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Continued | From !»\u25a0»« ,1; .Colßmn 2
oyer,"7 tt>e money, spent : in repairs • will •
be expended, in our own .country.; \u25a0_.
*.'Jt is easy to realize to^rtitivan^ges \u25a0
or 'Bringing vessels of wair together
and' holding them fn a single rfleet, in
stead, of -liavlng them . scattered about
singly or In'pairs. for^wher^thefe are_
a. number" "of vessels" "engaged in tar
get practice or maneuvers -the men and
officers are not only able" t«v learn much (
of%^>«neflt from each other, but are
made "accustomed -to acting. simply, ps
a |»4r't" or one great" machine, rathsr
than as units. Juet as in the array,
\u25a0if a r.egixnent be held as a unit; cut
off by. itself. It would probably be fully
a. match Tor "a 'command equal inTium-
• berfe, but a number of regiments, which
had been kept apart for some time and
v£ere then brought together as an
army, would not be nearly as efficient
as an army smaller In numbers, -but
&JCC& had been trained to act in^uni
"At present I do not wish to discuss
any international questions, as my pres
ence here is not official, and there is no
' "significance in any of the movements
. of warships at the present time except
to. add to the efficiency of our navy.
LAler, however, before I return to
\u25a0Washington. I may^have something of
interest concerning the future \of the
navy and the proposed movements of
•our vessels. It Js at this time sufficient
W say that we will use every effort to
.bring the personnel and equipment of
. .our navy up to the highest possible
', fci&ndard of efficiency, and will here- \u25a0
'&C ter keep our vessels In fleets rather, j
th.an scattered, as they are at the pr.es- |
cnt time. ' I
.-."I can promise the people of Oakland j
.' $hd San Francisco that they will see 1
' otts of the finest naval spectacles ever j
ni^r^sed in Pacific waters.'
"I, .Jiope that the talk of Japanese I
troubles and of International differences J
•'may be dropped by air Of the.newsVj
. papers" of the country. The story thai.
Ambassador Aoki is in disfavor with
tils own government I believe to be
." pnrely an invention. I know of no rea
stjn at the present time why Japan and
ihe United States should not be on the
\u25a0 "friendliest of terms.
"I shall remain in California about
six weeks; most -of \chich time I shall'
in the mountains hunting and
•fishing. I am going to try to. forget
• Uiat I am a government official and
•\u25a0sltaJl .spend my time in recuperating
' hefore returning to Washington.". "
• '•• ' . ~~~~ v*> *\u25a0' •' •
\u25a0Long Voyage of Fleet Will BrTakcn
._ V; - to Improve Service '
• V .'- .OTSTER BAY, July 4.— An official
••'statement was made public at the ex
. '.ecutive offices here today regarding
•• : thfc report of the coming visit of '"'•<
-,battl.eEhip fleet to California.
''\u25a0'\u25a0 statement as given out -by Secretary
. ;Loeb follows:
" . '"There is no intention of sending a
fleet at once to the Pacific. For the
/. last two years the administration has
been perfecting Its plans to arrange
for a .long ocean cruise of the battle
/ sliip fleet, when a sufficient number of*
"warsiilps were gathered. This cruise'
may be to the Pacific, but might'pos^
sifely be only to the Mediterranean' or;.
the South Atlantic. It may possibly
.take place next winter; but on.\thp
j other hand it may not be convenient! .to",
arrange it until later. In any 4 event'
alter a few months the fleet- win ,ji«
brought back together to the "Atlantji?
cpast. . . • -&.«/.• •'./-'
C/'Whether the voyage is made.ror noC
whether the fleet stays in Ht» : Atlantic,
or t goea;to the Pacific, wili'be»'aieter7
. .. Tftlned simply as a matter, of "ro.ulln*^ In
• the- management and drilii'ol the'na.vV-''
\u25a0: Ufls now part of the settled policy 'of
. \u25a0' tlj« navy department . In--- i^st e/tort ; {>*
.-keep. the navy up U> t thb'*lrlg i heat'j>olat..
*of-«mciency always' t€; Keep the'-ba'ttlfe
' ships together, maneuvering -as a^fleet
• .composed -of several , squid fons, and k
•.• la desirable that this ,fleet should: from
.time to time take- *' long ' voyage. l ; •_\u25a0
: *The" relations -Vbfetweeni the 4-Un^ted
.States and all j-'oiber powers' nejfer
were more peaceful "and friendly., trfin
at the prtesont'tlrhe* and "if the fleet
/.were sent to ;the Pacific th 6- fact would
possess no more . significance/ thatf/Uie'
further -fact, that three .or. /oiir months
o °later it would'-be^withdrawn -from ;the
Pacific" Both .would merely be "a;-p^art'
of the ordinary routine of the.ha.vat
administration." ..-," . . \u25a0
Japanese Immigrants Arrive "in the
° . Southern Republic by hundreds
MEXICO, CITY, July 4.— Two aun-
•ired and eeventy-five Japanese landed
• .at Santa. Crur yesterday, headed for Ihe
coal mines In the dlßtrict^of .Las Es
paranza. Joseph Z. Stran3J ; a Chinese
-Immigration Inspector stationed atlEl
Paso, who arrived In this, city 'today,
stated that Japanese are flocking to th«
ijCrder in great numbers and buying
tickets from Juarez through to Can
ada In order to enter the United States.
Instead of going to Canada, it is stated,
. many stop at convenient points in the
United States. ~,-
<4h:^%c lias ? & <$&
: %x ct ttsl^e
\u25a0TH y « b like paper on the wall"
..methods hare been \u2666\u25a0spnnped and cremated ,
-. by hlr It gra d c apparel .- dispensers.
: ,Tbis modern clothes -education
;_•»•• profusely promulgated
• by chope that are in our clias
\u25a0;li are Kirn p 1 I 5 * 4 the telling
' aad fitting ofo f clot b e s to. men
i Vho oerer before eren attempted \u25a0" to trj'.
'.Tt'Jt chop is certainly a rerelatlon.
