefeller! accepted: service with, a |
sriiile, shook hands with the deputy and'
pleasure at meeting '\u25a0 him. 1 r Her I
Invited .the y- officer.' to \ sit son '.the • piazza j
and rest, which invitation -was' accepted. •. j
Rockefeller- chatted' for a few moriients, I
saying that l^ \h'e :had not vlnterid6dj to"!
evade the . : officer, i but r that <he \ noV j
know exactly „ what a was;deslred of'hixn/
He referred '• to. the", newspaper; stories
that have been : . printed -about hinv re- j
cently and ridiculed % the idea that- he j
had ibeenV surrounded ; by, armed . guards
or\ that the -.Taconlc jf arm v estate had
been 'equipped '.wlth'^a searchlight." ~' : '• ':'
j As , tho officer {was ', Icavi rig , the \ house
RockefeilerVagairi^shook^'hands'/' with' l
hlni, said; heLwas. glad to have^met hini ;
arid i added :,T 4 lf you - are 'ever * near my j
horne • l i hopeiyou 1 will ;come i'and" call on* I
m^'* : \u25a0'•". : . '; ' l' : /"' ."* }..*.- J
; .; : It : is thought that T Rockefellerjwas
advised - afte'rlt^mornin^^^il^mSa
«2ontlnu«A o» Fas* Calunj**;
for QfafSficicet
A'^J'ALOX,;, Jniy. 3.— Frandai, J.:
' Hene y, ; T»-hen approached ' on \u25a0
i. . the aub J ect of j .,.' Eu »enc j-E. \u25a0'
- Schmltx - ngraln becoming a
candidate ' for . mayor of . Sam Fran
clsco, nald today t '
, "I am'nt Cataliaa for a much
. needed rest ',«nir have nothing: "to"
\u25a0' say : an to Schmitz - again attempt
. Ing^ to , run ' In , San Franclnoo I
.- -vvonld, bOTrever, sturgreat a . ticket •
. if i Schmltx t i la •to head It. With
these ' people In \u25a0 office - there rvoulil ,
' "be no occasion for. farther. bribery, .
: for everybody, would set what he ;'
.Trantcd. Such a ticket might read :
/For/' mayor, t. Eugene E.\ Schniitx } '\u25a0
. for Bupenrlnors— Patrick CalLoiin,.
?:Thornwell , Mnllally . nnd "UIHIam
"Abbott I of 'the -United ':\u25a0' RallroadM,
;\u25a0: I^oals Glass - and -T. V. HalaeV of i
i, the * Paclllc States • telephone com- -
, ptimr,:A* T. Det-w-eller of the Home
-telephone company, i T. . \u25a0 E. ; « Jreen '
G; a il. jambsen of the Parkslde {
realty 'company, James Coffrcith, j
: Eddie |-> Graney,. Morris: Levy/; and *
'" Wlllnsßrltt of the tteht truatrfor
.-f district . Tlrey '* L. ; Ford ; *
'. i for -, city .'and -.'county ' attorney, W. ,
; S. Brobeck.,. . / ', \u25a0-'- -;\u25a0' •.'.,'- \u0084-ii./- i
' "That, I : Imngrine, would \u25a0 \u25a0 hold t
: Son'Fwmclaeo^for; a while," "said ?
'. the aMlrtan t district attorney •in \u25a0
' comelnßlon.. *.-. ;\u25a0• .- .;-..-. "V ,"
If wwars r disclosed - yesterday s that the
\u25a0United I Railroads ; has { in . reservation ! ~. a
unique : defense I for ;.' the bribery of \u25a0 the
supervlso'rii i which \u25a0it Intended ;TO • keep
inTthe; background and spring asa'sur
prise;-at'-^ the ' } psychological ' moment."
This defense .will" set ; up the .claim that
the^original^franchises granted 'to' the
Market [stfeet" company. land • other local
street* railway/companies in ;the?sevenr*
ties, 1 - which'; later^ passed^ in to" possession
of ,the^ VJnlted ;, Rallroads,\were Vof 'such a
nature ,\u25a0 that r It;. was r " not necessary ;' for.
the" corporation :toCs*cure : an additiorial
permit^'toijtrariaformHts.: lines into the
overhead f trolley; system.^ Asja; coral
laryjittwili • bet urged ' that If the • perm It
had ] no, standing, in , law, the :payment : or
riioriey , to secure it could not • have ;l>een
"bribery."''- ;'\u25a0\u25a0,";: 'C ; -:'; . ' . -\ }/: }/'\, \u25a0 -.
