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For The Gall's Index
of News of the Day
See Page 7, Column 1
Squires Goes Out in the First Round
Burns Shows Up Australian "Mystery" in Quick Time
The Call said on Monday la^ in an article reg^^ r::i^ : - , ' : r: ,:
Some of Coffroth's adherents have; m\juired who was tfo which has received a few Vf ~.
lemons from Coffroth and his sporting writer : assistants' in: the" pas^
about Coffroth's attempted domination of prize fighting- in San- Francisco.v Hurting : the game with them means keepmg; the^^^ buccaneers masquer- . ti
ading under the name of sports it needs a few jolts. . : ',' ./ " t -\ " ' "- * > *T '' ' / "' \u0084- "i" i * -~\ • ' '\u25a0_. : *j
The entire truth of the article from which these are potations was am
-J. its money for the sake of a favored and protected,^ as a capper for Jim
Cofltroth's bunko game at Colma. Everything possible was done to swell th^ receipts of the, prompt eri and newspapers^
even though the rotten character of the match was well known. .? Burns' jfoul-smeUihg record- as a^ as good; as a
third-rater was excused, while Coffroth's enterprise was lauded to the skies. ; *'- •'\u25a0 . : !
' This newspaper stands, first, last and all the^time, for the ]'.pubUc^an^ rim for. its
money. The public is entitled to know from the expert sporting writers whether amat^ principals, no
matter who is hurt. Coffroth's record in swindling the public is notorious; He^promoted a^ wi^upjto v h^
match in order to keep Nelson out of a fight, and he foisted on lie sport^ of
the last named the merest tyro among the followers of the fight game could^not fail tojsee i that Munroe would \u25a0 stand no - chance ;o^ in spite i of, ttiis ; fact .the ' affair was
boos^^b^of^'bi^stliouses e^:h^d'in^nyFranciscpr i / :^P TV • • : "; : L: :
With all this record behind him is it any wonder J;hat Coffroth cannot obtain the? chief
of the sporting depaiinnenf of one morning. newspaper ; in_^n i Francisco^ ai^t^^ joke, while* the pugilistic
expert of another mormng daily writes-inall^ seriousness!; f '!Nbtb^
up the boxing game, he is deserving of success and encouragement. n "" ' - £ \u25a0>» r> -" , "
Nothing in the history of the > ring has equaled, iri : a^farcical nature; since>p6pr} Jack Munr^ sacrifice- to Jeffries' prowess, the showing of
Faker Burns and Unknown Squires yesterday. . „-. . . * ; .-; \u25a0 ' * !\u25a0.-;,
And this was the affair at Colma in the interest of •_.\u25a0 which newspapers^publislied in, tMsd - .-[. . . V. .- .'
Bill Squires prostrate on the floor of the ring with Referee Jeffries xbuntingiliirn; out; ; while iTommy^Burns is^looking ; intently ;bn his^falleh^
Metcalf Says Great Fleet Will
Be Sent Here From Atlantic
Onl^ Purpose Is
to/ Hold Large
I. Maneuvers
OAKLAND, July 4.— Victor H. Met
calf, secr-|-tary of the navy, gave con
firmation Vtoday to the - reports pub-;
Jished In TOe Call that he was planning
£0 send a fieet of-16 or 20 battleships
Into PacificJ craters.. Several warships
have already been started around the_
•Horn, apd/the St. Louis will be. he re In
a short wyi"e- It "will be followed by
the TVashflnston; and the .Tennessee."
All three «f these vessels, the secretary
said, woi&ld be added . permanently to
the Pacific coast fleet.
"The W.mlng>of'the big fleet neit;
winter wf,!! be for a practice cruise,",
said Secretary iletcalf at his home."
1321 lAnOiea[ avenue^ "The purpose is
to give tpie men and officers the • bene
flt of a Vlorig sea 1 trip and fto glyel the
vessels fa. thorough test. During- the
stay of the big -fleet: In the Pacific
maneuH-ers and target practice will
be engaged in, but Just where I cannct
at the) present time state."
Secretary Metcalf would -' not admit
that the arrival of the fleet would have
anyUhiril? whatever to do with the
Japaiiese question. '
' "qfee of the objects of bringing the
flee? together will be the advanUge
The Gall Stands for the Public and Not rar the Promoter
Victor H. Metcalf,,tecrciary • of \.lhe
tuny, i»ha, in an ' intcrvUv <_al : hh-hemc
in Oakland 1 yesterday, admitted thai - the
fleet - in , ther Pacific : vould ; be greatly
that will 'accrue* tOi'offlcers>and:men}la'
reciprocal- training^and; close -; a'ssocla*'
tlon,'— tlie ; Becretary^ explained. >J:,''More^
Contlnned on Page- 2, Column. 1
The San Francisco Call.