King Solomon's Hall
Fillmore St. near Sutter
San Fra.nci s c o
"Coincident WitH
. " Bursting., of -Buena ; -.
Vista Levee
\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0; -. - ... • " •
Will Not Discuss Probably
Cause of Mysterious
).\u25a0 Conflagrations
BAKEKSFIELD, July 4.— This morn-
Ing the flood waters in the rich re
clalme.d..wheat. lands, in the lower par.t'
of Kqrn county. Caused yesterday by
the breaking of the Buena Vista'lake
levee, continue to spread and rise un
abated, and all resistance against their,
progress is impossible until the auxil
iary levee being/ constructed at the
San Emedlo -road' is complete and the
waters reach that point. The bTeak in
the levee hap widened continually and
this 'morning It Isl reported that' the
entire levee -is doomed.
Coincident; with the break in thi»
levee yesterday was the -^breaking/out
of iwo large fires In" the feraln! "fields
owned by Miller & Lux, nearly 'lO
miles from the lake. "After bufning
all day, the flr^s- were" finally . extMt-/
guished last;nlglit shortly before mid
night. Two' whole sections of gralM
were destroyed, aggregating between
15.000 and 20.000 sacks. Kews'of ;the3e_
two fires and the remarkable coinci
dence was suppressed by the officers
ot both corporations .because .• of .the
suspicion naturally aroused by the fact
of the two catastrophes occurring at
| preciselj' the same time. The officials
of neither : corporation". will '-commit
themselves. .The fire broke out at' But
ton Willow, 17 miles from the lake, and
at Headquarjters, -four miles, from Bul
ton Willow.; ' .- " " - - J
Flood waters from the lake are ris
ing at the rate of about two inches
an hour. The advance this morning
is-aboutt!^ tnlle6 from the San Emedlo
road, where the fight will be made by
\u25a0the-.:cfl?istruction of the auxiliary leve«
t<o?«tpp r the advance. Superintendent
JaUcnes'Ogden of the Miller & Lux.com
'pajjy'-does.- not expect the waters to
reacJj that..pt)int for three days. • y .
\u25a0*' The effdrtVis being made to conflno
tho. .flooded- area to , that country east
of comprising a district of
abbut'-'SI square miles. -
}\ The damage that is being sustaincl
!s^ enormous. Cattle shipments from
lhe.{varjous stock ranches, in the vi
cinltv' of Buena Vista and from the
Sunset/oil fields is now at a standstill,
•an<sr.lt ;ls: even reported that a short
age ot* .supplies may result because of
;the Ina"billty. to reach the stricken dis
trict with" \ the ."railroad and wagon
roads washed out.
Yard and His Associates
: AjreT.Said to-Have Seized
tyjfigi Acres
. .WASHINGTON, • J uly ;4 —A new wa y
of "getting '. public lairt^s from fhejfed?
eral-" jgov^rnment^ has ,been discovered
byi .th%: S inSV^st ." service',, of the d<^pscrt- \
rfteht'Sf ;ajsr^Uute. /-'lt Is declared
tjiat.&.; H.^Y*arjj," one of -the promoters
oJ^'tlie; -sV;BSt"6r4i', Pacific railroad, .'and
tits .aVsoclate?i,h,aYe^ already seized 265/- j
GOO acres,-^tvtortn -at... least $5,000,000. •as i
'ev,ery^acre~te ;cayer«d with fine timber.
.-jTh»?/depar£men.tl 0f... the Interior and
of'.a'grijjul.ufY'e.^bofh 6f which have,; a
claim jupon '^.'he.'land, are .collaborating
orf |a:pl^n'tb^ r jcbnlt>et : ;Tard and his asso
ciates' tb "relln^uiah - ; their hold on x the
land."- Secretary -.Wilspn^wlll go to Cali
fornia-.. to/^BeprpSent .'when the joint
pVßLh.j%&.] J>ut ' i.hio'/.operatlon, about \u25a0 Au
giist»'s.-.^TJ i ie,;aicrjeage'Jn question is in
Uie'Plumsis forest ssS|6rve in California.
service peo
ple that* Yard and his associates took
notice ,of . the rich .timber growth and '
filed mining claims, which allow" them
to mine, the property and give them
a right to use. timber found oh the
land in furthering their search for
mineral wealth, as before placer min
ing'can be done it is necessary. and de-"
sirable to have the timber': removed/
-If the Yard' plan goes through the
greater part of the forest . reserves of
the country can be taken up in mineral
claims before congress could repeal the
law. There are 145,000,000 acres'"' of
forest reserves'. "'>:;
Great % Petition, Presented to
* \u25a0'*."•\u25a0 Conference : at The
•THE HAGUE; July 4.~Presldent Nel
ldoff of the peace conference today re
ceived Mies Anna Eckstein of Boston,
Mass., who presented a, petition signed
by over 2.ooo.oo.9., Americans in. favor of
a general arbitration, treaty." M.;Neli
doff. congratula.te.di. her.' on tjie_number
of signatures and said that the petition
was In the right: direction, for if any
limitation of armaments was possible it
.would .have to be done, through arUit ra
tion. Russia, he continued, had not re
nounced her original but to
carry it out it was necessary to .have
recourse :to arbitration. develop
ment of^lnternatiohariaw". and Interna
tional courts must be dictated by a full
understanding ; between' the 'states and
peoples, the furtherance of mutual good
will and loVe of Christ. ;
The conferences :^M.' Nelldoff -added,
would discuss* whether it should : meet
periodically," b*ut?he'dia not. believe that
the present conference would arrive; at
a decision on the subject.; / .; ' " ''\u25a0'\u25a0.
[-'; Robert^ Treat. Paine; president of the
American peace society, who was pres
ent at the lntervl«wi between /M. Nell
doff and Miss Eckstein, said tliat It as
sumed greater Importance owing to the
fact that. lt occurred' on .the fourth of
July, which he considered a good omen.