"';" : " While -the}: attofri'eys 'uwho"~ have
v'estigated s,the a matter , for the ; corpora"-,
,tion willi ; bring forward a. long, list of
decisions,'; which; they ;'.; claim V will sup
portvthcir contention, 'the \u25a0 graft Vprose'r
cutorsfsay; that \whileVthViriewf plea" ij
f i»iiMßnia»h—'*.if =»-\u25a0»\u25a0-\u25a0•*—» ».\u25a0-«*\u25a0\u25a0'"»'\u25a0 --—\u25a0>-' —'- \u25a0-\u25a0 •- ' \u0084v:—- \u25a0;;\u25a0!-\u25a0'
Interesting, ttheyi are : prepared .to I show
•* wu"^ "lu 1 '»— jiJi,i«i»»«*TM*wirJC»b»awaifcK»<V »>v* or, -.-»-..--;
that 1 -!! ; is ;a; specious \u25a0 argument.;'; \u0084 \ ; >,-
V-SJ According ito ;those & whb,j have :- gath
eredi data- on ! ; the j-«ubjecti the J original
. franchises fJ 1 granted*;- to <:' the - .Market
;-\u25a0.-\u25a0», *i;» -.-: \u25a0 '\u25a0 >..--\u25a0•- "-'\u25a0\u25a0--'\u25a0! <»\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--'.•\u25a0•.\u25a0-\u25a0 ~'..'t. \u25a0•-\u25a0;\u25a0• :-«.-»— \u25a0* --
street ; and; \u25a0 others companies ;.* provided
' CmfIMHH 9*¥asp : J^ColaHaa^ \u25a0
|; ;\u25a0'^ictirirof .-Ire:
i of President
£ight::ls Shed on
Appointment of
; AlesKire.
H No army appointment. since the
famous boost of' General Leonard
Wood "has created r /siich i a sensa
tion in military circles, from the
Atlantic 4o J the - Pacific, as that of
Major -James : v-B; -Aleshire to be
quartermaster general, after it had
become ;'"i common knowledge that
\u25baMaj or*- Carroll A. Devql Syas to
have the > place. DeVol was lo-
v cated 'at; Sari Francisco as head of
the '\u25a0(transport, service . for . nearly
fivejyears,- and" while here became
a- close \u25a0 friend of Y E.- H: Harriman.
It -^was /the^recommendation ' *of
i Harrima.n' ; tha.t r indiiced''President
Roosevelt nto/order ; V the ; place re
served v for*: Deyol/^but" with the
fall r/ot /Harrinian.'.' from": presidential
grace ' the ,bhances" of Devol -were com
pletely] shattered. > .'':[ ..-\u25a0-
.^lt' had* been •planned 'that'lupon; the
retirement \ot 'Quartermaster. Charles
F. f | Humphrey^ iDeyoUtraa itoTstep/ in, 1 but
with '''\u25a0-_ the ."- premature V withdrawal , of
Humphrey,; , fro"m .. active .v service :thls
.week,'. Aleshire -has.been- promoted over
15 1 of ; his '\u25a0 superiors 5 and > given ; what |is
regarded. as','one;of the 1 biggest | plums
in, the service,' , -,' . '-\u25a0* " ..-'
? Devol's • services - in San Francisco
won* the 'consistent praise -of \u25a0 the- Wash
ington, '.eliciting-: enthus-.
' iastic encomiums at the . time of .the • fire
and u earthquake, when he ,' showed a
genius' 'for > handling- the; involved situ
ation. Harriman : had^ had. occasion fre
quently to observe ilDevol's -work, and
he :,"': was <- so \u25a0 ; struck \ with - the , masterly
mannerVin- which • he : distributed ; food
supplies: here ih^the days ifollowing the
flre;thathV called President Roosevelt's
attention-. to , the^ officer . and .urged- that
duefappreclation^be' shown" by : the 'gov
ernment. V: % \u25a0\u25a0'.'.* V 1V 1 '_'.- .. ' /\u25a0- .-.-: ;
" ; : AtiUhaC \u25a0 time .^llarrl man arid- /the
president- were, on : intimate 'terms' and
all (their icorrespondenceihadbeenTof a
friendly, nature?'* The' president .was-ini-'
'pressed[with-Harriman f sJrecoinm'erida-'
:tion'!and,^ according: •to* o those •familiar
'with" military.' poll tics,; it ; was '^arranged
[thatj- Deyol ; ' should succeed Humphrey
asYQuartormastor';Beneral. ; ,- * - t*»
\ ;-T hen \u25a0\u25a0'came ;the -rupture 'between the
president and;the railroad magnate. The
president * denounced* Harriman sand; po-.