Colma Prize Ring Fiasco Has But One Rival as
Bunko Game on San Francisco Sporting Public
: •„; Eight thousand persons, more oriless,s\verejmveigled to Colmay^
bit '\u25a0 chronio ; set . int aj $20,000 :_frame.v- Itlwas^af perfect [day/; tHe arerialwas superb ' in*; all: its »appointmeritsV
the crowd was splendidly, handled both : as to .teansport^^
form;/ Its only- rival' was th^
Goffroth was the; perpetrator of -both expensive>.bifs;of:humorVfr?r \u25a0 . : -'\u25a0•\u25a0 ' " ' : - v * ''- '>''\u25a0 .
: -The much Uouted; Burns-Squires fmatch;tu^
game oh the pubiicrp
in.the prog^am.to niake .a champion out- of ithe^
innocents 1 ater," "with r-Jeff ries' as! the /central ' figure: >^The ; shackles \u25a0= were * takenVoff /Burns'/ wrists'; and ' the.
championship =timt)er. : ,. •: . \u25a0 r "".•"' •"-", *\u0084„\u25a0, \u25a0 • ;• '- r ] ;J'^ ' -./. \u25a0 V-.•.••V -.•.••, \ v '\u25a0"\u25a0 • \u25a0'\u25a0'": •."• *~
. ..Tommy Burns— He "of 'tlie} long 'JVecor'dVof ffakesian^proposed \u25a0 fak^s^is[a^ong;way;-frorn being, of
the stuff of wh ich; topnotchers * are made, 7 i but (the * ; few^ who; were . alloweditbj get \u25a0a* line) oh "the; two 3 nien;
iwe^^well:aware r that SquireS'was noma^
trained :.with : s Sqm^
Gall's^ expqse^ A that°Burns^buld:^ allowed; to)fi
showing} made ;byHhe ? man J w
adherents as: a ; ,w^d;beater. l^sthe^
(kan fqr'aifewvwe^ks,V'lf;that man cari«fi • \u25a0-'\u25a0'X;^[:h'.\':['/A' : ' : \; - '^ , \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ;": f^'Z'.-'i*
As an^illustrationof the rawness of the' game" which 'Had' -;been ;put jup on sporting^- public- one
man .wh6^ush'edHt6~test whether thefpfoefram
bet' 6ri ; Burhs'atUO^tbr/; vvith.Squires the-favorite. ;THe odds wefethenqiiotedvlO.toZ.. Wordvwas sent
\u25a0backjthat : tHeVe'^S;n6|Squirds ; mojneyiexce^
bettorJthatUhe'(Squiresfframeupihadrgone;ghmmenng.and : 'he>at onceiproceededuo^backmisf judgment:
relrdin^Bgns^aiitto^ " ' -• — --
* The^ fiftieth i anniversary of Uhc^ national
gameof baseball is'at hand.' A v good story,
of the' game : in "California [atid- great play
ers the state has produced/ 1n. : . ; . ,
Crowd Buries Its Chagrin in Real
American Sympathy for Loser
George A. Van Smith
i" ; has : ; clear Vti tie .tpjbotbuth'e ! champion^ and: near •champitsaiheaisy
weight t pugilists. -' No '.fone : is •_ jdispos'ed;_to^ dispute • James *J. 7 JefEries'> rtght . io
What istSociety? ]
Z answer-to this quest •
tiqn—and • the briefer \ the better—-The' Gall \will 5
pay-FIVE-TO -
Prize \^hningariswers will be 1 printed riext^edries- j
; day' ahy ?^ecla-m^ at once.
address them to
- \u25a0 ;-iivp^raHENT questigS^;;
'." :":/-:::- -:;:- \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 : : \u25a0
f. ->P^e A»»wenito "What Istfce-JDlfferenee Betweeni> Bribe'iind^i' Fee rj'
.- .;' |sprii* to Dr.rArUtor'."Offlre'.i'l7oe'.Pani;«treet. i Alame<la. <
• AJWoman'siklsaesbeforeand after marriage.; ,"
'; '- $I*prtse;tV: Era«t <'i..; Bnwr.; lll -Front •trwju San FraaclKMt _ /\
\u25a0 \u25a0: ' '"A";wlnk.-"i ''<c-''\\\~ .'['"'.. \u25a0 '
;..;. -,'"'., |1 pruiVto Mr»." J. E."Chn^SOM Setter \u25a0treet.'San -Franclseo. \u25a0-.
.- ";Thie" difference^ between ;'a*'rascal- and
$lt prize .to; Mrs.*: E. iA. -' Crmyeß." - 1506^i * S erentV »tre«t, r Oakland. -
* - ;XToutdbn't^haveUbfdivlde[a; fee.
\u25a0 '•'-' •:rslfprt«ettO!L««>E:"Wall*c«, iir Aubunj.'C*l.i '
"= 1 ;,' V
\u25a0 \;\u25a0; $l"'prla«" to.S.-jB.I ColemanV!6Wj3Ut««ntl» street,"Oakland-^'
w * V^Heney'gruessedUt'flrst- '•:-: ; .* - • - ...»
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