SAN DIEGO. July 4.— The actual
work of construction >' on -the coaling
station- has' been concluded "by Butrer
& Petti grew, who have the contract for
the erection of ..- the residence/ for^ the
commandant; for $10,676.26." The present
appropriation is . 1 20 0,000,' which? became
available; on-. tHe /lst" of r, v > the /month:
BlOJffor the construction of portions of
th^>lant will ; be called f or ; as ' soon as
the. plans and specifications are ap
proved. .{..,• -'.
Everybody," ls going to Del Monte for
the week of eporta, July 3, $4.00 round
trip." • . •
THE :\u25a0:\u25a0 Si^y ' XK AJyUIKCO ' (J AIJE, FRiDA;?; '; i TO£Y 5; . ] 907:
Amerieaiis :^^^i^^^^^^^[i^im^B^
.Thirty Thousand Enjoy the
.:Night Display^ arid
" Great B Parade ~
Watsonviiie, Los: Angeles
and Other Cities Hold
Jollifications :
; 'SAN' JOSE, ; • Julyr r*-— The .'greatest
celebration ever \u25a0 held lin this city was
ushered" ln>last night !by\'a : magnificent
automobile /parade ; thrbugh j gaily, V il
luminated' streets and was; continued
today in a varietyjof exercises.; Great
en thuslasm * was ' s ho wn . fn , the prepara
tlons for the jollification,- large com
mittees of business men having :worked
assiduously, for weeks to make the af
fair a success.,,/ I"" r * :
- Thirty thousand- people viewed :, the
parade last night ' and : an equal num
ber witnessed today's display of floats
and carriages. 'The 'city , is crowded* to
its utmost entertaining capacity •by
many, thousands who i have come -from
all parts .of the county* and the state. |
One of the; finest features of the pa
rade last night was the beautiful ,: Il
lumination of the -streets. -Thousands
of incandescent • lights.^ -inclosed in: red
liberty bells .were ; strung alongx* First
and Santas Clara, streets, 'formlrig'ara-'
dlant canopy .of. great beauty. ' The
effect was charming, forming a par
ticularly brilliant accompaniment --.to
the parade of "handsomely 'decorated
automobiles, of which there were con
siderably more than 100, in line. '
Today's celebration* was opened with
a sunrise salute of 46' guns. The-pa
rade,was started'^at 10:30 a. m.' Sheriff
Arthur B. Langford was chief marshal
and; was assisted by a large 'group of
aids. Chief df Police T.'TV: Carroll and
a platoon, of officers led. the parade.
The .first division' included a number
of military bodies. Company ,B of the
national guard, "200 members of the
Spanish war veterans, the Sons of, Vet
erans, members of .the Grand Army of
the Republic and § the -Woman's -relief
_cjyrps: -The second division" was made
up of the float of the San Josewoman's
club, with" Mrs." ; Grace yon Boden a^
goddess of liberty,, and carriages ;. in.:
which rode Governor J.N.Glllett. and
his staff and a; lftrge ; number of * city
and county officials and prominent citi
zens. //.-. , ; \u25a0:.- •-' ' \u25a0 '\u25a0'?'\u25a0£. \u25a0 .' ./.--\u25a0"'.
The ; third division consisted \u25a0 largely
of floata-provlded by places in;; SanUi
Clara county other than San Jose. A
The'fpurth division contained anum
ber of handsome floats prepared by f ra-'
ternal organizations; of this city.
\% Ih>the: fifth division a feature was a
magnificent float prepared by the build
ing trades council; In ; the - shape *of a
complete cottage finished and. furnished
to the: smallest : detail.*. ; ; '
During the 'afternoon, in addition; to
the literary '•; exercises, v two "baseball
games. | a band | concertf and^.a balloon
ascension-furnished entertainment, that
drew thousands- to different. parts of the
.city. Other- -thousands 'visited; :< Alum
Rock park and Congress Springs park.
One of the finest ;dlsplays of fireworks
ever shown in the state 1 ;, an lU umlna'tei
parachute jump: and a" grand ball at the
\u25a0PrincoseVrinki closed rthe-day.*^?^ "rj {*\u25a0'
VFour* thousand ; ? people disregarded
other attractions and assembled at the
kud itOrium f >ihlc ;• to }'\u25a0 Kear7,*Opvernor
James \N. Gillett' speak \u25a0on patriotism.
The governor was. accorded an.enthusi
astic welcome and after, the address" he'
was cheered repeatedly ;byj the: crowd;
He reviewed the causes that had j mada
the nationi great r'andv paid trlbute,;to
the.genlus and God goyerned spirit thai
had pervaded the - frafnera ; Vof '- the ; de<>
laration of independence j and ', the cbn
stltutlQn. He; fearlessly '^attacked the
evils of the present day, which jhe
characterized as. the money. making pe
riod. Speaking of in ir San
Francisco, %. Governor. Gillett paid' a
glowing tribute^ to the";po,wers of recu
peration that the city had shown." ..
- AVATSONVILLE. July ;.4:T-f The first .of
the four days', celebration of the fourth
of, July in this. city Uias; been an unpre-^
cedented success froth the first event to
the final one of today. The parade this
morning - was ;' ~ a n early/. two "; miles^- in
length and was participated' ln by about
500 people^:whlle fully 10,000 witnessed
It. The only incident of : thrilling. Im^
portance was A '\u25a0_. runaway; : of ; the \u25a0 six
horses attached to the* float carrying the
goddess of }; liberty. Miss : Fr. eder lcka ;
Palmtag. She escaped/ uninjured, V but
one of the horses was; killed. The float,
with ;^four of , the - horses/continued ; In
the parade. .The; crowning of the ( car.