: litelyjcalled}himva>liar." The president
lni looking.over, his correspondence swith ;
"Ha^r^m^'f^Stefact^M'fifie^letterß '.corn-":
COAUOltfll «S FSMS 4t &815H5.1
Hundreds of people. are making collec
tions of the fare photographs of old San
Francisco. The third installment of the
remarkable pictures in
The Sunday pall
Union Leaders Propose
Arbitration, but Company
Makes Positive Refusal
Committee Admits Walkout Was Wrong-
but Says Error Shall Not Be Used :
to Crush Organized- Labor
/: All hope of ending the. car strike was abandoned by the ways
and- means •; committee of the city's unions yesterday after it harl
held a second v conference with President Calhoun of the Unired
Railroads. The members of the committee pleaded for, concessions,
but they pleaded to a deaf ear and became convinced that their
effort was entirely hopeless.
Chairman P. H. McCarthy fyade the startling admission that
after -investigating the circumstances leading up to the strike the
committee had : concluded that the strike was .wrong. "It was not
justified," he said : ; frankly.
; Andrew Furuseth, O. A. Tveitmoe, Michael Casey, George H.
Bell and W. P. McCabe, the. other members of the committee, also
admitted that the strike was not just. "But wrongs were com
mitted on. both sides," they pleaded. "We have come to right
them." - • .
Their proposition, which was the result of three days' work,
was submitted to Calhoun, Hibbs and Thomwell Mullally of the
railroad company. ' It contained three stipulations, each one - of
which \yas turned .down by Calhoun. First, the members of the
committee asked that alHthe union men be put back to work on the"
cars; second, that^the question of hours and wages be submitted
t6j arbitration; third, that the carmen's union be recognized.
> -To the first proposal Calhoun answered in effect that he would
put union men to work if they, applied individually at the office of
his ~ company"; andi if he needed men. He'refused to discharge any of
his present employes/ iTo' the' second he" repjied tjiat the questions
at\ issue \h ad once \u25a0.been; submitted to arbitration and- that he could
see no reason for any arbitration. To. the third his answer was that
he would^neycr-agam deal with the carmen's union or sign agree;
The labor- leaders. urged that Calhoun could not, afford to "wash
His hands of ;the union." The situation is too grave," they argued.
"For the benefit of 'yourself, your company and the city in general
you listen to us."
Endless trouble and business failures were suggested. Vio^
lence at the hands of men that could not be controlled was ment
ioned, arid finally the duty that Calhoun owed to the city was
It was all in vain. Calhoun would not yield. IPS!
"I -will 'never recede from, my present position," the president
said. ;'"I never courted a fight- in my life and I never have run
away. This fight isrnbt of my making; you started it, arid you
alone 'will be responsible for. the result." . L
\u25a0f "Then you will have a fight With organized labor — a fight to a
finish," said McCarthy. H3H
"You gentlemen admit that the car strike should not have
been -called. Your position in sustaining it will be untenable," re
plied Calhoun. /'lf it were wrong to call the strike it; is wrong
to support it. Your duty is to repudiate the action of the officials
of the carmen's union.
~'We:have reprimanded the officials of division 205," was Mcv
CarthyV answer. "We cannot and will not jeopardize the future of
unionism in this city by. surrendering unconditionally. This strike
must be settled in, the interests of- justice, and equity. I represent
organized labor, and I don't care ad- — -n who knows it." ;
And; so the meeting broke up. The delegates from organized
labor returned; to the labor temple. to. plan a more vigorous fight
and prepare statements for the press. BH
Boti sides to the controversy denied yesterday that the res
ignation of "Cornelius of the carmen's union was the subject : of dis
cussion.. .The .only, suggestion of his connection with the strike
was: the assertion "of the members of the ways and means committee
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