niyal queen, Mrs. -Harry ; A. ;Peckham,
was an event which added an artistic
finish to a most successful day. '\u25a0_'\u25a0
LOS ANGELES,;. July: 4.— The fourth
was celebrated: here with elaborate ex
ercises. -Several persons . in
juries: during; the day. Miss May Broon
er, a telophonei girl,'- was ,- struck.- by,) a
motor, cycle, knocked to 'the streef and
seriously in jured. : ; A fcrowd & collected,"
and Eugene Chin, ] a Tfi messenger ; boy,
forced his' way, -through :,the; crowd and
accidentally V exploded, a' quantity; of
"carnation sujphiir,"; ani explosive pow-;
der. which he was r carrying '''\u25a0- in ;' his
pocket. ; Chin was ; hurled' to the street
by I* the force" of ' th6.f explosion, v 'hls
clothes, were:. tornf., to and ; j his
body ; and arms badly burned. -
NAPA, July '4.— -The' national :day,was
observed In an elaborate manner In this
city, by a' monster ;celebration?given by
the ladles ; of ;the r New; Century club. ; A.
grand parade : was . held! in,; the j morning
and was .followed ibyP exercises* in ; the
pavilion and^ dances^ and *sports" in., the
park. A grand Ball? concluded: the day'B
festivities. :.<\u25a0: ;;.\u25a0'\u25a0"?."\u25a0' '.;;-,-J." '". ;'Jr '/ -- ' : --'!.; i y
,; SAN 'J DIEGO, \u25a0•: July.- 4.'-— lndependence
day. Is being • quletlyvcelebrated^here,
there being no parade^br'exercises. This
afternoon," howeyer.'isj to t be to,
sports,*.- concerts c and^ entertainrneht'at'
Tent City, sa* resort ] oh the^ ocean ' front, 8
and a grand fireworks. display "to follow
at. night..; \ ; -.'\u25a0 \u25a0 '\u25a0".- -. '\',~~X'j-": : .'.';. -; v;.-; -; ." "
v HANFORD. ',; July : -i4.— lndependence
day/was ' celebratedv hereV under; '% the
auspices ' of » the , Young":, Men's? Business
club arid , was^her greatest* jollification
In the : history^ of ?Hanford.. Thousands
of ivisitors^were, preserit.l . ; .
;. ByßON.'' :> July ' 5 4:'-^Crbwds;; -greater,
than- were/ ever^seenU before in >, By roti'
assembled: and* partlclpatedl here j today
in ja-I glorious 'celebratlonl of .the; f ourth;
More'than 1,000 people attended the
festivities.^. '\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0>':-,"•• \u25a0\u25a0.;^ : ::.-.^. '\u25a0/:";\u25a0*- \u25a0:\u25a0<'\u25a0)\u25a0 ">.-
The ', business Houses,; wei'el'i prettily^
decorated % and ; the | streets '* we're » strung
with 'electric globes [covered ; with.- lan
terns: ; ;., . :i..T.. ''\u25a0 ..' • \u0084-'*.* vv. .\u25a0'..,;> " J
; \u25a0;--. CARSON ..* CITY/ July; 4;-^-The \ Eagles',
carnival i in; honor: of; the 'nation's ;t>ir tli
which .was / : celebrated^ here ; s jl today
; proved '- to\.be ; one., of t the pa
triotic '* celebrations / ever r ; held : : . in : .l No
. vada. ; . Tho usands ' of ;' people '?\u25a0 f r oni < all
over I the ; state ; arid? from :, as; far Iwest
asj Sacramento"; are ; enjoying Y the. (three
days , of fun.v ... .; '. -\ V : ':x -- ; : \u25a0. : r":-. \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-'\u25a0"\u25a0:\u25a0 i' 3
: SACRAMENTO, 'July, 4.— The': : cele- 1
-'-.\u25a0 : : -" \u25a0"/\u25a0" " •-^\u25a0'•\v ; >" ; ,•'.:;-;\u25a0\u25a0 ;'; '. ;v
Six v.Qthers Fatally: Injured
and Hundreds Wounded
by, Pyrotechnics ~J :
Tells Tammany Society That
Three Great Issues Con
front the People -: '
•rNEW- YORK, July
day," ushered in with much noise,' went
out, tonight, in a blaze of pyrotechnics,
the most imposing that New Yorkers
ever witnessed. A deafening roar main
tained throughout the day by the burn
ing -of ;: millions. •"; of \u25a0; dollars' worth of
powder gave way after nightfall . to the
exhibitions' of 'fireworks by experts;
who lighted: the. skies ..with; effects of
surpassing •\u25a0 beauty. " . / .:
i \u25a0 -Viewed % from ; Its brighter.? side, the
holiday was truly glorious. A smiling
sun arid moderate : .temperature brought
tens lof'lhbusands: to the. beaches,; the
public; parks J'and -amusement resorts,
and ; everywhere ' there 1 : was n9ise and
fun making. ?; v v \u0084
: In . the> background the- police and
hospital surgeons \ went grimly.; about
their work; of removing; the dead and
-ministering; to the, wounded. •; Tonight
the ;pollce were reckoning the cost; in
casualties-of the' day's: celebration. At
a late, hour the list was not /complete,
but". It :wasg known that; this fourth's
celebration .had 'cost* seven 'lives, that a
half dozen persons were dying and that
hundreds- of .-others were ; being, treated
at the hospitals for; injuries ranging
from- slight; burns, with » he possibility
of }\u25a0•\u25a0 tetanus ..: developments, to I bullet
wounds and lost limbs. Of the dead
three died ,'ih " premature celebrations.
The others were killed during the day.*
':. Oratory /had its place, the , larger
meetings, '.lncluding that of Tammany
hall; "where Congressman Henry ""T.
Ruiney of Illinois jvasHhe chief speak
er,; and the gathering" In honor of the
memory/ of Garabaldl, the Italian llb
erator. \u25a0"/;, • ' :'\u25a0 :'"....'>\u25a0' ; /:,;- : :;fK
A/ message -from WinCim J. Bryan
was one of. the features of the;celebra
tioni/of the '.fourth by the Tammany
spctoty.';/ Bryan', was one "of .. the guests
invited ' to : ' help the /society - celebrate,
but was unable to .attend and sent a
message from' Lincoln, in which he
said: / '- .; .-
I trust your celebrati6nJiYlll increaie : the
enthußlasm of the New York democratic party
aud. direct » attention;, to^ the fact 5 that tUe
economic quest ions ! now I before : the country I and
the | trust question, \u25a0 the | tariff : question | and the
railroad ; question • all Inrolre the -same Issue,
namely, ; whether., the ; government ' shall be ad
ministered In the Interest ' of a few favorites
or in bhalf of the ; whole people.- ' \u25a0
EVANSVILLE. . Ind.,' r July, 4.— Before
a- crowd ot 10,000 people, at the'Chau
tauqu'aV assembly . here •" this^ afternoon
Governor. Joseph ;Folk of, Mlssouri ; de
ll veredv a ; patriotic address Upon the
fourth: of -July. /
FERGUS FALLS, *jj Minn., July .4.—
yicei\President \u25a0"•.' Fairbanks s was >tha
fourtlirof/ July, attraction in - this ; cltv.
He^dre.w. a; crowd such; as j had not
seeiV here Afterj a parade,
which: Fairbanks:participated anddur
ihg^whlch'he;;received {an ovation, he
addressed - the people if rom la / platform
\u25a0erected / in v the '\u25a0? city '.' park./ . •' 7 i* .-;
i OYSTER*. BAY, LN. f-Y.7. July f— T Thb
celebration of .' the I fourth ? made /appar
ently little difference /to /the ; transac
tion "of government business by; Presi
dent Roosevelt ; today. 'The executive
staff .went througlu the usual routln«.
Tohight^the president,; with his fam
ily, and relatives, /witnessed an ; elab
orate \ display, of; fireworks.; •/
>>. NORFOLK, ,Va.,. . July 4.— Governor
Hughes -of • New York ' *\u25a0 and \u25a0 Wobdrow,
.Wilson,- president" of '.Princeton/ : uni
versity,/ were : the); orators /of the. day
at the .jolnt ; Independence day; celebra-.
tion, and first/ annual reunion/ of the
lineal rdesceridants -of /the .signers ; of
the ; declaration ( of ; Independence at i,the
Jamestown; exposition ;,today, ;the 'des^
cendants'J reunion being held (.under.. thu
auspices of the/Thomas Jfeffersoh mem
orial association; ;of; which?. former." Sec
retary; of; the . Navy;Hllary;;*A. Herbei t
isj.;the : acting i president.*^ f"Av ; : military
parade, reviewed" by^Governor) Hughes
and t "others^ preceded Cthe * formal { exer
cises of ;/the fday/f,, which" 'were /opened
with the;slnging of * ''Amerlca''>by - a
chorus r of /several hundred school ; chil
dren. 1 ;it; is estimated ;that> 40,000 fpeople
were ' on' the "exposition grounds'- dur
ing, the day..'. . v '. . .
.•\-BOISE.v.' Idaho,/; J July^ 4J— With7 the
Hay wood trial: poslponed on account' o f
the .holiday^all. Boise? gave itself ?over
today " to , an *"old fashioned - celebration
of ; the /fourth' of .Julyr;j.The; declaration
of": independence /,was> read ;: amid \u25a0'"tha
rattle : of ;th6usands£of^firecrackers. ?va
military^ arid :,ci vie ; parade ,* was : headed
by* the. governor.; of the state. --
; .LONDON,/ July/^^-Replyihg; in; the
, house- of commons today \to 'a - question
put. by : Charles "lp: Priced :: liberal, who
asked whether ith'e /British^ government
would. l follow .the, -example [ot < the'gov.
emmfenta of Hhß'Unlted;StateS''andsre
lease : . China- frorh^. the S payment/, of all
but I the v actual S expenses Q Incurred
thel suppression! of .» the ;boicer / uprising,'
'Foreign : Secretary j^Grey '; said '- that? he
had .no^officlal: Information- of; America's
,ihtehtlon in'Vthls? reßpecthbut'-thatv in
any > case the claim of :the;Britishfgoy
e'rhmeht was) based roh i the Tactual .; ex-,
penses; incurred. .-' \u25a0V !°! ° ; • • "• •
b' ration '-. here - today; f ar ' outclassed '.• the
expectations > of Hheipromotecs.';;' -There-
Were . thousands ; of 'out' of rltowri"' vlaltoi ; 3
and^the; parade 'thla morning of militia;
civic -^'organizations,'^ automobiles" " and
school ,chlldren\was\ lmposing.' ... ;/
*: ; ! BAKERSPIELD^JuIyJ 4I— ','lf . there is
any, dahgerTconf rontlng s this ; nation iat
the /^present '•: time," tfsaid^ Samuel ;- M.
Shortridge : of San '< Francisco; -orator"; of
the % ;<' great 1 Independence V day ? celebra-'
tion .here today;; "1 1 do ? not .thlnk| 1 1 r Is"
from '^the (Japanese^;: Uncle ; - Sam,'; hits'
.never T -been 1 ; ;dcrea.ted,' r and| prudence
would -;demahd?thatV Japan - should 'not
stirj,Uncle ; Sam i toot much.V'V c ;
day *f here iwas J a'j rousing on •».'-
A'! parade.Vf patrjotlc ?7: exercises, f.j. races,'
three |>bands ; from ;San" Francisco,
loon;'i ascension./:/ waterj fight fc betweenr
Bakersfleld/andj-Porteryille,";, fireworks"
and :an all night^ball Vwere) features'
Elks'' Special Train
-7 Leaves Oakland : Pier' 11:30: a;*; m.t July
9,|or Philadelphia -via the Southern«Pa
lta;; stop' overs.v;,] Passengers iualnsithta
trains should Be© -t! Southerns • Pacific
agents \u25a0 for y details.^;-., i,- \u25a0<?+., \u25a0 , • \u25a0;'•\u25a0 • v
July, 4.— Tb« I body , of ) it' f «bU« \u25a0 cbUd.^ apparently
a i few ' weeks ; old:"? was ' found ; In ; ? the '*. bay i near
Second arenue; todayr TheTWmalni were taken
to; the 'local \u25a0 morgue. ' • "\u25a0' - : '''"'.\u25a0 •\u25a0•\u25a0••»' ' '
•..'-.-/\u25a0-.•\u25a0/'.,: \u25a0-<..• ... ..-^'! \u25a0;-.'\u25a0•,.-.\u25a0.•'. •\u25a0.\u25a0 ,-'"•;-•" '
Mark ;^Twain : Makes Speech
at Banquet to "Many
Famous-Leaders ;:;
Reception Given by the Am
• bassador; Attracts . a •
Great Gathering
/. LONDON,/ July 4.'— -The customary
fourth./ttfrjuly^ banquet -was ..held./io--.
nightS'atS the: Hotel ? Cecil.VThe attend
ance]wasvlarge. The. guests
; Ambassador v Whltelawj" Reid; '/Justice
Oliver ; Wendell 'Holmes \u25a0 of the' supreme
court, ' Sir; Robert. 8.-Finlay,>:Eustlce
Kennedy?- Thomas Murray Butler, presi
dent'of Columbia'university, New York;
RSbertNewton 'Crane,: Sir Evelyn "Wood;
Sl«* ;^Henry'/; Mortimer JDurand; Rider
and /
v; Inyithe/ absence of Colonel Millard
Hahslcker, -president of the American
society,;-.the/'banquet tonight -was. pre-«
sided, over by Crane."
A happy /speech was. made by Sir
Henry,. Mortimer i Durand, " who said ' in
part: -/."/\u25a0":: '"''.''\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0///. . '' '\u0084 • :*
>; It is hard on an occasion of : thls! kind to avoid
indiscretion or gush, /but. facts are facts. / Eng
land .and America are "friends; > we/ will thank
God : and leaveUt at that.'v We are no ;longer one
nation, ' and, , however* ' much « we ; may • regret ; It,
we are no longer one' peopfe. ' There ia not much
Enffllsh plood left In • the veins of the greater
party of ; the .American ; nation.. _We would tbe
better i friends If 7 we ; would ; recognize the' fact*.*
Such fantasies , would never occur to • anybody : In
his wildest- dreams except for the 'pervasive and
the ; perniciously; lndustrlons diplomacy of these
later times. ;•• - - . ' -\u25a0
A humorous ispeech was made by
Mark.Twal'n.at'the conclusion of • whlcii
he 'thanked for/ % the .Anglo-
Saxon . standard of liberty "given to>
America.; '" ;/;"";. - '
;.-•:' Sb''mahy Americans attended Ambas
sador Whitelaw Reid's /fourth of "July
reception. l this .afternoon that traffic
throTJgh'se'verali squares about Dorches-'
tefl housed was blocked; for two -hours.
Reidandtheladies of the embassy, re
ceived'the guests, .who r included most
of T.theV American residents ;.a.nd hun
dreds'J-\ of ...;\u25a0 visitors. -Although, only
with a few exceptions,\re
c«ived^ah^invltatlon, the crush was as
great as at ; a .White House reception.
The/guests Included. J. ; Pierpont Mor
gan.'v Mrs. "Morg-an and /Miss -Morgan,
Mar k.'^T wain, Justice Oliver Wendell
Holmes' of the supreme court of the
Unlted;States, the Earl and; Countess
Crewe.'rSirißache and Lady Cunard, tho
duke and 1 duchess of Manchester^ - air.
and ! Mrs. Lewis: Harcourt, Sir Charles
Shard ine^.the earl and- countess of Es
sex,,* Mr.- and Mrs. -Frederick W. Van
derbllt," -the s duke , and . duchess of Rox
burgh; Mr. and Mrs. | George" Cornwallis
.West;, Sir, Edward, Grey, several officials
of .the foreigrn;office and many members
of the diplomatic corps. .. - . '
\u25a0ST. -PETERSBURG, July 4— ln honor
of 'the fourth ;ofJuly/Ambasßador Rid
dle this afternoon entertained;the menir
bers ; of \u25a0 the colony; at a gar-*
den party .'at his villa in the suburbs. '/
> BERLIN, July ;4.-^-The ; fourth of July
was i celebrated most;: patriotically T;by
the /American; colony of this J city. ..The
day's Routing /came • tOx^n^'eJidi-w-lth'/i.
dinner \ at ' \u25a0 wKlch- '• Co'hVul -General
Thackara made /an ,, address.
/IIAVANA, July 4.~-The fourth of July
was celebrated here. by; a,*grahd=; review
.by Barry •; of ?the; 2,000-. troops
, stationed 'at.' Camp Columbia./ The/ge
neral wad 'assisted ; by Go vern6r;.*Mago6u,-
United States i Mlnisterj'MOrgah?jGover-"
nor.of Havana Nunez and General \u25a0 Rod
,rlguez,/; commander of the^ Cuban: rural
guard. _'; There' i was .&' reception this
evening. at the residence of Mr. Morgan,
the American 'minister. . ; : -/ .~.
\u25a0RIO'DE.JANEIROrJuIy.4.— The sen
atei,today/passed;a;.vote congratiilatins
the United/ States' upon tho one hundred
; and; thirty-first anniversary of its inde
pendence, i y< --- ./ - \u25a0 . I{i *
!v : PARIS, July 4.— Thousands of Ameri
can :"• flags ; flew, b ver . Paris ; today " to 'com-;
memorate" independence' day.
VIENNA, ', July 4;— The American ; col-
onyt_of*this "city^celebrated; the fourth
iof i'July by.a'trlp^down ,the Danube to
\u25a0 Presburg," the Hungarian v town where
! the Magyar kings used to be crowned.
: The visitors .were received by.the.Hiiri-
I'garians iOf rPresburg /with^enthusiasm.
I. They: played : a game/of /baseball /and
then/ had: dinner.'; Among: th^-particl- ]
pants In/ the jollification^were.Ambas
sador ; Francis,' \ Senator,^ - William V P.
j Dilllngham'bf Vermont , and William K.
Wheeler |of; Oakland, Cal.', the last two
named; being members of the;immigra- ;
tion 'commission' which -is studying im
migration; questions In ' Europe.'.; \u25a0
i-X GUAYAQUIL,/- Ecuador, July : • 4— -The.
flags/over ;the'.'; government
and! the f residences /of? tho ' foreign con
'sulsr were. holstedHodayjin- honors of i
the "American 1 - national : holiday.
;v:; v : THE •\u25a0\u25a0HAGUE,".'/;- July; 4.— David- ;Jay
Hill,-, the -American minister ito the
ue^herlands^" aridV Mrs. Hill /gaveVa
fourth ; of July,' dinner .tonight/ to .- the
members -of • the • American and ; British
delegations to.the peace conference, the
members of the legation staff and other
guests. .-; ' .'f '"\u25a0:\u25a0'-:\u25a0\u25a0::\u25a0'' :' : 'r : -.-'\- '-U\: ;- ; ' -
Much • Damage ; to > ; Farm
.Property and JO welling
••" / ..'*:'i'. Houses --\ i""' : . V"::>: :> -•:
>;ST. . iPAUL, .",. Minn., July "4.— Fifteen
lives » 3 were7 lost' in .the?, severe; storms
which i swept :over a portion, of (.western
."Wisconsin';.*/ last ;/ evening.'' '. . Numerous
other* persons i were ; irijured* and ;: much
'damage}to;farm property.; and to dwell
ing \ houses* ls •; reported. ; /According •to
; reports the -little . town
of h. Oakdale.t: on the \ \ Milwaukee : road;
near^ Camp [. Douglas^ . "._ was ,\ entirely
wlped(out. v j Four \u25a0 persons Tare * reported
to ; have fbeenj, killed ,^there7: At \u25a0 Grand
Rapids',^ "Wis.'.^there are; said to =be *• five
dead^as:;a ; resultvbf -the; stormiCbut
communication -f has \ riot \ been I re-estab
llshedlwith /this 1 place j and s. the i extent
ofs,thetcalamity^cahnot-,be'. ascertained.
;.,Mahy c 7,farmhouses -and ;; outbuildings
in ;the • neighborhood " of -Nelllsvil le : were
destroyed'andJmuch stock^was^kllled..
Mv No £ communication '? has % been* estab- =
il|slied'S,wlth:: i 'Grand>Raplds,>whereithe .
storm ,ylctimsfare;saldtto^ber numerous.' '
Oakdale;. which; Is; reported|as« entirely.
'deriidllshed, * was a:town r of probably, 200
lnhabltarits.^lt/Is^said^that ; theiorily
structure \ left ; standing ; is : the \u25a0 railroad
statiohijih'whlch'the \u25a0 townspeople :havie
taken"' refuge.";: ". '; .; C ; ','• \u25a0 ' \u25a0',-'
'LOS »; ANGELES;; July > 4.— Unable to
sleep>by:reasoh"Jof,ii the/ excessive i heat
lasJ:: : nlghttJudge7;B//N. l *Smlths6f^the
Buperior^court^aroseiifromvbed I before
daylight % today ; ~ and ?" accidentally dis
covered i two] burglars^busyj looting I the
house.;- \Theyj escaped with : about - $200
worth : of .booty. " " • \ ' : :
City and County Gommittee
; . : Will ;Hoid< a .Meeting
• Monday Night
Chairman Hickey Promises
His Party Will Act
; "iDn the Square"
The vote polled for Bell will prob
ably provide the basis for the appor
tionment of delegates to the democratic
convention.'.* \u25a0
H- Fired with' -pure: patriotism and
moved by- the fine chance to make capi
tal . out of t the machine effort to ap
•ptJrtionr t her republican r representation
on /.the mayoralty vote of 1905, the
leaders of- unterrlfled \ democracy are
looking ; for a ; hall. ;*. . ' .
" -If . a suitable meeting place can be
engaged;- the democratic city and coun
ty committee will meet on Monday
night., While the republicans are ex
changing highly colored compliments
over the Herrin program lor colonizing
the control of the republican conven
tion, the \u25a0democrats will hold . a love
feast and poee as real slmon pure in
the .bottle . friends of the lowly citi
zen with a vote. . {isoszsss£&
The democratic committee meeting,
it is said.rWlll be' called for. the pur
pose of campaign -prelimi
naries generally. ; It is announced als>o
with show, of authority that no ap
portionment j program^has been decided
upon,' but that,' of .'course'/ -democracy.
can;be> relied upon to do the square
thing by ~ the" people and , thereby per- ;
petugte its claim to sole Occupancy of ;
the representative •government politi
cal field. , , .
r As claims go, this . is' very pretty.
It also 1 practical. , Democracy . ha 9
nothing to, lose and it hopes to gain
much. .It can afford, to cast. Its bread
upon I the "waters. It can indulge In
philanthrophy .that might be suicidal
,to the '\u25a0\u25a0 very »lmuch ;alive Herrin or
ganization • controlling the republican
party. " : .' V •"\u25a0..'.',." \u25a0 : : .; \u25a0. - :
. -That if ; the. situation, were reversed
the^tactics. of. the opposing band 3 'of
patriots might be similarly reversed,
probably has :no real bearing on the
case. . The democrats can sec' their
duty to the people and can afford to
do' ft. _ . . .
In the matter of living, breathing,
bona fide voters in the burned dis
tricts,,the democrats are about. on a
par with the republicans. An appor
tionment ; based on votes cast last > fall
would give the democrats but one
delegate from each, of six or seven
districts. \u25a0; Like the republican leaders,
some of the democratic wheel horses
are inclined: to believe that there will
be a.few more bona fide votes cast In
those districts this fall. To Insure
something \u25a0 like a. fair . representation
for \u25a0 this unknown quantity, the demo
crats propose to make an arbitrary
apportionment \u25a0of one or two dele
' gates foreach'.of the burned districts,
treating • all alike; and then completing
the delegations^ on a flat pro rata of
the votes i cast for Belli.
, ;Chairman , Thomas" W. Hickey of the
democratic committee' declines to dia
cuss the: horrid schemes of the Herrin
republicans to*, lionize the burned di::-,
trlctsiwithtdeie'g'ates who^wlU compose
one-half :of:: of: the republican convention.
He is not, ; however, averse, to assuring
-the-rpUDlic ; ; that^ttemocracy will be
gullty^of Ino :atti§mptß to"* garrote ;iv
.trusting people/ Neither will it, stab- 1
defenseless electorate ; -irU the back. ' Far
be It' frbni -the: democratic machine to
attempt to pack a " convention with
transient representatives k : of mixed
scenery.Jn the burned districts. Never!
The delegates will, so far. as may be
practicable, ; come from sthose, habitable
portions, of 'the city":; where they may be
choseh'by - the unterrlfled ;and cou
science - free voter. '-• Hickey has heard
tha.t . the "republican machine -. purposes
naming . a ticket through the ; services
of "carefully selected representatives
of I Herrin and down ..town . brick , piles,
but, for7 publication,' he is not.-pre
pared; to believe that? any one would
have the criminal audacity to attempt
to '\u25a0• perpetrate • such a dastardly crime
upon: stricken San . Francisco.
\u25a0 ' Meanwhile -."J -Messrs. Crlmmlns and
Kelly are making energetic and well
sustained' . efforts ?.' to: round up , Jhi
forces which -Rueff. has left leaderless.
and , not success. ; Many : of the
knights, of Crimmihs' former suite nat
urally .^flocked /^ with Ruef when . the
Southern Pacific I found it' necessary ,to
treats 'with-?,- the (curly/- boss/; When
Ruef's personal business affairs com
pelled ; him ' to ' go ; Into ; retirement Her
rin permitted to go to work
for f the; salary.' he: has drawn for sev
eral vyearsjand , for three months . the
one time, main splice has been; coaxing
prodigals. ' ,- , .
•Another formidable organization i=»
that , being perfected by, Maestrettl In
the interest. of ; R.',H.- Countryman; who
has /almost consented .to permit con
sideration of his name as mayoralty
candidate. The work of -'this organi
zation has been, conducted with • the
utmost 5 secrecy.. \^ It is in session when
ever ; Maestrettl and Countryman meet
for /roll *'" call. ;; They 'have- ,,' seriously
considered taking a .'thif d : member, for
while- the , 'secrets of : : the organization
can 'be best -preserved by. two. : It la Im
possible to get a quorum for the trans
action of pressing- business If either of
the charter members leaves town. '
BUKNED ;BY POWDER— Melbourne Costello.
a": three year, old boy. Hvlntf in Eddy «treet,~wa«
eeTereiy burned yeMenlay afternoon by the flaih
from ; a dynamite cap that he exploded in a cane.
The child's face was peppered by burned powder.
(\u25a0\u25a0.i;-y..-,-?-j|.v^T...;'fe!«JHO»').»C-..--t.>»i.. - - \u25a0• - '
• '/ '. '-'\ ." "' f OXTS2UB ';\u25a0/';
"\u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0 \u25a0' ' -^r-." ' \u25a0-..- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 "* -- >
This rmedy can alwajrs be depended upon and
i is pleasant to take. It contaJas bo ©plain n
other harmful dru| and may be ilvtn as ctafi*
' 'dendy to a Kaby as to an adalt
Wee _'_2s cents. large size 59 teats.
8 ft. Double
Standing Desk
\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 * * \u25a0 '
821-823 Mission Street
We Carry a Lance V«rle«r »t. Right
Under the Mew Pure Food Law
.-All Food Products must be pure and
** " honestly labelled.
was fifty years ahead of the Law. It was
" »lw«ys pure Vanilla. Every bottle now
bears this label : Guaranteed under th* rood
and Drast Act Jane 3Cih, 1903," Serial
Number 9 .'.which has been assigned to us
.by the U. S. Oept. of Azr ieultur s. /""%
BO R N ETT CO.. \u25a0ostow. mass. <
I FF^CH ': : j
t The French Savings Bank has . de-
' .' dared a Dividend of " -
HI mm ,
all its Deposits. "'
Cor. Sutter and Trinity Sts.
Above Montsomery St.' '
Unbreakable Eyeglass
Guaranteed : ,i
The Ocu/anuml
y /309 VAVMESS Av£. \
* - /
A middling- st^ak and
first-rate coffee art'e better
than middling coffee and
first-rate steak .( Con-
sider the cost. V
Tosr ireeer it tsre j yoor msaer II to» don't
like Scbilliat'i B«sl: m par cica. !-,
! "MEDICAL I \u25a0
>^*. ;: FOR THE I .
> y
(OrganJied l&Ol't)
PROMOTION*: • The act of I promotlns- mA
Tancement; ENCOUEjkGEMENIf.I-Centur?* d£ '"
tionary. ; . T \u25a0
- Til* California Promotion committee ba> tnm
its object tHe PROMOTING of tallf orala^aa • '
Itbasnothla; to sell. /
<• Ita energies are deroted to toateitng all thin-.
that hare ,tl>e ADVANCEMENT o4 CalttonuS
their object. ~" «i
\u0084 ItrlTea reliable lnformatloa on'.eTerr subject
connected with the tndustrl»<i of (Tallfornla
•- It sl»ea ENCOURAGEMENT to> the estabUth-
eoent -of new industries and in .tltea desimhl»
tmiaiKratlon. ' . 1
It ils not an employment ngioeir, althouzh it
giT« . Information regarding laboiF conditions.
the opportunities anil needs to aU
fields of-basinesa and professional', aetiTlty.
i The : committee la , supported by\ ponulir" »nh-
•criptloa and; makts'ao charge fo* anj terri»
rendered, v \u25a0-\u25a0-*.**\u25a0 \ * * v *
Afflliated . wita the committee »(r« 180 com
merctal - organizations . of the «ta4e with «
membership of over : 20,00 a <' \ *
* Meetings? are held lemlannnally £» different
parts of California, where matters off atata to
terests are < discussed. .T."*" 1 * ™-
of. the committee are mainUlaM '
ta San Francisco, ln California btiildhbz. Union
S«piare. .r .>.-,'\u25a0- : -^ \u25a0. . f ~*wu
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